Thought power is kingdom of god in us, always creating results in our physical forms corresponding to our normal sustained thoughts

“Every cell, nerve, tissue, and muscle of my lungs are now being made whole, pure, and perfect. My whole body is now being restored to health and harmony.”

. wealth and abundance in my life"."By day and night I am being prospered in all of my interest" “I am completely free from this habit. sobriety and peace of mind reign supreme.” "Money is good and very good money flows to me in avalanches of abundance". "Every hour of every day I am attracting health.

. I use it wisely. and judiciously."Suppose you want wealth. I love it. Abundance and Success. Then relax and say wealth and with feeling and again and again.” “I like money. "Wealth. constructively. Prosperity." Repeat for about five minutes to yourself three or four times a day.

and getting wealthier every day."Money is constantly circulating in my life. It is good and very good.” “My mind is full of peace. progressing.” “My sales are improving every day. and it returns to me multiplied in a wonderful way. balance. The Infinite Power lies stretched in smiling . and equilibrium. I am advancing. poise. I release it with joy.

or the future. and confidence. I forgive myself. Peace. my mind is full of inner peace.repose within me. I am not afraid of anything in the past. guides. Infinite Intelligence leads. then I am forgiven. calmness. . poise. freedom. I am now completely free from the habit. the present. and directs me in all ways. and joy. I now meet every situation with faith.

receptive state prepare for the second step. and Confidence reign Supreme in my mind. drowsy state. Enter into a sleepy. peaceful. quiet the wheels of the mind.” The first step: Get still. In this relaxed. The second step: Take a brief phrase which can readily be graven on the .Sobriety.

(Nancy School technique). Do this for five minutes or . This helps its entry into the subconscious mind. and repeat it over and over again as a lullaby.” To prevent the mind from wandering repeat it aloud or sketch its pronunciation with lips and tongue as you say it mentally. “Sobriety and peace of mind are mine now. Use the phrase.memory. and I give thanks.

Just before going to sleep. Imagine a friend. You will find a deep emotional response from the subconscious. you are relaxed and at peace. Your eyes are closed. .more. It is wonderful. The loved one is subjectively present and is saying to you. a loved one in front of you. The third step. practise what Goethe used to do.

Hear it. until you get the TADATMA EKAH TAT ANTARYAMI TWAM ASIAM ASI . The word congratulations implies complete freedom. you hear the voice.“Congratulations!” You see the smile. it’s all so real and vivid. over and over again. You touch the hand and the face.

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