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Siddhi Supernormal Powers Powerspot Trip March 2013

Siddhi Supernormal Powers Powerspot Trip March 2013

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The 18 Primordial Siddhas of the Tamil Siddha Tradition

The Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip 2013: The Journey Begins (Encore Trip!)
(26 to 31 March 2013)
Namaste everyone, Our Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip in December 2012 was such a memorable and profound trip. Everyone on the Siddhi trip experienced their own personal connection with the Siddha masters who, by the end of our trip, were easily accessible to them. For most, it just meant closing their eyes in order to re-connect with these Siddha masters and be able to commune with them. Given all our attendees’ joyous experiences on the first Siddhi Trip, we decided to repeat it in March 2013 i.e. from 26 to 31 March 2013, to give more people the divine opportunity to personally connect with these perfected masters whose compassionate goal is to help humanity evolve. So journey with us into mystical realms of India where you will have direct encounters with such Siddha masters who live among us in their Light Body form. On this journey, you will spend extended periods of time in meditation at sacred powerspots (often unknown and inaccessible to the masses) and directly commune with such Siddha masters who are ever so waiting to bless you with divine gifts and supernormal abilities in order to help you in your personal spiritual and material evolution.

Objective of the Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip

 The Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip will empower you to transcend the limitations of
your five senses and what you think is humanly possible. We will to take on a journey beyond your limited mind and empower you to live in unity (siddhi) consciousness, where all things are possible.

 SPEND extended periods of meditation at powerful Siddha samadhi powerspots;  ATTAIN blissful communion with the Siddha masters  ACQUIRE siddhi powers and develop your own supernormal abilities  SEEK instant divine help to solve your problems (health, relationship, financial, spiritual)

Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013)

Who are the Siddhas?
As Dr Pillai states:

“The Siddhas literally means Perfected Beings. They are perfect in their body, perfect in their mind, perfect in everything they do. Because they don't have a body, they can go everywhere they want to go and help people”
The Siddhas & Siddhi Powers
The Siddhas are perfected masters who have journeyed beyond enlightenment. Through divine grace and their own intense spiritual practices, the Siddhas acquired and attained siddhi powers and are able to perform supernormal feats beyond human comprehension. Two of the most famous Siddhas masters from the Siddha tradition, Siddha Thirumoolar (who revealed the Arakara manifesting mantra) and Siddha Patanjali (father of yoga) wrote about acquiring siddhi powers (such as powers of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence) in their epic works, Tirumantiram and Yoga Sutras respectively. According to Nandhi (www.nandhi.com), a Siddha based in California, in their search for God, the path of the Siddhas is one that abandons the rigidity of one’s beliefs in favour of a life that is based on experience, teachings and grace of the Guru. A word on seeking siddhi powers: Conventional spiritual traditions have portrayed the seeking of siddhi powers as something to be shunned because acquiring such siddhi powers is said to inflate a spiritual aspirant’s ego and may derail his/her spiritual journey. The Siddhas believe the opposite - you acquire siddhis as result of grace and such gifts constantly remind you of the presence of the divine living within you. The Siddha way is the path of restraint and Siddha masters, though graced with siddhi powers, choose to live in solitude or among us in society, disguised as ordinary householders.

The World of the Siddhas Has Remained Unchanged for Thousands of Years
Siddha Nandhi gives a beautiful description of how to understand the unchanging world of the Siddhas: “The realm of the Siddhas is mystical, most times unbelievable and has remained unchanged over thousands of years. To envision this world, it is present to the life present in the extreme depth of the ocean existing under intense high pressure and total darkness, hardly ever disturbed by external forces. This would be an example to illustrate the world of the Siddhas beneath the known in Southern India which still vibrant and alive and yet far away from the rest of human civilisation.”

