The Difference between Purushartha and Prarabdha

1) To get a Job or enter a Business is Prarabdha. But to carry on that job or business, honestly, ethically and with sincerity is Purushartha. 2) To get a particular amount of Wealth in Your Life, is Prarabdh. But to spend that wealth on Wine and Women is Purushartha. 3) To get a good longevity is Prarabdha. But to spend your Life in unnecessary chatting, wasting time and lesiure is Purushartha. Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha. The Human Body is meant to excel in above areas but in the below Order. 1) Artha Artha means wealth. One must do hard work to acquire enough wealth as per what is destined for one. No one knows the exact amount what we are destined for. So its better to work in full potentials and acquire good wealth. 2) Kama Kama means Enjoyment. The Artha which one derives in his Life is not meant to be buried under the floor for the terrmites to feast. One naturally spends on sense enjoyments, and for his family members for their comforts. 3) Dharma Even after acquiring Artha and Kama, still one feels a vacuum in his Life. So one desires to to fil this vacuum by entering into spiritual activities like Yagna (Sacrifice), Daan (Charity), Tapa (Penance) and Teertha (Pilgrimages) etc. This is what is known as Dharma. 4) Moksha. But after doing above also something remains missing. One still feels unsatisfied. Some lacking in the heart and soul remains. Some craving remains. That is the craving of Moksha. Our soul is already married to the

SuperSoul from where it emerged- The Universal Soul-Parmaatma. And our Soul after going through the experiences of earning money in Life, the enjoyments, the happiness and sufferings of this Life now yearns to go back to its Creator. This is the Final Journey - Back to Godhead. The Final frontier to cross before one meets His Only beloved.

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