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Introduction.......................................................................................................................................... 6 How to Save Money Every Month.................................................................................................... 7 Saving Money On Your Groceries................................................................................................. 10 Giving Gifts for the Holidays on a Budget................................................................................... 12 Saving Money on Air Travel........................................................................................................... 15 Saving Money on Childcare............................................................................................................. 17 College Tuition is Expensive; Planning Ahead Helps Save Money...................................... 22 Don’t Overspend When Buying a Car.......................................................................................... 25 Saving Money on Credit Card Fees and APRs............................................................................ 27 Buying a New Computer Without Spending Too Much.......................................................... 29 Saving Money on Your Household Bills...................................................................................... 31 For Golfing Enthusiasts, Saving Money Can Be Tough............................................................ 33 Can You Save Money While Skiing?.............................................................................................. 35 How to Save Money When Going Out to Dinner....................................................................... 38 Cutting Costs on Cruises.................................................................................................................. 40 Having a Baby on a Budget............................................................................................................. 43 Dealing with Diapers and Baby Supplies on a Budget............................................................ 46 Purchasing School Supplies on the Cheap................................................................................. 48 Saving Money on Furniture............................................................................................................ 50 Save Money on your First Date and Don’t Look Cheap Doing It.......................................... 53 Moving for Less.................................................................................................................................. 55 6 Tips to Save Money when Purchasing Appliances............................................................... 58 Cutting Costs on Cell Phone Contracts........................................................................................ 62 Don’t Pay for Books and Magazines............................................................................................. 64

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Saving Money on Electricity........................................................................................................... 66 Drop Pounds, not Dollars with your Gym Memberships....................................................... 68 Cutting Your Costs While in College............................................................................................. 70 Saving Money while Doing Laundry............................................................................................ 72 Budgeting to Save Money on Bills................................................................................................. 74 How to Cut Costs with Air Conditioning...................................................................................... 76 Don’t Pour Your Money Away on Your Water Bill................................................................... 78 Get Frugal on Gas to Save Cash All Year Long........................................................................... 80 Two Months Salary? Not on Engagement Rings....................................................................... 82 Don’t Spend the Farm on Entertainment................................................................................... 84 How to Save on Rental Cars ........................................................................................................... 86 How to Save Money on Tires.......................................................................................................... 88 How to Save Money on Filing Taxes............................................................................................. 90 Be Smart with Textbooks and Save Some Money.................................................................... 92 TV Service Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.................................................................................. 94 Wipe Out Excessive Spending On Toilet Paper......................................................................... 96 Save Some Money on Transportation......................................................................................... 98 Saving Money on Car Ownership.................................................................................................. 99 Finding the Best Deals When Buying Electronics................................................................. 101 Remodeling Your Home and Not Your Bank Account.......................................................... 103 Landscaping for Less...................................................................................................................... 105 Saving Money on Any Insurance................................................................................................. 107 Finding Ways to Save for Veterinary Care............................................................................... 109 Saving Money on Household Bills.............................................................................................. 111 Don’t Drop a Bundle on Baby Products.................................................................................... 113 How much should you spend on Braces?................................................................................. 116

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Decrease your Spending on Dry Cleaning............................................................................... 118 Make Organic Food Affordable................................................................................................... 120 Office Supplies on a Budget.......................................................................................................... 122 Saving Money on Prescription Drugs........................................................................................ 124 Enjoy your Pets and Save Money at the Same Time............................................................. 126 Spend Less on Baby Formula....................................................................................................... 129 Don’t Dispose of your Money when Buying Diapers............................................................ 131 Shipping for Less - Saving Money Year Round....................................................................... 133 Slashing Spending on School Supplies...................................................................................... 135 Enjoying your Prom on a Budget................................................................................................ 137 Don’t Pay Top Dollar on Video Games...................................................................................... 139 Planning Funerals Without Spending Too Much................................................................... 141 Buying Batteries without Busting the Budget........................................................................ 143 How to Reduce the Expense of Gasoline.................................................................................. 145 Save Money on Clothes for the Whole Family........................................................................ 147 Save Money on Beauty Products................................................................................................ 149 Cutting Costs on Car Rentals........................................................................................................ 151 Closing Costs Don’t Have to Drain You of Cash....................................................................... 153 Save Money While Traveling to Business Meetings............................................................. 155 Work Lunches Don’t have to Be Boring or Expensive.......................................................... 157 Get a Charge from Saving on Batteries..................................................................................... 159 4 Ways You Can Save with a Second Mortgage Application............................................... 161 Don’t Get Taken for a Ride with Full Price Train Tickets................................................... 163 Cheap Computer Monitors are Just Fine.................................................................................. 165 Buy Jeans at Full Price? Never!.................................................................................................. 167 Now Makes for a Good Time to Save on Real Estate............................................................. 169

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........................................................................................................ 209 Can You Save on Pool Cleaning?........................... 218 Save Money Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Car Tires............................................................................................................................... 207 Save a Bundle on a Bundle of Pots and Pans..................................................... 196 What Should You Know to Save on Gym Memberships?.................................171 Get Sports Tickets to the Big Game Without Spending a Fortune............................. 181 Saving on Breakfast........................... 200 How Incorporating Can Save You Money................................................................................COM 5 ............................................................................................................................................ 188 Don’t Allow Gas to Guzzle Up your Budget....................................... 173 Get your Concert Tickets for a Steal......... 184 Bargain Priced Massage Can be Good for your Body and Wallet................... 202 Getting Affordable Legal Advice is Possible............................ 198 Finding a Way to Make Dance Lessons Affordable.......................... 192 Produce Portraits without Puncturing your Budget.................................................................................. 194 Buy Needed Bus Tickets for Less..Pajamas on the Cheap – 3 Ways to Save Money On Sleepwear.......................................... 179 Attending Tradeshows and Conventions on a Livable Budget........................ 175 Stock up on Fabric for Less than You Expect.......... Starting the Day Right....................................... 213 Car Detailing Without Cleaning Out the Bank Account...............................................186 Cheaper China for Your Home......... 177 How Much Should You Spend on Cologne/Perfume?...................................................................................... 220 Presented by MONEYNING........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 204 Can You Save Money Preparing Taxes?........................................................ 215 Saving on Light Bulbs – a Bright Idea........................... 211 See Your Way Clear to Savings on Windshield Wipers........... 190 Expensive Yoga Isn’t More Relaxing!..................................................................................................................................................................

many workers are still struggling to earn an honest living. David (MoneyNing) Presented by MONEYNING. The aim is to end up with a huge collection of tips and tricks to save money on everyday activities that everyone can benefit from. I’m tired of paying for everything and I’m sure you are too. which focuses on saving money for the average Joe (that’s you and me!). The digital version is free and it will always be that way. I asked around for help in putting together this ebook. Note that this is a work in progress and far from finish. Look for my updates on new versions and let me know if you ever want to help write on a few topics.COM 6 .Introduction No matter what anyone says about the recession. Hope this helps.

The Usual and Important Bills to Cut Every Month • Cell Phone – Remember me getting a few hundred dollars for switching cell phone carriers? What I didn’t mention is that many people are starting to look into prepaid plans as well. The fittest • • • • Presented by MONEYNING. there’s always Netflix. Do you have one still? That’s so 1980s… Internet – Have you looked into the different technology (and thus. you probably can save some money by paying as you go. but don’t kid yourself – we know it’s the recurring expenses that really drown us into and if you are a movie buff. Want to know where to start? Here’s the tip of the iceberg. It’s the area that’s most beneficial to look into because you work on eliminating it once and you are saving money every month. options) available to you? Could you actually buy an Internet capable phone and hook it up to a PC (a feature known as tethering) to get essentially the same service for a fraction of the cost? TV – The case is made countless times but I bet many of you still pay way too much for your favorite shows. Gym Membership – Gym? Do you actually go? Most people are going after a healthy and fit body instead of becoming a muscle man (or lady). There are many legal ways to watch TV online like hulu.COM 7 . The monthly expenses are what most people neglect because they are subconsciously trained to ignore it after seeing the same line item month after month after month. Let me tell you the truth.How to Save Money Every Month Click Here to Read This Online It’s easy to stop pulling out the wallet every once in a while and declare triumph. The per minute cost may be high but if you never experienced having your ears burn because you talk too much on the phone. Home Phone – I don’t have a home phone and I have no idea why the business model still exists.

it’s almost always cheaper. you will feel very restricted but you will slowly realize where you are spending money on. Newsletters. If everyone does this. Please! Insurance Companies – Call the representatives regularly and see if there is a better deal (remember their competition as well). it may even create more jobs! • • • • Activities You Should Try • Stop Bringing Your Credit Card Out for a Month – At first.COM 8 . It’s amazing that we remember our purchases so much better when we pay in cash! Try Paying All Your Bills by Check for 3 Months – Stop all the automation for 3 months and see what happens. open the windows instead of using A/C are all simple ways to not only save but to put less strain on the overall environment.people are always the ones who go out to jog every day. you will find a way to cut out the ones that aren’t absolutely necessary. They run on the road. • Presented by MONEYNING. Check out his list at the bottom of the post) Cars – Oil changes and regular maintenance may be out of your league but wash your own cars. Pills – It’s easy to switch your subscriptions to generic brands and best of all. When you have to spend time to handle payments. Unless they provide real value. dial down the water heater to 112 degrees. we have to change our habits! Turn off the lights and electronics whenever it’s not needed. but in order to save money every month. on the beach and in the parks. You don’t need to smell other people’s sweat and pay a bunch of money just to stay fit right? • Clubs. stop paying for it! Electricity – Many tricks we know. Subscriptions – Enough said. (Stole this tip from Frugal Dad.

It’s no wonder why my credit card balance is 4 digits every month and I left the card in the freezer! • • What Do You Do to Save Money Every Month? I know you have some great tips and tricks.01 a week once and learned a few things) Add Up All Your Monthly Recurring Subscription Cost for the Year – It’s amazing how pricing strategy works.• Pretend You are Broke for 2 Months – The ramen days are over but that doesn’t mean the hard earned money that we have should go to waste. It’s not that cheap after all. Try it. Check Your Credit Card Statements – One of the worst money suckers are the ones that automatically charge our credit cards. $37 a month is actually closer to $450 a year. It’s quite fun (I lived with $34.COM 9 . Share with others! Presented by MONEYNING.

but only if they are for a product you already use. rarely does much for you.COM 10 . get one coupon.Saving Money On Your Groceries Click Here to Read This Online Groceries are unavoidable because we all have to eat.50.00 off. Many websites will offer you large numbers of coupons for filling out their questionnaires and agreeing to try several offers. the price drops is even more significant. They don’t spoil and we will eat them for a couple of months. If you can do the same thing on double coupon days. Purchasing something you won’t use because you have a coupon isn’t helpful. If you are feeding a large family. Stocking up and Planning When foods you commonly use go on sale. There are many ways to save money while shopping for groceries. Each 10 boxes qualified for an additional $5. but that. If you purchase an item for $1. in the end. General Mills cereals were on sale at the local supermarket. The next trick with coupons is to try to match them up with sales at the supermarket. $1. or this can easily become your largest monthly expense. which is considerable savings. but only clip those for products that you use. it is even more important to cut costs where you can.75 a piece. purchase in bulk. so I went and picked up 10 boxes of each cereal my kids liked. you should definitely take a look at the coupons. so I ended up paying only a dollar a box for name brand cereals. but some are more consistent than others. you drop the price to $0. If you get a weekly newspaper. Coupons Coupons are great. Presented by MONEYNING. Recently. originally selling for $2 and use a buy one.50 a box is cheaper than generic brands.

Warehouses are a great place to get discounts on prescriptions and meats. tuna could be at $1 per can versus $1. mine have a habit of eating anything they find in the fridge if not warned in advance. Local produce is also cheaper and if you eat a lot of it. you will be tempted to purchase more than you need. you might plan hamburgers one night. Freeze things quickly to avoid spoilage. Focus on the lower priced specials. You have to be willing to portion out the meats on you own since they come in large quantities and most people don’t need six pounds of hamburger at one time. plan your menu for the next week. so get working! Presented by MONEYNING. the waste adds to the cost. when shopping for groceries. For example. Also.COM 11 . Warehouse Stores Check out the warehouse stores with an eye towards prices.69 at most markets. Cantaloupe may be a $1 a piece in the summer. and if you don’t use it. then let your kids know. but others are more expensive.Once you have the weekly circulars. If ground beef is on sale. stick to seasonal produce. too. If you set aside leftovers as part of the meal plan for the week. you might want to look into a CSA farm where you can buy a share for the season. but $4 in the winter. Take the flyers from the supermarket with you because some things are cheaper at the warehouse. Finally. chili another and spaghetti with meat sauce a third. Groceries are one of the best areas in which to cut back if your family budget needs a bit of updating. Some cheeses and milk will freeze well. You get three good meals for less.

These gifts are more personal and less expensive than any of the junk you can find at the mall.Giving Gifts for the Holidays on a Budget Click Here to Read This Online Here they come again: the holidays. I got the yarn at an outlet store and I had a lovely gift for less than $10 a person. Set a price limit and have a random pot to see who purchases for whom. I. be it knitting. Presented by MONEYNING. for one. She made tie blankets for everyone for about the same amount. not to mention my wallet. but there is no reason not to plan ahead and make some gifts this year. Everyone has some talent they can use. For some reason. It strains my creativity less. My friend hit the fabric store and picked up fleece on sale with a coupon. even those of us who manage to keep a tight rein on the budget the other 11 months of the year lose control at the sound of a Christmas bell. and exchange the gifts. but all is forgotten by November and the cycle starts again.COM 12 . here are some great ways to save a bit of green and still have a great holiday. Make things I know it sounds cliche. If you still have at least a faint memory of those dreadful bills. would much rather spend $20 for a single decent gift than have to purchase eight $3 gifts. The bills roll in come February and then the trouble really starts. Plan a pot luck dinner at someone’s home a week before the holiday. Use these skills to create a unique gift for your loved ones and friends. or computer skills. Form a Gift Exchange Group Do you have a number of common friends in your circle? Create a gift exchange circle. baking. Last year I started in August and made a pair of hand knit socks for each friend. so it doesn’t conflict with family plans.

but it is a nice gift that doesn’t cost too much. Can you imagine what that would have cost? Instead of having a million little cheap gifts to present to the teachers. No matter what you do. Yes. Thankfully. What about Work? Fortunately. set yourself an affordable budget and stick to it. One of the catches is keeping the receipt to prevent problems with necessary exchanges. If you find that you have to give a gift. you can always pick things up throughout the year to lessen the blow at year’s end. It isn’t extravagant. many employers are placing a moratorium on gift giving for the holiday season. this takes a bit of coordination and time. Others include not being able to estimate sizes that far in advance. The holidays are a stressful period and adding financial problems to them doesn’t help. this ridiculous trend ends with elementary school.COM 13 . but is well worth it. With 30 students in the class we were able to give the main teacher a $50 gift certificate and then add a $30 gift certificate with a very small individual contribution. remembering where you stored that gift. one parent coordinated a collection. Pre-shopping If you know well in advance who will be on your shopping list. Split that total onto several cards. kids are faced with a need to purchase something for each of their teachers. I have had years where each of my three children had between 6-13 teachers. You won’t Presented by MONEYNING. Many places offer an additional $5-10 of gift money when you purchase $100. and opting not to exchange with those people by the time Christmas rolls around. try to purchase an appropriate gift certificate when the store or restaurant is offering a special.Dealing with the Teacher Issue Come the holidays.

COM 14 . Presented by MONEYNING.regret leaving that porcelain Santa on the shelf nearly as much as you will paying 1826% interest in February.

flights with connections can be less expensive. Business trips usually have a set itinerary. Book early. wait to make hotel reservations until you have managed to find the flight prices you need. you will pay a lot more than if you are willing to fly mid week. Don’t insist on direct flights. although the planes are often smaller as well. as they may offer additional web based discounts that you can’t get anywhere else. but make sure you can get a better fare later. Comparison shop. which is a little strange. and show some flexibility. Presented by MONEYNING. is it still possible to save money on airfare? The answer is a resounding YES! It just depends on your ability to plan ahead. since no airline is likely to volunteer to refund you money.COM 15 . cheaper fares.Saving Money on Air Travel Click Here to Read This Online In an age where every airline is cutting back and cutting corners. Basic Strategies 1. they aren’t identical. Many companies offer to match a fare if it goes down after your purchase. since they are often the most expensive part of a trip. When you travel for business. it is much more difficult to save money than it is when you travel for pleasure. If you insist on flying during peak hours on busy days. follow a few basic rules. Keep an eye on the prices yourself. There are multitudes of discount fare websites available. so don't always wait for last minute deals. but vacations can be massaged a bit to get the best prices. one even gives you the option of stating your maximum price. and flexible scheduling the majority of the time. 2. and while their prices are similar. Booking early gives you the best options on seating. Once you have found the best price you can on a general search site. go to the specific airline site. If your trip involves a flight. Be flexible. 3. Consider smaller airports since they often have better rates.

Heading to big resorts even a week after the season is over can result in a 25% savings or more. and a more relaxed environment overall. saving yourself a nice amount of money. especially if you are heading to a common vacation destination.4. waiting an extra week makes good sense. One airline may offer a price that is $20 less per ticket. you too can find some significant savings. check to see the final price after taxes. but then end up being more expensive by charging $25 a bag. Consider traveling after the area’s "season". Some packages provide free room and board for children traveling with a parent. baggage fees. some flexibility and an adventurous approach. it does reduce the overall cost of a vacation. You can often get a hotel and car included in your plans if you book ahead. Before you commit. Other Strategies Look at package deals. Air travel is a wonderful way to see distant places and enjoy new scenery. and critically. airport fees. Consider all the fees. Airlines are now trying to coax you into purchasing their "featured fare" over other fares that seem similar. Presented by MONEYNING. An additional benefit is that you will find fewer people at your destination.COM 16 . Take two bags each and it really adds up. With a bit of work. If you have children who haven’t begun school or no children at all. While it isn’t a direct airfare savings.

if they have young children at home. are a great resource.COM 17 . Best of all. The children benefit from a different set of toys to play with each day. Retired grandparents. each of you can take care of the kids one day a week and work the rest of the week knowing that someone who cares is watching your child. Arrange a Baby Sitting Cooperative Many mothers return to the work force part-time. If you can get three or four such women in a group.Saving Money on Childcare Click Here to Read This Online Making ends meet is more difficult than ever. if they are young enough and healthy. but it's not like bad childcare to save a few dollars is an option. may be open to taking your children too. Finding a solution can involve some creativity. I'm sure you'll feel much safer that your children is in the hands of someone you know. but the good news is that it can be done. Put everything in writing and make sure you do a criminal check on your prospective nanny. The best part is that this kind of arrangement is usually free. you might be able to share a nanny. Share a Nanny If you have a good friend with young children who is also returning to work. Family Options Clearly. Good childcare is expensive. Offer to barter services like yard work or errands in return for their generosity. the expenses can be overwhelming. what happens if one of you run late. the cheapest solution is to find a family member who is willing to lend a hand. Other relatives. and figure out transportation arrangements. for a much more reasonable sum than a stranger. Go through the whole interview process together. Presented by MONEYNING. For families that need childcare. at least at first. determine how much each person pays. etc.

happy. Older kids can attend a half day pre-k or kindergarten program and then join a half day daycare program. since it really cuts into a couple’s time. but it is well worth the effort to know that your kids are safe. which will halve your costs. and many people find relief that they are doing this for the children that they love. This is a great environment and learning experience for all the kids. and well cared for. Some public schools offer cheap or free day care for neuro-typical kids enrolled in a Head Start program. you may find yourself making a difficult choice.Tax Savings If your employer participates in a child care flexible account. Other such employers are also generally willing to work with you to set up a job sharing schedules or telecommuting part-time.COM 18 . Fortunately. Shop Around Finally. Revamping the Schedule If you just can’t find a child care situation that seems reasonable and affordable. The YMCA or the local church is likely to be cheaper than a private corporation. Presented by MONEYNING. this period in your children’s lives is relatively short. Finding a good environment for your children that is affordable can be challenging. shop around. if you can’t rearrange schedules and need to use a day care center. This kind of arrangement is difficult for both parents. This way you avoid paying taxes on child care expenses. even if the curriculum may be targeted. set aside the money you need for the year in advance. Sometimes family friendly employers have an agreement with a local day care center and their employees can get a discount for using the facility. Working different hours means that at least one parent is home at all times with the children.

Once you have a general idea. Forks? Add X to the total. do not use a wedding planner because everything can be done yourself. figure out your preference so you can rate it against the prices you are quoted. That’s why it makes sense to go to the venues several different times.COM 19 . Wedding Planners vs Wedding Coordinators There are wedding planners and there are wedding coordinators. On the first visit. while the coordinator will help you organize what happens on the day of the wedding. or are you more of an indoor person? Before you look at go to each location to ask for pricing.How to Save Money on Weddings Click Here to Read This Online I still remember the first time I realized the true power of my wife’s money saving skills. we had a spectacular wedding that cost pennies on the dollar. However. For those who have budget concerns. As a result. so make sure you know what exactly you are paying for. Picking the Venue for Your Wedding One of the most important decisions you will make for the big day is the location of your banquet. Are you looking for a venue that has great views. everything will seem to cost extra. let them give you the sales talk so you get a feel for what’s available and to get a quote. Most wedding planners will do both. On our wedding. make a list with everything you’d like for the wedding and go back and ask for a price. The planners help you plan the wedding before the wedding. you will never be able to compare apples to apples. One of the tricks that people seem to use is to give you an ultra low price to grab your attention. coordinators are money well spent because he/she will help make sure all details are executed on the Presented by MONEYNING. Then gather all the information and figure out what you’d like in your wedding. Otherwise. As you inquire further. my wife probably saved us an amount in the five digits. Do you want to know how to save money on your wedding as well? This article is for you. Want fish instead of beef? $$$.

Balance your budget accordingly. renting wedding dresses may be for you. Saving on Wedding Dresses Vera Wang dresses are amazing but not everyone can afford owning of the wedding. Instead. Before you commit. Also. If at any point you aren’t comfortable with the company you are dealing with. Also.COM 20 . Photographers and Videographers There are people who will take photographs for free and there are ones who you can spend the rest of your life working for because they charge an arm and a leg. make sure you understand the terms (if it gets damaged for example) and see what your liabilities are. make sure to ask around to find a reputable company to rent from to avoid hassle. Video is another story and it all depends on how many times you are going to actually watch the show. talk to your wedding coordinator and your married friends to see if they know of wholesale flower markets where the vendors themselves go. you can just go there and Presented by MONEYNING. good photography is worth every penny as you will be looking at your wedding pictures for years so find a person who can take those types of pictures. That’s why they will charge you extra if you tell them it’s for a wedding. go somewhere else. which means more help on the planning side. Look. rentals should be available to be picked up a few days before and they should also be adjusted (to a limited degree) to fit you. For those that don’t mind. Anything more than that is probably too much for you if budget is a concern. paying for a wedding coordinator means you can bounce ideas off of the person. If there are ones around your area. Once? Twice? Maybe even ten times in your life. How to be Cheap on Flowers without Getting Caught Flowers make everything look better and vendors know this. Do you really want to be worrying about whether the flowers arrived or the tables are setup? Furthermore.

Obviously. Chairs. Anything Else Off the top of my head. not everyone have access to people in a different country but do you have a friend who is in the industry? Try asking around (like your hair stylist for example) to see if there are anyone who can them yourself. Save Money on Wedding Favors The most creative and cheapest wedding favors are actually ones that you make yourself. Why? The artist in Taiwan charged for the entire trip while everyone here wanted to be paid every time he/she picks up the brush. On the big day. and everything is so much cheaper. Are there anything else you are wondering about? Comment below and I will add to the article. which means different makeups. Makeup Specialist Some brides like to change clothes during the wedding. furniture rental places for chairs and everything that has nothing to do with getting married.COM 21 . Be creative. Rev up your creativity and don’t be lazy. On our wedding. Ribbons and Others Where do you get deals? Forget wedding places. not to mention that she followed my wife the entire day was fixing my wife’s “look”. They usually look like the Costco for flowers. these are some of the ways you can save money on your wedding. we actually flew someone from Taiwan over here to help us and it still turned out cheaper than hiring one in the states. guaranteed. Look for party shops for ribbons. Any vendor that tailors their business to that big day will overcharge. Presented by MONEYNING. we didn’t have to worry about being nickle and dimed.

you really need to find the best money management strategies and ways to reduce costs. With no limitations on age or income levels. Here are a few suggestions that will give you a good start. Compare that to University of California at Berkley which only charged $9. too. it just means that you can get an excellent education at a state school. State Schools vs. and other activities. Between tuition.000 and $270. supplies. These funds are tax free and you can save between $100. a prestigious private university charged over $34. You are also less likely to waste huge sums of money drinking and partying: favorite student pastimes at traditional four year colleges. Planning Ahead Helps Save Money Click Here to Read This Online The price of a college education is going up so fast it is hard to keep track of the expenses. the final price tag can overwhelm most families.000 per recipient. board. room.000 for the same quality education for in-state residents. no matter how much you earn. and save a lot of money.000 in tuition alone this year. Credits cost much less. This isn’t to say that private universities don’t provide a top notch education for their exorbitant price. Another good option for students struggling financially is to start out at a junior college. Presented by MONEYNING. you can live at home and work at the same time. Tax Free Savings If you know you want to help someone go to college. Take two years of classes there before you transfer your credits to a state school.College Tuition is Expensive.COM 22 . If you have more than one child. start saving right away in a 529 savings plan. Private Universities Princeton University. texts. you can begin this savings account at any point.

Scholarships. a punch card is more sensible than a full meal plan. If you still want a meal plan. Don’t buy new if at all possible. and keep those grades up and activities current. After that you have more options.COM 23 . If that doesn’t work. Getting in is the first part of the battle. Once you get to college. Textbooks One of the biggest unavoidable expenses is textbooks. Apply for every scholarship you can qualify for to accumulate funds in advance. choose one that matches your eating style best. Grants. most teachers leave at least a few copies of the text at the library. you need to continue saving money if you want your stash to last through four years. You may not be able to take it out.Loans. you generally know this by the time you enter high school. see if someone else just finished up that class last term and if you can borrow their book. Oh My! The rules for getting college loans have eased up considerably in the last decade or so. but you can read it there. If you are content with a few meals a week and then snack in your room the rest of the time. Food Many universities require freshmen to take a meal plan as part of their first year experience. especially if you take the food you cooked along for lunch rather than buying each day. there is a thriving used book market online. Grants are often given on a per-needs basis and scholarships are available for everything under the sun. If you can’t purchase the book you need. It is now possible for just about anyone accepted to a college program to qualify for a student loan of some sort. or it is still too expensive. If you live in an apartment setting. Presented by MONEYNING. bulk cooking save a lot of money. It isn’t unusual to find yourself assigned several books each running $100 or more per semester. If you are serious about attending college.

It can be done. saving money both on getting into college and at college takes some preparation. Presented by MONEYNING. and a quality education doesn’t have to put you in the poor house or in debt for years.In the end.COM 24 .

and shortest term you can afford. The Biggest Markup The easiest place to save the most money has nothing to do with the car itself. Shop around for the loan.COM 25 . check your bank. and the dealership before you commit to anything. take test rides and go online to find out just what the car you are considering is worth. On the other hand. Presented by MONEYNING. Buy End-month It is always a good idea to wait until the end of the month or the end of the model year to purchase your new car. Don’t let yourself get talked into spending more than you can afford. not the MSRP. Some consumer groups will provide you. The same holds true for the end of the model year. Of course. you will have the money in hand. other banks. Financing is where most car dealerships make their biggest payoffs. Start negotiating from that price. fight for the lowest interest rate.Don’t Overspend When Buying a Car Click Here to Read This Online Buying a car is a huge purchase and an investment meant to last for years. optimally. Taking a loan is a tremendous waste of money. credit unions. It can’t be stressed enough that when you go to purchase a car. your job. but do your shopping earlier. and you may get pushed to purchase more than you intended. family. There are some basic strategies that will help you make good choices and get the best deal you can. no matter what the terms are. if you do your research early in the month you have plenty of time to comparison shop. for a fee. Shop Mid-month. At the end of the month salespeople are eager to unload cars to make their quotas. if you have to take a loan. a complete list of just how much each feature costs the dealership.

Barring unusual driving conditions. Aside from the advantage of rattling the inexperienced. as many have started offering their certified pre-own program. In the end. These cars also come with its own multi-year warranties as if it were purchased brand new Write Everything Down and Use the Competition When you go to negotiate for a car. extended warranties are a waste of money. ask your friends where they got their cars and if the experience was a good one. Today. get a good faith contract written with a 24-hour guarantee. Presented by MONEYNING. Take that contract to another dealership or two and try to get a better price. figure out how much you are willing to spend and walk away if the deal isn’t the one you want.COM 26 . Also consider buying used cars from the dealership. Remember that a car is one of the biggest purchases you are going to make. take along a pad and be prepared to write down everything the salesperson offers. Investigate the company you will be using with the local Better Business Bureau. Also.Consider Used Cars Most cars depreciate 30-40% the first two years a car is off the lot. if you really want to do so. If you get to the point of negotiating a number. many car companies will allow you to carry over the warranties that came with the car for a nominal fee. a car that is two years old is usually in great shape. this will ensure that everyone stays honest with you. so don’t spend extra for them. In general.

When compared to paying 9-22% interest on a credit card you can clearly see why you would want to pay off debt first. something you can’t do with credit card interest. If You Pay Your Balance Each Month Presented by MONEYNING. For those. it makes more sense to find a card with a low APR. Even the best savings accounts are only paying between 1-2% in interest currently. If You Hold a Balance No one needs to tell you that holding a balance on a credit card is poor money management. Another option is to take a home equity loan. The catch here is that you are putting your home at risk if you can’t repay the loan. a higher APR with fewer holding fees is a better choice. if you own your home.Saving Money on Credit Card Fees and APRs Click Here to Read This Online The best advice anyone can give you on credit card fees and APRs is that the easiest way to save money is not to owe money. Still. The conditions in today’s market also mean that you can find a credit card that matches the way you spend. most Americans do so regularly. whereas if you pay your balance off monthly. the best credit cards are those that have the lowest APR.COM 27 . Dropping even a few points saves you a great deal of money over the course of the years. The additional benefit is that you can deduct the interest you are paying on a home equity loan from your taxes. If you maintain a balance constantly. If you have a good credit rating you should be able to contact your credit card company and ask for a decrease in rate. It is also advisable that if you have any savings accounts to use them to pay off any credit card debt.

Even so. often that will forestall changes in interest rates. Shop around to find the best terms for your needs.COM 28 . ask for a better rate. you know what I mean. They want you to do business with them and prefer that you are the kind of client that carries a balance. usually annually. A simple overdraft of a few dollars suddenly balloons into several hundred. If you have ever accidentally overdrawn at the bank. Presented by MONEYNING. While most people need to have a credit card for emergency purposes. Here it makes the best sense to search for a card that offers a no fee option. With some cards. transfer fees and cash advance fees are exorbitant and they add up quickly. a business. a double whammy! Read the Terms and Shop Around The credit card business is just that. so make sure you read them. Other Strategies Never pay late. The same situation can apply here. even one late payment moves you out of the prime interest rates and into higher ones. Cash advances usually come with exceptionally high interest rates in addition. You pay your balance monthly and you don’t accrue any interest charges. call the company and let them know that the money is on the way. it still pays to evaluate those credit card fees and APRs before signing on the little line. If you are going to miss your cut off date. Some cards want you to pay them for usage.In this case the interest rate is irrelevant. These are the charges you want eliminated. Over limit fees. Most contracts are only a page or so. Avoid fees. late payment fees. if you do end up carrying a balance from time to time on an especially expensive item. it will cost less in interest.

