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Fashion Design Production
• Fashion and accessory designers use their knowledge of design principles, techniques, and tools to create sketches and models of original garments, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. • They often specialize in a particular facet of clothing design, such as men's, women's, children's wear, or lingerie. • While some fashion designers control the entire design and marketing process, others use the services of patternmakers to create original textiles and trimmings, production managers to oversee the actual creation of the fashion line, and fashion merchandisers to introduce and establish the designs in the fashion marketplace.

2. Apparel Designer Job Description: 1. 7. kids. Fashion design is a demanding and unpredictable job with long hours. 5 . maternity. evening dresses.FASHION DESIGNER Alternate Titles: Clothes Designer. or individual jobs. especially when deadlines approach for launches. 5. Potential employers include retailers. Fashion designers conceptualize and create new clothing. ready-to-wear product for apparel manufacturers. or denims. and fashion studios. 6. 3. shows. baby outfits. and individual clients. men. 4. produce. individual designers may work in very specialized areas. Fashion designers usually specialize in a specific line of clothing such as women. More experienced designers may be required to travel to promote their fashion lines. such as tshirts. and promote a finished. They analyze fashion trends and work closely with production. haute couturiers. bridal. In larger fashion houses. specialty and retail stores. textile and apparel manufacturers. and sales departments to design. maternity clothes. an example being tailors who produce custom designs for weddings and other special events. marketing. sportswear etc.

Expect long hours in the beginning and be prepared for seasonal assisted design) knowledge of fashion trends and forecasts knowledge of manufacturing and production process ability to deal with ambiguity and rejection and to handle stress due to deadlines good business and marketing skills. which creates more overall demand for clothing and accessories. and color above-average ability for sewing skills. Personal Characteristics and Skillsability to discriminate between colors and judge fabric quality & a good eye for style. shape.Outlook: • • Demand for fashion designers will remain strong as consumers constantly seek new styles and fashion. and the population is growing. drawing and sketching skills computer skills (especially with the use of CAD . Career Path: Design Assistant > Assistant Designer > Associate Designer > Fashion Director • • • • • • • 6 .

Accessory designers must always stay in touch not only with trends in their own specialties. in order to react to create pieces that complement the new hot styles in the market. ties. and so on. kids. Accessory designers usually specialize in a specific line of accessories. shoes. etc. to go with clothing. hats. brides. 3. Accessory designers conceptualize and create designs for jewelry. Job Description: 1. Shoe Designer. belts. women. Handbag Designer. etc. be it men. 7 . handbags.ACCESSORY DESIGNER Also called: Jewelry Designer. 2. but also within apparel and fabric markets. as well as the customers for whom they design these accessories. moms. gloves.

ability to work independently. Few staff positions are available. so most accessory designers work independently. handle stress due to deadlines Career Path: Design Assistant/ Freelance Accessory Designer > Associate Staff Accessory Designer > Accessory Designs Director 8 . etc) • persistence and determination. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • above average ability for creative expression • technical skill in working with materials required for the chosen specialty (such as metal and semi-precious stones for jewelry designers.Outlook: • • Accessory design is a highly competitive field that requires a lot of selfmotivation. drawing and sketching skills • knowledge of and ability to react to current fashion trends • knowledge of manufacturing and production process • ability to keep production within a tight budget.

A fashion merchandiser needs to be one of the first in the industry to spot the trend. 3. They may also be responsible for tracking profits and losses. production costs. Merchandisers are some of the most powerful employees within an apparel company.FASHION MERCHANDISER Alternate Titles: Merchandiser. 5. Fashion merchandising professionals on the retail side are responsible for determining store inventory and to price clothes (MPR) 4. and previous sales numbers to determine the product direction that the manufacturers will take each season. Apparel Merchandiser Job Description: 1. 2. Fashion merchandisers on the apparel production side track and analyze market trends. 9 . and have large personnel management responsibilities.

there are a number of merchandiser positions open • Those who have the business acumen and good fashion judgment to achieve and maintain profitability in their sector could advance high up the executive ladder. decisive. well-organized. detail oriented. Personal Characteristics and Skills – • extensive knowledge of the apparel industry and trends • highly analytical with strong math skills • ability to predict and create fashion trends • ability to combine information from market sales and production data with fashion forecasts and translate into smart product-line decisions. Career Path: Fashion Buyer > Merchandising Assistant > Merchandiser > Merchandising Director 10 . • ability to work with other executives. calm under pressure.Outlook: • Every apparel maker needs at least one fashion merchandiser. As a result.

