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Project Proposal

Project Proposal

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Steps to recruitment
Steps to recruitment

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Published by: Rohini Nair on Mar 04, 2013
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Project Proposal

HR Recruitment Practice – Expansion of Team A company with 1000 employees is expanding to 2000 employees in a larger office in a new location. This is a project proposal describing the activities required to be completed in the project cycle.

. Also. Planning and execution of the project as well as its successful completion will be measured through the consequent revenue gains achieved in the subsequent fiscal year.Purpose and Justification Company ABC is currently requesting that the current size of team be increased from 1000 to 2000. Reddy. The project document has been proposed by the HR department to handle the smooth flow of all activities related to the expansion of the division. the client location is not central in the IT hub of the city and hence it wants to expand to a more suitable location. The entire HR project life-cycle of recruiting. In order to cater to more clients. it needs a larger manpower and more technical expertise. This project aims to plan and measure the HR implications of team up-sizing. performance appraisal and termination in order to retain the most productive and appropriate talent for the company during the phase of expansion will be included in the actionable items of the project proposal. Project Requestor Mr. Expansion to 2000 headcount will be executed as per the blue-print created and after approval of all related policies specified in the project proposal. It deals with creating software codes for clients and is currently doing well. CEO of company ABC Objective To handle all HR related activities to ensure smooth expansion of the division. Other factors measured will be employee morale and feedback from the date of expansion announcement to one year post expansion to determine success rate of the project.

Project Deliverables and Beneficiaries The various stakeholders involved are:     The owner of Company Mr. if at all)  Only HR responsibility for the project is the end-to-end execution of the recruitment process which will be outlines in this project proposal. Mr.  Announcement regarding the expansion has just been made within the company and to all internal and external stakeholders. Items will be planned in each phase of completion under consideration of minimum percentage of bad press and completion within timelines. Reddy Venture capitalists who have invested in the company The board of the company .  All aspects outside the concern of HR are being handled smoothly in tandem with the project and will not cause obstacles for it. All requirements have been set up and the new location is ready to use.The plan is set with a target of completion within 6 months from the date of announcement of expansion within the company. Rao CEO. Status quo  New office space has been identified. (There are interdependencies which will be identified and appropriately dealt with for any aspect.

This step should take no more than 1 day. Approval of the request should take no more than 1 day. The selecting official and HR practitioner determine the process to use . This vacancy can be the result of workforce analysis that identifies the need for a new position The selecting official then requests approval to fill the vacancy. Step 2: Prepare position description and advertisement Maximum number of days: 3 The selecting official and HR practitioner review the workforce analysis and identify any skill gaps for the position. As part of this step. The total is 2 days. the process ends. If the request is denied.    Senior management team Employees Clients Vendors – of the old company location and the new one The deliverables of the project are   Successful onboarding of 1000 new employees It is assumed that as logistics of shifting falls out of the purview of this project Time Factors for recruitment Step 1: Complete and submit the recruit action form Maximum number of days: 2 The process begins when a vacancy is identified. the position should be classified and method of recruitment identified.

After preparing the description the position should be advertised. Use pre-classified position descriptions for mission-critical occupations or frequently filled infrastructure or administrative jobs. This step should not take more than 1 day. . This step should take no more than 5 days. HR professionals screen applicants for minimum qualifications and other selection factors. Step 3: Finalize shortlist Candidates for interview Maximum number of days: 5 The selecting official and HR practitioner select an assessment tool for screening candidates.for recruitment . contracting or program support.merit promotion and/or competitive examining. The assessment tool may include:      Crediting plan Structured interview Written test Panel Subject Matter Experts During this step. Career Pattern discussion is appropriate at this time. Such as budget.   Helpful Hint for improved timeliness: The HR Practitioner can cut days off this process by screening applications prior to announcement closing so that the panel can be held within a day or two of closing. HR.

If the candidate accepts. This step should take no more than 15-20 days for specialized position and 5 days for regular position. After this step is completed. An HR practioner or designee conducts a background check on the candidate who accepts a job offer. but should not take more than 2 days. This step can be done in 5 days. this step requires a variable amount of time. Step 6: Conduct Background Check No specific number of days recommended. a firm job offer can be made and a start date arranged. Step 5: Make an offer and wait for acceptance Maximum number of days: 15-20 days The selecting official makes selections and returns certificates. all other candidates are notified. but should not take more than 1520 days for specialized position.Step 4: Interview Maximum number of days: 15-20 days The selecting official schedules and conducts interviews with the identified candidates. Depending on the job. . An HR practitioner extends a job offer to the selected candidate. This step can be done in 1 day.

15-20 DAYS • Site visits. Timeframe up to 8. 5 DAYS • Selection Committee availability. • Possible negotiation with candidate • Various checks: Police Check/Working with Children/Professional Suitability. confirming advertisements 1 DAY 1 DAY 10 DAYS Position closing date 5 DAYS Finalize shortlist of candidates for interview 5 DAYS 20 DAYS • Academic or specialist positions: Advertising in journals – dependant on frequency of publication dates. • Allowances for travel time especially for international applicants.RECRUITMENT TIMELINE Best Case Scenario Timeframes – General Staff Best Case Scenario Timeframes – Specialized Staff Please note: Days refers to working Days Variables Complete and submit the Recruit Action form 1 DAY Prepare position description and advertisement 3 DAYS Advertise Position 1 DAY • Incomplete Request 3 DAYS • Delays in approvals. •Number of applications received. GENERAL (EXTERNAL) TIMEFRAME: APPROXIMATELY 2-3 MONTHS SPECIALIZED RECRUITMENT TIMEFRAME: 6 MONTHS . • Further practical/functional testing to occur.12 Weeks. • Visa/Immigration requirements. • Delays with referee checks. 10-20 DAYS Start Date Up to 60 DAYS • When candidate gives notice/how much notice they have to give. 15-20 DAYS • Availability of candidates / selection committee members. classifications. position descriptions. Interview 4-10 DAYS Appoint Candidate (Make an offer) 10 DAYS Offer accepted 4-10 DAYS • Selection committee cannot reach consensus.

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