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MM6016 BrandingandMarketingCommunication

Objective - to know the branding activities from B2C and B2B - how to manage worldwide brand in banking industry - to find out the brand position from customer perspective Scope Research in Bandung city Approach Explanatory Research and Internal company focus, customer based market analysis.

1961, founded as PD Bank Karya Pembangunan 1978, change its name become Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat. 1999, the law form of Bank has been changed from Perusahaan Daerah (company region) into Perseroan Terbatas (Corporation) 2000, the first Bank Pembangunan Daerah which had dual banking system (conventional & syariah system) 2007, changed name to Bank Jabar Banten 2010, new logo & Corporation call name to become Bank BJB
Source: Bank BJB Brand Guidelines

Vision To become the 10 largest bank and to have a good performance in Indonesia Mission 1. Fueling and driving the pace of development in the area 2. Implementing storage area money 3. Source of regional revenue Corporate Values GO Spirit (Service Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Trust)

Consumer Banking

Product Portofolio

BJB Deposito Suka-suka BJB Giro Perorangan BJB Kredit Guna Bhakti BJB KPR, Mutual Fund Simpeda, Tabunganku BJB Tandamata BJB Tandamata Berjangka BJB Tandamata Bisnis, Gold, Haji, Purnabakti

Micro&small business

Commercial Banking Service

Bancassurance BJB Personal Deposit

Kfw-IEPC Kredt Investasi to PDAM BJB Kredit BPR BJB Kredit Kopkar BJB KKPE BJB Kredit Mikro Utama BJB Kridamas BJB KUR BJB S SRG Kredit Cinta Rakyat Jawa Barat

BJB Deposito Korporasi BJB Garansi Bank BJB Giro Korporasi BJB Kredit Investasi Utama BJB Kredit Modal Kerja BJB Kredit Sindikasi Financing Company Loan BJB Pinjaman Daerah

International Banking

Capital Market Product Financial Institution of Pension Fund Dealing Room Foreign Exchange Trading Hedging Instrument Money Market Account


BJB Deposito Valas BJB Giro Valas BJB Remittance SKBDN BJB Tandamat Dollar Trade Finance & Service Bank Koresponden BJB Nostro Account BJB

BJB Prioritas ATM BJB Call 14049 Collection Mobile Cash Remittance Western Union Safe Deposit Box Weekend Banking

Source: Bank BJB Brand Guidelines

Products-Related Attributes


Brand Inventory
Fast growing & Professionals (High Trust) with still presents touch sincere hospitality
Bank BJB Brand Identity Guidelines

Market Analysis
Category Analysis Segment Description
2011 on West Java & Banten:

Size: Third Party Funds Rp 297,143 Billion, +19.11% growth rate

Segment Description:(PNS) 46,527 people, +22% growth rate Government employees size, growth rate, etc.
People start to realize the importance of investment The safetyness to deposit money in bank The growth of SME (small medium entreprise) sponsored by Bank Most of company paid their salary via bank People start to feel the practical use credit / debit cards than carry large amounts of cash The ease of transaction by using bank products & facilities IDR 945 billion (+19% compared to 2011)

Loan disbursement Rp 248,269 Billion, +25,80% growth rate

A S Current and Emerging Trends D

Current and Emerging Trends

Estimated Profit

Potential of Trends Internet, SMS Banking, Smartphone Application Trend Needs Not Being Met Credit card, Internet and SMS banking, Smartphone Application

Target Audience
Demographics 25 55 years old Government Employee > IDR 1,000,00 Low to middle class Live in urban/ sub-urban, city Psychographics Size of Market Distributions Point Media Reach BJBs outlet ATM BJB ATM Bersama/ Prima

Primary Target

Security Simplicity Civility

Around 500,000 * in West Java

Government outlet, Proposal

Small medium enterprise Secondary Low to middle class Target Live in urban/ sub-urban city

High mobility Entrepreneur

2% of West Java residents

BJBs outlet ATM BJB ATM Bersama/ Prima

Sponsorship Special programs Social network Radiotalk

Tertiary Target

17 60 years old Start up business man Low to middle class Live in urban/ sub-urban, city