5. They listen to their customers concerns about the product. Apparel Sales Representative Job Description: 1. Sales representatives usually solicit orders from new and prospective customers within a designated geographical area. 4. and even help the customer sell more of the product by arranging special events like trunk shows and in-store fashion shows featuring their products. and catalogs of their manufacturer's product line. sometimes internationally.FASHION SALES REPRESENTATIVE Also called: Manufacturer's Representative. Fashion Sales Representatives sell a manufacturer's garments and accessories to Fashion Buyers from wholesale and retail stores. They show samples. assist in solving problems the customer may have with the product. 2. illustrations. 3. and must be able to answer any questions regarding the products. This is a position that requires a good deal of travel. 11 .

Personal Characteristics/Skills – • highly competitive • belief in the product and ability to maintain enthusiasm for it • excellent communication skills . with additional positions available overseas. Career Path: Showroom Sales Representative/Assistant > Sales Representative > Sales Manager > Regional Sales Manager > National Sales Manager > VP Sales 12 . • Higher than average growth within the US is projected in this sector.Outlook: • Good to Excellent. • Often the key to getting a job is the willingness and flexibility to travel to remote locations.both written and oral • establish good relationships with customers • self-motivated with good follow-through skills • ability to deal with rejection and remain upbeat • knowledge of fashion industry trends and manufacturer's competitors.

Showroom sales reps should expect to work additional long hours during the four to six market weeks or fashion weeks each year. They work at manufacturers and/or designers offices. Showroom Representative Job Description: 1. outgoing. 2. Outlook: • Good to Excellent. advancement is a good possibility. • With enough experience and some additional education or training. 3. Career Path: Showroom Sales Assistant > Showroom Sales Representative > Showroom Sales Manager 13 . friendly. Once they convince the Fashion Buyer to purchase the manufacturer's products. good organizational and computer skills. excellent communication and presentation skills. college graduates with good communication skills and the right personality have a good chance of being hired. They must then make sure that the right quantity of the right product reaches their customers' stores at the right time and in saleable condition.enthusiastic. knowledge of manufacturing and retail sectors of the fashion industry. • Although a showroom sales rep is a fairly competitive position. Personal Characteristics/Skills . good listener. 4. where they meet with visiting Fashion Buyers and show the latest product line.SHOWROOM SALES REPRESENTATIVES Also called: Showroom Salesperson. they are responsible for accurately taking the Fashion Buyers order.

decisive. extensive knowledge of the apparel industry and trends. This is a fairly senior position within a manufacturer's organization. selling and distribution of a manufacturer or designer's products. design. 3. ability to combine information from market sales and production data with fashion forecasts and translate into smart product-line decisions. well-organized. Outlook: • Employment is expected to grow 3% to 9% between 2002 and 2012. • As product managers gain extensive experience and knowledge of the manufacturer's operations. They are also responsible for overseeing the set-up and implementation of quality assurance protocols for their product. Product Managers are responsible for overseeing the conceptualization. ability to work with other executives. • Most aspiring product managers must work up to this senior level. 2. Product Managers usually handle a specific product. detail oriented. construction.PRODUCT MANAGER Also called: Product Development Manager Job Description: 1. 4. or product line. Career Path: Market Analyst > Merchandiser > Product Manager > Director of Product Management 14 . usually starting at an analyst or assistant position. Personal Characteristics/Skills .highly analytical with strong math skills. calm under pressure. they can be promoted into an executive leadership position.

