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•reduce drug powder to desired size (milling) •add drug and wetting agent (glycerin and alcohol) to solution

•prepare solution of suspending agent •add other ingredients
– electrolytes, color, flavor

Preparation of Suspensions

•homogenize medium •package

1. milling • To obtain the particles size in the lower micrometer size • Oral preparation should not feel gritty. topical preparation should feel smooth to the touch and injectable should not produce tissue irritation • Equipment available a) Hammer mill (4 to 325) b) Ball mill (20-200) c) Fluid –energy mill (1-30) d) Roller mill (20 to 200) .

• Wetted drug particles are added slowly to the main portion of the dissolved suspending agent .• Fine drug particles are treated with a small portion of water that contain the wetting agent and allowed to stand for several hours to release entrapped air. • The suspending agent should be dissolved in the main portion of the external phase and allowed to stand until complete hydration take place. flavoring agents and coloring agents are added too. . Other excipients such as electrolytes or buffers should be added to prevent variation in particle charge. Preservatives.

• Treat the mixture with homogenizers or ultrasonic devices to reduce the size of agglomerated particles. .