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Ekkoreth and Éliay

When Ekkoreth and Éliay had died

A voice from heaven whose voice rang out
over all the Earth did say:
Not for the cruel cold Earth will these two
saviours’ of mortal beings be.
Nay for they will be the guardians’ and
harbingers of light when darkness is all around
Ekkoreth will be the brother of heaven’s eye-
the sun and he shall be called the moon.
Éliay, whom slew the dark lord at the point of
utmost doom, shall be the star of the morning
and the evening the fairest star in all the sky.
And everyone’s heart will leap to cry for the
love between these two souls’ the angel and
the mortal.
They will be eternal minders of the beings’
who helped to save humanity, until I call my
true children home and they will live in peace
and love for all eternity.