CLOTHING PATTERN MAKER Also called: Pattern Maker. and sketches. squares. Alternatively Patternmakers may be promoted into Manufacturing/Production Management positions. good computer skills (specifically with CAD programs . 3. manufacturers or as freelancers. Career Path: Fabric Cutter/Grader > Patternmaker > Assistant Designer > Designer. pattern makers are vital to the success of a design. good communication skills. expertise with body proportions. • There should be opportunities either working for designers. ability to visualize the finished garment from a designers drawings. Patternmakers use their expertise in body proportions and knowledge of fabric to translate the designer's apparel sketches into its various pattern pieces.great technical skills with an ability to use drafting tools (calipers. Personal Characteristics/Skills . understanding of apparel manufacturing assisted drawing). detail oriented. Apparel Patternmaker. patternmakers often act as liaisons between the design and manufacturing groups. 2. straight and curved rules). • As styles become more complicated. Clothing patternmakers make full-size paper or fiberboard patterns for clothing. Outlook: • Pattern makers are very important to designers and fashion houses. 15 . Fabric Patternmaker Job Description: 1. yet the number of people entering the trade has declined. designs. Because of their understanding of the technical aspect of a design.

L. ability to manage deadlines and multiple projects. analytical and problem-solving skills. but may also work for firms that specialize in pattern grading (such as an outsourcing provider). Pattern graders are responsible for reducing or enlarging a pattern created by a patternmaker order to produce clothes across a range of sizes (S.PATTERN GRADER Also called: Grader Job Description: 1. machinery. pattern grading is considered more of a technically oriented career than patternmaking or designing. M. Career Path: Pattern Grading Assistant > Pattern Grader > Patternmaker > Production Manager 16 . In general. petite). Pattern graders may use charts. Personal Characteristics/Skills . anyone starting as a pattern grader should have opportunities to progress on the road to becoming production managers. especially through turnover or attrition. ability to do precise manual work. etc) and fits (tall. • With the right attitude. technical expertise and experience. or computer programs in their work. 2. Outlook: • Opportunities for pattern graders are available. • Pattern graders may work directly for design houses or manufacturers. good drafting and math skills.Understanding of apparel construction and manufacturing and patternmaking.

Fashion Marketing/Merchandising 17 .

Fashion Marketing/Merchandising • They are responsible for identifying and creating fashion trends to sell the products created by fashion designers. The fashion merchandising field includes jobs in both retail and wholesale sales. Drawing on their knowledge of consumer psychology and trends. they promote fashion with advertising and visual marketing campaigns. 18 .

. 4. men's suits or women's denim) 19 . 2. Buyer Job Description: 1. present. so it is important for fashion buyers to be able to understand past. Buyers must also be good at budgeting and planning inventory so that a good selection of clothing is always available for customers. and understanding of their target customers' desires to create an attractive selection of apparel for retail stores. designers. and future fashion trends. Buyers often make their purchases of apparel and accessories from manufacturers.g. knowledge of fashion trends. or wholesalers for the retailers or departmental stores 1 or 2 seasons in advance. Buyers for larger department stores usually specialize in a specific line of clothes or accessories (e.FASHION BUYER Also called: Apparel Buyer. Fashion buyers use their sense of style. 3.

Career Path: Assistant Fashion Buyer > Fashion Buyer > Divisional Merchandise Manager 20 . but new positions become available as a result of internal promotions of experienced buyers. • The overall number of fashion buyer positions available is expected to decrease.Outlook: • Good to Excellent. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • Fashion buyers must be fashion-lovers with knowledge of fashion history and trends • good analytical skills • good negotiation abilities • flexible work attitude • excellent budgeting and planning skills • inventory management skills • ability to deal well with deadlines and stress. • Advancement opportunities are good: Those who start at the assistant buyer level have a good chance of becoming full-fledged buyers within 3 to 5 years.

4. 21 . 5. They are constantly monitoring industry publications and talking to designers in order to understand industry trends and keep up with the latest in fabric and textile development.CO-ORDINATOR Also called: Fashion Director Job Description: 1. 6. Long hours and frequent travel are part of the job. Fashion directors need to assess the potential success of a garment or clothing line and determine the best plan for promotion and marketing. and serving as a middleman with fabric mills. and textiles are according to plan. Fashion coordinators then share their analyses with retail salespeople and/or editors to guide them in making customer recommendations. Additional responsibilities of a fashion coordinator may include organizing fashion parades. and wholesalers to ensure that things are on schedule and colors. designs. design house. 3. 2. or fashion magazine. supervising fashion photography shoots for promotions. suppliers. Fashion Coordinators are responsible for creating a unified look and feel across all fashion divisions of a department store. and they also share their analysis with buyers to guide them in making inventory purchases.

