Dance Theatre Godrej

Proscenium theatre suitable for dance and music. Centrally air-conditioned.
Seating Capacity
185 seats Plastic bucket chairs (blue) on red carpet

Local Power Supply
Specifications 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 1-Phase 440 Volt, 50 Hz, 3-Phase Neutral grounded Note: If additional dimmers or luminaires are required, the group/ performer may hire the same

Floor Wing-to-wing Wing space Stage- right Stage-left Cross-over space Proscenium opening House curtain Timber flooring on MS slotted angle frame; 0.65m from auditorium level 9m (w) x 5.6m (d) height: 2.34 m 3.55m (w) x 6.7m (l) height: 2.34m 2.2m (w) x 6.7m (l) height: 2.34m 14.9m (l) x 1.1m (w) height: 2.34m 9.55m (w) x 2.40m (h) Maroon velour; motorized travel

Cassette deck CD player Stereo amplifier (30 w + 30 w) RMS 1 1 1

2 loudspeakers permanently installed on the left and right side of the proscenium opening Mixer (stereo) 5 channel Microphones (corded) 1 5

Control Room
Rear of the auditorium behind glass observation window. Lighting Electronic light dimmer Specifications Channels Circuits Presets Capacity/Channel 2 kW 5 kW 10 8 1 18 36 2

Dressing Rooms
Ground floor 2; 13.8 sq.m & 17 sq.m with a common lobby of 19.6 sq.m

Miscellaneous Spaces
Foyer( non-A/C) Size Sunken Garden (Separate venue) 158 sq.m 232 sq.m

Luminaires with Halogen Lamps
Fresnels (1 kW) Fresnels (2 kW) Profile spots (1 kW) Total 8 2 2 12

Car parking Open space in front of theatre available on a first come first served basis.

• Drawings in AutoCAD / JPG format available on request

To enquire about venue bookings visit or call 91 22 6622 3737

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