TO ALL MEMBERS Herby all the owners are informed that this letter will be considerd the final

notice of the members who have given their flats on rent, and till day not submitted police verification/confirmation certificate. Now this is final notice to all members to submit their tenat’s Police Verification/ Confirmation certificate within 7days in the building office otherwise we are going to take very serious steps for above kindly note following are flats FLAT NO 1) 301 2) 312 3) 411 4) 603 5) 604 6) 703 7) 704 8) 707 9) 511 10)507 OWNERS DR.RAJESHCHHANGRANI MR.ASHOK KARIRA SMT.SUNITA S KARIRA SMT.SUNITA S KARIRA MR.ASHOK.K.KARIRA SMT.BHAGI BAI KARIRA MR.SACHANAND.A .KARIRA DR.GOPALDAS KANJAN Mr. Gurmukhdas