Fictional Aircraft In Dale Brown Novels

Bombers The bombers in Dale Brown novels are not actually true bombers, using AAMs and other advanced weapons to make them truly classified as "flying battleships". EB-52 Megafortress

Dale Brown has used various modified variants of the B-52 Stratofortress, which in reality is used by the United States Air Force as their heavy strategic bomber. These variants are usually referred to as the B-52 Megafortress. The Megafortress first appears in Dale Brown's Flight of the Old Dog and is expanded and upgraded in all his later books. It has all the latest technology (such as an advanced on-board computer and detailed HUD) and carries all the latest weapons, such as the AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, along with various anti-ship missiles, antitank guided missiles and even more fanciful weapons such as plasma-yield warheads. It also uses an advanced layout, having a long SST nose and twin V-type tails. In later books, the eight engines of the B-52A-H are replaced by four larger and more powerful turbofans. Coincidentally, this is an upgrade that has been considered for the real-world B-52H fleet. In Flight of the Old Dog, the first book in the series, the aircraft is designated the B-52I Megafortress. B-52M Megafortress Plus is later introduced in Day of the Cheetah and the EB-52 designation is first used in Sky Masters. In reality, the EB-52H (or B-52J) was a planned upgrade to the USAF's current fleet of Stratofortresses, allowing them to act as "stand-off jammers", with jamming pods replacing the B-52's wing-mounted external fuel tanks. One final version, the AL-52 Dragon, was introduced in Wings of Fire. The Dragon is an airborne laser platform; the actual laser is a chemical system (a COIL, or chlorine-oxygen-iodine laser). One prototype, however, is refitted with a plasma-pumped solid-state laser (the technology is based on the plasma-yield warheads mentioned above). Both Dragon variants are devastating against aerial targets; however, the plasma-pumped laser's sheer power makes it effective

against surface targets as well. Later on in the series, the plasma-pumped solid state laser replaces the COIL laser on all standard AL-52's.




These are referred to as Virtual Aircraft Commanders and Mission Commanders. It differs from the real B-1 in that its wings are always swept all the way back. both real and virtual pilots. Unlike the Megafortress. it was renamed the Vampire in Air Battle Force. both on the . This allows to create lift and drag much more smoothly than harder control flaps.EB-1C Vampire First appearing in Dale Brown's novel Battle Born. the Vampire can be run via remote control. the tail is smaller and lacks the horizontal stabilizer. Originally named after the Megafortress. the EB-1C is an advanced variant of the B-1 Lancer. from pilots and engineers on the ground. However. and it utilizes new "Mission Adaptive Skin" that works off of micro-hydraulics to affect the shape of the Vampire's wings in-flight.

and refueling small UCAV's. can run the plane at the same time. The Fi-170 is developed at the Fiskious institute in Lithuania and is stolen by a team of commandos led by pilot-hero Patrick McLanahan. It uses many advanced weapons and technology. . Virtual pilots can take off. boosting the speed dramatically. The bomber also uses an electromagnetic field to disrupt radar beams. The Vampire is also used as a "mothership" for FlightHawk or StealthHawk drones. The Fi-170 is analyzed and dismantled in Scotland having been found to be no better than a Russian copy of the EB-52. who also rescue Dave Luger the same night. greatly enhancing the maneuverability. It uses cruise missiles called "Disruptors" that use non-explosives to halt the enemy. Fiskious Fi-170 The Fiskious Fi-170 Tuman is a fictional Russian Stealth bomber prototype in military thriller author Dale Brown's book Night of the Hawk. EB-1C Vampire II The EB-1C Vampire II is a modification of the B-1 Lancer supersonic strategic bomber used by USAF. The Fi-170 appears in the book Warrior Class as the Metyor Mt-179 with a forward-swept wing and more advanced avionics. The engines are also very advanced. EB-2 Black Knight Used as a proof of concept aircraft the EB-2 Black Knight was a B-2 Spirit bomber modified with technology found on the EB-52 Megafortress. The bomber carries the AIM-120 air-to-air missile and an anti-ballistic weapon known as the ABM-3 Lancelot which is a plasma yield missiles. The airframe is also modified by having no horizontal tail stabilizers and a shortened tail. This bomber is akin to the proposed B-1R bomber by Boeing. The aircraft was used only twice and then was scrapped. even refuel from their virtual consoles. The Fi-170 is the Russian equivalent to the EB-52 Megafortress. rearming. It is also capable of transporting. Utilizing super-cockpit technology ground crew can monitor all aircraft diagnostics and see what the pilots helmets are seeing. The aircraft is notable in having a super-critical wing and Russian equivalents to American weapons such as the AIM-120 and Stinger missiles. and even refuel and reload while inside the weapons bay. land. The drones can be both launched and recovered by the Vampire.ground and in the cockpit. The Fi-170 is flown to an undisclosed location in Scotland after destroying multiple enemy targets in Belarus. The EB-1C also uses Mission Adaptive Skin Technology which slightly changes the fibersteel skin of the bomber. developed by captured and brainwashed American engineer Dave Luger. Although part of the "E" series of bombers designed by USAF personnel Brad Elliot and Patrick McLanahan the EB-2 designation is rarely used. making it comparable to the Sukhoi Su-47.

