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people. relationships. interests. etc. Babaji said "Sametna shuru kardo" meaning start withdrawing your consciousness from the external things into internal. KURUKSHETRA In presence of more than 8500 attendants. BRAHMASAROVAR. incidents. Along with this Babaji's main theme was SAMETNA meaning to withdraw or gather back our consciousness invested all over places. property. desires. .(Art of Dying and Prati Prasav) Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 The main theme of this year's Prati Prasav Sadhana and Art of Dying course in Kurukshetra from Babaji was on Pitru Ascension because this holy land is a place where people come from all places for doing the ascension of their ancestors. Held at PUNJABI DHARAMSHALA GROUND.

He said "You all also must have come from open spacious houses into this small place." 5 . After a week. The sadhu asked what other animals he had and he replied he had goats. There was once a man who lived in a very small house. Next week the man complained that it is now more problematic since the house was full of hens. Next week he was very upset and narrated his condition. Next week when the man went the sadhu asked how he was and he replied "I have a spacious house. which were without AC and geyser.Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech (When you read it. The sadhu then adviced to keep all hens in the house and not to let them out and asked him to meet him the next week. miserable the man went to the sadhu and said now all animals are in and nothing is left out. 1. The sadhu asked him to take all his goats in and come the next week. He once went to a sadhu and said that his house is very small and it is difficult for him to live in and to please make his house bigger. So you also think that you have also gone to Baba in some jungle. Sadhu asked him if he had animals and he said replied he had hens. The sadhu asked him to now let all the animals out and come back next week. you can know that Baba is speaking to you). Now his house was full of hens and goats. he asked to fit them in and come back later. Even in times before when people used to go to any ashram. The sadhu asked if he had any other animals and when the man said he had cows. The man was upset but scared not to obey the sadhu and thus went back and took the cows also in. There is so much of happiness and comfort!" Babaji narrated this story to compare with the sudden situation in the shivir that arose with 8000 plus people attending.

. I ask them which birthday? They say YOUR birthday. it is enjoyable because your consciousness that is spread around will shrink and withdraw and when it withdraws then what remains in you is sat-chit-anand and nothing else. 5. you are immortal. Your many many ancestors also have come to the land of Kurukshetra and they have come to take the wisdom of Pratiprasav and they have come to get liberated from the different yonis they have gone into. your ancestors will also get and lakhs of pirtus are going to get liberted here in the holy land of Kurkshetra. There is no bigger punya (merit) than seva (service). After doing pratiprasav you will know that nobody dies. There can be lot of stress during seva but if you can maintain unconditional love during such times also. Thus we get stuck with pain and sufferings. This is all body consciousness. 6. then one cannot be in these troubles or become ill or be troubled or die. Seva brings you lots of merits and if you can do Bramhaseva then nothing like it. Neither were you born nor are you going to die. so the wisdom that you are going to get. So. You have to experience this ultimate truth and know. not by hearing. I will not only share this wisdom because Baba believes more in make one experience than talking. 8. no fire can burn you. every moment. In reality. which birthday? If you want to have fun. he was a good soul and has gone away. 10. Many have come from Mumbai and let me tell you that the Adhistatri devi is Mumba devi and do go there sometime and say thank you. I am telling you the same. So. Krishna gave Arjuna the same message. how birth is true and how life is true. We think that the bramhaswaroop was only of Krishna's but in reality you all are that virat swaroop but we remain ignorant. Leave the myth aside that somebody dies. It is nothing to fear. You have not come alone this time. parents were good/bad. People ask me whether to celebrate my birthday. 7. 9. so is also true death. You can celebrate this body's and when the body is left behind then say we are celebrating the punya thithi (death anniversary) and that he was there. food and music do it now. But when you are soul conscious. Similarly the one who governs the land of Kurukshetra is the Sthaneshwar Mahadev. No weapon can hurt you. Bhaav or your imagination is very important in the sadhana. I say you can never celebrate my birthday. there is nothing called death. celebrate every day. do not fear. Find opportunities always to do seva every day and you will be blessed. Whichever place you go. there is lot of sufferings and you say that so and so has given you lot of troubles. 11. "Become soul conscious. But. married life was good/bad and all sorts of miseries with all sorts of worldly connections. 4. no water can melt you. No one dies. Even Krishna showed his Virat swaroop to Arjuna and asked him to see his Bramharoopa. I am not going to go anywhere nor have I come from anywhere. I have been here and will be here. What happens during death I will make you experience it. When you are body conscious. that you are immortal. People are not comfortable with the name of Pratiprasav sadhana and 'Art of Dying' atleast people do not want to talk about it.2. Bhajrang bali (Hanuman) kept doing seva and he took the form of God. my husband was good/bad. bow and offer gratitude to the ishta of that place. I used to tell my guru that so and so happened to me and he used to tell me 'Everything is your bhaav' (imagination) and 6 3. talk about this body. then your spiritual growth will be faster. whatever Lord Krishna told you in this land of Kurukshetra.

the being moves from one life to the other thinking it is his/her priced possession. this also is imagination. The pledge was "I _____ swearing in the name of Lord Krishna in the land of Kurukshetra give my _____ weakness in the form of my gurudakshina at the guru's feet. you cannot say I get angry or lazy because that is your weakness and you have now given it to me. I am asking for gurudakshina because I am giving you what I have earned so I will ask you only what is yours. This is the first thing I ask as gurudakshina. Even without intentions we imagine. I told her you have arthritis and show the doctor. This is what I want. . the first lesson I was taught was shudh bhavana (pure intentions). then this body also is not yours for your parents have given it to you. they get spoilt and I told her to go to cooking class for that. Baba asked everyone to imagine ganga water in their open palms and offer it at the guru's feet at least one weakness and if one was a greater donor to leave more weaknesses. It was the bhaav of my parents through which I was born. It is true that anyone can imagine but it is knowingly or unknowingly. I asked the mother-in-law how can she think this way and she said that when she wakes up in the morning. which you have created and have become a slave of that weakness. But now you have to imagine knowingly but about only what you want in your life. "I will ask only what is yours because you cannot give what is not yours. you hold on to it tightly and never want to give it. which is not a reality." Second time. and what is not yours. that money is not yours because sometime back it was someone's and after sometime it will become someone's. 16. 18. She was imagining things all the time so much that he husband also started imagining the same that they were being tricked and there the daughter-in-law also was imagining and the whole house was full of tricks. holding on to it. So everything is bhaav. Whatever you think about future is imagination. 19. Now. 7 13. Everything is created with imagination. I ask of you your biggest weakness. Comfort to the spine is when the spine is straight because when consciousness rises the spine should be erect. but this is not comfort. This is bramha-gyan which until you do not accept you will not gain. it then is not yours. What you are thinking is yours. But I eventually realized that it is was the imagination of the parents from which I was born. Thus. Then Babaji said that it is incorrect to take back what you have given because once you give. If you give it whole-heartedly you will start getting liberated. It was my bhaav that I should do sadhana and thus I progressed in it. We sit and imagine that that person can cause me harm. If I ask you for money. why does he call it my imagination. Babaji then asked for gurudakshina which is difficult for a sadhak to give. After taking assurance for everyone Baba said. Babaji asked everyone to leave their karmas there and not to take it back the karmas but to take back grace from here. she feels lifeless. If I ask for your physical for seva in the ashram. you come to give. 17. Whatever wisdom I give you on Pratiprasav.I used to wonder when I earned something from my sadhana. Modern furnitures and sofa are made in odd positions in the name of giving comfort. Once a woman got her son married and then started imagining on the common saying that the daughter-in-law comes and does tricks and the daughter-in-law started imagining that the mother-in-law will do tricks on her. When I entered into the school of ShivYog. you will have to go back and do sadhana on it. 14. 12. what can the daughter-in-law do in this? She continued that when she makes pakodas. 15.

one imagination began and everything broke down. A wonderful happy home and family and all living together . Then. someone may be imagining her brother troubling her. some may be saying that she has ruined her life with her husband. 25. Finish all such imaginations. During pratiprasav if you long to see the past. she says the happiness of her son and daughter-in-law but her imagination is creating something else. In the meantime. reality is something else. there also you will see the same . When asked to the lady what she wants. A mother who has got her daughter married may be imagining and worrying about her daughter's life there. becomes reality. a beautiful cake came in and everybody including her ate the cake. Why are you imagining that there will be mishap with you and why can't you imagine that all will be good with you. and then suffers all those experiences. All are imagining. All the time mind is in past and future and imagining. I am mentioning to you about "ghar ghar ki kahani" (a famous daily soap) Whatever you imagine how it becomes karmas. 24. It is not the sneeze but your belief system that is the culprit and it is your imagination that has created something negative. . then it is illusion and even deeper it is a dream and you are living your dream . all five are 8 21. Human being is known as 'maanav' meaning one who is made of 'mann' (mind) and you all are maanav. We create. Someone sneezes and one's work is unsuccessful.'ghar ghar ki kahani'. all these are YOUR IMAGINATIONS. Many imagine in advance before doing. Whatever sufferings you had created in the imaginations and those which you could not release you carry it to your next life. If I go deep into your imagination. There are parents and 4-5 kids.the dream that you created.Daughter-in-law left the house and everybody imagined the mother-in-law has done something. husband started imagining why does he have to become separate and that he would only leave the house. Those who have learnt the secrets of the mind will cross the occean (bhavsagar). All incidents around you are illusions. unlucky. we live through it. 23. some may be imagining and blame that there was injustice done. Whatever is your belief system.. 27.. 28. Now they are imagining that they are separate and happy and mother is imagining it was tricks and they got separated through tricks. 22. One woman was keeping fast for Lord Shiva mentioned as "chaliya" meaning 40 rounds of fast. This reality is the fruit of your imagination. I mention this story because unknowingly we imagine a lot of things but what we really want we do not imagine. The more you imagine the more stronger it becomes and it starts showing as a physical reality.. Things went to divorce and they got divorced and mother-in-laws imaginations continued. At this time a person laughingly mentioned that the cake had egg content and the first thing that the woman exclaimed was "Oh my chaliya!" Imagination . holds on again to the sufferings and says "I am miserable." "The world troubles me" "My life is injustified" and thinking all these leaves the body and then goes into another body with all this. Many imagine that a place is unsafe before going there.that if egg is eaten chicken wouldn't come out but chaliya would :) I first of all want to clear your myths and superstitions because ShivYog is knowingness. Parents must have raised children equally and given equally to their best of ability but if there are five children. 20. 26.

you forget it but that enters into your subconscious mind. it meets that Shiva. All incidents happening in your life. then will come other persons . You came here to do something important but you forget with your imaginations and ignorance and create unwanted reality and keep moving in the cycle of birth and death. Just like when you learn to ride a wife or husband who will be imagined as doing injustice and it will be created.. Worship Govinda. Cause and effect." My dear ShivYog sadhaks. It carries on with the child that "My child is doing injustice to me". 35. So.. Worship Govinda. 39. if you keep searching the faults in the world again and again. killing. when consciousness is inward. which is an illusion. "Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam. sleep state and dream state. Samprapte Sannihithe kaale. If you keep looking the world again and again.. Babaji here reminded of Sri Shankaracharya's precious words ""Bhaja Govindam Bhaja GovindamGovindam bhaja moodhamathe. that time the inner voice asks "Have you done what you had come to do in this life?" and one will say "I kept imagining all the time about other people's injustice to me and I forgot what I had come to do. At the end of life. He sits in bhaava. Nahin Nahin rakshati Dukrunkarane" meaning Worship Govinda. my child has not done seva to me. forgiveness. 29. 36. 37. you are not consciously thinking but the thoughts are automatically coming out from your subconscious. Whatever prayer/puja is done with bhaav. Now. nonjudgement. Bring this bhaava and all the time remain connected in this bhaava. Shiva will be found in bhaava. Oh fool ! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death. your conscious mind controls how to hold the handle and the peddle and balance. . if you keep judging the world again and again. link your imaginations to Shiva Shiva meaning love. my husband is bad. which entered at that time into your inner mind (subconscious mind). You have always experienced your outer mind (conscious mind). All these three states are in the outer mind and only turiya state is in the inner mind. after parents. 38. he spends time more with his family. my wife is bad. If the same attitude of injustice is carried with imagination all the time. Govindam bhaja moodhamathe. hit me. then Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam meaning being born again and dying again in the cycle of birth and death. forgiveness. 33. 9 30.imagining differently that someone has got less. I am reminding you that you are infinite and the purpose of your taking birth here is to do divine work here and not to suffer. Adi Shankaracharya also told the same thing. she talks rude. is happening due to your bhaava." For convenience and understanding i am putting the full reference and its meaning. 32. my parents have not given me this. So do not get into showoffs but bhaava. You need bhaava not idols because in the name of idols people start begin fighting. The imaginations of your present is held by the imaginations of your past life.. 31. 34. What you experience and imagine all the time with your conscious mind. Your conscious mind functions always in the awake state. The seed of this injustice was first sowed in the past with imagination. my parents have hurt me. all these are your imaginations and all your repeated imaginations manifest into reality. With practice it goes into the subconscious mind. any incident. But we do the opposite. The bhaava of unconditional love.. she does not take care of me.

all over your body.. Garud puran is read. head. So. the same way you feel totally and say "That person ruined my life!" Same way feel the SAT CHIT ANAND. I am trying to make an effort to give you all this wisdom for you to absorb in your lives and make your lives bright. When people are on deathbed. you have to come out of all these. I have even heard people saying not to keep Garud Puran in the home since it is inauspicious. Gita. ears. 44. The Purans have been somewhat adulterated and it could have been done with some vested selfish gain. you have to come out of all these ignorances." But one goes far away from the ultimate truth when one takes the form of body and becomes body conscious all the imaginations of the past and imaginations of the doubts of the future. neck. We read it only religiously but do not go deeper into it.SAT CHIT ANAND. feel it. In this imagination she created what she feared. when she had a child she worried if her child would get a good spouse. 40.. quantum physics. 46. Then. sound (mantra shakti) and all the wisdom in it.. you should be able to create it in that way. 42.pandit is called. 43. every muscle. you are the Sat-Chit-Anand soul. 47. and other scriptures. Eventually. there is usually chaos around . It is the law of nature that whoever has come has to go but you have to let it go otherwise how can it go? it is very important to let go of every incident which comes in your life. the bicycle now is ridden on it's own without conscious effort even if you are talking. "Hey maanav. It is my wish to make you experience the wisdom of Upanishads. Don't just say this. 10 41. 49. . I wish that you have the wisdom of Garud Puran. All these are superstitions.which is very powerful. consciousness. 48. it is possible that there could have been a vested interest in creating superstitions due to which we could not go deeper. Garud who is the avatar of Narayan and vehicle of God. In Sanatan there are many granths in which there are many secrets of life hidden. How can the wisdom that is being given to a man at the time of death be bad? It is the ultimate truth. A woman was sad all the time because her mother did not get a good husband. I feel this is our shortfall because if the saints would have given this to the world. unsuccessful and helpless. Feel it in your entire body... Death is a state in which the past and future merges into the present and this is the same state where God says. According to our belief system. The information is going to the west. But if you ignore the adulteration and read and meditate on the Puran then you can get a lot of wisdom. wisdom of Gita is read out and also it is said that a granth is "touch-me-not" stating it is wrong. then today the world would not have been diseased. The secrets of the Universe is there in the ancient scriptures. cell. Your hold on life should be such that however you want your life. Create only one imagination within you . Feel in your head. While I was in Karnataka (South India) in ancient temples there are ancient manuscripts kept there and westerners have provided some scanners to the people there to scan and send it to them. You may be surprised to know that Space Science is also there in the scripts and so is medical science. 45. I am the creator of my own destiny! Dear ShivYog sadhaks. eyes. She thought about it so much that when she got married she also did not get a good husband. They are trying to recreate the partially destroyed scripts. you are the one who was never born and you cannot die. 50. shoulders. was instructed by the Lord on the ultimate truth.


Your awareness should shift from body consciousness to soul consciousness. When man forgets this and becomes body conscious, then only there will be suffering. All these are the states of mind. There are people in all religions and in all religions one thing is true that when a person is about to die, he/she either sees pitrus (dead relatives) or they start seeing their God. If a Vaishnav, he will see Krishna, if Shiva bhakt then will see Shiva, if a worshiper of Shakti, will see Devi Bhagwathi. If a Christian, will see Jesus Christ. If a muslim will see peer/paigambar (prophets) and if Buddhist will see Buddha. So are all these different? It is an inward journey till one gets born. After birth it is said not to disturb the newborn child because he is connected with God and with his past life, so even a name is not given till then. Then slowly one starts teaching it 'Twinkle twinkle little star' and introduced to mother, father, uncle, aunty - the outward connections. The three aspects of soul - Janm (birth), jeevan (life) and mruthyu (death). Every moment these three aspects are happening in your life. Death is not what you fearful idea that you have but it is going back to the inward journey, inner consciousness. Whatever you had spread in the outer consciousness, bring it to the inner consciousness. This is a state which is called the state of sadhana - samadhi. The art of shrinking and withdrawing the consciousness from external world to the internal word and bringing it to one-pointedness within where the Lord dwells, is the process of sadhana. And if you able to stay in this state for a long time then that is the state of samadhi. Man keeps living all the life with external consciousness, projecting his imaginations externally and being stuck with it. This is my relative, this is my wealth, this is my belonging, this is my business, this is my name, this is my status... stuck in external consciousness. If he does not come within, then during the time of death a moment comes when nature does this work of withdrawing the consciousness from external to internal. Whatever the man has seen and believed with his external (conscious) mind has now gone into his subconscious mind. So, now in his imagination there are only relatives and relatives, then pitrus get transfered within. There are women who do so much of seva that sometimes I feel that they should ask from me something but when they ask they ask about pitrus, relatives... requesting to make their so-and-so alright, they fail to see what is their soul agenda and what is their karmas. How can I give? What not can I give you? But they are stuck asking for others; you take first. This is what I wish, stop the attachments. Keep helping, keep praying but no attachments. Because if you have attachments then during the last moments whatever you have put within into your inner mind, they will start coming up. This is why man sees their own Gods and deities according to their own belief system.












My guru said "You do not live in the Universe but he Universe lives in you." Heaven and hell is within you, all the lokas are within you. All is within you and nothing is out. In last moments this inward journey begins. A siddha merges the mind into the soul and unless this is done, mind will exist. Body is left behind but mind is alive, body is left behind but the subtle body is alive. Whatever you have stored in your mind, that is what you are going to see. So I say detach! Now do not worship the troubles of others but worship on the Divine. Worship your real self. If you meditate and master the real meaning of the song "I am not this body" you will destroy your sanchit karmas within moments and get liberated. The one who practices daily the Art of Dying sadhana, doubts will cease to exist in his mind. There will be no suffering within him because while living itself he will learn that there is nothing called the death, that he was alive before getting this body, alive while in the body and will be there even after leaving the body. From this physical body from whichever door you leave, you will enter into that dimension. You have 10 doors in your physical body. At the moment of death 9 doors shut close and one door opens. According to your karmas, thoughts and tendencies that particular door opens and from there you leave your body. This body is a vehicle, a chariot in which your soul is travelling in the journey of "nar se narayan". You are on and often given the opportunities to start your inner journey. You get unsuccessful and the chariot breaks down or becomes weak, you wander your awareness here and there, and finally when the chariot breaks down God is so loving that you are given another chariot to continue the journey to your destination. Let me remind you the purpose of you taking birth - to finish the journey in this life that you have not been able to complete since so many births. The chariot that you have got, preserve it well till your final destination what is called as the FINAL ASCENSION... achieve it. This is your ultimate goal. The other goal is to destroy all our ignorances and darkness of suffering. Andhakaar timir-andasya, gyanan-jana shalakaya, chaksurun-militam yena, tasmai sriguruve namah... The guru who destroys the darkness within me and light the lamp of wisdom within me, hey Gurudev, I bow to you. Bless me. The moment the darkness is destroyed, the sufferings are destroyed. You will attain peace. Life will become happy and at that time every moment of life will be a celebration. Till you are on earth, you will remain in bliss and after that with your wisdom start/continue your journey and finish your journey here and merge into the param tatwa (infinite). A ShivYogi everyday keeps withdrawing his senses/consciousness within and all the sadhanas that you are doing to release your karmas and purify, in reality you are doing the Art of Dying sadhana. Till now you were doing everything in ignorance and unconsciousness, ShivYog is knowingness. Every step you take be aware not to place it on the path of darkness. "Hey gurudev, Hey Shiva, every step I take let it be on the path of light. Even by ignorance let me not fall off the path. Hey Paramatma, if you have to bless me, bless with with this. Stop me whenever I walk towards darkness. Help me move only towards light and bless me to purify my mind every moment, every moment wash away the impurities of my mind."


62. 63.






69. 70.

They brought him slowly walking to me. In the meantime. 72. 76. All these things have been experienced that when one has left the body. And. This is why it is said that one has to do sadhana right from childhood. sees his people crying over his body. If the charioteer wanders. with physical end nothing ends. They did and after one hour he got life in his body and he asked that he wanted to see who is Babaji. I requested sadhaks to go and do healing. he keeps a watch to see if his body is cremated properly or not. The fives senses are the fives horses of the chariot and mind is the charioteer. It is violence to kill a living person and to not allow a dead person to go. We never ever say that we will eat food when old age comes or have bath in old age or marry in old age since I have a busy life. A person who is calm and silent pulls this consciousness within.71. etc. the external consciousness withdraws into the inner consciousness. still so much of ignorance. he has seen his body lying there. When a person who is stuck so much in external things reaches his final moments. Why can't the marriage be preponed 21 days. 77. You have five bodies and during sadhana you must become aware of the five bodies and how to purify them. I asked him why is he not happy when he is alright now? He replied how could he be happy when he had worthless sons. The ripened fruit has detached from the tree but doctors have tied him with the chords of the ventilator. If you let the person go. One old person whose all organs collapsed was asked to be kept on the ventilator because after 21 days there was a marriage and let him see the marriage and go. In reality. There was sadness written all over his face. 75. All that is there in his inner mind is alive. then he will enquire where is Pappu and where is Lallu. the horses wander. If he is one who is attached to the worldly things. During this time. there was a chaos when one person in the society got paralysis. All the imaginations that he carried in life is active now. I asked him what did they do and he replied that he was sure that when he would die they would not do shraadh (a ritual done with respect for reverence and gratitude of the 14 73. In scriptures it is mentioned what happens while the soul leaves the body. 79. . The "I" that is left after this can create another body. This is the biggest violence to stop someone who is leaving because you are doing opposite to nature. It is a pitiful state in hospitals where people are kept hanging on ventilators to see marriages. Conscious mind is dead but subconscious mind is still alive. if the people are being stingy in the rites. he immediately moved his face away! So much of holding when the chariot is broken and not a single step can be taken. Sadhana is a part of life. he even becomes sad and grumbles that inspite of leaving such wealth behind. Every morning practice in sadhana to withdraw your senses because when you go out for the day the consciousness is turned out and there are lot of things happening in the outer world according to other's soul agenda and if you do not do sadhana you will get stuck with those people or incidents. people are betraying him. How selfish people are! What is nonvoilence? It is not to hurt anyone and it also means one who is going should not be stopped. The couples go to meet the dying man and the boy greets and the old man struggles to hug him and when the girl greeted him. someone told the man on the ventilator that his daughter-in-law is talking to Babaji and may be to get rid of you he gets alarmed. 78. he can still witness the marriage in this subtle body. Call him at once. Once when I was in Mumbai. 74. This is when you think that everything is over when the physical body is over. If this chord breaks the marriage will get broken. People say that they will do in old age because there will be lot of time then.

" The spandan (vibration) that happens from that Universal soul creates this entire Universe. Some with taste buds would want to have sweets as one could not eat them due to diabetes. first and foremost it is very important to start practicing to withdraw your consciousness. that one does not obey. I was finite. one would have said. Create the belief first on yourself. Some might ask for beautiful cloth and have a touch of it. after leaving the body the soul begins suffering. . when my guru activated within me. I bless you that your marriage is well. One person said that he wanted a child. I said if you become lifeless here itself even Apollo hospital will not be able to give you life." But this does not happen due to tendencies of attachment to the family. be happy. So. What have you to do with marriage. So. There is nothing like this. "Let me hear the sound of OM. 83.. 87. Do not think of yourself as you body but the soul. 84. Only if. My guru used to make me do this sadhana itself. all these are within your mind. you keep experiencing experiences in similar tastes. I asked if he does not have children and he said that had three girls... is destroyed with your ignorance doing what not. So much of attachment stuck on his sons and he is alive and imagining that his death rituals will not be done!! 80. All this is superstition and ignorance. Heaven and hell are not outside. you will understand that you are sat-chit-anand. I had the boundaries. 82.dead). Some asked my guru "They call you Bhagavan (god). but when the boundaries ended. During final moments all tendencies settled within gets activated and at that time you are asked "what do you want?" Some may ask to call loved ones to have a last glimpse. did not want to give at all and keep it with myself. all is dust. The body that God has given.. This is all foolishness. so would have 6-7 gulab jamuns. remove tubes and put in gulab jamuns. but later realized all is dust. As you had been thinking and creating your belief system while alive. this is my last wish. only your karmas can. I asked is this a hotel menu card that idli has come and now need a vada. I used to think that this one does extra seva so let me give him something extra. Let my consciousness merge with God and my life will be successful. some call for jewelery. You also have the same right over the 15 81. If you understand this in few moments all your illness and sufferings will burn down.. I have done many sadhana on siddhis and gained them also. forget about the son. Are you God? He replied. I asked why son and he replied that after his death his son only will give life to his soul (by lighting his pyre). Earlier I was stingy when I had siddhis. who are worried suffer later also. He grunted saying he does not have a son. you also must receive. 85. What is the truth then? Aham Bramhasami. I can give you also a lot. so better not to give him. My guru said "Shudh bhavana" (pure intentions). So whatever I have achieved. there were no boundaries. Go blessing them saying 'My journey is over. you are God. 88. After that there was only one desire that these are all me and I am all these. 'You are also God but the only difference is that I have realized that I am God but you have not yet realized that you are God. 86. Only you can give life to your soul. Aham Brahmasami. I said then you have children. When your bhavana becomes shudh." But due to this not being the last wish. So.. And when he started making me do sadhana on this all my doubts vanished. some might want someone in the family to get married.

relatives. 100. You can heal yourself. Slowly slowly start withdrawing and create the belief that you CAN withdraw. 91. Take it. Remember. 92. (This was the starting part of the sadhana Baba made us do. sometimes in resentment. create the belief that you have to experience. enjoy it.. sometimes becoming victims. then prana kriyas. 95. In it. So you must get all this wisdom. city. You are that Sanjeevani Shakti. Awareness of the prana is important since the prana at the time of death starts withdrawing. So. love and spread happiness.father Shiva as much as I have. makes you stuck in the form of karma and gives you suffering during life as well as during the final moments. Know your'self'. All of you have come on earth to do some or the other divine work. Now. 96. Become the opposite of all these. recognize your'self'. You took up this body to do something special and have got stuck in infatuation and attachment. 16 . Childhood is passing away. 102. take it. By the time you reach old age. Sometimes making enemies. 93. Every moment is flying and is not going to come back. 97. if you cleanse the prana then life becomes easier.. 99. you will stop yourself there. mera bhi bhala ho (Let all prosper and let me also prosper). He is not outside you. Bring the imagination to yourself that Shiva loves you a lot because he is not separate from you. relatives. Sabka bhala ho. Why in ignorance do you seek happiness from others? Close your eyes and sit and there is no other who is happier than you. Why do you fight? Why do you find time to be sad? Each and every moment of yours is valuable. do not doubt. you must be full of wisdom. etc and then start withdrawing.) To make your sadhana successful you have to first make your body ready for it by doing at least 10 minutes of yogic kriyas. Create a belief that you are worthy to take it. Tell yourself that you will experience only what you want to experience. You have a short life. Why fight? Old age also will pass. The moment you start imagining that you are not experiencing but others are experiencing you will put a stop to yourself. house. 98. Why do you live in the fear of what is going to happen? Live every moment of your present in happiness. First you see and feel the world wherever your attention goes. 94. all the anger and attachment you experience. Believe this. Just create the belief because all things are your bhaava. slowly pull your consciousness from your home. youth is passing away and not going to come back. The moment you say you are not experiencing. Create that happiness from within. you are worthy to go into deep meditation. 90. Create that happiness. Don't become broken branches that you only may need support. pets. 101. you need one not many. Happiness is a state of mind. Why don't you relish every moment? Why don't you experience happiness in every moment. all the experiences of suffering. Imagine that happiness. 89. sometimes helpless. He is not far from you. You become the banyan tree by now under which all may rest. To realize and experience that one happiness.

