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Batarya MSD P-5 / MSS P-11 / MSD P-22 Solar g...

Maksimum Solar Depolama

MSD-Batteries from DEGER are encapsulated, valve controlled solar batteries with gelled electrolyte. They are characterized by a robust, universally usable and absolutely maintenance-free design. Further benefits of the MSD-Batteries are their long serviceability and cycle life. MSD-Batteries were specially developed for use with solar modules and DEGERtracker. New MSD-Batteries require 10-20 cycles to reach their full capacity.


Cycles 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0

TECHNOLOGY Solar batteries with gelatinized electrolyte Robust and universally usable Absolutely maintenance-free Long useful life Long cycle life

Depth of discharge

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Rated voltage total Capacity at : Discharge time 10 h Discharge time 20 h Weight total Dimensions total (L W H) Designed lifetime 200 Ah I 4.8 kWh 230 Ah I 5.5 kWh 150 kg 1,050 269 203 mm 10 - 12 years
(High Performance acc. to EUROBAT)

MSS P 11
24 V

MSS P 22
24 V

24 V

444 Ah I 10.7 kWh 496 Ah I 11.9 kWh 384 kg 900 450 700 mm
(Long Life acc. to EUROBAT)

903 Ah I 21.7 kWh 1,022 Ah I 24.5 kWh 828 kg 1,400 450 900 mm 15 years
(Long Life acc. to EUROBAT)

15 years

Technical characteristics Absolutely maintenance-free over the complete lifetime Recommended temperature range 10 C to 30 C (max. -20 C to 45 C), Long serviceability under cyclic load No adaptation of charging voltage required, as long as the average battery temperature per month remains between 10 C and 45 C Exhaustive discharge proof acc. to DIN 43539T5 Safety regulations acc. EN 50272-2 do apply Corrosion proof pole grommet Impact resistant ABS; UL-94 classification: HB No dangerous material acc. to FAA and IATA (in accordance with packing instruction 806) Full capacity is reached after 20 cycles.

Solar batteries MSD P-5, P-11 and P-22 and MSD battery management system are optimally adapted to each other by in advance programming of the charge/discharge characteristic.

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