mission adaptive wings and other technological advancements. It uses the S/MTD two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzle. laser bombing. It should correctly be designated NF-15F. Fighters XF-15F Cheetah The XF-15F is a development of the F-15 S/MTD STOL and Maneuverability Technology Demonstrator aircraft. . the XF-15F is heavily modified as a chase plane. first seen in Day of the Cheetah. enlarged canard foreplanes with raked tips (per the cover illustration of the original paperback edition). and jamming. In the first few chapters of Day of the Cheetah. These planes were used only once and then sold to Australia because of political pressure despite resounding success. which significantly degrades its performance. as it is a permanently modified F-15 flight test variant. Similar in concept to the EB-52 Megafortress the RF-111G completes defense suppression. the RF-111G is not a true reconnaissance aircraft.RF-111G Vampire A modification of the F-111 Aardvark bomber.



both of which were expected to use the designator "F-24" in active service. . F-32 and F-35 All three were mentioned in passing in Day of the Cheetah as American fighters deployed in the early 1990s.F-31. Neither is related to the Boeing or Lockheed Joint Strike Fighter Program prototypes.

Unlike real world UCAV these are usually modified from bombers or operate from bombers.Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles Much like real world UCAV these aircraft are generally used on missions of high risk. .

The RAQ-15 fires small "mini-Maverick" missiles and is extremely maneuverable because of its Mission Adaptive Skin Technology and lifting body design. QB-1C Vampire III Design with the same idea as the QB-52.QB-52 Megafortress The QB-52 is the UCAV version of the EB-52 Megafortress. MQ-35 Condor The Condor is a rapid insertion version of the RAQ-15. longer ranged. The Flight Hawk can complete a variety of missions including SEAD. The Condor uses a small turbojet engine for the launch and then glides to the target. refueled and carried by the EB-1C Vampire II. the QB-1C is the UCAV version of the EB-1C Vampire II. and stealthier version of the Flight Hawk. The RAQ-15 is the advanced. The RAQ-15 can be rearmed. Primarily used for stationary patrols. . This aircraft is controlled by a small ground crew in an exact mock-up of the cockpit. Capable of carrying four fully laden commandos. the QB-52 is not much different from the EB-52. Beside the difference in crew the QB-52 can carry the MQ-35 Condor and a small number of passengers. and COIN operations. RAQ-15 Stealth Hawk and U/MF-3 Flight Hawk The U/MF-3 Flight Hawk is a small and highly maneuverable UCAV prototype. The aircraft is flown the same as the EB-1C and uses the same weaponry and avionics. the Condor is launched from the QB-52. reconnaissance. The RAQ-15 is small enough to be carried on a rotary launcher. The Condor is undetectable but very vulnerable once it lands.

. The QA45 looks much like a small B-2 Spirit bomber but is loaded to complete air-to-air and other tasks as well as bombing. CV-22 Pave Hammer A modified V-22 Osprey with a Gatling gun and hellfire pods.QA-45 Hunter The QA-45 is a small UCAV prototype being developed at the end of the Russian-United States nuclear conflict. Special Operations Aircraft The special operation aircraft in Dale Brown novels are general used to support the elite Tin Man commando group.

Bought by oil broker Pavel Kazakov. The aircraft resembles a VF-9 Cutlass . Fortunately. The aircraft uses an internal bomb bay to carry laser-guided bombs and R-27 missiles. The aircraft finally turned in on USAF forces in Turkey. the aircraft is used to influence his East European neighbors. however. The aircraft is designed with a forward swept wing and an extremely thin fuselage section. these are omitted due to corrosion of the wing. almost starting a number of conflicts. It houses four R-60 missiles in the leading edge of the wings. the chief designer sent the aircraft's heat signature to the USAF in Turkey allowing Patrick McLanahan and his team of EB-1C Vampire II to destroy it.Metyor Mt-179 The Metyor Mt-179 is an advanced fighter-bomber version of the Fiskious Fi-170 found in Dale Brown's novel Warrior Class. The crew of two consists of a pilot and a weapons operator.


It fires navalized versions of the FIM-92 Stinger and has two cannon pods. . The MV-32 has enhanced range and speed over the V-22 and is traditional used in Tin Man support operations. with a 20 mm Gatling gun under the nose.MV-32 The MV-32 is the advanced version of the V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft. The traditional propellers found on the V-22 are replaced by advanced jet engines.


and transport options. .MC-17 The MC-17 is the commando support version of the C-17 Globemaster III. countermeasures. It features advanced refueling. The MC-17 is created with the same concept as the MC-130 Combat Talon.

