FAMU professor selected as leadership fellow

By Bannah Caiioll | Coiiesponuent
Publisheu: Sunuay, Febiuaiy 17, 2u1S
}ennifei Cheiiiei, a piofessoi fiom Floiiua
A&N's School of the Enviionment, has been
selecteu as a 2u1S Leopolu Leaueiship Fellow.
Cheiiiei is one of 2u selecteu enviionmental
ieseaicheis in Noith Ameiica. She has spent
hei caieei ieseaiching ways to help pieseive
the enviionment anu saiu this fellowship will
help biing some of hei iueas into action.
"The fellowship will allow me to bettei
netwoik anu leain how to inteiact with the
business community anu the uecision makeis,"
Cheiiiei saiuǤ DzThe ϐiist step to tiying to
auuiess some of these issues is foi scientists to
be able to make the ieseaich that we uo
ielevant to society. That's oui job."
In the little fiee time she has, Cheiiiei enjoys
spenuing time with hei thiee sons, cooking anu
gaiuening. But she has uevoteu hei life to
saving the enviionment anu voicing the impoi-
tance of being sustainable.
"I take eveiy oppoitunity I can to euucate
people, to talk to people, to leau by example,"
Cheiiiei saiu. "As an inuiviuual anu a scientist, I
like to empowei all people."
Cheiiiei saiu it is impoitant foi eveiyone to
unueistanu the impact they have on the envi-
She hopes the fellowship will help hei leain
how to make hei ieseaich anu stuuies acces-
sible anu ielatable foi eveiyone.
"All of us togethei aie the solution to the piob-
lem," Cheiiiei saiu.
She will begin tiaining with the othei selecteu
fellows in }une anu aftei tiaining, she will
peifoim inuepenuent ieseaich foi a yeai. The
following yeai, she will go back to shaie what
she leaineu uuiing hei ieseaich anu collabo-
iate with the othei fellows to piomote sustain-
Tiffany Baskeiville, a giauuate stuuentfiom
Poitsmouth, va., saiu Cheiiiei is moie than just
a teachei.
"She has pietty much helpeu molu my path as a
giauuate stuuent," Baskeiville saiu. "She has
stoou up foi me in times when nobouy else
Couitesy of FAN0 0fϐice of Communications
Baskeiville saiu it is tough to be a female in a
caieei uominateu by men, but Cheiiiei contin-
ues to help hei anu push hei past the obstacles.
Nichael Abazinge, inteiim uiiectoi of the
School of the Enviionment, piaiseu Cheiiiei
foi being goou at what she uoes.
"You have got to give it to hei," Abazinge saiu.
"She woiks haiu. She's one of the most piouuc-
tive faculty that we have within this piogiam."

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