Notice of Copyright, Disclaimer and Hold Harmless Agreement

I go by the one known as Kevin, family of Hinds, sovereign. My video presentation and sample instruments are for educational use only, and are explicitly under reserve and without recourse. My material is my own intellectual, private property covered by a common law copyright for 100 years. The viewer may, for his/her own personal use only, use my material as examples to aid him/her in his/her particular situation, but he/she may not copy and distribute my material to anyone without my prior, written permission, nor can he/she receive economic gain from my material. I am not an attorney, and at no time am I giving legal advice. I deny I am using codes, rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances or legal material that is copyrighted, for the exclusive use by bar card attorneys, for my own personal gain or in any way to infringe on said copyrights. I have put forth my best effort in generating sample, educational instruments that might help the viewer in his/her particular situation; however, because we are dealing with crooks and thieves who call themselves “judges” and “government officials”, I can not guarantee that any of the sample instruments will be effective for the viewer’s own particular situation. By using any of my material or sample instruments as a template for their own instruments, the viewer accepts all liability for their instruments and the results thereof, and agrees to hold me harmless. If this is not acceptable, then do not use my material. Any challenges to any portion of the above notices/agreements, or to any portion of my information presented, or to any portion of my sample instruments, or to me, must be placed before the twelve justices of the Constitutional County Court for the People at the county of Dallas, Texas, for a determination on the merits of such challenges.

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