Swadeshi business models and opportunity for all policy. Development. • Hinduism. • Linking Factors : RSS . • Encourage small businesses. Conservatism etc. different leaders are selected on different bases which are eventually related to the charter of the BJP(national). VHP . BJP has been branded as pro-business party. • If policies are the products.Linking Brands at Different Products • If leaders are the products.

Brand Architecture • • • • • Customers are Voters Over exposure of leaders has been tested and has affected adversely on national level but not at regional levels.e. Internal disciplinary committee to keep the good image of the party through out the nation Sub Brands : Kamal Sandesh weekly. BJP Mahila morcha. Tamilnadu Alliance. NDA – Focusing on rural issues by giving examples of different states – An attempt to do march at Jantar Mantar by Sushma Swaraj while india against corruption campaign . ABVP. BJP Minority Morcha Expanding Brands – Collaboration with regional parties i.

Corporate Brand Campaign FDI Policy Jan Lokpal Bill Corruption in NREGA Black Money and Swiss Bank Accounts External and Internal Security Defense Deals Different Scams at State level 2G Scandal Cash For Vote Scam Cash For Vote Scam .

• Congress party has been seen as a family party but BJP is conservative political party. .Corporate Brand Campaign (Cont. telecom policy reformation.Economics issues and policy during BJP rules (Center and state level) • Public Influence on certain issues like ramjanmbhumi. fiscal deficit policy etc.) • Pro-Business image of the party helps to gain financial support from corporates of the country • Financial and Socio.

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