your life would have just been successful. But one thing is sure." 112. Where do you have the time to be unhappy and to fear? At least keep faith in Him. do you have time to imagine dirty things or bring negative emotions? 105. your body. Break free the prisons. Everything is there for everyone. Just a few days back he came to me and asked which laptop am I using? My MAC PC has some problem. 108. I am not opposing modernization. instead 1 hour of sadhana. very techno-savvy. Babaji accepts everything. In one session Ishan bhaiya said. if you open my laptop then both it's side are stuck with Sri Yantra and my iPad has four stickers on it because it is important to neutralize the negative radiations. then it is important to connect with ancient wisdom. if nothing. "So. 107. There was humor in many sessions. Whenever he moves. When Babaji's vehicle door opens. Har haal mein khushi. if I tell you to use modern equipments. What do you have right now with you? Your self. your imaginations. "Babaji is very modern. tell me how to synchronize iPad and MAC PC. Ishan Bhaiya continued. an hour of seva. do seva and burn negative karmas. Do you have time to flare and puff smoke like a bull? Do you have time to growl like a doggie? These are all the tendencies of your past pashu (animal) yoni that is coming up. It is humans who have created ignorance out of wisdom and created a prison from himself. do some good karmas. The one who has given the beak will give the grains too. I said I dont have an iPhone and you are mentioning about iPad? Babaji then said. do not fight. Babaji interrupted and said. your mind. dogs come out from somewhere. but I am neither ready to leave my roots because shakti and nourishment I get from my sadhana and from the wisdom rishis have gathered." 17 . 104. What is going to happen will be seen. 24 hours spent in fighting and sulking. Present is truth. But why do you forget that before that yoni you were a part of that divine? So. This time Ishan bhaiya explained beautifully the Garud Puran in a way the modern generation understands and Babaji also simplified the vedic language into simple terms. someone can tell me that ancient wisdom from you is okay but can ask me what I know about modern equipments. you can scan and take it in a small file and is convenient. but instead fights begin in the morning and fight for hours and then sit in the corners and sulk. Now. merge with the infinite. What you have right now is truth. he does not move alone. Babaji continued on the same line. What has happened is dead and false. Don't try to create a vidhi for yourself but be with total surrender. Karmas are getting destroyed. What I have gained that you all also should gain. It is like Shiva's marriage ceremony.103. Which bird goes for a job? Which snake is recruited in territorial army? They all roam freely. do not talk about it. What is feared to come that is not born and thus is also false. So. With these my life is very happy and I wish that you also follow it. My guru has told me that until you do not experience yourself first." 111. 109. an hour of taking His name. What was given to me first I understood that and learnt from there. 110. "I have always seen on thing with Babaji. we come out from somewhere. I exclaimed MAC PC?! I myself am years back using Windows 95. What you are experience right now is true. I liked that instead of taking huge books of granths. Looking at all this it feels that he accepts everything. cats come out somewhere. So let me also experience it myself and see it. your emotions. "What does an illiterate know what is windows and what is MAC. How funny is it when I keep saying do sadhana. Then Babaji said if not MAC tell me something about my iPad. 106. Jis vidhi raakhe us vidhi rahiye.

etc. this intermediate state (between death and next life) is called as Bardo. He accepted the laptop.113. the iPad and all the technologies given to him but he is using what is important for him. to fulfill all cravings you need a body. A yogi had told that whenever you commit a sin. Reaction can be of lust. Now he never hurt anyone and became pure. depression. if the soul spots a bird or animal fulfilling the sexual craving. In Buddhism. jealously. People took him to the hospital and was saved." 114. there was some light from above and he rose up. While going in a vehicle. So. auditory and visual hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing things). Who is not a ShivYogi will have a lot of attachments with their body and even if the body melts or burns. If you listened closely to what he said. It is mentioned in the Garud Puran that even the taste buds takes us to some direction. this man did not have any pity towards anyone and lived his own life. After death. anger. attachment. "Babaji's words have to be listened in depth and only then it's real meaning will be understood. Now. People say it is evil possession. jealousy. This is what I wish to convey that there is a thing which is given to us and gets binded with us and the other is only using that thing. He stood out and was looking at his vehicle being destroyed. sex. The bhava that is held on to during the life and made strong. Ishan Bhaiya continued. But after this incident he completely changed. These are the projections of your mind itself. but I say it is your creation. Now. One true incident about a person who had a factory near the highway and had everything. will increase thousandfold during death. If the tendency is anger and to kill and destroy then it will crave to get into a scorpion's body. This is nothing to be scared of. he will still wander around that body. his time is not yet up and so send him back into his body. How much ever we try and manipulate. All intoxications of life take us somewhere during life and even after life. there is no body. anger. But if it is hungry and sees grains. our inner self is seeing everything and the message of manipulation and sin 18 . While living one who has resentment carried it during his death too. then it will immediately desire for that bird body to fulfill its desire. to fulfill those cravings. 116. Suddenly a voice was heard "No. etc. then it tries to get into that egg. then he has accepted everything. Looking at himself he felt happy that he was safe and not a scratch on him. thousandfold increase in the cravings for thirst. it is not aware that it was in the human body and should go to a higher evolved body/dimension. Suddenly he noticed his body lying in blood and he was surprised as to how this can happen when he is fine. Doing for one's own self is pashu bhaava (animal tendency) and doing for everyone is manushya bhaava (human tendency). Due to his past life good deeds life was very pleasant and he was experiencing the fruits of that life. Now. At that time. buddhist monk guides and reminds the soul that it has to go into a human form and not to be hurried. deva bhaava (God tendency). But then. there happened an accident and the vehicle was smashed." Immediately. the preth (unsatisfied soul) runs and wanders for a body of any type. He never took to the bottle and whatever he was earning he started giving a percentage of it to the needy. Every evening drinking alcohol and eating. He was only concerned with his own taste and own enjoyments. There he saw that many souls were living in their own created hell according to the tendencies they had accumulated. Like in Hinduism it is said that there is heaven and hell similarly they say that there will be many scary forms that will come to scare you. infatuation. 115. he was in the injured body and he immediately experienced pain and shouted. We react to different situations in different ways and stored them into our consciousness. Suddenly. Now. 117. If one has food craving then after death that craving increases thousandfold. God and Guru is eager to forgive you but your central nervous system (conscience) does not forgive you. He wondered if it was a dream. In the living state itself people get phobias. hunger.

120. 118. a new one is worn. My guru first taught me "shudh bhavana" and after that second lesson was "nirmal mann". do make your mind nirmal to ensure there is no impurity because these impurities will otherwise show up at death and increase manifold. These are all impurities. some sitting in the corner of the hospital. Why do we say to meditate . Similarly after leaving the body the soul will go to a shop with similar sankaras where it can get a good body or a bad body. still you exist. Those who are simple as a child. they are truly closer to God. the more you move away from divinity. There is no death. Your mind will become pure. Another incident is about a person who was crossing the road and saw a truck speeding towards him.will get stuck in the inner self. He kept running even after crossing the road and 19 . It was told that there once lived a siddha there who loved children and was playing hide-and-seek with them.because when you meditate at that time also you remember these and at that time what you remember you are able to release it with ShivYog sadhana. Whether others have pained me or not is an imagination and attached with maya (illusion). This is one and the other is the one who knows that there is nothing called death. I am mentioning these incidents to you so that you believe that the consciousness in this body is you and you are not this body and even when this body falls off. Those impurities are filled in our mind when I have given pain to someone or when someone has pained me. no attachment. Let all impurities of the mind be washed. attachment. name. only transformation. One who experiences while living in the physical body that he himself is Param Brahma and all his issues are resolved and there is no pain within him. he was gone. it becomes very sweet. He hid himself under a huge hen basket and when they lifted it up. "Wand Khao they khand khao" meaning that whatever you share that is yours. This is why it is said that one must do sadhana and while alive itself dissolve all these impressions. All siddhas love children and they love to be with them and play and dance with them because that is the reality. gets the brahmagyan and becomes a siddha. Those who do not do sadhana. The more you become stiff and stuck in the illusion of wealth. 123. 122. According to the karmas itself the soul enters into particular dimensions. Guru Nanakji mentioned that the that earning is true. 125. The soul cries and regrets on all the sins committed and after leaving the body those tendencies increase manifold. Death is for the ignorant but the only who has gained the wisdom that death is transformation is totally transformed. He ran at full speed to the other end and exclaimed happily on missing the truck hitting him and thus being safe. With shudh bhavana when you do sadhana. That also is a transition. 119. 121. at the final moments. those memories surface up and it is late by then because the soul was not able to release them. One transition is lying in the hospital lying with ventilator and lot of banging going on and the man who is in semi-conscious state during death has his third-eye opened and then he sees many souls in the ICU who are stuck there. no resentment. All siddhas and saints have come and told us something or the other. We have seen siddhas who playfully have left along with their body itself. So while in the body one has to get rid of the negative sanskaras. In moments of death everything is remembered. Like after a garment is torn. the percentage of which you put into welfare of others. 124. gave wisdom. there is a jeeva samadhi which had great energy there. 126. In Tamilnadu.

I wondered which place is this and then I saw it was the same room in which I was meditating. 129. attachment to the body and there was pain and he survived. 132. Preth yonis and dev yonis have form and the form is similar to the physical body. The door remains opened till it has to remain open and finally it closes and that soul gets stuck there itself with that family and starts drawing the life force energy of family members who start becoming ill and weak. when the light appears instead of rising to the light. 20 . It was a confusing state that I am sitting and I am standing in front of me and I am looking at myself sitting. rajo guna. The truck had hit him and he had died instantly. one will feel that he is okay and why does he have to go anywhere.then after some distance being relieved of being saved turned back and saw that the truck was stationary and he was lying under the truck. An airplane dropped a bomb that fell close to here is where he was sitting. 131. 128. First. He looked and wondered "There is so much of blood. Those who do not have this knowledge and at death when the light comes at that time one does not understand the light and remains stuck there itself. Gunas come with attachment. I am beyond the five bodies and three gunas. You have five bodies. Till the time all these three gunas remain. you exit your body. He then recovered. Looking clearly I saw that I am wearing the same clothes I wore while I sat there. Now he was confused if he was dead. I would like to share an incident of my life. This person's time was not yet right and he realized that he is full of pain and that he has come back into his body. prana body. I would do my sadhana there and once in sadhana I experienced that I am sitting in sadhana." This he wondered even when he had died. then the soul remains imprisoned in bodies. He was thrown up and as he was thrown up he was aware that that he flying up but then he saw that he was was continuing to fly even above the buildings around. Then I realized that on wish I could move out of the room also and I am moving through the wall. Another incident of the West where a person was at a place where there was bombing. Fifth anand body. Another incident when a woman was having some heart problem. the moment I become nirguna and niraakar. he came back into the body. Suddenly. But. I am telling you this because when you die. One who is attached a lot with the family. There is flow of unconditional love but no expectations in return. After a moment a power came and pushed her into her body. sato guna. I do not have any form. this physical body. 127. 133. At this moment a nurse shouted looking at the cardiac monitor that she is dead as there is no heat beat. Slowly I moved away from my body and moved to all corners of the room and from every corner I looked at myself that I am sitting calmly. I was going wherever my thoughts went. The families then undergo hardships also. Second. We had a very huge haveli (mansion) and everyone had left it and I used to live alone there. Then I realized that who is sitting is not me but my body and I am out of my body. I am nirguna and formless. He wondered how could he fly so high and when he looked down his body was fallen down injured. All these five bodies have tamo guna. Hope I don't die. Fourth gyan body. The woman saw that she is besides the bed and many people came in and were trying to resuscitate and revive her. I am not all these five. That is why such soul is called jeevatma or jeeva. 130. Third mann body. With nirguna you become like the sun. She narrated to everyone every incident that she had seen happening in the room and all were surprised.

he does not manipulate. you resolve all your current life issues. If someone has hurt him and he is constantly thinking of it. This is upon you. The mind is a wall between the soul and the consciousness. The purpose is that all your tendencies burn out and all the 10 doors that are closed due to your ignorance opens up by which all the paths of life and moksha open up. That does not mean that you sit without doing anything stating that everything will happen according to your destiny. After healing it used to get alright but again recur. In Garud Puran. etc. 138. We (siddhas) have only one intention that you prosper and our (siddhas) purpose is not to show you scenes of past life. if you ask me why that person saw and why not me. 136. All the debit and credit of karmic balance sheet comes up. You receive what you are destined for. Changing your destiny to higher evolution also means you are resolving issues. if the dying person has not done sadhana or got a guru who could give him the wisdom. incidents from childhood. Now a day. more gruesome is when a person has to leave in peace. 140. Expand what you are destined to get and receive more and more grace. A dying person starts withdrawing his consciousness and it is sad to see that we do not allow him to do that by shouting. apart from one's prarabdh karma. Whatever is happening in your life are the fruits of your own karmas. Siddhas will show past life to only those who are ready to see their past and have resolved all issues of life.134. The moment the mind dissolves into the soul and soul merges into the consciousness. that will add up to his misery. Remember. This is called aatmasakshathkar (self-realization). then it is possible that at that moment he gets very angry on everyone who gave him trouble. at that moment. give more unconditional love to all. There should be total peace during this time. crying and yelling. it is taught that you are the creator of your own destiny. One person used to get terrible pain in the neck. You become ready. In ShivYog. 135. If you are not happy with what you already have. one cannot gain anything extra. then I will say. So. 142. It will take me only a moment to show you all that but I do not wish that you get entangled in those incidents. God explains to the garud that at the time of death all the tenancies open up one by one. he brought it to the next life and that used to bother him. In pratiprasav he realized that he had been hung to death in some life and during death the emotion of suffering that he carried. If one has given trouble to someone. resolve all your issues of this life and accelerate your spiritual progress and you will be able to see past lives. then you will not see anything. This is because if one has not been able to resolve current life issues and then sees issues from the past. So never blame others for your condition. So it is 21 . you come to the understanding and knowledge that everything is illusion and then you will see everything. 141. then do more positive karmas. Those who are in the transition of purity will experience in the form of vibrations or may witness shooting pain in the troublesome organ and get released but this all depends. then this anger multiplies. Even leaving the body is a state of sadhana. One who has been doing sadhana and has purified will be able to see. We feel that we are saving his life but I think we are prolonging their suffering and nothing else. Everything comes in front while dying. do not hurt others. purify yourself and then change what is written in your destiny. 137. If he leaves his body with this anger. 139. he is left in the ICU with all kinds of equipments. That is why it is said to forgive everyone while you are alive. But if you still feel everything around is reality and with this reality if you wish to see.

She saw Yama approaching and she said that he cannot take him away as he is her husband. he is the son of the Sun. it becomes the astral body and the astral body thinks it is alive but if it already has the wisdom that it has to move up in the light. 146. he is Tej. In this struggle there will be turmoil and negative energies generated due to the agony. which means that he is not allowing the prana to be pulled out by nature. Sati said that if she had to go back she would go back with him. 148. During dream the subtle body visits dimensions and this cord keeps it attached to the physical body but during death the silver cord gets disconnected. That is why it is said that at night a Sri Vidya sadhak should certainly do Sri Vidya sadhana so that so much of divine energy is produced that during dream state he enters only into higher dimensions and stays in those dimensions and wakes up with those divine energies. She asked that she be given the boon of being able to become the mother of 100 children of Satyavan. even at that point his subtle body leaves the physical body and travels into those dimensions where his memories and connections lie in his inner mind. He was not walking there with her legs but with the power of her sadhana shakti. Satyavan after cutting wood complained of headache and Sati immediately knew that it was one month. How many will be ready if they are asked to go to Yama while being alive? Leave this. one about Sati-Satyavan and the other about Nachiketa. even at the time of death also no. He remains in darker places and brings back similar energies while waking up and makes his day more miserable. You must have seen people banging their hands and legs. In scriptures it is written that the one who is ready to go to Yama while being in the body is the biggest Yogi and Yama also cannot do anything to such a person. She went into samadhi. If this is not aware of the astral body stays there and suffers. 144.important that the environment is calm and peaceful and the sound of OM or whichever mantra of the ishta the person is acquainted to. but Sati followed Yama and kept pleading to release her husband and Yama denied. At last. She asked him to keep his head on her lap and sleep. This is what is shown in scriptures as Yama who pulls the soul out with a rope. Sati was a maharishi's daughter and Satyavan lived in an ashram who were to get married. Both of them had gone to Yama. Before marriage Sati was warned that after a month Satyavan had to die and to rethink over the marriage. After reaching a spot. The ones who do not know the ultimate truth are attached to the body and as the prana starts withdrawing. Yama warned Sati to go back and if she cross this place she cannot go back. When the prana completely leaves the body. the person tries to hold it from withdrawing and there begins a struggle. One who comes out of myths and ignorace will be out the birth-death cycle. They got married and lived in the jungle. But if one sleeps being sad. But Yama said his time has come and put his rope around him and took him. 143. Sati said that he had the tapashakti to create her own destiny. should be played. That is why it is said that one should have sweet dreams. This is an incident of a woman who holds the sadhana shakti of changing the destiny of her wants to go to Yama. What is the difference between dream and death? Similarity is that the subtle body leaves the physical body during both death and dream but a small difference is that during dream a thin etheric silver cord is connected from the navel. 147. Slowly all his five bodies start leaving his body just the way it happens while sleep. When one reaches the dream state. Yama gave up and asked her to ask for a boon and go back. Sati agreed. There are two stories mentioned in scriptures. it was with Sati how many years 22 . 145. Yama is not the God of Death. then he visits all the darker places which is embedded in this inner mind. Now.

In ShivYog it is always said not to predict the future as one can get very bad karma for she would want to keep between the birth of those 100 children and that would be the life of Satyavan. you need to pull back awareness from external miseries. 152. 149. Now. The biggest fool is one who predicts future in ShivYog. I want to experience the life the way I want. I will take you in front of siddhas where you had written your destiny and you will have to tell them. You also have this power within you that can be activated but to activate it. In these 9 days of shivir. swarglok. How can you predict about something that can be changed? I repeat future is changeable! Vidhi ka vidhan badla jaa saktha hai kyon ki tum hi vidhi ho aur tumhi ne voh vidhaan paida kiya tha. bond of purity. Such comparison of profit-loss like business will have profits and loss like business. brahmalok. "I have learnt everything and learn the secrets and now I dont want to learn with sufferings. 151.. during the end of his life can do it's sadhana and get liberated by leaving his soul through the brahmarandhra (the 23 . It is said till here that one who has the wisdom of Art of Dying. We also during marriage match horoscopes and see profit and loss where as marriage is a bond of minds. This is because future can be changed. Now. Then it is said that the girl was good but there was some problem in the horoscope. Yama was baffled but he had to fulfill promise and let go of Satyavan. 150. There have been many siddhas who have gone to hell and roamed about in naraklok. siddhalok and come back . 153.this should be the shakti within. I have learnt through my sadhana. I am ready to change my destiny. not to match profit accounts.

Even Gautam Buddha had fasted for 40 days. 160. 159. you need to decode them. Because now there is no fear of dying. anger. as his son also came under that 'everything'. When repeatedly Nachiketa asked his father whom has he given his son in charity to. 2. then the child that comes into your family takes the entire family karma on 24 . The Lord resides in that house where sankirtan and sadhana takes place. doubt. 156. There was a rishi whose son Nachiketa also was very wise. While living the one who meditates and goes to the mrithyuloka can never die ever. 163. etc. A householder is very fortunate because he can do sadhana and whatever he earns he can do charity and contribute to the welfare of the earth and he also feeds his family with his hardwork. if you have created so much of negative karma. According to Garud Puran. Debts to Gods . the father got angry and said. there are three types of debts 1. 154. to receive the worldly fruits. the cycle is such that the forthcoming child in your family come to liberate you by purifying you. some time in selfless service and some time in taking the name of the Lord. The father said he had given everything in charity and the son angered his father when he asked whom had he given his son to. Debts to the rishis . But we have heavily invested our consciousness in fear. it gets liberated. So. Now. Jain teertankars have fasted. The best method of giving contentment to pitrus is to look after your family lovingly and feed them lovingly. better is before he comes we expand our consciousness till there.Debts that we incur as we gain wisdom from them. "Here then. If one lives in union with nature then he will move towards liberation and if not there will be difficulties. where children will ailments or autism were born.highest door through which if a soul leaves. 157. He said he had done the yagna dishonestly. Debts to parents. Nachiketa went there to Yama and for three days he fasted and Yama gave him a location of sahastrar chakra) The exit for here in the end and liberation and after this there is no need to come back into any form. Most of the yagnas are dishonest because it is filled with rajoguna. Many families. resentment.Debts that we incur due to whatever we achieve in daily life due to Divine energies/powers. Out of the 24 hours spend some time in sadhana. All siddhas have fasted before they got wisdom. then he cannot do anything to you but if he reaches you while you are living then it becomes a problem. If while living you reach Yama. It is important to clear this. Every family seeks that there be a pious/fortunate child in the family. So. have asked me what have these children done and why is God so merciless. It is true that every moment we become rhini (indebted) and that is why I say to keep doing seva to clear those debts. You cannot clear these debts by running away from the world but by remaining in grihastha (householder). 158. 3. 161. 162. located at the top of skull . I have given you in charity to Yama!" These stories of Upanishads are symbolic and coded. 155.

25 . whatever feelings with which a soul leaves that feelings grows thousandfold. the pitrus suffer there and keep going to the lower lokas and the family gets pitru dosha. Once a young gentleman had come to me who did not have a leg. but now nature puts you all together with the intention that you all live together and resolve all the unresolved issues by loving each other which had not been possible before and thus liberate your forthcoming generations and past generations. The souls who go to Pitru loka are good souls who have done good deeds but the attachment with the family is very strong and are not able to see anything else but their family. 164. 165. One voice said that he had created that accident in the family due to which the boy was handicapped. His mother had some heart problem and he brought his mother to a Pratiprasav shivir in Mumbai. As I mentioned before. 167. please liberate them and open the doorway to light and ascend them and liberate them by which they can see the light. 168. I asked calmly who it was. which is in scriptures known as Bramha-hatya. When I went there. I found out that there were 22 pitrus who had gone to lower realms. (equivalent to killing a Brahmin) This sin that we do. such families will always have great grace of God. I started praying to the Divine that these souils were ignorants and they never got anyone who could give them this wisdom and tell them that they are all a part of you. These are conversations between the pitrus that I am mentioning. you husband and wife used to fight or not? Wasn't there disharmony in the family or not? All were blowing their own bugles and all were trying to kill each and other emotionally.them and become diseased. is all Bramha-hatya. So. If the newly wedded girl coming into the house is treated as Laxmi with love and without using harmful words and soul not troubled and accepted just as their own member. and to liberate every one of them. During the healing. One by one. Soon. there were pitrus in her body. 169. pitrus are happy and contented and if there is sorrow in the family. using destructive words. We have brought everyone with us. Every soul in the family has a consciousness (Bramha) and trying to kill that Bramha. If these things are not taken care of and if people who are weak in the family are given trouble that family gets pitru dosha. Sadhaks came running to me and said they felt there was something in her. You all are born together in one family are part of the soul group. It is possible that you may have fought and battled each other in previous lives. if there is happiness in the family. They said there are 22. trying to cause injury and depress others every moment. Even in Garud Puran it is told that one has to love and respect elders in the family because they have raised the family. Once voice came that she was her daughter-in-law and she had killed her by burning her and she wants to finish the entire family. some strange things started happening. Soon. I told sadhaks to give her healing. every soul ascending thanking and stating that they were at peace. trying to finish off their individuality. If old parents are loved and taken care of. pitrus will be contented. in total ignorance. Soon there was a fight between the pitrus among themselves. 166. the future child born in the family takes upon themselves to liberate us. You tell me first that when the child was in the womb. Now they are all suffering as they have not left their anger and revenge and are yet with the desire to finish each other. there was another voice who must have been her grandmother who said to the other voice that the fire was burnt by her own self. I told the girl and the grandmother that I will help liberate them. While I was making sadhaks do sadhana.

176.JUST GIVE LOVE.. 172. morning and night meditation. and people get together and share love in such houses the divine beings shower their blessings and you get liberated from the debts to Gods (Devarhinn) 179. the Gods are contended. A household with his earnings can do shraadh or feed the hungry also. Buddha said that he had asked him not to bite but never said it should not hiss! So just give love and at the same time you do "grrr. (laughs) 173. 177. who can never pain another soul.. fights and resentments. which will never end unless one of you break this cycle by just giving love. 174. " 175. One day Buddha saw the snake lying injured and asked what happened. The snake replied that I stopped biting and scaring people and look how people have stoned me. It is a horrible feeling to get into arguments. but I say just one thing . mantra chanting. So this is a message. Your bad deeds are the food of darker beings. For that you are the biggest factor. It heard always of non-violence and the snake became non-violent. yagna. Along with that running the family rightly clears debts to pitrus. Your family will always be blessed by Shiv-Shiva. Why are you earning and saving. The house is which there is a meditation room. 180. the other person has become very disobedient or wicked. If someone says. so that your family is happy.. The beginning of spirituality begins with clearing the debts to parents. Growling (being strict) is also important. 171. That is why I on and often say if there is one ShivYogi in a family then his pitrus of 7 generations get liberated and forthcoming 7 generations get liberated. lamps and incense sticks. because a ShivYogi is an embodiment of unconditional love. Do not waste your early morning time sleeping. Day time you do sakaam karma (occupation) and nishkaam seva (selfless service) and at night do shanti karma (time with family).JUST GIVE LOVE (laughs). who will not try to gain what is not his (astheya) and will be positive. 26 . When you do puja. But with this I don't mean the elders of the house should not growl. What will you do when people in the home get angry or do not listen to you? A wise man will say to make them understand and if still does not understand to hit.. that if you want to liberate your family keep a close bond between each other and love each other. The sleep which feels very pleasant is the time for Deva karma due to which your life is going to shine much brighter. Do not fall into too much of formalities. then for that what you will have to do I will tell you. If someone says that the other person has come under the influence of someone and not has started acting weird.. sankirtan. that is . then in such a case what you have to do is . Keep doing the act of feeding the hungry every year remembering your ancestors as an act of gratitude for being the tool for you to come on earth. Your good deeds are the food of divine beings.. Do not try to get tit-for-tat because this is the cycle of cause and effect. 178.170. ensure that you are not wasting it with sleep. It's like the story of the snake who lived where Buddha lived.JUST GIVE LOVE. When you return home get everyone together and feel the happiness of togetherness and love. just feed the hungry in their name.

181. Happiness is a state of mind and even one who has everything can still find ways to be unhappy. Har haal mein khushi. Create happiness within in all situations and make this your sankalp (affirmation). Imagine that whatever is happy is to make you happy. 182. Whatever karma you do in life. Karma means any task - meeting someone, talking to someone, doing a task. If you don't want any bad karma to be resulted in these daily karmas, then behind every karma your bhavana (intention) should always be pure. Very important this is. 183. Secondly, nirmal mann (pure mind). Don't let the mind become impure by allowing it to gossip about other's faults, judge another. Accept everyone the way they are because all have their own soul agenda. 184. As you keep doing sadhana your mind gets purified but now consciously keep a check whether behind every action the mind and intention is pure or not. 185. In Garud Mahapuran it is mentioned that whichever Ishta we worship, we reach that form itself in the end of the physical journey. Whatever intention we live our life with, same intention we reach at the end of life. 186. It does not mean that if one is doing the sadhana of Lord Shiva you will reach Lord Shiva but it is equally important with what intention one does it. If sadhana is done to cause harm to someone then nature will reach one in the similar form. 187. So do sadhana with the intention that you also benefit and others also benefit everything. Never do any such sadhana in which there is harm to others. 188. I have seen people at high levels doing sadhana to destroy enemies. Leave this and do sadhana destroy one's sanchit karmas. 189. Which sadhana is better? The one in which you run behind petty gains or the sadhana in which you gain so much power that you can create anything and everything from within you? 190. The ones who practice tantrik, maili vidya (dirty practices like black magic) and practice with darker forces, at the last moments of life fall prey to these forces. So be careful not to get into all these. 191. Many sadhaks who are doing good sadhana and rising up, they destroy their business and get into all these acts and display of powers. 192. Without doing all these show-offs one should only become a sadhak - a humble sadhak. Humility is very, very important. 193. ShivYog says that just the way you keep your wealth locked in the lockers and safes, keep your tapasya (fruits of sadhana) hidden and use it with total humbleness for the benefit of others. 194. I have taught you healing. One is healing with vinamrata (simplicity) and one is healing becoming an avataar (Babaji raised his right hand to show the blessing gesture) The avataar person destroys himself and Vinamra person gets punya (merits) and receives Guru kripa and he prospers spiritually. 195. So, do not get into any other sadhana other than the sadhana of Parabramha, as mentioned by siddhas and saints, and you will receive everything. It will take hard work but you will receive everything.