the thought control program ANTARES. allowing the laser to take out ground targets (but at a much shorter range when compared to air-to-air engagements). XF-34 DreamStar The XF-34 is an extremely advanced fighter aircraft tested at the High Technology Air Weapon Center (HAWC). however this is replaced by a much more powerful plasma powered laser.Single Category Aircraft These aircraft would only be represented in a one aircraft category so are grouped here. It is a single-engine forwardswept wing fighter similar to the Grumman X-29. who is later forced to surrender the aircraft after a dogfight with Patrick McLanahan. Initially. or ANTAReS. These aircraft are extremely unique. it is completely thought-controlled by its pilot through a semi-artificially-intelligent computer called the Advanced Neural Transfer And Response System. it is armed with a COIL laser. AL-52 Dragon The AL-52 Dragon is the airborne laser version of the EB-52 Megafortress.") . The XF-34 is controlled by thought and uses all of the latest missiles. however. Once emitted from a truncated nose turret. his handlers wished to reverse-engineer the plane and redesignate it the MiG-39 Zavtra (Russian for "tomorrow. who had been a KGB deep cover agent planted into the United States Air Force years earlier. and thrust vectoring. The laser can also be used on aircraft and even small missiles such as AAM's and SAM's. the laser weakens the airframe of an ICBM (the main target of the AL-52 program) until it explodes in flight. The AL-52 houses the laser in the internal bomb bays so that the laser is the only weapon the aircraft can carry. It was stolen by its pilot. XF-34A DreamStar The XF-34A DreamStar is a fictional aircraft from the Dale Brown novel Day of the Cheetah. The XF-34 is stolen by KGB deep cover agent Kenneth James.

It carried a Slingshot laser. The EB-1C is very similar to the proposed B-1R variant of the B-1 Lancer which uses AAMs and other missiles with F-22 engines for increased speed. Also the USAF has considered replacing the eight engines of the B-52 Stratofortress with four high power engines.XR-A9 Black Stallion It is a hybrid space plane capable of flying without fuel due to its revolutionary LPDRS or Laser Pulse Detonation Rocket System which shoots powerful lasers into the mix of fuel and air. The EB-2 shares many similarities to the real world B-2 Spirit and uses the same electromagnetic field that is speculated to be used by the real world B-2 Spirit. but "a couple hundred pounds of fuel every hour" is added in. The EB-52 shares the same designation as the proposed EB-52J jamming aircraft based on the B-52 Stratofortress. . It has one payload bay which can carry 3 AGM-170 missiles or 16 250 pound bombs. He dodged that by turning it into a cargo aircraft. Real World Similarities Because most of these aircraft are based on real world technology some similarities can be found. It looked like "a pregnant stealth bomber with the engines on top". and Masters was prohibited from building it for 10 years. This system can ignite the pressurized air coming into the combustion chamber. XC-57 Loser It was originally a bomber designed by Jon Masters for the next generation bomber project. It lost.

but once the pylons are empty. The EB-52 is covered in an advanced Radar-Absorbent Material (RAM). The AL-52 Dragon is very similar to the YAL-1A by Boeing which is based on the 747.800 miles Unrefueled Empty Weight: 194. and replaced with a bank of computers. to minimize their radar return. EB-52 "Megafortress" Function: Heavy Strategic Bomber Contractor: Sky Masters Inc. 8 inches Height: 40 feet. these stations are controlled on the ground through a control unit. she becomes quite stealthy. Though LADAR requires much more energy than radar. This aircraft is fitted with LADAR. The image is then collected and displayed on a two foot by three foot plasma screen monitor between the pilot and copilot. The Mission Adaptive Skin is thousands of computercontrolled hydraulic actuators placed beneath the EB-52's fuselage. it is less detectable. and allows for almost instantaneous control of the aircraft.000 lbs Armament: Up to 75. cutting edge systems. although response time is affected.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 488. which greatly reduces her radar signature. the Megafortress has a rather large rader signature. Propulsion: Eight Pratt & Whitney engines TF33-P-3/103 Turbofan Length: 165 feet. or laser-radar. It is noted by the genius Kelsey Duffield in Wings of Fire that the AL-52 lost in competition to the YAL-1A. In the event that the pilot and copilot are incapacitated. When carrying ordinance on her pylongs.000 feet Speed: ~650 mph Range: 8. the controllers on the ground can steer the aircraft. Instead of carrying a full flight crew. nearly 100% of the B-52's electronics are removed and replaced with modern. This instantly draws a picture of every object. Almost any weapon in the arsenal can be carried The EB-52 Megafortress is a heavily modified B-52H. During this refit process. The engine are also rebuilt. The other stations are removed. One of the most amazing modifications is a technology named Mission Adaptive Skin. from the clouds to ground contacts. and has a longer range. more accurate.000lbs of total payload. The control unit mimics that cockpit of the EB-52. The actuators could change the shape of the . Instead of having officers aboard the aircraft. The XR-A9 was the result of the famous real world Aurora plane project as noted in Strike Force.The RAQ-15 UCAV is similar in mission and design to the proposed X-45 UCAV by Boeing. This system works by emitting electronically-controlled beams of laser energy out to 300 miles. 8 inches Wingspan: 215 feet Ceiling: 55. the EB-52 instead requires only a pilot and a copilot.

