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clea eo a Cru ges Bock, Fred. SCORE 786.401 B631bfb v.1 Volume I J ck's best. Volume I : 50 outs tanding piano... 50 emacs Eleva onan of Hymns and Gospel Songs Arranged by Fred Bock PEP RR SRR REE REE RR ERR ERE E RRR ERR REESE RS PENA BRR a ‘Nowe: Those tiles marked (*) are brand new arrangements and Jo nut appear in any other Fred Bock piano collection, ‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God All For Jesus Bell Carol, The ‘*Because He Lives Bond of Lave, ‘The Christ Of Every Crisis, The Church Triumphant, The Even So, Lord Jesus, Come Gentle Shepherd God Gave The Song Great Is Thy Faithfulness He Is The Way He Lifted Me He's Everything To Me How Big Is God? How Long Has It Been? "1 Am Loved 1 Believe In Miracles 1 Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen I Will Serve Thee TU Tell The World In Times Like These Ivory Palaces Jeous Is Coming Again Jesus Loves Me Mansion Over The Hilltop My Faith Looks Up To Thee “My Tribute Now I Belong To Jesus *0 How He Loves You And Me ‘One Solitary Life Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sun Shine In Precious Lord, Take My Hand Redeeming Love Revive Us Again Room At The Cross For You Safe Am I ‘Something Beautiful Surely Goodness And Mercy “Sweet, Sweet Spirit Teach Me, Lord, To Wait Tell All The World About Love Ten Thousand Angels ‘The Bell Carol The Bond Of Love The Christ Of Every Crisis The Church Triumphant ‘There Is A Balm In Gilead There's Something About That Name ‘*Thou Art Worthy To Be Free Were You There? What A Friend We Have In Jesus Wondrous Love 116 99 126 37 150 15 62 a1 41 44 née 60 46 147 94 10 132 64. 88 38 MARTIN LUTHER ‘TRADITIONAL M. LEONTOVICH WILLIAM J. GAITHER omis sxiLtinas LRP FISHER WILLIAM J. CAITHER WILLIAM J. GATTHER WILLIAM J. GAITHER WILLIAM J, GAITHER ‘WILLIAM M. RUNYAN ons sxi.uines CHARLES 1. GABRIEL RALPH CARMICHAEL STUART HAMBLEN ‘MOSIE LISTER WILLIAM J. GAITHER JOHN W. PETERSON WILLIAM I. GAITHER ‘WILLIAM J. GAITHER BAYNARD L. FOX RUTH CAYE JONES HENRY BARRACLOUGH JOHN W. PETERSON WILLIAM BRADBURY/CLAUDE DEBUSSY TRA STANPHILL LOWELL MASON ANDRAE CROUCIE NORMAN J. CLAYTON KURI KAISER FRED BOCK STUART HAMBLEN ‘TRADITIONAL SPIRITUAL WILLIAM J. GAITHER JOHN J. HUSBAND. IRA STANPHILI. WILLIAM DILLON WILLIAM J. GAITHER JOHN W. PETERSON DORIS AKERS STUART HAMBLEN KON and CAROL HARRIS RAY OVERHOLT M. LEONTOVICH OTIS SKILLINGS LEE FISHER WILLIAM J. GATTHER TRADITIONAL. SPIRITUAL WILLIAM J. GAITHER PAULINE MICHAEL MILLS EDDIE SMT ‘TRADITIONAL SPIRITUAL CHARLES ¢. CONVERSE ‘TRADITIONAL All rights teserved. Made in U.S.A. | Copyright 1980 hy Fred Bock Musio Company — BEFORE YOU GO FORWARD, READ THIS FOREWORD .. . There's the King James Version, and now the New King James Version, he Living Bible, the Revised Standard Version, the New International Version, the Jerusalem Bible, the New English Bible, even 2 Catton Patch Version. So I'm planning my own version, the CMY. Ue ‘Church Musicians” Version. My. interest here. 1s 0 “update” Psalm 148 to read: “Sing out (a collective word which | take to mean play a well as sing) your prates with timbrel, and harp, and voices, and ongan, AND PIANO. “Since the piano, ss we Jznow it, was invented by Bartolommeo Cristofori back in 170, it's clear to me that the Lord was not thinking ahead fo the 1980's when pianos would be so pupularin chuich, Now eat really Viame Hint fr David, I mean, after all, ifthe Pealm would have included the ‘word “plano when {t vas witten, noone would have known what they were talking about, ght? In. this case, as your CMV Traphrasr, I think iti safe 0 say thatthe intent of that paseage ‘was list we use everything at our command to pralse God. To some this might be. difficult to handle, especialy when it includes instrament that plug Into the wall ike guitars and synthesizers and fie eybuard, Now fim not cag Die Rercaon or this paraphrase of Psalm 148, only using it to say that I think we as Blanks have a valid expression’ of ou fath through our plano laying as we dedicate our talent to Hs glory. A plano solo, wellyehcarsed. and expresavely played, can communicate God's rmeseage very strongly. Ive seen it happen in churches all over the Country. God docs bless our musical offerings, so It's true, we can praize Him with eymbal, timbre, orn, AND PANO! 