Soal Uts Fisika

1. The single substance that can’t be broken down into the simpler substance by chemical reaction is ... a. Substance b.

Element c. Compound d. Mixture 2. A substance can change from one physical state to another by heating or cooling. The figure bellow shown the conversion diagram for the three states of matter

Form the figure above, gives processes name of part to a number 1, 4 and 3 are ... a. heating, melting and condensation b. sublimation, melting and boilling c. sublimation, freezing and evaporation d. deposition, freezing and`evaporation 3. Look at the picture below! Which the ball that has the biggest density ?
a. c.



4. The following metals are in solid form at room temperature except …. a. aluminum c. mercury b. gold d. Platinum 5.

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