What is a Siddha samadhi shrine (brindava)?
A Siddha samadhi shrine is a powerspot where the Siddha master decided (many hundreds or thousands of years ago) to establish himself permanently in his light form there in an act of compassion to make himself available to seekers who seek his help. A Siddha samadhi shrine is also referred to as “brindhava” which can be translated as “pleasure garden” i.e. where the Siddha remains in eternal heavenly bliss. Note that a Siddha samadhi shrine is not regarded a tomb. Many of the greatest Siddha samadhi shrines continue to be shrouded in secrecy and we have been blessed to have enlightened Siddha master, Dr Pillai (Baba), guide us to some of the most powerful Siddha samadhi shrines in South India to


and with grace. Click on Mohini’s picture to watch Mohini explain about her experiences at a powerful Siddha samadhi shrine. Mohini shares more about the sacred shrines we will be visiting.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) get the blessings of the Siddha saint at these powerspots When you visit a powerful Siddha’s samadhi shrine. you immediately connect with the Siddha there at a soul level. are blessed with the boons you seek from him (including siddhi powers). 3|Page .

group consciousness i. hearing.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Trip Highlights:  1 preparatory session with Mohini to lay the foundation for the trip and to initiate you into the meditation technique you will perform at each samadhi shrine so that you can effectively commune with the Siddha present there  5-day meditation intensive across South India featuring extended meditation and communion sessions at each samadhi shrine in order for you to get the blessings you seek. this will disrupt the meditation of other trip attendees. This is important because we will be meditating closely together as a group at such samadhi shrines. relationship. If you are not willing to sit in silence for 1 to 2 hours and know that you will get restless.e. financial. i. for a health. functioning together as a group. smell. touch. and/or Answers to your personal request by these powerful Siddhas (for example. : o o Blessings to attain siddhi (supernormal) powers. spiritual miracle/boon)  Karma-busting cleansing at Rameshwaram (Sea of Rama bath + bath at 22 karma busting wells)  Homa to invoke the blessings of the Siddha masters we will be communing with  1 post-trip follow up session with Mohini Your Commitment Required  Be open and committed to doing what it takes to: (i) accelerating your personal evolution (ii) pushing the boundaries beyond the limitations of your 5 senses (sight.e. is key More on The Siddhas Masters & Their Samadhi Shrines We Are Visiting (1) Siddha Patanjali Samadhi Shrine (Rameshwaram) revered as one of the greatest Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition regarded as father of Yoga teaches how to acquire siddhi powers in his Yoga Sutras teaches precise 4-stage technique to enter samadhi (unity consciousness) for thought manifestation and to acquire a variety of siddhi powers spot where Dr Pillai (Baba) sat and meditated during His childhood and site of Baba’s early enlightenment experiences (2) Siddha Idaikadar Samadhi Shrine (Thiruvanamalai) one of the great Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition regarded as the “gatekeeper” to the world of the Siddhas you go before Siddha Idaikadar in order to get His blessings to gain access to the Siddha realms 4|Page . taste) in activating your own supernormal faculties  Be willing to sit in meditation / communion between 1 to 2 hours at each of the Siddha samadhi shrines we will be meditating at.  For the SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2012.

Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) (3) Sri Sheshadri Swamigal Samadhi Shrine (Thiruvanamalai) peer to Ramana Maharishi regarded as the one of the great mystics of Thiruvanamalai had at his disposal many siddhi powers & performed many siddhi miracles at Thiruvanamalai his samadhi shrine is energetically very powerful (4) Siddha Agastya Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam) revered as one of the greatest Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition and is the head of the Siddhas tradition level of evolution so great that Siddha Agastya is regarded as being on par with Lord Siva (5) Siddha Thirumular Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam) revered as one of the greatest Siddhas from the 18 Siddha tradition cognised the ARA KARA mantra. the manifesting mantra of the Siddha tradition known as Father of Light as His epic work Thirumantiram is manual on how to attain the Light Body (6) Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy Swamiga Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam) When Dr Pillai (Baba) recently visited Sri Guru Dakshninamurthy Swamigal’s samadhi shrine for the first time. revered as one of the most greatest saints in India. Swami Raghavendra gave the mantra “SRI MOOLA RAMO VIJAYATHE” Saint Vijayeendra has the full complement of 64 siddhi powers very communicative and compassionate saint who entered his samadhi shrine 600 years ago - 5|Page . Baba remarked that his shrine was the most powerful that Baba had encountered Sri Guru Dakshninamurthy Swamigal was born in full control of all siddhi powers See Mohini’s testimonial when she visited Sri Guru Dakshninamurthy Swamigal’s samadhi temple in April 2012 - (7) Vijayeendra Samadhi Shrine (Kumbakhonam) guru to Swami Raghavendra.

Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) (8) Siddha World 1: Coutralam Make a pleasant trek up Coutralam hills and: (i) (ii) bathe in the sacred Siddha Waterfalls for health and rejuvenation meditate in Siddha Agastya’s actual cave where he initiated Mahaavatar Babaji. the home to the Siddhas. Baba explain about how powerful Siddhas are and why even the gods and goddess do not dare displease the Siddhas.com/watch?v=7jZNeIVW-KQ 6|Page . the deathless Himalayan master (featured in Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”) into the eternal Light Body perform extended meditation at Shenbaga Devi Temple: Shenbaga Devi is powerful Goddess who grants siddhi powers (iii) (iv) Sri Angali Temple (Chennai) Goddess Angali grants siddhi powers to those who perform 1008 rounds of pradakshina at her main sanctum sanctorium The pillars in this temple are also magical and powerful because there is a Siddha master living in each pillar “Even gods and goddesses do not dare displease the Siddhas. You can also watch Baba’s video by clicking here: http://www.” Click on Dr Pillai (Baba)’s picture to watch Baba talk about COUTRALAM.youtube. In this video.

(NOTE: Only applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the given scheduled time). (ii) your accommodations (twin-sharing). EXCLUDES: (i) the cost of your international return air ticket to India (ii) the cost of your visa to enter India (iii) any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary (iv) your personal room service charges / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals (v) your travel insurance for the trip (vi) your pickup and drop off at the Trichy airport if you arrive and are departing outside the scheduled group arrival and departure times 7|Page . poojas and archanas (vii) your pick up from the Trichy airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the Trichy airport when you are departing from India. (iv) your coach transport (v) all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers.100*) per person** (no increase in costs!) INCLUDES (while you are on the trip): (i) your food and meals. (vi) all temple rituals for the group including abishekams. (iii) bottled water.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) DATES & COSTS Date of trip: 26 to 31 March 2013 TRIP COSTS Trip costs: SGD$2.500* (US$2.

com (email) +65 97309604 (phone) Meditating at Siddha Thirumoolar’s samadhi shrine 8|Page . India: 26 March 2013 (Tuesday): You will need to fly INTO Trichy (also known as Thiruchirapalli) International Airport between 9 pm to 11 pm (India standard time). Air India. we aim to accept 10 participants for SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP (MARCH 2013) QUESTION / REGISTRATION* Vijay: sivababa108@gmail. We are scheduled to arrive at the Chennai Airport by 9:00 pm so you can book your flight to depart from India anytime after 11 pm (India standard time) on 31 March 2013. Suggested flight from Singapore to Trichy: Tiger Airways (TR 2668) (2) Departure from Chennai. Flights to Singapore: Tiger Airways. Singapore Airlines. Jet Airways (NB: leaves India past midnight) CAPACITY: Due to space constraints at these samadhi shrines. India: 31 March 2013 (Sunday): You will fly OUT OF Chennai International Airport for Singapore (or your respective home destination).Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) FLIGHT INFORMATION & HOW TO QUALIFY FOR THE GROUP PICKUP/DROPOFF (1) Arrival into Trichy.

it is remembered as one of the best and most enjoyable holidays I ever had.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP TO INDIA (DEC 2012) ATTENDEES Dear all. their Blessings and these are awesome unforgettable experiences. April and Chay Dear everyone.just begin! Thank you Mr Yadeesh and Maheshwari for the logistics arrangement. Hi my travelling friends. Both April and I did not expect to meet the Siddha Masters so easily. Once again I thank both of you to make the trip a success.. I didn’t see Maheshwari personally but I could imagine the effort put by her behind the scene as rightly mentioned by Vijay. It was a very well organized and planned trip for which I think the whole team had worked really hard. You are such a wonderful and thoughtful lady. Jai Gurudev. My grateful thank you note to Maheshwari for arranging our hotel and transport for our extended days. From our experiences. With love Lilian Lai 9|Page . until peace is there nothing can be realized. I don’t know how much it is true for other people but for me. We're very grateful to Mohini. Thanks and Regards. all of us can testify to their eternal presence. Not to forget Babaji. Mohini and Vijay who definitely worked for this trip to make it happen for the seekers.. Mohini and Vijay for giving us such a Wonderful gift to usher year 2013! This siddhi power journey is the most enlightened step I have taken and give me such a beautiful memory. you all are real great! Big thank you for giving me so much laughter and joy . In this trip everything was very well arranged that I was totally in peace (without any worries to arrange anything) and could focus on my purpose for which I had come.. Arun Mann Namaste friends Firstly thank you to Baba .. Vijay. It’s also a very memorable as its end of 2012 and the start of the Golden Age. Although this is a sacred trip. I would like to thank Maheshewari and Yadeesh both for arranging everything right from first pick up from Trichy Airport to finally dropping at Chennai Airport. Yadeesh and most of all. The journey . It was a wonderful experience to meet Yadeesh. Babaji for this very memorable trip. who was always ready to help to our group...

