No contact between juice and peel takes place. WASHING. extracts juice and pulp and eliminates the peel. SORTING.Pineapple Plants Even though the pineapple is not as famous as the banana. . RECEIVING. SIZING Fresh Pineapples are received in bulk or cases and fed to the plant from an outside concrete tank. Bertuzzi has developed a highly specialized technology for pineapple processing into juice and concentrate. We are especially proud of our dedicated extraction system PINETRONIC. Sorting line model SELINOX SIZER Immersion washing basin model INOXALL PINETRONIC Our dedicated pineapple extractor PINETRONIC cuts the fruit in two halves. while obtaining a pulpy juice of excellent quality. assuring the utmost product quality. this delicious fruit is surely linked with a tropical atmosphere. filled with water. Its juice serves as ingredient in cocktails such as the Pina Colada and guarantees an exotic flair.

PEEL PRESSING In order to increase the yield of the line it is possible to equip it with a BELT PRESS.PINEAPPLE PLANTS DEPULPING / REFINING Helicoidal extractor model ESM Decanter or centrifuge can be used to further reduce the pulp content. which recovers the remaining juice from the peels coming from the Pinetronic. VIBROSCREENER for juice gained from the press .

Plate sterilizer designed for the sterilization of low viscosity products such as concentrated juices.bertuzzi.L. .356311 fax +39.r.R.Compact Aseptic Filler Single-head or double-head compact aseptic filler designed for the filling of 3-20 liter bags and 200 liter bags in drums.0331.ITALY Corso tel. According to the requirements the unit can be equipped with AROMA RECOVERY. .PINEAPPLE PLANTS CONCENTRATION FLASHTERM – Our plate evaporator especially designed for the treatment of clear or low viscosity juices. ASEPTIC FILLING C. 20047 Brugherio (Milan) . Bertuzzi Food Processing298 / 300 viale Lombardia s.A.ITALY e-mail: .it BERTUZZI FOOD PROCESSING S.356299 info@bertuzzi.bertuzzi. +39. 212/bis phone: +39 039 28 71 983 21052 Busto fax: +39 039 88 32 05 Arsizio (VA) .F. STERILIZATION STERILFLASH .

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