Minimize as much as possible. but you can get cheaper ones if you buy them alone. the best way to save money buying a new computer is not to buy one. you don’t need one as part of your package. Unless you plan to use a webcam constantly.Buying a New Computer Without Spending Too Much Click Here to Read This Online As is usually the case in big ticket purchases. it can be much cheaper to spend money on upgrades than on a completely new machine. Figure Out What You Need Laptops and desktops are available with all the bells and whistles imaginable. Whether it is an older version of an operating system. a much simpler machine can accommodate all our needs and still provide excellent usability. Assess your needs before you go to the store where all those pretty computers will tempt you towards making a purchase that exceeds your parameters. here are some things to help you minimize the impact on your budget. these are the models that offer the best rebates and are Presented by MONEYNING. Printers are nice. For most users. Part of this process is also figuring out what you don’t need. Biometric security features? Fancy but scarcely necessary unless you are a spy or corporate big shot. On the other hand. Use Rebates and Sales Because computers are a technology that is constantly changing. most of us aren’t going to notice the difference.COM 29 . If your current computer works fine. a slower drive or less refined screen. A serious online gamer may need the memory and graphics from the high end of the available spectrum. If you are still determined to purchase a new machine though. you can usually find great deals on slightly older models. The statement is obvious but it's worth mentioning.

though. Personally.COM 30 . If there is a defect. and wireless internet for $300. your computer will be faster Windows 7 was freshly installed. Extra software added to a standard machine may not be necessary for you. Refurbished Or Out of the Box There is a growing market for computers that have been returned to the manufacturer for one reason or another. Avoid Vista optimization add ons. frankly. so don’t purchase new ones. When you buy these. I suggest you avoid Vista altogether. speakers. Other computers simply didn’t meet their new owner’s desires and they returned them within the warranty period. so ask that it not be loaded. keyboard and mouse should work just fine with your new CPU. Either way. Avoid Extras If you are looking at a desktop. Your current monitor. too. so I know you can do it. Buying a new computer doesn’t have to break the bank. Even with a free upgrade. they generally work just like new so it is definitely worth looking at these models. I just got my kids a really nice desktop with a monitor. Do keep an eye out for computers with rebates that are more than a similar unit without one. Presented by MONEYNING. the manufacturer will repair the unit and return it to the owner.most frequently on sale as stores try to deplete their inventory. there are some serious savings available on these units. you can avoid a lot of pricey extras.

For all the controversy about compact florescent bulbs. You will appreciate not having to change bulbs as often and save money at the same time. Finding good ways to cut back without freezing is helpful for just about everyone.Saving Money on Your Household Bills Click Here to Read This Online If you have dealt with a recent shock caused by your water. It’s a minor detail. but it adds up. gas. radio.COM 31 . and this is a place where prices have risen dramatically in the last few years. so here are some simple ways to save. unless you have Presented by MONEYNING. There is no other choice. Those appliances are designed to save you energy. computer. television and coffeemaker all take small amounts of energy to keep running. When you need to purchase new appliances. Your printer. turn off other appliances. money. they do save a lot of energy while still providing the same amount of light. even in "energy saving" mode. Start by using them in conjunction with standard incandescent bulbs and you won’t have such a hard time switching over. Gas Most new homes are heated with natural gas. Electricity Do you remember your parents telling you to turn off lights when you leave a room? It’s great advice. drop your temperature. and by extension. you understand just how important it is to save on household bills. The rates are going through the roof and winter is around the corner. and electric bills. You really don’t need to heat the house any higher than 65 degrees. Also. look for those with the best energy star ratings.

use drip irrigation where possible. Saving money on your household utilities doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your shower time or working with candles. your best bet is to reduce it significantly and plant things that are more drought tolerant. You can drop that to 60 degrees at night and pile on the blankets. Other easy fixes include repairing leaking faucets and replacing toilet valves that are leaking. do so early in the morning to reduce evaporation. If you must water. Another great way to save money is to ask your utility company to come out and do an energy audit of your home. Water There are some basic strategies that we all know. Still.very young children or elderly people in your home. You can find whole websites dedicated to xeriscaping. This service is generally free and can give you a great heads up on areas you can improve for reduced costs. Shorten your shower time. most water in a home is used on watering the lawn during the summer months. If you have a lawn. letting water get to the roots.COM 32 . and opt to water less often but for longer. Shutting the vents in rooms you don’t use cuts energy use. This practice is particularly common in the high desert area of Colorado and other mountain states. Adding insulation pays for itself in a season or two. Presented by MONEYNING. don’t run the water when brushing your teeth or getting a glass of water and use low flow showerheads and toilets. the practice of low and no water gardening. You just have to make small changes to see a big difference in those bills. Using a programmable thermostat and wrapping your hot water heater all help you save money.

the total adds up quickly. you can knock 30% off the price. which could sometimes be as little as 20% of the full price. a Big Bertha graphite set will cost you $700 new. Equipment from the previous season often ends up here and you can save 50% and more. but if you purchase them used. and balls all appear on these shelves for a fraction of the price you would pay at the big chain stores. Presented by MONEYNING. you can get them for less than $100 for the same set. weekends and holidays. Another great way to save money on equipment is to shop at discount sporting goods stores. balls. Green Fees and Rentals The most expensive time to golf is in the early part of the day. green fees. At these hours people swarm the golf course and the rates shoot up. Opt for later hours during the week.COM 33 . but you will get the twilight discount. If you get cosmetically imperfect balls that work just as well. No boxes with those. Equipment You don’t need to spend top dollar on clubs to get great equipment. Saving Money Can Be Tough Click Here to Read This Online Golf.For Golfing Enthusiasts. Many people believe that it's important to use the same ball. which courses often call twilight and super twilight hours. but you won't need them anyway. and if you can get out of work for a few hours. and lessons. is an expensive game. Over the years. You may not finish 18 holes. bags. I've found many ways to save on this ridiculously frustrating. purchase balls that are logo overruns and get high quality balls for a fraction of their retail price. Even better. clubs. For example. a round of golf is much more reasonably priced. Between clubs. Shoes. for the most part. Weekday tee times are cheaper as well. but that says nothing about the need to get them new. yet addicting game.

The savings are tremendous when the season ends and resorts are trying to fill rooms. And speaking of birthdays. consider getting a membership. some clubs offer birthday discounts. Walking gives you time to shake off that bad drive. so do the calculations. If you play a lot. like massages and carts free of charge just to get you to come.Skip the golf cart and hoof it for even bigger savings. chat with your friends. Search the internet and you can find some terrific deals and packages. The savings in green fees will likely pay off. and get some exercise as well. Presented by MONEYNING. to enjoy being outside. you don’t have to play at the fancy clubs. and get out there while still saving money. presumably. An even better idea is to coax a few of your golfing buddies to come along on the trip. Part of the reason you are golfing is. others travel to great golfing locations around the world. and you all get a break from work while enjoying something you really like. Many townships have a local course that is just fine for regular play.COM 34 . Sharing a room reduces costs for everyone. Just because golf has long been associate with the rich doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy to enjoy it. so ask around (I know at least one club near where I live where I can play on my birthday for free). use your money wisely. Go off season. Some of these trips hit the best courses in the country. Shop around. They offer great bonuses. Additionally. Golf Vacations Golfing vacations are increasingly popular. Improve your skills at a less expensive course and ask for gift certificates for the high priced clubs for your birthday.

you will definitely want to invest in your own skis and boots.COM 35 . goggles and all the rest of your equipment. Remember to maintain your equipment methodically. Lift Tickets Presented by MONEYNING. sometimes in excess of 50% off if you shop at the right time and are flexible about what you want. Avoid replacing the whole outfit at one time. one major item each year. comfortable clothes that wick well and keep you protected from the elements. space out your purchases. You don’t need the newest and hottest colors to ski well.Can You Save Money While Skiing? Click Here to Read This Online Skiing is one of the most expensive winter sports available. Don’t put skis away wet. when stores are trying to get rid of their stock to make room for the summer sporting goods. but believe it or not. The best time to purchase these is in the early spring. Try to stick with basics. Saving on Equipment Costs If you ski more than a couple of times a season. you need warm. It may seem like there would be no way to save money and still enjoy a season’s skiing. It makes sense to shop for boots at night when your feet are at their most swollen. March and April. to prevent over spending. have them tuned regularly and air out your boots. You can get fantastic deals. pants. The same applies to purchasing jackets. with a little planning you can hit the slopes in style and still save yourself some serious dough. Taking care of equipment means fewer replacements as the years pass.

Many coupon books run 2-for-1 specials or offer discounts. stick to midweek and early or late season skiing. at Monarch Mountain. It can last well into March or April. the crowds are usually thin so you get in more skiing each day. Another good way to save money is through the use of coupons. Bring Your Own Food If you have ever fed a family at a ski lodge. Even better. so make use of them wherever possible. Add in a few hot drinks and you are easily increasing your costs by $100 for a day. Many passes are available in October or November and last through the very end of the season. Since the resort is better known it draws bigger crowds and you will get fewer runs over the course of the day.Lift tickets are one of the biggest expenses you will encounter once you have your equipment. Another great way to save is to go to less popular destinations like Monarch as opposed to Aspen. purchased early is $319. you know that you can spend $10-15 per person on a mediocre lunch. Your best bet if you are going to ski for more than seven days total is almost always the season pass. Presented by MONEYNING. but a season pass. holidays and prime season. Timing If you are going to ski on a per day basis. You will save a lot of money and still enjoy sipping a hot drink while watching the other skiers when you take a break. It pays off in just six visits.COM 36 . a day ticket costs $54. usually early April. For example. depending upon snow fall and conditions. The prices for mid-week skiing or non-prime ski season can be as much as 30% less than weekends. Out west the ski season usually starts by late October or early November. At Aspen a one day lift ticket costs $96. Pack your lunch and snacks and purchase your hot chocolate there.

it just takes some practice. Presented by MONEYNING.COM 37 .The fact remains that skiing isn’t a cheap hobby. Keeping your expenses down and saving money while enjoying skiing is certainly possible.

Coupons Whether you find them in the Entertainment Book. It takes a little planning and a bit of work. Some restaurants require an adult meal per kid meal. Pick which one suits your families needs best. Family Fun Tons of restaurants offer free kids meals with the purchase of adult entrees. Even with a tip. Coupons. and two family sized entrees at a great Italian place for $19. A family meal for four.COM 38 . This one is about going out for a great meal. but the same amount of money can mean a good BBQ joint with free meals for the kids and something tastier for the grown ups. going out to dinner becomes a real treat. the newspaper. If I take them to another Italian place. or local savings magazines. having some fun while keeping your wallet in mind. use them. including salad.How to Save Money When Going Out to Dinner Click Here to Read This Online When trying to save money. There are websites dedicated to helping you find these restaurants in your area.99. breadsticks. others offer two kids meals for each adult meal. but with some clever strategies. You can easily spend $20-30 for a family of four at that restaurant with the arches these days. Check around online and keep a list of those restaurants your family likes and when they offer free kids meals. Presented by MONEYNING. I recently discovered a great coupon that turns up monthly in our local circulars. I could easily spend three times that for the same amount of food. the four of us were full for $25 and have enough leftovers for the three kids to enjoy the food again for lunch. you can still enjoy a good night out. drinks. Coupons.

since you are stuck with two people eating the same thing. Another option is to make a meal out of appetizers. You need to plan a bit with these. Skip appetizers and desert. Truly. Discount Dining If you are going out to eat and can’t find a coupon or a deal.00 piece will buy you a whole cheesecake to eat when you get home. An extension of the coupon phenomenon is purchasing gift certificates for specific restaurants on discount websites. You can usually pick up the certificate for less than half price. Still. the portion of most appetizers is more than enough to fill you. That $5. With a little luck. it is a great deal. Drinks are marked up a tremendous amount. up to 400% in some cases. Seeking out the best deals while still going out to dinner translates to having my cake and eating it too. Personally. avoid the extras. and if you have a promotional code. I live on a limited budget and can’t waste money on eating out. Share two appetizers with your dining companion and you get variety and a smaller check. Though if you can make this work for you. especially for lunch. I have picked up $25 certificates for $3.Many places offer buy one get one free coupons.COM 39 . Have water or seltzer if it is free. and save your money for the meal. I hate to eat alone and dining out makes it easier. Presented by MONEYNING. the deals are even sweeter.

there are some easy ways to cut your costs if you plan ahead and know what to look for. and the times are rarely convenient. Since your cruise won’t wait for you no matter when you arrive. Shoulder Season Shoulder season refers to the weeks immediately before or after the high season in cruising circles. they are usually not as good as those offered early. and will offer discounts to those who book early. arrive in plenty of time. The cruise lines want to make sure that their boats are at least partially filled. pick your own flights. Although you can get discounted rates once the cruising season has begun. Cruises provide food. Book Early If you book before the season really begins. a perfect vacation if it weren’t for the price. lodging and entertainment all in one place while taking you out into the ocean. Room to Breathe Presented by MONEYNING. you will get better prices.COM 40 . Luckily. Avoid Airfare The worst package you can get is one that combines airfare and the cruise itsel because rarely do you get anything close to a good flight fare.Cutting Costs on Cruises Click Here to Read This Online Cruising has become an immensely popular way to get away and see a little bit of somewhere new. but you avoid the huge crowds that accumulate at favored destinations and you get some killer discounts. You are still going to experience wonderful weather and sights. and save the premium. It is common to get multiple connections on your flight.

Get an inside room. so plan to be back with plenty of time to spare.COM 41 . Many locations now have set fares posted by taxi stands. Just remember.Unless there is something seriously wrong with you. the room is the place you leave your clothes and retire to at the end of a day of swimming. In fact. because it is bound to be larger then anything they offer. Budget yourself. then get out on deck and enjoy yourself. either on the water or at the next stop. and pick the smallest room you consider reasonable. the amount of time you spend in your room is minimal. bring along your own cup. If you go anywhere else. and use cash if you must to stay within your limits. Bust the Bus Tour companies at your destinations work out deals with the cruise company to provide day trips to various locations. Presented by MONEYNING. Not only do these options usually cost more. Walk a couple of blocks away from the dock and find local transportation instead. take advantage of the deal. If your cruise line offers a "soda sticker" and you drink soda often. they are quite likely to take you right to their selected gift shop to purchase mass produced junk while they get a kick back. Additional Advice Drinks are rarely included in your price and they can add up quickly. playing and socializing. consider bringing some of your own along. Basically. the ship won’t wait for you and it can be very expensive to try and catch the boat. since there is a premium for a view. negotiate up front for a price and don’t pay until you arrive at your destination. If you prefer wine and liquor. There is simply no reason to spend extra money for a larger room. A corking fee is still cheaper than purchasing from the ship and the wine will be better.

Remember. Stay alert and don't spend a bundle because of ignorance. Presented by MONEYNING.COM 42 . cruises are fun but not everything on board is included.Cruising can be lots of fun and with a little caution your cruise won’t result in months of debt.

Having a Baby on a Budget Click Here to Read This Online There comes a time in your life when having a baby seems like a great idea. eventually the reality of the financial impact will rear its ugly head. Note though that many experts will not recommend a used car seat because of safety reasons. For some reason people are very eager to get rid of these clothes. Prenatal Purchases While it is really nice to have one or two sets of prenatal jeans. I shared my seat with my brother and between us we used it for six kids. so advertise your condition and watch the donations roll in. Friends with toddlers probably still have that infant seat in the garage. babies are incredible. so read ahead.COM 43 . and coworkers. Never mind the cost. Still. you can usually get by for quite a while in your regular clothes. I totally agree that safety is very important. That doesn’t mean you have to stand in the lobby and open a brand new box though. We just took turns having babies. If you are handy with a sewing machine. get it out and install a pregnancy panel in a couple more of your pants and you should be able to make it through the pregnancy. Baby Essentials Before they let you take the baby home. Much more important than saving Presented by MONEYNING. There are some ways you can save tons of money while still providing everything your little one needs though. the sleepless nights and all the other anticipated difficulties. as are friends. the hospital will insist on seeing a car seat. Goodwill stores are a great place to find gently used pregnancy clothing. Ask around. relatives.

This is all opinion of course. If you have your own washer and dryer. my wife or parents. The first few weeks you will probably stay home so use a sports bra for convenience and comfort. Obviously new is always better. try the thrift shops first. Feeding and Diapering The hands down cheapest form of feeding is breast feeding.COM 44 . ten onesies. Wait until you are certain you will be doing this for a while before you invest. clothing. Presented by MONEYNING. but if you must get something new. safety is JUST AS important. a slight increase in what Mom eats and you are done. but expensive. is about the easiest to get for free or cheaply. For those who opt for bottle feeding. but like EVERYTHING ELSE used. Nursing bras are great. Just because something is dated doesn't mean it's not safe. Another biggie. I have a new born too. Little babies outgrow things so quickly that there is rarely any wear and tear. But you can find some good used car seats that's made in the past year or two (just imagine all these parents who need to throw away their infant car seat before their child turns one) and were made from the exact same safety standards as the new ones currently on store selves. socks. and there are bad. and sleepers are all you need at first. the best place to get formula is a grocery warehouse. there are good. Borrowing or accepting hand-me-downs is a great technique.a few dollars. myself. It all comes down to the specific piece you are buying and whether you can see the difference of what's good versus bad. so I'm well aware of our instinct as a parent to be extra cautious for our children but whether it's my daughter. but you don't hear about the same advice about safety versus cost there. Newer cars are safer than older ones too.

and ask a lot of questions. but you avoid the washing process. so buy the cheapest ones that work. has quite a few coupons for items sold at Diapers. Get online.COM 45 . Presented by MONEYNING. Coupon Shoebox. but only if you purchase your own and wash them yourself. You go through a lot of diapers with each child. for example.There is no way around the expense of diapers. The best options are wool wraps and cotton diapers purchased in bulk. A diaper service is expensive. The only way to find out which works best for your baby is to try out several brands until you find one that does. There are plenty of websites dedicated to saving money while raising your bundle of joy. join parenting groups in your area. but mine have lasted through three kids and are still in great shape. The wraps are more expensive than some other options. Disposable diapers are pricey and environmentally unsound. It is possible to stick to a budget and still give your child all they need. By work I mean they hold a night’s worth of fluid without leaking and bowel movements don’t creep out the sides and back when you aren’t looking. Cloth diapers are but boy are they convenient.

Nearly Free.COM 46 . and other big ticket items if you head to thrift shops. This is a website where you can acquire just about anything for free.Dealing with Diapers and Baby Supplies on a Budget Click Here to Read This Online If there is anything more beautiful than the sight of a mother holding her newborn. they rarely realize just how expensive this kind of stuff will be. While it may offend your sensibilities at first. Cheap options exist for things like cribs. you don’t know what it has been since it has lead to wonderful resources like Freecyle. Give them a good going over with some diluted bleach and Presented by MONEYNING. and one thing I heard all the time was "How do I manage all the diapers and baby supplies without spending a fortune?" When couples make a decision to have a baby. I don’t know what it is. as long as you are willing to go get it. Garage sales are a great place to pick up things like onesies for a few cents a piece. Free. As the pregnancy progresses. You can get whole bagfuls of baby clothes someone else no longer needs without spending a dime. changing tables. realize that those faint stains are no big deal. Luckily. and Cheap Thank goodness for the environmental movement. Why pay a dollar a piece or more at the store when you can get six for a dollar elsewhere? Avoid picking up a car seat at a garage sale though. For many years I worked as a labor and delivery coach. as your child will add to them very soon. they start stocking up on some items and the sticker shock is palpable. there are ways to get everything you need and not spend a fortune.

but generally expensive. The best place to purchase these is at a grocery warehouse. Name brands mean nothing.COM 47 . Disposable diapers are the most expensive option over the two to four years it takes to get a child toilet trained. borrow. This is one thing worth investing in. Presented by MONEYNING. get the cheapest diaper you can find that works for your child. but if you have your own washing machine. disposable diapers are environmentally unsound. You can also beg. No matter what. try to remember that in comparison to the total expense of raising a child and getting them through college. The fact is both are expensive. With cloth diapers you will spend more up front. Finding then second hand is easy on auction sites. these expenses are petty cash. You won’t need more than half a dozen per size. like a swing. or steal some of these items. the overall cost is much lower. ask a relative to give you this as a gift for the first few months if you want to try it out. Wool wraps are generally regarded as the best for both baby and clothing. good wraps make all the difference. Enjoy your baby. cloth diapers are a are ready to welcome baby home. even more so if you have several children. Using a diaper service is convenient. and expect the unexpected. from friends who have toddlers. Working means they don’t leak material out the back or leg openings and can hold a night’s worth of urine without soaking the bedding. Diapers How is it that a container for waste has become such a controversial topic? We have all heard the arguments. it is just a matter of degree. save where you can.

and it can be rather expensive. Compare prices in circulars or online before you go to the store. purchasing school supplies meant getting a new notebook. Recycle binders each year.COM 48 . stuff comes home at the end of every year. You can split up large packages when you get home. Know exactly what you need before you head out the door. Unless they specifically say not to purchase a particular brand. pens. you can usually get away with picking generics. Have several kids. One teacher wants two dozen pencils and the other wants a dozen. Get Organized Since the schools are now demanding everything from pencils to tissues. Calculators can be passed from child to child or reused too. and notebooks when the school year begins again. Then combine things.Purchasing School Supplies on the Cheap Click Here to Read This Online When I was a kid. pencils. a couple of pencils and pens. One store may have notebooks for a penny. and a back pack. Although they want new crayons. Here are a few ways that I've come up with to save money on buying school supplies. markers. Today. Circulars Getting the best prices involves checking circulars and going to several stores. Set up your shopping list so you know what to purchase at each store and plan your trip logically. you may be able to find larger packages of materials for less. You also want to compile a complete list of all requested supplies. so don't throw them away. Presented by MONEYNING. you can reduce your purchases by putting away scissors. you get a huge list of supplies the school expects you to buy for each child a few weeks before school begins. and highlighters when they are returned in the summer. while another will have a box of crayons for a dime.

Save a Lot Now. and without a child to argue with the whole process is faster. It is much easier to hand out those ten cent WalMart notebooks to everyone when you return than to argue in the aisles with a child who wants the fancy Barbie or Transformers notebooks that cost ten times as much. You can find some really good prices on loss leaders a month before school starts. Presented by MONEYNING. Shop Early or Late Stores are trying to get you in as soon as possible to purchase those supplies. A high quality backpack like a Jansport or LLBean may cost $40. Spend a Little More. Shop around. I know that backpacks change each year and you can easily spend $15-30 for a pack every fall. but they will last for several years. Stores are eager to sell off whatever remains on their shelves and you can get some pretty good bargains. I’ve had a Jansport for more than 20 years without any rips or holes. The same is true if you wait a couple of weeks after the school year starts.Go It Alone Don’t take your kids with you when you shop. You won’t be tempted to purchase more expensive supplies for their "cool" factor. While we all need to get school supplies for our kids these days. The cheap backpacks don’t last and often need replacing before the school year is even over. Keep extras around for stocking stuffers and refills later in the year.COM 49 . This is one of those places where you should spend a bit more and get something classic. there is no reason to break the bank in the process. invest in quality where it is worth while and remember. they will graduate at some point so try not to be too stressed out about this.

evaluate your doorways. but it won’t be quite as satisfying in your garage when you can’t get it through your doors. so don’t get one if you have no use for it. If you have something delivered and it doesn’t fit. buying smaller furniture will look nicer and save you a few bucks too. even if you start out with hand me downs from your family. You may have room for a sectional sofa with nine pieces. eclectic is in. Presented by MONEYNING. The first thing you must do when saving money on furniture is to determine what you actually need. make sure you have accurate measurements. Your best options are to search online sites like Craigslist where people post things they wish to sell. eliminating the need to travel far to pickup the piece you wish to purchase.COM 50 . It's also worth noting that big doesn't always mean better. most people never use a coffee table. and frankly. You can narrow your search down by location. Next. Also. There is no need to buy a sofa if a love seat will do. you are going to want to buy some of your own furniture. remember that there is no rule stating that you have to purchase matching pieces. New or Used? Purchasing used furniture can save you a great deal of money. Also. you will end up paying to have it returned plus re-stocking fees. If your rooms aren't huge.Saving Money on Furniture Click Here to Read This Online Sooner or later.

see if you can negotiate a better price. you may be able to move in all your new furniture. 0% financing over a period of time is a great solution if you can’t afford to pay for an item outright. New furniture offers fewer negotiation options. Online Sources Presented by MONEYNING. cheaply made furniture won’t last and isn’t worth investing in. give the legs a little tug. find something in good condition that doesn’t smell of smoke or animals. For a pizza and a couple of beers. The savings on financing can really add up if you purchase more than one item at a time. You can see if repairs have been made or breaks have occurred better from the bottom because no one really cares if the glue line is showing there. and appears to be in good condition. Don’t settle for a visual inspection of the top of the item.COM 51 . Check sofas and chairs to see if the fabric underneath has been moved and restapled. Turn over sofas. you can save the fees.When dealing with furniture you see online or a thrift shops. many stores are tying to get back into the black so you will start to see great deals. regarding new furniture. nothing rough. Remember. chairs or tables and look at them from underneath. As the year ends. Your best bet is to find what you like and wait for a sale. If the item passes the "smell" test. so it's better to be safe than sorry later. Finally. but just enough to see if the legs are stable. quality pays. Stores charge for delivery. Another way to save money is to borrow your friend’s truck and labor. that smell will fill your home once you bring the piece inside. and if you can manage it yourself. Since penalties for late payment are usually fairly stiff. On tables. be sure not to overextend yourself.

you will find something that fits your budget and your style. shop around and take your time.COM 52 . or offer free shipping. Outlets and factories may sell the item for less. You can also spend some time online comparison-shopping without even stepping out your door. check the Internet before you buy it at a store. that way you know what to expect when you arrive at the stores. Furniture is a big investment.If you really like a particular brand. Presented by MONEYNING. In the end. Purchase classic designs.

Plan a date around that topic. your date will realize that lunch is less expensive. and money doesn’t need to enter the equation. Sure. First dates are supposed to be less emotionally charged. it’s nice to get treated now and again. a college game is more fun than a professional game at a fraction of the price.Save Money on your First Date and Don’t Look Cheap Doing It Click Here to Read This Online Contrary to what you hear on the Internet. creativity shows your fun side and implies you planned a bit. if you can. and lunch is more casual than dinner. Presented by MONEYNING. but she isn’t likely to care. women aren’t really looking for men who are willing to shell out huge sums of money on a date. Eating Out If you really want to go out for a meal. Find out about your date in advance. Ask mutual friends. to discover what kind of things interest her. If your date likes football. not dinner. Remember. opt for lunch. Yes. Consider seasonal activities for a first date. Walking along flower-laden paths in spring is very romantic. Taking a hayride to pick pumpkins or apples in the fall is great fun. Heading to a beach for a walk or dip and wrapping up the day with a lobster roll from a local snack hut is relaxing and enjoyable. but most young women realize that the men they date are trying to make ends meet too. Does your date like hiking? Pack a picnic and head out on a trail you researched in advance. and costs nothing. That means that with a little creativity you can really impress.COM 53 .

What I didn’t anticipate was him pulling out a “buy one entrée. Presented by MONEYNING. When we sat down. Don’t gripe about slow service. Planning ahead for a fun and inexpensive first date makes good sense and will certainly impress the girl. He handed me cash for his soda and left the table immediately. but think about how your date will perceive your actions. she will be much more receptive to a second date. he asked if I minded that he used a coupon. remember you are there to learn more about the individual with you. Focus on your company No matter what activity you choose. The fellow invited me to join him for lunch at a restaurant of his choice. listen intently and don’t over share. get a second entrée free” coupon and then expecting me to pay for my meal and the tip. Consider Appearances The absolute worst date I had was actually the second date. A coupon or gift certificate is fine and shows you are planning ahead. Ask questions. we all need to tighten our belts. Frugality is a great thing.Look online and try to purchase a gift card at a discount for the restaurant you intend to use. I didn’t. I was stunned! There was no third date. and in this economy. Insisting on sharing a bill after you invite someone is tacky. We all need to save money. Just bring some cash for the tip. If your date perceives that you are truly interested in her.COM 54 . tap your fingers or discuss work problems. Many gift cards are available at half price. Leaving them to pay without any notice will pretty much guarantee you will never see them again. Of course. saving you a significant amount. Dating is an activity that is fraught with enough emotional nuances without getting caught up in finances.

put a big numbered sign in each room in the new house. Books. planters and clothes all add weight very quickly. the less you move the cheaper it is. and sell. give away or donate anything you won’t need in the new house. toys and everything that goes with it is daunting.COM 55 . exercise equipment. We got rid of anything we hadn’t touched for more than a year and donated or sold about a third of our stuff. Even if you pack yourself and just pay for the shipping. every box adds to your cost. Before my family moved cross-country. The cash paid for moving the big items we didn’t want to handle. If you are paying movers. Presented by MONEYNING. Label all your boxes and furniture with the same number and you won’t have to haul things around the house when the movers leave. measure out your new floor plan. but turning the job over to the professionals is painfully expensive. so why move it? Get your floor plan. Get Rid of It I admit I’m a bad wife. toys. figure out what fits and what doesn’t. the process can seem overwhelming. right? If possible.Moving for Less Click Here to Read This Online When you finally make the decision to move. Know where you are going This sounds simple. clothes. Packing up an entire household with furniture. I started a surreptitious plan to get rid of my pack-rat husband’s collection of "we might need it someday" junk. Once you know where everything is going. There are some relatively simple ways to cut costs and still get the job done right. The sofa that fit in this home may not fit in the next.

Shop around for deals on one-way fees and mileage. move and unpack. swing sets. Purchase some newssheets from the moving company since regular newspaper is dirty. pianos. and you provide additional protection to special things. and some bubble wrap from your local office supply warehouse for fragile items. Trucking Along If you are renting a truck make sure you reserve it for enough time to pack up. so call around first.COM 56 .There are things you need to get rid of because moving them costs more than buying new. Pack heavy items like books in small boxes and light items in larger ones. If you are moving locally they may be worth moving. Imagine their surprise when they started opening boxes and found month old trash inside. but always check out the company with the Better Business Bureau before you sign a contract. The moving company was told to move everything and they did. but with a long distance move everything should be considered with an eye to replacement. They come in odd sizes that don’t pack well into a truck. Take out the trash! Friends of mine moved from New Jersey to California and took 3 weeks to travel during the move. Presented by MONEYNING. Toiletries. Use your linens and towels to wrap fragile items. Don’t use liquor store boxes and grocery store boxes if you can avoid them. that way you don’t have to pack them on their own. The Nitty Gritty Many moving companies will sell you used boxes for a lot less than new ones. pantry staples and plants are expensive to move and are just as available in your new home. Label every box. rugs.

