Yehoshua Josh Friedlander...

...is trying hard to erase the traumatic memories of being in school, and having to learn maths and science (November 23, 2007) ...is feeling just really happy and chilled (December 8, 2007) ...is rocking to kanye west and lostprophets (December 9, 2007) ...is in a very cool room (January 28, 2008) Now..oficialy..live.. (January 31, 2008) get lost get made get high get angry get religion get pissed get out get up get real get wet get serious get laid get karma get the shizz get stupid get chased get spaced get jiving get everything get yourself folow your journey - to be continued (March 17, 2008) is seeing 4th, 5th, and many more dimensional space; layers within layers beyond and on tiop of and inside everything we consider real (April 13, 2008) ×”×•× ×§×”×œ×ª בן דווד (April 14, 2008) is floating, here, there, (April 22, 2008) is crackling with electricity (August 19, 2008) is dazzled....wythncrnthniannnism!!!!!1 (October 3, 2008) is stirred;quintessential brotherhood of elementally wazooo.jawingaaaaaaaaaaaa (December 6, 2008) is aware that hte awesomeness og th e cosmos in no way detracts form the fineness of hyumainty;yet always the continuum has its lumps and so wevnes is as weevil (February 14, 2009) I have measured out my life with coffee spoons; I know the voices dying with a dying fall (June 6, 2009) layers and layers of most effervescent scarecriows tunels of grey and white mice --those fields too hot and precarious of all human age - yet finding;deliverance,the soul., which creatures live on and i (July 11, 2009) the light shines off it..............oh wow the perfect AWEsonmmeness, everything everyhting (October 15, 2009) whisper know discover ( ) seett (November 7, 2009) thunderstruck...got to clear the shadows from my head...aaaargh!!!!job almost done though (March 25,

2010) just call me peter lorre (April 16, 2010) "my frasier crane phase..." (July 26, 2010) If i had a milky way...id share it with the sparrows (September 13, 2010)

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