Hope to meet you all in near future. lot of tears were flowing from my eyes at Agasthiar’s samadhi shrine . I want to thank Baba. the moment I entered the Shrine. I am new to mediation. and I would also thank the Siddhas who have given their blessing for us. Firstly I would like to thank Dattatriya Siva Baba. all of a sudden. I manage to see lights in the four of the samadhi Shrines we visited is amazing. I saw a yellow flower being dropped into my hand. Mohini & Vijay for this beautiful trip . Mohini and Vijay. rd at Goddess Angkali Amman’s Temple . I dozed off and in a vision. when I returned home. Siddha Iadikadar’s & Sri Sheshadri Swamigal’s samadhi shrine . the top of my head started spin and I believe it was my crown chakra becoming active. as I was leaning against Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy’s samadhi pillar. during the 3 round. he made me bow down to His samadhi shrine and perform Namashakar to his samadhi at Sri Vijayeendra’s. All the siddhas Shrines which we visited had a very strong energy pull.I experienced a strong pull at the top of my head After the bath from Coutralam & prayers from Sri Shenbaga Devi’s temple. Thank all my travel mates. there was golden coloured lion in front of my eyes. After the trip.I appreciate it. I later learnt it was a divine kundalini movement at Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy Swamigal’s samadhi shrine after meditating.while meditating from the 3rd eye I could see Siddha Agasthiar with a white dhoti at Thirumoolar samadhi shrine . for their blessing to visit the Samadhi Shrine of the 8 Siddhas.     at Patanjali’s samadhi shrine.     May the blessing and the grace of the Siddhas be with all of us Regards Thanes Hi everyone.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Hello after New Year 2013.while I was walking around Her shrine.my body was started to move from left to right. to be with them & getting blessing for the coming year. it is fun with you all. and Goddess Sri Shenbaga Devi & Angkali Amman Shrine. while I was thinking about Goddess Angkali Amman with my eyes closed. and hardly do it in Spore. Tan Eiwei 10 | P a g e .

Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Scenes from our Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (Dec 2012) COUTRALAM Abode of the Siddhas Meditating in Siddha Agastya’s Cave 11 | P a g e Surprise Christmas Celebration Dinner! .

com/shreemarakara) Video highlight of the amazing siddha shrines we visited on the Siddhi Trip APRIL & CHAY shares their experiences connecting with the Siddha masters ARUN describes how he is now able to connect with the Siddhas easily VIVEK shares his experiences on the Siddhi Trip VIVEK shares his experiences on the Siddhi Trip ARUN shares about the divine benefits you get visiting these samadhi shrines LILIAN rekindles a soul connection with a Siddha master from her previous birth ARUN’s complete testimony of his experiences connecting with the Siddhas on the Siddhi Trip EIWEI shares about her many darshans of 12 | P a g Siddhas in their Light Body forms e .Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Video Testimonials from our December 2012 Siddhi Powers Powerspot Trip Participants (click on picture to watch or visit www.youtube.

without asking anything specific throughout the meditation.I didn't have any pain in my throat as well as my nose was perfectly fine.I would like to share a personal. I could call upon Saint Patanjali mentally and HE showers me with the same warm. Vaani 13 | P a g e . whenever i have my meals. when i spend some quite time to meditate.From Vani. Thanks Vijay & Mohini for arranging this trip which had and still has a transformative effect on me. I couldn’t consume beyond a certain amount of food and no unnecessary snacking!! It has been close to a week plus and I am amazed at my own portion control during meal time.I started feeling the pain in my throat. reassuring fatherly comfort through His energy within a short while.yet wonderful experience I felt during and after our recent Ultimate Karma Busting trip to the Holy Rameshwaram Temple. SIDDHA PATANJALIone of the greatest Siddha masters Another bonus is that even back at home. strong masculine energy which was so soothing for my sensitive nose and throat. in our busy Singapore. After bathing in the warm sea of Rama and the chill waters of the 22 wells. about 1 week ago I had throat infection together with flu symptoms. Powerful Healing Shrine of the Great Saint Patanjali. together with runny nose due to the sudden changes in temperatures of the waters. one of the attendees on our recent “Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip” in October 2012: Hi Vijay. I kept an open mind. But after all these water bathing rituals.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) “Our Lives Have Been Miraculously Transformed!” MIRACLE TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR PAST POWERSPOT TRIP ATTENDEES “I Can Feel Patanjali’s Presence With Me Now!” . From that moment onwards.I was well enough to attend this trip. After medication. warm. Prior to the Ultimate Karma Busting Trip. Upon waking from it . all of us got a chance to sit quietly at the holy Shrine of the great Saint Patanjali for about 1012min. After I sat over at that spot. I truly would love to visit this simple looking yet. within minutes my mind quietened and felt a comforting.