COM 57 . You don’t want the extra fees. and drive safely. not an estimate. That way you only pay for what you put on.If you are hiring movers. Presented by MONEYNING. In a long distance move they will just leave after a certain amount of time and store your stuff. Make sure you arrive first and are there to let the movers in. Hit the Road Nothing is left to do once everything is packed up but hit the road. yours is not the only house packed on that truck and they have a schedule to keep. Make sure you have an old phone book with you in case you need those numbers. packing on your own saves a lot of money. Only work with reliable companies and insist upon a weigh in before and after they load your stuff.

Presented by MONEYNING. the money spent is pointless. there are things you can do to save money on the purchase. go ahead and make the repairs. but has a much higher incidence of problems will cost you in the end. Scratches Save Money If you are looking for new appliances but don’t mind a little scratch or damage.COM 58 . Check Consumer Reviews Check out the consumer reviews before you head to the stores. The first thing to do is assess if you really need a new one in the first place. Purchasing something that costs a few dollars less. Get only what you need If you determine that you really need to get a new appliance. The damage is only cosmetic. so as long as the total cost is less than half the price of a new machine. and it won’t affect the way the appliance works. If you have several children. a larger machine makes sense. An extra large washer or fridge are tempting and exciting. the machine should last for several more years. there is no need for a giant washing system even if they look awesome. but if you live alone or have a small household. Energy Star ratings are helpful in determining how much energy an appliance will use.6 Tips to Save Money when Purchasing Appliances Click Here to Read This Online You can save money on appliances both before and after the purchase. If done properly. Get appliances that fit your lifestyle. Repairs on machines that are less than five years old are generally worthwhile. you can often save quite a lot of money purchasing from the “scratch and dent” section of a store. but each category is graded individually. First figure out what you need. so it isn’t as helpful as you might think. Otherwise.

You can compare prices at different stores before you head out the door. Know how much you are able to spend and have several different. and you avoid the big super stores. Unless you have several strong and willing friends. If you have ever had to haul a new front loading washing machine up the stairs. Holidays Means Discounts for Consumers If you must purchase a truly new appliance then it is time to start checking out sales and incentives. Make sure that all warranties still apply to either type of purchase. budget yourself and strike when you see the price you want for the appliance you need. New models start turning up and there is more incentive for stores to get rid of their old inventory. this technique works best at the end of a model year. Lower end appliances often work just as well as higher end models. Compare Store Ads It pays to get the Sunday papers at this point of the year if you are looking for new appliances. make sure you arrange for delivery and set up as well. My wall and back will never be the same. you may be able to negotiate on price a bit. There is no need to purchase appliances of any kind for full price.Another option is to request the floor model. you will completely understand why. Stores feel that people are ready to purchase just before the holidays in order to display a “spruced up” home to anticipated guests. just before Thanksgiving. Presented by MONEYNING. but for a fraction of the cost. Don't Forget Delivery If you are able to pay cash. Do your homework. You really don’t need the fanciest washer on the block to get your clothes clean. Appliances often go on sale in late fall. but comparable models in mind. Outlets and single stores are much more flexible in pricing than chains.COM 59 .

Each of us gets a magazine we want and I don’t pay anything. People always ask you what you want as your birthday grows near.COM 60 . dirt-cheap.Pay Less for Books and Magazines Click Here to Read This Online Most people in this country have at least one subscription that they pay for regularly. but each of my three kids gets one too. Heck. Many libraries run small bookshops as well to sell off older editions and extra copies. so they sell off the rest. That is when I order what I want. then you can still get them without spending a cent. If you really read magazines. and I admit I don’t purchase many. libraries are a great place to get books. When a popular author puts out a new book. Libraries Believe it or not. There are many times throughout the year when this company doesn’t charge for shipping or upgrades to a faster shipping method free. Ask for subscriptions you want. even give them the subscription card you pulled out of a magazine to make life easy. they only need 30. or the holidays approach. but as the book is read. be it a magazine or newspaper. a library system will order perhaps 100 copies. local papers have an online edition. I ask for gift cards to my favorite bookstore or the big A online. As long as you return them on time. Frankly. they are free. it’s a waste of money to pay for a newspaper under the best of circumstances the news is fresher online. We have the grandparents pay for them. Even small. When it comes to books. Gifting I only get one magazine myself. Presented by MONEYNING.

So many things demand your money from day to day. Face it. The deal is that each of you pays for one subscription. Then. The nicest thing about this arrangement is that I have read things I would never have thought to get myself because someone else was drawn in by it. but the idea is still valid. While you can’t take out the latest edition. of course I cheat because my parents get me mine for my birthday. you trade. no one minds. you can check out any older versions. I am part of a book-sharing circle. Presented by MONEYNING. the stories are just as fascinating. once you have read the magazine. if 10 people are each purchasing five books a year. Viola. If you really like a book and want to keep it. I share my magazine with a friend and I know she passes it on as well. Sharing I love this one because you can get two magazines for the price of one and do something good for the environment. This works well for books too.COM 61 . but think about it. I know someone must be purchasing a bunch of them. newspapers and magazines just shouldn’t be a big-ticket item. Books.You can also find hundreds of magazines in most libraries. National Geographic or People can wait a month if it saves you money. I don’t think I have spent more than $50 on books in years. we get to read 50 books at a fraction of the price. We just keep passing books between us. half priced subscriptions.

Assess your normal use and add 25% to ensure that you don’t exceed your limits. Those contracts can add up to some very big bucks if you don’t shop carefully. Is the phone for a teen? They need a lot of texting but generally. take some time to assess how the phone will be used. texting and minutes are all available in specific increments. Data. Figuring out the Features you need Before you even look at available plans. a pay as you go plan makes more sense. I use the internet on my phone constantly. If you have ever received a bill after using too many minutes or texts you know how expensive it becomes. but he doesn’t use it at all.COM 62 . If you can find a plan that allows you to roll over unused texts or minutes that is a great feature. In our case my phone has a data plan and his unlimited texting. but cell phones usually require a long term contract.000 messages a month. the carrier worked with us to create the plan we needed. Presented by MONEYNING. How do you use your phone? Do you use your phone only in emergencies? Then paying for a monthly contract is foolish. I rarely text. you should consider some things so you can pick the plan that meets your needs. than make sure you can vary the features by line. Do you use your phone as your business line. Before you sign on the dotted line. but my teen-ager texts about 10. not a lot of minutes. and need to be constantly available? Then you need a plan with a lot of minutes and the freedom to use it anywhere at any time.Cutting Costs on Cell Phone Contracts Click Here to Read This Online The have become as ubiquitous as oversized jeans and MP3 players. For example. If you are considering a plan for several users.

pay as you go is a great option. you don’t have to convince them to take your money.COM 63 . The phones are relatively inexpensive and do just fine as basic cellular telephones. You get the security of a cell phone. if you want a particular phone you may have to do business with a specific company. To avoid overlap and competition many large carriers stock different phones intentionally. but you gain the convenience of staying within a budge and the freedom of not being locked into a contract. phone replacement fees and roaming expenses. Consider overage charges. Presented by MONEYNING. In the end remember that they want your business. Is Pay as You Go an Option? For kids with their first phone or people who just don’t use the phone often. saving $200 on a phone sounds great until you realize you are paying $20 more a month for the same plan you could have gotten elsewhere. but you only pay for what you use. Run the numbers. taxes and the price of the phone. Find the plan that best suits your needs and consider paying for part of the phone to shorten the contractual length by a year.Price things out Every company wants your money. Frequently usage is a bit more than if you purchased a complete cell phone plan. Look at monthly fees. and many of the large carriers will try to lock you in for two years in exchange for providing you with a cheap or free phone.

We have the grandparents pay for them. For magazines. Each of us get a magazine we want and it’s a good way to kill two birds with one stone since grandparents always want to buy our kids gifts.Don’t Pay for Books and Magazines Click Here to Read This Online Most people in this country have at least one subscription that they pay for regularly. There are many times throughout the year when this company doesn’t charge for shipping or upgrades to a faster shipping method. and I admit I don’t purchase many. I so they sell off the rest. they only need 30. Presented by MONEYNING. but each of my three kids get one too. they are free. Libraries Believe it or not. can still be bought using creative ways for a cheaper cost. dirt-cheap. even give them the subscription card you pulled out of a magazine to make life easier for them. It’s a waste of money under the best of circumstances because news is fresher online. As long as you return them on time. People always asks what you want as your birthday grows near. but as the book is read.COM 64 . Ask for subscriptions you want. local papers have an online edition. That is when I order what I want. or the holidays approach. For newspapers. even if you really read them. even small. Many libraries run small bookshops as well to sell off older editions and extra copies. I ask for gift cards to my favorite bookstore or from Amazon. Heck. libraries are a great place to get books. When it comes to books. When a popular author puts out a new book. a library system will order perhaps 100 copies. be it a magazine or newspaper. Gifting I only get one magazine myself.

Presented by MONEYNING. you trade. I share my magazine with a friend and I know she passes it on as well. but think about it. no one minds. National Geographic or People can wait a month if it saves you money. Face it.COM 65 . I am part of a book-sharing circle. half priced subscriptions. once you have read the magazine. the stories are just as fascinating. So many things demand your money daily. While you can’t take out the latest edition. Viola. Of course I cheat because my parents get me mine for my birthday. This works well for books too.You can also find hundreds of magazines in most libraries. if 10 people are each purchasing five books a year. we get to read 50 books at a fraction of the price. I don’t think I have spent more than $50 on books in years. newspapers and magazines just shouldn’t be among them. Sharing I love this one because you can get two magazines for the price of one and do something good for the environment. We just keep passing books between us. Books. you can check out any older versions. but the idea is still valid. The deal is that each of you pays for one subscription. The nicest thing about this arrangement is that I have read things I would never have thought to get myself because someone else was drawn in by it. If you really like a book and want to keep it. I know someone must be purchasing a bunch of them. Then.

but the final expenses will be lower since you will be using less electricity over time. Used appliances may seem cheaper. and not using it may mean less shrinkage at the same time. Presented by MONEYNING. saving on electricity will be critical.COM 66 . they save a great deal of electricity. They will send someone out to evaluate your energy usage and wastage and help you design a plan that will reduce your energy needs. If changing them all seem like a huge cost. There are several easy ways to trim those sky-high electric bills of course. Cutting Costs There are numerous ways you can cut costs with simple day-to-day actions too. For those using electric heat. as the weather gets colder. While these bulbs cost more up front. This is how generations of people dried their clothes before dryers were so popular. With this plan. Dry your clothes on the line. A dryer takes a ton of electricity to run.Saving Money on Electricity Click Here to Read This Online Winter is when utility bills head up for most people. The same is true for most of your clothes. Many dishwashers electrically heat water internally to a higher temperature and most dishes just don’t need it. Wash clothes and dishes with cold water. Save the hot water for sheets and towels. 2. but remember to replace them with ones that are at least semi-recent that is Energy Star qualified. you might have to invest some money. and this article will lay them out for you. Start replacing your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Use Local Resources Almost every utility company runs an energy savings program. 1. 3. make the switch gradually so it won’t feel so overwhelming. 4.

you can close the same drapes and reduce the load on your air conditioner. Many such things drain power constantly. resulting in a greater energy drain. even window units. so at least you can plan your budget more easily. Removing them from the plug keeps them from drawing power. if you can’t avoid the expense. Consider using space heaters and only heat the room where people are. Drop the temperature at night and add a blanket or two to the bed.5. the unit has to work harder to pump air. Turn off and unplug computer equipment and accessories. 8. 6. Presented by MONEYNING. Shop Around If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where the utilities have been deregulated then call all the local companies and compare the rates. once you have signed on. Use passive solar energy. and keep the daytime temperature lower while wearing a sweater. Heaters and air conditioners. Clean the filters and keep up with maintenance. so you want to avoid frequent changes. Filters should be cleaned monthly.COM 67 . Finally. 7. at least ask your utilities company about a budget plan. Be wary of introductory rates that will change in a few months. Open those curtains on the sunny side of your home and let the sun shine in. It isn’t unusual to have some up front costs when changing utility companies. have filters that keep the circulating air clean. When these filters are filled. even while off. Many will anticipate your usage for the year and have you pay a set amount each month. During the summer. The sun can warm up an entire room very effectively without using a drop of electricity.

First. find out if they offer different packages. a YMCA membership for a single individual in my neighborhood is $46.50 per month. When you are single. Other gyms have racquet sports that require an additional fee too. you will pay for it even if you don’t use it.COM 68 . you find yourself rethinking that sum of money. Whether you stick with the same place year after year or hop around. It goes without saying that if you don't play. If you drop the pool privileges. One local gym costs $9 per month if you only use the weights and cardio equipment. think seriously about whether or not you need that level of service. you might be able to justify spending $50 or even $100 per month on your membership. especially if you opt for a full service institution. Levels of Membership Before you sign on that dotted line. Some gyms charge for specific classes separately. There are many ways you can cut back and still find a good gym for your workouts. whereas the city recreation centers are only $38. don't pay. while others charge a single fee for access to all classes. a gym membership can be expensive. Even if you do pick a full service gym. but once those kids start coming along. Presented by MONEYNING. Only pay for what you need. There are many factors here. If the gym you choose has a pool. and here are a few suggestions. will you use the gym enough to justify the expense? For example. you drop to $30 per month.Drop Pounds. not Dollars with your Gym Memberships Click Here to Read This Online Everyone seems to have a gym membership these days.

Don’t fall for New Year resolutions and purchase a membership in the first couple of months of the year. Check the crowds on the weekends and during the evening hours. avoid the early summer since people are trying to get back into shape before the season starts. Remember to visit at the times you would usually plan to attend to see how busy the facility gets. Ask for a free pass and try it out for a couple of weeks. but you don’t have an accurate perception of the gym the second you walk in. For the same reason. The added benefits of improved fitness and a lower rate of health risks translate into even Presented by MONEYNING. you can sometimes translate them into free memberships. they are not always a bad investment. One More Tip If you have any skills in teaching and exercise. few people are left and the gyms are much more interested in bargaining with you to boost their membership numbers. This will give you a better idea of how the place operates. The first few weeks of the year are when gyms are packed with people determined to live right. Employees don’t pay to work out at the gym and they can often include a spouse or partner in their privilege.COM 69 . By March. For example. Gyms have little incentive to negotiate when the crowds are at the doors. You don’t want to have to fight for a treadmill to use or wrestle over the weights. Are Gym Memberships for Me? Though gym memberships are expensive. You may be tempted by all the shiny equipment and good intentions.When NOT to Buy Never buy a membership the first time you walk into a gym. getting a certificate as a spinning teacher or personal trainer makes you a potential employee.

Make your own coffee.COM 70 . See if you can borrow the book from them. While there are obvious ways to save on costs while in college. someone took it last term. Consider online vendors before you look at full service vendors or campus stores. ask the college bookstore if they have a used book section. But if you choose to pay for it. Check to see if the library keeps a few copies of the book on the shelves. make sure you enjoy it too! Cutting Your Costs While in College Click Here to Read This Online College is one of the most expensive periods of your life. but you can read there. If you run out of time or can’t find any other options. If the class you are taking is a repeating. but what about good old fashion frugality? We all know that state schools are cheaper than private colleges and that starting with a two-year degree at a good community college is a great way to save. Frugal Food If your college doesn’t demand that you purchase a food plan. You can usually get incredible discounts because other students need money to buy books for their next term. but here are some other areas where you can trim the bill. there are many people don’t even think about. but it is still better than buying new. Most publications aren't really helping either. you have it made. as that $5 drink at the coffeehouse can be Presented by MONEYNING. oatmeal and coupons are your friends. Avoid eating out and shop the circulars.bigger savings down the road. The savings aren’t as large. We talk about better ways to find financial aids. You may not be able to take them out. ever purchase a new book before you consider other options. Ramen soup. common class. Book Bargains Never. peanut butter.

The price of feeding and providing beer to a large crowd is more than any college student should spend. USE IT. then a cash card that lets you pick what you want is better. consider that you can catch most programs on your computer and the big game is showing at the sports bar down the road. Presented by MONEYNING. For the price of a beer. and remember that you don't need EVERYTHING. If you eat three square meals a day at the table. Cable television and high end TV’s aren’t likely to be in your budget. If you want a bigger party. Go pot luck and BYOB. Get a meal plan that suits your eating style. Movie rental services are nice and cheap and again you can use your computer. Stick to your budget. a full meal plan is great. Make sure you do get some fruits and veggies in that diet though. Saving money is important. have everyone chip in. but if you are a grab and go eater. but staying healthy is a must! If you do have to get a food plan. Saving money where you can while college is just plain smart. Don’t start your adult life in debt. Take food back to your dorm room with you if you can to save on meals that aren’t covered. and you will be surprised how much easier life could be. and everyone else can share the burden. Entertainment on a budget College isn’t all about education after all.COM 71 .duplicated at home for mere pennies. you can watch your game with a bunch of other sports-crazed patrons. Before you shell out $50 or more a month. You provide the space and paper goods.

Check out the consumer rankings and pick one of the better soaps. I only use hot when I am washing sheets and towels. they don’t need a trip through the machine each time. and school clothes didn’t get washed much. Sort. but the expense can eat into your budget. When I grew up. can surely be worn twice. Things like socks and underwear should be washed after every wear. we had school clothes and play clothes. Better soaps translate into fewer re-washings. Here are some simple suggestions to help you cut costs. Sweatshirts are usually worn over something else. but even they should be truly full before run. Fill you machine each time you use it. Doing laundry is a regular endeavor for most people. some brands do a much better job than others. with the convenience of a washing machine in every home we think we need to wash something just because it was worn.Saving Money while Doing Laundry Click Here to Read This Online Some people have a love hate relationship with Laundry. Pre-treat stains at least 30 minutes in advance of washing. but bras can usually go a couple of days. but still get the job done right. Use cold water whenever possible. Front loading machines use less water and power. On the one hand there is something very satisfying about looking at a pile of sweet smelling clothing all folded up and put away. These solutions help break Presented by MONEYNING. Any brand of bleach is fine. on the other hand. teenagers aside. Fill and Chill Just because you wore something doesn’t necessarily mean it needs washing. it never seems to end. so sort the clean from the dirty. barring hot weather or food stains. While many people prefer to spend less money on detergent by purchasing store brands. Jeans and blouses. Today.COM 72 .

toss them in as well. Spend a few dollars to purchase a drying rack and hang dry most of your clothes. and. Use plastic hangers to avoid rust and wood stains and hang up your shirts and pants. if you really can’t stand the feel of air dried undies. Drying Out Expenses Running an electric dryer is expensive and uses a lot of energy. Presented by MONEYNING. Dryer sheets are pricey and you can make your own.COM 73 . you also reduce the quantity of clothing you need to replace. by the way. If you can. You can also try adding half a cup of white vinegar to your wash for improved softness. The best thing about cold washing and air drying your clothes. You can also try adding half a cup of white vinegar to your wash for improved softness. if you are the ironing type. This makes for less ironing. much cheaper and still effective. incorporate a standard hanging pole in your laundry area. Pour liquid fabric softener into a spray bottle and spray 4-5 times on a damp piece of flannel or washcloth and toss it in with your clothes. By saving money while doing laundry. The heat and abuse clothing takes in the process of being laundered accounts for a significant portion of their wear and tear. is the fact that they stay new looking for much longer. Keep the dryer for large items like sheets and towels. The sun and air are free.down oils so they wash out better.

COM 74 . If you want to save money on bills you need to approach the problem in two ways. but carries some risks. • • • • • Power costs relate to what you pay on gas and electricity and in some areas water as well. to trim shelter costs you can move from a large home to a smaller home. and they cost a lot less than large cuts of meat. For example. power and shelter are all essentials. but that ability is heavily dependant upon some factors. Presented by MONEYNING. This may or may not be realistic. • Ground turkey and beef provide plenty of good protein. as do eggs. You don’t have to survive on Ramen noodles either. Weatherproofing helps reduce waste and energy lost from the windows and doors. Food is one of those areas where relatively large cuts can be made with little effort. Changing to compact florescent bulbs and setting the thermostat lower in winter will save on gas and electricity. Taking in a college student as a tenant can help defray housing costs as well. How to Trim Essentials Bills Food. The first thing is to cut services you don’t need and the second is to find ways to get the things you need.Budgeting to Save Money on Bills Click Here to Read This Online They turn up in the mailbox every month. Redoing your landscaping with a focus on drought resistant plants and smaller plots of grass will save on money. cheaply. demanding your attention and your money. A sweatshirt is cheaper than heating a whole house to 67°. or even to an apartment. Each can be trimmed.

don’t try to fit your profile into a specific package. Now. believe it or not. you can get the same services performed by supervised students at a fraction of the cost. rather I settle for a slower speed that is still plenty fast since I don’t game online.• • Luxuries Plan your menu around the circulars for the week and cash in on the discounts. Between the two items I save nearly $100 a month. but shop around and find a plan that meets your usage profile. check out a local esthetician school. fancy haircuts and gym memberships are all luxuries too. Clip coupons from your paper and find them online to save the most possible. Saving money on your bills is all a matter of viewing them in a new light. In that case you need more than basic service. If you carry it for anything other than emergency calls. Pedicures. you are spending more than needed. some of us use a cell phone exclusively. manicures.COM 75 . Cell phones are also luxuries. Be creative. having abandoned the land line. reprioritize your spending and watch your bank balance grow. If you are in the professional world and feel that you must have the manicure and haircut. I don’t use the highest level of DSL. but they really are. I know that we don’t really think of cable and Internet as luxuries any more. Do you really need the level of service you currently have? I shut off my cable service nearly two years ago and we haven’t really missed it. Presented by MONEYNING.

cooling it more efficiently. snow and other materials. Homes are usually built with central air incorporated unless you are fortunate enough to live in a cool and dry climate year round. Cover the unit during the cold months to keep it free of leaves. reducing wear and tear as well as optimizing efficiency. Additionally. bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioning. but take into consideration higher than normal ceilings and the amount of sunlight that enters from windows. here are some ideas. The fan helps circulate air in the room. If you want to save some money and still enjoy your air conditioner. use it even when the air conditioner is on. A larger unit takes more energy to power. The slight increases in cost will more than pay for itself over a couple of years. so you can get away with a higher temperature and still feel comfortable. Figure out the square footage of the room before you purchase. If you are purchasing a new unit.COM 76 . Window Mounted Units Contrary to popular opinion. Keep debris and greenery away from the unit. Gone are the days of opening windows and putting up with the heat. This keeps the outside fans running smoothly. Presented by MONEYNING. moving air feels cooler than still air. How to Save with a Central Air Conditioning Unit These big units are generally mounted outside on a concrete pad and are hooked up to the same duct work used by your heating system. If you have a fan in the room.How to Cut Costs with Air Conditioning Click Here to Read This Online Having an air conditioner can significantly increase your utility costs during the summer. look for one that has a high seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) for maximum savings.

but with a little effort you can cut your cooling bill dramatically. reducing the heat inside. Close Doors If you have a window-based unit.COM 77 . These fans do a terrific job of moving air through the house. With central air. I use the fan all summer long. Filters can be found either at the front of a window unit or in the duct work of a central unit. consider shutting vents and closing doors to rooms that don’t need cooling regularly. Drapes shut out sunlight during the hot months and can be opened in the cold months to reduce heating costs as well. As the temperatures drop in the evening the house cools off nicely. pulling cooler air up from the basement and generating a light breeze throughout the house. In my home. it is only meant to cool a certain room so close the door to prevent overworking the air conditioner. Install a Whole House Fan Consider installing a whole house fan. Clean them regularly to ensure good air flow. For either type of unit. Having an air conditioner and saving money may not seem possible.General Suggestions to Save on Air Conditioning Costs Getting good equipment that is the right size for your room or home is the first step towards savings. The less the unit needs to cool the less energy used. Presented by MONEYNING. Trees and bushes outside help keep the outside of the house cool. cleanliness is critical for maximum efficiency. Use Foliage to Keep Heat Out Use drapes and greenery to reduce the amount of passive solar energy you need to combat.

Focusing your landscaping on such plants reduces the amount of watering you need to do. While in the States we are accustomed to seeing large lawns. the average citizen finds his water bill spiraling out of control. In years when watering is prohibited. meaning you don’t have to replant. Xeriscaping is the Way Xeriscaping describes a method of planting that uses predominantly drought tolerant plants and little grass.Don’t Pour Your Money Away on Your Water Bill Click Here to Read This Online The price of water is going up. minimizing the risk of developing molds on the grass and plants and reduces Presented by MONEYNING. It also minimizes open patches of lawn that require high levels of water to retain their green appearance. Good xeriscaping groups plants with similar water needs together. preventing disparities in watering levels once plants have been established. Each region in the country has plants that tolerate variations in annual rainfall better than others. Grass in particular is easily damaged by the sun’s rays focusing through the drops left on the leaves. but reducing your water consumption can be done in a relatively painless fashion. Check with your county extension office for suggestions and help. grass takes a tremendous amount of water. As more and more of this precious natural resource is taken up by large scale farming and manufacturing. Watering early in the morning or late in the afternoon allows the water to dry. Time your Watering Correctly Watering during the height of the day is wasteful and bad for your plants.COM 78 . so read on and save yourself some money. these plants survived. The only effective way to cut costs here is to cut water usage.

When water soaks deeply into the soil. it encourages deep rooting. None of us have money to waste. washing machine and garbage disposal use a lot of water. Lower water usage leads directly to lower water bills. place a gallon jug filled with water and sealed into each toilet tank where they won’t interfere with the toilet’s functioning. Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when full. if you don’t have low flow shower heads or toilets. Indoor Water Usage There are some appliances that waste a great deal of water.evaporation.COM 79 . Avoid using the garbage disposal at all and invest in a good compost bin instead. Even a slow drip adds up very quickly when left unchecked. Presented by MONEYNING. It will instantly reduce your water usage each time you flush. faucets and shower heads immediately. You can get advice and supplies from your local hardware store on how to repair these basic problems. but there is no reason not to cut costs wherever you can. If you can’t afford the expense. instead of shallowly many times a week. A significant portion of water used on lawns is lost to evaporation. Plants are more resilient and healthy when their roots are deep. and water is clearly an essential item. but together they can nearly halve your water consumption. Also. Fix leaks in toilets. consider replacing them. The dishwasher. Don't overlook this. You should also plan to water deeply a couple of times a week. raising your costs. All these tips may not seem like much individually.

Almost every supermarket and grocery warehouse now offers discounted gas. the gas companies like to stick it to the driver by raising prices just when we are about to hit the road more. When combined with other basic strategies you should see some significant savings. you shouldn’t be paying full price if you can avoid it.COM 80 . Be wary of the supermarket deal though. Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated. but also elevations around big holiday weekends year round. Up front savings of $. fueling the car you want to drive over the weekend earlier in the week and using another vehicle can help a bit. You might end up spending a lot more on groceries in order to save a few cents on gas. The benefit is usually offered just to the members of warehouse clubs. How much you pay and how much you use is a variable dependent upon things like the time of year and how well you plan your excursions. You can't do much to prevent paying more during these times. (Everyone knows this is obvious. and that is no bargain. Once you hit a certain level of purchases each month. but so many of us do this so watch out!) Presented by MONEYNING. but supermarkets offer a “savings card” to use whenever you shop at the store. No matter when you are traveling. However. This translates to higher prices during the summer months in particular. Here are some more tips on a much needed topic: How do I save on gas and use less money? Seasonal Fluctuations and Full Priced Gas As we all know. your car is in good operating condition.10 or more are common. and that you stay within the speed limit all help reduce your fuel usages. you get your discount.Get Frugal on Gas to Save Cash All Year Long Click Here to Read This Online There is no way to avoid fueling up from time to time.

Scope Out Prices online There are a number of sites online that allow people to enter the price they saw at a gas station along the way. The nicest thing about these sites is that the prices are updated throughout the day, so you really do know what you are likely to be paying when you get there. Additionally, you can figure out if any of the stations lay along your intended line of travel, so you can take advantage of cheaper gas that may not normally be worth while. Plan Ahead It’s an oldie but goodie: plan your trips. Running out for every little errand is wasteful of time as well as fuel. Make a list of your errands and plot them out so you don’t travel over the same stretch repeatedly. For short trips, consider using a bicycle or walking rather than taking the car. Along the same lines, you should consider carpooling when you can. Commuting sucks up more gas than anything else most people do. While picking up your colleagues isn’t as convenient as driving on your own, your costs will be reduced significantly. Furthermore, you will get to know your coworkers more, which might even help you at work. Of course, some people opt to just buy an electric car instead of worrying about gas, but that is a rather expensive solution in the short term, and most people don't even keep the car long enough to break even. Stick to the basics, and you'd be surprised at how much money and gas you can save.

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Two Months Salary? Not on Engagement Rings
Click Here to Read This Online We have all seen the commercials, sappy and blurry, that declare two months of salary is the appropriate amount to spend on engagement rings. Are they nuts?! A much better investment of that money is called a down payment if you ask me. Fortunately, there are ways to get a beautiful engagement ring for much less and frankly, if your fiancé is demanding you spend that much on a ring, you may want to think things through a bit more. Save Money with an Heirlooms Engagement Ring Frankly, the best way to save money is not to spend it. If you have a family heirloom sitting around you may want to consider giving it to your bride instead of purchasing something new. If your fiancé is the sentimental type, getting an heirloom will be much more special to her than getting a new ring. On the other hand, with half of all marriages ending in divorce you need to realize you may not get the ring back if things go sour, just something to consider. Doing your research before you buy a ring Before you even step out the door to look at rings you need to do a bit of research. The four C’s of diamond buying are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Cut refers to the shape of the stone, color its shade; clarity describes any inclusions and carat the size. Stones of the same size are not necessarily worth the same if their color or clarity varies. While a D color is considered the highest quality, a J is nearly as colorless and a lot less expensive. Since the stone will rest in a setting and is not an investment piece, pick a “darker” color and save yourself a bundle. The same is true for clarity; small inclusions may drop the value of a stone, but in a setting are rarely noticeable.

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Search for prices of loose stones online. Loose stones are easier to assess than mounted stones and you can customize the ring from every aspect. This also gives you a chance to price rings without pressure, but you are still better off going to the source when you buy. How to choose the diamond and setting If you are taking your sweetheart with you remember you won’t look cheap if you know your limits, you will look decisive. If you plan to shop alone, you avoid the problem all together. Determine just how much you are willing to spend before you walk in a store or you might find yourself spending more than you want, and avoid mall stores and chains like the plague. Ask to see unmounted stones so you can evaluate them clearly. Bring along a magnifying glass of at least 10x, that is the industry standard by the way. Ask for the cut you wish to see and evaluate each stone for clarity and color. Once you find your stone and price it, you know how much you can spend on your setting. Settings can run the gamut from a traditional, simple one stone ring to modern diamond encrusted bands. Consider your beloved’s taste when purchasing and stick to your budget. Save money by paying cash Since many small stores need to pay commission on credit card purchases, ask if you can get a discount for paying in cash or check. You may be able to save a percent or two, not an insignificant amount on such a large purchase. Never go into debt to purchase this ring, it is expensive enough with out interest. In the end, this ring is a symbol of your love, not an opportunity to show off.

