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diverse range of books by an esteemed publisher .
diverse range of books by an esteemed publisher .

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Practical Guide to Past-Life Memories
Richard Webster J-1351 ` 175 262p ISBN 81-7992-320-7

Chinese Numerology
Richard Webster J-987 ` 295 272p ISBN 81-7224-802-4

The Science of Numerology
Shiv Charan Singh J-1672 ` 250 320p ISBN 978-81-7992-724-3

Miracles of Numerology
J-619 ` 195 288p ISBN 81-7224-100-3 World Rights Available

Encyclopedia of Numerology
J-1621 ` 295 216p ISBN 81-7992-658-3 World Rights Available





Includes Numerology & Chinese Astrology Sun-signs in depth, a terrific piece blending Chinese and Western astrology and use of gems, and an article on gifts for all signs.
J-637 ` 250 360p ISBN 81-7224-082-1 World Rights Available

Dictionary of Palmistry
J.S. Bright J-128 ` 115 140p ISBN 81-7224-224-7 World Rights Available

The Complete Encyclopedia of Practical Palmistry
M. Broekman J-556 ` 195 200p ISBN 81-7224-269-7

Practical Palmistry
Dr. G. Francis Xavier J-571 ` 195 256p ISBN 81-7224-222-0 World Rights Available

Handwriting Analysis


Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Palmistry
Dr. M. Katakkar J-569 ` 125 240p ISBN 81-7224-148-8 World Rights Available

Instant Palmistry
Dr. M. Katakkar J-1298 ` 150 156p ISBN 81-7992-255-3 World Rights Available

Handwriting Analysis
Andrea McNichol J-677 ` 295 342p ISBN 81-7224-064-3

Handwriting Analysis
P. Scott Hollander J-986 ` 295 332p ISBN 81-7224-801-6

Learn to Be Your Own Lawyer in 30 Days
Ankoosh Mehta J-1761 ` 295 300p ISBN 978-81-7992-825-7 World Rights Available


Autobiographies & Biographies

India: An Illustrated History
Prem Kishore & Anuradha Kishore Ganpati J-1370 ` 195 248p ISBN 81-7992-339-8

M.V. Kamath – A Journalist at Large
M.V. Kamath, Compiled by Kalindi Randheri J-1546 ` 275 270p ISBN 81-7992-577-3 World Rights Available

51 Greatest Modern Heroes
Lucas Otto J-1964 ` 295 224p ISBN 978-81-8495-039-7

Abraham Lincoln
Philip L. Ostergard J-1966 ` 295 292p ISBN 978-81-8495-042-7

Alexander the Great
Lance Kurke J-1967 ` 250 192p ISBN 978-81-8495-043-4

Parapsychology/Numerology/Numerology/Palmistry/Autobiographies & Biographies


Jr. Price JH-583 DVD ` 350 164p ISBN 978-81-8495-048-9 The Great Speeches of Barack Obama Editors . Gandhi Patricia Cronin Marcello JH-582 DVD ` 350 184p ISBN 978-81-8495-047-2 Mahatma Gandhi Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan J-41 ` 295 582p ISBN 81-7224-122-4 World Rights Available Mahatma Gandhi: His Life & Ideas Charles F.Maureen Harrison & Steve Gilbert J-1916 CD ` 250 232p ISBN 978-81-7992-988-9 Napoleon Emil Ludwig J-71 ` 295 656p ISBN 81-7224-279-4 54 Autobiographies & Biographies .MAHATMA GANDHI Mohandas K. Roger Bruns JH-571 ` 295 174p ISBN 978-81-7992-750-2 Albert Einstein Calaprice & Lipscombe JH-572 ` 295 188p ISBN 978-81-7992-751-9 Stephen Hawking Kristine Larsen JH-573 ` 295 188p ISBN 978-81-7992-752-6 Oprah Winfrey Helen Garson JH-574 ` 295 192p ISBN 978-81-7992-753-3 Mother Teresa Meg Greene JH-575 ` 295 170p ISBN 978-81-7992-754-0 The Dalai Lama Patricia Marcello JH-579 ` 295 192p ISBN 978-81-7992-965-0 Nelson Mandela Peter Limb JH-584 ` 295 160p ISBN 978-81-8495-049-6 Barack Obama Joann F.K. Gandhi J-1972 DVD ` 395 508p ISBN 978-81-8495-051-9 Standard Edition: J-1755 Rs.295 World Rights Available Mahatma Vs Gandhi Dinkar Joshi J-1648 ` 250 296p ISBN 978-81-7992-700-7 World Rights Available The Untold Story of Kasturba: Wife of Mahatma Gandhi Arun & Sunanda Gandhi with Yellin J-1013 ` 275 360p ISBN 81-7224-846-6 Gandhi on Personal Leadership Anand Kumarasamy J-1540 ` 275 248p ISBN 81-7992-571-4 World Rights Available Gandhian Management Ram Pratap J-1892 ` 195 152p ISBN 978-81-7992-959-9 World Rights Available GREAT LIVES SERIES Martin Luther King. Andrews J-1428 ` 295 332p ISBN 81-7992-422-X Gandhi the Man Eknath Easwaran J-815 ` 295 192p ISBN 81-7224-517-3 The Two Gandhis Eknath Easwaran J-1902 ` 350 204p ISBN 978-81-8495-041-0 My Experiments with Truth: An Autobiography M.