on an early Sunday morning at about 2. While in previous meditation practices I felt out of focus. I was also absorbing His energy and now whenever I use His meditation techniques. I could tie my thought to one spot without any problems and my visualization became vivid. I could feel my consciousness becoming peaceful and a feeling of serenity that I have never felt before. Recently.youtube. I felt I was not alone and there was a feeling of assurance from a master.00 am after my return from Rameswaram. Most profound of all. This whole experience is priceless. I am drawing that same energy which connects me to Him.” Meditating at SIDDHA PATANJALI’s Samadhi Shrine during the Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Trip (Dec 2012) ********** Watch Theresa share how she got a great job after coming back from our “Boost Your Wealth Powerspot Trip” (September 2011).From Adam.com/watch?v=SbodW5lfSy0) 14 | P a g e . one of the attendees on our recent “Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip” in October 2012: “Being able to visit Rameswaram and bathe in the 22 wells to dissolve my karma was a rare opportunity but being given the chance to meditate for (just) 10 minutes at Patanjali’s shrine within the temple complex was beyond my expectations. I was in total bliss.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) “I Can Feel Patanjali’s Presence With Me Now (II)” . When I called upon Patanjali to get his blessings at the start of the meditation. The fact that I am able to connect with the Father of Yoga Himself in my own private space is a wonderful feeling. (You can click on the picture or HERE: http://www. I believe that while I was meditating at Patanjali's shrine. I meditated using Patanjali’s technique which Mohini had taught in one of her seminars. this time I felt alert and spiritually guided.

" 15 | P a g e .youtube. who had guided Mohini and Vijay to take us to these exclusive powerful temples in India which only now I know exist.when we were told that Babaji had just changed the itinerary of that trip overnight but the biggest surprise was when we all attended a powerful Immortality Homa conducted in a Siva Linga temple that was paid by Babaji Himself. It was indeed a surprise for all us .Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Watch Joseph share about his money miracle and how more business deals flowed in after he returned from our Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Trip (June 2011). You can click on Joseph’s picture or click HERE: http://www.Vijay] All of us who attended that trip have been blessed by Babaji. [The homa in fact cost US$500! .com/watch?v=M1_N0HnfMnE) From one of the attendees on our recent “Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trip” in Feb 2012: "Hip Hip Huray to the Divine Relationship Trip! My daughter whom I had prayed for is already in a Divine Relationship almost immediately after that trip! I really cannot believe that it has happened so fast! My heartful thanks to Dr Pillai (Babaji). Thanks Babaji and am sure that there will be more miracles in all our lives but we have to be have the total faith and must be committed as well.

the Extreme Shreem Powerspot Trip kicked off in March 2010 and I recall it attracted over 40 participants! I was "Shreeming" (chanting Shreem) almost 24 hours throughout the 6-day trip and it really helped me to plant the seeds of prosperity consciousness at a deeper level of my soul.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Divine Relationship & Muruga Powerspot Trip (Feb 2012) From Marilyn "Hi Everyone. we walked round the inner temple’s courtyard 108 times for maximum karma busting blessings (ii) Mt Arunachala at Thiruvanamalai: We walked around this majestic mountain twice in a day for a powerful karma busting ritual twice! One at 5 am and the second time at 4 pm. In 2011. Each walk around Mt Arunachala lasted 2. The much anticipated powerspot trip i. (i) Makaral Temple: at this temple. I have been a regular follower of our Singapore/Malaysia community’s prosperity chanting session (with SHREEM and then SHREEM BRZEE) since they started in 2009. I signed up for all the 3 powerspot trips: (i) (ii) (iii) Karma Busting Powerspot Trip (June 2011) Boost Your Wealth Powerspot Trip (September 2011) Ultimate Karma Busting Powerspot Trip (November 2011) There were few powerspots we visited that I find it quite unforgettable.e.5 hours. (iii) 22 wells and sea bath in Rameshwaram: The island of Rameshwaram is one of the most powerful powerspots on earth for karma removal 16 | P a g e .

