Revenue Account Determination

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Revenue Account Determination
 When billing data is transferred from SD to FI-AR (Financial Accounting – Accounts Receivables), G/L Accounts for posting sales revenue, sales deductions, freight, taxes, can be determined automatically  Different criteria can be set for account determination like
    

Chart of accounts Sales organization Account assignment group for payer Account assignment group for material Account key

Revenue Account Determination
 Graphical representation of account determination

Revenue Account Determination
 Account assignment group of payer allows to do certain postings for a customer or group of customers to specific G/L accounts.
Example – Discounts offered to corporate and retail customers can be posted to different G/L accounts so that they can be tracked separately.

 Account assignment group of material allows to do certain postings for a material or group of materials to specific G/L accounts.
Example – Sales revenue for bye-products need to be posted to G/L account different than for the main products so that revenues can be evaluated and reported differently.

Revenue Account Determination
 Account keys are assigned to condition types in pricing procedure.  Examples of standard account keys
  

ERL - Sales revenue ERS – Sales deduction ERF – Freight revenue

 Examples of combination of standard condition types and account keys
  

PR00 – ERL K007 - ERS HD00 - ERF

Revenue Account Determination
 Standard system has Account Determination procedure ‘KOFI00’ available with following condition types:
 

KOFI – Without controlling KOFK – With controlling

 Account determination takes place during posting of billing document to Financial Accounting.  Account determination procedure is assigned to billing type from where the revenue account determination is triggered.