8 inches Wingspan: 238 feet Ceiling: 62. Additional pilots. an entire flight crew is placed in the ground control unit. 55.000 lbs total payload. the EB-1C is perfectly suited for a variety of missions. While the EB-52 is already extremely automated for an aircraft of its size. including HARM. one on each wing.000 lbs internally. the aircraft can reconfigure itself to compensate for the altered performance characteristics. the EB-52's fuselage is entirely black. operating the aircraft and designating targets. The nose is fitted with a large cone reminiscent of the Concorde. in fact. and is exceeded only by UCAVs and the B-2. While these changes are extremely costly (upwards of 300 Million $). 4 inches Height: 40 feet. QB-52B "Megafortress" Function: Unmanned Strategic Bomber/Carrier Contractor: Sky Masters Inc. Using the same ground-control setup as is utilized by the EB-52.000 lbs Armament: Up to 80. the QB-52 is designed to loiter for days above a "hot-zone". precision bombing. from maximum stealth to maximum range. and ensure that the Stratofortress will remain in service well into the 21st Century. the QB-52B is completely unmanned. By removing the equipment required to support these crew members. if an engine is lost.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 488.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 477. Following extensive modifications to the B-1B Airframe.200 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 190. most of the aircraft's stations are replaced.000 externally. During normal operations. Once again. including aerial refueling. the weight was reduced significantly. Dozens of configurations. The EB-1C is even stealthier than the already-elusive B-1B. Because of these modifications. as well as advanced RAM and an extremely effective design. allowing her to be flown by only two people.000 feet Speed: ~825 mph Range: 8. which minimizes the radar returns produced by the bulbous shape.aircraft's fuselage to suit whatever task it needed to perform at the time. This aircraft also utilizes LADAR. Propulsion: Four General Electric F-101-GE-102 turbofan engine with afterburner Length: 152 feet Height: 34 feet Wingspan: 137 feet extended forwards Ceiling: 60. and delivery of nuclear ordinance. are available. Propulsion: Eight Pratt & Whitney engines TF33-P-3/103 Turbofan Length: 185 feet. and all of them can be combined to provide the optimal efficiency. Large fuel tanks were . strategists. but her primary purpose is to act as a carrier aircraft for the RAQ-15 "StealthHawk" UCAV. Almost any weapon in the arsenal can be carried The EB-1C Vampire is an integral part of the Air Battle Force. Her size was greatly expanded.000 feet Speed: ~650 mph Range: 9. that it was not picked up by Russian SA-12 batteries until it opened its bomb-bay doors. The QB-52 can carry dozens of weapons in her internal bays. The Mission Adaptive Skin can also compensate for damage. and engineers are on-hand if the UCAVs are used. By using the Mission Adaptive Skin. Two UCAVs can be carried. It is so stealthy. they greatly increase the capabilities of the venerable B-52. especially her wingspan.400 miles Unrefueled Empty Weight: 204.000 lbs Armament: Up to 75. The QB-52 is capable of doing almost anything with human interference. the EB-1C has an incredibly high survivability rating. EB-1C "Vampire" Function: Heavy Strategic Bomber/HARM Contractor: Sky Masters Inc. Almost any weapon in the arsenal can be carried The QB-52 is the unmanned variant of the EB-52 Megafortress. Other aircraft that can be carried include the MQ-35 "Condor" Covert Insertion Vehicle. Simple voice commands can direct the aircraft.

Other loadouts are also used. she can carry an outstanding variety of weaponry. Propulsion: Four General Electric F-101-GE-102 turbofan engine with afterburner Length: 158 feet Height: 34 feet Wingspan: 141 feet extended forwards Ceiling: 60.000 lbs external ordinance The AL-52 Dragon is the pinnacle of Air Battle Force technology. AL-52 "Dragon" Function: Anti-Ballistic-Missile Laser (ABM) Contractor: Terran Sea Dragons. This is an extremely complex system. she can carry 4 RAQ-15 StealthHawk UCAV's on twin rotary launchers. they are widely considered to be worth every penny.000 lbs Armament: One Plasma-Pumped Tritium Flouride Laser. six AGM-88 HARMs in the center bomb bay. which requires a full flight crew to operate it. The bomb bays house the laser itself. less than 100 feet off the ground! QB-1C "Vampire" Function: Unmanned Strategic Bomber/Carrier Contractor: Sky Masters Inc. Between her three bomb bays. the nose is a four-foot diameter deformable mirror.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 477. 30. refuel. thanks to its lack of a flight crew. Boeing Propulsion: Eight Pratt & Whitney engines TF33-P-3/103 Turbofan Length: 165 feet. LADAR is an integral part of this aircraft. in theory. and then recover. A properly deployed QB-1C can halt an entire tank column in its tracks (no pun intended). This amazing aircraft mounts an extremely powerful laser.000 lbs internally. 6 ABM-3 Lancelots in the center bay. On her two internal rotary launchers. Utilizing the same control scheme as the QB-52. This chamber is under computer control. which can reach out and destroy targets over 300 miles away with pinpoint accuracy. although it does not boast the nose cone of the EB-52. and emitters are installed along the entire fuselage for 100% coverage. allowing for a longer range. the pellets are bombarded by beams .000 externally. The laser itself is simple. depending on her mission. pellets of tritium flouride drop into an aluminum combustion chamber. Instead. the QB-1C is the Air Battle Force's premiere unmanned bomber. In the tail of the aircraft.installed to balance the aircraft.000 feet Speed: ~650 mph Range: 8. 8 inches Wingspan: 215 feet Ceiling: 55.600 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 210.000 feet Speed: ~825 mph Range: 8.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 477. A normal loadout is 12 AIM-120 Scorpion AMRAAMs on a rotary launcher in the forward bay. Another typical loadout is 6 AIM-120 Scorpions and 6 AIM-154 Anaconda ALRAAMs in the forward bay. and 6 AGM-177 Wolverines in the rear bomb bay. pilots have managed to get the EB-1C to supersonic speeds in TERFLW mode. Almost any weapon in the arsenal can be carried The QB-1C Vampire is the unmanned variant of the EB-1C.000 lbs Armament: Up to 80. 8 inches Height: 40 feet. and 8 AGM65M Longhorn Precision Missiles.600 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 190. In this chamber. can also be sent on extremely long missions over hostile territory. The aircraft itself is fitted with RAM. The QB-1C. LADAR ensures accurate control of the UCAVs. Utilizing her advanced navigational systems. Though the price of these aircraft is considerable. and reload those aircraft. 55.