and presentation skills. • However. in-depth understanding of consumer behavior • an interest in artistic and creative pursuits.. judgment. and department stores. design houses.) • knowledge and understanding of fashion trends • a flair for style. these are available in areas like fashion magazines. great networking skills • great organizational skills • excellent communication. negotiation. styles. colors. etc. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • excellent understanding of fashion (e. cuts.Outlook: • Fair to Great. Career Path: Retail Sales Associate > Buyer > Assistant Fashion Coordinator > Fashion Coordinator > Fashion Director 22 .g. • There are only a limited number of Fashion Coordinator positions available since it is a high-level position. fabrics.

designers. They work with a team of buyers and managers to decide the most effective way to sell their products including advertising and display of merchandise & on how and where best to position and place merchandise. product development and sales. They study fashion trends. 5. pricing. competitors. visit manufacturers. Long hours and plenty of travel are often part of the job. 6. designers and merchandise markets. Fashion Merchandiser Job Description: 1. forecasting. highly organized. division or chain. strong time management skills. in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the fashion marketplace. 4. They may also be responsible for organizing and coordinating promotional activities like fashion shows. Outlook: Good to Excellent. consumers. Retail Merchandisers select. Merchandisers may also specialize in a specific line of clothing. Career Path: Buyers > Associate Merchandising Manager > Merchandise Manager > General Merchandising Manager 23 . Like Fashion Buyers. promote and sell clothing and accessories for a retail store. department. manufacturers and products. 3. expertise in planning. purchase. Personal Characteristics/Skills – Exceptional analytical skills.RETAIL MERCHANDISER Also called: Merchandise Manager. and make fashion forecasts basted on the information they collect. 2. great leadership and management skills.

VISUAL MERCHANDISER Alternate Titles: Merchandise Display Artist. 24 . 4.g. fashion showrooms. 2. and any other areas where the store's apparel and accessories are displayed. Visual Display Artists take into account current fashions and trends. Visual Merchandisers may provide input or oversee the design and layout of a store or department. Visual Merchandisers are responsible for conceptualizing. or sold. 5. Christmas and Valentine's Day). promoted. and implementing window and instore displays for both online and brick and mortar retail stores. Their mail goals are: (1) create and maintain an image for a department or store that resonates with their target customers. and (3) guide their customers' browsing through merchandise placement and store layout to result in an eventual sale. tradeshow displays. 6. Visual Merchandisers coordinate with the head office and other design teams (including buyers and sales staff) to ensure consistency with the corporate brand or image. designing. Visual Merchandisers must combine their creativity and artistic flair with technical know-how to set up displays that maximize the space of the store while effectively catching the eye and appealing to the senses of their target customers. Visual Display Designer Job Description: 1.. promotions. such as holidays (e. (2) increase customer traffic in the store. In larger department stores or retail chains. and seasonal factors. In addition to drawing on their knowledge of customer tendencies when designing their displays. 3.

props. Creativity is key with an above-average ability for artistic expression. 2. building stet. Personal Characteristics and Skills: 1. • In the coming years. setting up proper lighting. • Now that retailers have realized the positive impact that displays can have on their in.g. Technical and design expertise (e. as well as knowledge of fashion and art/design industry trends and forecasts. It is also important to have the ability to work well with customer traffic and therefore their bottom lines. skilled Visual Merchandisers have become more sought after. etc) is helpful. Visual Merchandiser jobs are projected to grow at a pace higher than the national average. or they may be promoted to managerial positions of greater responsibilities. Career Path: Visual Merchandising Assistant > Visual Merchandiser > Visual Merchandising Coordinator > Visual Merchandising Director 25 . • Experienced Visual Merchandisers who have a proven track record of creating great displays may have the option of joining or starting their own firms specializing in visual merchandising for retailers.Outlook: • Good to Excellent.

Depending on the size of a store. business acumen. to hiring.RETAIL STORE MANAGER Also called: Store Manager. 2. 26 . 3. ordering a store's merchandise inventory. Retail store managers are very high-level employees who are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a store's operations. training. They are ultimately responsible for the store's bottom line. evenings and holidays are often part of the job. and as such must have the right combination of fashion industry knowledge. 4. and interpersonal skills to keep their stores profitable. Working long hours. firing and promoting employees. weekends. Department Store Manager Job Description: 1. setting up pricing policies. store managers do or at least are involved in some manner in everything from approving visual displays and print or television advertisements.