Innovators Entrepreneur

103,000 ** in West Java

BJBs outlet ATM BJB ATM Bersama/ Prima

TV ads Newspaper Radiotalk Exhibition Social network

* Source: www. **

Competitive Analysis
Competitor based on Asset Top 5 Brands Bank BJB Est. Sales (IDR mill) 5,977,050 Points of Differentiation Kredit Guna Bhakti Perceived Quality Loan for local goverment employee based on SK (Surat Keputusan) , quick process Worldwide acceptance Pricing F: 0-5% L: 7-12% F:1-6% L:11-13% F: 3-7% L: 11-17% F: 1-6% L:10-13% F: 3-7% L:17-18%

Bank Danamon


Cards access


Transcorp facilities


Bank Bukopin


Pioneer in Payment Point Online

Quick process

7,465,651 Pension banking services

F= Average of interest rate of third party funds L= Average of loan interest rate

Loan for local goverment pension

Sources: various sources

Competitive Analysis
Top 5 Brands
Bank BJB

Value Proposition

Core Brand Message

Est. Marketing Budget

Regional deposit as a source of cash Free of charge withdrawals at Atm Bersama and Prima Active participant of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Bigger, 103,812 Initiative (UNEPFI); only 2 Indonesian banks had signed up for memberships stronger, better Loans to civil servants and retired; Various of loan products Wireless EDC Market potential to gather MU fans ( 30 million people) Access to three different cards: American Express, MasterCard and Visa, bundled with Danamons current and saving account products Working with many merchants, lots of discount amenities Extensive network of retail business from Transcorp group Interlink network Internet subsidy to members

Bank Danamon

Trust your self


Mega is your destination Understand and giving you solution



Daya program social program that access to market information, allowing them to make better decisions Bank BTPN Paket Masa Depan the product designed and catered for Tunas Usaha Rakyat segment
Sources: various sources

Meaningful life


Points of Differentiation
Brands Parity Feature Meaningful Points of Differentiation Loan for start up business #1 Reason People Buy the Brand Easy procedure process Cards acceptance Key Customer Benefits Loans with SK as a collateral Any merchants and everywhere

Bank BJB

Bank Danamon

Everywhere transaction Savings and loans product

Transcorp retail business facilities

Discount amenities The fastest banking product network Pension loan

Lots of offers

Pioneer payment point online


Pension banking services

Unlimited age

Sources: various sources

Brand Elements (1)

Brand Name : Bank BJB
more modern, transcendent, inclusive, and has been recognized by the public.

Brand Personality



Acronym described the nature of simplicity and nature modern society where BJB Bank will serve. Describes the transformation of Bank BJB to become more effective and professionals in serving all people from Sabang to Merauke.

Brand Personality



Source: Bank BJB Brand Guidelines

Brand Elements (2)

Brand Identity
Range of Services A flying wing for progress symbolizes the far-reaching arm to provide the best service to customers, shareholders and the entire community.

Communit y Sharehold er Customer

Source: Bank BJB Brand Guidelines

Brand Elements (3)

Brand Association

Brand Traits
Believable Options 1. Professional 2. Luxurious 2 most strategic


Art Deco Heritage Regional bank

Faster growth
Performan ce

3. Hospitality


Believable Options
1. Hospitable 2. Simply

3 most Personalit strategic


Modern Educated

3. Friendly 4. Kinship 5. Sincere 6. Service

Source: Bank BJB Brand Guidelines

Brand Exploratory
Detailed information about what consumers think of the brand

Brand Positioning
What business are you in? Conventional banking industry
Brands in Category Bank BJB Key Customer Benefit Brand Positioning Statement

Easy, fast, and friendly service for any transaction

High touch and high trust service

Everywhere transaction

Being a customer centric organization

Retail and merchant network

The symbol of new Indonesia

Member of PPObis benefit such as subsidized for internet

UMKM partner

Loan for pension

Pension banking service

Sources: various sources

Consumer Analysis (1A)

Research: Breadth Interview in Bandung Questioneer to Civitas SBM ITB (Highly educated segment) Total respondent: 31 Brand Preferences
BCA Mandiri 15 13 BNI BRI BJB Panin CIMB Niaga others

