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Present Continuous 2

Present Continuous 2

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Published by: iesjjgquintana on Feb 26, 2009
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Mónica Somavilla. IES Juan José Gómez Quintana.

Grammar Review Exercises

PRESENT CONTINUOUS 1. Write affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences.

2. Peter is making his bed.

3. Angie isn’t eating a hamburger.

4. My grandparents aren’t painting their house.

5. Mike and I aren’t checking our e-mails.

6. Are you texting your friends?

7. Patricia is doing her homework.

8. Anna is sitting on the sofa.

9. My dog isn’t hiding behind the door.

10. Am I making the bed?

11. Is she watering the plants?

12. I’m not swimming in the sea.

13. We aren’t printing this page out.

Mónica Somavilla. IES Juan José Gómez Quintana. Grammar Review Exercises

2. Translate the following sentences. a. Anna lleva puesto un forro polar verde, una sudadera azul, unos vaqueros y una camiseta naranja.

b. ¿Estás viendo la tele ahora? No. Ahora estoy descargando unos archivos.

c. Mi hermano no está estudiando en la universidad este año.

d. Nuestros amigos están jugando al fútbol en el parque en este momento.

e. No estoy haciendo ningún ejercicio de inglés.

3. Write questions for the following answers. a._________________________________? Peter is watering the plants b. _________________________________? He’s eating pizza because he’s hungry. c. __________________________________? They’re playing football in the park. d. ___________________________________? Lisa is wearing a sweatshirt and trainers e. _________________________________? They are downloading Monica’s exercises f.__________________________________? I’m doing my homework. g. __________________________________? No, they aren’t. They’re skating

4. Complete the text using the present continuous H i! My name is Nicola and I’m twelve years old. At the moment (1) I______________ (write) a composition for my English class. I must talk about the things my family and I (2) ____________ (do) now. My mum (3)_____________(read) and she (4)_______________ (listen to) the TV but she (5) _____________(not watch). What (6)_______my siblings __________(do)? They (7) _________________ (play) computer games! They (8)_____________ (not chat) in the Internet because all their friends are (9)______________(review) for their English test!

Mónica Somavilla. IES Juan José Gómez Quintana. Grammar Review Exercises

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