Career Path: Retail Sales Associate > Associate Manager > Store Manager > Department Store Manager 27 . accounting. Candidates with retail experience will have the the best opportunity for jobs as store managers.Outlook: Employment for retail store managers / supervisors is expected to grow 3% to 9% between 2002 and 2012. Job stability for Retail Store Managers is now more than ever determined by the store's ongoing profitability. The growth of national chains has created more jobs at companies (instead of small retail stores) and thus created a career development path for many aspiring managers. sales and management. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • interpersonal and management skills • highly organized • detail oriented yet constantly thinking of the big picture • good business skills particularly in marketing.

BOUTIQUE OWNER Also called: Specialty Store Owner. Owner Job Description: 1. Successful boutique owners are very entrepreneurial-minded and driven people who use a combination of savvy business skills and in-depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry to make a profit. beachwear. 28 . tuxedos. watches. vintage. setting up the in-store displays and managing employees. lingerie. T-shirts. 3. One could start a fashion boutique in one of the following areas: sportswear. Their stores often target a specific customer profile and often carry a specific mix of clothing and/or apparel designers that appeal to this demographic. dresses. accessories. and more. sunglasses. handbags. 2. Boutique owners must be jacks of all trades as they typically oversee all aspects of a boutiques operations from planning and purchasing their inventory. shoes. 4. novelty items.

• Setting up a boutique usually requires obtaining a bank loan or drawing from personal savings to cover initial investments. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • entrepreneurial and risk-taking personality • solid business background in fields such as Marketing. Accounting. sell franchises for subsequent locations. Career Path: Retail Sales Associate > Buyer > Retail Manager > Boutique Owner 29 . multi-tasking capabilities. • Once the store is profitable. successful owners are those who can attract investors with a solid business plan and operational structure. and the value of being one's own boss cannot be underestimated. excellent time management and communication skills.Outlook: • Being a small business owner is a dream for many people. • Often. or if they have created a strong enough brand. including trends and forecasts • flexible. owners can go on to open additional stores. Sales and Management • in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the fashion retail marketplace.

Fashion Media & Promotions 30 .

• Fashion photographs. • Fashion writers and editors are employed by newspapers. 31 . web sites. and stylists are often employed by catalogs and magazines. and other media outlets to keep consumers up-to-date on style trends. illustrators. magazines.Fashion Media & Promotions • The fashion industry offers a number of opportunities for creative professionals who aren't attracted to the design side.

Fashion writers produce editorial copy for media outlets such as fashion magazines.g. Most draw upon their personal interest and incorporate their own personality into stories to make their pieces fun. who together dig up their own stories e. 5. celebrities and others who make up fashion's inner circle. but for those who specialize in areas like designer collection reviews. After developing these stories behind the scenes. Fashion Reporter Job Description: 1.. 3. editors. they are pitched to chief editors or other fashion media buyers like Vogue or Cosmo. 32 . The majority of the industry's fashion writers work within editorial departments of fashion design firms. formal portraits of designers. models. interesting and engaging to readers. submitting articles on a freelance basis is often the preferred career direction. fashion / design websites or blogs. newspapers. and of course for television. 4. Talented fashion editors tend to partner with photographers.. Like all journalists. 2. fashion reporters must do thorough research and/or conduct interviews when preparing articles.FASHION WRITER Also called: Fashion Journalist. Fashion Critic.

fabrics and business are also important. designers.Good interpersonal communication skills are needed for interviews and dealing with editors. historical trends. • The fashion writing industry can be extremely competitive.Outlook: • National employment demand for all fashion journalists and writers is expected to grow through 2014. • A love of fashion and knowledge about the industry. spelling and grammar). and superior research and fact-checking skills are essential. Skills – • Excellent English communication and writing skills (e. attention to detail. textiles.g. • Two thirds of the nations working fashion editors will reside in either New York or California (US Dept of Labor). Freelance fashion writers must have persistence and perseverance and be good at marketing their work Career Path: Editorial Assistant > Staff Fashion Writer > Fashion Editor 33 .. Personal Characteristics .