Trained as a medical doctor. Rock and Roll Jihad is the story of his incredible journey. Ghoom Tana with Shubha Mudgal —Infiniti 3. Sayonee —Azadi 2. As his music climbed the charts. Autobiography/Current Affairs 55 . Salman continues to play music and is also a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador. Mitti —Parvaaz 6.SALMAN AHMAD ROCK AND ROLL JIHAD “Prof. Love Can You Take Me Back —Solo Track 11. His hits such as Bheegi Yadein. Dum Mustt Qalandar (Lal Meri Pat) —Azaad 12. and with fans including Bono and Deepak Chopra. Samina. are cofounders of SSGWI. Salman created his own underground jihad: his mission was to bring his beloved rock music to an enthusiastic new audience in South Asia and beyond. Ghoom —Parvaaz 1O. Salman and his wife. Undeterred. J-2025 CD ` 395 248p ISBN 978-81-8495-118-9 CD INCLUDES 12 HIT SONGS BY SALMAN AHMAD AND JUNOON 1. Bulleya —New Version from Rock ‘N Roll Jihad 4. is renowned for being the first rock & roll star to destroy the wall that divides the West and the Muslim world. Yaar Bina —Azadi SALMAN AHMAD was a featured performer at the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. Pakistanborn Salman Ahmad. the leader of the band Junoon. Rock Star urges Muslim students in Queens to Rock Out. Maahiwal —Azadi 9. and Sayonee made rock history in India. Meri Awaz Suno —Azadi 7. Today. Pyar bina —Parvaaz 8. Khudi —Azadi 5. a nonprofit organization that promotes inter-faith dialogue and education through arts and culture.” — The New York Times With 30 million record sales under his belt. Azadi. Salman found himself the target of religious fanatics and powermad politicians desperate to take him and his band down. he currently teaches a course on Muslim music and poetry at the City University of New York’s Queens College campus.

a cynical opportunist. She has published widely in many journals and on various historical topics. tenacious. J-2015 ` 250 244p ISBN 978-81-8495-100-4 56 History/Biography . But he was also brilliant. childish. and from his genius to his obsession with detail. an ogre. J-2073 ` 195 180p ISBN 978-81-8495-182-0 THE AGE OF NAPOLEON Napoleon has been called a visionary. SUSAN P. and difficult. a pragmatist. selfindulgent. he is described in his own words and the words of his contemporaries: from his clannishness to his knack for being at the right place at the right time.BIOGRAPHIES WINSTON CHURCHILL Winston Churchill was querulous. JOHN PERRY is a biographer and has written books on contemporary politics and sports. Here. CONNER is Professor of History and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Florida Southern College. This book gives a brilliant and narrative account of Churchill’s astounding career that is unmatched in its shrewd insights and its unforgettable anecdotes. Lakeland. and a demigod. capable and one of the most influential men in history.