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Don’t Spend the Farm on Entertainment
Click Here to Read This Online Whether you choose to entertain inside your home or out, there is no reason to exceed your budget. There are many wonderful ways to enjoy good entertainment that don’t require you spending a fortune. Even a formal dinner party can be managed with aplomb and a limited amount of cash, as I'm sure you know. Why spend more and not get more? Entertaining for the Holidays With the holidays always around the corner, we are all bracing for additional expenses, but truly traditional foods just aren’t that expensive if you know how to shop. For example, when it's close to Thanksgiving time: • • • • Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas are on sale, so buy two. Find a store that offers a free turkey when you purchase a certain amount of groceries, and cut that expense completely. Make your own side dishes like mashed potatoes and gravy or green beans. They are cheaper and tastier than any you would find at the store. Stick to generic products wherever possible and spend your money on the wine if you must. Another wonderful and inexpensive way to entertain is to arrange a pot luck and gift swap. Randomly hand out names so everyone will get a gift, set a limit on what each person spends. Then, have everyone drop in one afternoon a couple of weeks before the big day and bring a dish as well. No one spends too much but a great afternoon is guaranteed. All you have to do is prepare paper goods and mull some cider. Out on the Town

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If you must go to the movies. the same holds true of the theater or ballet. sell movie tickets for at a discounted price. Couple simple points to remember: • • • Lunch is always cheaper than dinner Finger foods are less expensive than a sit down meal. get them from the public library free.If you find yourself in the position of having to entertain out. Don’t buy microwave popcorn but make your own. It is healthier and actually more convenient. If you plan to have a bar. If you know of such a prize. well established restaurants. Many places. They will be thrilled to have your business and will work on price with you. and dress rehearsals are often watchable for even less. pull out some good board games and make an evening of it. plan ahead. Invite your friends. the savings are substantial. and the opportunity to get together with people you truly enjoy makes an evening memorable. Other Entertainment Tips Even if you are just planning on your own entertainment. it isn’t the price tag that makes entertaining great.COM 85 . • There is no time that isn’t good for potluck. matinees are cheaper than evening shows. like a wholesale warehouse. The conversation and laughter will more than make up for a limited budget. With so many companies arranging holiday parties. If you guarantee a certain number of people and pay beforehand. Presented by MONEYNING. Don't forget those either. it is the people. Sometimes the best restaurants are the hidden gems. make it a pay bar or give a certain number of tickets to each attendee and let them pay beyond that. Remember. • • • Rather than renting movies. unlike bigger. you may need to reserve several weeks in advance. you can cut costs with some forethought. call them well in advance and see what you can work out.

insurances or the surcharges that are common for renters under the age of 25. The Not-So-Complete Daily Rate When you go online. It doesn’t cover gas. Fill the Tank and Save Money Before you rent a car. call your insurance provider and credit card company. even for a short period. or their own car is in the shop and a rental becomes a necessity. Advertisements may imply that you can rent something for $19 a day. Many insurance companies will provide coverage in a rental car. the credit card company might. Want to pick up the car at one location and return it at another? Cha-ching. can be expensive. Either way. mileage. By the time you finish adding it all up the total is much higher than you expected. but once you tack on extras. If your insurance company doesn’t cover it. Didn’t have time to fill the tank before turning in the car? No problem. which is the best place to compare rates. as long as you pay double the going rate on fuel. you pay a surcharge. meaning you don’t have to take the overpriced version for the rental.How to Save on Rental Cars Click Here to Read This Online Sooner or later. If you have looked at prices lately you know that getting a car.COM 86 . you save money. Presented by MONEYNING. just about everyone ends up needing to rent a car. the price skyrockets. Cars rented from the airport often have an additional surcharge. Whether it is because they are on vacation and need a set of wheels. Decline Additional Coverage. you find that cars are advertised by the daily rate. That rate includes nothing but the car and in some cases.

They just cost and you still have to wait for the red light. The larger the car the more you pay. You can frequently find gas stations near the rental location and as long as you drive less than 10 miles you should be fine. Also avoid “specialty” cars like convertibles and SUVs.COM 87 . the better gas mileage it usually gets. you save money. the credit card company and even your automotive club if they offer coupons to use with car rental agency. Never ever get gas from the rental car company if cost is at all your concern Economy Cars Cost Less to Rent Pick the smallest car you can get away with. but when you need to rent a vehicle there is no reason to pay top dollar. Even “small” cars made today are fairly roomy and almost everyone can fit inside. The smaller the car. or upgrade at no charge. The other way smaller cars save you money is from gas. Also consider checking with your insurance carrier. so it just isn’t worth while forgetting. Some companies started offering gas at a very similar. Car rental can be a bit of a hassle. unless you like to spend for no reason. Shop Around and Use Promotions Don’t just go to one of the wholesale websites when searching for a car rental.Fill the car before you return it to the rental office. Using the company website can save you money if you hit a sale that isn’t shared elsewhere. Presented by MONEYNING. If you find when you arrive that you just can’t get comfortable in the car you picked most companies are happy to upgrade you to a better fit. Stick to economy cars. or sometimes even a slightly lower than outside rate. In either case. The price charged by most rental companies is at least double the going rate. The catch? You have to pay for one full tank of gas. You may be able to get a day free on a longer rental.

b or c. Don’t wait until the last minute to go tire-shopping. as even relatively small variances in wear on the tread will affect drivability. Shop Around While every brand is different. Know What You Want When you head out to purchase a tire you need to know which type you desire as well as the size. there are no differences whether you get it from shop a. What is a car owner to do? The simple answer is to play the system.COM 88 . Many tire shops offer a “free” tire with the purchase of three. since the speedometer is set according to the original tires. If your car is an all-wheel drive. It is possible to buy a smaller tire than originally intended for your car. but pieces of rubber. Then pick the best choice. Compare not just the tire prices. Other common offers include free mounting and balancing. Determine if you want regular tires.How to Save Money on Tires Click Here to Read This Online You can’t drive your car if it doesn’t have tires. If you require snow tires as well as three-season models. performance tires or ultra performance models. consider going down a size if possible. as long as the circumference remains the same. but also the price of getting the tires on your car. can be very expensive. you will need to replace all four tires at once. Start looking early. Performance tires usually provide better handling and maneuverability at higher speeds. Presented by MONEYNING. that will double your cost. If your car demands a fairly expensive tire. so you can take advantage of sales and promotions. or road hazard insurance. but have shorter wear warranties. especially those for some of the newer all wheel drive models.

and these are usually smaller shops. you want to avoid getting a set of tires that is more than a couple of years old. Honest errors occur. In the end. will try to slip a cheaper set of tires on your car for a higher price. Properly inflated tires reduce drag and improve your gas mileage dramatically. although they all have a bit of a niche where they specialize. Continental is well known for light truck tires and Michelin for long tread life. The last four digits in the required DOT number determine the week and year a tire was manufactured. For example. and the information is coded. All tires must list when they were made.000 miles and visually inspecting them at least once a month. you should do fine. This means keeping them at the proper tire pressure. Brands. Presented by MONEYNING. if the last four digits were 2610. As long as you stick to one of the better-known tires. but dishonest shops. once the size and style have been determined is the age of the tire. A good set of tires that are well maintained will save you money at the pump.COM 89 . odd tread wear patterns and any damage to the sidewalls. the most likely place you will save money on tires is after the purchase itself. rotating them every 6. Protection and Maintenance All of the top tire manufacturers that sell tires in the States are fairly reputable. Because rubber naturally breaks down. then the tire was manufactured in the 26th week of 2010. obvious nails or screws penetrating the tread. Double check to see that the tires you paid for are the tires you got.Things To Look For One of the first things you want to check. You are searching for bulges. the best thing you can do to save money is to take good care of them. Once you have paid several hundred dollars for a set of tires. Do some research regarding your needs.

sending in your tax forms each year is a requirement for those who have earned enough.How to Save Money on Filing Taxes Click Here to Read This Online There is nothing pleasant about filing taxes. Do-It-Yourself Gone are the days when someone filing taxes would sit down with a pencil. These programs will walk you through the process of filling your tax forms and optimize any and all deductions for which you qualify. Another nice feature is the flexibility to walk away and get back to things at a later date. a calculator and a slide rule as well as a bagful of receipts. Which one you choose is really a matter of personal preference. you can find several excellent Tax Prep software products at many brick and mortar stores. which is essentially the same as a program you install on your computer. but after you try one or two you will know what works best for you.COM 90 . They charge you to use the same kind of software you could purchase yourself for less money. Frankly. Why pay someone else $300 to do the same thing you could accomplish with $80 of software? Barter for Services Presented by MONEYNING. The only difference is that they organize your bills rather than you doing so. take a couple of days and sort your own stuff. without bending the law. Today. Avoid Seasonal Tax Prep Offices Each year numerous companies suddenly offer Tax Preparation services. Whether you are a believer in the current system of government assistance or not. You can also use online versions. That means that you want to save as much money in the preparation process as possible. if you want to go at it alone.

offer to trade services with them. not that of the IRS. you cannot be late with any amount that you owe the IRS. you still need to send in every dollar that you think you will owe. Each year I offer him two massages to prepare my business taxes. You can send them electronically at no charge through the Federal IRS website. and I get my taxes done by a professional. Make sure you hold onto a copy of your Federal and State files. Be Old Fashioned Filing electronically is faster and you save money on stamps. you want to be very careful. it is possible to pay them properly while saving money on filing taxes. You can surely find a service you can use in barter. Don’t Miss your Deadlines If preparing your taxes by the deadline isn’t possible. so it just isn’t worthwhile. Presented by MONEYNING. Staying on top of this is your job.If you have a friend or acquaintance who is a CPA. If you don't watch out you will be hit with a bunch of fees and it would have been cheaper to file the old fashion way. make sure you send in an extension request. I. and I have a CPA friend. He often gives the massages as gift certificates to his wife as birthday gifts. for example. It’s a great set up.COM 91 . While giving the government your money may not be your favorite activity in the world. Don't forget that while you can file an extension for your return. However. If you need to be late. am a massage therapist. and then don’t forget to send them on the revised date. If you miss your date you will end up paying fines as well as interest.

Even your professor isn't using a new one.Be Smart with Textbooks and Save Some Money Click Here to Read This Online College is ridiculously expensive no matter what you do. Many professors place a few copies of their requested reading material on hold at the library so that students can read the material without purchasing the books. and most classes require more than one. Cutting costs wherever possible is essential if you are to end your years in school without crippling yourself with debt. ignoring other highlighters is difficult. especially for a higher level class can run over the hundred dollar mark. Presented by MONEYNING. If you know someone who took the course in the previous semester. others see it as a benefit. but it takes a bit more planning than just stopping by the college bookstore. Even the bookstore at your school will purchase back books that will be reused the following year and offer them at a significant discount. Borrow or get it cheap Once you pick up your required reading list at the bookstore. Don’t Buy New The most expensive textbook to purchase is a new one. getting a new book is a phenomenal waste. check the library. An average textbook. it is time to start searching. ask to borrow his or her book. For some. If you don’t have that option. Beg. They don’t have to read everything as closely and just focus on the highlighted material. Unless you are purchasing a book that you want to add to a professional library.COM 92 . the greater the discount. Think about it. so why do you need to? The more worn or written in the book is. Saving money on these books is easy. One of the best places to save money is textbooks.

Time is money. and not so common. There are plans in place to start an ebook website specifically for textbooks.Another choice is to go online and check out the prices with dealers of used textbooks. At this time. you can save the expense associated with purchasing a $50 book. There are a number of student owned and directed websites that facilitate students moving textbooks around from one to the other for the price of shipping. but in this case. not spending the time will cost you big money. By only purchasing the books you need most. Talk to the Professor Some professors will swear that you will need to read every book they assign. If all these strategies fail you because you didn’t leave yourself enough time to work your way through the options. textbooks that are available for the price of the gas it takes to pick them up. Free Options While not as reliable as discounted options. you can generally find texts that no longer have copyright concerns.COM 93 . For now. Others will be more honest and let you know which books are strictly for reference or won’t be used often. Next term. remember to start your search earlier. you can get your books free from time to time. which you will only touch once. You just have to make sure that the books will arrive on time. Online bookstores sell just about everything for a lot less. bite the bullet and invest only in the books you need. Free-cycling websites often list common. there aren’t too many books available. Making a copy of a chapter you need is cheaper than investing in an entire tome. Presented by MONEYNING. but the sites should expand.

This means taking a look at the channel list and based your decision on your own situation. They both offer a ridiculous number of channels dependent upon how much you are willing to pay. but you won’t have the “benefit” of premium service. satellite based transmission is considerably more reliable. public television and a few other selections. and after the initial whining the kids figured out how to entertain themselves just fine. and you do have that all-important HDTV. Of course. but it works just fine. the satellite provider may provide 150 channels of which you watch eight and costs $20 per month while the cable provider offers 200 channels where you watch the same eight at a price of $25. you will want to pick the satellite provider even though you get fewer channels. For example. Choose whichever option gives you the channels you want for the best price. Presented by MONEYNING. without abandoning your service. Cable is less influenced by weather patterns but even with that potential advantage. Yes.COM 94 . it is old fashioned. so let’s look at ways you can cut your bill. In my household. Consider an Antenna If you are not a huge watcher. You will still be able to get the news. Still. for most families this solution seems radical.TV Service Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive Click Here to Read This Online I’d be lying if I told you that I think TV is an essential expense. Cable or Dish It really doesn’t matter if you chose to use cable service or dish service. you won’t be paying anything other than the original set up expense of purchasing that antenna either. you can get local channels by using an antenna. we cut the cable almost two years ago. Basic service isn’t too prohibitive and should be plenty for most households. In this case.

Consider watching programs online instead of on TV. is significant. enroll in the most basic plan possible. many phone companies now offer internet and cable along with the land line service. For example. at least for some period. but frankly. cutting back is a great way to save money.COM 95 . We all know that we spend too much time in front of the TV and the cost. Your VCR will do just fine for recording missed shows. Try to bundle services. Granted you have few channels to surf. free of charge. Get rid of extra receivers by returning them to the local office. Several websites offer episodes of the most popular shows. like I did. If you can’t imagine cutting the cord with TV completely. you may be able to pick it up this way. especially if you rent it on a monthly basis. Bundling often gets you a discount. mark on your calendar to terminate those services a day before they run out. Consider removing any DVR you got. the savings are more than worthwhile. If you sign up during a promotion period and get some premium channel free initially. Calculate your savings and decide if it is worthwhile switching to that company rather than staying with the one you currently use. Presented by MONEYNING. If your favorite show doesn’t appear on your new broadcast arrangement. price wise. and still lets you have your fun. added up over the year. It is just incredible how high that bill will jump if you miss by even one day.Combine and Eliminate Services to Cut Costs Once you have figured out which service is the best for you.

Unfortunately the only way to find out just how good a toilet paper product is is to purchase it and try it out. If you can read the newspaper through the product you are not going to get good absorption. barely absorbent and fall apart (oh no!) just when you want them to stay together. so let’s look at some ways to cut costs in the bathroom.COM 96 . but you will find a product that feels good and works well. but also at how thick this new brand felt. All in all. it can generate quite an emotional bond. try it out in the bathroom. Whether they are two-ply or four. Most stores will refund your purchase. The savings over the course of the year can be significant in a larger household. I used to be married to a man who would only accept a specific. For a product you use to wipe your bum. Unroll a few sheets and crumple it up or fold it in the manner you would when using the product.Wipe Out Excessive Spending On Toilet Paper Click Here to Read This Online It amazes me just how many people have strong loyalties to toilet paper brands. I had grown up with a much cheaper brand and was astonished at not only the price. Generic is just as Good. they are thin. Toilet paper should be relatively soft to the touch and feel sturdy as well as substantial. Otherwise return it to the store and ask for your money back. Buy in Bulk or on Sale Presented by MONEYNING. For this purpose a simple four pack is your best choice. sometimes It is undeniable that many generic brands are cheaper because they are frankly not worth the money. If it still feels comfortable. any good quality paper will do the job well. premium brand of toilet paper. but are still worth while in a small one. It may take a while.

the savings will really add up. but that is pretty true of most papers. More “business” will clearly need more paper. The price is significantly less than that of the premium brands they sell along side. better shopping habits and using less. Between the price of a generic product.COM 97 . Once a sale is announced. consider purchasing their house brand. Toilet paper coupons are common. Presented by MONEYNING. especially in light of the fact that toilet paper was one of those equally shared expenses. Just Use Less In college I had a roommate who could use half a roll of paper at a sitting. Teach your children. it is even better. With a decent product a “basic” wipe takes about four sheets. stock up. or at least more wipes. The two big warehouses each have a decent generic toilet paper brand.If you have a membership at one of the popular warehouse clubs. It was truly frightening how much toilet paper she wasted. spouse and housemates to use less toilet paper. Folding paper rather than scrunching it up makes it more effective as well. If you can get the coupon multiplied. Purchase when the brand is on sale and really score big. You may need to wipe twice to feel clean.

When you compare the amount of money you spend on gas to a bus pass. While gasoline prices have dropped in comparison to the summer of 2008. we need to find other methods to save money while still getting around. Presented by MONEYNING. she has a coveted parking space. which makes her very desirable as a car pool mate.COM 98 . you can work or sleep while commuting. Car Pool Almost as unpopular as public transportation is the idea of car-pooling. Many cities have reliable bus and light rail service from the suburbs as well. Not only does the bridge toll drop from $8 to $2. fueling up your car is still an expensive proposition. you really should be using public transportation. My mother works in NYC and lives about five miles away. That means she has to get across the infamous George Washington Bridge during rush hour in the morning. An additional benefit. Public Transportation If you commute every day to a workplace in another city. Since the United States driver hasn’t figured out that a smaller car uses less gas. As she has been in her job for nearly 40 years. she doesn’t pay for the ride. but the commute time drops to 30-45 minutes too. the savings are incredible. If she drove herself and couldn’t use the HOV lane. if not three times as long.Save Some Money on Transportation Click Here to Read This Online The amount of money we spend on transportation is incredible. Since she provides the parking space free of charge. Every morning she gets a ride with three other people. essentially commuting for free. but it has some hidden benefits. it would be at least twice.

consider your insurance policy. Presented by MONEYNING. The price of a car drops significantly once it has driven off the lot. Keeping your car well maintained reduces repair costs and ensures that it continues to run for years. and you can find many late model cars with low mileage available for purchase. it involves owning a vehicle of some sort. Raising your deductible. Look for a fuel-efficient car and maintain it well. Wait until you have several errands to run before heading out. While scooters are very popular now. While the difference between 18 MPG and 25 MPG doesn’t seem tremendous at first.Saving Money on Car Ownership Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Transportation goes beyond just getting from point A to point B. First. Consider getting a fairly recent used car model. eliminating the need for a replacement. but it still doesn't have to be expensive. Purchasing a car is an almost inevitable part of American life. keeping tires inflated and aligned and cleaning the car inside and out will add years to a car’s lifespan. they aren’t much good in bad weather. wasting fuel. For most of us. plan your driving out well. Additional Savings Other simple saving strategies include cutting back on car ownership expenses. Next. so you don’t double back more than necessary. removing collision and comprehensive insurance on an older vehicle and bundling your policies all help save money. you will spend several hundred dollars more to fuel a less efficient vehicle over the course of a year. Simple things like changing the oil every 5000 miles. Think your driving route out beforehand.COM 99 .

you'll be saving a bundle and enjoying life much more. With a few small changes. Presented by MONEYNING.Finally. but there is no reason that transportation should be any more expensive than necessary.COM 100 . We all need to get around. use one of the many online gas pricing websites to find where fuel costs the least in your neighborhood.

If. many stores offer larger discounts online than in the store. No one has complained. it is the best way to comparison shop without leaving the house. be relieved that there are some great ways to get your electronics for less even without the holiday season sales. Items that were originally purchased and had some minor manufacturing defect return to their parent companies for repair. Additionally. Perhaps someone measured incorrectly or made a large purchase without consulting their spouse. Once repaired. I saved 40% over the price of the same toy when purchased new. which can be 10% of the total price of an item. Open box items are often returned to the store in perfect working order. for some reason. the appeal of not having to drag a huge box out to your car is clear. If you are shipping your item from out of state. the item is returned. you also avoid paying tax.Finding the Best Deals When Buying Electronics Click Here to Read This Online The holiday season is just around the corner and the year has been difficult for electronic retailers. and more than a year later they players are doing just fine. I admit I got all the MP3 players my family uses from the refurbished rack. often unused to the store and rather than return it to inventory the store now offers a significant discount to have you Presented by MONEYNING. Whatever the reason. you need to buy now. Refurbished or Open These two gems are not tapped often enough. People are putting off buying electronics knowing that come Thanksgiving the prices are going to drop like a rock to entice us to part with our money. the product goes back on sale for a significant discount. Go Online Not only is the internet a great place to find reviews of specific items. With many companies offering free shipping to long distance customers.COM 101 .

retailers need to get models off the shelves if they are going to have a happy holiday season and that gives you a bargaining chip. if you are polite. Heading to a Store Be prepared to negotiate if you do decide to head to a real bricks and mortar store. The item will have the same guarantee and warranties that any other new product carries. you can at least ask for a discount. refurbs. Avoid the Extras Extended warranties and service plans will add costs with remarkable rapidity. The worst that can happen is they say no and you move on. Between rebates. Patience is crucial to finding a good price on the item you want.take it off their floor. Today. evaluated by unbiased sources will help you save money in the long run when it comes to repairs or replacement. Picking for well regarded items. Gone are the days when a price was quoted and you either took it or left. There is simply no reason for anyone to pay the full retail price of any electronic item anymore. Remember. Presented by MONEYNING. and comparison shopping. you can find just about anything at a range that will match your budget. If you do your research and check out reviews on consumer information sites you will know before you start your search which items ranked best. coupons.COM 102 .

and other areas where you should plan to spend more to ensure a good result. sketch it out. pick the best. There are places where you can save money without compromising quality. figure out exactly what you want to accomplish. Taking apart a wall because the water pipe or valve is leaking is an expensive proposition.Remodeling Your Home and Not Your Bank Account Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Remodeling your home is an often held dream. Remember. Ask for an estimate on price for the job you planned. Avoid any contractor with a history of similar complaints. and present it to the contractor when you first meet.COM 103 . Pick materials you want by visiting home improvement stores and specialty stores. Show any unusual elements you want incorporated. Figure out your budget in advance. then add 10% minimum to deal with the unexpected. and set up your financing. Picking the Contractor This is one of those places where cheaper isn’t better. If anything is going in your walls. just Presented by MONEYNING. Recommendations and referrals are your best source for finding a good contractor. ask where you can cut expenses. This is an area where you can compromise and select something just as lovely for a lot less money. If you have any unusual elements you want to include in your design. the things that are most popular or high end will cost the most. A contractor understands that you are working on a budget. You can turn that dream into reality without going bankrupt if you make a few wise decisions. preferably with measurements. Make Complete Plans Before you start calling around to price contractors. If the job comes in at a higher price than you expected. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau as well.

If you are purchasing an unusual. you will have the home you wanted for as long as you live in it. this is a poor choice because your contractor will have usually have access to the best prices. and a great deal of patience. Renovating your home is a messy. even if you don’t recoup all the costs when selling the home. Make sure you have a good timeline from your contractor. Who Purchases What? Sometimes you will hear people say that they opted to purchase their own supplies when engaged in a home remodeling. but always compare with your contractor to see who has found the best deal.COM 104 . Presented by MONEYNING. They are in the best position to tell you what elements you can sacrifice without impacting the whole project. it really is just a fraction of the total price and it can save you loads of money if things go wrong. creativity. It takes time. and accept that as long as work is ongoing you will have a mess in your home. While it may seem like a lot of money. and something almost always does in renovations. This is one area where you don’t want to he is. In the end. high end item it may pay to price things on your own. Contract Confidence Make sure you hire a contract lawyer to check and recheck your contract before you sign on the dotted line. often expensive process. Under just about every circumstance. work with someone you trust.

Shop around for the plants you want and if you can negotiate a bulk discount. Evaluate your yard and draw out a plan of where you want to place each bush and tree.COM 105 . before the soil hardens. is a great time to pick up trees and shrubs. Look for Free or Cheap Supplies Many cities offer free mulch and trees as part of their beautification plans. You can often get some great bargains with a little effort. Doing it yourself will save you money and give you a general feeling of satisfaction. Purchasing in the late fall. a little know how will go a long way. Contact your city and find out if they have either available before you spend your money. Just make sure you get the plants in the ground quickly. get them at one location so you save on delivery fees. especially for new developments. Nurseries are trying to get rid of their inventory before the cold weather causes everything to go dormant or gets damaged while out of the ground. Having your sprinkler system in place to match the design you want will save you money as well as hassle. You can get bricks and lumber from construction sites if an old house is being torn down.Landscaping for Less Click Here to Read This Online The best way to save money with landscaping is to invest some sweat equity in the project. Presented by MONEYNING. Plan Ahead Steps like improving poor soil or arranging good drainage are best done before you put in new plants. While the thought of moving your own trees around the yard may be intimidating. Organize any beds you want and select plants with similar growing needs to be placed next to one another. but get permission first.

rock gardens and paths. weeding. Break It Up Plan to complete your project in phases. Even a small scale landscaping project can cost over $1000. beyond that think flower beds. it lets you see how you like your changes gradually. without breaking the bank. keep an area of the yard grassy for that play structure and games of tag. I plant them once and they come up over and over again each year. Presented by MONEYNING. fertilizing.COM 106 . which raises your expenses. and the prices will just go up the more work you do. Minimize your Lawn Not only is lawn labor intensive once planted. Not only does this mean you can do the work as you can afford it. Mowing. and trimming all take time and effort better spent playing with your kids or just relaxing. it is expensive to maintain. If you have young children that play outdoors.Get the Most Bang for Your Buck I love bulbs. By grouping together bulbs that bloomed at different times with differing heights I had an endless supply of color all around my home. In my first home I planted about $20 worth of bulbs each fall and by the time I left the house ten years later I had hundreds of bulbs planted in bed around the yard. Watering takes a great deal of water. Pick a section of your yard to work on each year and soon you will have the yard you always dreamed of. Big home improvement stores generally have great bulb selections in the fall and spring. especially in dry climates.

Saving Money on Any Insurance Click Here to Read This Online There are some forms of insurance you just can’t live without. Some companies offer lower deductibles for each year you go without having a claim. consult your insurance agent when purchasing a new car so you know in advance which ones cost less to insure. Teen drivers usually get a discount for good grades or certain types of driver’s education programs. Car insurance is mandatory in all states. in my book that is no savings. you may be able to get a low-mileage deduction. I know that there are many advertisements trying to entice you to change companies. By increasing your deductible from $200 to $500 dollars. Make sure to set aside the money needed if you do have an accident and need to produce the higher premium. so make sure you ask that because it could save you money long term. Frequently companies "save" you money by providing lesser coverage. Presented by MONEYNING. Ask about discounts. The quickest and easiest way to drop those premiums is to raise your deductible. it pays to make the most of every dollar. With rising costs hitting all of these necessary protections. Shop around and do it early. and any parent will tell you that medical insurance is crucial. insurance companies will almost always match any legitimate offers you find. you can save 30% on your insurance premiums. Car Insurance Since you have absolutely no choice about having car insurance.COM 107 . you may as well shop around to find the best deal. If you don’t drive much. or your job is just a couple of miles from home. Also. but before you do that. homeowners insurance is required if you carry a mortgage. compare what you are getting right now to what they are offering.

COM 108 . Before you raise your hands in frustration and walk away. increasing your deductible will decrease your premiums. raising your deductible will help if you have insurance but are struggling to pay for it. You won’t have to replace the land. Another thing to consider is staying with a company for the long haul since many offer loyalty discounts. just the building. so bundle your car and homeowners insurance to save some money. Only insure your home. so even something is better than nothing.Homeowners Insurance Just like auto insurance. Many States now offer basic health insurance based upon income levels. Keeping on top of your insurance costs and options will save you money immediately and in the long run. This common mistake costs many people money. even with the complicated wording of many policies. Again. Medical Insurance Many people simply can’t afford private medical insurance. not the land for replacement costs in case of disaster. Many companies will offer discounts to customers who purchase multiple policies with them. Improving your home’s security and disaster resistance will generally garner you some deductions as well. tax free. Also. See what kinds of plans your company offers. consider that a major medical bill will bankrupt your family. take advantage of medical savings accounts that let you put aside money to pay for medical expenses. and if you can get insurance through work. call your state offices and ask if you can get insurance that way. Compare the plans and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The key is to comparison shop often so you always get the best discounts. Presented by MONEYNING. so check your policy to make sure you are insuring only what you need.

but once you bonded to that animal it is hard to say no. If you have a pet in need of regular medications purchasing them from a website and administering them yourself can save you big bucks. Be Selective on Vaccines Not all dogs or cats need the same vaccines. If you only own one cat at a time and it never gets outdoors then it doesn’t really need a vaccine for feline leukemia or FIV. If you choose a middle-aged pet. Purchase Meds Online Many pet medications can be found online and in bulk.Finding Ways to Save for Veterinary Care Click Here to Read This Online Your pet is very important to you. so it is worth picking up the phone and asking when it is happening. A dog that spend a lot of time running in the woods will need a Lyme disease vaccine. Ask your vet to teach you how to give necessary injections. These days. Presented by MONEYNING. Additionally. you can negotiate with your vet on prices and you can even comparison shop with others. Some Humane Societies offer low price clinics for vaccination and spay or neutering. Get a Pet from the Shelter Getting a pet from the shelter means you will get a pet with their vaccines current. the expenses for both young and elderly pets are rising. if they are reluctant you should probably change vets since this one is more interested in making money than providing good. one that stays indoors or goes on a walk around the block won’t. but the bills are killing your budget. affordable care. Though with a little work you can save money on those necessary expenses and still provide your pet with excellent care. spaying complete and a recent medical exam.COM 109 . you generally won’t have to worry about much in the way of medical expenses other than regular vaccines.

nutritious food will help prevent many problems animals face as the years go by. Of course. For a few dollars a month you gain the security of knowing that in a serious situation your pet will have a majority of their bills covered. If you don’t have pet insurance consider putting a few dollars aside each month in a special fund just to take care of pet emergencies. you will likely save money in the long run. with a little effort of course. pet insurance policies run the gamut from basic care to platinum coverage. Consider Pet Insurance If you purchase pet insurance for your friend. Applying topical medicines and keeping your pet pest free will pay off through lower maintenance costs and fewer vet visits. affection and "fluff therapy" in spades. Once you have committed to a pet you are generally looking at ten years or more of care and expense. Invest in Good Food Just because a food costs a lot of money doesn’t mean it is a healthy choice for your dog. In this economy we all have to find ways to save.COM 110 . Getting good. that way it won’t hit your budget so hard. Usually dependent upon the size and breed of your animal. that is repaid by love. but it is perfectly possible to have a pet and stick to a budget.Even basic medications like those for heartworm or fleas and ticks can be found online for less money than you would pay at a store or at the vets. Talk to your vet about lower cost alternatives that will provide your pet with good nutrition without killing your budget. Shop with coupons that are almost always available at the company websites. Presented by MONEYNING.