Findings: Reason to buy: strategic location, ease of transaction Low awareness & Low preferences to Bank BJB Lack of knowledge about brand position By segmentation, there are no effects regarding income & gender in order to refer a friend or had experience with BJB or saving in BJB

2 1 n = 31 1

2 1

Consumer Analysis (1B)

Brand Image
Based on the survey that we conducted from 31 people we concluded that: 99% of people do not have an account with Bank BJB 60% are satisfy with the current service with their bank, 14% are very satisfy, the rest feel just fine with the service People in general not interested to open account in BJB 77% of people do not have any experience with BJB 78% of people have seen BJB advertising or commercial 81% view BJB as Regional Bank, 6% as government bank 69% of people will not refer Bank BJB to friends or relatives
Private Bank 3% Government Bank 16%

Brand Awareness
No 22% Yes 78%

Regional Bank 81%

Brand Experiences
yes 23% No 77% NO 67% N=31

Brand Resonances
Yes 33%

Consumer Research (2)

Research Random people Depth interview in Bandung city Questioneer Total respondents: 100 Focus Bank BJB as a brand and its competitor image No product related questions Findings Low awareness of Bank BJB 22% do not have bank`s favourite 66% interest of trying Bank BJB (potential customer)

Consumer Profile (2A)

Gender Occupation



Consumer Analysis (2B)

Results: Based on the survey that we conducted from 100 people, it shown that the location of bank is really important for customer likely to choose, followed by loan products and offers, and the availability of ATM machines. Most of the customer are still choosing big bank (BCA), and satisfied with their own bank choice. However, there are 22% of customer who have no bank`s favorite that could be influence to try to be bank BJB`s customer.

Consumer Analysis (2C)

Results: Based on the survey that we conducted from 100 people we concluded that the awareness is still low (37%) even they have seen the TV advs. However, there is 66% potential customer that can be influence to try Bank BJB.

Consumer Perception of BJB (2D)

Consumer Perception of Competitors (2E)

Consumer Perception
Results: Based on the survey that we conduct from 100 people random in Bandung city (2D & 2E): Bank BJB is recognized as regional bank (47%), government bank (40%. It shown that the strong association of it. Most of them are also know its acronym. However, one of the reason Bank BJB rebranding its name to BJB is to tell public that the bank is neither regional nor government bank. Thus it also change its tagline to be bigger, stronger, better. As it shown in its vision to be 10 largest bank, bank BJB is now expanding its market to outside Java such as Sumatra and Kalimantan. However, it is still hard to educate public about their new image. Their competitor based on assets ( Bank Mega, Bank BTPN, Bank Bukopin, Bank Danamon) are very well known of their image as private bank. The reason to choose those 4 banks as competitor is based on Bank Indonesia guidelines regarding top and large bank based on assets. Those four banks position are above Bank BJB. The position of Bank BJB for 2012 is number 14.

Customer Knowledge
Consumer perceptions analysis Unfamiliar brand name Not well known logo Lack of information and offers
Regional Bank

Performan ce


Sundanesse Bank Limited transaction Unfamiliar product


Attractive young sales female Friendly costumer service Government officer

Mental Map

SWOT Analysis
Regional deposit source of cash IPO Very well known in West Java and Banten province (its economic strategic area) High growth in assets and revenue

Unfamiliar outside Java Island Logo is not well known Poor Information technology system (no internet banking, sms banking) Strong association as regional banking The growth for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) in Indonesia. Customer needs in differentiation of investment and loan system Brand expansion outside Java

Old player in banking world Other finance company such as leasing, multifinance Syariah bank etc

Source of Brand Equity

Irfan Hakim has been 5 years as Celebrity Program Endorsement

Marketing Communication
Current Marketing Programs (2012):
Advertising Public Relations Promotion Sponsorship Web Site


