Sport with Grades 4-6

By 4/5P

It was a chilly Thursday morning when the grades 4, 5 and 6s met on our school’s basketball court for some fun, sporty activities. The event started at 9:00am and concluded at 10:00am. We were really excited to start all the fun!

To get ourselves ready for exercise, we first participated in some warm ups. These included push ups and star jumps.

Next, Mr J explained each of the events we would soon be starting. We couldn’t wait to start! But first we formed teams and the Leadership Team were the captains.

One of the activities was dribbling. We had to dribble a basketball while weaving our way through cones. It was a bit tricky going quickly around the cones.

Another activity was basketball. For this activity you had to shoot the basketball through the hoop. It was easy to throw the ball through the hoop.

Hurdles was another event we participated in. We started at the cones, ran and jumped over four hurdles and finished up at cones at the end. The hurdles were close together which made the activity a bit difficult. Hurdles were fun!

In the next sports event, we had to throw a netball through the hoop to try and score points for our team. This was easy because we did the shooting from the side of the ring.

Another activity was Bean Bag Throw. We had to throw a bean bag through a hoop to score points. It was pretty easy and lots of fun.

Soccer kick was the next event. We had to kick the soccer ball into wickets. It was hard because the ball wanted to go everywhere else except the wickets! We liked this activity but most groups got a low score because of the wind blowing the ball around.

One of our favourite activities was handball because it was easy and lots of fun. We had to hit the ball out of our hand with our fist, aiming for a target. There were different numbers on the target to tell you how many points you got for hitting that section of the board. If you handballed it through the middle you get 10 points!

Sport with 4, 5, 6s was a fantastic morning. Even though it was a cold, chilly morning we soon warmed up as we played some fun games. There were lot of smiling faces and everyone did their best and had a go! We hope to do more activities like this one soon!