196. Whenever you feel low, angry or sad, sit down quietly and sing "Bhajlo ji hanuman......." and close your eyes and imagine he and he will be there. 197. What has to happen will happy, why do you imagine so much. Even if a good person comes to you and you say "He will harm" then the moment he comes into your aura will cause you harm. 198. When you are calm, you breath is very deep, when you are angry it is different and so it is when one is sad, fearful, lustful, infatuation, greed, ego. The breath is different in all emotions. So every emotions enters into the subconscious through the conscious and become sanchit karmas. When we do rightful breathing and with Sanjeevani shakti, those emotions and karmas come out. As they start coming out, the problems start reducing. 199. What you are experiencing today is due to your past psychic impressions, either of this life or past, which are controlling your thinking and reactions. So it is important to release these negative psychic impressions. 200. We have indriyas (sense organs) - eyes (sight), ears (hearing), nose (smell), tongue (taste), skin (touch). These are external. You are looking at me now, hearing me - it is external. Now, if after two days I ask you to remember today's incident, then also you will see me and hear me but at that time it will not be external sight and voice like what you see and hear now, but that time it will be internal sight and internal sound. The food that you ate three days back you had seen and smelled and tasted with external organs. Now, if I ask you to see, smell, touch and taste the food of that day, you will do it, but it will now be with internal senses. 201. You must have died thousands of time but you do not remember it but the experiences of death are stored in your consciousness. You must have lived thousands of lives, sometimes being happy and sometimes sufferings. Those experiences of suffering are stored in your consciousness. The only thing is that your inner senses are not powerful anymore. You will learn how to feel all these with your inner senses. You have been doing it though, but unknowingly by imagining ignorantly with your inner senses. ShivYog is knowingly. Now, consciousness you start practicing seeing, hearing, feeling and imagining only what you want. During sadhana, we will bring out all those impressions which are not good for us. While doing sadhana we will learn our lessons. 202. In all human beings, there comes a turning point. If one's sanchit karmas are good, then the turning point comes in happiness and joy and if one's sanchit karmas are mixed with good and bad, then some suffering comes and then comes the turning point. For example, there is a young person whose father made everything and he is enjoying all pleasures of life and an aspiring sportsman. But with these he is also moving far from the Truth. Nature and your spiritual guides want that you move towards the path of truth. Then the young person says that he was going to become a National level player, but now has bad luck as he now met with an accident and injured his spine and unable to play. For him, it is a misery. But during the one year he could not play, where he would not have turned at all to spirituality, in this one year he turned towards spirituality and made attempts to learn the truths of life which he would have otherwise never known. Now in his life there has come a balance of spirituality and wordly life. 203. Every incident in your life comes into your life to teach you a lesson. If you accept it you have learned your lesson and if you keep getting sad for it, then you have yet to learn another lesson.


204. I was in the West and there in a Law firm, there was a chief lawyer who had met with an accident. He was following some other religion but he was told that ShivYog accepts all religions and to go there. He came to the shivir and he experienced many things. He got healed but at the same time he received the wisdom of the truth. He met me once and said that the accident was very bad for him but now I know that it was a blessing indeed because he was such a workaholic that he was not taking care of his family, let alone spirituality. He said that he used to work late nights in office, come home and sleep for a few hours and then again get back to work and lived a machine life. But now, I give lot of time to my family and the bliss I get in sadhana I would have never got. Now, I know that my life has become complete and living my both internal and external life fully. 205. Do not get stuck in petty things of life. Daughters-in-law spend their entire life being negative towards their mothers-in-law. Mothers-in-law waste their entire life not just making the lives of the daughters-in-law bad but their own lives and the lives of their family members. You have not got married to the girl, your son has; why are you demanding? Let them both demand with each other. The girl has not married the motherin-law, so why is all her energy wasted in fighting? Understand the fact that this is all action-reply of what you have done in your past life. It is being replayed so that you can outgrow from that nonsense in which you are stuck. This is some karma that has surfaced up. You must learn the lesson and let go. Do you want to bring happiness in the family or miseries? You become the glue that sticks everyone together and not the hard stone that breaks everyone. 206. Atma-chintan (self-analysis) is very important. Every thought that comes up within you, is it going towards light or darkness? 207. Truth is what you find in sadhana, everything else is your imagination. All that is happening around is your imagination, your creation. If you do not want to continue creating this, change it, recreate, do sadhana. Do sadhana so much that the sanchit karmas are burst. Release all negative feelings and bring only the feeling of unconditional love within you. 208. You might say that others are troubling you but again, happiness is the state of mind. Even if good people are around, the one who wants to be sad will be sad and if externally how much ever there is disharmony and chaos one who wants to be in bliss will remain in bliss only. 209. Even in adverse situations imagine within that you are happy. When you start creating divinity and happiness within, you will start radiating divinity and happiness to others outside. But if you have storm within you, then you will bring storm to all who comes around you. Change yourself within. 210. There are three types of Yoni (life form): 1. Deva Yoni - in which the soul takes the form of gods and goddesses and experience happiness but they do not have mind. There will remain in the same yoni. If Indra wishes to become Bramha, he cannot become. To get liberated into the infinite he needs mind. 2. Maanav yoni (human form). There are three again in this: 1.Pavitra yoni 2.Bhog vilas yoni 3.Dukh bhog yoni 3. Bhog yoni (form of only paying off karmic fruits. Eg: Animal form) In this yoni also there is no mind. One cannot think and discriminate. This is why if a tiger is hungry it

216.. Never react intensely negative to any situation. That irritation from your external mind moves into the inner mind and it is important to remove it out or it becomes your prarabdh bhog . Only if there is mind there one can accumulate karma through good/bad deeds. Because there is no mind so there is no punya (merits) and paap (sin). The ego of "I" is the negative karma. and the whole Ramayana had to be enacted because of Narada's curse on Shiva.Lord Shiva had to take the form of Lord Rama and Mahalaxmi had to take the form of Sita. Just this small ego gave birth to such a big Ramayana. they are even from such small karmas. With this ego. I am seeing there are two cars and one of the sadhak sat in one car and the other sadhak is not liking it and wants to sit in the same car and another sadhak is angry as to why sit in one car when there is another. 211. 215. careful of this. If a mosquito bites and if you ignore it is okay but if "Oh. 214. 217. You have taken birth to know this kriyaman and rise above it. which then becomes prarabdh. At the same time can reach the lowest realms.the kriyaman. 218. It is dependent on what the mind is creating . a mosquito" is the reaction. Narada had the ego that lust cannot touch him. Where have so many karmas comes from. his ishta . What kind of food is served to "me"? The food is not wrong. your bhaava is wrong. this bhaava has created a sanskaar (impression) and this impression goes within for the cause and effect. Only if there is mind one can reach and merge with the infinite. One pushes in and the other stomps the foot and gets out. I look at all sadhaks. In all this episode what is the most dangerous thing is that reaction of 30 . Have the feeling that food is Annapoorneshwari. Their tendencies will remain the same as their form. but he was actually working in the area where the possibility of generation of lust was minimal. 212. Cat kills hundreds of rats but does not accumulate karma.kills and preys on a cow and does not accumulate karma.

name and fame. In ShivYog it is said that the right hand should not know what the left hand has done. The dirt is the world of maya and the drops of dirt are all the negative things and vices.. They are there today and may not be there tomorrow. Yagya are happening and it is proclaimed that so-and-so is doing the yagyas. Deva yoni robe: The one who does all his life good karmas and for the welfare of others but at the same time also desires for his name. 'Oh Lord. This is the important message I wish to give you . I am grateful to you. 225. Unconscious karma become the cause of your yourself from it! 219. Love the ones who are with you. If you look externally and complete with others then you will only get sufferings. TUM CHAHTHE KYA HO. Every day of yours is precious. 222. 226. Don't let any dirt fall.. You have got this human birth after going through 84 lakh bhog yonis. What you do in this life will decide if you are crossing the ocean of miseries or will decide if you are going to get similar such life.. The level of consciousness that you are in today must be higher that the level you were in yesterday. he then experiences all this in Swargaloka. you will see that your life becomes more comfortable. These are very small things but they create karma and bring prarabdh bhog . 224. Ik din bandiya hai udjaana palat ke aana nahi. then the incident will remain the same but he will search for happiness in that and HAR HAAL MEIN VOH HASEGA AUR KHUSH HOGA (he will laugh and be happy in all situations) and give only happiness and laughter. What you were yesterday. Never compete with others but compete with yourself. Babaji sings. Do not let these drops of dirt fall on you. What will you do then? Fallen in the traps of photos and idols? That is illusion. If you get angry it means you have fallen unconscious. Growth should be a continuous process.anger and banging the foot. In Deva yoni. 221. thank you so much. This is why all siddhas are shown to be sitting on the lotus because the lotus grows in the dirt but not a single drop of dirt can dirty the lotus. Do not fall unconscious before every thought. 220. Learn to love the living ones. I wish that you save yourself from all this. action and reaction. Do every karma consciously. Every moment with every karma you are throwing a thread and whole life you are knitting your own robe (cloth) that you are going to wear in next life.. When all his punya karmas are over then he has to come back into the 31 . The three kind of robes in your boutique: 1. And if he has become a ShivYogi. then there still exists a desire for praise. One is who gets everything and amongst all that he finds a reason to cry and cries and cries and convinces his entire family how much suffering is there and narrates his story to everyone he meets and bitterly cries. If you become the lotus you can cross the bhavasagar (ocean of cycle of life and death). Then there will be growth in life.No negative emotions and no negative reactions! Keep yourself always pure. But one wants the entire world's hands to know that you are doing punya. 227.' When you start getting this feeling. 223. you must rise above that today.. Every moment should be with a moment of gratitude. You decide what you want. Such souls get the Deva yoni because they want to experience praise and happiness out of even the punyas that one does.

I was carefully handling all the property and wealth of the institution but when people came and fell at my feet I used to love it. such a person after leaving the body gets liberated if his journey is over. Beggar was bathed. Slowly I degraded myself and during my last days I was still stuck with pleasures of praise and comfort. I was doing seva with my heart and soul to the head of the same mutt and after his death I was made the head of that mutt. the realm that is lower to the swargaloka and a realm higher to the pritviloka.  The one who does punya. The beggar asked him to move but the dog wouldn't move and in anger the dog was beaten up.  32 . anger. During the period of Lord Rama. who cannot withstand others. There was a pure kind of ego but the ego was still alive. I will complete my bhog in this animal life and go into a sadhu yoni because of my punyas also but I do not know in how many lakhs of yonis this beggar will get stuck into. When this was done with. from the mutt wealth. Ones who are stuck in taking interest (money) get into a mosquito or forms that suck blood so that one is able to suck free blood wherever available. Manushya yoni robe: The one who gets entangled in lust. who gives pain to others. he suffering all the miseries of life gets into the animal form. This beggar is full of greed.human form because till now he has not got liberated. I was very religious and took care that dharma is followed. when he has become the head. "In my previous birth. The beggar was summoned and asked why he did so. All were surprised and the beggar was happy and this wish was carried out.  Another is who does good but does it only for oneself and the family and does not care for others but only his people. choses by himself the bhog yoni. When the karmas are done with in the pitruloka. anger. The dog says that it wanted justice as it was sleeping quietly in the corner of a street and a beggar came and hit him and injured him without any reason. Now. infatuation. people started praising me and I could not resist it and accepted it all. he becomes a scorpion or other forms that bite others. this dog was sleeping in my path. anger. 3. he has full independence to make so many ill karmas. One who lives on other's food gets a dog form. Here his happiness and sorrow here depends on how much punya and paap his family members back on earth do as he is now etherically attached to his family and relatives. such one goes into pitruloka. Lord Rama asked the dog what justice it wanted and it said that there is a big mutt (religious institution) and the head of the mutt has left his body and that the beggar be given that position. I had eaten all that which I had not earned and this life I came into this dog yoni. 2. I brought for myself different type of thrones and golden plates and silk clothes. lust. Everyone surprised as to a dog's grievance bring him to Rama. speaks the truth. who follows ashtheya. ready to cause harm to others. Eventually. welfare. Bhog yoni robe: One who is always burning in the fire of jealousy. I lived like a king on the money that came in the form of contributions for a noble cause. rode on the elephant and placed on the highest position. Then. Like if he has the feeling of taking revenge. The dog replied. The beggar said that whole day he was begging and when he did not get anything and was returning back. ego and gives only sufferings to others. robed royally. Rama as the dog as to why it had chosen this inspite of the beggar injuring him. then he returns and is born back into the same family/generation. who daily practices dhyana. attachment. an injured dog comes with a complain. follows yama/niyama.

To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye" (meaning . when you get into the state of nirguna. Bura Naa Milya Koye. you acquire doshas yourself.When I tried to search for bad people. in the area of purity and in the area of detachment by increasing your unconditional love. Every day you must grow in the area of wisdom. grihastha. but when I explored myself. then he will be born to the best of parents and cult and he in the grace and vicinity of auspicious people and situations. vanaprastha. The soul connection is absent. Likewise.) What right do I have to criticize other. anger. gets liberated.  The ones in whose life some paap (sins) were committed but punya (merits) are more. revenge. Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa.  Now. you must look at your own faults. there were none worse than me. 231. in the area of spirituality. to blame others. organs. Further you go and you will experience atoms and further when you enter into the shunyatha (nothingness/empty space) you enter in the nirguna state. then such while enjoying the happiness of life are struck by some mishap at a turning point of life and at that times longs for a guru and this one finds the shelter of the guru and moves in the journey of nar se narayan (finite to infinite) and gets liberated. If while being alive you have been able to resolve all issues then you will not be affected at the final moments. Why do people easily today get divorced and say 'I am done with it' is because the level of consciousness has not raised. It literally means that before finding faults in others. love each other. As you continue raising your consciousness higher. sanyas) and even in old age if lust troubles you and still if taste buds are active with food delicacies. do self-analysis as to which robe have you knitted for yourself and which robe you prefer to put on next. Are you willing to take more doshas on yourself when you already have so many? 232. Love will have increased. If you raise your level of consciousness in your bramhacharya ashram (celibacy) you will be able to move successfully into grihasta ashram (householder) and partners will know how to accept each other. When your feelings say that others are very bad and throw dirt on him but your pure bhaava will ask you 'Have you become fully purified?" When you speak with your tongue on other's doshas. all the images of every karma and every incident comes in front. During final moments. 230. Go more deeper you start experiencing every tissues and every cell. then when you get into vanaprastha ashram (forest dweller) at this time partners will not be attracted towards each other physically but soulfully. When you enter into your body in meditation and become silent you start experiences every part of your body. you will experience the same pain during those final moments and bring on the emotions of fear. Why not I weave such a robe that is immeasurable. joints. 228. and if you have not been able to rise above the four ashrams (bramhacharya.If journey is incomplete. then even at the time of death all these activate. 229. Babaji made a reference of Saint Kabir here "Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala. that has no beginning and no end and become infinite? 234. you enter into that empty 33 . bones. I found none. to complain about others? 233. But if it is not resolved. sacrifice for each other and outgrow cunningness.

. When someone wants to destroy someone. A sadhak's message came that Rs. The reason was that question mark was still remaining as to why his aunt had hit him. 242.5000/. Now. this traumatic incident is also one of the movies that is moving in his shunya. if are put together in one box. Quantum physics says that this entire body is an empty space because all the atoms moving in this body creating cells and organs and the entire body. he used to have terrible pain on the right side of his face and that pain used to not get healed. etc. Aham Bramhasami (I am That/God) but instead of this we have created for ourselves: a. 235. Aham peeda (agony) d. The child who is yet unable to speak was initially happy that her aunt is coming in but when he gets the slap he is surprised as to why did he get that. Those thoughts create. your body is made up of energy. The 10 doors opens and you see/witness your own self. It is a psychic impression that is rotating in his shunya. but so many incidents of so many lifetimes are moving within this physical body. Some come to cut him. At this moment. which is actually crowded. His aunt who is childless comes into the room and saw noone around and gives a tight slap to the child.legs. A child cries and say that his parents do not love him and that has become a problem with his stomach. 238. in the end of life those frightening forms come and scare and attack. We ourselves create mishaps. It remained within as a psychic trauma. this emotion becomes a psychic impressions and is moving in the form of a holographic movie in his shunya. I'll explain about the crowd. hands. When I saw atoms rotating I saw the shunya state. But at the same time I saw crowd also. How sankaars are developed? A small child is sitting in a room. there are no solid particles but energy. protons and As a grown up when this child came for Pratiprasav sadhana. But if by doing ShivYog sadhana and/or Pratiprasav sadhana one by one all issues are resolved. So you are not seeing yourself but seeing scary creatures in there. 237. This is why siddhas say "Nirmal Mann. we create accidents. More data is in even more minute form in the prana shareer. you get everything. to kill him and he gets scared but in reality those forms are not true but the projections of his mind. 240. 239. Aham ahankar (ego) b. I am not saying this to hurt anyone but saying this to show you the truth. we create disease. Aham dukh (sadness) 34 . 236. If I break the atoms further into electrons. he sees scary forms and appearances in the form of ghost and spirits. then the size of the body will 0. Aham krodh (anger) c.was stolen from his wife's purse because he is all the time in the thoughts and doubts of trouble. So.the light. one can see the physical body ." 241. we create robbery for ourselves.0001% which is equivalent to null. When one with unresolved issues is going the leave the body. But the shunya that I see is not empty but multidimensional movies are moving in it. And. To see. those lakhs and crores of multidimentional movies start releasing from your empty space and what is left in the end is YOU .

Then forget the person whom you have given with no expectations. In the start I used to get feedbacks that it was half pure and half impure with contamination. Yudhisthira. 249. While one leaves the body all those hidden reflections comes in front. when you give thank Almighty that he has given you the capacity to give. Aham saadesathi ka maara hua (periods of back luck) h. Now after leaving your body they have taken various frightening forms and attacking you. and loudly proclaimed that Ashwathama was dead. The moment he did this the charriot wheels struck the ground. who could not make himself tell a lie. Drona. It is said that the soul is taken to Chitragupt who has all the accounts of the souls karmas. They are all the reflections of your own mind. knowing that only Yudhisthira. with his firm adherence to the truth. Aham manglik (wrong planetary position in horoscope) 243. The reflections of those thoughts that you continuously thought about all your life. Others do not have anything to give and you have something to give and so they take from you :) They then tell me that they do not give back anything when they are in need of something from them.shudh bhavana and always reflect after every karma (deed) on whether my bhavana was shudh or not. So all these negative beliefs are born out of a negative experience/incident. which is watching all that I am doing. I tell them that they are very fortunate. ask from you Shiva because they have infinite to give you. Yudhisthira told him: "Ashwathama has died". Yudhishthira was a truthful person. don't give others so that you can ask but give because you can give. These are hidden reflections in your hidden mind that cannot be seen by your conscious mind. And. I tell them God-willingly let there be not such a situation where you will have to need something from them :) What you need ask from your Guru. What Yudhisthira told was the truth but his hidden intention was impure. Also thank the one you are giving as he is giving you an opportunity to do punya. It is said that he was so truthful that his feet and his chariot's wheels never touched the ground. People sometimes tell me that others take advantage of them. So. 35 . Give more importance to the bhaava behind every motive of yours." This central nervous system is the Chitragupt. 248. Aham bechara (self-pity) f. Aham durbhagyashali (unfortunate) g. Chitra means reflection and gupt means secret/hidden. 246. "Many frightening forms will come to scare you and so do not be afraid. then added: "Praha kunjara ha". Aham kaal sarpa dosh (wrong planetary position in horoscope) i. Bhima killed an elephant named Ashwathama. Buddists read Bardo to the dead stating. Then I used to get the feedback that it was pure but even in that pure intention there was a hidden impure intention. This is what I mean by "God may forgive you of all your sins but your central nervous system may not. I used to meditate on my guru's words ." 245. which means he is not sure whether elephant or man had died. 244. We are not able to release this and we fall trap to wrong practices of mantras/rituals/totems and program more of such absurd things within us. 247. could tell him for sure if his son had died.e. approached Yudhisthira for confirmation.

You have to catch that bubble and proceed.250. catch that thought and enter into it. "This is Shiva-agni. He became disappointed and thought to himself "I wonder how many lives will this take to get released from these sanchit karmas?" At that moment his guru came and laughed. After lighting fire. Now. The guru said. Now. there will be seen mountains of sanchit karma there. As I guide you and take you to different 36 . 252. When you do pratiprasav sadhana with total surrender at that time do not bring any kind of doubt or thoughts and do with total surrender and this is how those heaps will burn down. So. When you do sadhana. experience it and release it. All these reflections stay within us and we in ignorance keep questioning during troubles of life as to "I do not know who is giving troubles. When you enter the gyanamaya kosha. These have to be released by tapas. his guru asked him to take the matches and light the garbage." But it is these secret/hidden reflections that we have programmed within me that are causing trouble. He was tired. he asked the disciple to clean it. This was done and there were soon huges mountains (heaps) of garbage. Imagination is not as cheap as you think. It took the disciple a whole day just to clean a little portion of one of the heap. the visualizations that you see are not like what you see with external eyes but are internal visualizations and sounds with inner vision and inner hearing. Guru-agni. 251. As the disciple did sadhana and got more purified. He asked the disciple to gather garbage. everything is imagination. In the start it may erupt as a bubble of thought. within few moments all the impossible-looking mountains of garbage burnt down and turned to ashes. Once a siddha gave deeksha to his disciple and asked him to do ShivYog sadhana. Do not discard it just as a thought and do not discard it just an an imagination. his third eye opened and now he saw mountains of sanchit karmas.

Sharing an incident of a sadhak in Spain when I had been there. After sadhana you will feel very light and that is because karmas are heavy and when they are released you start feeling light. They may not be knowing all this in detail but unknowingly they heal their body. He was taken to the forest and before killing was asked for his last wish. This should not happen. when you are in the world also the world is functioning. Do not create unnecessary stress in your life. They told me that the people there cross over 100 years and even continue living beyond that. It feels like one is going to live forever and so the house. He asked his minister to take his nephew to the forest and kill him. Raja Bhoja was young when his father died.levels. 258. My dear uncle. 253. With so much of attachment the soul remains attached to these things. you have the courage to take along with you this entire kingdom and earth. I believe that when you go. He drew out his sword and wrote in blood on a leaf "Lord Rama came on this earth and when his time came to leave. I would like to mention to Indians that we are bound with so much of attachments that we feel we are going to live with those attachments for lakhs of years. The child said that he wanted to give a letter to his uncle. The minister said that he was waiting for the king's reply and had hidden the child. and soul and that is why they stay healthy. "There is no servant in the house and so I have to leave the vacations and go home because I take care of my house. When further told that 3 month's salary would be given. 254. 37 . 255." This was a very big message. do what you have come here to do. I saw one thing that everyone there are very healthy. The king asked him to be brought and with lot of love his was brought up and he went on to become King Bhoja. body and soul. he went alone. 257. When your people had not come into this world then also the world was functioning. I told them that there has to be research done on this. one is happy and if there is some unrest or quarrels one gets disturbed. Lord Krishna also came on this earth and while leaving did not take the entire world with him but left alone. do not doubt and let it happen. When this message reached the king. They asked this lady not to go on vacations and that she would be paid not one but two month's salary in one month. Before death. he deeply contemplated on this message and he asked the minister if the boy was killed. If there is happiness in the house. when you go away from this world also the world will function. she said that she works the whole year so that one month she can live in total detachment and at that time she had to her experience her mind. his father had made his own brother the heir to the throne stating that when Bhoja grows up he should be given the throne. The world does not function due to your presence and the world will not stop with your absence. Why remain stuck here. You have come into this world. She refused. They mentioned to me about a lady who worked for them. especially in Europe. When I told them this is good they denied and said that it was a big problem for the Government as they have to provide pensions. It is also true that the higher dimensions are more illuminated and blissful and many times more beautiful and splendid. So the message is that you have come alone and will leave alone. mind. What will happen to my cow? What will happen to my dog? What will happen to the cleaning of my house?" For even 10 days one is not able to detach oneself. 256. The brother became greedy and was insecure of his nephew and planned to kill him. Then they told me that in the month of August they all go for vacations and they do not work and just relax.

not slept on the wonderful bed that he made for himself. There are people who live in very hot climates as they have also accustomed themselves. He has not entered the house that he is building. everything negative. not eaten the food that he has gathered. one has not eaten the food because one was busy gathering food. you were a bhogi. Experience the world with this body and at the same time remain always connected to the divine so that cosmic energy/intelligence is always generated in you. We have become so scientific that we check out in every piece of food how much calories. why don't you also say that Baba will get your house cleaned. Only the one who has had bhog will be able to understand later that there is nothing in that bhog he has experienced when compared to the fruits of sadhana and spiritual growth. We say we have got stuck in bhog but it is not that but we have got stuck in collecting the things of bhog. Now when food is in front. belief and purity in your mind. So experience all that you have got or you will remain unsatisfied and you will have to come again. body and prana mechanism is much far ahead than science. 38 . not shared two sweet words with the huge family he has created. Only he can rise. People say "I am a bhogi" and I say only if. 260. That time also you could not eat and now also you have gathered everything you cannot eat because now the next fear is that if you eat you will die (disease). How can he be a bhogi? 266. So I again and again ask you do decide Tum Chahthe kya ho? 263. Experience and enjoy every morsel of food.. Enjoy that food and your body will get accustomed/acclimatized and digest every food. That science says that whatever you want.. etc. Here every moment whatever you get. Your mind. I completely agree and respect what science has told. one does not have the power to digest.. only if. take care of your cow and dog? Believe at least in this :) He is there everything and is omnipresent and He is ready to take care of all your needs.. Do this and all the powers of Shiva and Siddhas will always be with you. I learnt something in Spain and that was "Tranquilo" (chill out) and I like this word and this is a big mahamantra meaning "remaining blissful" Live your life 200%. This is possible when you live in the moment. It is useless. Many people come here in satsang leaving their business and they have full faith that they have spent enough time in their business and now it is time for some spirituality and Baba will take care of their business and the reality is that when they went back they have seen that their business during these days were much better than the days they had their own presence there. if you so desire with full faith and total belief it shall happen. 264. ShivYog is a path of bhog and moksha. I am saying the truth that your body has all the power to get accustomed. pure foods but whatever you eat at that moment do not bring doubt.. negative. When one has good digestion power. He is not a bhogi but gathering the materials of bhog. If the one who has not experienced go to whichever heights in spirituality. if anything in it is harmful. experience it. Eskimos also live in minus temperatures because they have accustomed their bodies and they do not feel cold. negative.. but there is a science beyond that science and even beyond that there is a science. When they say this. 261. not had bath in that elegant bathroom. God or the invisible forces are the science that is far ahead of modern science. 262.. 265.259. his mind will be on the wordly things he has not experienced. you just have to have faith. One has not experienced it yet. If you doubt and eat anything at that moment your body will take in same message what you think and create trouble. It is right that you must eat good.

whatever you do. If children are happy. 272. time is the time for dhyaan (meditation). Unconditional love . 271.happiness or irritation? 269. So. Then there is breakfast and then after that starts the seva.. do it in happiness.267. When daughter-in-law comes into your home maintain "har haal mein khushi" Don't say "I am sweeping and she is not..? 6 to 8 is the time for dhyaan. never judge anyone. grief and fill in the light within and help experience the Self. Do not think of sadhana and breakfast as stress. never. or he prefers to walk. Other retaliated saying that it was unfair as all the seva was done by them and this person is never seen and today he has come with his car when Baba has come. If I take seva from you. and not at 6 a. Learn to smile and learn to laugh.. Like parents. because they do not want to come to get stressed out but to relax.. The 6 a. Whoever does seva taking it as a grace gets bestowed with a lot of grace.m.m. you fall sick. weaknesses. Let you only emit unconditional love. Change the positioning of your mind. you will remain healthy. This is why blood sugars increase. He is totally detached but he loves you only unconditionally and when you put a condition.m. "I make round fulkas (puffed wheat bread) and she makes crooked ones" Be happy eating the crooked ones :) One or the other day she will make it. If you practice being happy or findings ways to be happy in all situations your happiness goes cell-deep and you cannot have sufferings in your life. Here. 268." Don't get stressed out and if you are sweeping it is good. whose he does not sit. blood pressures increase. Feel your work as sadhana. be happy looking at them.. Don't do all this. Enjoy your work. this is another daughter who has come. and never ever think of seva as stress. Before this also you were sweeping.m. Students should take their studies as sadhana. who feed the weakest child more food.. that unconditional love is stopped from reaching you. you are judging. Baba doesn't go there for long long periods of time because that ashram is made for you for your spiritual progress. Same way. never. never judge anyone. Sadhaks comes to do seva in our ashram and one sadhak came and told "Another sadhak is stressed out. Do not say. what's new in that? You must have grown daughters. "He does great seva. 273. I take it for the only reason that more punyas get credited to your account. Then meeting everyone else. I was in one place and one person offered to take me in the car." I told. Baba makes ashram for you. Decide what is your soul agenda .. You go there everyday. Same approach should be towards the world and in your family. never.. In the world. The end result of the round fulka and crooked fulka is the same :) (laughs) Har haal mein khushi! Her soul agenda is hers and your soul agenda is yours. "Do you know that everyone wants to come at 6 a. 270. In whose vehicle does he sit. so give him some extra facilities. you do it for others because others do if for you but in ashram never weaken anyone's seva by saying "He does a great seva" What Baba has to give he will give but nothing separately or extra. The extra may be in the world but when you ever go to the guru go with the request of him clearing your ego. stress. Do not think your work as a burden. He takes from those whom he (Baba) needs to give more.there should be no conditions to the entire world. But Indra maharaj will play his game for sure and the thought some or the other 39 .. So. If you grumble over work as a burden then slowly that job will go away from you. and Guru atleast never judge. Who can come and do dhyaan at 9 a.m. but she still continues to come that early and do all the work and get stressed out. I told her to come at 10 a. Baba takes more seva from those whom he feels are weaker. Never.

distribute it outside as much as you can." Become such ShivYogis. do not waste your time in kaam (lust). When the soul is about to leave the body. 280. then ask that all your negative karmas and weakness are destroyed. ahankar (ego). 274. My guru used to say "I have come to give so much. This door is alway open. Everything is within you. 275. the soul leave the body through that door and enters that dimension to which that door opens to. krodh (anger). I pray to Lord Shiva for the same. lobh (greed). Understand and realize your real self. Wherever you go let there be only one voice "We have become blessed. 278. but people ask the same 2-3 things wealth.. 279. then it is adhogati (moving down to lower states) and goes into the lower dimension which is lower than the earth dimension and gets into bhog yoni or preth-pishaak (lower astral beings) yoni. If the soul leaves through the excretory organs.time will come into the mind that "I do so much of seva and where is my tail?" Do not wish for the tail but grace. become the reason of erasing other's suffering. This blessing I give you all. Let your presence itself become the reason for other's happiness. then it starts rushing towards the every door and whichever door is open. marriage. If you have to ask Baba do not ask Baba the world but ask to redeem your karmas because if karmas are redeemed then all the miseries that came with it will also go away and what you wanted to ask you will receive that and much more too." If you have to ever ask. Activate it and instead of searching outside. Namah Shivaya. 281. Let every moment of your life become precious to earth. I will tell you about the 10 doors. Now. Do not seek anything out. moh (attachment). Leaving life from here can be due to even unfulfilled desires and 40 . If there has not been spiritual growth then the 1st door is your mooladhara (perineum chakra) which is at the base of the spine from where the sushumna nadi begins. 276. child. and nothing else. 277. This gate is also known as the gate of life and death.

he entered the lower dimension and took the form of a lower astral being and started troubling the entire family. When he died with the emotion of revenge. 282. Never given anyone intense pain nor carry intense pain within oneself. The tendency where one remains hungry and thirsty and is unsatisfied with food leaves through this door and searches for a form that can fulfill this desire/craving even if it is taking the form of an insects or birds of prey. like longing for praise but getting but having being condemned or insulted.vasanas (tendencies). This trauma remained in the girl's father and was filled with anger and resentment. Those with anger. revenge and resentment leaves from this first door and gets into either the bhog yoni or goes even below into the dimensions of lower astral beings (bhu loka). 41 . there were lot of fault-finding in the things received and the girl's father was called and insulted badly. The girl was given in marriage and when the bride and the items of gifts reached the boy's house. One family was badly effected by lower astral beings and the whole house was in mess.

