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Published by Mourad Diouri

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Published by: Mourad Diouri on Feb 27, 2009
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To whom does all this hardware belong? In planning
school space, we need to address this problem as well. For
equipment, we have alternatives:


Personal responsibility, which leads to better
maintenance, less damage, longer life, but less
access for the wider school population.


Collective responsibility, with the opposite con-

In the traditional approach, the computer lab is
closed when the ICT teacher is not present. Do we have
any alternative? Can we have a teacher present for part of
the time, and for the rest of the time have a teacher’s assis-
tant or a non-technical person to keep order, or even a stu-
dent on duty? Should the custodian hand out notebooks to
students who sign them out, with the proviso (and an
alarm circuit) that they only be used in school? In any case,
special security rules and regulations should be issued and
good habits formed in schools. When planning the infor-
mation space, we need to plan well.

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