Product for SME

Total Budget 2012: IDR 204 Million Total Spending 2012:IDR 152 Million

Source: BJB Internal resources

Brand Credentials
Historical and facts Market leader Awards, medals, records, etc Originally as a Bank Pembangunan Daerah, and ithe first regional banks which has IPO since 2010 BPD (Bank Pembangunan Daerah) 2009 "The Best BPD" Bank Terbaik Kategori Pembangunan Daerah (the best bank in category of region development) "The Best Performance Award of Indonesian BanksBPD category (Tempo Magazine) 1st Best ATM (InfoBank Magazine) 1st Best Security guard (InfoBank Magazine) 2010 The Best Bandung Services Excellence Champion". Category Conventional Banking Investor Award, Top Regional Banker IICG, Trusted Company Based on Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) Very good financial performance 2001-2010 (InfoBank Magazine) Certification, licenses, accreditations Articles or quotes published in newspaper and magazines N/A Best Newly Listed PT Bank BJB Tbk (BJBR) (Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) Excellence in Building and Managing Corporate Image Category : Regional Goverment Bank (Bloomberg Businessweek dan Frontier Consulting Group) Strategic partner in Jamsostek West Java program in 2012 (Jamsostek) The Best Performance IPO from Investor Awards Best Listed Companies 2011 (majalah Investor) 2011 The Best Of Bandung Service Excellence Award 2011, Category Conventional Banking (Markplus) ABFI Banking Award, Best Performance Banking 2011 BPD assets above 10 Billion Corporate Image Award 2011, "Excellence in Building and Managing Corporate Image "Investor Award, Best Performance IPO Corporate Image Award 2011, Indonesias Most Admired Company Category Regional Government Bank 4th the Best Corporation for Risk Management of the Year 2011

Source: Bank BJB Internal resources

Brand Credentials
Testimonials, client references Achievements Product or service rating/ rankings Prestige of user or client list Credentials of your employees/management Hospitality local bank with low loan interest rate Wireless EDC 11th, all over banks in Indonesia (based on assets) N/A Around 3.500 employees by 2012 with 5 days of working per week some branches are also open in weekend (7 days a week) PT. Jamkrindo (insurance) CIMB sekuritas PT. Askrida (insurance) ATM Bersama ATM Prima LPS N/A Regional hospitality Bank Kepolisian RI PT. Telkom Indonesia Notaris rekanan

Prestige of strategic alliance partners

Intellectual property (patents, etc.) Brand reputation

Source: Bank BJB Internal resources

Employee Involvement
Type of Touch Employee Needs Action Planned New Employee Induction of Basic banking knowledge Corporate value Internal training (customer service, telephone handling, product knowledge) Weekly training, monthly review Induction of Basic Customer Service Corporate value Internal training (Customer Service, handling Complaint, product knowledge) Weekly training, monthly review Current Employee Risk management certified for Managerial level Soft Skills (leadership, change management, team building) Review every 6 months, and 1 year refreshment for certification (3-5 times) External Training (Service Strategy, Marketing Strategy) Soft Skills (ESQ, problem solving) Review every 6 months, and 1 year refreshment for certification (3-5 times)

Education High Trust (Fast & Professional)



Education High Touch (Hospitable)



Source: BJB Internal resources

Customer-Based Brand Equity

Low loyalty Loyalty only for PNS and customer at urban area Being a family, personalize service, hospitable

High service, fast

High growth, support SME

Government officer (PNS), Regional bank, limited coverage outside Java

Low and Unclear

Brand Equity Evaluation

Product : Conventional Banking Brand : Bank BJB Target Audience: PNS (age 25-55 ) middle-low, lives in urban / sub-urban city What we want them to think: A bank which is transforming to become more effective and professional in serving the whole community as well as commercial banks

Core Brand Message:

Bigger, Stronger, Better

Reason to Buy: Easy process for start up business loan
Brand Awareness Overall perception is low and perceived as Regional Bank (West Java) - Brand recognition: Fair - Brand recall: Need assistance

Brand image Overall image as regional bank and strong relation with government employee

Inventory: Transition to become a conventional banking, however the market segmentation still focus on Government employees (PNS) Exploratory: Based on survey, the awareness is still low along with strong asscociation as regional bank. Therefore the core brand message Bigger Stronger Better is not well delivered and far from expectation

Strategic Brand Management

Redefine the Segmentation Targeting Positioning Develop the brand essence Create Customer Relation Management program to build awareness and public education about Bank BJB