JIM MORET THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE If you had only 24 hours left. J-2044 ` 195 160p ISBN 978-81-8495-138-7 “A marvelous collection of the right way to do things. During his prolific career. and recent guest anchor of Larry King Live. He moves beyond depression. taking the reader on an intimate journey. Self-Help/Memoir 57 .” —Larry King JIM MORET has been a journalist for over two decades and is currently Chief Correspondent for Inside Edition. and self-doubt and grapples with his greatest decision: not simply whether to live but how to live... The World Today. co-anchor of CNN’s main newscast. what would you do? Should you finally forgive the one who hurt you the most and would you find the courage to apologize to the person you wronged? Who would you remember as your life’s greatest love? Could you recognize what you are truly grateful for? Jim Moret didn’t fully understand the answers to those questions until he was literally a day away from ending his own life. This veteran television broadcaster and interviewer turns the camera on himself. tragedy. he has served as coanchor of the long-running Showbiz Today. anchor of CNN’s News Night.

the oilfield service industry. through stories about an Asian Indian’s journey in an alien society. Infosys Technologies Limited 58 Memoir . with great simplicity. —Nandan Nilekani Former CEO. Bombay and has an MBA from the University of Houston. in chronicling. Pradeep has done an amazing job.PRADEEP ANAND AN INDIAN IN COWBOY COUNTRY An Indian in Cowboy Country is more than a fictional tale of an India-born engineer who overcomes cultural differences to succeed in America. It shares the challenges anyone might experience in life and in business and looks at important lessons learned along the way. He has lived and worked with Texans within the bulls-eye of cowboy culture in Texas. A must read. J-2059 ` 250 268p ISBN 978-81-8495-165-3 World Rights Available PRADEEP ANAND is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Reena Rupani completed her MBA from Ohio State University. On the sheer strength of a strong will and unwavering conviction. Bhagwat & G. USA. as Executive Director. Chaudhuri J-1766 ` 450 1008p ISBN 978-81-7992-830-1 The Heart of India Nirad C.P. and is presently working with Neutron Electronic Systems Pvt. J-2075 ` 250 260p ISBN 978-81-8495-185-1 World Rights Available NEW Subhash Chandra Bose Hugh Toye J-2017 DVD ` 395 384p ISBN 978-81-8495-102-8 Standard Edition J-175 ` 295 384p ISBN 81-7224-401-0 Jawaharlal Nehru Frank Moraes J-142 ` 295 540p ISBN 978-81-7992-695-6 World Rights Available Lokmanya Tilak – A Biography A.K. Chaudhuri J-208 ` 375 580p ISBN 81-7224-287-5 Autobiography of an Unknown Indian: Part II Nirad C. Lattimer J-1405 ` 395 272p ISBN 81-7992-401-7 Hitler: The Man and the Military Leader Percy Ernst Schramm J-1579 ` 225 218p ISBN 81-7992-630-3 Hitler’s Lies: An Answer to Hitler’s Mein Kampf Irene Harand J-1988 ` 295 284p ISBN 978-81-8495-070-0 World Rights Available Autobiographies & Biographies 59 . he created an empire of wealth.Ira Rifkin J-1551 ` 250 286p ISBN 81-7992-582-X Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Nirad C. Ltd. Chaudhuri J-247 ` 325 368p ISBN 81-7224-038-4 Culture in the Vanity Bag Nirad C. Lal J-1646 ` 295 336p ISBN 978-81-7992-698-7 World Rights Available Speeches that Changed the World Alan J.Biography SUCCESS IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT A definitive biography of Nanik Rupani. the man who claimed his success despite all odds stacked against him. Whiticker J-2002 CD ` 295 288p ISBN 978-81-8495-084-7 NIRAD C. CHAUDHURI 75 People who Changed the World Editor . Chaudhuri J-1827 ` 250 196p ISBN 978-81-7992-893-6 ADOLF HITLER NEW Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler J-1971 DVD ` 295 636p ISBN 978-81-8495-050-2 Standard Edition J-541 ` 175 524p World Rights Available Adolf Hitler James Bunting J-412 ` 275 260p ISBN 81-7224-074-0 Hitler & The Nazi Leaders John K. Pradhan J-1786 ` 395 672p ISBN 978-81-7992-846-2 World Rights Available 50 Magnificent Indians of the 20th Century S. power and goodwill with nothing more than a dream as his primary investment.