'HOCK'S BEST contains fifty piano solo selections {have arranged cover the last fifteen yeas or so, What I did was to go through the ist of tunes Pe arranged and pick out the ones [fet best abuut, today, in T9KD, There's a wide variety of styles and tunee and trestmon! Those of you who know of my work will quickly recognize that this is something fe poached for along tine, Don't get caught up ia ‘only one style of playing, or one kind of hymn of gospel tong, It takes vaiety and the ability to adapt to different musical demands tomake a good communicator et the 88's, Back in 1964 (when I was 131), [issued # collection of pi solos called The Rest of Fred Bock, published by Word, Inc. I st available, and I recommend it to you, There is, no duplication titles between that book and this new book. Infact, BOCK'S BES contains seven titles wich have never appeared in any piano book ‘mine, eve: BECAUSE HE LIVES: MY TRIBUTE: SWEET, SWE SPIRIT; THOU’ ART WORTHY; O HOW IIE LOVES YOU AN ‘ME; I AM LOVES; and HE'S EVERYTHING TO ME. These are 1 very test aangeients, ne @ of you tell me to write my arrangements harder, whi others tell me to keep it simple To tell you the truth, when {pay Jot and practice like’ I'm to, the arrangements seem come out more difficult. IT don’t practice, they seem to come o easier! I suppose that if I practiced every day, [d_probably | wating 32nd notes and plissandos in both hands and inthe keys E, B, and Fé, Some of you will undoubtedly start praying that stop playing altogether! Now Fd love to sit around and share with you about my pian arrangements all day, but I've got to got back to my paraphratis work. Matthew 24:31 in the CMV says, “And I will send forth ange vith the sound of « mighty YANO to gather the csen ones the ends of heaven and earth!” 1 think this might be the start of something realy big! Ff dock ING 24, 1980 Los Angeles, California COMPLETE LISTING OF FRED BOCK PIANO (0 Acieed (21/25/31) A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (4 Alfie (Alfie) {13} ‘All Creatires OF Our God And King (20/31 All Fur Jesus (26/27) All God’s Children Gy ALT hany rm (20) All The Way My Savior Leads Me (2/9) Alleluia! (12/13/21) Amazing Grace (ly America (12) Ameren, The Beautiful (13) ‘Anges We Have Heard Cn High oj 18/3) — Away in A Manger 13) Bat Hn OF Th Republic 13) Be Still, My Soul (2/26/31) Because He Lives (2/8) "Bethlehem... Galilee .. . Gethsemane Blesced Assurance Blest Be The Tie That Binds Dorn Again Breatho On Me Bubbling In My Sout Dut For The Grave Of God Butterfly, Butterfly Camelot (Cumelvt) Christ The Lord Is Risen Today ARRANGEMENTS Come, Come Ye Sats (Gite) Come Holy Spin 9)” Come Thou Fount OF Every Blessing (14 Count Bvery tar (3) Grown Hi With Many Crowns GATES Been So, Lord Jesus, Come 17/24) “Every Time I Feel The Spint (22) Everybody Ought To Know © Face tw Face (12/22) Fairest Lord Jesus (11/21/22) Faith OF Our Fathers Ql Father, We Thank You 4) Fill My Cup, Lord For God So Loved The World 11) Por The Beauly Of The Earth (8/16/31) Gentle Shepherd @/8) Get All Excited (3) Get Me To The Church On Time (My Fair Lady) (5) Gig Gee Qi) Give Me Oil In My Lamp (13) Give Of Your Best To The Master (6) Go On By 18) Go, Tell It On The Mountain QITR1) God Gave The Song (18) God Grant Us Ql) God Is At Work Within You (3) God Is So Good 412) Ss God Of Our Fathers