television and film production houses. Many stylists also choose to run their own businesses. advertising agencies. They coordinate colors and styles and ensure that all clothes are ready for the shoot. 5. fashions. create the mood for the shoot by selecting and setting up the appropriate props. layout. 3. and music production companies often employ fashion stylists. accessories. which can include basic tasks such as steaming and ironing garments. commercial. public relations firms. or wealthy clients as wardrobe consultants to help them prepare for major events or appearances. and even models to fit the theme of the shoot. celebrities. 2. Companies such as magazines. music video. retailers. etc. Fashion stylists often scout locations. Stylists may also be employed by agents.FASHION STYLIST Job Description: 1. 4. print advertisement. 34 . newspapers. Fashion stylists are responsible for bringing to life a photographer or director's vision for a fashion photo shoot. catalog publishers.

Lauren Hutton. clients usually hire stylists they have used in the past or those who have proven success in the business. Kelly Price 35 . Kylie Minogue. ability to market oneself • savvy business skills to deal with invoicing. • The most successful fashion stylists have extensive networks of contacts within the fashion industry to get the job done quickly and on budget. Mischa Barton. bills. trends and forecasts • technical know-how for setting up sets. creativity and resourcefulness • broad knowledge of fashion history. Keira Knightly Wardrobe stylist for Madonna. budgets. etc. Career Path: Intern/Stylist's Apprentice > Assistant Fashion Stylist > Staff Fashion Stylist Famous Fashion Stylists: Jeff Ihenando: Stylist for supermodels Kate Moss. • Once established. good interpersonal and networking skills • persistence and self-motivation. • In addition. Personal Characteristics and Skills – • eye for style. stylists who maintain a good professional reputation can expect plenty of repeat business and often take advantage of this by setting up their own independent businesses.Outlook: • Aspiring fashion stylists should expect to work their way to the top. Naomi Campbell Rachel Zoe: Celebrity clients include Nichole Richie. Libery Ross.

36 . PR specialists must maintain strong professional relationships with media personnel. Because they do not pay for publicity or media coverage. newspapers. Public Relations (PR) Specialists must find creative ways to keep the company's brand name in the public eye. 4.FASHION PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST Also called: Fashion Publicist. Fashion Public Relations Specialists and Publicists help apparel companies and retail stores build and maintain a favorable public image. radio and direct mail. 2. As such. 3. They are also responsible for interacting with media when questions or crises arise from outside sources. PR specialists select information that they want to share with the public and write up press releases or conduct press conferences to distribute the news through television. Fashion Media Relations Specialist Job Description: 1.

Career Path: Promotions Assistant > Public Relations Specialist > Public Relations Coordinator > Director of Public Relations 37 . PR specialists may also work at PR firms that handle work for a variety of clients. • The market for PR specialists focused solely on fashion is growing quickly. • In addition to working on staff for design houses and retailers. After 3-5 years of experience in the field.Outlook: • Good to Excellent. good time management and multi-tasking skills • ability to maintain an even temperament under stress. PR specialists often move into more senior PR Coordinator positions. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • Knowledge of journalistic basics including proper news release formats • excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills • good interpersonal skills.

or television shows. Editors may specialize in apparel. developing and presenting content for fashionspecific magazines. accessories.FASHION EDITOR Also called: Apparel Editor. Paris. Editors occupy the mid to highest-level positions at publications 3. Some fashion editors choose to freelance. In addition. London. Under guidance of the editor-in-chief. photo shoots. both salaried and freelance editors should enjoy a fastpaced environment.. beauty and make-up. Fashion Producer Job Description: 1. 5. working on a per-contract basis and assuming all of the costs of the fashion shoot (e. Accessories Editor. Fashion editors supervise the process of creating. they are responsible for deciding the creative influence and direction that their departments will pursue during a given season or issue. and vintage clothing stores 6. Due to the deadline-driven nature of their work. newspaper sections. clothing and accessories). editors are often required to travel to keep up with the latest fashion trends through meetings with designers and visits to fashion shows throughout the world (e.g. and so on.. specialty boutiques. New York. 2. 38 . websites. retail stores. and Milan).g. 4.