this aircraft's stealth. Computer simulations showed that. the results would be disastrous. Her rotary launchers have also been heavily modified.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 336. Her TERFLW systems have been upgraded. While the ammo for this aircraft is plentiful (upwards of 500 shots are possible). Sky Masters Inc. when coupled with LADAR and AIM-154 "Anaconda" ALRAAMs. An internal catalog in this aircraft's bank of supercomputers stores the locations of weak points. shear the wing off of a fighter jet. She has been refitted with LADAR.900 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 112. which produces a tremendous pulse of laser light that is then amplified and focused through a long collimation tube that runs throughout the AL-52 Dragon's fuselage. though the B-2 was not designed for air-to-air combat. The plasma is channeled into a laser generator. and is then directed to its target within seconds.. Higher rates-of-fire are possible. The laser bounces off of the mirror. the weapons officer can use the laser to pierce the fuel tanks of an aircraft or missile.500 lbs Armament: 40. It was a stunningly successful test run. which distorts to compensate. the EB-2B is nearly undetectable. The final stage is trickier. Most ordinance can be carried. Another important part of this system is its adaptive optics.. as it allows the StealthHawks to be inserted with absolute secrecy. The Adaptive Optics can keep the target locked on. During trial runs. The test culminated in the AL-52's shooting down 4 Peacekeeper ICBMs from over 190 miles away. The Dragon's LADAR measures atmospheric disturbance.) from over 300 miles away. as clearly as if the AL-52 was 40 meters from it. no less. The power output is equivalent to 7 megawatts. and now can directly uplink with any satellite in the Terran inventory for precision guidance. This is an amazing capability. Stealth Contractor: Terran Sea Dragons.000 lbs on two internal rotary launchers. The field can handle a safe firing rate 6 shots per minute. makes it incredibly deadly. In 98% of the simulations that have been ran between EB-2B's and other pilots. the AL-52 Dragon could prove to be nearly invincible. an aircraft from 120. Using this catalog. an impressive number indeed. but if the field were to break down. Propulsion: Four General Electric F-118-GE-100 engines Length: 69 feet Height: 17 feet Wingspan: 172 feet Ceiling: 50. and the resulting gas is compressed and further heated by magnetic fields until the gas changes to plasma. including air-to-air missiles. or incinerate the aircraft's navigation systems. The weapons officer then aligns his crosshairs on any part of the target by using a mouse. even if it is 500 miles away.000 feet Speed: ~650 mph Range: 9. and then the Dragons went on to destroy both flights. had the missiles been carrying real nuclear warheads. or other critical components on thousands of targets. three AL-52 Dragons running a racetrack pattern intercepted two 4-aircraft flights of MiG-29's. The pellets are vaporized. they were able to focus on a single commando (flipping them the bird. they would have scattered radioactive material across the launch facility. The launchers have also been upgraded to carry a variety of new weapons.from several smaller diode lasers. the EB-2B increases its capabilities. The adaptive optics are so powerful. they are capable of each carrying one RAQ-15 "StealthHawk" UCAV. and then retrieving those aircraft. The EB-2B "Spirit" is a modified version of the B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber. While the B-2 was already highly modernized and automated. When used alongside the other aircraft of the Air Battle Force. as easily as if he was navigating a Windows Desktop. . EB-2B "Spirit" Function: Heavy Strategic Bomber. even during extremely hard maneuvers (by both aircraft). and even destroy a tank from 60 miles. The lasers succesfully intercepted every missile that the aircraft could launch. With the capability to now fly lower than 100 feet at high subsonic speeds. The range on this laser is incredible: It can down a missile or satellite from 300 miles away. This information is sent to the deformable mirror. These allow the Dragon to focus on any target. Northrop Grumman. the limiting factor is the magnetic field strength. the other aircraft were not aware of the "Spirit's" presence until the AIM-154s were 7 seconds from impact. with a one minute cooldown to reestablish field strength. fuel tanks.