If they have the emotions of peace and happiness. 287. If this door is open during death then the soul goes into swargaloka. So try to keep elderly very happy. find out. 42 . they have to come back to the earth plane into a good family and have to do karma to liberate themselves. Even now in villages during the solar eclipse. The 4th door is the anahata chakra (heart) from where the soul enters into meharloka. To avoid such pitrudosha. buy and use. 284. praise and fame. There are many institutions that prepare this extract. In a place where there could an atomic blast or atomic radiations. The 3rd door is the naabhi or manipura chakra (navel). 291. In the 84 lakh yonis. Another remedy is the Gomutra arka (distilled extract of cow urine) available in the market. only 84 lakh karmas are burnt. The radiations will be everywhere but not within the hut. 289. In this dimension only the vaayu tatva (air element) is dominant and is a very subtle form. which means through all 84 lakh yonis. Do surely give elders this wisdom of PratiPrasav. Gomutra and gobhar (cow dung) is very powerful. The raw ego or the spiritual ego is ego itself. 290. pious and respectable parents and under the guidance of their parents. make a hut that is plastered well with cow dung and cow urine. rishis and the place of Bramha. 285. which acts as the antidote for negative radiations and very beneficial. Here there is also pitruloka. Meditate on light in the agya chakra and 21 times chant OM. They also must be throwing tantrums like small kids. Those who hold on to tendencies and attachment to the family can leave through this door into bhurvaloka. The dominant form here is the akaash tatva (sky element). One who reaches here. These are those souls that have done a lot of punyas while living but along with punyas wanted name. after going into the swargaloka. doing sadhana move towards the path of liberation. villages apply it's own dung to the belly of a pregnant cow to protect it from the harmful eclipse radiations that could deform the fetus in the womb. Take care of old people in the very same way as small children are taken care of. always watches the family and becomes happy when family is happy and sad when family is sad.283. All subtle nerves meet here. The 5th door is the vishuddhi chakra (throat) from where on enters the janaloka. they reaps the gifts of punya but when all the punyas are spent. only one prayer I make . where all divine beings. This is done by boiling the cow urine and the vapor that turns to fluid is collected and is called arka. 288. The 2nd door is swadisthan (4 fingers below the navel). This is the point of ego. Those who are in threat of negative radiations they also can do this papanashani kriya by doing similarly focusing on either the agya chakra (between eyebrows) or naabhi (navel). Look after them. This can be taken 30 ml in the morning and night. I wish that all ShivYog sadhaks do sadhana and with your tapobal (spiritual power) your pitrus should ascend into higher dimensions and would get a lot of blessings and grace. Here the soul remains for a very long time in peace and bliss but has to come back into human form because the cycle of birth and death is not over yet. So. 286. The final yoni that a soul takes before taking human birth is the cow. then the soul comes back to earth plane and is born to a very not cause pain to anyone's mind. one karma is burnt. The soul take very divine and pure forms here and experiences bliss and sat-chit-anand for a very long period but when all punyas are done with. then there is blessings on the family. If nothing else can be done then atleast let them do this. This can be experimented.

Shivohum shivohum shiva swaroopam. 295. 43 . The 6th door is the aagya chakra (center of eyebrow) from where the soul enters into the Siddhaloka. deep relaxation and going into deep meditation is very easy. In fact. Akaala purush. If you everyday practice to go into that samadhi state. higher evolved souls come and guide you. When the soul leaves the body now. The 8th door is the forehead chakra (a little above the agya chakra) from where the soul enters the Bramhaloka and is out of the birth and death cycle. and knows which error of your yours if rectified can give you relief from your suffering. 300. then at that moment itself you shall get liberated from that problem. As you grow. Now. Your inner mind is connected with your guru and you will hear the voice of your guru. unfortunate or the one that gives pain to others and the awareness that there is no difference between you and others and thus as you seek happiness for yourself you will seek happiness for others also. When this opens. stops you if your are going on a wrong path and guides you on the wrong path through your inner mind voice. A ShivYog sadhak who masters the self. he will not lie down! Sitting in sadhana he will withdraw his prana and draw it up to the dasham dwar (10th door) and exit his body through there. Command your body and mind to go into deeper relaxations. your inner mind that has all knowledge of past. then it will start resolving those unresolved issues. as ShivYog sadhaks give command to your body to become healthy. (Aapko aaphi ke darshan hothe hai). present and future. I will teach you how to go into deep samadhi state. 294. and everyday be in the awareness that you are not this body but the Parabramha. you are very close to God. I speak the truth that if you follow the solution given at that time. But for that you have to do sadhana everyday and practice opening the 10 doors everyday. you are the creator and not the helpless. 299. it has to go to the Siddhaloka or higher lokas and is out of the birth and death cycle. These guides speak to you and this is the voice of your inner mind. then you will easily get the guidance of your guides and guru. In such state. I am Shiva.292. I am God. When you are in samadhi state. At this time. 298. The 7th door is the bindu chakra (opposite to the agya chakra on the back on the head) from where the soul enters the Bramhaloka/Siddhaloka and is above all the five elements. you see your own self. 297. he will go into samadhi and sit in sadhana. If it goes back to earth then it is no more bound by karmas but it would be leela (play) as there is no motive behind those acts but it is for the welfare of others. 293. these evolved souls evolve more and as they evolve and move away. The 9th door is the sahastrar chakra (top of the head) from where the soul enters into Shivaloka/Vaikuntaloka/Bramhaloka and becomes light (Ahambramhasami). You have never come on earth alone. Every soul has their spiritual guides. will have iccha mruthyu (death with will). 301. Some people told me that it is difficult to relax during stress. ask your inner mind for the solution of your present problem. When he feels it is time to go. 296. Your body and mind are ready to listen to your command. If you command your mind to function and think in such a manner that liberates your from sufferings. When you repeatedly give these commands to your body then your body automatically starts healing. where the soul is not linked with any karma and decides whether to come back to earth to help others or may prefer not to go back. The 10th door is above the sahastrar chakra and in the form of star and this is the dasham dwar (10th door). Your guru also is guiding you every moment.

You should become like a child. What was given to them. "Do you know that the one whom you care about is such a bad person? He intends to hurt you. There is negative energy created now in the bhaava. Even while chanting with the beads "Ram Ram. Mahagyani because he is eating with forks and spoon or using western toilets.." there are talks of anger and irritation in between. If you have gained knowledge." You have a frowns over your forehead." The child meant do not hurt it but I was watching the face of that child and it still held happiness and excitement even while saying that. He is doing the same mistakes now also but now with these mistakes comes Namah Shivaya. A small child came into our ashram and there were many kittens. stop finding faults and criticizing others because this is a moh-maya (attachment/illusion) and it comes into some sadhaks because they feel they are doing seva and develop ego. then where are you a sadhak? Some look at others and feel insecure. If the other person has 1000 faults and done only 5 good deeds. you have become ready to receive it for further sadhana. 307. you will only talk about those five good deeds. So. the impurity is still within but now has worn a new outfit and held beads in the hand and continuation with finding faults. where are you a sadhak? You make me understand that it is about knowledge .. then realize that you have progressed spiritually and whatever wisdom and higher deekshas I am wanting to give you. 303. but the power of being nonjudgemental will come at that time when the negative psychic impressions are released. They stop tolerating others and then start fights. namah shivaya.. If looking at someone if you have become angry or fearful. criticize others. they drop it there and the wisdom that they received. As the past impressions so the present karma and even when one goes to the guru. Someone picked up a kitten and the child very jovially said. Namah Shivaya is said out of love but it is used in anger statements also like putting down a phone saying "okay. All the five sheaths (kosha) of a child are merged together and every action of the child creates happiness and excitement. The Anandamaya kosha. it is like in place of the child you say.. which will have true knowledge or false knowledge. Watch the child in your house. False knowledge is called agyan (ignorance). If there is ignorance then even if he has done 100 good things and committed two faults. Many times i fear and tell my sadhaks. 304. The moment ego comes the first change that comes within is to start criticizing others and finding faults. namah shivaya!" It is important to understand this that you think the change has come. which always remains in sat-chit-anand. 308. don't break it. then you will see those two faults itself and try to make it 100.. then you are happy and whomever you talk about there will be love emanating from you. namah shivaya. "Hold it carefully. Next is the gyanamaya kosha. until then one will keep judging others. some look at their own family members and feel insecure and becomes angry.302. find faults in others and continue sharing their karmas too and add on more karmas. This happiness and excitement when you start bringing into your life. As I always say never judge a person. 44 . But when you are talking ill about others. 306. enough now. they now disintegrate it and start speaking something else out of it and call themselves mahagyani (great learned person). the thoughts go along. You think you are a sadhak but if you are a sadhak then where is the anand in your mind. This means that you have separated from the Anandamaya kosha.. I don't want to talk to you. which is your 5th sheath is attached to the atman (self/soul).you are talking of ignorance (smiles). 305.

At that time he will never think what all God had given him but will think what all he did not get in life and inability to get those things. then it exits through the perineum chakra and he excretes/urinates at that time and the poor soul enters into the bhog yoni because only the soul has left the body. Ask yourself truly if speaking ill of someone creates happiness or negative energy within. It causes irritation. 315. All those emotions now become thousandfold. if you look at his body. Now. He shouts to the doctor to sedate him due to the pain. So. his life also must be shattered. It is his own creation of inflictions and creates for 45 . there is only happiness. Whole life he was unconscious and now at the last moment also he wants to become unconscious. 316. people must have left him and ran away far from him. In Garud Puran it is mentioned that he is taken to hell beaten and tortured by the devil. 314. Whole life he lived in darkness and in the last moments also wants to remain in darkness. at that time. sadness and lowers the energy. then all the thoughts coming in your mind will be happy. and at that time when he looks at his life and reviews it. There is a struggle then as nature tries to pull out the prana and he does not want to leave it. if there was a body then he would have got another person to make him calm or make him understand or try to help him or make him happy and thus avert from causing any negative action but now there is no body. One thinks that one can have peace after putting an end to the body but in fact it only multiples thousandfold. he shouts in turmoil. why will it want to create such miseries for itself? That is why in all religions it is said that committing suicide is the biggest crime. 313. then also the child is happy but with very delicate bhaava says "Do not break. So. no one beats or hurts anyone. the chakras close. there is happiness. noone to stop or help. This is what all Siddhas have said. if gyanmaya kosha is merged with anandmaya kosha. It is seen that during negative reactions. The dasham dwaar is closed. it is ready to throw the prana in it.all the negative emotions and karmas of innumerable births.. His gyanamaya kosha is filled with agyaan and he cannot think right. but a saintly person moving from that place will be able to detect it. The prana has withdrawn the mind with it and whenever the mind sees a body. If entire life one has seen bad and thought bad. but may break a small glass and release that negative energy but without a body? Uncontrollably. the mind is not dead but alive and it carries all those negative emotions. When the prana pulls itself and the ten doors are closed. if the jeeva (soul) gains this wisdom. the child is becoming happy and when someone picked it. there also there is happiness and happiness. "Har haal mein khushi".309. his face. The lower astral beings cannot be heard because they are of high frequencies. So this whole act is an an of a very big sin. With body one could have wanted to break a television in anger." If you look at his prana. At that time he does not think what he himself did but he will see only what others did to him. 311. 312.. At that time he does not want to die but nature does it's work. Mind is attached to gyan (kosha) and in that gyana kosha is filled with agyan . If manomaya kosha is merged with gyanmaya kosha. Do not leave the rope of that khushi (happiness). and suffers. Looking at the kitten. he is filled with anger making someone else responsible for his own sufferings when the truth is that he himself created it. In reality. With this tremendous suffering he creates the preth shareer and goes down the realms. then all his five sheaths (koshas) are misaligned and body must be with ailments. 310.

then I ask for forgiveness. Why have you come back together again? Because in previous lives you could not resolve those issues." I ask. 324. Many people come to me and say "I am very sad and now want to give divorce to my husband as he is so ungrateful. I pray to God that everything happens only good with you. at that time the energies that are around them are of lower astral world waiting to for him to leave his body as they feel he is one amongst them. Offer gratitude to all your family members and 46 . This is when you get liberated from those karmic attachments. I have infinite blessings of God. Forgiveness means "you are not the cause of my sorrow but my ignorance is the cause of my sorrows. and when they fall sick and get bedridden." This is forgiveness. 318. If I knowingly or unknowingly have asked that bad happen to you. greed. then at the time of death the powers that surround you will be divine powers. If you are very happy." Why create bhaava of insecurity . So your very purpose should be to give unconditional love to all you meet. 317.. who now do not have any insecurity. People say "I forgive" with still resentment inside. 320. whoever has come into your life were there with you in your last life and previous lives also. Create a belief that "God will always do only good to me and whatever is going to come into my life.himself his own hell because now there is no one to help him out and the more he suffers the more the intensity of suffering. FORGIVENESS: One who truly forgives is liberated." It will then happen. if you trust and believe on God that only good will happen to you. meaning one who is thankless. This is called hell. the powers that surround him all around will be divine powers. 319. in your five years of marriage of 10 years of marriage had he not even given you 5 minutes of happiness? "Why 5 minutes. he had given happiness for many days. I forgive you and at the same time I pray for your well-being. if you are spiritual. have you offered gratitude to that person for those moments or have you forgotten? When you give gratitude you clear the debts (rhinn-mukti). Some think that they have suffered all their life and after death can go to heaven and have peace. 321." So. are you grateful? "What has he ever done to be grateful for?" Tell me truly. at that time. I have experienced this many times with those people who have always lived for themselves. heaven and hell are lived on earth itself. Whoever comes into your life comes either to give you something or take away something from you. Where is the forgiveness. The energies that surround such person during death will be all negative energies. You thought they they had been the cause of your suffering or thought that you had been the cause of their suffering. there is something wrong somewhere. if you are blissful. There are no forms but his own mind's projections that takes form and now scares him itself. ready to anything for their gains. got moments of happiness but could not express gratitude. He got everything. who lived happily all his life (har haal mein khushi) who are contended and happy and are contended during death knowing that he has experienced all that he wanted to experience and is contended. 323."I don't know. I welcome it. But those who do sadhana and become pure. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Remember. At this time all those images come in front of him where he caused trouble during human life and those take the form of scary appearances. if you are helping. certainly happen! Because everything is your bhaava and your imagination converts into reality. 322. So. Your life is a reflection of which dimension you are going to enter after death. GRATITUDE: Unresolved issue also is nashukrana.

If you don't want to get into preth/pishaas/bhog yoni and not want to become ants. So be very careful. your sanchit karmas and in all dimensions. play this CD at home for meditation or even casually and just listening to it while doing your chores will bring impact. A few even fight with me after the satsang. "See how much seva we do and what did we get in return. Jesus Christ said that it does not matter what goes into your mouth but what matters is what comes out of your mouth (speak). I have used in the Nachiketa Agni Dhyan meditation.. I keep cows. and does according to his sanskaar. Suddenly Babaji exclaimed with a smile on his face.. when you say "what 47 . 325. what is my bhaava? Kya tumne meri bhais maari hai jo mai chidh aaoo tumse? (laughter) (proverbial have you hit my buffalo that I should get angry with you?) By the way. it does not mean that he is bad. 331. gratitude and nonjudgmental with shudh bhavana. (laughter) In fact. Then what has a ShivYog sadhak to do is . These steps of forgiveness. their own thoughts. that person also has to think that way. it is nothing of the sort. Similarly you also are functioning on your own and it is not necessary that what you think. then you become a ShivYog sadhak. and if Baba would know he would not give such long talks. I don't keep buffaloes. etc. pass a small judgement about others and take on their karmas and add it up to your karmas. If the other person is not doing the way you do it. then learn what I am teaching you or it is your wish. But I have to give examples. So it is very important that you resolve the issues with your family members. Now also some are thinking that Baba does not know how bad so and so in our family is. accomplish more! Without much effort. (laughter). close to 500 sadhaks here feel I am talking only about them and am revealing their secrets. Do you want to learn? less." Just doing that seva itself has released you of so many sins and received so much grace. If you get an opportunity to do seva. 329. 332. After you have followed these steps of forgiveness. listen smilingly to what I am saying and don't think "I don't know what all Babaji is talking about.." Then in the same line Babaji said. (laughter) 326. 328. unconditional love and gratitude. In the mind first a picture is created and a negative imagination is created and only after that it comes to your mouth. nishkaam seva and sankirtan. In fact. thank God for it and do not become egoistic. Every person has their own soul agenda. especially those who are still stuck. 327. Do not say. Depending on our own tendencies we search for praise or insult in others. not theirs. If only good and sweet words are coming out of your mouth all the time then that means that your mind also has become purified. In those examples. We see our own reflection in everyone. What you speak about others makes a difference to all your shareers (sheaths) your sanskaras. Yeh ghar ghar ki kahani hai (laughter) (this is the story of every family) So don't think so. NONJUDGMENTAL: With judging and criticizing others you not only take that one negative deed from others. I am giving these examples so that everyone understands. 330. but his karma and your karma mixed together now gives birth to thousand other karmas? Do you want all that? So. this is the easiest way to earn bad karmas for yourself . And..sadhana. Think about your own karmas.don't say "He is supposed to do this!" All those who have come into your life are a part of the soul group. unconditional love. It will come through your mouth only after it comes to your mind. insects. No one is bad.

you must do sadhana but never bring in ego. Fear also affects the stomach. but after coming here. then all the benefits of seva are destroyed.have I got" and even if you get a medal for it. Thank the Almighty for making you the medium of seva. in my last life I was healthy and did everything for myself. So. 333. do sankirtan. Then. Many times I have made people experience this to people who come for healing.knees give away with a need for knee replacement. you blame others for all incidents and instead of learning lessons.disease of the lungs. I told her that healing would be done later. This state is beyond the dual states that you had on earth and nothing of human life will matter here as to who is talking bad about you or what is it with a your child or without your child. He said he did not know why his neck was stiff. Or. I wish to learn that lesson and experience how it feels when I become helpless and am not helped. Kidneys are damaged due to the feeling of victim-hood. 341. 339. Fear at all times. Acceptance of every situation is needed. 48 . When you leave your body. Do Seva and be thankful for it. 338. Or. 334. Heart blockages are associated with anger. you have yourself chosen these life incidents because you wanted to learn a lesson. I never paid attention to my sick family members. 335. you go in front of the guru mandala and ascended masters. first go and arrange the footwear of people. Or. You already sing beautifully. 336. so now I wish to experience poverty. feeling of being targeted and tricked. 337. The feeling of rigidity makes one stiff." 343. One sadhak who had learnt various forms of yoga from various yoga schools had a stiff neck. will not be able to digest well. fear of the unknown . What difference does it make to me how the footwear were outside but I was looking at the ego within her of superiority complex and this was the reason of her pain and aches. 342. "I had experienced wealth all my lives but having it I never shared it with anyone. As the emotions so the similar type of illness. I snatched things from others and in this life I wish to experience how it feels when everyone takes away things from me. He immediately defended denying it. A woman who said she could not even bend and every joint of her body ached came for healing. So. All confidence is over and no desire to do anything . you got entangled in maya (illusion) and forgot your purpose. Consciously you may not be aware but subconsciously the rigidity is there. 340. in past lives. Now. Cancer is due to nonforgiveness and deep resentment. I wish to experience it now by myself becoming sick. then when you come back there will be no such thing called asthma. If you have ashtma and do pratiprasav rightly and release rightly with the incidence of fear. you create more unresolved issues. I told him it was because he was rigid in your thoughts. dear ShivYog sadhaks. I asked them to just do seva and just by doing it they have put an end to all their pains. You are asked what life do you wish to experience next and you decide looking at what you have not done in your past life.

The sadhak should regularly practice the sadhana of bringing the prana to the 9th door and touching the 10th door and coming back down and along with this bring to awareness that he has forgotten himself as a human or gives description of his body or some talk about the family tree. I had started my sadhana and mind used to wander in different things and attracted towards different siddhis but in reality when due to my guru's grace. when you yourself become the creator of all mantras and tantras. The process that is done by nature at the time of death. In reality. You say "I am not bearing a child!' whereas you only had decided that you wanted to learn a lesson. When the prince of that area came to the temple. you cannot have any family tree because you were never born and are not going to die. But only the supatra (deserving/worthy) will get it and supatra is he whose bhavana is shudh (intention is pure). he saw this girl and fell in love with her and got married to her.what to experiment for little-little siddhis. if a sadhak practices daily during sadhana. So do not shout. 348. When she did it. There was a temple of the deity of that village. Anybody with other hidden agenda is hidden and lost in that darkness. 346. take it out and read it. 351. cry and grumble. you have to outgrow it. For all ShivYog sadhaks I ask for blessing of only one thing . I 49 . said he was now leaving for sadhana after giving the throne and the kingdom to her. If you have offered your weakness/karma at your guru's feet and do not take them back. The prince grew spiritually and when he saw that his wife had developed so much of ego decided that he would be born to her as a sick child and see how much she loves her. why don't you become infinite itself? When you become infinite. when I got the wisdom that I myself am the infinite. then you have learnt important lessons and now you are ready to rewrite your destiny. then all the hard work I had done. Now you show how much you love him and how much you can sacrifice. you never came from anywhere and will never go anywhere. 345. Different siddhas have done various researches on various tantras. you create your own mind and this mind starts then functioning on it's own and becomes the doer and the sufferer (mann hi kartha mann hi bhogtha) and at that time you start describing yourself as happy and sad. the queen developed ego and began boasting that she loved her husband so much and yet her sacrifice was so big that she gave permission to her husband. Now. The prince was a spiritual person and after staying with his wife for a period of time. She and her husband always fought because autistic children are very hyper. If she truly loved him. then why need the siddhis of those mantras and tantras? 352. From your consciousness. 349. Now. He said that he sought his wife's permission to leave without which he cannot leave for his tapas. 350. Since eight years of age. then she would love him in any condition. You had ego that you cannot have craving and now when you have it. You must learn a lesson from every incident of your life. A woman gave birth to an autistic child and came to me and asked why is God is so cruel and what has my child done? I asked her to go in samadhi and take out that index card within your memory. Anyone with total purity receive the grace of the ascended masters. then he will go beyond death while living itself. I told her not to keep feeling sad over this as he had come to ask love from her. 347.344. she saw that she was an ordinary girl in a village. She gave him permission and looked after the kingdom. when you are infinite and existing everywhere. If you learn the lesson then you can rewrite your destiny. he was born to this woman and she used to always cry.

the Universe was formed. That point of stop is when it is not affected by the force of the throw nor the pull of gravity. which is the anahat naad (the unstruck sound). 358. the sadhana that is near-extinct. The first spandan (vibration) formed the Sri Chakra and when that energy pattern of Sri Chakra started rotating. ego. the flame of prana searches for the open door to exit. 357.the knots are formed by bunches of sanskaras ignorance. The confluence of these three rivers is at Allahabad. 356. When times comes to leave. But as you go deep into your heart chakra and when it opens then sadhaks hear this naad. so I thought then that meditating on the other mantra "Om Tatvamasi" also means the same but it means "I am That I am".felt was useless. when I meditated on Aham Brahmasmi that I am Parabramha (God) I started developing ego. the sadhana of Parabramha. vocal. Even if you go to the Sangam and see. called Sangam. Now. you should not give attention to siddhis (upward rise) nor give focus on hurting others (falling down). So it is up to you that you run behind riches and riches keeps running further or merge with the infinite and let all the riches fall at your feet and wait for your command to immediately give you what you speak/ask of. Om. Meditate on this mantra in the caves of your heart a thumb-sized flame that flickers in the heart at all times. it is emptiness. This is that sushumna nadi. Rudra granthi. Now the question is about the two mantras "Aham Brahmasmi" and "Om Tatvamasi" Now. 359. only one hardwork you all have to do is the sadhana of the infinite. Now. resentment. there is one force of one Ganga river from one side and another force of Yamuna river from another side and where it meets it is neutral. it becomes neutral (at confluence point) and there is no speed in it now. 353. 354. 355. When you breath do not feel the OM as separate from you but bring the 50 . The symbolism can be see as Ganga (ida) and Yamuna (pingala) and prominent but Saraswati is extinct/hidden and she moves from this place itself. The omkaar. It is said that those who take a dip in the Sangam are liberated. which is aahat naad (sound produced from a source like drug. stops. These accumulate as three knots . So a ShivYog sadhak does not do sadhana on ida or pingala. and then is pulled by gravity. These five mantras are the five mahamantras that emerged from the jyotirling swaroop of Lord Shiva: 1. etc). will be helped to open up the third granthi. (The second granthi has to be pierced by the sadhak with the efforts and fruits of his own sadhana). then all the granthis (knots) are pierced . When there was nothing before and when everything was shunya. So were you formed with this OM. The one who has done punya surely meets some saintly person (guru) in his life. who can pierce the Bramha granthi and opens up the channel for the sadhak (to begin his journey). If you practice everyday to make your journey through this hidden nadi. A ball when thrown up.Brahma granthi. then the prana starts withdrawing from all parts of the body and merges in this flame. Rudra granthi (along the course of sushumna from below to top). raag-dvesh (attraction-repulsion). but meditates on the sushumna. Vishnu granthi. You have to meditate on that nirguna-nirakaar (attribute-less & formless) and when you do this sadhana and wash all your karmas. He is blessed by the guru and who remains in the shelter of the guru. there was the sound of Om. A ShivYog sadhak should be like that stop point. It means when the flow of cool (ida) and warm (pingala) meet at this point. then all the riches of the world will be at your feet. rises to a certain point. after which the sadhak is liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

myself . If there is something (own knowledge) then what I am giving you will not be able to receive. It missed 51 . The mother hawk kept saying to the little one. The hawk came down and told the little hawk. I have mentioned that whenever I give deeksha to anyone. 4. She asked me. it is because parents project their bhaava of helplessness and that whether this illness can be cured. One day one egg fell from the nest and fell through the leaves and thus did not break as it fell on the ground. if you want to see your child peaceful. keep both your hands under the feet of the child and give Sanjeevani by reciting the mantra and bring the bhaava that the child is becoming well. that is. the hawk's mother was flying high and suddenly spotted this little hawk and identified it as it's own. When the child is sleeping. Become a sadhak. A woman met me here at the door and her child was very strangely irritated. "Babaji what happens to my child?" I looked at her and noticed that more than the irritation the child had on it's face. Your hands are emitting that Sanjeevani Shakti." But it kept running and the mother was running behind it. If you want to see your child healthy. Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat. People only recite this mantra but ShivYog says not this way. the eggs hatched and the odd hawk also hatched. This happens when your awareness is outside. The little hawk completely forgot about itself that it is an hawk and can fly at great heights in the sky because it never knew it from birth and grew up in this way. don't sit and search where are your sheaths. first you learn to become calm. The child takes on the father's and mother's sanskaras and thoughts. do you remain troubled all 24 hours? Then. "He has you!" So. Now. 362. why does the child not become healthy. it carries the karmas of it's past. what in English we call as hereditary." 2. She asked. the child also becomes troubled sometimes. 364. After few days. you have to do sadhana being a sadhak. then the grace that I have from Lord Mahamruthunjaya. 5. The little hawk used to also run behind the mother hen as the other chickens ran behind her. pecking worms and grains and doing strange behavior. It observed that it's little one was moving around in strange manner. I am the anahat naad. the Sanjeevani Shakti. 361. "You are my child. "What does he have?" I replied. You place is not here on the ground but to fly high.bhaava during inhalation and exhalation that "This OM is me. 3. Om Namah Shivaya. There was once a nest of Hawk (a bird of prey) up on a tree and it had laid eggs in the nest. it is important you first become peaceful. It also pecked grains. 360. The child who has an open aura accepts what you are projecting. The farmer in whose place the birds lived had a gun and came out and fired a shot at the hawk. I connect you all with that power. Bring the bhaava that all your five sheaths (kosha) are reciting the Gayatri Mantra because you yourself are the Gayatri Mantra. Om Tatvamasi. 363. Now. I am your mother. When you say that the child suddenly becomes troubled. "Child." The hens and it's chickens saw the hawk and ran away and so ran the little hawk. but bring a bhaava within you. It also takes in the father's and mother's karma and it becomes it's karmas. It tumbled into the eggs of a hen and the hen sat on the eggs to hatch it. Also.Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha. When a soul comes into human birth. Once. So you cannot do sadhana being a buddhi-jeevi (the intelligent). Gayatri Mantra . take your awareness within and feel it. Aham Brahmhasami. Do not carry knowledge already and try to take knowledge. she carried thousand more times more irritation on her face.

