The Coming "Great Black Plague" Recently I read a scientific article saying that recent research shows the

African genetic profile exhibits a significantly distinct difference from non-Africans. The focus of the report was to point out the marked dissimilarity, without suggesting any implications. Likely consequences of this information, however, if true, are absolutely stunning. It seems highly probable that already laboratories around the world are developing viruses that target specifically those of African descent, because it will be quite easy to do so, as a result of their distinct gene variance from non-Africans. Anticipated rewards simply appear too enticing: 1) Vast wealth of an entire continent; 2) Eradication of a perceived global social pestilence that has caused/is causing tremendous damage worldwide with no apparent solution in sight. A parasitic cancer eating away at the cores of most modern societies. The course will follow that of the Neanderthals, except tremendously accelerated. Take a look at a map to see how massive Africa is. Consider the nearly unending resources. Ponder those presently in control there, and the paucity of progress for the past 50,000 years. Total extermination and removal are right now being carefully planned, no doubt. Carnage and mass genocide never before seen in history. This topic is extremely controversial, of course. I have attempted to post on relevant forums asking for comments, but my submissions get deleted by monitors nearly immediately -- a subject way, way too hot to handle. I am merely the messenger, calling out what surely is already in the works. Sincerely, Nicholas Kormanik

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