opportunities for advancement become more readily available. aspiring editors must be creative. • Because competition for these jobs is fierce. broad knowledge of fashion industry trends and forecasts • excellent writing/journalistic talent with the ability to communicate effectively and clearly • great organization and planning skills. etc. entertainment and lifestyle magazines. • Growth in any of these sectors means an increased demand for experienced writers and editors. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • Passion for fashion. television shows. excellent interpersonal and management skills • competitive spirit • ability to perform well under stress. fashion sections of news.Outlook: • Employment of editors and writers is expected to increase 10% to 20% between 2002 and 2012 • There are a variety of outlets in which prospective editors may seek employment including but not limited to: fashion magazines. newspapers. hard working and willing to start at the bottom and take opportunities as they arise. • Once in the system. Career Path: Associate Editor > Editor > Senior Editor > Editor-in-Chief Famous Fashion Editor-in-Chiefs: Anna Wintour: Vogue Magazine Cindi Leive: Glamour Magazine Robbie Myers: Elle Magazine 39 . websites.

FASHION IILUSTRATOR Also called: Fashion Artist Job Description: 1. Outlook: • Many of the jobs once performed exclusively by fashion illustrators are now also done by fashion photographers. or department store. • In addition. or out of their own studio. Personal Characteristics/Skills – Excellent computer skills. and accessories for fashion advertisements. • For example.g. computer aided design/CAD). Career Path: Fashion Illustrator Freelance > Staff Fashion Illustrator 40 . exceptional drawing skills. and other media either by hand or use special computer software programs (e. and flyers. full-time jobs are often available with clothing catalog firms. Fashion illustrations are used in newspaper and magazine advertising layouts. brochures. Professional fashion artists may work on a freelance basis for an advertising agency. catalogues. for whom photographs will not suffice. 2. shoes. high level of creativity and artistic expression. basic business know-how. there are still opportunities for fashion illustration and fashion artist jobs. particularly with CAD software. ability for self-promotion.. television commercials. films. direct mail catalogs. however. manufacturer. department store ads. 3. Fashion illustrators conceptualize and create sketches and drawings of apparel. well-trained and skilled illustrators are sought by employers like pattern companies and fashion forecast firms.

Good sense of style. ability to collaborate other professionals. • Faster than average growth is projected for graphic designers in the coming years thanks to the growth of the Internet and the increase in competition among apparel designers and manufacturers. business acumen. packaging. 2. and many other types of materials. for various fashion businesses. including business cards and stationary. Personal Characteristics/Skills . book covers. attention to detail. and turnover in top positions. as a freelance designer. Graphic designers may work for an advertising agency. In large agencies. graphic design firm. variety and length of experience. Graphic Designers design and prepare camera-ready copy for any type of printed material. Outlook: • Good to Excellent. color and design. • Success for graphic designers is usually based on creativity and design sense. good computer skills. or out of their own studio.GRAPHIC DESIGNER Also called: Graphic Artist Job Description: 1. Career Path: Paste-up Artist > Graphic Designer > Art Director > Creative Director 41 . or may decide to open their own graphic design firm and hire other designers. they work on a team with the Art Director and Creative Director in order to conceptualize and create specific designs to be approved by their client. fashion magazine. advertising. • Those who fit the bill may progress to become art directors or creative directors. ability to tolerate criticism. brochures. creativity and imagination.

Web sites. 2. develop. photographers may also be responsible for scouting locations and hiring models and personnel for the photo shoot 42 . shoot. 3. Catalogue Photographer. and fashion houses to conceptualize. and print still photos and/or videos to show off clothes and accessories in a creative manner that catches the eye of consumers.FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Also called: Photographer. Fashion photographers either freelance or are employed by catalogs. Magazine Photographer Job Description: 1. In addition to taking pictures. magazines. Professional fashion photographers must have a good eye for style and beauty and be skilled at working with models to achieve & capture the best possible poses and photos.

including camera operations. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • Artistic and creative expression • thorough knowledge of the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. • With experience comes more opportunity. lighting. Mario Testino. Mario Sorrenti 43 . composition.Outlook: • Competition for jobs in magazine and commercial photography is stiff. Helmut Newton. Michael Thompson. Steven Meisel. • However. increased use of the Internet may spur further growth in fashion photography. and those who can develop a solid portfolio (body of work) may attain full-time staff positions or set up their own studios and work with more exclusive or well-known fashion clients. and aspiring fashion photographers may outnumber the available assignments. S • starting as an assistant or an apprentice is one way to get a foot in the door. Patrick Demarchelier. solid interpersonal skills to communicate with models and convey your ideas. darkroom procedures. as Web sites look to continuously refresh their content. ability to promote oneself • knowledge of trends in both photography and fashion industry. and special characteristics of films and paper • good business and networking skills. Career Path: Photographer's Assistant > Staff/Freelance Photographer > Photo Editor > Director of Photography Famous Fashion Photographers: Richard Avedon.