Bell Helicopters Propulsion: Four General Electric F-418-GE-300 engines Length: 63 feet Height: 23 feet Wingspan: 78 feet Ceiling: 35. Most ordinance can be carried. While it shares a shape and form with the QB-2. deliver its weaponry. all of the systems required for humans have been removed: ejection seats. Sky Masters Inc. Most ordinance can be carried. The pilot and copilot stations have been replaced with computers.000 lbs on two internal rotary launchers.QB-2 "Shadow" Function: Unmanned Strategic Bomber. Stealth Contractor: Terran Sea Dragons. Because it is unmanned. Northrop Grumman.500 lbs Armament: 10. Both aircraft are unmanned.000 feet Speed: ~340 mph . even windows. Sky Masters Inc. The QB-2 "Shadow" is the unmanned variant of the EB-2B "Spirit". This results in a slightly stealthier aircraft. The QA-45C can carry nuclear weapons.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 180. it can navigate to a target and deliver its payload precisely on target.800 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 112. This aircraft's armament leans towards precision weaponry.000 lbs on two internal rotary launchers. it is smaller and carries a ligher armament.500 lbs Armament: 40. QA-45C "Hunter" Function: Unmanned Strategic Bomber. however the QA-45C has been designed from the outset as an unmanned aircraft. The QB-2 is designed as the ultimate stealth bomber. Boeing.300 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 83. however. The lack of a crew makes this aircraft a more logical choice for dangerous "first-strike" missions. while the aircraft is controlled from the ground via the same system as the QB-1C and the QB-52. and is both far cheaper and easier to maintain. Northrop Grumman. Propulsion: Four General Electric F-118-GE-100 engines Length: 69 feet Height: 17 feet Wingspan: 172 feet Ceiling: 50. The QA-45C "Hunter" is the smaller brother to the QB-2 "Shadow. and also allows more room for fuel and equipment.000 feet Speed: ~650 mph Range: 10. Like the other heavy bombers of the Air Battle Force.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 336. the QB-2 is capable of carrying and deploying nuclear weaponry. pressurization systems. MV-32 "Pave Dasher" Function: STOVL/VTOL Transport Contractor: Sky Masters Inc.. its extremely stealthy design allows it to slip into enemy airspace. and leave without detection. It has almost as long of a range. Propulsion: Two General Electric F-118-GE-100 engines Length: 38 feet Height: 16 feet Wingspan: 132 feet Ceiling: 50. as well as UCAVs.000 feet Speed: ~720 mph Range: 9. Stealth Contractor: Terran Sea Dragons.

Each of these turrets is manned by a secondary weapons officer (SWO). Capacity: 1 Humvee-sized vehicle. power.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 85. A 20mm Gatling Gun is mounted in a chinturret. A weapons pod on each wing can carry a variety of weapons. The aircraft is extensively armored. the MV-32 Pave Dasher requires a flight crew of three.Range: 3. The engines are capable of rotating. Boeing. and they can carry a wider range of weaponry. This allows it to lift heavier loads. each capable of carrying three attack missiles. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft. The addition of two more engines makes this aircraft far more reliable than the crash-prone Osprey. 18 fully loaded troops The MV-32 "Pave Dasher" is a modified V-22 "Osprey". MV-32B "Pave Storm" Function: STOVL/VTOL Gunship Contractor: Sky Masters Inc. Terran engineers also have much more experience with this type of engine. . each capable of carrying three attack missiles.. Bell Helicopters Propulsion: Four General Electric F-418-GE-300 engines Length: 63 feet Height: 23 feet Wingspan: 78 feet Ceiling: 35. Instead of the two immense turboprops used on the V-22. The final modification is an enhanced uplink system. any of the weapons officers can command any UCAVs that might happen to be in the area. which need to operate from an airbase or aircraft carrier. She can lose one engine and still limp home. In its normal variant. Current Pave Dasher and Pave Storm pilots are required to undergo training that includes launching from cargo ships. including three AGM211 "Mini Mavericks". it is practically impervious to small arms. and is aimed by the primary weapons officer (PWO). The MV-32B "Pave Storm" is a modified gunship variant of the MV-32 "Pave Dasher". drawing from thousands of rounds of ammunition. Since these are civilian vessels.500 lbs Armament: One 30mm Chaingun in steerable chin turret.000 feet Speed: ~340 mph Range: 4. The aircraft was widened to allow vehicles up to Humvees to fit aboard. By utilizing their speed and powerful weapons. oil tankers. On the gunship variant. and can even shrug off the occasional RPG round. and range. This includes designation of targets and reconaissance. the "tilt-jets" can be launched from anything large enough to hold them. and has larger fuel tanks than the Pave Dasher variant. and then supporting their advance with direct air-to-ground support. The PWO also designates targets and launches the missiles held within the retractable weapons pods. the Pave Dasher and Pave Storm are capable of deploying hundreds of troops. the weapons pods can be removed and each replaced with an AGM-165 Longhorn missile. and is instead fitted with ammunition storage. In special instances. meaning that the V-22 maintains its VTOL/STOVL capability. A 30mm chaingun is placed in a chin turret. which is aimed by the pilot. 18 fully-equipped troops can also be fit aboard. and therefore this increases the survivability of the MV-32's. Using this comprehensive communications suite. two on the rear stabilizer. and even large research vessels. The Pave Storm has had its cargo compartment removed. or two AIM-120 Scorpion AMRAAMs. yet these engines give it greater speed. Two turrets on the belly of the aircraft each hold a 25mm Vulcan Cannon. there are four weapons pods.500 lbs Armament: One 20mm Gatling Gun in steerable chin turret. One of the greatest advantages of the MV-32 and MV-32B is that they can be launched from literally anywhere. two 25mm Vulcan Cannons in ball turrets on the belly of the aircraft. maneuverability. the Pave Dasher sports for turbojet engines: Two on the wings. it is unlikely that the enemy will attack such craft.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 85. four retractable weapons pods.500 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 41. 2 retractable weapons pods.800 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 47.