Over drafting on your bank account can cost you hundreds of dollars in one day since each charge will result in an overdraft fee of around $30 per incident. There are many ways to trim your costs. Credit cards not only charge you for paying late. they also raise your interest rates--a double whammy. but for some reasons.COM 111 . Almost all offer internet as well as cable and you can pair them for some savings. Bundle Services Many local phone providers are now offering cell phone service. Cut Back Presented by MONEYNING. Years of being able to afford whatever we wanted make it difficult to know where to start. Pick one of these companies and bundle your services. change banks. The companies you do business with are hurting too and they are quicker than ever to charge late fees and surcharges. If your phone company doesn’t offer a bundling service. many people are finding themselves in need of cutting costs on household bills once deemed essential. but don't worry. and if you find your bank charges a lot of additional fees. cable television. look at the cable company. and internet access as well as land line service.Saving Money on Household Bills Click Here to Read This Online Between the rising cost of day to day expenses and decreases in the availability of jobs. Pay On Time One of the biggest money wasters is paying bills late. Discounts are pretty significant if you pick a larger bundle. we just don’t think about them. because the process gets easier the more you think about it. Put overdraft protection on your account immediately to prevent such problems. Utilities companies may demand a deposit if you are regularly late on paying your bill.

Plan ahead and visit when you don’t have to pay for admission. but when you can get $17 worth of stuff for $5. After two weeks of complaints they figured out how to entertain themselves and we have never turned it back on. Eat only on the days when you can maximize your savings. pack a lunch and enjoy a great day out with your family at no cost.50. I turned off the television service two years ago when I realized the kids were watching too much TV and I never watched it at all. If you like to eat out. You can reduce the extra services on your phone line or opt for a slower download speed on your internet connection. When cutting back. CDs. I don’t do as well as the real gurus. where you can find tons of coupons all in one place. Just remember to bring them back on time or you end up paying late fees. that is money I can use somewhere else. like Coupon Shoebox. it is natural to feel that you are somehow losing something valuable.Do you really need 500 channels? Cutting back to basic cable can save you $50 or more each month. DVDs. Find Free Options The public library doesn’t only have book. find out which local restaurants offer free kid meals or free appetizers with a meal.COM 112 . Local museums. Presented by MONEYNING. There are several coupon websites. zoos. With a little creativity and planning you can still enjoy all the things you like. and computer games can all be found within the walls of the library and you can take them out for free. but spend less doing it. and other cultural centers usually offer a few free days each year. Start using generic products from the supermarket and clip those coupons. you know. Frankly.

or less. they are willing to put themselves into debt to provide all the things baby “needs. warm and cheap.Don’t Drop a Bundle on Baby Products Click Here to Read This Online While many young couples put off having children due to the high costs. you want quality. and with the ease of obtaining information through the internet. The used market is a great source for inexpensive but high quality goods. if you purchase new and focus upon the top of the line accessories. The moral of the story is to know what you are buying. you now have no excuse. a safety issue is caused by a tiny defect that can easily be fixed. For example. In this case. any used stroller of the model I purchase would have been fine. many people pile on to say that many used baby products are unsafe.” Baby products aren’t cheap.COM 113 . A fancy new crib can cost upwards of $1. but there is no reason to pay retail prices for it. Used isn’t Icky Until the latest economic crisis. David’s Note: Every time used baby products are mentioned. but sometimes. the other option was to just cut what everyone is agreeing to be a useless strap that is just dangling for no reason. that’s unfortunate. most people wouldn’t even consider used clothes or furniture. The local thrift shop or Presented by MONEYNING. While I can always try to get the stroller sent back. This can be true to a certain degree. baby clothes should be comfortable.000. but getting the same unit used will set you back about $200. but you can find great quality for much less if you work at it. Barring a special outfit for pictures or holidays. If you plan to have several kids. Most babies go through several outfits a day. my baby stroller was recently recalled due to a dangerous strap that hangs lose. once the baby arrives.

The cloth diapers I bought for my Presented by MONEYNING. Mom will eat a bit more while nursing to make up for the calories she is feeding baby.garage sales are great places to pick up really cute clothes for a fraction of the original price. a free can of formula and perhaps even some of the nifty single serving containers. I used disposable diapers. Check to see if the brand is available at your local warehouse. Nursing moms need about three good nursing bras and possibly a pump and a few bottles. done. you will save money. with the tags still on them. Good wraps are essential to prevent leaks. On longer trips. and they can be expensive. Nursing versus Formula If you plan to nurse your baby. If you choose to use formula. You will get coupons. Cloth diapers require a larger initial investment but can be used for several children and then torn up into rags for cleaning and dusting. I combined the two. Mothers who use formula need bottles and an endless supply of fairly expensive formula. I used cloth diapers and washed them at home. it is bound to be cheaper. If you have more than one child. not only will you provide optimal nutrition.COM 114 . At home or on day trips. the expenses are much greater. because babies grow so fast they don’t always get to wear every outfit they received. each one requires the same long-term financial drain. contact the company and ask to be put on their mailing list. You can even find new clothes. Once you pick your formula. Disposable diapers are extremely convenient but the expense is continuous until your child has toilet trained. Disposable versus Cloth This is just as difficult a decision as the feeding one.

I use the diapers around the house for a variety of cleaning chores. My total investment was about $500 and I used them for a total of 7 years. I got used for two more children.COM 115 . a baby needs very little. Presented by MONEYNING. some food in its tummy and dry clothes is all that your little one requires. As hard as it is to believe. Today.eldest 16 years ago. A place to sleep. Spending huge sums of money on baby products now rather than putting it aside for college just makes no sense.

and whether or not it is worth the investment.” your wallet may flinch at the expense.500 and $7. you child’s teeth are stacked up several deep and they have a hard time biting food. The questions facing a parent of several children is just how much they can afford to spend on braces. braces may be optional. If your child’s teeth align well and they have a couple of crooked teeth. and it is common to start earlier. the need is much greater. Determine the need The first real question is whether the work is cosmetic or medically necessary. the costs from start to finish was $2. Presented by MONEYNING. Children's mouths change during puberty.000. Even if your child clearly needs braces. If your child has a small mouth that needs expansion or several teeth that are severely misaligned the job will cost much more. Assess each child individually. If.000.How much should you spend on Braces? Click Here to Read This Online When I was young enough to wear braces.COM 116 . While as a parent. however. parents spend much more than that on braces. you want your child to be “perfect. Typical Costs A full course of orthodontic care for a typical child will run between $3. you shouldn’t rush into the process. Today. Realize that older children will comply more with uncomfortable dental procedures to get a specific “look". sometimes when a child is only 7 or 8 years old. Early braces often have to be “touched up” later on when your child’s mouth expands and shifts through their teen years.

but if your child truly needs them. Set up a payment plan and stick to it. Talk to your family dentist. As with other payment plans. If your child only needs some basic work. you will find that there is a dramatic range of prices for the same work. the differences in price between one office and another can be significant. Braces are undeniably expensive.COM 117 . you dentist may be able to do it for less. With a bit of searching you can save at least some of the costs associated with this dental rite of passage. interest rates can go up if you fail to make your payments on time. Shop Around While I don't recommend you go to some back alley orthodontist to save a few dollars. you will want to wait as well.If you have a child that sucks their thumb. Since orthodontists set their own prices. as you don't want to find out later on that appliances like retainers cost extra. if the thumb sucking hasn’t ended. find out if braces are covered in part or as a whole. then they are an unavoidable expense. Make sure you get a price for the complete job. At least the money won't be taxed. and if your work place offers dental insurance. Good luck! Presented by MONEYNING. since many do simple orthodontic work. Another good option is to set up a medical flexible spending account to pay for the work. Many of the problems that will need to be addressed orally are only going to come back as soon as the braces are off.

these kits provide you with a pretreatment.Decrease your Spending on Dry Cleaning Click Here to Read This Online Dry cleaning your clothes is an expensive proposition. You pre-treat your stains. such as suits or wool coats. Cotton dress shirts are easy to wash at home. and if you take them out of the dryer while still a bit damp and hang them. you could be saving money and looking good. There are also shirts that are of the non-wrinkle type. Buying those instead could literally save you hundreds of dollars a year.COM 118 . put the clothes in the bag with the cloth and run the dryer for a while. a “dry cleaning” cloth and a bag. Since manufacturers are only required to put one method of cleaning on a garment.. Used in your dryer. they do just that. Avoid buying clothes that need dry cleaning. Many items that say dry clean can actually be cleaned normally. For many business people. Presented by MONEYNING. Purchase a home dry cleaning kit. While these kits are expensive when compared to normal detergent. However. Rayon. purchasing clothes you can wash at home is less expensive. Read on. with a little effort. can be washed at home as long as you take care not to shrink it with warmer water. Consider which can be washed at home. for example. ironing is minimal. the need to have suits properly cleaned may seem non-negotiable as it relates directly to their professional appearance.. While there are some items that are going to need dry cleaning no matter what. they provide a good alternative to traditional dry cleaning when all your garment need is some freshening up.

The cloth will infuse your dry clean only clothes with fragrance, the steam generated reduces wrinkles and the pretreatment takes care of most stains. The fragrances can set off allergies in sensitive individuals, so try the system out on something that isn’t essential first. Care for dry cleaned clothes properly. Unless the item is worn against the skin, cleaning it annually is generally enough. Take off your dry clean only clothes promptly and hang them up. Use a clothes brush to remove any surface dirt and use pads or bolsters to ensure that they lay correctly when hung. Let the item air out for a day or two before you return it to your closet. With proper maintenance dry clean only clothes can last a long time. Take your clothes to the cleaners. Eventually, no matter how well you treat your clothes you will need to have the professionally cleaned. Long before you step into a store you should have done some homework. Get recommendations from your colleagues as to which dry cleaners do the best work for the lowest cost. Find out if a cleaner sends out coupons, and if they will accept competitors’ coupons by simply asking them. Wait until you have several items to take at once. Many cleaners offer a discount if you clean more than 5 items at a time, or if you are a regular visitor. Dry cleaning may be a necessity from time to time, but reducing the frequency and looking for cheaper alternatives can help reduce the expense to a manageable level.

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Make Organic Food Affordable
Click Here to Read This Online Whether you choose to get organic food because you believe in more sustainable methods of agriculture, have heard that organic foods are more nutrient dense or because of medical concerns, there are many reasons that lead people to go organic. But even if you consider organic food to be an investment in the planet’s future or in your health, you surely want to save where you can because the prices can shock you. There are several well-recognized ways to cut your organic food bill. Here are a few. Cooperative Ventures While other groups of people support cooperative lifestyles, for some reason, those interested in organic foods seem to have a real advantage. Purchasing your dry goods with a food co-op will often save you 30-40% right off the bat. One of the reasons you save so much is that you eliminate the middleman. My co-op ordered monthly, and each of us had a booklet that listed everything the distributor carried. We would e-mail each other our list of the month and see who wanted to share cases of a certain product. The order would be sent in and each month someone else would drive down to the warehouse, about an hour away, and pick up everything. Once the driver got home we all met to parcel out the goods. An additional benefit was advance knowledge regarding which items would be on sale so we could stock up for the season. Community Supported Agriculture

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All around the country, in every state, you can find farms that are part of the community supported agriculture (CSA) movement. To be certified as organic they go through a lengthy process. The certification is highly coveted in the community. To join a CSA you purchase a share, or part of a share, of the crops produced during a given year. For example, the CSA I belonged to offered family shares that fed about four people. Couple shares that provided for two, and single shares. This farm required a donation of 10 hours in the fields as well. Once growing season began, we would get our percentage of the week's crops, which we would pick up at the farm. The cost worked out to about $20 a week, and we had vegetables of all sorts from April to November. Specialty items like heirloom tomatoes, organic raspberries and field fresh arugula were standard fare around the house. YUM! Some weeks we had way too much, eleven heads of lettuce one week alone. Therefore, the farm allowed members to donate what they didn’t want to a local food bank. If the nearest CSA is several hours away, you can often arrange for them to drop the produce off at a central location where it could work if you get a group of members together. Organic food is becoming increasingly popular. The result is a greater availability, yes, but also larger prices. Supermarkets survive on a fairly narrow margin of profit, and organics allow them to charge a bit more. Ironically, the organics at your average supermarket are long past their prime, so it really hurts to pay top dollar. Find a food cooperative, join a CSA and enjoy fresh, inexpensive organics on your table.

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Office Supplies on a Budget
Click Here to Read This Online Whether you are running a small business or simply want to set up a home office, saving some money on office supplies can be important. In a business, every penny counts, and the same holds true for a household budget. Purchasing your supplies at a regular office store is about the most expensive choice you can make when stocking up, yet that's what most people do. Try these tips, and you may find that your money does go a bit further. Saving Money on Office Supplies at Superstores Although you might think that no one could possibly go through a pack of 25 pens or a full box of printer paper, most do, given time. While the initial investment in getting a large supply of something non-perishable may be more, in the end it pays off. Note though that too many people lose their pens well before the ink runs out. If buying a huge pack "helps" you forget more often, then buy them one at a time even if it seems more expensive at first! The big office stores like Staples, Office Depot and Office Max are not only trying to get your business, they are also competing against one another and online vendors. That means that it behooves them to offer the best prices that they can. They count on the “wow” factor once you get into the store. That means they stock their center aisles with pricier things that entice you to impulse spend. So stick to your preplanned list. Save Money by Using Online Vendors Things like printer ink and memory sticks are well worth pricing on line. The only caveat is that many of the currently available printers work best with cartridges made by their manufacturer. If you do find a cheaper source of ink that guarantees the product, it can

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If you have to pay for delivery. Save Money at Warehouse Stores For basics you can get some really good prices at Sam’s. ink. purchasing the item together halves your cost. That’s no bargain. but the bottom line is equally worth while trying out one set of cartridges. professionalism is important. and you can find paper. Even large items can be delivered free of charge by the superstores. Costco’s or other warehouse clubs. If not. While online vendors may have better prices. even better. Some online stores always send out discounts. like 123inkjets. Office supplies are a necessary part of the budget for any business. Clearly the best deals are found when you purchase in bulk. get your money back and use the tried and true. Of course the best savings come from reducing the amount of supplies you use and switching to generic products wherever possible. the shipping bill may significantly add to your cost.COM 123 . If two small companies in the same building want a water cooler. the prices are often better. If they perform up to and their coupon codes. Another way to save some money is to pool your resources with another small business. If your company only uses half a box of paper a year you might be able to split a box with another individual. make sure to add in the shipping costs when comparing with the box stores. but with a little creativity and planning you can easily trim your costs. While the selection isn’t nearly as extensive as an office supply superstore. you have a new source. For a small business. The membership is a business expense. computers and furniture for a reduced price. Presented by MONEYNING. When they are available.

The local pharmacy charges me $97 for my prescription. but the cost can make them a real budget buster. which charge less than the local stores. Check to see what prescription drugs are covered A formulary is a book that lists what medications your insurance company covers. Comparison shop for lower prices on common prescriptions Common drugs have different costs at different locations. Many insurance companies now cooperate with mail-in pharmacies. and for those people who take several drugs at once. When comparing prices consider online or mail service for your medications. but you can plan ahead and put money into a tax free medical account and save a bit there. Some medications cost in excess of $100 each month.COM 124 . let’s look at some ways you can reduce your expense. Make sure to ask your insurance company for a copy. Talk to your Doctor About Generic Drugs and Samples Presented by MONEYNING. Find out if your insurers have a limit for how much medication they will cover each year. Over the course of the year I save over $140 by filling at the club. Before you opt out of taking medications you need. Knowing in advance that your insurance company will only cover half a year may not be encouraging. but my warehouse club only charges $75. You do have to plan ahead more for this to work.Saving Money on Prescription Drugs Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Prescription drugs are one of those items that we know are necessary. the price tag quickly exceeds their ability to pay.

take a look at getting a prescription discount card or seeing if you qualify for a free medicine program.COM 125 . If so. Many states have such programs to assist people on a limited budget get the medications they need. I fill my script every other month. While this technique won’t work with medications delivered by capsule. First. I found out that those 30 tablets of 10mg cost $72 and the same quantity of 20mg pills cost $75. it is a great money saver for tablets. Unfortunately. there may be a generic medication that is identical to the name brand one you are currently using. Finding ways to cut that bill may be the difference between making it to the end of the month or not. the office is happy to hand out these samples to help you afford a medication you really need. Yours should be willing to do the same. switching can save you huge sums of money. Ask Your Doctor about Dosing Options Discuss the possibility of getting a larger dosage and splitting the pills. Ask the Pharmacy about Discount Cards Finally. Just as your income is decreasing your need for prescription drugs can increase. and save $450 each year on top of the savings offered by the club’s lower price.Your doctor will be able to help you on several fronts. Secondly. my doctor helped me out for several months. aging can result in a contradictory situation. your doctor gets free samples of many medications from drug company representatives. Generally speaking. After a divorce and a big hit to the wallet. That prescription I get for $75 at the club is actually a double dose. Presented by MONEYNING.

depending upon the size of the animal.COM 126 . Heartworm medication may be a bit pricey. Presented by MONEYNING. suffer injuries and face dangers that house pets don’t. feed them gourmet foods and dress them up in tutus. Save Money by Keeping Your Pets Inside Animals that spend a lot of time outdoors or roaming can get parasites. The shelter pets arrive with all their vaccinations and their altering surgery complete. but it is a lot cheaper than having to pay for dental surgery when tooth decay creates abscesses or other problems. infections. A shelter dog may be available for $100 or a cat for $60 while their purebred counterparts go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. How to Save Money on the Initial Expenses The difference in price between a purebred animal and a shelter pet is considerable. With an inclination to purchase purebred animals. but who can really afford to do that? Luckily. there are some simple ways to save some money while still spoiling your pet silly. It isn’t unusual to spend between $1000-2500 a year. but compared to the cost of treating active heartworm infections it is petty cash. You would have to spend between $100-300 for the same services at the vet. Your cat should be kept indoors and your dog in a fenced yard.Enjoy your Pets and Save Money at the Same Time Click Here to Read This Online Americans spend more money on their pets than just about anyone else. Preventative Care is Cheaper It might make you cringe to pay for a dental cleaning for your pet.

but dogs need to be groomed regularly. Find Free Clinics Offer Cheaper Services Most large cities offer rabies vaccinations annually at a low cost clinic. he may know where you can get the same procedure performed for less. If you have a pet that requires a lot of grooming. If there is a veterinarian school in your area. It never hurts to ask. If your pet needs to have a serious medical procedure done. consider going down to the annual event. Few vets dislike animals.Learn to Groom your Pet Cats rarely require much by way of grooming. see if they provide low cost clinics. Talk to the Vet about Payment Options When facing a large bill you need to sit down with your vet and discuss your situation. you and the dog will look more presentable. Rather than spending the money at the local vet clinic. invest in a good quality pet clipper. but other pups require monthly trims. working out a payment plan in advance will assure that your pet gets the care it needs and you have a way to pay for it. nail trimmers. The students get to treat a variety of animals. and you get a serious discount on any procedures your pets need. saving you more than $100. If your vet can’t afford to drop his fees.COM 127 . even if they may not be overly fond of their owners. Presented by MONEYNING. He may also know of someone who is willing to help out by donating something towards the care of needy animals. the proper brush and shampoo. and you just don’t have the money. Spay and neuter programs are also available. I recommend starting your grooming project during the winter so by spring. Some dogs only need an annual trip to the groomers. and that isn’t too bad.

Presented by MONEYNING. That tutu may look adorable on “Pookie” but she will live just fine without it. your pets really doesn’t need anything.COM 128 . Keep your cash for the important things. a leash. remember that beyond basic vet care.Finally. decent food and love.

a baby bag and any other free merchandise they can think of. They are trying to woo you. try out your samples and make sure your baby tolerates this formula well. And let's not even talk about college.COM 129 . the baby years is actually just the beginning. because they are all similar. a very small person starts to eat up a significant part of the monthly income. Between disposable diapers. While mom eats more to produce the milk. those costs don’t approach that of formula. Before you know it. you now know of a source of the same formula for less. If so. having a baby is one of the most life-affirming experiences they will ever have. Formula companies definitely want to push mom’s buttons and imply that their formula is clearly the best one if mom isn’t going to nurse. Every formula has to meet government standards. This could sound discouraging. so encourage their generosity. Then contact the company that manufactures the formula and get them to send you samples. but the first years of a person's life are actually the cheap years. Once you get home with your new baby. coupons. Before the baby arrives. Presented by MONEYNING. Buy Formula in Bulk Everyone knows that “breast is best” not only from a nutritional perspective. Don’t fall for the hype.Spend Less on Baby Formula Click Here to Read This Online For young couples. At least it is until the bills start piling up. your child can point at a toy on the shelf and start making demands. Nevertheless. head to the local grocery warehouse and find out what they stock. so find something your baby will tolerate and bulk up. but also from the financial point of view. after all. Parents often wonder how such a small individual costs so much. any money you can save now will more than pay off in the future. formula and clothing.

Keep such cans for special occasions. that means you can add some water to your powder wherever you are and provide a meal in a couple of minutes. which can make up for the price if you are on a plane or driving for hours. It may very well pay to get that pack of single serve cans instead of the bulk box. When you can make the change. Not only is powdered formula cheaper.Companies also send out little “checks” for you to use on their brand of formula. it can be carried about without worry of spoilage.COM 130 . Take a good look at the conditions of use. don’t you purchase generic foods for yourself? There is nothing wrong with doing the same for your precious baby. Not Liquid The costs per serving of powdered formula are considerably lower than that of liquid. consider generic varieties. If you don’t teach your child to expect their formula warmed up. you budget will make a sigh of relief. Consider Generic Formula If all these tips still leave you grasping at financial straws to feed your baby. baby only drinks formula for about a year before transitioning over to other liquids. you are unlikely to have any problems with a generic option. Buy Powdered Formula. especially single serve cans are very convenient. After all. realizing that they may be thicker or thinner than what you mix up from powder and require a bit of coaxing at first. In the end. Since the government does strictly monitor what is in baby formula. Presented by MONEYNING. Liquid containers of formula.

so that saves you money once again. If. colorful and adjustable wraps. Of course. Good quality covers will cost about $20 each. The Basics of Cloth Diapers and the Cost Cloth diapers have changed a lot in the last 20 years or so. The initial outlay is greater than with disposable diapers. you just can’t imagine doing so. Different sizes can be purchased to accommodate a growing child. This will include your supplies.000 diapers before toilet trained. In the end.COM 131 . Let’s start by looking at cloth. there are other money saving tips I can offer. You will need at least three to four diaper covers per day. Unlike in my infancy where you would pin on a strip of bird’s eye fabric and then cover it with plastic pants. Prices vary but contoured diapers will cost more than straight ones which run about $20 per dozen. If your goal is to save money on diapers. you can reuse your supplies when the next child comes along. however. That’s a lot of money you are essentially throwing away. Again. washing and depreciation. Presented by MONEYNING. and should have at least twice that number available so covers can be washed and dried. and are covered with a variety of comfortable. today’s cloth diapers are pre-folded. The diapers can be purchased by the dozen and you will probably go through eight to ten per day. you can expect to spend about $20-$50 per month while your child is in diapers.Don’t Dispose of your Money when Buying Diapers Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Your average infant will wear over 7. you really should consider using cloth diapers that you wash yourself. shaped. you want enough for at least two days.

There really is no optimal solution one way or another from the environmental perspective. You can also purchase your selection of diapers in bulk if you search online. there are significant concerns involved with the waste material leaching into ground waters. This may not save you much. about $20 per month. but believe me. Financially. It is estimated that disposable diapers account for between 1.52% of the total volume of landfills worldwide. this is a time when every penny counts.COM 132 . while one with slender legs will do better in another. Unfortunately. free. A baby with chubby legs will do well with one type of diaper.Disposable Diapers Don’t Have to be Prohibitive If you choose to go with disposable diapers. A number of websites offer this service and will deliver to your door. sign up for the company newsletter and coupon e-mails. you don’t have to purchase the most expensive brand. by the way. over 3 years that adds up to $720. Find the cheapest diaper that fits your child well. Once you settle upon a brand. Only experimenting will let you know what works for your child. Only you can decide if that price is too much to pay for ease. Presented by MONEYNING. Generally speaking you will spend about $40-$70 per month on disposable diapers and supplies. These factors are mitigated to some degree with cloth diapering. you pay more for the convenience of disposable diapers. It really does vary from brand to brand. but that option increases water usage. Additionally. one of the costs we don’t consider when using diapers is that of the environmental impact.

but shipping express will cost $58. Uniformity Spells Savings. you will need to get organized in the fall. with getting the kids off to school at that time of the year. Thinking about the winter holidays that early is difficult.Saving Money Year Round Click Here to Read This Online Whether you are shipping presents you bought for the holidays or sending packages year round. the costs involved can appear astronomical.COM 133 . but it will generally involve a bit more planning on your part. Carriers charge more to ship unusually sized boxes. Check USPS. With the hectic pace most people endure year round. For example.Shipping for Less . getting gifts purchased and mailed in time can be daunting. at USPS. so choose wisely. Presented by MONEYNING. but to save on shipping costs. If your goal is to get those presents under everybody's Christmas tree and not spend a fortune mailing them. Holiday Time Shipping Strategies Sometimes it seems as though the holidays arrive earlier each year. you can send a 10-pound package across country for less than $16 if it goes parcel post. it is critical. UPS and FedEx as a minimum. Get standard sized boxes free by saving the ones you get when you order merchandise. Compare Prices at Websites. the more it will cost. As long as you know the box dimensions you can accurately evaluate which carrier will give you the best deal. The reason is that the faster you need to ship something. Shipping internationally may involve a couple more websites. There are ways to shave some of your costs. Overnight with UPS can easily cost double that amount.

Amazon offers free shipping on many items. That translates into 7-10 business days under most circumstances. Combine Packages and Save some More.Let Companies Ship For You. Options to Consider for Business Purposes Not all shipping is of a personal nature.COM 134 . For holidays this is particularly useful if everyone gathers at “grandma’s house” or another such central location. realize that many companies offer free shipping. When I moved half way across the country from my family. Think ahead. I immediately saw the problems involved in getting gifts to relatives on time. but the money spent on labeling and fancy boxes can be better spent elsewhere. Presented by MONEYNING. I plan ahead and package all the gifts for the month in one box and let the family sort it out and deliver them when they arrive. You will find the savings add up over time. Now. you will want to maintain a professional look. this really pays off. Print your own labels and stationary. If you ship for business purposes. Just because you have a lot of things to ship doesn’t mean you should be shipping off your cash in the process. You can save money and still get things where they need to be. Still. If you purchase things online. compare prices and stick to standardized boxes. but this means that your items go by the slowest means possible. if you plan to send a big box of gifts. To make the best use of this service you need to shop in advance of your desired delivery date. pack your own packages and take them to the store rather than have them picked up.

Long lists are coming home during the summer requesting everything from paste to pencils. I created a master list of all the supplies needed. Fortunately. so scissors. ruler and other such items were already set aside in anticipation. rulers. Presented by MONEYNING.Slashing Spending on School Supplies Click Here to Read This Online Whether your child is heading off to their first year of kindergarten or their final year of college. Worse.COM 135 . They all went into a general pool from which all children would take what they needed. Get Everything Your Child Needs for Less The latest version of the “school supply” list arrived in mid August. from my perspective. parents are being asked to provide a lot more than a couple of pencils and a notebook. Each of my children needed pencils. glue. Next. While you expect to purchase more for a college student. you read that right. notebooks. Many of the supplies were similar to those requested last year. Buying these items in bulk at the warehouse club is often cheaper than picking up smaller boxes. unused supplies do return at the end of the school year. saving money on school supplies is just plain smart. The first step was to scavenge around the house. and the list went on and on for a full page. folders. yes. the prices there keep going up as well. scissors. Three kids equals nine dozen pencils. none of the supplies was personal. As school systems face the challenge of teaching more kids on a smaller budget.

you can bet I made it over there. Shop early to increase your chances of getting the book you need at the price you can afford. textbooks are one of the largest hurdles you face. get it used. Freecycling groups online may be able to help you get a used textbook for nothing or just the price of shipping. If you must purchase a book. even if it takes some time. Presented by MONEYNING. and most classes will require several books. but getting folders for a penny each when you need 20 pays off. College textbooks can easily cost in excess of $100 a piece. see if you can borrow their book. Paying full price is criminal in my opinion. if several items were cheapest at another location. You may need to read the book there. but it’s free.Checking circulars meant traveling to several stores. While I won’t go to a store for just one item (gas costs money too you know). College costs enough as is. While a good education is priceless.COM 136 . There are plenty of websites that sell used textbooks for a fraction of the cost of new. there is no reason to pay excessively for the experience. If you have a friend who took the class during the previous semester. Values abound. Copying pages you need for studying purposes is much cheaper than purchasing the book. Professors often reserve copies of their textbooks at the library. Once you get over the sticker shock of tuition. if you are willing to plan ahead and make an effort. room and board. Scrimp where you can Remember that there are many fine State schools that are much less expensive than private universities.

borrowing from older relatives.Enjoying your Prom on a Budget Click Here to Read This Online The emotional weight associated with prom night is difficult for an adult to appreciate. is a totally different story. Pick something that looks good without worrying about who designed it. although not necessarily cheaper. Presented by MONEYNING. and return it on time to avoid penalties. Today kids spring for stretch limos and decked out Hummers. Make sure to start looking early though. or visiting a dress exchange. Bridal shops are getting in on the celebration by renting dresses as well. As a parent you want your child to enjoy themselves and maybe make a few precious memories. Sharing the Ride Saves Everyone Money In my day the boy picked you up in dad’s car. A Grown Up Look for Less For many girls the largest expense ends up being the dress. it makes no sense at all to spend several hundred dollars on gown you may never wear again. because you don’t want to have to settle for a dress just because it is the right size. Gowns and Tuxedos. The price tag. but opting for a top of the line suit will cost you a pretty penny. well fitting tux doesn’t have to be the newest or the most expensive.COM 137 . but an attractive. Life is easier for the boys. Really. but you also want to avoid taking out a second mortgage to afford the evening. however. If you were lucky he cleaned the car before he drove over. Cheaper options include consignment shops. So what to do? Here are a few suggestions. Designer labels are snazzy. The tuxedo rental industry is well established.

The expense of several families renting a small suite at a hotel or arranging a co-ed event at home is much more reasonable.COM 138 . The evening’s rental may be $500. and the peace of mind is invaluable. If you don’t like carnations. pick something seasonal. Schools often arrange for an after party just to ensure that their students are somewhere safe when the prom is over. get together with a bunch of friends and decide to go as a group. but when you split it between 10 kids. The After Party. so designing your own at home is an easy way to save a bit of money. without spending a fortune you simply don’t have. Carnations are a traditional choice that still fit into a smaller budget. Flowers Don't Have to Be Exotic The corsage and boutonnière should match. A corsage is more challenging. but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. If your child’s school doesn’t do so. As always. it has become an integral part of many proms. as prices vary quite a bit between florists. Presented by MONEYNING. work with other parents to set one up. planning and creativity are the cornerstones of creating a memorable event. And shop around too. Dancing the Night Away Although the idea of an after party will seem strange to many parents. it is much more affordable. Making a boutonniere is fairly simple. so this is one area the boys may end up having to spend more.Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for your ride.