It describes the circumstances and scientific visions from which electronics. computer science and telecommunications emerged. PICCIONI J-1987 ` 295 320p ISBN 978-81-8495-069-4 GOD IS NOT DEAD AMIT GOSWAMI J-1920 ` 295 320p ISBN 978-81-7992-992-6 60 Popular Science/Science/Religion . These pioneers – viewed as “odd” or “eccentric” by their contemporaries – have enabled us to communicate in a “global village” where the space that separates different nations and the time it takes to reach them are no longer a limit: the only limit is our desire to learn. CARLO GUBITOSA has a degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan. He is a free-lance journalist and the author of several books. Since 1994 he has worked with the voluntary media organization “PeaceLink”.SCIENCE HACKING MIRACLES This book is an account of the dreams of cyberspace pioneers. J-2088 ` 275 260p ISBN 978-81-8495-201-8 THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING STEPHEN HAWKING J-1822 CD ` 195 140p ISBN 978-81-7992-793-9 Standard Edition J-1560 ` 175 140p ISBN 81-7992-591-9 EINSTEIN FOR EVERYONE ROBERT L.

Sharma & Vikal J-1444 ` 250 744p ISBN 81-7992-438-6 Conversational Hindi Narayan Prasad Jain J-403 ` 125 284p ISBN 81-7224-275-1 World Rights Available Easy Hindi for the Tourist Norma Schwitter J-408 ` 150 256p ISBN 81-7224-319-7 World Rights Available Arabic for Everyday Use Yunus Agaskar J-499 ` 125 116p ISBN 81-7224-228-X World Rights Available Arabic Dictionary & Phrasebook Mahmoud Gaafar & Jane Wightwick J-1412 ` 195 224p ISBN 81-7992-405-X Fiction—Oriental Classics Panchatantra Arthur W. Ryder J-3 ` 250 384p ISBN 81-7224-080-5 Jataka Tales Francis & Thomas J-72 ` 195 396p ISBN 81-7224-096-1 Classic Indian Tales Coomaraswamy & Sister Nivedita J-929 ` 250 448p ISBN 81-7224-821-0 Tales from 1001 Arabian Nights Translated by Sir R. Burton J-532 ` 295 884p ISBN 81-7224-052-X The Prophet Khalil Gibran J-477 ` 85 128p ISBN 81-7224-097-X Indian Literature 5 MASTERS SERIES The Greatest Works of Kahlil Gibran Kahlil Gibran J-586 ` 295 446p ISBN 81-7224-134-8 Godan Premchand J-52 ` 295 288p ISBN 81-7224-219-0 World Rights Available 5 Indian Masters J-1262 ` 250 304p ISBN 81-7992-217-0 World Rights Available 5 American Masters J-1263 ` 250 320p ISBN 81-7992-218-9 5 British Masters J-1264 ` 250 298p ISBN 81-7992-219-7 NEW Greatest Short Stories Mulk Raj Anand J-944 ` 275 248p ISBN 81-7224-749-4 World Rights Available Our Favourite Indian Stories Khushwant Singh & Neelam Kumar J-1114 ` 295 460p ISBN 81-7224-978-0 World Rights Available 5 Russian Masters J-1265 ` 250 332p ISBN 81-7992-220-0 5 French Masters J-1266 ` 250 296p ISBN 81-7992-221-9 21 Erotic Stories J-732 ` 195 256p ISBN 81-7224-354-5 Reference/Fiction 61 .Reference—Languages International Dictionary of Proverbs Gerd de Ley J-1432 ` 225 438p ISBN 81-7992-426-2 Hindi-English/EnglishHindi Dictionary Tiwari.