it requires no moving surfaces.. triangular. which by then was far too late. the EB-1C.. two on each rotary . The RAQ-15 utilizes a lifting body.000 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 15. It is 36 feet long and takes up most of the bomb bay aboard an EB-52. or the QB-1C. and launch them. and is painted black.000 lbs Armament: None Capacity: 4 Fully-Equipped Commandos. the EB-2B. a Patriot battery did not detect the StealthHawk until it was within 60 feet of the command post. This can either be the EB-52. stealthy. or or 6 CBU-87/103 Combined Effects Munitions Mines. It is covered in RAM. The aircraft is steered remotely from the ground. Its sole purpose is to insert troops with absolute secrecy. coupled with Mission Adaptive Skin. Boeing Propulsion: One General Electric F-200-GE-350 Turbojet Length: 18 feet Height: 7 feet Wingspan: 12 feet Ceiling: 35. 260 lbs of cargo The MQ-35 "Condor" is a newly-designed aircraft. The aircraft resembled a fat. Coupled with its extremely low heat emissions. the QB-52B. for operating from rough terrain. As the aircraft utilizes Mission Adaptive Skin. The RAQ-15 "StealthHawk" is Terra's premiere UCAV. while the center bomb bay can retrieve the RAQ-15s... Sky Masters Inc. The EB-52 carries two StealthHawks on its wing pylons. and the QB-2. The aircraft is fitted with tricycle landing gear. The MQ-35 is carried within 850 miles of its destination by a manned or unmanned mothership. or a combination of these. or 4 AIM-29 "Mini Sidewinder" missiles. The EB-1C is the primary StealthHawk carrier.800 lbs (air-launched) Armament: 6 AGM-211 "Mini Maverick" missiles. RAQ-15 "StealthHawk" Function: Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) Contractor: Terran Sea Dragons Inc. the QB-52B. there is very little chance of intercepting the StealthHawk before it can complete its mission. Boeing Propulsion: One General Electric F-535-GE-100 Turbojet Length: 36 feet Height: 9 feet Wingspan: 9 feet Ceiling: 45. refuel them. The StealthHawk can be carried by the EB-52. which eliminates the need for control surfaces. The aircraft is dropped out of the bomb bay.000 feet Speed: 650 mph Range: 2. this means that none of the soldiers aboard need flying experience. they strap back into the aircraft. and the computer calculates the most economic distance to glide before engaging the turbojet engine. even dedicated weapons systems such as the Russian-made SA-12 cannot see the StealthHawk. With a radar cross-section less than 1/1000th of the already stealthy EB-1C Vampire. reload them. Four combat-ready troops can sit inside the aircraft. When the commandos return. it can carry four of them. air-launched cruise missile. In a test run. the EB-1C.000 feet (self-powered takeoff) Speed: ~310 mph Range: 850 miles Empty Weight: 12. the QB-1C.000 feet (glide insertion)/25. Sky Masters Inc. Ground command will then remotely pilot the Condor back to its carrier.000 miles unrefueled Empty Weight: 3.500 lbs Maximum Takeoff Weight: 8.MQ-35 "Condor" Function: Covert Insertion Aircraft Contractor: Terran Sea Dragons Inc.