The games are usually guaranteed to work properly. You have to be a bit more wary if purchasing from a private individual online. but if you were willing to wait a few weeks they were available for $179 used. but my children do. Buy Your Games USED There is no easier way to cut your costs than to purchase games that are used. I found some great ways to save money and still give them video games they want. the games are the same.COM 139 . but for the most part. By the way. This means that they spend $50 for the newest game and then are willing to sell it for $20 in order to acquire money for the next thing coming out. Unlike my children who like to play the same game over and over beating it several times. there are those who only see the point of winning once. they all want something new. online or at game exchanges. Now I will admit that I don't actually play these games. My kids waited. and that means come holidays and birthdays. but the idea of spending that kind of money for a game actually offends my sensibilities. when new. extend this policy to the game console too. and everyone saved. You can do this at various game stores. Presented by MONEYNING. Each one sells its game disks for $50 or more a piece. which means if they don’t I just take them back to the store and get another copy.Don’t Pay Top Dollar on Video Games Click Here to Read This Online There are three popular video games on the market at this time. and I get a relatively new game for less than half the price. GREAT! I am willing to help them out. I don’t know about you. When the Wii came out it cost $250 new.

There is always something new to play and he gets to save up for something else. you are $40 ahead. Some stores give you cash while others provide merchandise credit. consider selling it back to the game store. Play Online Games – for free The popularity of online gaming continues to grow in leaps and bounds. like a new computer.COM 140 . then go ahead and do so. In addition. Renting the same game will cost you $5 at the local video store. If you like the game enough that you think it is worth purchasing used. If a game costs $50 and you rent it twice to complete the whole game. you have saved yourself a bundle. My teen spends hours each week on these sites and hasn’t bought any new video game for the game system in months. Turn In Your Old Games Many people horde their games long after they finished playing them. you get rid of unused games and you can purchase newer ones without spending a penny. You can find literally dozens of sites that host free online games you can play individually or in a group setting. Otherwise. If a couple of months go by and you haven’t gotten back to the game. Either way you come out ahead. Presented by MONEYNING.Rent Games Purchasing a game you don’t know anything about is a waste of money.

Consider Cremation Cremation is considerably cheaper than traditional burial. The primary advantage of control gives way to the secondary advantage. but completely unnecessary. What you pay will remain the price of the funeral. whereas cremation starts at $1. This saves your heirs money and aggravation.000 and doesn’t increase much. without appearing miserly. Here are a few things to keep in mind during this tragic time. Hiring some clergy-person who barely knew the Presented by MONEYNING. that of paying for your arrangements in advance. A traditional burial begins at about $5. what kind of service you want and arrange every aspect imaginable. plenty of individuals see funerals as a way of wringing every last dime out of a bereaved family.000 and heads up fast from there. but you need to know when to apply which strategy.COM 141 . Unfortunately. Flowers are nice. Planning your Funeral If you are a planner. stick to less expensive options like carnations. Places to Cut Costs around Funerals There are many places that you can reduce expenses. at today’s prices. Aside from the fact that you don’t usually need to embalm a body that is being cremated. If you feel they are required. as long as you leave a copy of the contract with your papers. There are ways to avoid spending too much money on a funeral. You can pick your plot. there is no cost associated with a plot or the need to purchase a fancy coffin to impress anyone.Planning Funerals Without Spending Too Much Click Here to Read This Online Planning a funeral for a loved one is a tremendously emotional event. then working out the details of your funeral won’t seem too macabre. your casket. unless you really try.

deceased is pointless. It is better to ask someone who is acquainted with the individual to speak. The more you formalize the service the more you will pay. Caskets are another area where money is made by the industry. Try to remember that ultimately this box is going to end up in the ground or burned. Do you really need to spend top dollar in either case? If you really want to save money, opt for a plain pine box, but even that can set you back a grand. While some people feel that it is necessary to travel from the funeral home to the cemetery in a limousine, it really isn’t crucial. You can avoid the whole traveling expense by simply having a nice closed casket service at the cemetery and encourage people to come to the house afterward for finger foods and reminiscing. This is much more personal, and frankly, cheaper. When my time comes, I want to be in one of the new cardboard coffins that my children and grandchildren have decorated with paint, glitter and love. I want to be put in a green cemetery with as little fuss as possible, and have someone plant a tree above my head. Simple, cheap and meaningful! The goal of a burial is to allow the family and friends of the deceased to begin grieving properly. Spending so much money that everyone ends up in debt is no legacy. Don’t get pressured into spending too much. No amount of money will bring back your loved one, so make your decisions carefully.

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Buying Batteries without Busting the Budget
Click Here to Read This Online Purchasing batteries seems to be a requirement today. Between all the electronically based games that children play and a need for flashlights and remote controls, having batteries around the house is a necessity, not a luxury. Still, most batteries are fairly expensive little items. Is there a way to get what you need without paying a fortune? Yes. You don’t have to buy name brand There is a particular consumer review service that evaluates products all year round. They reached the conclusion that many of the generic brands of batteries work just as well as their name brand counterparts. To find out which generics work best and are cheapest, head to your local library and review the findings in the monthly magazine. In many cases a generic alkaline battery will work just as well as long as the ratings are the same, and can be purchased for a lot less, even without using a coupon. Coupons and Sales are the Time to Stock Up Just about every Sunday paper provides a coupon to one type of battery or another, so look for those. When you can double up a coupon with a sale, the cost of batteries can drop significantly, so this is the time to stock up. And they last for years too if you store them properly. Buy Batteries in Bulk If you belong to one of the popular warehouse grocery stores, take a look at their battery prices. You can often save 30% or more when compared with a supermarket. The catch is that you have to purchase large quantities of batteries to achieve these

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savings. In my home, it isn’t uncommon to go through two packs of 48 AA batteries each year. The savings really add up, but only go for this option if you can go through that many batteries. Invest in a Battery Tester Once your battery doesn’t work in you child’s high-powered toy, it may still have plenty of juice to perform somewhere else. A battery tester may cost $10, but they will let you know how much juice is left in each battery. Many such “low charge” batteries will work for months in a remote control or other low draw devices. Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth the Money? From the perspective of finances, they aren’t usually worthwhile. From the perspective of avoiding tossing more garbage into landfills, yes, they are. Financially, rechargeable batteries are prohibitively expensive. They work well, and, if you purchase lithium batteries, they can last for years providing reliable power. They don’t last quite as long as disposable batteries, but they deliver consistent results time after time. For items like remote controls or digital cameras, they can be very useful. One Caveat on Battery Usage In life saving devices such as the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector, you should never use rechargeable or depleted batteries. A remarkable percentage of those who die in house fires would have survived had the smoke detectors sounded properly. In areas of safety, you should purchase high quality batteries and change them at least twice a year. Although batteries are expensive, they have become ubiquitous. Finding a way to save money when purchasing them is just smart, and should be part of anyone's strategy to save money.

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How to Reduce the Expense of Gasoline
Click Here to Read This Online Even though gasoline prices usually stay low during the cold months we have seen an increase at the pump. Lower production is often cited as the reason for the continued increase but it is hard not to suspect pure greed when it is public knowledge that barrels of crude oil are back from its all time high prices. Given that the fuel business is a business just like any other, you need some strategies that allow you to get around while spending the least amount possible. Use the Internet to Check The Internet is one of the best places to get current information about fuel prices. There are numerous sites that allow members to text in or call in the prices of their local gas stations. As long as you will be in the area, getting gas at one of these less expensive stations is beneficial, as even $0.10 a gallon less really adds up over the course of the year. Consider the gas at the Supermarket or Warehouse Warehouse stores have advantages and disadvantages. They go through a ton of gas, and that means they can react to changes in prices more quickly. I’ve seen my local store change prices two or three times a day as different trucks roll in and out. The disadvantage is that if the prices are rising, so does the price at the pump. However, their prices are lower most of the time, so go fill up there if there is one close by. Supermarkets that are affiliated with gas stations often offer a discount at the pump if you purchase enough groceries. The catch here is that you are probably paying a lot more for your food here than at a cheaper store. Only you can figure out if it pays to save $1.40 or so per tank, so don't always just assume without doing the calculation.

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Finally. This translates into wasted fuel. Try to stick to one speed rather than speeding up and slowing down constantly. You lose a lot of mileage to poorly inflated tires. the less efficiently your car runs. Presented by MONEYNING. and that turns into direct savings. the faster you go over 55 mph. Accelerate slowly. Air resistance and motor strain conspire to cost you a lot of gas. Secondly. check your filters and intake and clear them of any blockages. overload our cars and drive mindlessly. If saving gas is a main concern and if your job allows. By planning out your driving path you can significantly reduce your mileage. don’t gun the engine.Change your Driving Practices As a nation we tend to accelerate fast. Once you get on the road. The first thing you need to do is make sure your tires are properly inflated. group your errands together and avoid back tracking repeatedly. Additionally. consider changing the hours you commute to avoid the traffic jams. this too saves gas. drive too quickly. Stop and go traffic is never good for fuel consumption. it takes less gas to do so.COM 146 .

you can pick up a good winter coat for about $10. Those clothes never get worn enough to show any wear. you saw that. Other common items offered include shoes and household items.COM 147 . but here are the easiest. let it be known that you are always willing to take hand me downs for your kids. Free clothing Yes. This is particularly great if you need dressy clothes to wear to a fancy occasion. I recently discovered this wonderful community and clothes for kids are always being offered. You just need to know the tricks of the trade. without it having a real effect on your lifestyle. Barring a few “favorite” items each season. There are several ways to score free clothes. Kids grow out of their clothes so fast that they don’t usually have time to wear them out. clothing can be passed on to the next kid in good condition. These are two of the least expensive locations where you can fill your closets for a few dollars.Save Money on Clothes for the Whole Family Click Here to Read This Online There are some really easy ways to save money on clothes and still look great. Cheap clothes Ok folks. Not only are the clothes out on the floor in good condition. The next place to score free clothes is on your local freecycling website. This is probably the one place in the family budget where you can rack up some serious savings. Jeans usually run about $5 and a shirt $3. Presented by MONEYNING. there is nothing wrong with picking up clothes at Goodwill or ARC. First. free.

I recently made costumes for my kids and discovered that I spent at least as much as I would have purchasing these items. Finally. tragically I won’t be shrinking any time soon. Shopping for children a year in advance can be dangerous. Being able to anticipate when these sales will occur. If you do sew or knit. Planning for Sales As the stores are always several months ahead of the seasonal curve you will find things like swimsuits on sale during the summer and coats on sale in February. The deepest discounts turn up just as one season is ending and the next beginning. but still very reasonable is the consignment shop. but the quality is usually better. take care of it. not frugality. I save these kinds of purchases for myself. kids never grow the way we plan when we purchase clothes early. unless you luck out and get your materials cheaply.The next step up in price. I can plan ahead and make sure there is money in the budget for several items to be purchased at once. For some reason I have never figured out. whatever clothing you own. Sewing and Knitting Gone are the days when sewing and knitting were huge money savers. this option is more expensive than a thrift shop. Getting to a sale early ensures a better selection. remember that this is a labor of love. Presented by MONEYNING. Since someone still wants to make a few bucks for their items. Proper care will help reduce wear and decrease your spending just as much as any other strategy.COM 148 . Every city has them and you find clothing that people are trying to sell for a fraction of the original price.

one soap. various facial products and two different deodorants. If you fall into that category. as they all do the same thing. New products often come with some terrific coupons. you don’t have to purchase several of them. Even I. is all you need. While it is certainly fun to try out new products. the largest available for savings. one conditioner. Don’t Be a Brand Whore Barring skin allergies. Stick to something that works and avoid being tempted. Believe me when I tell you that your legs will be just as smooth with one razor as another will. One container. who am generally pretty good about these things.COM 149 . Let’s fix all that. not fashion. as you get to the end of a product you use. If you have multiple containers of a product and won’t use it before the expiration date. have two types of shampoo. most people can use just about any product.Save Money on Beauty Products Click Here to Read This Online Women in particular purchase a seemingly endless supply of beauty products. and look at some ways to save money. Three different exfoliating products makes no sense. One shampoo. allowing you to try something out for a few dollars. etc. I’ve seen my friend’s bathrooms and they can be filled to the rafters with product after product they bought and didn’t finish. Focus on function. online or in the paper. Women’s shelters really appreciate the donation and it will provide a tax credit as well. donate it. Presented by MONEYNING. start looking for coupons. it is also wasteful. Limit your Purchases Even if you find that a top of the line product works best for you.

Make it Yourself If you are willing to put in the time. you can generally make most creams. Look Online for Good Deals Many companies offer discounts and coupons on their websites. Even if you have to spend full price for your needed product. as a product goes out of production it often ends up on the dollar store shelves where you can pick up a supply for very little money.Dive into Dollar Stores There is no question that purchasing basics like soap. but rather about taking good care of your skin and hair. The best thing is that you get to scent them yourself and can come up with something truly unique. so beware. but only if do so whenever it make sense.COM 150 . but you have to know the regular price and calculate in shipping. shampoo and lotion at the dollar store is a great way to save money. you will get a bag full of goodies to go with it. scrubs and lotions at home for pennies on the dollar. Presented by MONEYNING. There are also a number of reliable "superstores" where you can get favored products for less than you would at the store. If you have a sensitive face then stick to what you know works. It takes only a few minutes to make a good lotion and even less time to mix up an exfoliating scrub. Even better. In the end it isn’t about getting some chi-chi product on your body. but other areas are rarely so delicate and can tolerate generic brands. eBay is another good place to find products cheaply. Purchase During Promotions Every cosmetic brand runs promotions throughout the year. Saving money while doing so is a wonderful bonus. This is your opportunity to get those coveted travel size containers and to try out new things without committing $30.

When car rental becomes necessary. you know that the prices continue to go up. get online and compare prices between rental companies.Cutting Costs on Car Rentals Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) If you have had to look into car rentals lately. there are some ways you can still get a bargain. and there is no need to pay this if you can be more flexible. sometimes the littler guys will. Sometimes the big names have the best prices. Sometimes you can’t get anything.COM 151 . These charges can easily double the price Presented by MONEYNING. You will be stuck with the highest rates and the worst selection of vehicles. in advance One of the worst ways you can rent a car is to show up at your destination and head to the counter. What you could have had a few years ago for $19 a day now costs double that if you don’t plan ahead and hit a good deal. Rent Online. Car rental companies charge a premium to provide you with a car at the airport. and it doesn’t cost you anything. Avoid the Airport If you can get a shuttle to whatever location you have in mind. reserve the car. You can always cancel if you find something better priced later on. you might want to consider putting off the rental until you arrive at your destination. but the only way to find out is to look. Beware of Hidden Costs One of the biggest moneymakers for any car rental company is additional insurances and the rental of car seats and GPS devices. Once you have found a reasonable price. As soon as you know where you are heading and when.

Secondly. less your see when you check rental prices. If you are flying somewhere. your car seat can go along as baggage. The worst that happens is that you end up fronting the price of any damage and your insurance company repays you. use a map! Join the Club and Maximize your Discounts Just about every large car rental company offers a membership that is free. Talk to your insurance company and find out if they cover rental cars as well as your own vehicle. Most do. Presented by MONEYNING. it has two important benefits. the cost of renting a seat can far exceed that of the potential for additional costs at the airline counter on a rental that lasts for more than a couple of days. Tack on your AAA membership discount or the savings from another company and it can really add up when it comes time to pay. you can dramatically decrease your costs and still get a nice set of wheels. First. If you rent even a couple of times a year it can be well worthwhile to put up with the endless stream of junk mail in order to garner a few more coupons and member prices. but with a little forethought and some good planning.COM 152 . As far as the GPS goes. Car rental can be expensive. you and your child are familiar with the seat and its operation. Even if you end up paying a few dollars to take it along.

Ask to see them broken down. settlement fees and attorney's fees. One point equals one percent of the total price. so here's a primer. as well as other such charges. in the hope that they will pass under your radar. Presented by MONEYNING.Closing Costs Don’t Have to Drain You of Cash Click Here to Read This Online When you get to the point in your life where you are ready to purchase a home. The Terms They Use On the most basic level when a Realtor talks about points in closing. they are talking about a percentage of the house price. Property assessments. inspections. there are many unexpected expenses." The price to record a new deed is available from the county clerk’s office and this shouldn’t exceed that price by more than a few dollars. They will almost certainly negotiate at this point. Any line item on the loan agreement that is an 800 block is a place where "junk fees" are hidden. Often the lenders just lump together these fees even if they don't utilize all of them on your purchase. These are fees that include the title search. taxes and improvements are bad enough. suggest they put off closing until you can have your lawyer take a good look at their fees. Negotiate over Everything Possible The best place to negotiate actually appears in the 1100’s section. Ask for explanations on any fee you don’t understand. A funding fee is pure padding. Look for names like "funding fee" and "deed recording. If you don’t get a good explanation. Understanding some of the terminology and the tricks of the trade can help you minimize these costs and bring your house price down. but tacking on excessive closing costs can be the final straw.COM 153 .

Presented by MONEYNING." Hazard Insurance Shop around for your hazard insurance. The costs of owning a home are only starting when you sit down to close on your home. Home ownership is a mile marker on the road of the "American dream" to which most aspire. so take some time to do your homework in order to save. you don't have to agree to a specific company for coverage. or to stick with your current insurer. it can pay off over a few years. if you do a little footwork. the fees are just rolled into the loan itself. Every dollar you can knock off these costs is a dollar you can spend on more important things. While it is mandatory to have hazard insurance. like those beautiful lace curtains for your new dining room.While there is no such thing as a "no closing costs" loan. You can choose to pay some closing costs for a benefit later on. This is often called a "loan discount. It is tempting to go with the company the lender recommends. if you opt to pay a point or two to drop your interest rate. This increases your upfront cost in order to reduce the overall interest paid later. For example. but this is one of the places where you can save hundreds. have them call the lender and communicate.COM 154 . Once you find the company you wish to use. You won't get to close without proof of insurance.

there are ways to save money on every aspect of your meeting – if you know how to work the system. car rental and accommodations – you will access better deals. search for promo codes such as the ones I list here. These codes can also reduce the price of the tickets you purchase or offer discounts on hotels when you arrive. you best bet is to purchase tickets from online discount travel sites such as Orbitz or Travelocity. Finally. Sometimes. Additionally. Fortunately. so play around with the options. It may not be possible to eat every meal out of a cooler. to save more money. When it comes to airfare. try to fly at less desirable times. and here. if they send you. by combining all your needs – airfare. Travel Expenses Whether you travel by air or car. consider driving together with other business associates and share the costs of traveling. Food on the Road If you are driving. but it is certainly achievable to eat many Presented by MONEYNING. you will still have a number of expenses to pay for out of pocket. there are ways to save money.Save Money While Traveling to Business Meetings Click Here to Read This Online It is nearly inevitable that sooner or later you will need to attend some business meetings if you work in the corporate world.COM 155 . taking food along on your trip is the best way to cut costs. Also. For car rentals you can go to the same websites and also look for promotional codes and coupons. the red-eye flight is going to cost less than the one that leaves at 9:00 am. This is even more of an issue if you own your own business and are responsible for the whole trip. While your business may be willing to pay for your airfare and your hotel room.

scheduling alternatives and anticipating your costs so you can trim them as often as possible.of your meals that way. Opt for less expensive restaurants and skip drinks. you can make them affordable again. That isn’t necessarily practical all of the time. hard boiled eggs. Presented by MONEYNING. Taking along a water bottle will keep you hydrated and you can fill it at any water fountain you encounter. sooner or later you will probably have to go out for some meals. especially alcoholic beverages. The usual money-saving techniques will work very well here. but by avoiding them as often as you can. Offer to share a meal with a coworker. If you can get everyone to agree to attend a happy hour buffet instead of going for dinner. and other easy to handle foods. Cutting Back Of course. granola bars. Prepackaged oatmeal and microwaveable meals are ideal for eating in your room as well. but everyone is dealing with tightened financial belts.COM 156 . Stock up on fruit. the best way to save on business meetings is simply not to attend any. Order an appetizer instead of an entrée. you can get your meal as well as a drink for very little cash. Business meetings are an inevitable part of company politics. and other options such as teleconferencing and videoconferencing can be reasonable alternatives for many previously scheduled face to face encounters. Eating Out when Required No matter how careful you are with your expenses.

you are kissing $1000 or more good-bye every year (Ha. What a fantastic waste of money. I always make more food for dinner than I expect we will eat. folks. or even $4. until the last 20 years or so.000. If I am not in the mood to eat it the next day. The rest is immediately portioned into plastic containers. Which meats and cheeses are on sale this week? Determine how many slices of each you need for the week and buy just that. This isn’t to say that you can’t eat out periodically. add some fruit.COM 157 . When you have a plan in place you are much more likely to follow through on making lunches. Come morning.” Pack Leftovers There is nothing revolutionary about the idea of packing your lunch. fill my water bottle. Presented by MONEYNING. In fact. I grab what I want for lunch that day.Work Lunches Don’t have to Be Boring or Expensive Click Here to Read This Online We eat lunch every day. and if you are the type of person who buys lunch daily.000. $3. Anticipate it Sit down and look at the supermarket circulars when they arrive. and I am set in a matter of moments. Those supplies are specifically for lunch. is what leftovers are for. into the freezer it goes. This. that is what everyone did if they didn’t have an office cafeteria at their disposal. for some of us. but as we constantly talk about here: “frugal is the new in. it's more like $2.000 a year!!).

You save money. So what options exist that will allow you to stick to a budget? • • • The Dollar Menu – There is nothing wrong with ordering off the dollar menu. and fries come out to $3 plus tax. Presented by MONEYNING. put half the meal into a take out box at the start. Planning is the key to enjoying your lunch and saving money at the same time. Coupons – Go out with a coworker.Preparing lunches in the evening is another way to improve reliability. It is much easier to find five minutes to assembly line all the lunches before bed than it is to find the same five minutes in the morning. Eat Small – Restaurants serve way more than a standard-sized meal these days. A sandwich. you can split an entrée. If you are with a coworker. and get enough to fill you up without requiring a nap after lunch. let’s face it. even if you usually pack your lunch. If you are on your own. so you can leave it at work for the next day. soda. Eating Out Okay. you are going to end up eating out. Order an appetizer and a drink instead. • Split a Meal – If you are either very close to your lunch companion or have someplace to put leftovers. unless you are much better organized than I am. and arguing about the need for a coat when it is below freezing. use a BOGO coupon. or one that offers 50% off a second entrée. plan on sharing the same meal. enjoy eating out. Work lunches shouldn’t be a large part of any family’s budget. you will still come out way ahead.COM 158 . so a full-sized entrée is more than you should be eating anyway. sooner or later. There is something about mornings that seems to get my children’s brains working and then I am signing papers. Drink water and share an appetizer if you must. Ask for the restaurant to split it in the kitchen and even if you pay the extra couple of dollars for the plate fee. finding money for field trips.

so you can see why paying double would make sense.COM 159 . Batteries are tested for life by an independent consumer agency. after all. you will save money by using rechargeables. since both the best and worst batteries were actually made by the same name brand company. Generic vs. What’s worse is that they are also quite expensive. the industry standard. is based upon how well AA batteries last and function in a high-use device such as a digital camera. The top rated battery out-performed lower ranking options by more than 400%. you have the option of keeping an extra set or two on hand so there is always a replacement set waiting. It does make sense to read the reviews when you purchase your batteries. The unfortunate fact is that a generic battery rarely lasts like a name brand. Let’s look at some of the ways you can get the battery power you need without depleting your savings accounts. they are half the price or even less. Name Brand Picking up batteries as the dollar store can be a real temptation. but they aren’t appropriate for all uses. name brand battery. Over time. batteries are ubiquitous. assuming you recharge regularly. which make buying generic batteries tempting – although usually a poor choice. Presented by MONEYNING. Their test. Your best bet is a lithium-based.Get a Charge from Saving on Batteries Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Batteries – it seems like everything we own needs a set. though. Rechargeable Batteries There is little doubt that rechargeable batteries offer something regular disposable batteries don’t: an opportunity to do something for the planet. From the kid’s game systems to the flashlight and the phone. While the outlay might be a bit higher than standard batteries.

especially if you can pair them with supermarket discounts. The big advantage of buying large quantities. Make use of coupons. Each year when it is time to switch out my 9-volts in the smoke detectors. Discounts for batteries are common. you can always increase your savings. Presented by MONEYNING. It may only save a few dollars. Since batteries last for years. but hey. This prevents accidental usage. especially around the holidays. remember to take batteries out of items you don’t use often. I buy the big pack too. but my family goes through that pack in about three months. since the outlay remains higher at this time. they are perfect bulk purchase items. It is probably best to acquire the rechargeable batteries slowly. Finally.COM 160 . A combination of rechargeable batteries and disposables will give you the best when it comes to meeting the needs most household’s experience. is that you really can save a lot of money when you compare the bulk pack to a regularly priced 4-pack. Bulk Purchases Buying 48 batteries may seem like a lot. we have way too many battery-operated devices in our house. Apparently. The last thing you want to experience is going for your flashlight in a blackout and finding out that the batteries are dead because one of the kids left the light on months earlier. without losing power. they are my few dollars. and you have to watch the prices.Coupons and Specials By signing up for e-mails and offers. I’ve bought name brand batteries for as little as $1 a pack with a coupon when they are on sale at the market. Combine and Save There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to batteries.

you have the same flexibility here. and ask them to make a proposal based upon your credit reports and financial situation. Sometimes you can get an additional interest discount if you agree to have your payment taken out of your Presented by MONEYNING. A lower interest rate on a short loan may not be worth the higher fees. though. not the needs of the lender. there is virtually no reason not to lock in. expand. With interest rates at historically low levels. so do some comparison shopping. Just as you have choices and options with a primary mortgage. interest rates. Check the Terms Every lender is different. Pay particular attention to early payment fees. sit down and assess the fees. or finance a purchase. penalties. terms.4 Ways You Can Save with a Second Mortgage Application Click Here to Read This Online Applying for a second mortgage may become necessary if you want to renovate.COM 161 . when. Compare several lenders. That doesn’t mean that you have to blindly shell out whatever fees and charges a particular lender requests. it has made us aware that adjustable rate mortgages can be a real problem if you aren’t careful. but it can make a big difference on a long-term loan. and other hidden fees. and any other relevant data. Pick Your Terms Carefully If the sub-prime mortgage crisis taught us nothing else. Discuss how long it will take to pay the loan. Run the figures and figure out which deal is best for your needs. Under most circumstances you will get better terms as well as consistency by applying for a fixedrate loan. Once you have your offers. and how.

the contracts are drawn up in such a way as to separate you from as much of your money as possible. your goal is to prevent that from happening. they do exist. Negotiate Aggressively. Being able to show other offers you received during your search will provide a good incentive for your loan officer to work harder for your business. the fact is that you are the one doing the favor. but Politely While a lender may try to make you feel as if they are doing you a favor by loaning you money. Remember.COM 162 . you can save money in various ways. From reductions in fees to discounts for applying online instead of in person. it can alleviate some of the stress involved in taking out a second mortgage. Just about everything can be negotiated. While this is certainly not a good reason to incur more debt. With good negotiation. there is almost always a way to reduce how much you spend for your second mortgage application and process. The Hidden Savings One of the advantages to taking a second mortgage instead of a line of credit or racking up debt on credit cards is being able to deduct your application expenses and interest payments from your income taxes. proper arrangements. Presented by MONEYNING.checking account automatically. Find out what other options you have to reduce your rates. from application fees to rates and right on down to postage. Their income depends upon your interest. and an eye to the additional benefits of taking a loan instead of accumulating bad debt. Look for Specials While it may seem strange to get a special on a loan.

so they can really add up.Don’t Get Taken for a Ride with Full Price Train Tickets Click Here to Read This Online There are plenty of ways to play the system in Europe and get cheaper train tickets. Just like planes. Booking early. the AARP. and making use of bargain passes are all traditional ways of cutting a train ticket’s price dramatically. How Much Room Do You Need? As always. you get points for your miles. or are traveling with a child. or are a member of the military or a vet. make sure to ask for your discounts. Make Use of Memberships If you belong to an auto club. rail prices are equal – if not higher – than plane ticket prices. the difference is shocking. In fact. These range between 10-50% off the full price. or spread out – to some degree – you will pay for it.COM 163 . trains have a limited amount of space. In the US. Also.” expect to pay between $200-500 more. but there are still ways to save. and if you want to be able to lie down. When you compare the fare of tickets from Denver to New York for a reclining seat and a room. The reclining seat will set you back about $300 but if you want to get a “room. space is a luxury when traveling. or are still in school. Check for Specials Presented by MONEYNING. enjoy a private compartment. and those points can be used for free trips. depending upon the size of the room involved. traveling at odd times. though. just as you would with an airline club. things are much less accommodating. since the government started subsidizing Amtrak. consider joining the Amtrak member plan.

When you hop on a plane and spend a few hours at 30. Every week. but keep that in mind next time you are thinking about how transportation. Perhaps the best reason to travel by train. There is no way to determine the value of what you and your family share as you travel by train. hotels. think about having the train company book all of the details for you. you have no connection to what you are traversing. If you join the crowds you will pay more. Not everyone is comfortable flying. such as around the holidays.COM 164 . and train services are no different. Basic supply and demand will affect train ticket prices. Consider Booking the Whole Trip If your goal is leisure. and train travel still has a touch of romance for some. you will pay less. new specials are announced. Travel packages are often less expensive than trying to book all the disparate elements on your own.With the economy in a slump. and if you are traveling for vacation and have some flexibility in schedule and location. Tours. this is a great way to get tickets for a lot less. especially in light of the increased time. everyone is vying for your travel dollar.000+ feet. just as it does everything else. if you travel when everyone else is staying home. and train schedules are all organized and coordinated for you. is the opportunity to see something of the country through which you travel. so you save on stress as well as on tickets. Presented by MONEYNING. meals. Travel Off Peak There are times when traveling is more popular.

CRT Monitors In general. As quickly as technology changes. The best deals are for monitors in the 17” size range. as that is the most popular. While still more expensive than CRT monitors. are going to be cheaper. prices have dropped. especially when the screens get larger. LCD monitors have stepped off the laptop platform and are now commonly used with desktop models. Needless to say. I remember when a machine with 128K – yes K – cost a couple thousand dollars. Some users prefer them because they don’t look quite as pixelated as LCD monitors. bringing them into the reach of most computer owners. On the other hand. the prices have dropped a great deal in the past few years. getting a low end LCD monitor may be the lease expensive way to enjoy this technology without breaking the bank. they take up a lot of space and consume more energy than other screens. Size Matters Presented by MONEYNING.Cheap Computer Monitors are Just Fine Click Here to Read This Online Fortunately. if you can still find them. we are a long way from the day that purchasing an inexpensive computer monitor meant that you were getting a dud. things have processed but best of all. to orange and green screens that were as large as a small fridge and on up to the LCD screens of today. If you have been around to watch the progress of computers from the days before monitors. then you can really appreciate the progress.COM 165 . LCD Monitors Lighter and brighter than their CRT cousins. CRT monitors.

go online and purchase what you need by the component instead. Avoid Packages Packages may seem like a good deal. a savings of 20%. Wondering how much you can save? I have seen deals of 30-90% off the original price. model years come and go. These are usually models that had some minor defect out of the box. you may require a larger screen. and surf. exact same features and size. all you do is keep your financial records. the more you will end up paying for it so think it through. for $50 less then the current model. Wait for Year-end Sales In computer monitors.The larger the screen. Instead. and you can get a much better deal on a monitor when the new ones make it to the shelves. I just got a Netbook that was last year’s model. the monitor was repaired and made available once more. just like in every other retail product. prices go up quickly. and as with everything that is computer related. If you play multiplayer online games or write computer programs. consider refurbished models.COM 166 . however. the price will drop. Most models are cheaply made and aren’t worth the price you end up paying for them. When a newer product replaces the old version. computer monitors. As a case in point. wires and everything else you could possibly need to get your system up and running. if. Once they return to the manufacturer. Once you move beyond standard-sized screens. it pays to wait. but you are usually being offered whatever the store has to move. Presented by MONEYNING. The monitor doesn’t have an expiration date. Consider Refurbished If you are looking at the LCD monitors and really don’t want to pay full price. write e-mail. you can get by with a 15-17” screen with ease. trust me. There are plenty of reliable vendors who offer CPUs. I’m sure monitors reflect similar savings.