After the “Boost Your Wealth Powerspots Trip” (September 2011). Quite by chance I ended up going on 3 karma busting trips! It all started in June 2011 with the first karma busting trip to Mt Arunachala. After the Divine Relationship / 6 Secrets of Muruga Powerspots Trip.e. this gives me tremendous power and courage. I am happy that I have achieved 200% life i. there were showers during our poojas etc. and bathed in the seas of Rameshwaram. and the list goes on . I have felt a deeper spiritual awakening. every trip is a different experience and everyone in the trip were so blessed to receive many good omens such as we saw double rainbow. At the end of each trip I will always look forward to next trip. Going on a powerspot trip. I knew intuitively that I wanted to go round the mountain and had no second thoughts about signing up. As it turned out that one trip resulted in my going for 2 more rounds of karma busting in September and November 2011! After the 3 trips my business has definitely shown a marked improvement . as I went round the Makaral temple/Mount Arunachala. Most importantly.. This is the one thing that I am most grateful for. With the grace of Lord Muruga I am sure that he is guiding this investment and all will go well. I went to take an aura picture and it turn out that I have very nice violet (which represent spiritual) and white golden (material abundance) colour.” 17 | P a g e . for 2012. I could immediately feel my burden lighten and all my negative karma were being washed away.. During our Muruga powerspot trip. I am very hopeful and pursuing many potential opportunities although if you had asked me last year I would not have imagined this. I also feel guided in some of the major investments that I am in the process of making. is really a profound experience.." From Mahendran "2011 was a special year for me. To me.i now enjoy a certain calmness in knowing that in my day to day living there is a higher guiding hand that protects me and my family. I remembered that just by looking at the VEL (Muruga’s psychic weapon) at the temple at Pazhamudircholai (one of the 6 greatest Muruga powerspots).. I found myself in a situation which required me to make a larger than expected investment for family reasons.This year..after my 3 trips last year. 100% spiritual and 100% material. Mohini and Vijay are committed to bring more powerspots trips and I am very touched by their sincerity to change people's destiny in the Golden Age. It was like a snake that had a new skin and I felt in my heart that I was getting a new beginning! The most recent trip I participated in was the dual Divine Relationship / 6 Secrets of Muruga Powerspots Trip in February 2012..Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Personally.

2010. I prayed to the AMMA and kneel down in front of HER after almost 3 years! When I decided to join this trip. squat or sit down cross-legged. my family members were worried about my leg problem and how I am going to manage myself with it. I am staying together with my younger brother and his family. So. for EVERYTHING. now I able to sit cross-legged. But an unexpected miracle happens to me after I had my bath at the Saturn Temple tank. asked me to join this trip. I can’t walk fast. At NACHIAR Temple. On the first day after back from India. I just said ‘yes’ to her with least expectation. and I really hope to meet Babaji soon. BABAJI blessed me in my dream. 18 | P a g e . All the 3 adults in my family (younger brother. The Power Spots we visited are really powerful! I wish to join the next powerspot trip in December. I believe that Babaji wants to help me to remove my negative/bad karma and get full blessing even though I never met Babaji before. I am having difficulties to use my leg as usual. my only intention to join this trip was to get blessing from Lord Saturn for my family and myself. to sit and to use my left leg as usual and IT HAPPENED. his wife and I) are Scorpions.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) Shreem Brzee Powerspot Trip 2012. While rubbing the oil. I had done a minor operation at my left knee for meniscus tears on 23rd of February. Thanks to Vijay and Mohini. But now they are very happy to see the miracles happened to me. Since then. Puspa. means the great Lord Saturn had Transit to our ‘house’ last November and will be with us for another 7 and ½ years! I was having very tough time since the beginning. nothing was in my mind. I was wondering if the rest of the years will be tougher. I was asking Lord Saturn to reduce the pain at my left knee and help me to walk. Everyone felt energised after our daily 5 am Shreem Brzee Lakshmi homa! From Thavamani who experienced a divine healing miracle during the karma-busting component of our recent Shreem Brzee Powerspot Trip (June 2012) “Namaste to all the 'family members' of Shreem Brzee Trip When my well wisher. With three scorpions in the family. After almost 2 and ½ years.