Along with these specialized weapons.000 lbs. active-passive radar/IR guidance. 200-pound Thermium Nitrate warhead. max speed Mach 5. and is used aboard nearly every weapon in the Air Battle Force arsenal. 2. 10 BLU-108/B antiarmor submunitions.000 lbs. when detonated. AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapons (JSOW). it would take a snapshot of the target at long range and compare it to its internal database. 6. 50-pound Thermium Nitrate warhead. and refuel them. 28-pound Thermium Nitrate warhead. The "Lancelot" is essentially a 4-stage air-launched Patriot missile. The third bomb bay usually carries air-to-air missiles for self-defense. all are fully functional and quite deadly. or kill a human. 200-mile range. TV. a mixture of zirconium in the Cyclotol explosive ignited. triple-mode active radar. It will then determine the best place to hit its target for maximum damage. passive radar. 60-mile range. the Air Battle Force can also utilize this assortment of ordinance: NUCLEAR ALCM SRAM ACM B-53 . creating a fireball hot enough to set off unprotected fuel tanks. 150-mile range. or even functioning as an ASAT weapon. ramjet engine. At the same time.000 lbs. AGM-165 "Longhorn". Special Weapons Systems: The aircraft of the Air Battle Force utilize several advanced weapons systems. carries 200 antipersonnel/antivehicle bomblets. 6-mile range. until it came up with a likely possibility. On a typical StealthHawk attack run. IIR or MMW radar terminal guidance. If there are several targets. 2.and IIR-guided attack missile. range 15 to 40 miles depending on release altitude. detonate ammunition. Many of these are prototypes. glide. 1. or 500-pound high explosive. 50-pound warhead. ABM-3 "Lancelot" air-launched anti-ballistic-missile weapon. 200-pound Thermium Nitrate warhead. 3. and maneuver where that bomb can hit the most targets. It can also tag large bombers from immense distances. The EB-2B can carry one StealthHawk on each of her rotary launchers. Each bomblet is a two-pound high-explosive fragmenting case with an inflatable Ballute parachute tail and a tiny radio altimeter that measured how far aboveground the canister was and set off the explosives at precisely the correct instant. 350 lbs. When coupled with the immense altitude it can be lofted to by the EB-1C or EB-52. Each system is two canisters. CBU-87/103 Combined Effects Munitions Mines. filled with 30 BLU-97 Combined Effects Munitions bomblets. AIM-154 "Anaconda" ALRAAM air-to-air missile. and again compare it to its catalog. Small TV-guided attack missile. It would take a second snapshot seconds later. strong enough to penetrate automotive steel and light armor. MMW radar guidance. reload them. 160 lbs. Thermium Nitrate: This is an incredibly powerful explosive.000 lbs.launcher. AGM-211 "Mini Maverick". The EB-1C can retrieve all four StealthHawks simultaneously.and rocketbooster.500 lbs. it is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles far away. max 50-mile range. or infrared. each canister shot several thousand steel fragments in all directions out to sixty feet. It is often abreviated as TN. 3 weapons bays. max speed Mach 3. Unpowered glide weapon. It has the power of ten times its weight in TNT. 35-mile range. AGM-177 "Wolverine" cruise missile. assisted by LADAR. AIM-120 "Scorpion" AMRAAM air-to-air missile. it will utilize the CBU-87/103 Combined Effects Munition. this is the most stealthy insertion possible. unpowered glide weapon. turbojet powered.

B-61 CONVENTIONAL CBU-52 CBU-58 CBU-71 CBU-87 CBU-89 CBU-97 M117 B-83 Mk 20 Mk 36 Mk 41 Mk 52 Mk 55 Mk 56 Mk 59 Mk 60 Mk 62 Mk 64 Mk 65 Mk 82 Mk 84 PRECISION JDAM WCMD AGM-84 Harpoon AGM-86C CALCM AGM-142 Popeye AGM-154 JSOW AGM-158 JASSSM .

5 meters Wingspan: 41.000 kg of ordinance --Equipment: chaff/flare decoy dispensers. defensive systems officer) Length: 44.4 meters Empty Weight: 87. stealth systems.2 Range: 4.450+ kilometers Service Ceiling: 18.8 meters max Height: 10. 27 in reserve . offensive systems officer.000 kg Max Takeoff Weight: 280.000 kg Powerplant: 4 x Pratt & Whitney F119 afterburning turbofans (156+ kN each) Maximum Speed: -At Altitude: Mach 2.100 kg Loaded Weight: 148. copilot.000 meters Armament: -Payload: Up to 50. Builder: North American Rockwell Service: 27 active.B-1R Lancer Strategic Bomber Crew: 4 (pilot.

decreasing the number of operational aircraft from the 66 used by the US military to 54. and these were cannibalized for parts to repair the remaining aircraft in inventory. . The decommissioned models remain in reserve at the boneyard in New Mexico. the Union Air Force eventually acquired a number from Texas and South Dakota once both states were added to the Union. but a shorter range. which could be corrected for through the use of mid-air refueling. but are not actively maintained as a combat force. During this time. the bombers were also upgraded to the proposed B-1R specification. upgrading the engines to allow for a much higher top speed and the hardpoints to accommodate a much larger bomb load. Several had been destroyed or damaged beyond repair.Although not originally possessing any B-1 Lancer strategic bombers in its inventory. Twenty-seven remain in service. Air-to-air capability was also added with the addition of an active electronically-scanned array radar. It is expected that the rest of these aircraft will be slowly phased out of service as their complexity and cost combined with their relatively limited utility make them difficult to justify. and the hardpoints are large enough to allow the use of the long-range AIM-54X Super Phoenix air-to-air missile alongside standard air-to-air missiles. the upgrade was considered worthwhile as it was able to bridge the gap between the B-1's speed and payload and that of the Russian Tu-160. giving the B-1 greater speed and payload than its Russian counterpart. with twenty-seven decommissioned to reduce costs. Although these modifications resulted in a net decrease in range.

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