367. Where is your ashram? I tell wherever I take ashreya (shelter) that is my ashram. the child is playing with his friends and father comes and slaps him hard and shouts at him for playing with the children of servants and that he should play with big people. and also about the cat that gave birth on his lap and about monkeys who share his eatables calmly. As it flew. He replies that aunty has given it. For him not it is that if this person comes 1st.) 366. Then." "I belong to so and so. 369. In 52 . He replies second and gets a slap from his mother who asks why not first? Now a programing of jealousy has been created against the person who has come 1st rank. (Babaji then narrated the story of Angulimal. ignorance. Now. If you create so much of divinity within yourself then any soul that comes in your presence will become loving." All this is illusion and attachment to the body. he will get a slap and he feels bad against the one who is coming first. he goes to school and brings good marks and shares it with his mother. This name of mine that I take is not mine. But due to the explosive sound of the gun.the mother hawk and it flew away. that aunty had bought ice-creams for her children also and had bought for him also. We have the power to heal anything but coming into this world and living in different hen barns and keep doing those things that the society does. I tell them from everywhere. He is not taught to hide things from others. Mother asks what rank and he says 95 and she insists what rank have you come in the class. Growing up. But. Thus we keep teaching the child the worldly ignorance and make him a chicken. Where are your parents from? I tell them that they too are from everywhere (looking up). the story of the saint who asked the wild bear to move aside and it obeys. We have infinite powers within us that can create anything. 368. 370. if a whichever place a siddha sits for about a month. When were you born? I tell them I was never born. Your introduction also is the same . it looked down and saw the chickens moving on the ground. Next. the little hawk jerked and instinctively flew up in the sky and flew up high. he comes walking in eating an ice-cream and mother asks who gave him that. all around a new world itself will be created. If he has anything mother asks to hide it any keep or someone will take it. the child is relishing the ice-cream and does not even know that such thing can even happen. One programing is done. My robes and how I speak is not my recognition. Once I got to to meet a diety of lower realms. at least a small village will form. When I am asked where am I from. Mother slaps the child and scold him for eating from that aunty and stating that she is a bad person and could have mixed something in that ice-cream and given. In families people create siddhis and this has to be put around someone's neck (passed on to) and thus is given to the children itself. whereas he has the power to fly high." "We are of higher status. A new programing has been done that he is superior and others are inferior. I am that I am." "My so and so was a big officer. The same superstitions. when the truth is that there is abundance for everyone in this Universe. In reality.I am that I am. In fact. Who can snatch anything from you? No one can snatch your good deeds from you but it is your good deeds that protect you. Because the jyoti (flame) of the divine and Sri Chakra are rotating all th e time and even if I go to a jungle. the fact is that you keep saying "I am of high caste. Similar situation is also of a human being. Right now my ashram is in Kurukshetra because I have taken shelter here. etc. 365. He cries and one programing is done to the mind that the aunty can do something bad to him. This is the first time he is learning what is jealously.) You may find it interesting to read a similar article published on this blog Siddhas and Animals.

"So you think you are very powerful?" I said.. That moment he said." He continued threatening me. I was stuck in my ego. it comes out because it gets disturbed as it is a very pure energy. the disease has not come from space into your body. "So you won't understand! I'll show you who I am.. "I do not know for how many generations I was tied up with this mantra. During Pratiprasav sadhana if anything is stuck anywhere. Now do not disturbed me. you were one with that flame which created this universe and after you were created you forgot your identity. Then his mind says "this is incurable." I started my meditation with mantra. you are light. Just like the little hawk." After a while he said. This is the only fastest way. It was due to ego in my sadhana that I became the god of lower realm. One gun blast did it all. the lower realm beings feel they are doing to die. 374. His mind has caught that belief. who fell among hens.seva sankirtan. He shouted. some great grandfather had done a siddhi and that was coming down through generations. They had made siddh a deity of lower realm. He started wriggling and when I came out people pointed to me to see what was happening." There was a sudden transformation and he started weeping loudly.. "I know who you are but the pity is that you yourself don't know who you are! If you know who you will immediately drop all these petty tricks because you are much much bigger than all this. People were very impressed and would go to them for checking what is there in their house. I meditated on my guru and Bhole Baba.You are parabrahma. had created karmic debts. I am mentioning all this to you because . I am very grateful that you are getting me liberated. I am praying so that you get liberated. I prayed that I do not know since how many years and generations he is showing juggler's tricks. I am being liberated. He continued.south India. but that was in ignorance. Similarly. Like someone said that his illness in medical science has no cure. "Okay. Remember. don't stop. Mind is the creator and mind is the one who experiences. "No. Upanishads says again and again "mann hi kartha mann hi bhogtha". don't stop. He became silent. With this. in everyone's life some or the other saint (guru) comes and does one blast and from then you start flying in the higher skies. After a while I asked him is it enough. You only had created it. I pray. Everyone has to pay karmic debts but find out the fasted way of repaying the debts." You were creating till now. I went and sat there. "Who is not powerful?" He said. that is infinite. Then he does sadhana and gives sanjeevani and gets healed. He used to point out to small things lying in their houses stating it to be the reason for their miseries and to get it removed. "What are you doing to me?! You do not know who I am!" I said. That fastest way is sadhana . Now create consciously." You believe only in the Self.. they could tell with the eyes close who is behind the wall also. you are the creator. When divine energies are generated. He shouted. You identity is just one . his friend who was a doctor brought him also to the shivir. "Why should I know that?" He said. 53 . In reality. the fruits of which is this that I not identify yourself so low and cheap. it is not death that would happen but even they get transformed/liberated. don't stop. Now I can rise to the light. "So you have finally come!" I saw that it was not him now but someone else. you want me to show you? You don't know who I am!" I said. from the energies of which he could be released from the karmic ties. He gets cured with Sanjeevani but then again his mind creates "how can you be well?" The disease reoccurs. 372. "I am very very thankful. Once during Pratiprasav sadhana. Please liberate him. but unknowingly in ignorance. 371. 373." He ascended to light but the doctor's friend's siddhi vanished that day. When they used to check coming back home they would be happy to find it true.

OM is divine energy and it will create divinity. This is the mantra that burns your karmas. Now leave all this magic and tricks and one who does them. Now you have reverse the whole process with the sound of OM that comes from Shiva. 378. it creates asuras (demons). It takes hard work to do sadhana. face and lips. the interest also is mounting.375. Is there peace in his eyes. right? You have to do tapas. It had also taken hard work to create karmas. 377. These small mantras are just that. the mishap or problem is only postponed. om namah shivaya 54 . now do some hard work in doing good :) or are you going to ask for quick methods? Wealth in 5 minutes. You are to burn your karmas. just look into his eyes. happy married life in 5 minutes. do do bad things. The one whom you go to for help. so many demons have been created by speaking bad. It is just like a bankrupt person takes loan from the bank and feels he has become wealthy. If you look at their face. When he is not at peace what solution can he give you? Believe in the Self. Since so many births. health in 5 minutes. you will see there is no peace. Other mantras give you benefits but do not take off karmas. happy studies in 5 minutes? It cannot happen that way. When you speak ill. 376. Sound creates. He is not wealthy but he has to repay the loan and on it. face and lips? Because face is the mirror of what is within.

This page is intentionally left blank 55 .

Malaysia Art of Ascension .

ART OF ASCENSION Shivyog Malaysia Shivir. Namah Shivaya. With utmost gratitude to Hema Rajalingam from Malaysia who spent time on taking notes and typing them and sending and special thanks to Jyoti Jatia from Kolkatta who not only took time to make these notes but also sent it with additional description and pictures with her emotions through which the sharing happens to have brightened up with the grace from Babaji. The transcripts from both sadhaks have been merged here with an effort made to keep the transcript in direct speech from Baba as much as possible. 57 .MALAYSIA . The doer is Baba but thankful to have reached us through these souls. Art of Dying (ascension ) and Pratiprasav Shivir.

. Babji’s Priceless smile stole everyone’s Hearts !! 58 ... The huge hall was practically full.Babaji started with chant 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay'..

You must learn to connect in fraction of seconds. I told him. laughingly. 2. 59 . We come from 5 elements + Guru element & Param Tatwa. He will Bless all. Reaction is what & how „I‟ want to react. If I show you the way and in the satsang is His presence. „Someone asked me have you seen God I want to know for my curiosity‟. Block the awareness outside and inside it becomes giant infinite consciousness.1. 8. please make him believe in God. 7. This course is „Art Of Ascension‟. Log kehte hai ki Bhagwan sunte nahi. It is the easiest & simplest way. (enjoy). mei toh kehta hun tum toh sunate nahi. We have 7 bodies. please guide me‟. Maza liya karo. Babaji: The universe is within you. It is in your hands how you want to react. We have all the powers to change our reaction but we can't change action... You will have the power to heal every disease. „God I am confused.. Question: Everyone in my family has headache. Question: What to prayer doesn't work?" do when unknown disease hits our loved ones & Babaji: Prayer works instantly. 5. You must know how to do meditation everyday in front of God. Babaji: Action is 3% and reaction is 97%. the God element. Keep on doing Sadhana & one day your father is going to believe. good health. your life will be changed. Some question and answers: Question: Babaji. Shiva is very kind. we can change reaction. We will go very close to God & you‟ll say. you will come back with answers. I promise that I will pray to my Father for you & your full family. Question: How to get happiness? Babaji: When the utensil is dirty clean it. 3.. Our life should shine. how do you feel? If I make YOU feel it. on how blissful Sat Chit Anand is. the 7th body only is God consciousness. You are not born to suffer. Feel the headache & tell me. You must know the path to reach to Him. Darkness is the accumulated karma. Babaji said. Question: We have fights in the family. NOW! Today is your last tablet. 4. You are sadhaks. If I take you there then it is a lot of use to you. in front of Guru then you will get the answers to all your unanswered questions. if I say „yes‟ what difference will it make to you? It will make a difference if the God I see I can make you see and make you experience it too. Babaji: Believe that you are going to get rid of it. spirituality & everything else. Detergent is Shiv Yog sadhana. When you are close to Him. In this life you must resolve all the issues of this life & of past lives. We are so busy with outward consciousness that we have drifted away so much from our souls that we can't listen to our inner voice. do not react adversely. God is within you. Punya is Light. my father doesn‟t believe in God. Move on to Light. God is the universe. there is illumination. 6. You will experience Him. for your prosperity. it's gone. Only with God's grace I realize that I am Shiva. We are all multi-dimensional beings. it will make a difference. Once you reach a particular level. then you don‟t come back. You visit God everyday. jokingly or adversely. I am not separate from Him.

.. You must exercise after this. „Babaji I need your help‟ & I will come and scare the bad boys. 9. That boy is fading away & you have more power than him. Come to the present moment now and tell me where and how much pain is there now. Babaji: Give the mike to the child. You can do it too. you can do it. Babaji: I am opening your food pipe so that you can eat nicely. Babaji: Why? Child : I don‟t know. Babaji: What happened? What was the incident? Child: In new school. Whenever you need me call me. He asks me for money.. release this belief first.Question: My lower back bones are degenerating. Babaji: Everyone doesn't get degeneration. Question: "I have arthritis in knees. I was also very very ordinary. 60 . then he will be scared of coming near you and all the bad boys will be scared of coming near you and only the good ones will come near you. (Babaji gave healing) Feel that you are receiving the strength that I am giving you. apply on both legs. In 11 days you will be healed. Don‟t feel over burdened. The process of degeneration has stopped now and till the end of your life you will have bones like steel! Question: How do you heal? Babaji: I do Shri Vidya Sadhana in front of Maa (Shakti)." Babaji: Sit in sun for 30 minutes (not more) and make paste of cow‟s urine (or water) + fresh mud.. Babaji: Suppose you have more power than him. Question: There is esophageal (food pipe) constriction in a child. My Guru initiated me and this is the result. Change your belief system. Who is bossy? Who scared you? Who are you scared of. If I can do it. Invoke Sanjeevani and send to the paste and to both the legs while the paste is applied. Tell God to give you more & more strength to carry out all your responsibilities. mom or dad? Child: Dad. it happens. Next day use fresh mud.. Feel happy & confident about the responsibilities that you are carrying. I am scared. Feel and tell me exactly (Babaji gave healing).. I am happy but one boy bullies me. What are you feeling in your chest? Child: Relaxed. Regeneration will start. Then wash.. Lately. Only when you believe that in old age degeneration happens.

make every member of your family happy. What is the purpose of our life? – To give happiness. we create our own destiny. Malaysia is a land of celebration. give me another chance. Karma disappears when you illuminate the incidents in your life. 26. In this shivir. unhappiness and people receive it too. You are born. We are giving happiness to our own self. Do you feel confident that you will materialize what ever you want? You are a Shiv Yogi. sorrow. to your thoughts. Have you decided „Tum chahte kya ho‟? (what you want). Life will become smooth. 19. how you were. Every moment celebrate happiness. learn to tap from the Universe. you will experience your many past lives & will review how you left your body. Knowingly or unknowingly. As soon Babaji sat he said: Every second of your life should be full of celebration. You must learn the lesson. 61 . 17. the whole family sits together and does pooja. All hurdles & blockages will vanish. Chinese new year means experiencing happiness together. 16. 25. 18. Hari Raza Aidilfitra celebrations were on. You will have the „Midas touch‟. 14. If your spiritual powers are missing and then difficult to achieve success. 11. that the process of regeneration has started. the shivir is over. Feel more and more confident that you can materialize. There is a lot in the Universe. how you deviated from the purpose of that life. Celebration means. & again forget & start spreading darkness again. 21. 12. every hour. If you learn this much then my work is over. Believe from your inner core that your knee will be regenerated. „you are the being of Light. guilt. and spread happiness to everyone. During these festivals we offer sweet. Celebration :should be the way of our life. suffering. when you reincarnate. Believe that God is with me & I am regenerating my body. 15. fear. you grow spiritually & if you are unhappy emotionally you go down in spirituality too. in every action you must be the being of light for others. Stronger gives it to the weaker. I will go back & spread happiness now‟. how did you be a being of darkness? Work of darkness is to spread sorrow. spread happiness. No doubts. every minute in your life. We should celebrate life. 24. When the pain has lessened it is proof that regeneration has started instantly. You have to learn how to resolve those unresolved issues. 22. If you are happy emotionally. gloom. I am sorry. No fears. spread happiness everyday. If you have spiritual power it will give strength to your reality. Sorrow and misery is due to no happiness. When you go back God will say. During conversations. 13. Make yourself happy . 23. one should show happiness. Develop a habit of being happy. Make an agreement with your Soul „I am going to be very very happy‟. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) was full of festival energy. But as you come again. If you spread sorrow then unconsciously you have made an agreement with your Soul that you will be unhappy & nothing will materialize for him & he will be more unhappy. 20. everyday offer sweet and our life will be sweeter.10. Everyday we should celebrate like a festival. „oh I forgot. Create emotion of happiness & grow spiritually. In Malaysia there are so many festivals. Then you say. What ever you think of will materialize. But people distribute misery. Most people create unknowingly. Only During Diwali. so many religions. you can create the life you want to create. the pain has lessened.

The moment I give love and receive love the strength comes back and the discomfort in the heart disappears. Forget and forgive everyone. 30. Diseases occur when you don‟t give love. I must develop wisdom of detachment. 29. So I must develop my spiritual powers. God does not want to punish you. don‟t receive love. Any incident can be illuminated by releasing the fear/phobias/negative thoughts. Example: The mother is sad that son is misbehaving. If one is not giving love. You must develop wisdom of detachment. Babaji narrated his experience : I loved someone but he didn‟t love me. 31. Do not create wrong thoughts about your child. You receive and give love. We have brought with us in this life many many unresolved issues.A true ShivYogi gives love to everyone. Suddenly I feel the pain in my chest. If you suffer that means you have not learned any lesson. Celebration is Shiv Yog.27. guilt will bother you. You must have the power to extract & receive love. If you don‟t love. Philosophy of Shiv Yog is to give love & receive love.” Every incident must be resolved. wisdom of detachment & independence. 32. 33. You must realize that you are a being of light. Always send them unconditional love. I started feeling strength & confident. She is projecting sorrow and worries on her son. dependent. You need to ask if you want it to be released. Healing will take place. Then anyone who gets darkness near me will become light. & I stood up strong. It is all in your hand whether you have the desire to release the fear/negative emotions. Karma disappears when u illuminate the incident in your life. you should have the power to extract it & receive it. „Why is my son misbehaving? Because I am still behaving foolishly. I felt choked & miserable. stop complaining. Stop worrying about your children and only project happiness. 62 . 28. I am a being of light. “I must develop spiritual powers. Happiness will come only if you have resolved ALL issues that you have brought from past lives. Stop thinking about past issues. I realized that I must not receive negative messages & I must receive love. weak.

?" Then when I came here I saw that the building is such that it will take me another 5 minutes to get to the 5th floor hall here. 40. Make sure you are the best in everything you do. Create feeling of love to all your loved ones…. 42. love & happiness & BE that. I am in no way collecting darkness & sorrow. No 2 ways. Wherever you go the smile should be felt by others. I was 50% happy 50% unhappy.) Smile must be seen in your eyes. The guilt in the subconscious mind shows that you are making a mistake. Eyes are the ocean of love. One can have 2 things only. one for drawing room and one for my rest room here. self-realization. Always receive love and give love. Midas touch. 46. success…. Find that seed of light. today he got late coming for the shivir. just smile and be happy. Everyday when you wake in the morning make the affirmation. love or hatred…. HOW? Give food and receive food. Be either the best or the worst. The beginning of ascension is give love and accept love even when you are late. I brought happiness from within. Like yesterday the lady said 50-50. “I AM GOING TO START WITH GIVING LOVE AND RECEIVE LOVE. they must reflect the love…‟ I really care for you. Babaji gave an example. In every seed of my life is celebration. he asked everyone to practice smiling at everyone through the eyes only and no need to be physical. 50. but illumination will always be there in it in seed form. He sat in the car & saw the time. Achieve to achieve the absolute. love you'.” Your real identity is Sat-Chit-Anadam. 49.” Babaji said every morning Guruma gave him a good smile (Guruma smiled widely.34. 45. aim for the best. little happy little sad. Your smile must be felt through your eyes. I enjoy every second of my life. I started feeling happy. When Babaji halted the session for breakfast. Take a break and see which path are you walking on. 39. Always one has 2 paths before him. What are you picking up? Learn to pick light only. You must become the best in whatever you do. smile all the time. to choose the path of happiness or the pathway of sorrow. Happiness or sorrow. No in between. 41. 37. you will get success. 36. 38. 47.. I have lot of energy and enthusiasm. Don‟t say I want to be half good. one from bedroom. There is no watch where I am staying so I told. I am Sat-Chit-Anadam. Every disease is the outcome of lack of love. If you want to become a tennis player.WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME? I am a being of light. I can't heal you till you learn your lesson. Find the cause to be happy. What you will feel is wonderful. 63 . Then in whatever you do. If someone says bad things about you. So I started thinking how wonderful it will be to spend 9 days with so many people here. Be precise always. You will find so much happiness. 48. Our purpose in taking human birth is to experience happiness. nothingness. Give gifts and receive gifts. What ever you touch will turn into happiness. then visualize yourself getting a gold medal and don‟t say „I just want to win anything‟. 43. 35. just close your eyes. Everyone must experience doing this in your family and job. He said. please can you get me 3 watches. I had 2 paths before me: either I sulk and make someone responsible and pounce on them OR I started thinking & feeling happy that how wonderful it will be here to be with all of you. Look at everyone and smile. "Rajesh. You will never have any issues with anyone. take light from within and say “I am happy” and do not react. In a situation darkness may appear to be more. 44. Give everyone your loving smile from the bottom of your heart.

59. Wife used to think how wonderful it would be if he had a strap & could wear that watch which loved. You want achievement and happiness. Gyanmai Kosha is controlling your thoughts. Husband thought I will sell my watch & buy her a clip. On Christmas. Everyday we will be able to release the negative belief system through our sadhana. They loved each other so much. 65. should be Love. life is full of happiness & vice versa. You will become more powerful healers. How does it make a difference whether husband wears the watch & if wife wears the clip? Don‟t complain about the gift we receive from loved ones that it is not nice. “I WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY.” Your thoughts are controlled by your sanchit karma and psychic impressions. wife thought I will cut & sell my hair and buy my husband the strap. 52. you generate active cells. Husband used to think it would be so nice if she had a beautiful clip to clip such beautiful hair. what ever your logic. Art of ascension means transformation. 60. When they both came home in the evening. When u review your life . The wife had beautiful hair. 63. I sold my watch for you. Always ask yourself. I don‟t agree with this. Bring changes in your life. They are like viruses. Wife could have fought with husband too. they gifted each other with the clip and the strap. 64. one becomes healthy in emotions. Previously Husband & wife used to love each other so much. Otherwise your attitude & thoughts are bound to become negative.51. The real you is totally bliss. They were very poor. what did you do‟. You must develop the attitude to remain happy. Every act. 58. Now. Your thoughts and attitude will become positive. Remove the sanchit karma through sadhana/meditation. The bhoomi dosha of your house will disappear as you do daily sadhana. Shambhavi sadhaks give love through their eyes. You wanted something else. Your intention behind every gift that you gift others is „I care and I love‟. Your intention is important. engraved belief Systems & psychic impressions. Why waste money? Always appreciate and give gratitude for all the gifts you receive… don‟t complain. When you think positive more positive energy will be created in your cells and your life will change forever. Give love and receive love. Some question and answers: 64 . 54. “What is my intention in my gift or thought or in what I speak?” Husband & wife if they love each other so much. they both smiled at each other & hugged. 62. Our thoughts are controlled by Sanchit karmas. They were living the purpose of their life. 56. Babaji told a story about a couple who used to love each there very much. I will guide you through the sadhana everyday and you will release all fears/phobias. If you are creating new live cells. 55. Once they go. release all negativity. I agree with what you say but want more elaboration. But they were wonderful and loved each other. Sanjeevani shakti will flow in your house with unconditional love. 53. The person becomes healthy and emotion becomes positive when you release. Husband had a beautiful watch but did not have a strap on it. Babaji said you can ask me questions from 3 aspects: I agree & appreciate what you say with what you say. you will think & talk like me. Positive thinking can't happen unless you cleanse. 66. the husband could have fought „you stupid woman. 57. Why do we have negative attitude? Due to the sanchit karmas/negative phobias/fears: You must release/remove them.don‟t hold negativity. loving each other. 61. every action.

love. If you are positive then whatever happens around you. Put energy in giving best of the best. Feel happiness in giving Unconditional Love. help. 68. only project Unconditional Love through your eyes. Example: If natural calamities are happening. her 8th child will kill you. only give love. When you judge a person it's very wrong. If you want pain. Any worse to worse person must be good to some people. Your true identity is Unconditional Love & that‟s all. animals. What ever you see & do. one community is seeking destruction of other. All Shivyogis will be saved if you project positivity during natural disasters. 65 . But not with a business attitude. Never judge a person. If you get into the habit of giving Unconditional Love without judgment then you will find that anyone who comes in your aura will love you. Babaji said it is my tested experience. our accumulated karma has to be released. Shiv Yog says no one is a villain. You can get what you want in life if you give people what they want. sorrow. Kans himself would drive the chariot when Devki went out her husband. If we want change then every individual has to change one self. Wealth will flow in your life. Correct your consciousness to correct collective consciousness. 69. Everyone will love you. plants. money. then you will cause suffering to yourself.Question: How to have good relationships? Babaji: You don‟t have to judge anyone. It cannot punish you. How? By punishment by learning a lesson. Outside energy is outside force. Theory of karma is the cause and effect. Unconditional Love. charity. Kans became a scared brother. You must develop the habit of giving unconditional love and not conditional love (infatuation) Question was something about destruction and the natural calamities happening. Then Ishan asked me why did God do a second akashvani to tell Kans that other Devtas are being born & together with the 8th child of Devki they will kill you? I replied that if these 2 akashvanies would not have happened then Kans would not have died. What ever you give is what you receive. has to give Unconditional Love. When you do this your wealth will multiply. it cannot affect you. But he did not kill the initial children as he was concerned only with the 8th child. Never never never judge a person. Then that message will go up to Cosmic consciousness. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah. Relationships don‟t last because of expectations. If you give cooperation. Babaji: everyone has individual consciousness which goes in the universe & becomes collective consciousness. We don‟t see any person as he is but we see our reflection in them. give that. Pray that let everyone be happy. By mistake if we do bad karma. He was very good to her & her husband Vasudev. You sow one seed it comes back multiplied by 1000. 67. it will come back to you 1000 times multiplied. you will be saved because you are projecting positivity even though the environment around you is negative. Cosmic consciousness is „nirguna‟ & gives what we ask. why did God create mischief by doing akashvani that this sister whose chariot you are driving so lovingly. Ishan asked me one day. If you hate or judge then even loving people will hate you. What ever happens I am going to project Unconditional Love through my eyes. one country. criticism. If you are reacting. Shambhavi will be very very powerful in you. Kans had a sister called Devki. Message of destruction goes in collective consciousness. Every time you earn money you must give little money for charity or help poor chidlren. One religion. Look after deprived children. Be passionate.

full of celebration. in happiness. he becomes your friend. We punish ourselves. 74. "Okay. it has to be blissful. learn the lessons or get punished. Couple cried because they didn‟t have any money. 71. 75. Nature said that in your next life you will have to look after several 100s of horses. 73.70. I must live in the present moment. then he was punished & killed. everyone has to die. Always 2 choices are put before you: Destruction and Happiness. oh! It's ok. Babaji told us a story: in one of his past lives. sell your horse & 66 . 72. We prefer the second. So he was made to do these wrong karmas. He told them. I must live in the present moment. It was a good punya karma. not even by Krishna. No one could have destroyed Kans. then illumination would have surrounded him & Krishna would have been & been his friend. Although saints can see but they are not allowed to tell very clearly as it effects/interferes with the destiny of the people. So indirectly saint tried to help them out of their poverty. So the saint looked at the horse whom the couple used to love very much and said. If Kans‟s inner wisdom had told him. One day a self realized saint came to his house & asked for food. Kans had done some wrong karma whose effect was that he had to be killed by the son of his own sister. Send Sanjeevani daily to your enemy. a man killed a horse. now give me dakshina. He loved that horse & used to feed & look after it. You have created the cause & nature will give incidents… either you resolve the issues. If you learn the lessons then the person who is ready to destroy you becomes your friend. you have given me food. The saint saw with his wisdom that the destiny of this couple can change. illness. By letting go and resolving the issue. natural calamity…truth is that I have to do die one day. He had not done many punyas also in that life so in the next life he was born very poor but had one horse. If he was not made to do further wrong karmas of killing all children of his sister then he could not have been killed. cause can be anything. They barely had any food for themselves but what ever they had they gave it to the saint.