fathered by Akbar long ago on a scarred battlefield. and now. The author draws an amusing picture of an ultra-modern Bengali intellectual who falls in love with a highly educated girl of fine sensibility and deep feelings. edited multiple magazines and wrote numerous articles and stories. a Senior Research Scientist at Telcordia Technologies. J-2058 ` 175 168p ISBN 978-81-8495-164-6 World Rights Available PHIROZ H. a concubine named Paru is in possession of a precious jewel. (USA). Tagore was the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (1913). novelist. J-2046 ` 295 348p ISBN 978-81-8495-140-0 World Rights Available 62 Fiction . RABINDRANATH TAGORE was a Bengali polymath. he actively participated in plays. was born in Mumbai. Last Poem) was published in 1929. and playwright. MADON. center of the Mughal Empire. He went to IIT Bombay. he reshaped Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Will the Third Prince rule the Empire? Will Paru wrest back what is rightfully hers? PHIROZ H. As a poet. Meanwhile. an heir has to be chosen. The last poem which she addresses to her lover gives evidence of the depth of feeling of which she was capable. where besides pursuing his degree in Computer Science. Inc. she eludes danger. musician. The noblemen place their hopes on the elusive third prince.RABINDRANATH TAGORE FAREWELL MY FRIEND The original Bengali novel Shesher Kavita (literally. With her sharp wit and sensuous charms. The jewel is stolen. MADON THE THIRD PRINCE In Agra. mysterious assailants are after her.

Jyoti J-1581 ` 175 208p ISBN 81-7992-632-X World Rights Available Contemporary Hindi Short Stories Editor . Greenberg J-653 ` 195 552p ISBN 81-7224-115-1 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-604 ` 125 256p ISBN 81-7224-723-0 J-604M ` 150 256p ISBN 978-81-8495-193-6 The Return of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-606 ` 125 336p ISBN 81-7224-725-7 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-605 ` 125 304p ISBN 81-7224-724-9 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Marathi) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-605M ` 150 276p ISBN 978-81-8495-167-7 Fiction 63 .Shrawan Kumar J-1657 ` 250 256p ISBN 978-81-7992-709-0 World Rights Available The Queen of Genes Dr.Indian Literature Short Fiction Short Stories from Andhra Pradesh Translated by Malathi Nidadavolu J-1288 ` 295 492p ISBN 81-7992-605-2 World Rights Available Day Is Night J. Pillai J-1905 ` 250 292p ISBN 978-81-7992-975-9 World Rights Available The World’s Greatest Short Stories J-598 ` 250 640p ISBN 81-7224-058-9 Greatest French Short Stories J-1168 ` 150 256p ISBN 81-7992-061-5 Tales from Shakespeare Charles and Mary Lamb J-1768 ` 195 276p ISBN 978-81-7992-832-5 World Rights Available The Best of O.Bill Pronzini & Martin H. G. Henry J-1769 ` 195 268p ISBN 978-81-7992-833-2 World Rights Available The Great Short Stories Guy De Maupassant J-1770 ` 195 268p ISBN 978-81-7992-834-9 World Rights Available The Great Short Novels of Henry James Editor .Philip Rahv J-642 ` 225 804p ISBN 81-7224-089-9 SHERLOCK HOLMES SERIES NEW NEW The Greatest Short Stories of Leo Tolstoy J-1957 ` 195 384p ISBN 978-81-8495-031-1 World Rights Available The Complete Long Stories of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-520 ` 195 352p ISBN 81-7224-053-8 The Complete Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-530 ` 250 770p ISBN 811-7224-060-0 The Last Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-602 ` 125 200p ISBN 81-7224-721-4 J-602M ` 125 192p ISBN 978-81-8495-192-9 NEW The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle J-603 ` 125 252p ISBN 81-7224-722-2 NEW NEW NEW Short Crime Novels Editors .R.K.

