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EET 2000 14:26 FAX $40 687 C927 x Qooz Meeting beld January 24, 1958 ‘Those present; Dick Alban - Pitteburgh Steclers Bob Walston ~ Philadelphia Eagles Bill Howton - Green Bey Packers Gene Gedman = Detroit Liens Bill Pellington - Baltinore Colts Chuck Drazenovich = Washington Redskins Kyle Rote - New York Giants Gordy Solteau + San Francisco 49'ers Jock Jennings - Chicago Cardinals Doo Colo - Cleveland Browns Creighton Miller - our Lawyer Rach menber gave a thumb nail talk of the conditions, pro and con existing on bie team. ‘BILL HOWTON_- GREEN BAY PACKERS. | 1. Players receive $10.00 « day meal money vhen they don't est as 8 team in o grow. | | 2. Players receive $50.00 e week for training camp expenses | (training usually lasts eight veeks or a total of $400.00) | The traioing camp expenses are not deducted from the base pay. | | 3. Players receive as meny tickets for the six home games ae thay need provided application ie made on Tuesday (tickets to $4.60) \, Pleyers receive «1 playing equipment plus their shoes. COLLECTION OF FUNDS FOR PLAYERS ASSOCIATION, Bach player was assessed $5.00 « week from the base 450,00 until each player contributed $25.00. | | | 1 PENSION FLAN FOR GREEN BAY PLAYERS 2. Omers are in accord for such « plan - 2. he owners bave agreed to contribute an equal amount of money to the pension plan that the players contribute. 3. The owners will allow the team to apply the proceeds of any exhdbition of dntra-cquad game that they choose to the pensica plsn. CONCLUSION: ' Players are 100% for the asscetation and vill stand in back of the decision of the association. 02/17/2009 1. 26 FAX 540 687 @oos Continusd Meeting held January 24, 1958 GENE GEDMAN - DETROTT LroNs 1. Players receive $25.00 per week during training camp vhich lasts eight vecke plus $100.00 when the Lions go to the coast; totalling $300.00 which ia not deducted frem their base pay. 2. Players receive ell their playing equipment. 3. Flayers receive two free tickets to each home gane. COMPLAINTS + The playere of the Lions feel that the Championship game should ba @incussed vith Bert Bell concerning the money from the gens end it {0 being spent. They feel a good portion 1s squandered de put toward pension plea. cowoumazons cumere agree to the eseociation end will cooperate with the players 100%, now and should GORDY SOLTBAU - SAN FRANCISCO 49) 2, Players receive $50.00 per exhivition gone from vnich income tax Le dedueted. 2. Mhey receive free playing equipment. 3. Receive 2 tickets to hame ganes. COMPLAINTS ; 1, Pension plan din according to the owners. 2. Flayers foel the Pro-Bowl game should be discussed with Bell concerning vbere the game ig played, who runs the game, break- down on patd attendance, and concessioas. The players feel thie gane should ve played for the benefit of the peasion plan. covetue zon: . ‘The pleyere ere 100} for the Asaociation hovever the owners are a little leery. KYLE ROPE ~ NEW YORK GIANTS: 1. Players receive $50.00 per exhibition game vhich is dedurted from their pay. 2 Hach player receive two tidkate vita the option to tay six (hone ganeo 3. Players receive their playing equipment. i! Rookies are permitted to keep their $50.00 exhibition money if (02/17/2008 14: FAX $40 687 6927 i Boos Continued Meeting held January 2b, 1958 Kyle Rote - Continued... . they do not make the team. COMPLAINTS - NEW YORK: Players vant a retrosetive pension plen, and all players are in favor of the pension ples 100%. ‘The tvo Mare sons are for the association provided the association properly presents their demands to the ower. Hovever, Mr. Mare frows sonewast on the sescciation, BILL PELLINOTON - BALTIMORE COLTS: 1. Players recetve $50.00 exhibition money which is not deducted from their base pay. 2. Players receive two free tickets for esch hone game vith the option to buy more. 3. Players receive their equipment free. CONCLUSION: Flayers ore for the association 10h. Rosenbicum de in favor of ‘the Association and all the association demands. ‘BOB WALSTON - PHSLADRLPGIA EAGLES: 1. ‘They receive $50.00 exbibition money which is not deducted from their base pay. 2. Players receive thetr playing equipment free. 3. Players receive two free tickets to the hone games. COMPLAINTS = oo Players are agains’ the injury clause and feel that it 19 unfair that the plryers cust sign away vorimens compensetion claims vhile playing bal. ‘The players feel they should have = voice in vbat ‘type equipsent they should use. CORCLUSTON: ‘The Eagles hove « few "shakey" players concerning the ssscciation. They have a fev squeelers tut will back the asscciation. Owners are so-se for the nzsozzetien. I