I have the power to choose consciously. He saw his father giving poor Brahmins old sick cows in the name of charity. There is no such thing called „death‟. since the saint had taken one penny only. When Yama returned & saw this boy waiting like this. never keep with you. There are saint who have no money but have millions. So the couple thought what to do with this money. He went to Yama but Yama was out was 3 days. the landlord of the couple thought they are such nice people & he gifted them with 5 horses. making food for them etc. you can sell the horse & give me dakshina. I don‟t pick up anything unknowingly or ignorantly. Everyone is given 2 choices. How does it matter if there is no money in their own pocket? So. Nachiketa‟s father did ‟Vishva Vijeyta Yagya‟ in which he had to donate everything that belonged to him. either in this life or any other life. I belong to you too. Every second you are getting into agreement with your soul. Self has to create the suffering. Saint said give me a penny only & gave the advice that never use this money that you get from selling horses for yourself ever. 81. give me dakshina. he said you can ask me for 3 boons in compensation for the 3 days of waiting. It is all illusion. & secondly when ever you receive a horse. Wisdom prevailed (the punya karma of feeding the true saint had brought to them this wisdom) so they sold the horse & gave all the money the saint. In deep emotion what ever you think or say. Saint was teaching them detachment to horse. He made so many schools & lived the life of a wise prosperous man. Learn to choose what you want to choose. They sold those 5 horses & made a big beautiful school for the children. Choose & live your life the way you want it. „no money & take care of horses‟. Money is around them but they are outside money. He told his father. With that money they made roof over the school & got more kids in the school. Nature is bound to influence the mind according to your karma.76. Villagers felt more compassion for the couple that they are spending all their money for our kids so they started looking after the couple well. until you cancel them. then we become eligible to suffer. Realize that in the past too you entered into agreements with which are still valid until you cancel them. Use it only for a good cause. become mad. money will shower. if you say casually. go I give you to Yama. 78. Nourishment has to be given to it i. Dormant karmas has to become alive. sell it immediately. you get into a deep agreement with your soul. YOU started thinking & behaving in that manner. Kato Upanishad has given the wisdom of Art of Dying. Nachiketa said. 77. they are spending all their money on our children so we must repay them they love horses so they we must gift them with a horse. whom will you donate me to? Father got irritated & told him. If they say 1 word. E. „I am mad‟… you are bound to go to asylum. Looking after these cows would have been more of liability and they didn't give milk either." Their destiny was that they were to look after 100s of horses which would have taken them many life times. You can transmute energy. They can do all they want to do. Enjoying prosperity is important rather than clinging & holding on to it.g. 80. The villagers thought they are such nice people. They started a small school & started teaching the village children. Couple remembered what the saint had them & immediately sold that horse. So he said. So he stood outside his door for 3 days without food & water. ShivYog means „knowingness‟. No suffering or injury can come to you until & unless by illusion you start creating suffering for yourself. thank you I am going. 79. He sold them all & his karma of cause & effect got over. Another man gifted them 100 horses. Mind projects & we get scared of it & then react adversely. Nachiketa saw that his father‟s intentions were not good. The saint wanted to break that cycle of their karma. mann hi bhogta. Villagers were very impressed & in turn made a house for them.e. Their destiny remains the same. 67 . which was carry forward karma of their past life. Mann hi karta. further more paap karmas.

Complaints can only come from sorrow. you be happy. thirsty. I love everything. 98. Nice words. Just give love as much as you can. we receive something. anything good. every incident I love. hatred. One who follows gratitude is in heaven. drink a lot of water. Whenever anyone comes in our life. learn the Sadhana so that you can enter that dimension of Yama. Healing is giving and receiving love. Whatever you seek. Bade Bhagya manush tann paava. It is the best agreement with soul. 96. Heal their life. anger. Give me the wisdom of this. I meditate a lot. to as many people as you can.82. 85. First offering is at their feet. Every second love. During your living time reach high consciousness so that you are not scared of death. Through the body you can attain Shiva consciousness. Make this the purpose of your life. Mind is the builder. 87. You enter into soul agreement if you have any emotional feelings. 91. 88. every place. Before death teaches us. dive in and bring out light and love. In any state where there are differences. You have learnt your lessons. enter into God consciousness. I hold 100% responsibility for whatever is happening in my life. Re-write agreements of your life script. Mrityu par vijay pao (Conquer death). sick or old. and old but in heaven noone is unhappy. close your eyes. Body is the upbhogta. pitrus (ancestors) only. food. When I heal people and they get healed. It can take from environment. whether they are good. Unknowingly I had entered in some agreement with my soul and that has to come in my life. 97. 68 . 95. I started living in a state of bliss. Life will become more and more purposeful. Vibrate at God consciousness. our parents did look after us. One who in non-gratitude & complaining is in hell. must get nourishment of water and food. 86. Then we get into hatred. 90. It changed my life. First step is Gratitude. Send them all love of God. Do you have gratitude? You may feel now that she is very foolish and bad. must excrete.`I see everyone on planet earth unhappy. 24 hours. bad or ugly. Rise much above body consciousness. According to the incidents in your life. Katho-upanishad teachings: Whatever you do have pure intentions. When we were born. The third dimension law is that this body must be hungry. 89. 83. Then flow happens. It is my soul‟s agreement. In return we never offer gratitude. three steps of ahuti which will burn our impurities. All unresolved issues to be resolved. So the first debt is to mother and father. So the first boon Nachiketa asked was . they send me love. then Yama will respect you and will ask you „what can I do for you?‟ Yama promised Nachiketa the boons for having waited 3 days at his door step.`Let my father receive peace of mind. We take for granted and get into debt because we have not offered gratitude. sick. 93. Learn every lesson and give as much love to everyone. It is happening on its own. Love and complaining can't go together. pitrus. I can receive this physical body from mother and father. the soul is ready to give. Don‟t segregate. Soul is the source of life. the mind starts creating it. 9 months in the womb. Healing is love. 94. she fed you part of her blood and flesh. told him how to prepare havan kunda. excrete in atmosphere. turiya. First gratitude is to parents. When he meets me again. 84. 99. Make your life purposeful. 92. feelings.' So Yama gave him sacred fire of wisdom „Nachiketa Agni‟.' The second boon he asked . You can never get victory if intention is impure. let him have love for me and forgive me.

Anything opposite to this is wrong. Sing very melodiously. goes to lowest levels. suffering comes. forgiveness and unconditional love. Don‟t hold anyone responsible for 69 . You are stuck there. Break the bad habit of criticizing and complaining when you sit together. your life is heaven. It attracts success. They will become your friend and will tell you that I was bothering you unnecessarily. If you want to increase the energy index of your home. to your enemy. relationships goes up considerably. Have you offered gratitude to God? How much He has given you. the more your pathways open to receive more and more. 107. Unconditional Love. I have to show light to the mind. Have you offered gratitude to your mother and father? How much you have shared? Throw away complaints? Gratitude to God. By dancing. 105. the energy should be powerful and peaceful. I forgive you. Follow the above 3 steps of gratitude. in hell. 106. You can go into very deep meditation after chanting. When we forgive suffering disappears. 102. 110. 101. If you have emotions of gratitude. The third is to give Unconditional Love through eyes only. Go deep in the clouds of grudges and remove them. By offering gratitude. Remember destiny is created by us. Music of these days give wrong messages into the subconscious mind of children. you have conquered miseries of life. Every incident was created by your soul to resolve the unresolved issues which can be resolved ONLY if raised again in your consciousness. nature needs someone to complete the wheel of cause and effect. In your home. Sing and sway daily. He explained that this chant has emotions of praise and gratitude for the Lord. Without gratitude. 111. When you sit together in family you must praise Divinity. play chants. I created. Be very. 108. Then Babaji sang „Krishna Govind Govind Gopala‟. to all who come in your life.100. You would suffer. 104. but send Unconditional Love to those who don‟t love you. Remember and feel the happiness you felt sometime and hold on to those moments. The more gratitude you offer. Unconditional Love the energy level index of prosperity. you are in third dimension. but you complain for the little that He has not given you. It is very easy to send love to the one who loves you. Anyone who forgives starts vibrating. Develop habit of gratitude. The second step is forgiveness. to parents. Matru-pitru rrin mukti (freedom from debts of parents). fall sick. peace and spirituality. all negative psychic impressions in the muscles get released. You came empty handed. Play the CD and all family members chant loudly with me and dance. gratitude. 113. education. Sound therapy is that one rhythm can do healing. very careful what type of songs you and your children listen to. another rhythm can do destruction. 109. Keep on sending gratitude then the `kripa ka marg' (path of grace) opens up. Play subtly. Play the Mahamruthunjay beej mantra. In the third dimension most people are living in a state of non-forgiveness. 112. 103. Understand that no one is responsible but me. get old. Chanting is praising. goes up and one who can't go up.

Nachiketa said that he was grateful for Yama's generosity but said that however long his age might be stretched to. He said that if death has to come. Shiva Loka are all one. Others are only instrumental. The consciousness which reaches there doesn‟t have to come back here again. it's a state. then he must know death. Even Devtas didn't know this and so Yama asked him not to ask about this. 70 . they have Shiva. Jana Loka.Sky element is predominant and all the other bodies are in the seed form. 128. one day he has to die. but you are not aware. At higher and higher levels or dimensions. Siddha Loka Shiva Loka Everything is merging with everything. 115. If you don‟t agree with these three steps of gratitude. Bhoo Loka. Yama was perturbed by this question.Here the Earth element is stronger than other elements. forgiveness. Similarly every jeeva is sakar roop (form). 123. Jeevatma and the higher self merge. There the Jeevatma realizes that while I was in the body it was so easy to choose the right things and ascend. and unconditional love. Swarg Loka .Air element is stronger here. spending his punyas (good karmas). fire. I must forgive everyone. No punrapi janam punarapi maran for him. Jana Loka . You plant a seed it becomes a tree & bears fruit. We are all multidimensional being.the 7 dimensions. Meher Loka . It will then be your wish if you want to help humanity you may incarnate. Once it is over he is sent back to earth to find the truth. At death. 119. Bhoorva Loka. you are blocked. then he will cross all the 5 dimension lokas & enter the siddha loka. 118. 117. Yama is an illusion. to all Lokas. space. Every state is within you just like the seed is hidden in the tree & the tree is hidden in the seed. You are pure consciousness and pure consciousness always remains. You exist here here also up there. 121. Body is made up of air. Indra was a Human Being.Here the Water element is stronger than other elements which are all in dormant form.After death. air. all the lokas are hidden within you. Everyone is connected to Swarga Loka. 131. You will always remain. but instead promised to shower him with various abundant boons. We are made up of 7 elements from 7 lokas . We are all beings of light. 122. Does death exist? What happens to a person when he dies? Yama was perturbed because in truth there is no death. Surrender to God. Pitru Lok . 120. Vaikunth Loka. 124. He is harvesting. any incidents. Bhoo Loka . If people come to know the secret of death then Yama‟s existence will not remain. but the universe is living inside you. one will enjoy with Indra but once the punyas are over has to return to earth. Then it becomes the „Art of Ascension‟ for him. We come from infinite dimensions. All miseries will disappear from your life. You are not living in the universe. Now I know the truth but now I cannot go back to my body and now my higher self is stuck at lower levels. There is a world inside. to Guru so that you don‟t have to forcibly return here. Hell and heaven are mental states. 129. Marut ganna is vayu. Meher Loka. sagunna & sakar (qualities & form) hidden & in the sagunn sakar is nirgunna Nirakar (Without qualities & fornless). exactly as you are not aware of your organs and your five subtle bodies. Tree is hidden in the seed. the astral body leaves the physical body and goes to the higher self. Please practice these. They are not places. 127. 126. Nachiketa‟s third boon: He asked Yama if there was life beyond death and that he wanted to know the reality of death. 116. time slows down. 130. Everyone has come here to find the truth of death.114. 125. There are 7 layers. Prithvi Linga is the seed of all other 4 elements too – water. There is a world outside.

142. In saakar. "You will go higher than me. Because we are used to saguna sakar. 134. Noone dies.132. 147. Shivoham Shivoham 71 ." That is the sagunn. so he created a form. Within in every Human Being is both saguna saakar & linga roop prana shareera (aura) that is pre-dominant. 141. Saguna saakar is Shiv. it has both saguna & nirguna form. You will give me 1 boon now but if I get „shreshtha‟ now. Learn how you can reach God. Supercausal body „anadmaya kosha‟ is very bright light. 145. reach the Infinite. i." So. If I choose „shreya‟ then through out my life I will get „shreya‟.01% of your body form. Saguna is Shiva form with snake. This is what you are. Science says body is made up of cells. not the „preya‟ which every man is searching for. Baba sang. Yama had to give it to him: 1st thing he learnt was that death is an illusion. they made your physical body. Shreya means – the best. 138. Yama says.99% is Nirakar. The Art of Dying‟ is „Art of Ascension‟. "Don‟t give me pralobhan ( Maya‟s attractions ). 133. You have promised me so you will have to give me what I ask for. You have to unfold that Nirakar. the „preya‟. „Yog‟ is merging with the infinite. how can I tell you this secret?" One who knows this can ascend to infinite levels. empty space in you. 146. 140.e. Piye zahar ka pyala mera Shiv yogi matwala. Within him is a seed of Nirguna Nirakar. Panch bhootas (5 elements) are hidden in you. Nirakar is hidden. I can get what I want always. But I know that beyond the 5 senses there is something. 139. Your characteristics tamo. Aankh se nikle jwala mera Shiv yogi matwala. 136." Jo mann ko lubhaye woh nahin chahiye . satto is sagunn saakar. Parabrahma Shiva. Nirguna Nirakar is the Shiva Linga roop. „Shivoham‟. Nirguna Nirakar. "Shivyogi matwala mera Shiv yogi matwala. male has seed of female & female has seed of male. 99. Saakar is hidden in Nirakar & Nirakar is hidden in saakar. One can't be 100% male or 100% female. 137. There is no such thing as death. Guru tatwa. rajo. so I go & have it. „Preya‟ means – what I like of my vasana may not be for my ultimate good but I like it. I want to know the truth. I am seeking that which is for my ultimate good. When the process of merging starts you find that you are unfolding yourself & you are emerging in infinite. In it is hidden the nirgunns Nirakar. I want that. 135. 143. 144. Shiva is shoonya. Nachiketa says the same to Yamaraj: "you are giving me what my 5 senses are going to enjoy. This wisdom Nachiketa received from the God of Death. I am looking for the „shreshtha‟ (the very best). I am Shiva. you can describe what Shiva looks like. param satya ka gyan chahiye ( I don‟t want what pleases the mind but I want the knowledge of the ultimate truth). Nachiketa replied. moon & Ganga. After a lot of Sadhana Maharishis gathered this wisdom. This applies to any bad habits too. You give it to me now. Consolidated it will make up 0. Even as Human Being. cells are made of atoms.

„Mai‟ Bhagwan se dur karti hai (ego distances you from God). „Who am I‟? „Where have I come from‟? „What is the purpose of my coming?‟ „What do I need to do‟? An angry man is an extrovert projecting outside only. 149. „Aham Bramhasmi‟. I realized my blockages but I was stuck there. Guru woh agni hai joh „MAI‟ ko jala deti hai (Guru is that fire which burns the ego). Ego makes me drift away from the Soul. Atma gyan ka prakash mann ke andar failtha hai toh anubhuti hoti hai (when the illumination of self realization spreads in the mind then one experiences). „Aham Bramhasmi‟. Then I started teaching you all. and then you can create life the way you want to live. my guru was there. God is the tree. we will be sent back. One who wants to keep his „mai‟ (ego) don‟t go near Guru. Learn the lessons then you can change the incidents of your life. I got scared. Babaji told us his near death experience: I called up Guru Maa and told her that I am dying. 151. struggling. You have written your own life script. the pathway. (If you think "Everything is You (God) and only You. He told me how to meditate. „I am a Dr‟……………. Everyone has death experience and once they return to the body they are not the same person. If tomorrow children are not looking after you then also you are only responsible for it. Who am I?) I am not the doer. 159. Dur se nazaara dekhna hai toh ‚ ‟mai‟ khatam ho jayegi. have access to your „Chiti‟ & consciousness.148. „Param Satya‟ is a state of experience. Tum nahi honge toh bhi tumhare bacche shadi karenge. Mai toh ek sevak. Work was assigned to me. Moorkh agyani bolta hai ki meri beizzati ki. enjoy life but keep moving towards knowingness. 156. „I got them married‟. Shiva swaroopam. I experienced the route. to go back and come back with the wisdom of Param tatwa. nimitt anubhav hoon (I am only a devotee. death experience is very scary. beizzat kuch nahi. then there would be nothing called respect or insult. Where is the „I am‟? „mai‟ nahi hai toh atma trupti ho jati hai (if „I‟ is not there then there is soul contentment). Grace showered on me. Tu hi tu. God is the food and God is the consumer. Even if you are no more. Guru will burn the ego. But who is learning? Who is that „I‟? You define „I‟ as. You have come here to learn the wisdom of „yourself‟. (he has come to earth with education written in his fate and so he gets the education.define that „I‟. Do deep sadhanas. Go beyond the mind. from goal. „I brought them up‟. using 4% of the mind only. Nityoham shuddhoham buddhoham muktoham. Root cause is ego. Your conscious mind is much beyond your „conscious „mind + subconscious mind‟. I am only an instrumental in the experience). We do not know WHO is the doctor. He took food in the form of „YOU‟ & put in „YOU‟ (stomach). Main Kaun hoon? (God does and God only gets it done. Jeevan ko safal karna hai toh „mai‟ ko hata doh. 150. Om Namah Shivaya. When you leave this body & go. It is like the tip of the iceberg only. Learn to ascend and reach higher levels. tu hi sab kuch – yeh bhaav hoti hai toh izzat. Real truth is the wisdom of „self‟. 'Mai' khatam hogi tabhi tum anant honge. What is ego? That : „I produced these children‟. That „Chiti‟ gives birth to universe. Karta Woh. karvata Woh. your children 72 . A ignorant fool says „I was insulted‟. If you want to have a successful life. then you realize that you are creator. Where did YOU do anything? Woh apne bhgya mein likha ke aaya hai toh education lega. instead you are busy learning outside. 153. 155. 160. Enjoy the world. you planned every incident of your life to learn lessons. 158. 157. 152. Behind the 4% conscious mind is 96% subconscious mind and behind the 96% subconscious mind is the vast conscious. 154. remove „I‟ from your life. I went up. Kanhi bhi tumhari ‟mai‟ na ho. Once you experience then you will know. he gave me lots of divine messages and knowledge. Shivoham Shivoham. ghar banayenge.

you do the rest of the things now. Do not bring in „I‟ ever. Shoonya. I have learnt my lesson now change the channel. 168. it is that easy. learn & move on to the next class. „I am the one doing everything‟. If you have ego. (In taste or tastelessness do not ever insult the food. they will make their home. Joh khana sir-mathe par rakh kar khate hai woh khana sharir mei lagta hai (Those who respect the food have it gets its nourishment to the body. Your „I‟ should not be anywhere. Hogi Ya toh urdvagati Ya toh adhogati (either you fill ascend or you will descend). 'Okay. „I‟ is still there so that level of infinity will not be there. Tum hi dukhi" (If there is suffering know that you have only created it all) Learn the lessons then change your path. from 5th to 4th class). 173. "God! Make me an instrument in spreading your light. will still get married. Do not get your „I‟ into it. Watch as a witness from a distance then your „I‟ will end. Food gets digested on it's own by some power. I must learn the lessons. from God. Intake and exhalation of breath too. Fire flows all over. etc)." Consciousness will rise. „HE‟ is doing everything. I don‟t know what is going to happen next so how do plan the future? Be in the happiness (of present) in surrender. Eg: A rock doesn't change it's shape easily. Whatever is happening with me. 175. Till the time you are living. the „I‟. 166. you start speaking that language (Hindi. Either there is a rise or fall. Babaji gave an example to explain this point: A lizard was invited to a wedding. Learn to witness. 73 . When your „I‟ ends you will become infinite). This is the play of consciousness.' The day your eyes will close. Punjabi. then tum mahan se bhi mahan ho gaye (you have become greater than the greatest). you are drifting away from your Soul. Don‟t get stuck in it. You can tell God. liked it. „I‟ pulls you down. figure out how can you be loving and affectionate. 174. When you love somebody the most. 171. 162.the agyani moorkh (ignorant fool). Wind – one cannot see but can only feel. since you have done all the things so far. Elements become more and more subtle. can you take all the credit for Malaysia being so good? The day the false ego disappears you get the power to create. not an iota of ego is there. If you are nothing. Finish ego. Jyotirlinga. Children came on their own were brought up on their own. 165. 172. There is no stagnancy. no one will keep you in the house even for one hour. how have you made the food without taste‟. 170. Ego has many definitions. Ether is Akash. nature will say. You are not doing anything. Every incident teaches us some lesson. becoming more & more subtle. with ego. Dukh hai toh bhaav rakho: "Tune hi paida kiya. 163. 167.g. HE (God) is doing everything. HE is the doer. Waste is excreted by some Shakti (power) who is doing it all. We have all come from that light. Earth element has lots of ego. why should I do?' All ego is false. She said. But water flows and takes the shape of the vessel it which it is poured into. The Gurus who take bhiksha (alms) never say that „this food is not tasty. Ishanji said when Kavita is angry or excited she starts speaking Punjabi. nothingness. Sky/Ether – is most powerful. Kuch ban gaye toh chuha-chuhi ka khel hai (If you become something then it is the game of rats) Eg: Suppose you came to Malaysia for a holiday. Where have I done anything? „I‟ . 164. 169. In „I am That‟. You can change your life‟s pattern with a remote. Only the ignorant will talk like this. You don‟t remain in the same place. I can spread so much love and happiness. Person comes down from higher class to lower class (e. Swad-beswad mein anna ka kabhi niradar nahi karna. It is then turned into nourishment and circulated in the whole body.161. the Mother is offended) Have gratitude. Marwari. Devi Maa rooth jati hai. 'I can't come because I am holding this roof.

176. 178. then you become invincible. his way of life. Go in this. 181.' 'I am the creation of God so everyone else is also loving. thank you. God made me work and deliver. why do YOU want to take the credit? I am flowing in that infinity. karma karna. Everyone is responsible for every incident in their lives. Opposite to all these 3. The day I have minimal ego it will be very easy for me to materialize whatever I want. Forgiving makes it much easier. „I have done‟. Unconditional Love is your real power. 186. When I am ego-less my intention is pure and I am one with God. „I‟. nature of Human Being is to radiate Unconditional Love. Always say thank you. In profession there is dharma. Our job is ONLY the 3 steps : Gratitude. 187. apne aap raste khulne lagenge (Do karmas but do not desire the results and automatically your paths will open up). Accept everyone the way they are. Unconditional Love. why should there be unhappiness at all?) 74 . It is not correct. Illuminate this whole planet with your unconditional love. You can be firm at times. That becomes the root cause of misery. With everyone he is like that. Unconditional Love has become his nature.' Follow these 3 steps (Gratitude. the ego disappears. Merge with Him. Everyone lives in different environments. Everyone perceives everything according to his karma. Love is different and infatuation and attachment is different. Then I can shower unconditional love. never say. Whatever you have done. 183. Discipline has to be maintained but be full of Unconditional Love. because I am the one who has created it. thank you. Nachiketa asks “Why in heaven all are happy and in good health and on Earth people are unhappy and unwell?” Yama replies “With gratitude. Uska karam. 185. "Tera lakh lakh shukar hai" (Gratitude to you lakhs of time). Sabse bada mandir yeh shareer hai. Just as nature of Sun is to shine. or as lucky or knowledgeable as you. his soul agenda is with him. HE is the one who is controlling the whole body & mind. Mango cannot be a lychee. Be one with HIM. Ego disappears with offering gratitude. 190. Never judge a person. uske saath hai. causes miseries. 179. Ask yourself 'Am I learning my lessons & moving on the right path?' Do not look for answers outside. should not remain. Convincing the other means strengthening my ego & molding his ego according to my ego. Ego is ego may it be any type. Everything is „THAT SOMEONE‟ who is doing. Learn to accept everyone the way they are. Forgiveness.” If you learn a lesson from anyone either laughing or in a tough way offer gratitude. I offer gratitude to HIM. that you develop Unconditional Love. divine. his thought. When you offer gratitude the ego disappears. (His karma. spiritual cord opens up. 180. Why should there be unhappiness? If you remember God during happiness. Dukh kahe ko hoye? Sukh mei simiran kare toh dukh kahe ko hoye?? (The biggest temple is this body. 177. phal ki iccha nahi karna. Unconditional Love: loving everyone becomes part of my nature. 'I own 100% responsibility for whatever is happening to me. diseases are bound to come. Go in this. Love: One loves me and I reciprocate. Forgiveness – every person cannot be like you. Our job is not to convince him otherwise. We take responsibility and not the credit. creation of God. That love becomes conditional.” Babaji said (pointing towards himself) “I was just a seeker & I sought. uski soch. Forgiveness. It is his behavior. Unconditional Love does not mean slackness. 188. 191. Ego. 182.) A mango is a mango and a lime is a lime. Unconditional Love) and you will find miseries disappear from your life. 189. 184. God has made everyone differently so stop comparing yourself with others. powerful & can accomplish whatever you want to. Everyone is different.