Many of the items that arrive at the thrift store are barely worn. Get What Fits But Only on Sale A pair of jeans. There is no reason to pay full price for jeans. and then make sure to turn up first thing on the day of the sale. some even have original tags. Paying more for a pair of pants just because they have a specific label on them is a waste. isn’t worth anything if they don’t fit well. name brand pants. getting kid’s jeans anywhere else is just plain foolish.COM 167 . there is little reason to buy top-of-the-line. Jeans are one of those items that change regularly. Different stitch patterns.Buy Jeans at Full Price? Never! Click Here to Read This Online Jeans are as American as apple pie. ask the sales people if they know of an upcoming sale. seems kind of like hitting the lottery. keep your eyes open for sales. however. no matter how cool. but you can’t beat these prices. and unless you are a starlet. If you are in your favorite jeans store and the pants you want are still offered at full price. Look at Thrift Shops and Goodwill A pair of name brand jeans at a thrift store or Goodwill will set you back about $6 if you are looking at adult clothes and about $3 for kid’s pants. and so forth cause jeans to go on sale regularly. let the savings soothe your worries. Once you find a brand that fits your shape. Finding a good pair of jeans at a good price. If it seems odd to wear something that was worn by someone else. Since kids outgrow their clothes faster then they wear through them. small changes in color. under most circumstances. Drop those cheap. I don’t care how good a sale you find. new jeans in the wash and enjoy. Presented by MONEYNING.

You save on shipping because it is a single lot. Presented by MONEYNING.Garage Sales Clothes are one of the most common items at garage sales. and you get clothes you want without running all over town checking different stores. in decent condition. or whatever is important to you. kids grow fast. etc. Jeans go for as little as $0. pants on another. You get clothes for nothing and you do a good deed too. Set the rules. separate clothes by style – shirts on one table. Lots are groups of clothes – usually the same size – and often the same manufacturer that someone is selling off. arrange clothing swaps a couple of times a year at your school. On the day of the event.COM 168 . For Kid’s Jeans Arrange Swaps As I said before. Chances are if you found one pair of jeans. Auction Site Lots Another good way to get a set of similar jeans for a great price is to check out the online auction sites. At the end of the day. You can even set aside specific subsections based upon sizes. take anything left to Goodwill. everything must be washed.25 a piece. but only look for “lots” rather than single items. and you can take advantage of someone else’s change in size. and since jeans are likely to outlast the kid. Anyone who brings items can take others home. there will be a whole set you can get for a couple of dollars. and not smell of smoke.

as the real estate market has just about bottomed out in certain markets. you have your pick of properties too.Now Makes for a Good Time to Save on Real Estate Click Here to Read This Online If you don’t own a house. Pick the Right Mortgage Buying a home involves all sorts of legalities and paperwork. There has been very little change in home prices thus far. In a market where sellers are desperate and banks are sitting on homes for months. Add to that the historically low interest rates.COM 169 . Certain areas are not as heavily affected by the downturn in the economic climate. people upside down on their mortgages. title search fees. Closing costs are always negotiable in some form or another. With officers moving in and out constantly on a 2-3 year rotation. so make sure you do your homework. and pay off the loan faster. That way your payments won’t increase over the life of the loan. and a glut of homes on the market. and you can see why buying now may save you a lot of money. Due Diligence Counts Even More Presented by MONEYNING. For example. Know your Market The first step to getting a good deal is to know your market. Between foreclosures. Fifty miles away. Mailing fees. I live in a highly military town. the story is quite different though. After a few years you can toss in a few extra dollars of principal each month. good properties don’t sit long. points. and commissions are all open to debate. A fixed mortgage is your best option if you can get one. this may be the perfect time to consider one. you will find it quite easy to convince a lender to forgo some fees just to unload a property. The basics remain the same nevertheless.

and more cleaning to do. increased heating and cooling costs. you need to be particularly careful when negotiating a purchase. they usually offer the homes for the price of the remaining mortgage. but consider the future implications. Presented by MONEYNING. The mortgage. This is especially important if you are purchasing a property that is being auctioned. The longer they have it on the books. but you stand to save a lot of money if you can get your home this way. Make sure to schedule a walk-through before closing and then follow through. It can be very tempting to get a larger house when you can get a great price on it. the more it costs them. With auctions.Because people are eager to get out of their homes. Spend the extra money to have an independent home inspector. higher property taxes. even a reduced one that results from buying a home that is in foreclosure. and it can add up over 30 years. Buy Only What You Need One of the most expensive mistakes you can make when purchasing real estate is to buy more than what you need. so take the time to make sure you are comfortable with ownership before you decide. you also need to bring cashiers check and be willing to pay on the spot.COM 170 . Look for Deals on Auction When a bank forecloses on a house it wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Larger homes have more maintenance. Getting a house is expensive. so you will need to have your financing in place before you make bids. will be larger than that of a smaller home. Foreclosure auctions are an unfortunate reality today.

thrift shops. It isn’t unusual to find half off or more. it is always best to anticipate and buy out of season. if you are purchasing for kids. but make sure they are warm enough on the nights you plan to wear them.Pajamas on the Cheap – 3 Ways to Save Money On Sleepwear Click Here to Read This Online The first issue many people have when it comes to sleepwear is a preconceived notion about what is appropriate sleepwear. In fact. You can also use clothes that have gotten too small to wear day to day. Choosing to sleep in the buff is not for everyone. Get them a couple of sizes larger to use as gowns for a girl and with sweatpants or underpants for a boy. Buy Seasonally Assuming you need to purchase pajamas for a number of individuals. and there are times when the weather might have a say in your decision. the primary goal of nightwear is to keep you covered and warm. you will also have to anticipate their sizes a year later. After all. sometimes dramatically. For example. That means waiting out the season. Use some fabric paints to decorate your new night clothes to suit the wearer. or even as hand-medowns. and if you can wait until about February you will find that they go on sale. though. Presented by MONEYNING.COM 171 . Of course. There is a lot to be said for getting your sleepwear at bargain shops. the cheapest set of pajamas came with you when you were born. Buy Off Brands or Other Clothes You don’t need to get the fanciest pajamas to stay warm at night. Think about simply investing in a set of inexpensive tee shirts. Below are 3 additional ways to save on what's pretty much a necessity for most people. not to mention the social situation. winter pajamas arrive at the stores in early fall.

rather than flopping about. is to use hair Scrunchies to keep arms and legs in the right place. remember that hand-me-downs aren’t the end of the world. If your children attend sleepovers. It doesn’t take much effort to hem a gown or a pair of pants. Presented by MONEYNING. invest in one nicer set of pajamas that they can take with them when they go out.Go Large and Use it Longer If you are purchasing pajamas for young kids. if you have several children. Another option. warmth. Safety Issues Most night clothes are available either in polyester or cotton. Of course. seriously consider getting a size larger. just usable.COM 172 . Cotton is flammable but can be treated and if worn snuggly it is considered perfectly safe. Night clothes don’t really need to be fancy or perfect. and ease are all that is required of any nightwear. That will alleviate any social concerns they have while still saving you lots of money. Don’t spend large sums of money on pajamas. especially with footy pajamas. You can manage such repairs. so keep your money for something that is more important. Polyester is fire retardant but melts when subjected to high heat. even if you can’t sew by using hem tape with only a hot iron and a good eye. Comfort.

so plan ahead and keep on top of the date when tickets go on sale. Every professional sports team offers a limited number of seats at a significantly reduced price to those individuals who need easier access.Get Sports Tickets to the Big Game Without Spending a Fortune Click Here to Read This Online Tickets to an official NFL. Fortunately. Let me tell you. and usually unobstructed. While you frequently end up in the rafters. Are they the best seats in the house? No. These seats are usually in a very convenient place. there are many ways to get good seats without applying for a mortgage.COM 173 . Disability Advantage Under most circumstances. Presented by MONEYNING. I am very reluctant to make use of my classification as someone who is partially disabled. teams offer a specific number of half-priced seats for each game. Here are a few ways to save. good Broncos tickets will set you back nearly $400 per seat. Right now. Half-priced Seats Did you know that many professional sports events offer half-priced tickets? For a number of reasons. Calling immediately will get you better seats at the same price. I’m willing to do it. or NHL game can easily cost $100 or more. The more popular the game. don’t worry. the view is clear and once you get up there. for access. when it comes to taking my kids to the game. I don’t know about you. but I don’t think that taking a family of four to a game should require a loan. the harder these seats are to get. MLB. If you are disabled and have been avoiding games because you fear the price and the climb to the nosebleed seats. Are they perfectly acceptable? Yes. and that cost is for the bad seats. NBA. and are easily served by the escalators and elevators in the building.

and if you have an attendee who qualifies. but those seats exist for a reason. bring your enthusiasm. It might seem cutthroat. and enjoy your favorite game and your favorite teams on a budget. if you are an avid fan. it is well worth considering. Presented by MONEYNING. pack up your tailgate party. Go College! Granted.COM 174 . college level teams are amazing to watch. however. Consider Sharing a Subscription The waiting list for season tickets can be several years long. For an investment of $500-$1000. The United States Air Force Academy isn’t all that far from the Bronco’s stadium. so it can be a bit of a gamble. Season tickets are released annually based upon the number of tickets that aren’t renewed. this is the way to go. it is a good way to get in for the game at a reasonable price.It might seem cutthroat. however. but those seats exist for a reason. there is nothing quite like the thrill of game day in a big stadium. and tickets to their football games are only $50 per game at the 50-yard line. Pair up with another family and halve the cost. and if you have an attendee who qualifies. and then split the days you each attend. The smaller stadium. it is a good way to get in for the game at a reasonable price. you get access to all the games and for considerably less than you would spend for each ticket individually. but in the mean time you can use the above strategies. No matter which option you choose. If you goal is to watch a great game for a bargain basement price. the enthusiastic fans and the savings are enough to make you cheer.

Once you get to 10 tickets. Insist on payment upfront. Buy in Bulk Chances are that if you like a band. so do some of your friends. make sure to keep up on updates and any other information that will help you score tickets for less. Once you have joined the club. so take the time to group your sale.Get your Concert Tickets for a Steal Click Here to Read This Online I used to tell my kids I was too old for concerts. If there is a joining fee. Join the Fan Site Some bands offer discounts. you can usually get a bulk sale price. If you don’t have friends who want to attend the same performance. cheaply. This is good for the affiliate and the vendor. there was no way to even consider attending. Finally. a band I really liked came in to town. though. These affiliate sites get paid to direct Web traffic to a specific location in the hopes of a sale. and it was time to put my frugal foot forward and find a way to attend. and other benefits for their members. and you get to pay less for an act you want to see. mostly because the idea of shelling out $100 for tickets just didn’t seem reasonable. Time Your Purchase Presented by MONEYNING.COM 175 . You can save 10% or more by purchasing together. compare the benefits to the cost. early sales. Only you can decide if it is worth paying a fee to join a club. Look for Promo Codes Some websites offer promotional codes on tickets. As the prices of concert tickets kept climbing. consider going online and getting a group together.

Look for Special Shows I live in a country/western town. Few things are as wasteful as purchasing fake tickets.COM 176 . Not only are prices dirt cheap. your scalper and your money are long gone. there should be nothing holding you back from enjoying top-notch entertainment on a budget. Shop Around Even concert ticket prices will vary from one dealer to another. scalpers can recreate those digital tickets that are supposed to be unique. compare your prices. and only purchase from a reputable dealer. I realize that this style of music isn’t for everyone. Skip opening night if you can. but they also usually donate the money to a charity. If you want tickets for a moderately-known group in a larger arena. If you are a member of the radio station’s fan club. as the supply decreases the price will increase.Are you searching for tickets to a very popular group in a small venue? If so. Now that you know how to save money on concert tickets. Now. and sometimes even-well known performers. turn up in town when they are playing other local venues. and you get an up close and personal experience. They do a promotional event for the local radio stations or play at some of the local dance clubs in a private performance. chances are prices will drop as the concert date gets closer. With new printers. By the time you try to get in to the show. but the principle is sound. Presented by MONEYNING. Newer bands. get tickets as soon as possible. you can purchase tickets to these performances.

You might get away with as little as 10-15 yards on a bolt. Some upholstery materials can cost well over $75 a yard. Here are a number of ways you can get as much fabric as you possibly need without spending a fortune. I am on two such lists. you want to join the mailing list. How much less? Sometimes they are pennies on the dollar. Hit the Garment District If you are lucky enough to live in New York City. just like other wholesale items.Stock up on Fabric for Less than You Expect Click Here to Read This Online Purchasing fabric for sewing. or any other use can be an expensive endeavor. Think Wholesale Wholesale fabrics. and that is really too much for a casual sewer. but if you sew regularly. Make sure you ask before you order. On the other hand. Between 5th and 8th and 37th and 38th. you will find the historic area where fabric has been selling for decades. crafting. That is perfect if you are sharing the fabric with a bunch of quilting friends. you can head for the Garment District. some bolts are 100 yards or longer. and you can pick up unusual fabrics for a song. How much exactly depends upon the website or distributor. Manufacturers line the streets. The catch? You have to buy a lot. Join the Mailing List It’s an old trick to get your contact information. people rush around pushing trolleys of samples. This doesn’t mean you are consigned to the bargain bin each time you want to sew. it just means you have to be smart with your money. cost less.COM 177 . and every month I get a mailer that lists the Presented by MONEYNING.

that is a winner for me. Fleece can be turned into pillows. as not buying anything is the best way to save money. buy classics and stock up when the fall arrives. Sales are Superb Every fabric store in creation experiences that same dilemma. Slowly building a good stash of fabric will also make you less likely to spend on impulse. If you want to make everyone a Christmasthemed fleece jacket. sheets. who says you can’t buy the fabric in January and keep it until the next year? Your kids will need new clothes next summer.specials as well as provides two coupons. fleece blankets can be tied together to create the popular tied fleece throws. Always make sure to check what you have before you buy something else. Presented by MONEYNING. One is always a 40% off coupon on one cut of fabric up to 5 yards. Consider Alternatives Just because it didn’t come from a fabric store doesn’t mean it can’t be used for just about anything. When nothing but new will do. A season is coming to an end and some of their fabrics didn’t sell. Consignment shops have plenty of clothing. If you aren’t finicky.COM 178 . you can end up getting fabric for 75% off or better. so avoid faddish materials. and fleece that can be re-purposed for sewing. and any really large items can be cut apart and used for smaller sizes. Sheets make great curtains or fabric for summery girl’s dresses.

If you find a consistent history of complaints. and frankly. bulk purchases.How Much Should You Spend on Cologne/Perfume? Click Here to Read This Online You can spend a fortune on cologne/perfume if you aren’t careful. Many times these bottles of cologne/perfume end up in the closet gathering dust. looking off the beaten path can help too. In addition. People get very attached to a particular scent – and that’s fine – but that isn’t a good way to save. it can be a great way to get a standard. Go Online It will come as no surprise that some of the best prices on perfume or cologne can be found online.COM 179 . That said. It is the old story of low overhead. Other times. go elsewhere. Auction Sites Auction sites such as Overstock and eBay are also good places to find scents. if you know what you are searching for. it just isn’t worth it. You can find just about every scent in the world online in some capacity. an enterprising individual sells them online for a few dollars. Make sure to check reviews of any Web site you are considering. Anyone can pretend they are selling the legitimate product. That doesn’t mean you will get what you think you are getting. Department Stores Presented by MONEYNING. some caution is in order. and deep discounts. While this isn’t a good way to try a new product. Nearly everyone has had the experience of being given a scent they don’t use. Having a few different scents in your palate will increase your chances of finding what you want without spending too much.

so look for money-saving opportunities. Learn how to minimize your usage. but even department stores can be a source for inexpensive perfumes.It’s hard to believe. kitchen wares.COM 180 . When holidays roll around. many companies offer sales. you can find many fragrances. Among the collection of designer dresses. lotions. stocking up when you find a good deal is a decent option. While you can no longer be assaulted in a store by a spray bottle wielding salesperson. and luggage. Presented by MONEYNING. Remember that even perfumes have a limited shelf life. and more. free samples. you will save money and still enjoy your fragrance. These alternatives are usually less expensive than the perfume and provide an all over appeal. Consider other Products Many popular products can be purchased as powders. Outlet Stores Some stores specialize in selling department store discards. Use Sparingly As a culture we overuse our scents. and other perks to regular customers. Scents are meant to enhance. and you can have your scent and smell it too. This is a particularly useful place to search when your favorite scent is being phased out or a special holiday bottle was in use for a short while. If you are already dusted with perfume-scented powder. a dab behind each ear is all you need to raise the bar. make sure to get offered an extra as well. not overpower. you can certainly experience a similar feeling when you smell some people. If you have to get something at these prices. No matter which cologne/perfume you like to wear. bath gels. you don’t need to overdo it. and if you purchase good products. Your perfume will last a long time that way.

so Presented by MONEYNING. Motel 6 is bound to be cheaper than the Marriott. Add up the cost of a room. travel. call them and ask if they want to share a room. That doesn’t mean this is your only option though.Attending Tradeshows and Conventions on a Livable Budget Click Here to Read This Online If you are in a line of work that requires periodic attendance of tradeshows and conventions. and more and you will start to see just how profoundly you attendance will affect your bottom line. Choose Alternate Accommodations When a group sets up a convention or trade show. Almost every hotel room comes with two queen-sized beds. Let’s face it. It is not at all uncommon to find several hotels and motels clustered in a relatively small area in most cities. That means that if you plug in the address of the convention site. they usually arrange for a group rate at the hosting hotel. food. even if the latter is offering a good discount. This pays off for the hotel because they know that they will book a large number of rooms. Keep in mind that some of these ideas work better when you are at hobby conventions than at business tradeshows and visa versa. you know that the experience can be prohibitively expensive. Share a Room If you know someone else who is going to the same tradeshow. Barring the option of skipping all such gatherings. there are several things you can do to cut your costs and still enjoy the experience.COM 181 . or you just like attending hobby based events. you are likely to find a number of other accommodations nearby. and it pays off for some attendees because they get a cheaper room in a convenient spot. purchases.

you won’t be sharing the bed. cold cuts. I’ve acquired everything from highlighters to flashlights. Members get free breakfasts. you have many more options. When my children and I go to the board gaming convention every year. even if you stockpile your points and use them to take a cheaper family vacation later on. They can all pick a few items. even indulgent ones.COM 182 . fruit. There is no reason you have to eat every meal out of a restaurant. or fast food joint. and other perks. Join the Club If you attend a tradeshow or convention regularly and it is held in the same location year after year. and all have been put to use at some point or another. you can only win. and more in the cooler. Pack snacks. and you have gotten something for nothing. Pack a Cooler Food is likely to be your next largest expense. join the hotel’s club. If you don’t want to pack a cooler. Once you get a cooler into the act. veggies. snack bar. I pack a couple of bags full of snacks that require no preparation and then I pack drinks. Take Free Stuff When I attend tradeshows. I wander the aisles of the vendor area and pick up any freebie I think might use. mouse pads to hand sanitizer. While this might not have a direct impact on what you spend on this trip. and with a little respect and courtesy you can share a room for a few days and save 50% on accommodations. deals on rooms. and nuts are perfect for snacking at any time. it all adds up somewhere. Presented by MONEYNING. protein bars. and we save a ton of money. condiments. Quick oatmeal pouches are an ideal breakfast since most hotels now offer a small coffee pot in which to heat the water. As these clubs are usually free. I always bring an extra folding bag and a couple of shopping bags.

COM 183 . are great fun. have to cost a great deal. however. They don’t.Tradeshows and conventions. whether for business or pleasure. Presented by MONEYNING.

toss in a piece of fruit or add some veggies to the eggs and make an omelet.Saving on Breakfast. Each person can put their own choice of toppings. Name brand cereals. and cinnamon and fry it up. French toast is another good way to use eggs and stale bread. Two eggs. veggies. and let it bake for an hour until the eggs have set. and OJ make a healthy. Presented by MONEYNING. and protein drinks can cost a bundle. some toast. oatmeal. like my son. grits. Pour the mixture into a pie shell. For a few cents a serving you can cook up a big pot of hot cereal and feed everyone. If you want to increase the health benefits. get them in the bulk bins at your local healthy food store.COM 184 . Add any leftover meats. and a bit of cheese to four eggs and a cup of milk. Don’t purchase these in small. and you are ready to go. food bars. Starting the Day Right Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Unless you are one of the unique individuals. Hot Cereals Cream of wheat. you can get a dozen eggs for about $1. lutein. Here are a few ways to save some money on this essential meal and still enjoy good nutrition and taste. chances are you start every day with this meal. choline. who never eats breakfast. and quinoa all make fantastic breakfasts. sugar. Eggs can also be used to make a quiche for breakfast. Eggs are Great Aside from the fact that an egg provides essential protein. name brand boxes. You get eight servings for a couple of dollars and some leftovers. and other nutrients. Mix your eggs with a bit of milk. especially if you get individually-wrapped items. sustaining breakfast for less than $1.

Generic Brand Cereals You don’t have to purchase name brand cereals to enjoy cold cereal in the morning. Generics work just fine, and if you have teenagers in the house you understand how much they have to eat. I have seen my kids go through a box of cereal for snack in the afternoon; there is no way I am spending more than $4 for a box. Some of the generic cereals even come in really large bags that will take a teenager several attempts to finish, and the price per serving drops dramatically at that size. Think Leftovers Around my house breakfast foods are not the only thing that gets eaten for breakfast. Leftovers are very popular, as is ramen soup. At less than $0.20 a pack ramen is a great bargain, and if you add an egg to the broth you give your kids some protein as well. What about Eating Out? There are ways to eat out and not spend a bundle too. Coupons are your friends. Buy one, get one coupons for the major fast food chains are always turning up in the mail. Plan ahead and use them. One restaurant chain offers a free breakfast sandwich from time to time; that is a great day to go out for breakfast. Another chain offers free pancakes one day a year, but plan to get there early. Breakfast is the one meal where you can really save a lot if you plan ahead, buy in bulk, and think outside the box. Enjoy your savings.

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Bargain Priced Massage Can be Good for your Body and Wallet
Click Here to Read This Online Many people view massage as a luxury, but it doesn’t have to be. Aside from the fact that massage provides a number of important physical benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, greater range of motion, and an immune system that works better, it feels great. Still, some places charge $100 for an hour of basic massage, and that can be very hard to justify on a limited budget. If you know the systems, though, you can get good massage for a lot less. Here is how. Find Schools No matter where you live, massage therapists must get some education to hang their shingle. Pull out the Yellow Pages, open a browser, and find out where the schools are in your neighborhood. Call the schools and find out if they have a student clinic; chances are they do. Students are required to document a certain number of hours in a clinic before they graduate their program, and only the “senior” students work in the clinic under normal circumstances. The best part is that you will usually pay less than half the going rate for a professional massage. Of course, there will be some variability between massages, even though all the students learn the same techniques, but if you find a student you like, you can stick with them until they finish their clinic hours. Search for Promotions New massage therapists often advertise their services in local money saver magazines. This is a way for them to build their business. They offer discounted massages as a way

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to get you in their office in the hopes that you will return later and pay full price. How much can you save this way? It varies. Some will offer a few dollars off, others half off. You should also ask if a therapist offers a discount if you purchase several massages at once. It is fairly common to give a discounted price if someone pays upfront for three or more massages. You may not save as much as if you jump from promo to promo, but you will get more consistent treatment. Barter Many massage therapists will barter their services. If you have a service you perform, for example if you design websites, business cards, or any of a number of other options, you may be able to barter your services for massages. I have a friend in the business that has had a deck put on her house and her basement finished and is now working off some landscaping all for her massages. Everyone walks away happy, and all you give up is some time. Silent Auctions Many therapists donate a massage or two to fundraisers. The catch with silent auctions is that massage is often a very coveted item, which can drive the price up. This takes a bit of finesse and knowledge of the market, but these fundraisers are definitely a great way to score a few massages for less than retail. In my town the average massage goes for about $55, but in my parents’ town it goes for $80. Paying more than about 60% of the face value is not really much of a bargain, even if the money is going to a good cause. With a little creativity, some good bargain hunting skills, and a willingness to be a guinea pig for a student, you can find well-priced massage just about anywhere.

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Cheaper China for Your Home
Click Here to Read This Online China holds an iconic place in our perception of entertainment and value, as many couples still seriously consider requesting china when they get married. Before you opt to spend, or have people spend, hundreds of dollars for dishes, consider the following points. Will you Use it? This is a critical question. I, for example, have china I received for a wedding present 20 years ago. I make a point of using it as often as I can and that still works out to about 10 times a year. I can’t use it daily because I have children who drop things. For daily use I have some shatter-resistant glassware. If you are not the formal entertainment kind of people, chances are you won’t use china often enough to make it worth while. This is a serious investment, so think it over carefully. Can You Get it Elsewhere? The Goodwill store, estate sales, even discount department stores often have full sets of outdated china. As long as you are not searching for a specific pattern you can find many lovely things this way. When my mother-in-law was collecting plates from a botanical set of china, they cost $20 per plate at the high-end department store and $8.95 at the discount store. We kept a list of which plates she already had and just got new ones as we could afford them. That was a significant discount.

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In anticipation of this. Don’t put it in the dishwasher. I stocked up on 12 sets. the manufacturer will be looking to dump stock at a lower price. but you need to be patient. there are the usual ways to save money that you can employ on china as well. They sit in my garage waiting for the day I can bring them out. Free is always a great price if you like the dishes. Traditional Standbys Of course. Promotional Opportunities Is it cheesy to get your dishes from the supermarket when it is running a promotion? No. so take care of them. China is a luxury item that is hard to justify when you live on a tight budget. when my local market offered Lenox dishes for FREE when I bought groceries. Just about every supermarket runs a promotion on dishes from time to time.You can even find single plates online if you are seeking to make up a set or replace one dish that has broken. get them. It can even pay to purchase a few extras to replace those dishes that break over time. Just about every china pattern ever made eventually falls out of favor. I’m not ashamed to admit it. take good care of it. I like dishes. Shop at outlet locations and wait. Presented by MONEYNING.COM 189 . look for sales and store-based coupons. At that point. place fabric between individual dishes. If you own china. This is the time to snatch up the best bargain. If you are collecting a specific pattern. Good china will last for generations when treated right. and keep it in a cupboard away from dust. if you like the pattern. and I really hope that some day I can abandon the plastic and mismatched glass plates I have left after years of raising kids and move on to something prettier.

they also run special promotions from time to time. In order to draw people to their gas station. but invest that $50 each year and they do. production. If you know where to get your gas for less. $1 a week may not seem like much. over time it can really add up. That is a significant savings if you make good use of it. Shop for Food and Gas at the Same Chain Many stores offer both gas and groceries at one location.10 increase per gallon can have an impact. The difference between one station and another can be 10 cents or more. Presented by MONEYNING. The savings can be accumulated up to a certain amount . During the holidays they allow up to $1. In addition to the usual cents-off offers. Fortunately. and then used in one gas purchase. Even a $0.COM 190 . Another regular promotion involves credit for switching prescriptions to the supermarket pharmacy and another revolves around purchasing a certain amount of gift certificates.$0. the result is the same when it comes to your budget. demand. and in the last few weeks the increase has been double that. they offer discounts for loyal grocery customers. and even though there is no actual correlation between supply.40. One of the local supermarkets offers $0.10 off their gas if you purchase $100 in groceries.Don’t Allow Gas to Guzzle Up your Budget Click Here to Read This Online Gas prices are on the rise again. Use Online Gas Price Monitors There are several sites that allow people to enter gas prices they spot at stations around town.00 discount per gallon. and cost. there are ways to minimize your gas usage and costs.

Start adapting your driving patterns and gas-buying behaviors now and by summer time you will be ready.COM 191 . and summer always brings a rise in prices at the pump. Decrease Trips. the engine does take a bit more fuel in start up than in idle. Yes. If you are going to be sitting at a bank window. remove ski or bicycle racks or anything else that adds drag to the vehicle. Finally. You can also improve gas mileage by taking unnecessary items out of your car. but the break-even point is fairly low. Change your oil and air filters on schedule to keep your engine running smoothly and effectively. turn off the engine. Weight. take-out window.Maintenance Helps One of the best ways to ensure that you get the most for your money when it comes to gas is to maintain your vehicle properly. Chances are that the current price of gas won’t last. Presented by MONEYNING. Keep your tires inflated properly. low pressure causes an increase in friction. the less gas it will use. and Resistance You already know that you should plan your trips so you don’t go back and forth over the same route. or any other place for more than a couple minutes. Carpooling is another wonderful way to save on gas. The less your car carries. costing you several miles per gallon as you drive. don’t sit in idle. By the same token.

COM 192 . Check Out the Gym If you already belong to a gym. you may even find it at the local community center. Many gyms offer yoga classes. and if you find a couple that you like. Take some time to find out if the teacher is experienced and can alter poses in order to meet your specific needs. purchase them. Presented by MONEYNING. A single drop in class can run you $20 or more.Expensive Yoga Isn’t More Relaxing! Click Here to Read This Online Yoga does much more for you than just provide relaxation and stretching. focus. The real problem that most people encounter with yoga is the price. Monthly memberships vary in price as well and even triple digit pricing is common in some parts of the country. have a number of such DVDs. flexibility. this is a good way to try out yoga without making an additional financial commitment. and strength while increasing your ability to concentrate. Check Out and Buy Videos There are many good yoga videos that you can use. The benefits of yoga even extend to better self-esteem and improved relationships. so it is easy to see why it is so popular. even on a drop-in basis. You improve your posture. Luckily. and decrease blood pressure. Call the Community Center Because yoga has become so popular. start by looking in to the classes offered. The local library will. no doubt. are much less expensive in this environment than they are at an established yoga studio. and for an individual who is relatively fit and coordinated. and most of them are going to be less expensive. Classes. there are other alternatives.