Isaac Asimov J-1156 ` 295 326p ISBN 81-7992-037-2 Mother Maxim Gorky J-1141 ` 250 396p ISBN 81-7992-022-4 Alexander the Great Louise Chipley Slacicek ` 150 112p Martin Luther King Jr. Dixit J-1921 ` 195 192p ISBN 978-81-7992-995-7 World Rights Available Hunting Bin Laden: How al-Qaeda is Winning the War on Terror Rob Schultheis J-1919 ` 295 240p ISBN 978-81-7992-991-9 Travel NEW 40 Days and 1001 Nights Tamalyn Dallal J-1785 ` 295 336p ISBN 978-81-7992-852-3 The Last Tourist in Iran Nicholas Hagger J-1893 ` 295 272p ISBN 978-81-7992-960-5 The Man Who Swam the Amazon Martin Strel & Matthew Mohlke J-1929 ` 295 232p ISBN 978-81-8495-003-8 Scoop-Wallah Justine Hardy J-1952 ` 295 336p ISBN 978-81-8495-026-7 The Caravan of White Gold Michael Benanav J-1993 ` 295 324p ISBN 978-81-8495-075-5 64 Fiction/Current Affairs/Travel . Uschan ` 150 112p Nelson Mandela Andy Koopmans ` 150 112p GK Series Dinosaur Handbook Svarney & Barnes J-1456 ` 295 258p ISBN 81-7992-460-2 The Handy Insect GK Book Dr.Short Fiction Western Literature Biography Series —Published by Cengage Learning/Gale and Exclusively Distributed by Jaico The Best Crime Stories of the 19th Century Editor . Gilbert Waldbauer J-1457 ` 275 260p ISBN 81-7992-461-0 The Handy Life in the Ocean GK Book Svarney & Barnes J-1460 ` 275 256p ISBN 81-7992-464-5 A Handy GK Book A to Z of World Religions Jim Willis J-1451 ` 295 508p ISBN 81-7992-455-6 The Handy Christianity GK Book John Renard J-1445 ` 100 72p ISBN 81-7992-439-4 Current Affairs 50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming The Green Patriot Working Group J-1903 ` 275 192p ISBN 978-81-7992-972-8 Global Shift in the World Mind Ervin Laszlo J-1947 ` 225 192p ISBN 978-81-8495-021-2 Unarmed Heroes Compiled and edited by peaceOdirect J-1901 ` 295 272p ISBN 978-81-7992-970-4 Mumbai Under Siege Nikhil S. Michael V.

Channel 7. the men can only hope that they are not on a wild goose chase. the man with an ominous track record of masterminding 22 blasts across the country since 2005. From shady underworld dealings to switching gang loyalties. DEY is a Mumbai-based journalist with over a decade’s experience in crime reporting and investigations. the men graduate to selling information on terrorism. Then begins the chase… to catch India’s most wanted terrorist: Riyaz Bhatkal. He has worked with The Indian Express. Hindustan Times and is currently Editor—Investigations with MiD DAY. author of bestseller Black Friday J. J-2000 ` 250 212p ISBN 978-81-8495-082-3 “The first-ever masterpiece on the role of police informers and their significance in cracking organized crime. With trust in short supply. KHALLAAS J-1783 ISBN 978-81-7992-975-9 Forthcoming World Rights Available on both titles Crime/Current Affairs 65 .CURRENT AFFAIRS ZERO DIAL The lives of three of Mumbai Police’s best informers collide in the murky bylanes where deadly terror plots are hatched. Hussain Zaidi. The search takes them to the most unassuming yet dangerous terror hubs across India.” —S. A must read.