A question and answer: Question: I had one abortion and feel guilty. 200. one sees his relatives are crying. he saw his body lying down was bleeding. The body dies but the mind remains alive. 205.. Never say „I am doing‟. He saw a lorry coming. 193.. 197. I saw picture of Divine Mother like Bengali Durga Maa‟s face smiling. Mind is alive according to belief systems in Gyanmai kosha. Unconditional Love and ask the soul for forgiveness. Later he narrated this experience. 199. I started astral traveling. The physical body has a silver cord connecting to 5 bodies. He ran across the road and kept running and then crossed a fence in front of him without even jumping over it and thought 'Thank God I am saved. Then I went to another room and could still see my body sitting meditating. When out of the body there was no pain. Navel is important. Ignorance of past is darkness. I moved around in the room and saw that I am sitting in meditation posture and yet am moving around. After that ask for forgiveness but then don‟t make the same mistake. I would think of a place and be there. 198. send them Sanjeevani. You will get the message that the soul has forgiven you. You made mistakes. But when he turned back and saw. Babaji elaborated this point with an example: One man was running. That day I started realizing more and more truths about myself. 194. 204. he saw his body was hit by the truck and bleeding. He is very kind. I started floating up and suddenly got scared and thought to myself 'What if I fall down?" . Not God but your own consciousness punishes you. and I came back into my body. Send Sanjeevani for few days. Second experience: I saw myself sitting in front of me. So. Dreams show that you have moved to that astral world through an etheric silver cord. This is the proof that body dies but you remain alive. I have Hypothyroidism. Karmas will neutralize & you will be disconnected from the karmic bondage. He got help and was healed. He goes up to them and says. Some percentage of negative karma dissolves and purifies to some extent. 196. During this shivir you will be experiencing many interesting phenomenons and you will know a lot about your own self. That subtle body becomes the astral body moving from one life to other. Those with 75 .192. On dying. He jumped up with the explosion and he found that he had jumped as high as 2nd floor but when he looked down. If you have learnt that you have made a mistake and done injustice to someone. He entered back into his body and immediately experienced a lot of anxiety and pain. Send light. Babaji: Abortion is a sin and the feeling of guilt is a sin too.. The umbilical cord is cut at birth but an etheric cord connects the child to his mother. If you feel guilty then it turns into punishment. 202. Apologize and talk to them asking for forgiveness. Offer gratitude to Guru and Shiva. I could move out of body and be anywhere. If you have been forgiven once then the next time punishment is much more. You must spend 2 hours daily merging with God. Light and illumination will come. your infinite powers and out of body experience. Then healing of your hypothyroidism will happen fast as the root cause is now eliminated. Invoke Sanjeevani and send to that soul. Realization that you have done something wrong means your consciousness has risen and illumination has come. 203. He is the doer. why are you crying?' But they can't see him.. 206. Tell the soul that you were helpless and weak. 'I am here. Babaji narrated his first two out of body experiences: I was studying and staying alone in a haveli (old family house). We all move out the body every night and go to another astral world. to another. 201. It will make a bridge between you and them.another… Another example: In an air raid one bomb blasted near man‟s house. Death vs sleep: At death the silver cord is broken so the astral body can't re-enter the physical body. to another… another…. 195. I could clearly see myself sitting in the other room too. 207.

Even a 1-day old child knows and listens to whatever you are thinking. In a reflex. she released it.Birth to childhood. ingratitude. The foetus has more power than you. The soul decides the parents. the foetus experiences it all. The father got very angry and was about to hit the brother. She loved her mother too but was scared of her father as her mother was scared of him. In astral body of the foetus. 213. The father used to scold the brother and this girl in the womb used to feel very bad about it. Whatever the mother sees. the mind is alive 100% from the time of conception. One girl used to get unexplained bodyache. In Prati Prasav sadhana she saw herself in the womb. If no issues are left then all subtle bodies merge with soul and the mind ceases to exist and atma-sakshatkar (self realization) happens. clairaudient. Unwanted experiences stored in the human being have to be released. One day the brother was playing and had not done his home work. It enters the mother's womb. 210. causal body. grows and in 9 months is born. religion. 211. this girl in the womb jerked back to defend herself which created so much stress that she recovered this pain after she grew up and was married. Supercausal body is the divine being. 76 . feels emotionally.208. If it is purified then it will merge with subtle bodies of higher frequency and vibrate at higher frequency. Mind with unresolved issues. She loved her brother and took pride that he was her brother. It is clairvoyant. Self-realized souls become ascended Gurus and are omnipresent in the universe. country where his/her learning lessons are appropriate and he can learn his lessons. We must release all traumas of womb and birth. the ignorant belief systems are stuck. non-forgiveness enters in lower realms and remains as ghosts. In the Prati Prasav sadhana. and kinesthetic. Their mind is fully grown. At death the mind is fully alive. hears. Cycle is from foetus to birth . 209. 212. But till every issue is resolved the atma is stuck in subtle bodies and is called „Jeevatma‟.

227. 216. Once you purify the moment you close your eyes after sadhana you will see light. 221. Write what you want ultimately: Self-realization. 224. Those blockages. 226. Every cell has a mind of its own and is connected to your mind. You saw a huge tree with many nests. mind is the sufferer). limitations have to be released by going within and re-living those traumas from that time and life. touch. your level of consciousness When a child is born his mind is fully developed. 225. Positive thinking is only possible if those karmic factors are removed from roots. 238. Dritrashtra cried. It is very important to purify the mind. When you release it your behavior will change. Until we release the root causes. Suddenly someday when you see that you can't meditate means that some blockage has come up. hearing. Write what you want immediately. mind is the sufferer. Your every thought is controlled by your Sanchit karma. Write your age: how long you want to live. Write what type of health you want. how many marks. 222. it is pushed into the subconscious mind. First. taste. longevity. When traumas are there they don‟t come up very easily. yearly deposits. 233. Write what success you want. how are they behaving.214. 220. If you have not purified your mind and you close your eyes you will see darkness. Krishna saw and said. Write your spiritual status. Write how your children should be: That they are positive. how many monthly deposits. Write what status you want in society. Mann hi karta mann hi bhogta (mind is the doer. Buddha had more than 500 lives. Write what you want after some time. 234. Art of materialization: Write daily. are all registered in your cellular memory. 77 . every year. 231. Along with the 5 senses seeing. „I am blind and my 100 sons have died‟. Do Prati Prasav Sadhana. 223. „You once were a bheliya (hunter of birds). 229. Due to smoke many birds became blind. It controls our every reflex action and thought. how much you want every month. your body weight. Write what what kind of education you want. 237. Root cause of every disease is psychosomatic connected with some past incident. Mind and body are super computers. 215. We keep on receiving 3% impressions and how we react to it is 97%. Hell and heaven are also a creation of mind. The mind runs away here and there. 230. You had a good catch but that karmic obligation came to this life‟. so that you can complete unaccomplished work. Write what type of life you want. Write what prosperity you want. Write what relationships you want. on a rough paper and then feel it and write into the Golden Book ALL has to be written in the present tense as if you have already received it all. 217. You threw a burning net on the tree. illumination and experience bliss. You can achieve anything you want. 235. Every sad and traumatic impression has to be released. how intelligent you wish them to be. The experience of every second is registered in your cells. 219. bank balance. Either we release them or they are going to come as prarbadh. More than 100 children of birds were burnt dead. 228. 236. smell. 232. Write what type of body you want. Nothing is forgotten. Your present moment states are connected to these and past life incidents. admission into which college/school. He released all karmic impressions. My reaction will depend upon my previous psychic impressions which I have stored and my karmas. the situations will not change. you have the power. One can't help it. Mind is the creator. 218.

249. health. Believe that „I am absolutely healthy‟ and you will be. mind. your own mind creates the suffering. It's up to you what you choose to create. Annamai kasha is physical body. First make yourself that powerful illumination. 245. 78 . along with these 5 senses there are 5 reactions & your emotions. You react emotionally. 251. then I am invincible. 255. It will travel to Pranmai & Manomai Shariras & get stored in Gyanmai. then automatically illumination will come. Those messages are entering your mind.. Babaji gave example of Meera Bai that the cellular power is within you. Then according to past experiences either the mind will expand it more or let it go. prosperous‟ and it WILL happen from somewhere. your energy becomes such. Whatever psychic impressions you have. A lady had fibroids in her uterus. With emotions you can raise your consciousness and attain God. collected set of karmas are removed but then new set of good karmas has to be set in. Your aura will shrink and have dark clouds. PPS is the science of the Self. Emotion expands. God has given us 5 senses to feel happy in whatever the world is offering. In between you and God are Sanchit karmas. in everything. It will become cause for your thoughts & reactions to situations & people. Give 1% and it expands to 100%. 246. Gyanmai kosha is causal body. Babaji gave example of a devotee. compassion & happiness. Fate is according to Sanchit karmas. Your belief must get converted to constructiveness and move upward and not get connected to destructive thoughts. sorrow. 242. power. Anandmai kosha is super causal body. 243. You can also misuse it to fall down . 241. in relationships. Believe that „I am very very successful. Approach the mind. success. 250. Doctor had told her to operate and remove them. 254. Learn about your consciousness. The fibroids were gone and the doctor was surprised. But we are using it in opposite way to feel jealous and sad. I own 100% responsibility for what is occurring in my mind. Then the destiny is different. 258. But first you have to remove the limiting belief system.239. is invincible and has all the powers. jealousy etc. 247. After analyzing it. In Prati prasav sadhna (PPS) one goes on releasing these limiting beliefs. The root cause of every disease is psychosomatic. it is pushed in the subconscious mind and is stored in Gyanmai Kosha as Sanchit karma. failures or success and happiness. I have the same power that God has. 259. your own subtle bodies. We have these 5 bodies. Manomai kosha (mind)is astral body. 253. Vibrations give rise to energy and energy give rises to matter. Reactions + emotions becomes your psychic impressions. Sorrow. 240. You must have access to these 5 bodies. It is your responsibility to create your behavior. We carry limited belief systems. Situation is 3% but your reaction is 97%.adhogati. A saint has that level of purity that when he says 'bless you' blessings will come your way. 248. Pranmai kosha is Etheric body. 244. Your consciousness must rise to that level. If Sanchit karma has been cleansed completely then every thought will be full of love. Every six months do PPS. She did PPS and went for check-up. you can process any toxin and convert it to healing energy with your belief like Meera Bai converted poison to amrit and digested it. 256. Emotional negative reaction means you have given birth to a karma. Human body is special. sadness. Believe in yourself that the Self is infinite. 252. 257. are all negative energy. By PPS.

uske saare abhav mit jayenge' (one who has known Shiva. Bring FOCUS & do what you want. Emotions of anger. Jeevan bhar paap karte rahe toh…. He said sure. FEEL and write. Babaji told us about a saint he met who could pick up very. 273. 269. Every saint has only one aim. Do not do any bad karma. complaining. It is told that in Kaliyuga. 275. Babaji tried hard but could not move it an inch also. in young age they will have diseases. Write Golden Book (GB) daily to create neuro-pathways. Your every reflex action is controlled by your thoughts. 272. We have to release all those psychic impressions which are responsible for your present behavior. all the lack from his life will disappear). karmic baggage. He has already attained Param Ananda and sees how the lives of others can be illuminated too. Then Babaji asked him that he was thin and having soft muscles. Shiv ki sharan mei jana hoga (you have to surrender to Shiva). 262. then there will be destruction. Learn your lessons lovingly and happily. Koi bura kaam nahi karna. they were so heavy. then how could he lift them and spin them with so much ease. life after life. We are wasting all our energies in petty incidents and are stuck there. he will do the dance of destruction. „loka samsta sukhino bhavantu‟ (Let everyone be happy). How can man be free from all these? Mystery is 'Shiva. 276. 277. Make use of this durlabh manushya tann. jo Shiv ko jaan gaya. Have ONLY ONE emotion and that is „har haal mei khushi‟ (happiness in every situation). Then we start our next life with those set of limited beliefs that we brought forward from our previous lives. 261. (After surrendering to Shiva. jealousy and all negative emotions have to be released COMPLETELY. tandav hoga. bade Bhagya se paya (rare human body which you have got very luckily). If you waste your lifetime. they will not have respect for elders and others and there will be many difficulties and unhappiness in their lives. 268. Then creation will happen. But the learning has disappeared and complaints and unresolved issues are there. When all Sanchit karmas are cleared fill that empty space with what you want. From every life we gather psychic impressions. sorrow. The Saint told him that he am lifting these with his Pranmai shareera/Etheric body. Jitney bhaari karm maine kiye honge utne hi bhaari mere bhog honge (my suffering will be as heavy as karmas were). 271. 270. The etheric body is very powerful. We all must have access to our sukshma shareeras. Sharan mei jane ke baad Shiva ruthe toh fir parlay. much more powerful than the physical body. Imprint it all at mind level. What you want to create switch on & switch off what you don‟t want. 265. Our soul gets stuck at intense negative incidents and emotions. 263. one who is a devotee of Shiva will attain ultimate peace. If you lose control and react. life and time is going to waste you. cells. Now they are controlling all our thoughts and reactions in this life. If you have this attitude then you are growing. 267. the lifespan of people will be short. 274. You must learn to switch on & off. 266. jisne Shiv ki aradhana kar li woh param shanti ko prapt hoga.?? (If all your life you have done bad karmas. if Shiva gets upset. Babaji asked him can I try. Soul had created those incidents so that we learn lessons from them. You have a long way to go. Uss sant ka sang karo jisne Shiv ko prapt kiya hai (be in the company of that saint who has attained Shiva). in your consciousness.) 79 . then do more & more sadhana. You bring wasteful thoughts in you and they will waste you.260. then…?) pratyek manushya apni soch aur gyan ke anusar sochta hai (every man thinks according to his knowledge and way of thinking). 264. nerves. very heavy weights and spin it around.

279. mother-father. criticism. milta jayega. Baaki Shiv par chodo. Unconditional Love. Leave everything else to Him). Shiv ke ho toh Shiv ke hi ho ke rah jao. husband-wife. Jeevan badal jayega. Each and every moment keep feeling and experiencing the grace of Shiva). 280. Then you can materialize whatever you want. (You belong to Shiva. It is a blissful experience when one is one with God. so remain His. You have experienced every religion. You have that power. 80 . 282. Jaise jaise raste khulte jayenge.278. Manthan ke samaii bhi pehle halahal vish aaya tha (when we do sadhana. then you can say that everyone belongs to me and I belong to them. religion. more and more bliss and unconditional love. 285. We don‟t know what is best for us. My duty is to keep doing my work. But as your path starts clearing. you will go on receiving). 283. Mera kartavya hai karm karte rehna. Kshan pratikshan Shiva kripa anubhav karte raho. One should never talk ill about any religion. Atma & Paramatma…. disturbances/obstacles come. First poison had come first out even during the ocean churning). In each life you may be born in different religions. Religion is the phenomenon of the physical body and not of the immortal you. Jab sadhana karte hai toh marg mein kuch na kuch updrav aate hai. Am I better off than I was before or not? If you are better off that means Shiv kripa ho rahi hai. Your life will change. A person becomes more conscious of his physical body. (If you are better off that means Shiva is showering grace on you. mehnat karna. But ignorance starts when you hate other religions. work hard. You have to bring in 2 things in you to be able to vibrate at that level: 'Sat Chit Anand' and Unconditional Love. (you cry for what you have not got. love. It is very good. True identity of Atma is 'Sat Chit Anand' and of Paramatma is Unconditional Love. 281. 284. Joh nahi mila uske liye vilap karte hai. resentment. society. You should have NO emotions of jealousy. The more and more purification.that‟s the only relationship. When we do PPS we receive real wisdom.

Then. Stop receiving psychic negative impressions. From three gunas to niraguna. because something or the other will be happening. Why are you holding on to incidents and re-living them daily through out your life? Subconsciously it is in your mind. 291. 'I will ask when I need. Third state: Dreaming state of consciousness. with happiness or with sadness. In PPS. If you materialize once. Your emotions have to be of Unconditional Love and bliss and not that of hatred. In PPS many many samskars get destroyed. Head will spin. 289. Chiti is connected to Kundalini. Second state: Sleeping state of consciousness. in some people symptoms are subtle but in some people more prominent. 296. Choose reaction which is good for your ultimate good. Do not snub whatever kriyas that happen in the body. All the processes are to awaken Kundalini. We say „Kundalini‟ when it is in sleeping state and when in wakeful state we call it „Chiti‟. the next one much faster and ultimately it will be instant. 290. When in that blissful state. Release all incidents which are not good for your ultimate good. 292. When Shakti goes up the samskaras are destroyed and the pathway is cleared and created for Kundalini to rise up. You can choose to react. Fourth state: 'Turiya' is the truth. That is the indication that the process is working. anger. jealousy. Only human beings have the power to choose. 287. 294. You have to observe subtly and see. 298. Let whatever is happening happen. They are stored as Sanchit karmas and have to be released. not Gods. in rare cases one may even become unconscious.' A stage will come when you will be in a constant stage of Bliss…that har haal mei khushi (happiness in all situations). Raising of Kundalini/chiti shakti. then the next materialization will be faster. A lot of vibrations is felt. Initially you have to make a little effort to materialize. then it will become easy and automatic. 299. It is also a consciousness. Vedas were downloaded by the Rishis by connecting to the Divine in silence. both are equally confident that they will get what they ask for. Find that. You have to experience Unconditional Love through this body. then your every action and conscious behavior is going to reflect that incident‟s impressions. Attune yourself to the language of silence. Let whatever is happening happen naturally. Go further beyond the mind. then a millionaire or one who has nothing in bank. You must become absolutely pure and your consciousness must rise. the next step is 'Sat Chit Anand'. The state of mind beyond that we call „Chiti Shakti‟. raising of consciousness. 300. 295. Do not encourage it too. pain. Silence is the language of truth. 293. Kundalini is Divine Mother. When Kundalini rises. it's very foolish to say „nothing is happening‟. not animals.286. Mind is: First state: Awakening state of consciousness. the light. You can choose to choose what will make you grow. It‟s up to you to make an incident traumatic or learning. Then one day stage will come when you don‟t want anything but all the things will come to you naturally. in Sushumna all impressions of all our past lives are stored. sorrow incidents. Even in the darkest moment is present a ray of light. is the Cosmic state ofconsciousness. 297. From Mooladhar through Sushumna. 81 . Their characteristics remain the same. 288. I am in a state of Bliss. Always find ways to be happy in all circumstances.

Have belief and devotion for whatever you want to achieve. You will find vibrations rising. With Pratiprasav Sadhana all is thrown out . 302. create the emotion of shraddha. Shooting pain is indication of „thought entity‟ which we are holding on to. Prana kriyas balance your physical body. every moment. 315. The whole vast universe is one. success.. 308.301. then. But if you are at lower vibration level and wish for things of higher vibration level. Once you release them all then consciousness is free to travel out. it will disappear immediately. He is going to work for me. God loves you more than what you love yourself. God is within you. Life. He is going to make things successful for me. and be one with God and rest in peace there. One has to activate the mantras. Once they have departed they must go to their dimensions. Close your eyes and call. Don‟t believe in the thing that you don‟t want. Morning pain means alive entity. God is Nirguna. Suddenly that unfoldment happens. You must love to help others.. I want so-so to call me.The 6th element is Guru tatwa which controls and balances the 5 elements. how can you get it? You can't. there is congestion inside. and it happens. sankirtan. o I command all perfect health to be attracted to me. have this strong belief that he is always standing beside you. scared or excited. I attract health easily. Calmness comes. Release all reasons to cry in your meditations. He comes instantly. i. 314. Sometimes departed ones also cling on to the living loved ones. you must let go of ALL old impressions. Pratiprasav sacred Sadhana. 305. Focus breathing on pain. you can relax and go as deep as you want. bliss and success becomes natural. mantras (jagrit or live mantras). 303. Thought moves the world around you. chanting. I attract success easily. Next is belief and devotion for God.. belief and devotion. If you keep their photo they remain in the house and be a guest in the body of their loved ones. 306. One fails or gets beaten only if doubt comes instead of belief. I attract love easily. Develop the belief that He comes instantly. We are made up of 7 elements. e. good karma o Sadhana – various methods. Nirakara. 317. When you vibrate at higher level you can get whatever you want. good relationships becomes much easier. believe that He is going to help you. Command: o I command all success to be attracted to me.g.. 311. Help. o I command radiant relationships to be attracted to me. tejomai . 304. Breath flows differently when you are angry. 82 . something happens at muscular level and organs. uski bimari mujhe lag jaye par vo theek ho jaye‟. Release happens through: o Suffering them out. When ever we meet or sit together we must laugh but ignorantly we have developed the habit of crying and if the other person does not cry then we are unhappy.e.g. 307. 319. When you are calm breath is calm. but don‟t get into these silly negotiations. 312. o I command all love to be attracted to me.empty space inside. You can materialize whatever you want. Emotions of shraddha (faith) and bhakti (devotion) are very important to achieve higher dimension. you release accumulated karmas. Live mantra means mantra has become „naad‟ and then it has become „Shakti‟. If you call Him „please come‟. I attract radiant relationships easily. Don‟t get infatuated or attached to any thing or any person strongly. bhakti.means high vibrations. If I make my breath calm I can accelerate the releasing process. formless. thought entity e. If you want your life to be powerful. Looking at everyone with unconditional love. 316. in. Fix focus on that one God. Breath is a phenomenon which is attached to every incident and psychic impressions of your life. but with so many issues. By constantly releasing you become tejasvi. Believe that God is with me all the time. when we think something too much. 318. 309. 313. Depends on how deep you go. (let me get his disease and he be healed). Emotions and breath are co-related. 310. sacred prana kriyas. repayment o Nishkam sewa.

328. He is very happy and in bliss. o Question: Babaji. If you love them you must release them lovingly. An incident happens. All Gods. If emotions are negative then they get stored as powerful Sanchit karma and they will influence your thoughts. asur. If negative energy in your house is 0 then the positive energy in your house will be 100%. 83 . because there is some big trauma behind the sensations. manushya. 330. (I am in the Universe and the whole Universe in inside me. devta. happily and get on with your present life. 332. All 5 senses become very strong with inner perception. o Babaji: Do not get attached to aborted children. My mother is very depressed and can't forget them. Satya – jo sochta hai woh hi bolta hai toh all the energy of all five bodies is in one channel. It depends on you. If inner vibrations are different to what you say then there will be conflict in you.. Stop comparing. Exhale fully and hold the breath at the base of the spine. if she loves them she must release them. 329. 323.. the first glimpses will come. Stop complaining and you will not need any healthy treatments. you may or may nor perceive it happening. o In cases of normal BP: Inhale breath and hold breath. concentrating on Mooladhar. o Question: Babaji my father and my brother passed away within 6 months. As the purification increases accordingly your power will increase.. 324. If we change the past. Your inner self can see and feel everything. It is cruel to hold them because they suffer. Give love and happiness to him. If the positive energy in your house is 0 then the negative in your house will be 100%. Release happens automatically. it has to be released. moolabandh (pulling up anus and genital muscles). good or bad because otherwise your karmas will go with you. I have a special child. you got grey/black energy. You emit vibrations of what you think and say. Accept him as a member of your family. Perception is what you perceive of the outside world by your 5 senses.320. In Pratiprasav sadhana. hot. 331. 322. In all the jobs that you couldn‟t accomplish. they need to move on. kinnar. 335. you will shine. It is in you subconscious mind and it is going to control your conscious thoughts and is going to create black energy in your cellular system. Koormi kriya. we punish them. Become aware of your inner perceptions. demons are in this Universe). Then you become very powerful and you can manifest what you want. Clairvoyance – is to see what the eyes can't see. o Koormi kriya: if one has high BP: Bring consciousness at the root. What is day dreaming? Feeling sad about the past. 326. 334. To get a person back on right track explain to him/her lovingly and confidently instead of shouting. etc). o Babaji: Don‟t express helplessness in front of the child. Don‟t insult him by thinking he is any lesser.. she cries for them. Bahya Kumbhak. we make them suffer by holding on to them and crying for them. All this will be attracted to you when you have belief and faith in God and then you will develop faith and belief in yourself. 321. o Babaji: When we think much about the departed people. Don‟t cling to them. Do prana kriyas regularly: nadi shodhan. Clairaudience – is to hear what the ears can't hear. Explain this to your mother. Mai Brahmand mein hoon aur poora Brahmand mujhme hai. worried about the future…. any impression you see is garbage and unresolved issue. 333. some sensations in the body (cold. YOU feel he is lesser from your normal state but he doesn‟t know the difference. 336. Do not say anything else when you are thinking something else. the whole incident gets registered and gets transferred in to Gyanmaya kosha. the present changes. It is his soul‟s journey and his contract with his parents. Some question and answers: o Question: I aborted 2 children and think of them often lovingly. let them go to light. Sanjeevani and let go. 327. Isi Brahmand mein sabhi hai. Human Beings. how much you purify yourself. Give them unconditional Love. 325. In Pratiprasav sadhana.

(Feel happy looking at everyone. 341. there are many Divine beings who help souls to evolve. he is still alive. 340. In astral world.Shiva comes in the form of Guru. o Brahma – utpatti (creation) o Vishnu (Narayana) – paalan (sustenance) o Shiva (Rudra) – sanghar (destruction) 5 Krityas : 4th Kritya is Shiva. Fill yourself with gratitude. When you criticize (even calmly) you go outside. birth and death. Do khush logo ko dekh ke khushi. When sukshma sharira (subtle body) is pure. shelter then the response will be either fight or flight. It will give you nourishment of positive energy. offer gratitude immediately. Har ek ko dekh ke khushi.337. etc) then at the time of death and after death he will become 1000 times more miserable. In deeper areas there is no food. You must not emit darkness. That area becomes healing area. illumination. then you experience that there is no such thing as death. If a person has Guru in his life then 4th Kritya . very limited and the attitude should be that how I can give more and more happiness.e. you go inside. He gives self realization. Go deep inside yourself. calm down the mind and relax. instant changes come in sukshma sharira by thought alone. The mother‟s womb is like entering your 6th body. Learn to see only the good in people and praise. Whatever you think emotionally. Food is not food but „Annapoorneshwari‟. Unconditional Love. Always develop positive attitude. You can enter any dimension by thought. love instead of „I want love‟ and should live in a very contented state. forgiveness. That will activate your positive energy. If life is revolving around food. if you have not risen above it. It is ignorance and they continue suffering. illumination. 347. Expectations from the family should be least. you get into a „Soul contract'. 351. 352. Thank lovingly. 343. By organizing bhajans and sankirtan regularly. Atma is immortal. 349. Food is there only for sustenance. we go outside. 342. 344. Khane ke liye math jina (do not live to eat). ONLY illumination. 350. It will drain and release negative energies of that day that you have carried back at home. 84 . then it HAS to materialize into reality sometime or the other in this life or the next. why are you giving me‟? in your aura this phenomenon happens immediately and the aura shrinks. At lower frequency you can't even feel him. feel happy when you see two people happy) Normally one starts feeling jealous and insecure. Desire to rise must be there. 339. When you receive help. but should eat only to live. then you will know that everything is beyond life. 5th Kritya is „Paratpar Shiva‟. sex. people get attracted to you immediately. I am grateful for whatever is there. If one is miserable (in anger. Jeevatma too. that time you realize the value of food. 348. in that place (where Swadhyaya & kirtan takes place) healing happens. Anything and everything is for myself. When a person leaves the body. „I don‟t need. 345. 354. Through this body you can resolve any issue if you want to resolve it and live in a very peaceful and happy mental state. i. Dakshinamoorti comes to give you wisdom that you rise above death – „thiro bhav‟. Emotionally you feel the same as you were feeling when you the body was alive. Instead we say with ego. prosperity and healing. then punarapi jananam and punrapi maranam (in the cycle of birth and death) You need someone to help you rise. Always bow down to food. When sookshma shareer (subtle body) is pure. In the Astral body it materializes immediately. offer gratitude. pain. When you are praising God or anyone. But if you get detached from happiness and sorrow and get attached to higher energies. We carry our miseries to higher dimensions. energy goes very high. resentment. 353. Happiness and sorrow are the phenomenon of physical body and it remains even after death. When we are restless mentally. belief in yourself. the physical body dies. 338. then after death also you are free of happiness and sorrow. then you will vibrate at higher frequency and then you will be able to see God. A person should not live like an animal just giving importance to food. 346.

and will merge with Shiva. when you do. Bhoorva loka. At the time of death if one will urinate / pass stool. these knots will block its passage and it will not be able to rise up. no unresolved issues and has forgiven everyone. emotions. If one is bad. Even if one has not done Sadhana but he has no issues left. All the rotating chakras are connected by an Etheric tube called „Shushumna‟. According to your moods. it is his/her karma. 356. There are various levels of consciousness. As soon as merging happens. 358. Babaji gave an example of a football player in Norway he met. Kundalini rises but if Sushumna has knots of unresolved issues and negative emotions. then since free passage to move is not there. 361. 365. Shakti resides in Mooladhar and Shiva in the Sahasrara. it gets blocked and can't rise. realization happens. no anger. very pure and illuminated then Shakti will rise without any obstacles and hurdles. Meher loka. 357. Negative emotions create knots and get stored in Sushumna. Siddha loka. Jana loka. 364. I used to sing in the praise of my Guru.355. 359. Brahma loka. The energy vortex of illumination and darkness gets formed which rise up and down. thoughts your Shakti/consciousness keep ascending and descending. The blind girl said she saw a light come out of him and go to God. you go closer to your Guru. He was detached and used to do his duties. 85 . you don‟t get attached to their bad karmas. When Kundalini starts rising. Sanket Vidya is infinite wisdom. He got atma sakshatkar (self realization). We have to raise the Shakti. It has to be very. We have 7 chakras. According to his mental state Jeevatma goes to (respective) lokas : Pitru loka. 363. Praise is illumination. He had a blind daughter. his Kundalini will rise and come out of Sahasrara at the time of death. means he has a lot of negative emotions and you unresolved issues and has gone to „pret yoni‟. Awaken your Kundalini during your living time. our consciousness from Mooladhar to Sahasrara. 360. At the time of death God gives a chance. One he died in the playground. 366. The dark black cloud of negative karmas remains with you if you criticize anyone. Attach only to the positive. so it goes down and has to leave the body through Mooladhar. 362.