Barter for Lessons Unless they are working for a franchise yoga studio. find out how you can get the best deal for your money. chances are you won’t when you are paying. You get the opportunity to see the poses demonstrated at a slower pace.Websites that offer discounted DVDs make such videos very affordable. If you really like the program. most of the teachers I know are willing to barter for private lessons. and compare it to what you are paying currently. Presented by MONEYNING. Remember to evaluate the contract with regards to what is required to terminate your membership so you don’t end up penalized if you quit after a couple of months. say. reasonably priced as well. Yoga can be a lot of fun. If you have a service you can offer. get to ask questions. Consider a Membership While the monthly membership may be. Another option is to ask about discounted classes. it may very well be cheaper than just paying to drop in every day. chances are you can make some sort of arrangement. If you don’t attend regularly when you are getting free classes. $150 if you attend on a daily basis. usually less than $10. and if doing the same routine gets old. Figure out the per-class price you would pay with a membership. and learn your limits without the stresses of trying to keep up with a knowledgeable group. and if you learn to work within the system. Sometimes studios will discount the price of beginner classes. Try Free Trials or Discounted Classes Many yoga schools offer a week or two of free classes. This is a good way to try out a school without spending any money. buy a few and rotate through them.COM 193 .

and it can become a very expensive project. These types of promotions are intended to get people in the doors so the studio looks busy. If you live far from family and pictures are your most regular form of communication. about once every three months. and it scarcely seems to matter which holiday. Presented by MONEYNING. discounts are most commonly offered weeks before the real holiday crush. you will probably pay less and have an easier time getting in. and gets coupons. Today. and a least one free sheet of pictures each time. we expect to have our children photographed every few months. If you happen to walk into a studio and see an incredible deal. Be Prepared to Book As the holidays grow closer. you have several options when it comes to cutting costs. If you get your Christmas photos done at the end of October.Produce Portraits without Puncturing your Budget Click Here to Read This Online We tend to forget that it wasn’t all that long ago when people had their kids’ portraits taken several times a year. things are much more difficult.COM 194 . you are also likely to get better pictures as your children won’t be constantly distracted and the photographer is feeling rushed. getting in to a studio becomes increasingly challenging. When I was growing up. With fewer people waiting. The parent brings in the child on a regular schedule. deals. If you insist on having the kids photographed regularly. Join the Club The main studio in our area offers a club for babies during their first year. the school arranged for a picture once a year and that was pretty much it. this can be a very good idea. If you wait until December. To encourage people to sign up early. book it.

For formal occasions. others not. An SLR digital camera with at least 5 megapixels is really all you need for excellent photos. free sittings. 4 sheets for $7. The key to good portraits is to set up the shot well. Getting the family portrait taken is almost a rite of passage for some. That doesn’t mean you have to drop a small fortune to get good results.99. Take more pictures than you think you need so you don’t have to get everyone back together for more poses. Some of the promotions are amazing.COM 195 . You can also take a look around the Internet. we all use dress shirts in the same color family and occasionally move the furniture around to achieve a more professional look.Invest in a Camera It may seem simplistic. Get everyone in similar colors. If you are planning to have your kids photographed. and extra sheets with packages of a certain size. Presented by MONEYNING. grocery stores or other locations and print out your portraits. load them on a thumb drive and take them to one of the kiosks at pharmacies. Get a couple of sheets in different colors to use as background. Once you have selected the best pictures. or head out to the nearest park. Scan for Coupons Those circulars and envelopes that arrive in your mailbox all the time are loaded with coupons. there are plenty of promotional offers for a variety of portrait studios. we like to take “casual” shots in jeans and a white tee shirt. some are useful. start searching for coupons in advance. but investing in a decent digital camera is a great idea.

with some charging as little as $2 per ride. wear and tear. The advantage of riding in such a popular area is that there are many additional bus services. A one way cash fare is $11. Assuming you commute an average of 20 days per month. the popularity of the route. a 40 ride ticket is $330. your rides have dropped to about $2. Many cities and states offer bus service along popular routes. and the costs are inevitably lower than driving on your own.25. Still. you don’t have to wait for a scheduled bus. Commuter buses charge a remarkable range of fares. you have made a good choice. and the amount of competition they have. Gas.COM 196 . Take Advantage or Status Presented by MONEYNING.20. insurance. The same kind of savings can be found in Colorado where a new bus line has been created between Colorado Springs and Denver. and other intangibles add up quickly. Compared to the $8 toll to cross the bridges in a car. If you arrive at the bus stop at the right time. depending upon the distance traveled. Check for Passes Passes are a way to save even more money on a bus fare.Buy Needed Bus Tickets for Less Click Here to Read This Online If you are planning on riding the bus to save on your commuting costs. if you take a bus from northern NJ to NYC you might pay $3. For example. there is no reason not to ride the bus. making each ride only $8. but with a 10-ticket pass that drops to $27 and for a monthly pass $98. and you save even more. it helps to know a few tricks if you want to save even more.45 per trip.

getting necessary paperwork. How much of a discount are we talking about? 50% or more.If you are a student. you’ll be glad you did. a senior. Keeping current ID. As long as you have bus service.COM 197 . Take the time to investigate your options. That means that if you can arrive at work after the rush hour is over and then put in your hours. Presented by MONEYNING. bus tickets can vary in price from day to day. there will be more companies to choose from. By shopping around you might be lucky enough to hit one of the occasional $1 fares. and making use of such perks will make bus travel even more reasonable. once again. from carrier to carrier and from place to place. Off Peak Hours One of the best things about a flexible schedule is that you don’t need to commute during rush hour. When it comes to popular routes. These newer lines have incredible deals from time to time in order to boost their business. Buses travel between cities. but they generally need to be accompanied. or disabled. Just like every other commodity. too. The downside is that you may have a hard time finding carpooling partners. you can take advantage of off peak rates. and they can be a good way to get to your destination if you don’t want to fly. Many buses charge less off peak. you don’t have to worry. Competition Helps Your Case Not all bus travel is commuting related. there are special fares for you. The same is true for children.

chances are you are going to feel inadequate as well when faced with people who consider gym time a way of life. it also means one that feels comfortable. how often you will attend and whether you want assistance to develop a good. productive routine. Determine what kinds of exercise you intend to do. In my area a monthly membership at the full service gym is $39 a month. Is it possible? Absolutely. Looking for a place where yoga is tops? They exists too. everyone will want to lose weight.What Should You Know to Save on Gym Memberships? Click Here to Read This Online Every now and again. Of course. Assess Your Needs Nothing will cost you more than joining more gym than you need. meaning that they will flock to the gyms to try and fulfill their goals. If you want a place where people focus on body building. search for a gym that caters to that crowd. Body issues appear front and center. Consider Your Personality Getting to the gym is particularly challenging for women. If you are never going to use the pool. a $240 a year savings. A gym where Presented by MONEYNING. then why pay for it? If the gym you join has one. Not only will you pay more. the one that has no pool or racquetball courts is only $19 a month.COM 198 . and a parade of personal trainers. so finding the right gym involves more than finding one that isn’t too expensive. there is no reason to join a full service gym with pool. we know how that usually ends but it also means that people will also have to try and figure out how to fit gym memberships into their monthly budget. classes. then you are paying for it no matter what. What does that mean? If your goal is to get on a treadmill three times a week and that’s all.

COM 199 . Is it Cheaper at Home? The appeal of a gym is that it is a group activity and you can partner up with other people to boost your enthusiasm. and free second memberships for your partner are all common incentives. If you definitely know which gym you want to join. If you are short on time and don’t feel like sweating in a group. Remember. you might want to consider investing in a couple of pieces of equipment and working out at home. negotiate. Almost every fee is negotiable. so don’t just agree to something that will cost you more money. then it's just money wasted because you won't go. Before you shell out your hard earned cash. Presented by MONEYNING.everyone knows your name and is friendly may be great for some. Almost every gym will offer a trail of 7-14 days as well. but not for those who just want to get in and get out. Discounted monthly rates. Make sure you try out a gym and see how things work before you commit. once you are in the doors they want you to sign their contract. waived registration fees. make sure you will get good value for your money. If your gym isn’t a good match. You can get quite a few weeks of free gym time this way. if you don’t mind the phone calls and e-mails you get as a follow up. Gym memberships are one of those luxury items that you become attached to very quickly. Look for Promotions Promotions are available throughout the year because so many people are searching for gyms.

in particular. schools. offer drop-in classes and monthly memberships. traveling. Consider a Monthly Membership Many establishments that cater to adults. there is no reason to pay for competition-level classes. there are a variety of options. Presented by MONEYNING. If they like the activity enough to practice at home regularly. Before you plan to shell out $50 a month for classes at a studio. let your kids try out the activity in a low pressure. chances are that monthly memberships will pay off handsomely. Take Classes at the Rec Center Townships. ballet. you may be able to attend competition-level classes without the fees even if you don’t intend to compete. which is where these suggestions that are valid for kids and adults come in.Finding a Way to Make Dance Lessons Affordable Click Here to Read This Online Dancing may just be one of the most fun ways you can spend your time. it might be time to think about moving up. without constant reminders. Talk to the school owner and see if an arrangement can be made.COM 200 . the YMCA. The key is to find a way to take your dance lessons without breaking the budget. If you intend to attend regularly. shoes. Whether you want to learn ballroom or line dancing. cheaper environment. and other venues provide basic dance classes for kids. Once you have mastered the needed skills. and other equipment quickly add up. Costumes. or hip hop. Skip the Competition Until you get to the point where you are committed and driven to compete in dance.

If you find a studio with prices you can easily afford but hate going. It was an ideal situation for all involved. but for a while after he left the studio he continued to give private lessons at homes. Get a Video You can pick up DVDs at the library and learn the basics of some kinds of dance on your own. He doesn’t work in the field any more. country waltzes. Clearly. One day they offer family friendly line dancing lessons. it is no bargain. and occasionally he would barter for services he needed. but for things such as belly dancing or line dancing. this isn’t a technique that will work if your goal is to learn classical ballet. you won’t have to pay for those lessons at a studio. another evening they open a couple of hours early and teach couples dancing – the two step. Couples or friends would hire him to teach basic classes. remember that dance lessons are supposed to be fun. It may not be as good as joining a class but if you get the first few moves under your belt at home. When the bar opens you have some new steps to show off. and contra dances.Find a Teacher and Barter One of my regular clients used to be a professional dance instructor. Presented by MONEYNING. You don’t even need a partner to join the fun. No matter which route you choose. it will more than pay off. it is perfectly acceptable.COM 201 . It may take you a bit more effort to find the right combination – fun and frugality – but when you hit the floor with all the right moves. Look for Free Classes The local Country-Western club offers free lessons of various kinds.

Why is this? When you are an employee. your employer paid half of your Social Security and Medicare taxes. No one likes to pay taxes. While you won’t recoup the entire amount. First. At some point. an S-Corp allows the owner to pay out part of the company’s profits as corporate distribution.How Incorporating Can Save You Money Click Here to Read This Online For the small business owner. Any losses the company suffers are deductible from your taxes. the idea of incorporation comes up. and there are some valid reasons to go through the effort. but one that is particularly popular with small business owners is the S-Corp. it can really add up. the question of incorporating is a pointed one. If you own your business you have probably already found out that you must pay more taxes on your income than you ever did when you were employed by someone else.COM 202 . Part of the profits will Presented by MONEYNING. though. That comes out to a fairly significant percentage of your income. you will save if you don’t make a profit in the beginning. S-Corps Can Save You a Lot There are number of ways to incorporate. even if they support the services that those taxes provide. Now that you own the company. you must pay both halves: yours and the business half. Second. This dramatically reduces the amount charged for Social Security and Medicare since a distribution isn’t the same as a salary. A large percentage of small companies are run as sole proprietorships for a variety of reasons.

vehicle. Each state will have specific guidelines for you to follow.remain as regular salary. Protect Your Assets Did you know that if you run your business as a sole proprietor or contractor. contact the office of the Secretary of State (SOS). but it is well worth the extra effort to provide such protection. this means that you have to be very careful to follow appropriate procedures when you pay yourself out of your business funds. Online services can help you through the process. You can usually find all the forms you need and have your questions answered online at the SOS website. none of your personal assets can be touched if you incorporate properly. Incorporate Inexpensively You don’t actually need an attorney to incorporate under most circumstances. and when you keep your books. when you deposit payments.COM 203 . Of course. but you can cut your taxes in half or more with such an arrangement. and in a couple of days you will be legally incorporated. at a cost. or savings account is on the line. Presented by MONEYNING. Incorporation puts a layer of protection between your personal assets and your business assets. To find out what is required in your state. everything you own can be tapped in a financial crisis? Many business owners don’t know this until a problem occurs and suddenly their home. If you are ever sued as a business. Even if you carry insurance for your small business. and you can even opt to do the whole job on your own. any assets you have are in jeopardy if you don’t incorporate. How much you will spend will depend upon the local laws.

not.COM 204 . if you want to incorporate your business. Why double your costs – or more – by asking a lawyer to do it for you? There are many states which allow you to file all sorts of papers without legal representation. sometimes they are worth their pay. For example. and retaining a lawyer will cost you much more. The first step is to be an informed consumer. As a recent consultation taught me. even basic advice will set you back several hundred dollars. chances are that the need for affordable legal advice has never entered your mind. When you find yourself in need of an attorney. Too many people make the mistake of paying for someone to do something they could do themselves. other times. For the rest of us. chances are you can handle the process alone. Do Your Homework Most lawyers in a particular area and field will charge about the same amount for their time. Presented by MONEYNING. an attorney isn’t necessarily required. from divorce to small claims court. There will always be some who charge more. requiring legal advice and being able to pay for it is not always the same thing. find out if you even need an attorney. Call around and get referrals from people who have needed similar legal counsel. there are several things you can do to minimize the financial impact.Getting Affordable Legal Advice is Possible Click Here to Read This Online If you are one of those lucky people who seem to lead a charmed life and never encounter any difficulties. Do You Need and Attorney? Before you go out and hire someone to represent you in a particular matter.

The plans are very limited and limiting. people who join such plans are gambling that they will need an attorney to represent them in a legal battle in the future. I promise. you lose more money when you have to bring your new attorney up to speed. and participate as part of the "team" Avoid Change The most expensive thing you can do to yourself is to change attorneys midstream. Similar to life insurance. The first meeting shouldn’t cost you anything unless you get right to the legal issues you need addressed. The lawyer will apprise you of any progress on your case without you harassing them. don’t join those prepaid legal plans offered at work. Good Relations The best thing you can do to keep your costs down when you hire a lawyer is to be a good client and to let your attorney do their job. Once you decide which lawyer you wish to use. and so forth. make some calls and set up initial consultations to meet two or three attorneys. reprocess documents. you reduce the fees you incur by constantly calling and checking up on their progress. you should be forthcoming.With a short list. Presented by MONEYNING. keep copies of all records. often several thousand dollars. Think of it as an interview for the lawyer in question. you only get so many hours with the attorney. To retain a lawyer you pay a fee. barring unusual circumstances. If you want to retain a new representative you will pay the same fee again. stick with them. Additionally. By allowing your representative to do their job. Don’t Join Prepaid Plans A final word of advice. As a good client. for example.COM 205 .

and be cooperative. Be willing to pay for quality. do what you can yourself. Presented by MONEYNING. the savings can be significant. or you can use the money for something else when the time comes. that way you will have cash if you need to hire someone.You are better off saving the money in an account where it will accrue interest.COM 206 . Chances are you will only need an attorney or legal advice once or twice in your life.

saving you some effort. then you have faced the question of how to file taxes properly without spending a fortune. It took us each several tries to find the right program. While there is a point at which you may need to hire a high powered CPA to prepare your documents accurately. I feel the same way about the software she uses. most people simply don’t need such assistance. don’t own property. where to find it. You copy numbers from your W-2 to your tax. there is no reason you can’t take one of the simple seminars offered at your local library and do the paperwork. handle the job the old-fashioned way. If you have no dependents. Look at Software I have done my taxes on my own for years with the help of tax software. and don’t fall into one of the less common categories. Presented by MONEYNING. The advantage is that you get a tax credit for the software you purchase. do some simple math. and what sorts of documents you will need to support your claims. The program I use year after year drives one of my friends nuts. and you are done.Can You Save Money Preparing Taxes? Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) If you have gotten to the point where you can’t file a 1040 EZ. filling out tax forms isn’t that challenging.COM 207 . Good software will tell you what you need. The best programs will also transfer information from the . Can You Do it Alone? As long as your tax returns will be fairly straightforward. Contrary to the rumors. and the software walks me through everything I need to do. One of the things I discovered with tax software is that different people like different programs.pdf of one year to another. I even own a business.

Presented by MONEYNING. Ask for referrals amongst your friends. you don’t need to have an attorney process your returns. and do your part of the job before you go for your appointment. Perhaps the biggest challenge people face when it comes to tax preparation is intimidation. medical expenses and W2s are essential. as long as you don’t mind them having access to your personal information. Ask a Friend or Family It is undeniable that the cheapest way to prepare your taxes is to ask someone you know to do them in exchange for another service. If you aren’t sure. or a close friend can make the process quick and easy. run-of-the-mill CPA can do an excellent job. Arranging your papers by date will help as well and make copies of everything. Business expenses and receipts are important. then find someone who is well-versed in the tax laws because fines and fees that result from errors will turn the savings you made with a cut-rate CPA into an expense you don’t need. If your case is difficult. The fact is that it just isn’t that difficult. a sibling. take a look online for a checklist of some sort. Gather your papers together and organize them. Your general. just in case.COM 208 . A brother-in-law.You Don’t Need an Attorney Unless you are in some sort of legal trouble with your taxes.

if you purchase good quality equipment. Iron Skillet – Don’t spend good money on getting a new skillet when thrift shops seem to have an endless supply of these. a stock pot should be taller than it is wide.Save a Bundle on a Bundle of Pots and Pans Click Here to Read This Online You’re starting out and you need new cookware. 2. make mashed potatoes and veggies. an iron skillet is a joy to have. Wide. all in this pot. 1. Presented by MONEYNING. 3. Make sure you have a matching lid that fits on tightly. as well. if bought right. Bigger is better. will last forever. you can cook stews and chili in here as well. or boiling pasta. 5. Built to retain heat well. 12 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep are your minimum measurements. What You NEED The average kitchen really doesn’t need much when it comes down to brass tacks. you have hit pay dirt. 6. Pick a 6-inch and an 8. glass lid to go along with the skillet. Used primarily for high heat situations and those recipes that contain sticky ingredients: grilled cheese. This is one time where spending more will cost you less in the long run. Omelet Pans – one or two nonstick lined pans are essential if you cook omelets. heavy. 4. If you can find a domed. These pans should be heavy with well-constructed handles. Let’s look at the basics and the best choices. Used for making soup. Skip plastic handles and knobs since you want to be able to stick this pan in the oven for braising and finishing. heat gravies. Perfect for taking steaks from a good sear on the stove to a quick grill in the oven.or 10-inch pan. and preferably stainless steel construction with a layered bottom. Saucepan – This pot should be well-constructed from solid materials. as well as a million other uses. this is a piece of equipment that. as a good pan can last a lifetime. Stock Pot – 8 to 12 quarts. Dutch Oven – Smaller than your stock pot. etc. it will fulfill many of the same missions. You will make smaller batches of soup. stock. unless you know what you are looking for. omelets. Heavy Skillet – Don’t forget a matching lid as well.COM 209 . Pots and pans can cost a pretty penny. Six pots or pans will cover all your needs. unlined.

plan for the expense. Some towns have restaurant supply stores. While there isn’t much you can do about the industry’s pricing. Remember.Paying for It Because good quality cookware will cost you a bit. and utilize their frequent coupon mailings to drop prices into a range that is almost reasonable. good quality. Take time to find exactly the right item and get only one or two items a year. so purchase the best you can afford. and an understanding. These stores cater to professional chefs. This is a perfect item to put on that holiday wish list too.COM 210 . well-educated staff. and you can pick up some great bargains here. Presented by MONEYNING. While prices are high you will get exactly what you want. this is a life long investment. Your next choice can be to search out one of the chain stores which specializes in house goods. you can invest in things that won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

No matter what you buy. staying on top of this one will keep the water cleaner and the pool in better shape. Small variations are easier for the system to absorb. Get one of those nets that are attached to a stic. There is the question of debris and also water quality.what stay in the water. daily testing is advisable. so get what you can afford. thus decreasing your expenses.COM 211 . While lower priced chemicals may require a bit more monitoring. Buying Chemicals It is pretty rare for any pool to need “top-of-the-line” supplies. the less effect they will have. Salt is salt and chlorine tablets are chlorine tablets. Maintenance is Critical There are a number of cleaning issues with pools. you reduce the need to “shock” it. maintain a regular schedule for replacement. Comparison shopping will go a long way towards getting you a great price. spend some time online finding the best prices.Can You Save on Pool Cleaning? Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Owning a pool is quite an expense. There are a few things that the average pool owner can do to reduce the expense of pool cleaning. Water should be tested on a regular schedule. they all do the same thing. Getting supplies at end- Presented by MONEYNING. If your filter is disposable. Both are simple enough to attend to on your own. If the pool is used frequently. and to cut costs just makes sense. By keeping the waters PH properly balanced. As with other maintenance tasks.

Look for Closeouts Pool stores go out of business more often than you think. Keep an eye out for closeout sales and deep discounts. Presented by MONEYNING. Store supplies safely if you do this. purchasing a greater quantity may pay off. Don’t run it more than necessary. A pool store often changes to a ski store in the fall and wants to eliminate its stock to make room for new merchandise. it doesn't mean that you have to give up your fun to accommodate a shrinking budget. Find less expensive options. Pool cleaning is an undeniable expense and hassle. In Pool Cleaners There is no denying the thrill of watching a little “robot” churn around in your pool cleaning the dirt and grime. Getting a large bucket of chlorine tablets is definitely cheaper than purchasing a few tablets each time you need them.of-season sales is another great option if you have the room to store your purchases for the next several months in a safe place. blend your orders of supplies together. Be prepared to snatch up supplies when they go on sale. Purchase the unit that is designed for a pool the size of the one you own. and enjoy your dips more than ever before. Buy in Bulk If you and a few friends own similar pools. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Just like in other situations. Keep your cleaner maintained. Just because you have a pool. You can find automatic cleaners that run $200 and those that do the same job for $1000.COM 212 . do more of the work alone. just like you do your pool.

others work better in rain. You can purchase a really cheap set at the local mega-mart. many people are finding that they need to replace their windshield wipers. or you can spend $20 or more per blade. Get online and read some reviews. Some blades work very well in snowy conditions. Learn to Do It Yourself Odd as it may seem. You will get charged a lot more for the same blade if you ask the garage to put them on for you. Determine which functions you need most of all. Determine What You Need While you are learning how to replace your blades. Chances are you will need to replace your front blades much more often then your back blade – if you even have one.COM 213 . Online you can check prices for specific blades so you don’t waste gas and time driving around while comparison shopping. Presented by MONEYNING. In Seattle you will want blades that work very well in rain.See Your Way Clear to Savings on Windshield Wipers Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) With winter upon us. chances are you will want winter blades by the time fall rolls around. so write down what you need before you start “shopping” around. a relatively large percentage of drivers don’t know how to change their own wiper blades. If you live in Buffalo. This is a relatively simple task. find out what size blades you need. Winter blades usually cost more. although it can vary a bit from car to car. It is fairly common to need two different sized blades today. Get out your owner’s manual and learn. The question is how do you combine savings and quality in a way that avoids the need to replace your blades every other week. so you don’t want to get them unless you really have to.

figure out if the streaking is occurring because of worn blades or due to dirt. Windshield wipers are an essential piece of safety equipment on your car. If you still streak. so keep an eye out for coupons. Look for Coupons It’s an old song but still true. you might get coupons tossed in as well. consider signing up for e-mails from that company.COM 214 .Keep Them Clean If your windshield wipers start streaking. but there is no reason to pay top dollar for them. and online. sap. especially around the holidays. Test the blades by spraying some water on the windshield and run the wipers. season changes. things are good. First. but it will help you evaluate if you really need to replace your blades. you don’t have to rush out and buy new ones. If you have a brand of wipers you really like. To clean them. you will know that it is actually time to change the blades. Wiper blades accumulate grit. Wiping down your wiper blades from time to time will not only prolong the life of your windshield. manufacturers want you to purchase their brand. dust. Presented by MONEYNING. grab some isopropyl alcohol and a clean paper towel. If you are streak free. and more as they go back and forth across your window. Wet the towel and wipe it back and forth over the blade a few times.

A brush can help remove the crud that accumulates in the hub caps and other visible areas. Minor scratches and nicks can be dealt with using a good wax. Products will dry on the car and mar the finish. It can take several hours to do the job right. Deep scratches will need to be dealt with professionally. treat the wheels with a wheel cleaner. here are some tips to help you keep a clean car and a wallet full of cash. Time is the critical issue here. Start by washing the car with a soap made for cars. If you have money like that to spend. it is worth the effort. though. Clean the Outside First Don’t work on a particularly hot day or in direct sun. If you have the time.COM 215 . If you want to buff your car with a sander.Car Detailing Without Cleaning Out the Bank Account Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Have you looked at the price of car detailing and cleaning lately? Even a simple wash can set you back $10 or more. Those areas can be cleaned with an area specific cleaner. Now inspect your paint. Do It Yourself This is an obvious suggestion. use one with orbital movement. Use a damp Q-Tip or toothbrush to clean off any wax that remains in crevices or on rubber areas. chances are you won’t need to read this article. Finally. Clean out the wheel wells. Dry it with soft towels – old diapers work great. Presented by MONEYNING. but if you are like me and watch every penny.

a multipurpose cleaner. Now apply yourself to the dash. you will need their fine tip. use a vinyl cleaner. You can also use compressed air – the kind sold for cleaning computer keyboards – to get into grills and behind areas you can’t reach otherwise. Presented by MONEYNING. if they are leather. Vacuum the floors.COM 216 . If you have cloth seats. for example. Use a carpet or upholstery cleaner in the spots where needed. Avoid products that leave a slippery or shiny finish. cleaners that are appropriate to your vehicle. Q-Tips. To get into every nook and cranny. Consider removing any knobs you can pull off gently to get underneath. but don’t over-saturate. dash. treat them as you did the carpets. such as the plastic lens the covers your speedometer and other gages. and your vacuum.Dealing with the Inside The interior requires some time and attention to details. Dilute your cleaner 10:1 and use it to clean all surfaces with a damp cloth. Finish off by washing the windows. Pull out the floor mats and remove any items that are removable – extra console pieces. This is where you will use those Q-Tips. seats. Use the diluted multipurpose cleaner to clean areas of plastic. Start by dusting off all the easily reached surfaces. If your seats are vinyl. use a leather conditioner. or you will potentially get mildew. Gather soft clothes. and rear parcel shelf thoroughly. You might also want a can of compressed air and leather conditioner if you have a leather interior.

Detailing your car will take you the better part of a morning. and who doesn’t like to drive around in a snazzy ride? Presented by MONEYNING. Not only will your car retain its value better but it will also look better. but the results are a worth the effort.COM 217 .

The exception to the rule here is if you need only one bulb of a particular type. you will find that the lower the wattage. That perception isn’t exactly accurate as CFLs last much longer and use less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. CFLs also pose a certain level of risk as they all contain mercury and must be disposed of properly to avoid contamination. The promotion won’t last forever – and we are talking about one bulb each time – but if you are in the area where they are handing them out. and truly large packs. The interest in getting you to switch over has provided some excellent budget-boosting options. you should be just fine with six 40-watt bulbs instead Presented by MONEYNING. twins. so price them per bulb.COM 218 . It will take up space better used for other things. Large Packs Everyone knows that purchasing larger packages has the potential to save money. You can find bulbs in single packs. especially right now as the switch takes place. There are ways to save money when purchasing light bulbs. it seems as if prices are on the rise as well. Purchasing six bulbs when you will only use one in a year or so isn’t sensible. Free Bulbs Our local utility company offers free CFL bulbs every Wednesday. but it still pays to do the math. but the outlay is clearly more on a bulb per bulb basis. If you are lighting a chandelier with six bulbs. why not avail yourself of a free light bulb? Free is definitely the cheapest way to go. the cheaper the bulb.Saving on Light Bulbs – a Bright Idea Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) With the switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs. Use Lower Wattage In general.

Presented by MONEYNING. Consider LED While the upfront cost of LED bulbs is still in the stratosphere. there is a movement to adapt them for such uses. It isn’t unusual to find bulbs rated for 30. Your best bet for these bulbs is to use them in hard-to-reach places so you don’t have to change them again for years and wait until the next generation of LED bulbs turns up in about two to three years – according to industry gurus. LEDs also use less energy. If you are depending upon lower wattage or a single bulb. you may need to go with the maximum recommended. you can expect to be switching to LED bulbs instead. That means it doesn’t spread out like an incandescent light will. and that provides additional savings. they last just about forever.000 hours or more. Even with the potential hazards. they cost less to run and last longer than incandescent bulbs. and the light is pretty directional.of six 60-watt bulbs. Eventually. about half that used by a CFL bulb.COM 219 . Their slower start up time has yet to be addressed. The catch is that you can expect to pay about $30-40 per bulb. Summing it All Up At this point your best financial bet is CFL bulbs. While CFL bulbs don’t work well with dimmer switches. It is thought that CFL bulbs will be a stopgap measure until LED bulbs have worked out their kinks and prices have come down. Play around with it and see.

and that was with savvy shopping and a sale. and you won’t have to replace tires as often because one of them wore down too far before the others did. Shop Around You don’t really need me to tell you to comparison shop for anything. but that still hurt! On the positive side. Rotate them frequently. Some of the best deals are at warehouse clubs. they would have cost me almost $900. If you own a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive car. For tire work you don’t even need to be a member at most of the warehouse clubs.COM 220 . Your car needs a specific size of tire not a particular brand. Presented by MONEYNING. you can save money by taking good care of the tires you own. Aligned tires wear more evenly. I’ll grant that my car requires unusual tires. Check them regularly for proper air pressure. so call around and ask. Purchase a lifetime alignment package from a local service store. this is even more critical because if one tire wears too quickly you have to exchange all four tires at the same time. if I hadn’t done my work.Save Money Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Car Tires Click Here to Read This Online (Coming Soon) Have you priced car tires lately? The last time I had to replace my tires I spent $600. so check there too. Maintenance is Critical Even before you get to the point of needing new tires. or it causes problems with the center differential. you will be just fine. Here are some tips for saving on your next set of wheels. Keep your tires properly inflated. It really isn’t all that difficult. As long as you get a tire of reasonable quality. but here you go. The same tires you find at retail locations can cost 10-25% less at a warehouse.

Presented by MONEYNING. Double savings! Consider the Numbers A final piece of the puzzle involves a bit of math and planning. a tire that costs $120 but is guaranteed for 20. purchasing tires guaranteed for 50. A $150 50. Still. Another bit of math involves figuring out your cost per mile. Buying tires may not be the most fun you can have on any given day. and that is fun all the time. buy tires that are rated for less drive time. The longer a tire is designed to last. Coupons come out all the time. this is a valid one to consider.Look for Coupons In one of the sillier promotions around. if you are looking for a deal.COM 221 .000 mile tire works out to $. but shopping wisely will at least save you money. When you know you will need tires in the near future. many tire stores offer “buy 3 tires get 1 free” deals. If you have plans to sell a car soon.000 miles might not be a wise choice. That way. start gathering them.03 per mile of wear. As if you could drive away with three tires on your car. the more it will cost.000 miles costs $. If you don’t plan to hold on to a car for years to come. when you find the tires you want at a reasonable price. you might just have a coupon you can use as well. Those $30 saved costs you much more in the end.06 a mile.

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