I am humbled and blessed . so I definitely don’t think that my eyes were playing tricks on me! At least 2 other people had similar experiences! During the Goddess Lakshmi homa on Venus Transit day... This winking occurred a few times. great coz it was such an eye opener to be at such awesome powerspots . I look forward to sharing more miracle stories with you real soon! Shreem Brzee. With appreciative thanks Yu Ching” 19 | P a g e .and still digesting all that I need to know. I do not experience unusual phenomena during meditation or other forms of spiritual practice... so the flash could not have come from a camera flash (when I saw the flash. Mohini and Vijay for organising this very special and magical Shreem Brzee trip. which I was unaware of (since I had no e-mail access while in India) until we returned from the trip! Some friends and I have been presented with the opportunity to arrange the sale of an art collection belonging to a famous art dealer. for a minute or so! At Ramasamy Temple. . which I cannot explain with my rational mind:  While we were at Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace shrine. This collection features art pieces and sculptures by some famous European artists.and such efficiency from beginning to the end.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) “Lakshmi Winked at Me!” Goddess Lakshmi miracles from one of our attendees on the “Shreem Brzee Powerspot Trip” (June 2012 ) “Thank you Baba. a few blades of dharba grass that were offered into the fire began to rise and started “dancing” in the flames. I turned around and didn’t see any device which could have caused that flash). A few other people saw the flash as well!   A very interesting (and totally unexpected!) business opportunity was manifested while we were on the Shreem Brzee trip.. so I was delighted when I enjoyed a number of divine experiences during the trip.. it definitely works! ” From Yu Ching who just attended our Shreem Brzee Powerspot Trip (June 2012) “Good morning all Grateful thanks to Divine and all who made it possible for me to embark on this amazing trip . before the collection goes under the auctioneer’s hammer at Sotheby’s. it was certainly one of the highlights of my life..Energetically charged (yet to unfold more I feel) . whose works are featured in renowned museums such as The Vatican Museums. and I look forward to the special and magical things coming the way of all trip attendees (and our loved ones)! Usually. The Museum of Modern Art in New York and London’s Tate Modern. The Guggenheim Museum.Great to know such wonderful fellow travellers! Deeply appreciate Mohini & Vijay's clear explanations of the whole trip's purpose. Goddess Lakshmi seemed to wink at me.. some of us saw a flash of light about 5 minutes into the Sahasranama archana. Surreal for being at the right place at the right time... The flash lasted for about a second and the brightness was about the level produced by a medium-powered torch....

Upon completion I felt very much refreshed. This is my 1st pilgrimage to Mount Arunachala. During my stay just the view peak of Mountain . I just felt both Lord Shiva and His consort Parvati radiates their love and blessings of which one has to personally acquire and enjoy. 20 | P a g e . oh no my throat is getting dried too. Hi. I also realised that going around the hill once destroys thekarma of many.. which is wonderful because the very goal of our powerspot trips is to connect with God and the Divine within each and every one of us. So I began to chant and in a meditative way also was reflecting on what I wanted to release. Silence and Heart of Mount Arunachala. I need water" . (the reason was I had low blood pressure which could lead to perspiration and dizzy if done in speed) . Again my "mind talk said “please stop I can't go at this speed I will faint. Finally overall this trip has given me a state of joy. Miraculously. The FORCE was so great it was beyond my control. she didn't feel dizzy or thirsty after her "speed walk"! Anietah's sharing is a beautiful testimony as it shows through real-life experience how physically present the Divine is during such powerspot trips. so as to serve God in the body. May you all merge in this Supreme Light and attain the eternal bliss of Immortality! _/\_Om Namah Shivaya _/\_ Postscript: According to Anietah. Surprisingly I did the 14km circuiting the sublime hill chanting mantra. brightness of cheerfulness. a most powerful to a temple’s inner sanctum karma removal vortex has been identified by Dr Pillai (Bless HIM) which has the energy to remove one's karma " SUPER FAST" as I would say. a blessed soul who has been on the recent trip organised by Dr. Since it was noon we had our lunch in bus thereafter proceed towards the temple for the Darshan of Lord Shiva who is in the form of Lizard tail. refined and needless to say regaining my lost hope and vigour. Before I could begin my rounds I had my "mind talk" with Lord Shiva that since I just had my lunch."The 2-in1 Karma Busting& Miracle Manifestation Powerspot Trip To India" in August 2012. Pillai "squad" . in India. I surrendered to the Power. Not forgetting my Darshan at Arunachala Temple. rejuvenated. bow down with thanks. Gain unparalleled access Nowhere comes my exotic experience at Makkaral Temple. I'm Anietah Anandan from Singapore. I prayed and praised the God of Light asked for liberation in this life. sat in the silence and in that moment it was a fairly profound experience also magical moments.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) A “Push” From The Divine: Anietah’s Miracle Story At The Karma Busting Makaral Temple Namaskar and Good Day to All. I was the 1st woman to finish the rounds .. Before I could go for the 2nd round I felt a palm placed on my back very "STRONGLY" there was a some of kind a push made me to walk faster and I was terribly unable to control it. I will do the rounds at my own pace. thereafter went to the Inner sanctum. a place where I never dreamt that I could set my foot. Thiruvanamalai. Then we were told to walk 27 times around the temple's inner sanctum to remove one's Karma. many births.