Whole day work. then after death the hunger is 1000 times more. Illumination passing through your own mind reflects these. We collect all nonsense foolish emotions of ego. 379. demon of sorrow. We can very well do without these emotions. 370. small. He has blessings of Guru and is very. Humari adhogati ho rahi hai (you are falling down). This is „pret yoni‟. demon of resentments. You have to release all those negative psychic impressions through Sadhana. 378. resentments. What's happening in my life is not true. 368. If at death the vasana is that of hunger. ladai karega (if he is stuck then at night he will shout and fight).. Forgiveness. so is the kind of people and incidents you will attract. For food. one goes to lower realms. Yama told Nachiketa. „Brahm Granthi‟. At night do shanty karma. At Agya: rising above death. Unnecessarily you are annoyed/upset. Unconditional Love very easily opens the sushumna passage completely. Three steps: Gratitude.367. Acid test for a rising person is „ratri bela‟. 86 . Everyone has got their soul agenda and come. Garbage of all nonsense emotions is stored in Sushumna.. If you are bad. anger. 372. 377. Passage of Sushumna has to be clean. 371. Release all unresolved issues. 382.. Through aushadhi (medicine) or through mantra you can purify Mercury. 374. 373. Demon of anger. but the body is dead. (granthi means knot) At the time of death God gives a desperate last try for human being to ascend. The clean mercury shines. Mercury Linga and Shri Chakra gives a lot of prosperity and happiness in the house. Person there is very scared and is lost. blockage is on the Swadhishthan chakra. the whole sushumna has to be cleansed and made hollow. khush aur shant hoga (he will be happy and peaceful). very dirty. So if Kundalini can't move beyond Swadhishthan then one goes to Pitru loka. Whatever you are thinking all the time is engraved in your mind and gets reflected. o Anahat: enters Meher loka o Vishuddhi: enters Jana Loka o Agya: enters Siddha loka.. Jeevatma needs a body. Don‟t be afraid of those demons. This is lower dimension. resentments are all my priced possessions. very lucky. 376. he is enlightened being.. Actually they are all punishment to yourself. very thin. everyone is bad. and another. person or place. Lower dimension is the dimension of pain and sorrow. 380. liberated from life cycle. sushumna is very. demon of ego. very. 375. then another. When at death Kundalini is blocked. they are reflections of your own mind. o If you are infatuated or worried with family members. Let go of them. If at death one is „miserable‟ then after death misery is 1000 times more. „Vishnu Granthi”. If you are good. Just change your thoughts. everyone is good. o If Kundalini leaves through Mooladhar then Jeevatma gets stuck on earth plane and that too is not a good plane to be in.. The grandfather gets re-born in the same family. I live here as well as on another dimension. very gross. small issues which have no significance in life. 369. all come at the time of death to torture the Jeevatma. My complaints. complexes. o Sahasrar: enters Brahm Loka. Mercury is a symbol of Shiva. be peaceful. earn. The bright light of the projector is my consciousness. Life is a reflection (not reality) of past life samskaras just like impressions on a movie reel. We need energy particles to create a new body and in the lower dimensions they are very. he will do shanty karmas in the night. We cling to them and they harm us. All of us have 5 bodies and a Higher Self. I am a multi-dimensional being. Atka hua hoga toh ratri ko halla. I am my own enemy. At Vishuddhi is „Rudra Granthi‟. First is the attachment to physical body. Guru can open it. there is another nadi in sushumna. What ever is your state of mind. 381. o If he leaves body from Manipur he goes to swarg loka. complaints. If karmas are blocking Sushumna then Kundalini cannot rise. Jeevatma is hovering around the body.

o A dead man has these answers but he cannot return to correct them. o An invisible force pulls it up without restrictions and you see all light. Be there whenever you feel stuck. 396. sulking. one merges with his Higher Self wherever it is. speaking. deep meditation. You are not this body. Without this body I cannot do punya. I go in deep meditation and don‟t feel like coming. But at the time of death. Throughout life one must do punyas (good meritorious deeds). You can now come back from Guru Mandala and correct yourself. o If you are a very spiritual person and have a Guru then you will want to call your Guru. 394. (I become what my intentions are. Jaisi meri bhavana hogi. You are not this mind. merged with infinite and then emerging in Infinite. demoted to lower dimensions. Everyone has spiritual guides who help us.383. answers will flow in your mind. He becomes one with God. o There you can ask unanswered questions to which you want answers. If I am stuck at the Swadhistan. Intention should be to do punya (merit) in full awareness. He will hold your hand and take you to higher realms. 384. Bade Bhagya manush tann pawa. mai vaisa ban jaunga. o The Self merges with the Higher Self. So when they do punyas and go to higher dimensions their spiritual guide also enters those higher dimensions. o Be in the Guru Mandala and seek answers. You feel good when you are closer to them. 389. We will learn to command this body and mind. you will have mind-to-mind conversation. There is power in your voice to call God. 391. Sankirtan: Now with so much purity. the power has to come in your voice to call Shiva. Journey to the Guru Mandala: o First all consciousness collects together in the Mooladhar and through Sushumna rises up and enters reaching up to wherever the free passage in Sushumna is cleansed (no blockage). you enter light and see all spiritual guides who have been helping you. Ultimately God becomes his guide. 392. Devotees were singing. ascension. o You were born to resolve issues instead you have multiplied them and gone up. If you have issues you cannot resolve and have no answers. It is very important to learn to relax yourself. You are not this body. then my Higher Self will reside at Bhoorva Loka. 395. Re-start your life and move to right path. log haath laga laga ke daan dente hai (people give charity). You go into deep. You will see Him coming down and feel the bliss and tranquility. There are various levels of ascension that a person perceives according to his conscious level. hearing. then go up there. You have to correct yourself during your life time. At death. Intention is important. Then the spiritual guides ascend. You drift towards them and move up with them. their guide and Higher Self is pulled down. They get promotion. Through this body you are seeing. then higher guides come and become his guide as per his purification level. o You experience merging with light. One who is bent on suffering. Conversation will not be verbal. Tell them to remove blockages and show you where you have gone wrong and to guide you to the path of light. Dying. you all are singing very well now. Babaji came and told them. You are not this mind. 87 . 385. They are divine beings made up of light. feeling.) A Human Being is never born alone. Souls will enter the dimension as per their karma. 397. through punyas. Without punyas I am static and cannot rising up. 388. Why do they help us? I can ascend only through a human body. This is ascension. Second method is that you become a spiritual guide of other people. 386. „Yoga‟ state of mind is without any issues. they disappear. 393. clearing passage and raising the Kundalini. 390. Baad mei bahut der ho jayegi. they are very kind Masters. realization are all the same thing. you can go very deep into yourself. Khana-poorti higher dimensions mein nahi chalti hai. You see yourself in the form of light body. ask them. 387. o God says in this meditation review your life and see where you should have changed. but this mind belongs to you. I sit in my rest room and listen to you. but this body is yours. o When you are calm and relaxed.

Truth is omnipresent. One type of Guru blesses and brings changes in your life. but it means receiving more and more. Bhagwan ki krupa hogi toh sur aur music apne aap niklega. „Why this happened?‟ – in ShivYog never do this research. 401. One who is not worthy has lot of negative psychic impressions. Thakte nahi. 403. A famous singer got up and came to stage and said that he would sing for Babaji. 411. but for herself. It's not going to help. Babaji gave an example to illustrate this point: Bade Baba was lying down. All should learn it.398. 407. Guru is a tatwa. change yourself and then teach others too. Then some villagers came and sang for Babaji. 400. Light energy attracts light energy. however old the disease may be. ShivYogi sings for God. Even after years when you learn that lesson the path changes. For healing send light to that incident. 412. Show them the light and release them. You try to help others and your path opens up." When you connect to God. The organizers told Babaji that the singer was singing for Him and why did He not respond to her and that she felt insulted when He sat up and listened to the villagers singing.‟ People think renouncing the world means giving up. All unresolved issues will clear up and all spirits will go. Bridge is the Ascended Masters and Guru. Don‟t ask intellectual questions. Just know what you want and seek that. 410. BELIEVE! Behind every aliment and suffering is a lesson is to be learned. 404. Play these 5 mantras 11 times at home. o Omkar mantra o Mahamritunjaya mantra o Gayatri mantra o Namah Shivaya mantra o Om tatvamasi mantra All negativities will go. 399. „Whether one is worthy or not but transformation will happen and they will become worthy. the situation changes and healing happens. you can sing on high notes. The famous singer got annoyed and left the stage. 409. Bhagwan ki Shakti aa jati hai. Your Guru is very simple and so is Shiva. 406. You all will become best in singing. They are stuck in people because they cannot see the light. These villagers were singing for me so I heard them. All those who have accounts of punyas and are destined to attain liberation will be attracted to Shivyog. 402. You can sing and dance endlessly. Spread it. 405. "The singer was singing not for me. All Masters are one. not an individual. Babaji sat up and listened to them. All unresolved issues and spirits will go. Babaji said. You receive more and more love through the disciples (ShivYog is all full of love). You have given hurt to someone and negative karmic impression has been created. Someone asked me that you are giving all this knowledge to so many people but if someone is not worthy of it? I told. Play the 5 mantras (specified below) CD to purify all negativity from your house. She sang. not for you. Babaji said you must learn what I have learnt. Don‟t go into fact finding. Things are very simple. Focus your energy on what you want and first believe that what you want can happen. 408. Dhayn karte karte bhajan nikal aata hai. In one session a lot of these will be blasted and he will become worthy. It can happen now. Your throat will never get sick. o 88 . an element. Right now. Then the inner consciousness works and not the teachings of music. Gurus come. Babaji‟s back was towards her. If you sit for one sadhana also you become worthy. Just for 21 days follow the teachings of ShivYog 100%. he kept lying in the same position. Guru is anyone who removes darkness and brings light in your life. Shiva comes and heals. Healing takes place with Swadhyaya and Sankirtan. Pray for the ascension of spirits.

the end. 417. Witness from a distance. but only crystal clear will only manifest. 415. o From now onwards do not materialize anything ignorantly. The lesson has to be learnt. Ascension: Do not let ego come and logically make yourself right. Only in ignorance we talk about the past and future. How much you want to earn and how much you want to save. o From now onwards do not use anymore of garbage language like. it has become your horoscope. Write the mid term goals also in the present tense as if you have already got it. Please do not rationalize or analyze. You must be crystal clear about the goal of your life. Write notes on what you want. Do not use logic or conscious mind. Do not let the logic mind pick up the egocentric logic. 419. I must reach the core. for our suffering. The darkness stored inside and the karmic impressions get released. the root of this problem where it began. 89 . Whatever you write with these hands will materialize. o At night. We feel someone else is responsible for the painful incidents. „maybe‟. Your hands are now full of Sanjeevani. Release these two habits. We receive pain at inner level but forgive superficially. Forgiving without understanding and realization. Write monthly figure. You must be very well aware of what you want and what is the purpose of your life. One person has to become the witness first. Golden Book: (Read full notes on Golden Book) o Write the immediate goal of your life. It creates psychic impressions. Every time you chant. 420. What you have to accomplish. 414. Every incident happening now has some seed of the past. What work have you come here to do.413. The subconscious mind does not analyze. Focus only on what you want. 422. o From now your language should be „I have this.‟ „I‟m more flexible‟. close your eyes and visualize it all in the present moment. and thinking that other is at fault will not give results. ultimate goal. o Body – what kind of body you want. Cycle of cause and effect happens when both think the other is wrong. o Success – what kind of success you want. you must know what you want for yourself and your family. see what you want. All the unresolved issues and psychic impressions that you are carrying now are causing you suffering. Process of ascension: Start with what problem you have. „I will try‟. otherwise conscious mind will take over and healing will not happen. Healing will happen only when you are ready to shift from darkness to light. read your Golden Book. monthly savings and yearly savings. We must repent if we have done something wrong to the other. Understand from the core of your heart that I went wrong somewhere. involve yourself and become one with HIM. Just stick to only one point what you want. Not vague. Never hurt anyone. 421. mid-term goal. It will purify the karma. o Family – what type of relationships you want with your family. Witness the incident and learn the lesson. o Financial – what kind of financial situation/state you want. No attachments. o Create neuro-pathways of what you want. this will not work. they are all the hurts you have given to others. 418. o Keep one Sri Yantra (or Mahamritunjaya Yantra) on top and one below the golden book. It just picks it up without analyzing. 416. When you are complaining or hiding you are not flowing with nature. Go deep in and forgive. „I am doing exercises and sweating‟. The subconscious mind is very truthful.

what is happiness. At that time the soul is very close to Nirguna. no infatuation attached. In higher realms they can clearly see their mistakes and the soul decides let me go back in the same conditions and incidents and this time I will resolve it. and learn my lessons.423. Very lovingly he is asked to review his life. Every human being has their own life script and their own agreement with their soul. is indifferent. what is sorrow. it is very indifferent. receives healing and any leftover emotions gets released. o 431. Write your Golden Book daily till you have achieved what you want. 428. o If I have children who are misbehaving means I didn‟t learn my lesson of tolerance. no negativity. In body it is closer to Saguna. 430. Pure soul sees light. what is bad. to one baby you give all cleanliness and say this is happiness. It is very difficult to say what is good. This will become his belief. To the other baby bring him up in garbage and foul smell. As soon as I learn my lesson my body heals. 426. What kind of body I chose is my soul agenda. no emotions. 427. When Jeevatma leaves the body it rises up. (Read full notes on Golden Book) If they can't see light at death then negative emotions will go on projecting and will take the shape of demons. 90 . This is a debatable issue. Babaji explained that you take two babies. and is closer to Nirguna. 429. and say this is happiness. These people get scared and go on suffering endlessly. Happiness and sorrow is phenomenon of this body which we create ourselves. 424. It is your life script. They „witness‟ their life. 425. They go to higher realms with masters then he rests there. (Following points have been categorized as LIFE LESSONS) o If I didn‟t learn my lessons regarding money in this lifetime then the soul decides let me be poor and learn.

and I have the power to change my life‟s agenda. much higher dimension.. the same kids started respecting him. Have no expectations. you cannot grow spiritually. Every incident is part of soul agenda. Anger: If you have anger. If you are stuck then suffering starts. life will change for you. they used to insult me. and manifest whatever you have written in your golden book.. „Infatuation for children is holding me back. Start searching for the seed of success. Soul agenda will change. and from that day.o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Every thing and every incident of life the soul plans but forgets when we are born. In every problem there is a diamond hidden. it has to be learnt. Har hal mein khushi. Golden Book is your clear-cut soul agenda. In every failure of your life. darkness disappears. Another message came. We get intolerant and start shouting. situation changes. I am helpless in front of my weakness „anger‟. With every incident you have a lesson to learn. Look for only what is yours. Re-live while witnessing it and learn the lesson. When children shout. You can only give unconditional love when you are totally detached. It has overpowered me. Look at your face. Greed: „asteya‟. If you are genuine. illumination comes. God made them arrogant every time I went close to them. Ascension: I have learnt my lesson and now I want to. seed of great success is hidden. Sato gunna creates satvic ego. Again my children were arrogant with me. Every insult is an opportunity to grow. Message came that be tolerant. From that day I started living as I wanted to live. not crying and sulking. Incidents will come in your life to teach you these lessons.. Soul wants you to reach a much. You will grow spiritually. it should be smiling. If you feel this way then love is conditional. Lessons of Tolerance: One saint said. One day the children were more arrogant and I realized that I MUST win over my infatuation for them. Final unconditional love will only come when the infatuation is gone. The moment you learn the lesson. If you have learnt the lesson. Through every trauma you have learnt your lessons and now you want to create success. I used to cry. My soul was creating these children to be arrogant so that I learn to remove my infatuation for them‟. The moment you learn the lesson the suffering disappears. At gross level it is a problem but if you look at it as a treasure hunting riddle. God has a gift in every action for you to rise. No one is responsible for your suffering. Learn lessons happily. you will have the power to ask only if you have learnt your lessons. you will not be angry. Follow this and you will be very happy. What is not yours. Heart breaks and you feel I did so much for them and look how they are behaving with me. Otherwise I was living on – sacrifice… sacrifice… sacrifice. 91 . don‟t even look for it. you will find the seed of lesson.

you don‟t even have such muscles. In nirguna state the soul had planned it all. I lift these with Pranamaya sharira. The most precious gift given to you by God is your body. You take the body for granted. Everything exists in the universe. I tried my best but could not even move the weights. eat whatever you want for your silly taste. slowly they leave you and ultimately you are alone. pingla is working in the opposite direction and the person will become nistej. There is a system in the body. and then becomes disease. You eat anything and everything. darkness and illumination. knives etc are created. pastries. Even if take your teeth. the ida. It becomes psychosomatic. You lose your family members also if you take them for granted. had a clear vision from the day you were born till the day you die. punishment starts. In factories. You will get ulcers in the stomach. how do you manage to lift these up so high and spin them? He said that prana shareera is much stronger than the annamai sharira. Other cause is laziness. etc. He lifted very very heavy weights easily and swirled them on top of his head. path of blessing or the path of punishment! In Nature. rivers. can I try. If you remain on your path they learn more. Then he said. anger. beds. lights. fresh air etc are created. hospitals. I asked him. If we drift away from our path. It is better you learn your lesson and move on. Nature has day and night and so has the body. they oppose and fight. mountains. he will be weak physically and mentally. If one sleeps in the day time then. doughnuts. I asked the saint. Anyone who takes their loved ones for granted. There are two nadis . If you try to teach them. I met a sadhu. Cause of Sickness: I hold on to some trauma and go on thinking negative. They are not good for the body. 92 . they will also leave you. planned all the incidents. „sure‟. How the other is behaving is his karma. If I keep awake at night then. tolerance level will be low.. wheel chairs. Even the professional weight lifter could lift it only up to his knee. stomach or any body part for granted. etc. carelessness towards yourself. If you develop the habit of sleeping during the day. you are so thin. you become nistej and daridra (drained of power and wealth). I reward myself by the path I choose. He said.o o o o o o o o o o o o   o Soul saw the whole life before you were born.The Ida (the Chandra nadi) and Pingala (the Surya nadi) Ida nadi is of peace and tranquility.. Chandra nadi is functioning in the opposite direction.. If you were born from a factory then you would need factory food. Analyze yourself that every time your family does not reciprocate your feelings and you feel bad. etc) Every one is born out of nature so you need natural food. Now a days markets are full of packed factory food which we eat and give our children too. body immunity will be low. Then the weights fell down. never eat cake.) What physical garbage are you putting in? (wrong food. This person will always be frustrated. What etheric garbage are you putting in yourself? (negative energies. it is „love‟ NOT Unconditional Love.

that day you will be able to attain self realization. suffering starts. Itna tej chod jao that your children will run after your tej. gratitude. You must have the courage to say „NO‟ with confidence. he looks older than his age. o Tumor: Send lots of love. you have created neuro-pathways of misery. Do your inner cleansing by connecting to the universe. health o Family. Change your soul agenda of: o Body. Part of it give in charity just as a farmer keeps part of the seeds reaped to sow again. You must sit in silence. Every wrong emotion in my mind and body is creation of death and decay. do my prana kriyas. then after 2-3 days it will become easy for you to wake up early. Wealth is as important as spirituality. Darkness: The decaying process. Food for mind is silence. he lives young forever. meditation. you start manifesting it. It creates vibrations and energy. prosperity.  Illumination: If one permanently lives with nature.  93 . 433. o Body: Have I learnt the lessons of my emotions? Will I take my body for granted? o Wake up at Brahmamuhurt. now I want an optimum healthy body. o Till the age of 40 work hard so that you become financially independent. Initially the vikars will fight inside and tell „let me laze around‟. o Do not expect. Whatever emotion you feel with intensity. Illumination has gone. When anyone goes against nature decaying starts. „I have learnt my lesson. o You looked after them because you have given birth to them but they didn‟t give birth to you so they will not look after you the same way. radiant family relationships‟. success o Spiritual Always take pride in saying „I want to become rich‟.432. When you write these long letters of misery. The moment you learn. Always be in a position to give. You give the answers to questions. abundance. o Food for the soul is mantra and Sanjeevani. forgiveness and it will dissolve. sulking and complaining most of the time. o If you are weak. yoga postures. and ultimately into physical matter. It is a questionnaire to you. Rise to the level of ascended masters and to the level of God. Be there only to give. learn the lessons from the incident. The moment you say „money is not so important‟ Laxmi walks out. o People write long letters of misery. Only sorrow will come with expectations. the problem disappears. body and soul. o Do your Deva karma. But if you firmly say „no I must give nourishment to my mind. It is very very important to wake up early for your growth. relationships. o When you have learnt your lessons you can go up to Guru mandala and say . If one lives against nature decay is very fast. Do not succumb to peer pressure. o When one is young and has much money than lot of friends will come. At death body decaying starts. society o Financial. Bring money by right means. o Worry: Worry is not a problem. o Learn lessons till there is no more learning left. vulnerable and dependent on children. o Learn to say „NO‟ to laziness and sleep.

It's like saying first give me food then I will light the stove to cook. There is no acclimatization required but there is nothing there. 441. Always return. When the change matures then changes will come in life. Then you will never have scarcity. They showed the path of Sadhana that you must purify yourself. 20 Teerthankars realized nirvana on „Shikharji‟ mountain. you must spend a night there. In a job give 125% back. You will always be in demand. Water is not available at high altitudes. Once you have sown the seeds then you don‟t keep uprooting it to see how much it has grown. The real power there is the Temple. Let it grow. After him 23 more Teerthankars came.434. 94 . 437. But we want fruit first. Keep changing the thoughts and emotions in you without looking back. You may have to live without a hot water bath. Nothing comes for free. no place to live on that mountain. 438. There is no water. Ayodhya‟s king Rishab Dev was very highly spiritual. give back 125%. 436. 439. Without burning the gas we say give fire first then I will put fuel. He went to Kailash Mansarovar and got realized. Develop this attitude to return 125%. Do positive karmas. A lot of blessings come.take more and give less. Sanatan Hindu dharma is not a religion but is a way of life. On any teerth sthan. We say first change the situation/incident then I will come in love and peace. You change first. 440. God will give the fruit. 435. Everyone has to pay a meditate. Prosperity and abundance comes with these aspects – not with the attitude of . Beimani ki adat pad gayi hai (we have got in to the habit of cheating). Breathing is difficult too. He became a Teerthankar. Go there only with one goal . But one must be ready for the hardships of the teerth sthan. Shikharji is a little better. One day you will wake up and see the fruit lying before you.

you have entered into an agreement with your soul so henceforth no one will love me. o After Siddhatwa he doesn‟t need anything but he may feel that I have achieved infinite.' He becomes „Arihant‟. Babaji explained the Namokara mantra. without using my logic or my intellect. I hold 100% responsibility of what happens to me. e. Release limiting belief systems. o Say: Om Guru. One father gave his whole life to the children. Blast off all negative belief systems. he is speaking with experience. „I can't get healed‟-this belief makes a soul a agenda that „I don‟t have to be healed‟. Realization. (More details on the mantra with the chant) o Arahant is the „siddha‟ who has attained everything and wants to take others with him. Shiva mantra is panchmukh. 456. Cancel previous soul contracts and starts afresh. All those who experience God feel the magic of „5‟. I am the Creator. Jaisa bol vaisa aacharan. mann hi bhogta (Mind creates. Be disciplined. Mind can create either good or bad. The builder has to first give a drawing before he starts construction. o After sometime upadhyay has become „ Acharya‟. every minute you are entering into soul agreements. The Namokar Mantra.3 times and ShivYog. Body and mind have a relationship. 462. You are storing psychic impressions and mind has to manifest accordingly.'Now I will show the path. 450. 452. 447. I have unknowingly created a very strong father. Now he is reeling in pain. 459. Mind is the builder. „I don‟t want 95 . Mann hi karta. They gave 5 steps to spiritual growth. Supplier is the soul. 455. 451. Om Guru . 461. ShivYog.g. 453. You created it so you cancel it now. bliss . o Anyone who is giving wisdom of Holy scriptures is „upadhyay‟. your success and your happiness. Any ailment is a contract with the soul you made sometime. ShivYog . to nirvana: o To any sadhu (even disguised) say „namaskar‟. Babaji chanted the Namokar Mantra and said we must chant it daily. Mind is the processor. You ask and it gives.3 times. even to the name sadhu. 449. 458. No judgment of them. Sanjeevani fire will burn all the drawings of the builder.the punishment centers. He has learnt and is teaching you. 444. Soul is the giver of life. 448. Now your soul agenda is: o Radiant family relationships o Financial independence o Spiritual upliftment Our negative belief system causes wrong soul agendas. means he is living what he is speaking. In his young age the father entered into contract with his soul that Children are selfish. Soul is nirguna. it creates. I will only think of what ever I want in my life. Everyday. Om Guru. Shiva mantra is panchakshar. every hour. Body is the creation of that builder. 463. Mind can create a beautiful building or a graveyard/prison . Soul is raw material like cement and bricks. o Then Aachrya becomes a „Siddha‟. 443. 457. 446. 445. 454. Limiting belief systems limit you. come with me. o Do the 5 Siddha mantras to go deep.442. mind suffers). 460. The ones you made in past lives are deep inside. Do not get into wrong soul contracts. Do not be influenced by your emotions. You forget the agreements you make. If you think „nobody loves me‟.

476. It is your own loving energies that animals receive. something bad will happen‟. 465. You have to move from the wrong to right direction. you have the power to strengthen it too. Body will take you to infinite. If some negative impressions are there. Habits make you. 96 . 479. 466. Nothing is impossible for you. Put 3 Antahkaran Yantras under the Mattress (1 under the head. attractive more than a young man. bad habits make you bad. 469. Don‟t add wrong belief systems. 483. If you sleep in the day. If you are confident. how have you changed so much. Another girl thought husbands are not good. You must do Pran Kriyas regularly. During the day Pingla is strong. To restore the health.464. He said he met a Guru who taught him way of life. Good habits make you good. You just have to seek. anything from my kids. Whatever you feel strongly. 471. Always be very very positive. Then new neuro-pathways will be set. 482. he used to drink and smoke. You have to work for what you seek. it is written all over your face. If Ida and Pingla are impure. Shushumna get impure and blocked. I asked him what happened. He used have high sugar. Wear Shri Yantra and have Tulsi plants in the house. strong. People have negative impressions like: o „Don‟t do business in partnerships‟ o „Don‟t do business with your own money‟ o „Strangers are bad‟ o „If the eye is fluttering something bad will happen‟ o 'If the cat crosses the path. Conscious mind has to produce the map of new contracts. be indifferent to them. 1 under the heart. First cancel the wrong contracts. If a girl thinks „my mother-in-law will not accept me‟ because when she was young she was told that mothers-in-law are bad. 474. Electronics act directly on your chakras and etheric bodies. 478. 481. Initially old mind will come and fight with the new mind. 468. he has to cancel the soul contract through Pratiprasav sadhana. don‟t take body for granted. emotionally. That psychic impression entered into her soul agreement. In Pratiprasav she released it. Now if he wants his kids to care for him. I met a very old yogi perfectly healthy. 467. 477. He followed his teachings and this is the result. Nothing comes for free. You become so happy that you radiate happiness to the depressed ones. stiffness in body. Right or wrong. In relationships: Instead of expecting learn to give more. First come to a neutral belief system. If you have the power to weaken the Heart. If one is not at peace one can't sleep at night. you weaken Pingla and toxins are formed. 472. soda glasses (very thick). Create emotions of happiness only. Never sulk. 475. Har haal mei khushi. Flow with nature. Pingla gives peace. it HAS to materialize. 1 under the feet) and on your chair seat. all contracts will be fulfilled. They will not look after me‟. You can get wisdom and prosperity. Deliver 125% more than you are paid (for 100%). it is written all over your face. 470. 473. Same with any other organ. You emit that energy. 480. choked arteries.

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