Other Fashion Careers 44 .

for everything from newspapers ads to strutting the catwalk in Milan or Paris 45 .positions with high-end department stores and private clients • and modeling work .for TV. film and theater productions • personal stylist .Other fashion career opportunities include --- • costume design .

time period and setting in which the action occurs. Costume Designers research and design for authentic period. They work primarily for motion pictures. create sketches of costumes. They do research. 3. With any given project.COSTUME DESIGNER Also called: Theatrical Designer Job Description: 1. 4. and develop costume budgets for the entire production. A good costume designer plays a big part in character or time period to vivid life on stage or screen. concerts and stage companies. costume designers must get a feel for the mood. television. 2. country or social class costumes. 46 .

experience. knowledge of fashion history and art history • as well as general world history • good research skills • technical skill in designing and dressmaking • ability to work and collaborate with other professionals • ability to handle stress from deadlines. Personal Characteristics/Skills – • Creativity. this hard work should enable the designer to land a higher-paying job in the television and film industries. Career Path: Design Assistant.Outlook: • Employment opportunities for costume designers depends largely upon the Entertainment Industry. Broadway/OffBroadway Productions > Costume Designer. and a little luck. • With the right skills. • As demand for movies and theater grow and the productions themselves become increasingly rich in design and costume. • Aspiring costume designers usually start as assistants . University/Regional Theatre > Costume Designer. perseverance.often as unpaid volunteers in college productions. demand for costume designers should follow. Television and Film 47 . University/Regional Theatre > Costume Designer.

enjoy shopping. personal shoppers and merchandise buyers can gain credentials to work as independent consultants. good listener.PERSONAL STYLIST Also called: Wardrobe Consultant. and fashion style in order to make recommendations on which fashion choices will help the client achieve and maintain their desired image. • Personal stylists may give classes for small groups or run seminars for a client company. Career Path: Retail Sales Associate > Related Fashion Position > Personal Stylist 48 . 3. Personal Characteristics/Skills – Excellent fashion sense. • Some lucky stylists work exclusively with high-profile celebrities in the sports and entertainment industries where a client's everyday look or image is often more important than how they look while they work. Personal stylists may often shop for their clients and pick out items that suit their image. Outlook: • Aspiring stylists should first get some experience in fashion retail positions. lifestyle. Personal stylists work with individuals or companies to educate clients about general fashion apparel and accessories. • With enough experience. great presentation and oral communication skills. Consultants make an evaluation of their clients' physical attributes. knowledge of fashion trends and forecasts. ability to promote oneself. friendly and tactful. 2. good networking skills. Personal Shopper Job Description: 1. business savvy.

formal fashion show procedures and the use of cosmetics. good people skills. make-up. brochures and catalogs. which is more theatrical. 2. Christie Brinkley. Print Model Job Description: 1. self-discipline. and costume accessories in a variety of poses and settings. Adriana Lima. custom salons or specialty stores. Career Path: Print Model > Runway Model > Supermodel 49 . weight and body measurements falling within certain industry standards. Outlook: • Demand for both male models and models who are representative of diverse racial and ethnic groups should rise higher than average for all models. those who succeed often segue into careers in fashion and entertainment. Tyra Banks. Runway Model. Others work in fashion show modeling. excellent fashion style. many people aspire to become models and the competition is healthy. Famous Supermodels: Kate Moss. Cindy Crawford. familiarity with different modeling techniques. They may model in showrooms. a positive attitude. persuading people to buy the products they advertise. Heidi Klum. Naomi Campbell. • Like most glamorous and high status careers. • Yet. Models work with clothing. Karolina Kurkova. retail stores.FASHION MODEL Also called: Fashion Model. 3. Models try to convey an idea by their appearance. Others work mainly pose for still photographs used in print ads. Personal Characteristics/Skills photogenic and physically attractive with height. and Laetitia Casta.

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