Travel English Lesson / Basic No. 1 (ベーシック用) Topic: at the airport A.

Practice Vocabulary
Direction: Repeat after your tutor.
講師のあと に続いて言っ てみま し ょ う 。



1. airport 2. shuttle bus 3. check in 4. terminal 5. flight 6. counter 7. overweight 8. luggage .

空港 シ ャ ト ルバス 登場手続き タ ーミ ナル 空の旅 カ ウン タ ー 重量超過 手荷物

= I will just meet you at the airport. = There are several shuttle bus for all the passengers at the airport. = You must check in three hours before your flight. = The terminal is really crowded during this season. = Yes, there is a flight available at Blue Skies Airways. = Ok. Just submit all your travel documents at the counter. = I am sorry. You’ re luggage is overweight. You need to pay extra for this. = Do you have any luggage to check in?

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1 (ベーシック用) B. How much time should I allow to check in? Airport Worker: If you’re on an international flight I believe you have to check in 3 hours before your flight. COPYRIGHT(C)2010 PIKT Co.. Passenger: Is there a shuttle bus that goes between terminals? Airport Worker: Yes. there’s one right in front here. that’s right. All Rights Reserved. Passenger: And for local flights? Airport Worker: On those flights you have to check in 1 and a half hours before. Passenger: Next to the taxi stand? Airport Worker: Yes. Passenger : Thanks . 講師と 一緒に会話文を 読みま し ょ う 。 CONFIDENTIAL Passenger: Hi.Travel English Lesson / Basic No. This is terminal 1. . where’s the check-in counter for American Airlines? Airport Worker: That’s in terminal 2. Reading Practice Directions: Read the dialogue with your tutor.Ltd.

________________ to London. Here‘s my passport.Ltd. I'd like an ________________ seat please. England. isolated c. I fly b. aisle b. e-ticket c. Where are you flying today? 1. Multiple Choice Directions: Choose the correct words/phrase to complete the following conversation at the airport: 正し い言葉や表現を 選び、 下記の空港での会話を 完成さ せてみま し ょ う 。 CONFIDENTIAL CHECK-IN WORKER: Hello. online purchase CHECK-IN WORKER: Thank you. YOU: Sure. And here’s my ________________.. to fly c. open passage COPYRIGHT(C)2010 PIKT Co. 1 (ベーシック用) C. . YOU: Hi. I'm flying CHECK-IN WORKER: Can I see your ticket and your passport.Travel English Lesson / Basic No. YOU: No. a. please? 2. All Rights Reserved. a. paper b. Would you like a window seat? 3. a.

YOU: These ________________ are mine.. sir. COPYRIGHT(C)2010 PIKT Co. I'm going to have to charge you for the excess weight. two luggages b. two bags c. 1 (ベーシック用) CHECK-IN WORKER: OK. two baggages CONFIDENTIAL CHECK-IN WORKER: All right. and yes. One of your bags is overweight. over c. and is all this luggage yours? 4. .Ltd. we do accept credit cards. cash b. How much ________________ do I have to pay? And can I pay by credit card? a.. All Rights Reserved.Travel English Lesson / Basic No. a. 5. extra CHECK-IN WORKER: $30 dollars more.. YOU: I see.

If you will to encourage tourist to visit your country. What are the countries that you have already visited? 3. where would you recommend them 勧める to visit? 4. . Have you experienced traveling abroad? 2.Travel English Lesson / Basic No. 1 (ベーシック用) CONFIDENTIAL D. 下記の問いに答えてみま し ょ う 。 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling? Locally and internationally? 長所 短所 COPYRIGHT(C)2010 PIKT Co.Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Talk freely Direction: Answer the following questions..

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