Stevenson JH-373 ` 135 326p ISBN 81-7224-898-9 THE HOUND OF BASKERVILLES Sir Arthur Conan Doyle JH-391 ` 135 294p ISBN 81-7992-006-2 THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER Mark Twain JH-374 ` 135 296p ISBN 81-7224-899-7 THE PRISONER OF ZENDA Anthony Hope JH-392 ` 135 204p ISBN 81-7992-007-0 66 Children’s Classics World Rights Available on all titles . Wells JH-396 ` 135 248p ISBN 81-7992-011-9 AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS Jules Verne JH-370 ` 135 284p ISBN 81-7224-895-4 20.L. Stevenson JH-390 ` 135 172p ISBN 81-7992-005-4 TREASURE ISLAND R. HYDE R.000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Jules Verne JH-388 ` 135 230p ISBN 81-7992-003-8 OLIVER TWIST Charles Dickens JH-371 ` 135 240p ISBN 81-7224-896-2 THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Alexandre Dumas JH-389 ` 135 216p ISBN 81-7992-004-6 DAVID COPPERFIELD Charles Dickens JH-372 ` 135 208p ISBN 81-7224-897-0 THE STRANGE CASE OF DR.G.GREATEST LITERATURE FOR CHILDREN AN ILLUSTRATED COLLECTION THE WORLD’S ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD Howard Pyle JH-393 ` 135 192p ISBN 81-7992-008-9 THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK Alexandre Dumas JH-375 ` 135 320p ISBN 81-7224-900-4 IVANHOE Sir Walter Scott JH-394 ` 135 274p ISBN 81-7992-009-7 KIDNAPPED R.L. JEKYLL & MR.L. Stevenson JH-368 ` 135 248p ISBN 81-7224-893-8 A TALE OF TWO CITIES Charles Dickens JH-376 ` 135 200p ISBN 81-7224-901-2 THE ADVENTURES OF DON QUIXOTE Miguel De Cervantes JH-395 ` 135 230p ISBN 81-7992-010-0 THE ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE Daniel Defoe JH-369 ` 135 184p ISBN 81-7224-894-6 THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE-DAME Victor Hugo JH-377 ` 135 216p ISBN 81-7224-902-0 THE INVISIBLE MAN H.

Padma Vijay J-660 ` 150 240p ISBN 81-7224-152-6 World Rights Available Microwave Cooking Ayurvedic Cooking Shanti Gowans J-1166 ` 195 168p ISBN 81-7992-055-0 World Rights Available Oil-Less Cooking Aroona Reejhsinghani J-552 ` 125 124p ISBN 81-7224-076-7 World Rights Available Salads for all Occasions Vijaya Hiremath J-1359 ` 299 96p ISBN 81-7992-328-2 World Rights Available Microwave Veg Sarojini Menon J-1598 ` 95 96p ISBN 81-7992-627-3 World Rights Available Microwave Non-Veg Sarojini Menon J-1599 ` 125 112p ISBN 81-7992-628-1 World Rights Available Desserts Games & Puzzles –Chess Party Games NEW Best of Indian Sweets & Desserts Aroona Reejhsinghani J-864 ` 125 200p ISBN 81-7224-770-2 World Rights Available Chess & Chess Tactics Morrison. Priya J-1658 ` 125 112p ISBN 978-81-7992-710-6 World Rights Available Khana Sutra Zubin D’Souza J-1870 ` 250 240p ISBN 978-81-7992-937-7 World Rights Available Housewife’s Guide to Chinese Cooking Aroona Reejhsinghani J-392 ` 125 160p ISBN 81-7224-155-0 World Rights Available Chinese Cookery Secrets Deh-Ta-Hsiung J-824 ` 150 192p ISBN 81-7224-544-0 Diet for Diabetics G.Cookery—Indian Cooking Regional Indian Recipes Rachel Muthachen J-343 ` 150 188p ISBN 81-7224-035-X World Rights Available An Indian Housewife’s Recipe Book Laxmi Khurana J-845 ` 95 160p ISBN 81-7224-545-9 World Rights Available Delights from Goa Aroona Reejhsinghani J-542 ` 125 116p ISBN 81-7224-078-3 World Rights Available The Art of South Indian Cooking Aroona Reejhsinghani J-404 ` 125 166p ISBN 81-7224-057-0 World Rights Available Delicious Recipes from Andhra Karuna J-700 ` 115 136p ISBN 81-7224-180-1 World Rights Available Chinese Cooking Healthy Cooking 100 Ways to Cook Potatoes Amrita S. Wade & Bott J-592 ` 150 238p ISBN 81-7224-108-9 The Right Way to Play Chess Brine Pritchard J-788 ` 125 224p ISBN 81-7224-466-5 The Biggest & Best Book of Party Games & Activities Penny Warner J-1088 ` 125 180p ISBN 81-7224-945-4 50 Fantastic Parties Grosscup & Tazelaar J-1406 ` 250 224p ISBN 81-7224-996-9 Cookery/Games & Puzzles 67 .

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