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Center: What Happens Next?

Designed by Alyssa Shroyer with 3rd grade in mind.

Language/Literacy Focus: Developing fluency and comprehension; incorporating extension and acting it out. Objective(s): Partner reading to encourage fluency. Extending a story through writing a short play and acting it out with a partner. Common Core Standard: RF.3.4. Read with sufficient
accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. W.3.3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

Materials: picture books, paper, writing utensils (markers, pens, pencils) Possibilities for students to incorporate language use and dramatic play into the center:
Students will extend the story through writing a continuation of the story in play form, using dialogue.

o Choose a partner. o Choose a picture book to read with your partner. o Find a comfy, quiet place to sit and read. o Popcorn read the book. o After reading, write what you think would happen next in the story, or what you would like to happen next. Write this continuation of the story like you are writing a play. o When you have finished your short play, read it with your partner, assigning characters to each person. o Use special voices for each character. o Act out your play!