Musical Forms AB: Two part song with two distinct sections.

ABA: Ternary, Plays two distinct sections and then repeats the first one. Rondo: Form is ABACA- plays many distinct melodies but always repeats the first section Strophic: AAAA Repeating the same thing over and over again. Through: No Identifiable form unless the music is modeled on a story. Modified Strophic: A mix of strophic and Through forms where the piece repeats a motive or melody over again but also edits or variates to fit the character of the piece. Sonata Form: Exposition, Development and Recapitulation. Exposition is typically binary and then repeats. The development takes the first melody and variates it and moves it to other keys. The recapitulation is a return to the exposition. Medley form: ABCD is unrelieved variation. Such as Overtures to musicals. Theme and Variations: A theme forms the only section and is repeated indefinitely however it is varied to make a section chain form. Developmental Form: Motifs combined and worked out in different ways.

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