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Energyy audit

Energyy audit

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Published by Kyle Wilkins

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Published by: Kyle Wilkins on Mar 03, 2013
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ENERGY AUDIT 2012-2013

) -Air leaks. computers. air filters. air ducts -Inefficient lighting . -Sources of potential energy waste: -Outlets (printer.WHAT IS AN ENERGY AUDIT? -Evaluating a building’s energy usage in order to reduce the amount of energy input without negatively affecting the output. poor insulation. etc. microwave.

T8 -T12 and T8 refer to the diameter size of the lamp -12/8” and 8/8” diameters respectfully -Advantages to T8: -More energy efficient -Brighter -Longer life -Ceasing Production.00!! -Reduced hum and flickering when installed correctly .000. Federal regulations -Energy Savings as high as 45%: $300.T12 VS.


SENSOR SWITCH -Ballast Discriminator Red = Bad  Green = Good  .


DATA COLLECTING -Show facilities website -Excel Files .

July 3. access with researcher present. I appreciate your consideration of this effort. etc. i. The process is quick and non-destructive. typical for T12 lamp operation. If this is okay with you and building occupants. July 3. the survey will begin Tuesday. My cell phone number is _____________. certain time of day to access. but requires access to each light fixture. 2012 testing all of the lights for a T-12 magnetic ballast. The survey process is relatively simple but requires someone visit each fixture location to determine if the fixture contains a magnetic ballast. Planning & Management and will be in your building on Tuesday.e. Thank you.SAMPLE CONTACT Customer Notification AFFECTED BLDG(S): Palmer & Lagomarcino COORDINATOR: Cindy Stigler at cstigler@iastate. T12 lamps and fixture operation are inefficient and soon to be phased out of manufacture. We realize there may be spaces not available and a second visit to the building will be necessary. I will knock on each door. The device looks like a garage door opener and is pointed at the light fixture. I am assisting Facilities. announce my purpose and proceed to gather information.edu or 294-4490 My name is ___________. I will have a handheld meter which detects the energy field of the magnetic ballast. ESW Member . Please let me know 24 hours in advance if there are spaces requiring special coordination.. replacing them will avoid up to 30% of the energy necessary to power them.

I appreciate your interest in this project and look forward to working with you! .THANK YOU!! This is a very large undertaking and the more buildings we can cover the better.

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