44th Infantry Regiment (United States



44th Infantry Regiment (United States)
44th Infantry Regiment

Coat of arms Active Country Branch Type 1921 1945–1946
 United States

Infantry Branch (United States) Regiment

Engagements World War II

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The 44th (Philippine Scout) Infantry Regiment (44th INF (PS)) was part of USAFFE's Philippine Division during World War II.

History of the 44th Infantry Regiment
The 44th Infantry Regiment was formed in 1921 and it became a Philippine Scout unit and joined the Philippine Division. In 1922, the unit was deactivated. The Philippine Division, now redesignated the 12th Infantry Division (PS), was reactivated in 1946, along with its component units, primarily to compensate for the demobilization of American army units. The 44th Infantry Regiment (PS) was reformed for occupation duty on Okinawa and inactivated in 1947.

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