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Wellco Distributors Case 5

Wellco Distributors Case 5

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Published by Elizabeth Patrick
Wellco Distributors Case 5
Wellco Distributors Case 5

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Published by: Elizabeth Patrick on Mar 04, 2013
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Elizabeth Patrick Wellco Distributors’ sales manager, Colin Furr realizes that its customer base has changed

since he has been with the company for ten years. Even a though he knows this, he did not think that it was affecting business sales until one day when he called a minority purchasing manager about their large decline in purchases from Wello. They responded that Wellco’s sales force looked “white bread” in comparison to the company’s competitors. Looking into the problem, he asked the human resources manager to run demographic statistics that represents its workforce now and from ten years ago, including female, AfricanAmerican, Asian, and Hispanic salespersons. The results are as follows: All of Wellco’s current salespersons are males. Since the company was first started Wellco hired two African-American salespersons, who both left the firm after their initial performance reviews. Another salesperson reported he was Asian, and one female had worked in sales ten years ago, who both left Wellco for reportedly higher salaries with competitors. For the five years that Furr has managed its sales force, no minority salespeople had been hired. Wellco’s current sales force composition could be a legal issue. Furr should discuss with Wellco’s senior managers to gain their support for increasing the diversity of the firm’s sales force. He could bring up the fact that things are changing and that they are living in the past, and maybe they can even increase their efficiency and sales by hiring a diverse workforce with diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking. Even though the company Furr came from, Procter & Gamble may not be diverse either, they will get a late and rude

a minority trainer should be hired to mentor. This would let them see. They should be a leader. Things are different now from two decades ago. the training program and training materials should be restructured to include as much cultural diverse sales training ideas to accommodate all. Furr was lucky enough to hear it first-hand. To make sure that high-quality minorities candidates are chosen Wellco should affiliate itself with Northern Illinois University’s Professional Selling Program and offer summer internships to minority and women undergraduate students. Instead of Furr being distracted from his normal job duties.awakening. workplace trends in general with procedures and policies. but they think things. first-hand how well they work. managers should be trained on diversity to ensure they are culturally sensitive to candidates from different backgrounds and cultures. as it would make the new minority feel . In training them. and to not be stubborn. instead of cold-handedly hiring someone and not know if they are a high quality worker. but Wellco should not be a follower. They need to get out of their comfort zone and even though companies do not want to change. everything from technology to workplace demographic trends. It deters wrong choices. People do not always say things. just like Furr did not know it until that phone call. They should realize that minority candidates might respond differently to questions based on their different feelings and culture views. Customers want to deal with people who they can relate to. Procter & Gamble is loosing and will learn the hard way. Before the interview process. ignoring the remark. etc. More sales will come that way. Procter & Gamble is loosing sales and they probably do not even know it.

which may even demolish the serotype they had had of that group. love. or so the company can entertain “diversity week” and plan events around that theme. It should be continuous. to learn how to be accepting and sensitive just the same as toplevel employees. acceptance. Implementing programs to retain minority sales representatives should be a priority. In general they can plan outings to work on teamwork. They would leave for better benefits in general and for the values that matter to them. as other salespersons have left. and understanding is created. educational benefits. comfort. diversity. During lunch breaks the company can insist on people of the same background not sitting together. meaning they have to sit with someone who is different from them. not just a one-time thing. . Once a year. Diversity training should be done with every employee. It is especially important that an environment of peace. This will allow them to mingle and get to know the individual on a one-to-one basis. During that week the company can entertain a potluck where everyone brings a dish from their country. Highly qualified applicants leave their job. It is important for low-level employees to be trained as well. They have to find whatever is important to the individual salesperson.more confortable relating to a minority trainer than they would a current salesperson. it can be health benefits. Better money does not have to be money. such as if they can have a life outside of work. even though their performance is satisfactory. Higher pay opportunities may cause this. including both low-level and top-level employees. Different things motivate different people. etc.

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