you will forfeit your deposit in its entirety. 21 | P a g e . for example. We will not be liable for your air ticket costs in the event we postpone/cancel the trip due to insufficient number of participants. 6) Please make full payment for the SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2013 on or by 15 March 2013.com / Contact: Vijay (+65 97309604) VERY IMPORTANT TERMS & CONDITIONS YOU NEED TO READ CAREFULLY 1) This trip is organised by one of Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s companies in Singapore known as ARA KARA CONSULTANCY PTE LTD. 4) Please DO NOT book your air ticket until we confirm with you that we are proceeding with either trip. we do not make any representation and/or warranty as to any outcome resulting and/or arising from your participation in the SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2013 or its component trips. if you had paid by credit card or PayPal) (c) In the event we proceed with the trip and you decide to cancel your spot AFTER 21 February 2013 but before paying the full amount on or by 15 March 2013. The trip deposit is due by 21 February 2013 and you need to make full payment for trip LATEST by 15 March 2013 Email: sivababa108@gmail. 3) Registration period is from 17 January 2013 to 21 February 2013. cancel after 15 March 2013. To register and reserve your spot. please register with us as soon as possible. (b) In the event you change your mind and cancel your spot BEFORE 21 February 2013. If you do not make full payment by then. we will refund your deposit in full (less any admin/service charges. 2) Dr Pillai (Baba) will not be physically joining us on the SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2013. we will refund you only 50% of your trip price paid as we would have paid in advance for a portion of your hotel and transport costs in India. we will return ALL deposits collected IN FULL. 7) If you decide to cancel your spot on the trip after making full payment i. (a) If we cancel the trip due to insufficient number of participants.Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) HOW TO SIGN UP: If you would like to join us. we reserve the right to forfeit your deposit paid.e. 8) Due to the spiritual nature of the trip. you will need to pay a deposit of S$500 (cash/cheque) by 21 February 2013. You need not be from Singapore to participate. 5) We will let you know on or by 22 February 2013 whether we have the minimum number of participants for the trip. Anyone can join this trip.

DISCLAIMER: ARA KARA CONSULTANCY PTE LTD. STAFF. YOU ARE DEEMED TO HAVE AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ABOVE **** Beautiful morning walk up Coutralam Hills towards the Coutralam Waterfalls & Agastya’s cave 22 | P a g e .Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip (March 2013) 9) The organisers of the SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2013 reserve the right to alter. AND/OR ITS EMPLOYEES. 10) If you decide to arrive earlier in India or depart from India outside the scheduled itinerary. AGENTS AND/OR VOLUNTEERS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS (WHETHER DIRECT. **** BY PARTICIPATING IN THE SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2013 . amend or substitute the powerspots listed above that will be visited during the trip. there will be a S$50 admin charge. INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL) WHATSOEVER OR ILLNESS YOU SUFFER WHILE YOU ARE ON THE SIDDHI (SUPERNORMAL) POWERS POWERSPOT TRIP 2013. and you want Dr Pillai (Baba)’s ashram to arrange a separate itinerary (flight booking or accommodations) for you. 11) YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE FOR YOURSELF.

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