Sarah Hirschi March 2, 2013 American Literature Mrs.

Martin Reflection on Socratic Circle Performance On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best and one being the worst, I’d give myself a 5 on my preparation for this circle. I’d give myself this because besides coming up with the questions, I didn’t prepare at all and I honestly forgot all about it until right before class. I’d give myself probably a 7 or an 8 on my contributions while I was in the inner circle. I think I spoke plenty of times and I think the quality of what I said was pretty good. The level of teamwork displayed was probably a 7 or 8 as well. Not everyone talked, and sometimes I think some of us were a little frustrated, so I’d say that it wasn’t the best, although it was pretty good. I think the quality of feedback that I gave while I was in the outer circle was all right. The inner circle while I was in the outer circle did an excellent job, despite the 197 times that “like” was misused. I think personally I could have tried to improve the Socratic circle by trying to involve more people. For a while it seemed that there were mainly two people going back and forth, while everyone else listened and watched. Goals for the next Socratic circle performance include trying to watch how many times I say “like,” and try to include as many people who want to talk as I can. I think my group’s preparation for this Socratic circle was really good! Almost everyone seemed to have questions prepared and knew what they were talking about. The quality of the conversation of the inner circle was pretty good as well. As I mentioned previously, there were a couple times where it was just a discussion between two people, with them not leaving much room for anyone else to put any input in. The level of teamwork was probably a 7 on the scale, because of the reason I mentioned. I think that the quality of feedback we gave while in the outer circle was really good as well! We had the chance to observe nearly everything, and so I think that’s why we had good feedback.

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