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Essiac Tea Cancer Cure Medicine,Health,Herbs,Spices,Handbook,Alternative,Food,Cooking

Essiac Tea Cancer Cure Medicine,Health,Herbs,Spices,Handbook,Alternative,Food,Cooking

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All Interview With DR. GARY L. GLUM by Elisabeth Robinson

Itcnc Caisse was a nurse livinu III Can:llla who for a perklJ of alll\osl sixlY YCilrslfcatcJ hundreds Llf pcoplc, with an hcrbal rcmc,ly she callcd Essiac. She JiscovercJ this rcmcdy tbrollgh a pat ient in the IHJsplt..1 where 'ila: wock.:,J \\'h.l had beCl1 cured of cancc£. The patil;r\l
had uscd 'I!n herb;!1 remcdy uiven

hcr by all OJioway herbalist. (tene lefr the hospiral in 1922. :Il agc 33, a IIII wcnr to Bracebridgc, l )IHarill, C.II\adO1where she began '1,IIIlini:,lerilll! E"siac I,) all who <:an\l: 1<)hcr. The l1\ajnl'ity nf d)l)se whom ~he trealed carre on referral with kllers frulII 1IH.:irphysicians certifyil)g lhcy h;!d in.cmable or ,,'colinal forilis of cuncer and that they hild been given lip oy lhe mcdical professinn as IInrrcatablc. Rwe oegan gathering the plants anJ IHeparin~ lhe herbal remedy herself in hcr own kirchen, in a bud,lillg leiII her fm hcr pUclenls. She administcre,1 Essiac borh mally allJ by injectiun. In cases where

'., '

therc was severe dal1lage [0 (ife

Sllppml nrgam, hcr paliclHs Jicd Om Ihey lived far Ilmger than the IOlcJk;.;!pruf;:s~iun had predictcJ,
,IIhI, Ilh)[e signiticandy, they lived


Dr. Gary L. GII/JII, I/ntil two yellrs ago, was a c!Jiroprtlc/or wi/.II offices ;" Los A"geles, Cillifonrill. lIis elicltts i"eI/ldrtl well-k"ow" profl!ssiolllli a/II/elic teanls fllld OIYlllpic ICfllIIs. . 111 1988 Dr. G/Jlmp"blislled ~' I II J , , tJlI: story of Hi:lle Caisse aud Essinc. Two yenrs "go III: closel his practice nwt IIOW dl!voli:S lIis
/i1llt! /0 illve$tigatil,le wri/illg.

f,.:e of pain. Still utllc..s. listed as l\\Ipd.:ss and tcrminal, out without se\'erc damage {l\ lifc support nq~ans, were cured and livcd 35--45 years (many arc s[illlivinl:). :)11startling was lhe effectiveness \)f this simple herbal remedy, it CUlIl.! IIU[ be ignorcd, ilnd the

Cuwlian !vlinislryuf t leahh and Wdfarc and lhe Parliament became involved. Friends, fl)rmcr patients,
;lIhl gr,lIeflll LUllilies p..:tition..:d C.lI\OIdian ufficialdolll for Rene Clissc's righl (\1 administer lhe remcdy t\) any\'ne who asked im it widH )ut the thrcilt (If interferencc ---.-.--.. -18 W'iLlfiri: VIII. 6 Nil. I

Glum. I verified the basic infllrmafwm aUlhmities.Fifty-five thmmmJ tinn in his bllllk through Canadian sil:natllH:$wcre collectcd on thc S~)llrCCS,onc 111\ herba li~t who knll\\'s 'pelilion. In 1938. Essiac came within threc VOICSf bcin!: ICIJalizc,1 u( Rcnc Cai£~c alld hcr wurk and o who has pcrsonally liI..de and by the Ontariu jloveCOlllell(as a successlully useJ Essiac. remeJy for tcrminal cancer patients. As I cOl\lplete.1 lilY secolld The story of Rene Caisse. hcr COIl'lersitlion with nr. Glum, he lifc, her work, and tllI.:-cffectivcness said. "You'rc upelli'nu it Pandora's of the remedv she named Essinc, 'is tOlJ in a bouk'Sun Bcm ftiCcivcd, Box here, publishing this interview .ihout Essim:." I dis"greed, InH bcgan Calling uf an AII~d. hy Dr. Gary L. thinkill~ abnut Pandufa's "hllx." In Glum of Los Angclc£. Afrer rcadin!: the stl)f)' III' J\indura most tllt: bOllk allJ £iIlJin!: it't\J he wcll--known mday, she is SCtHhy the informutive, wcll dllcumenrcd and gIlds III C\lrse hUlI\anily fl)r offctidinl: moving, I dl:c idcd hI intervicw Dr.
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... ",---""'.'--'" .....-


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lhe last comes hope.)hey. I !\Ican. It does not mentS approve nor make legal alternative treatments of any kind. whkh the gods knM.. la\:uc. These Institutions have influence over government and regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration. They were ERI .. . W. Mary worked with Rene begin.(.. I thought. Pundora \l'hosc name mcans "all giving" wasoriginally n imagcforMother a - GOa The information is withheld because cancer is the second hHgcSI revenue producing business in the world. That's how it heJ. All Rene had werc deStroyed by the Canadian Ministry - this rruth. Essiac is a .:' since 1922. she had peen T\\'enty years UJ. nm onlya (riendbut al1Ol) a patient. GGa Yes.anybody that has a vested interest in the health care of cancer. the documems the research institutes. \l'here shc went. I 49 . Wncn I inet her.~rmil\ili.. Why? I."' . When PanJnrad. governmentS. cilher personally or through a loved line.S.. to see Rene Caisse. Sd had -f that Esslac was It cure (nr ailer thill time Ihis woman began cancer. the Canadian 'Cancer Soci- drums behind h~r"home. nOt a hux.' she :itan~d. lis untidote t. stopped and it couldn't be stopped any other way -.. If this information is true. GLUM Elisabeth Robinson! To begitJ with. pharmaceut ica1 companies. as well as Jeath and r(hinh children. p diseasc. . The FDA recommends only allopalhic treat- - with liS sincJ 1922. . the event they were treallng people with any substance nOl - 'approved by the Food and Drug Administration. and the ef(ectiveness o( this remedy is actually medically documented. during the early 19605.unlne. what am I co'ing to "U wilh this 1 I decided the bcst way hi go would he tu find the infurmatiun bchind Essiac und put it in \\'ill dis. ERa In your book you mention that the Brusch Clinic in Massa~husetts worked with Rene Caisse and wilh Essiac. for cancer and other life threatening diseases.I woul~ lJucssthat virtually ev. 6 No. Why do you think the in(ormatlon on Essiac is nO( more widely known? But according Barbara Walker's EIII:yclo/leJia... . They 'Indeed (uund ~)ut what Essiac She was trcilted with the hcrbal was In 1937. was through the insurance companies.I!' mine knew this WOI\lan. . all I had WitS II piece of paper. Shc was givcn abolJt ten' days !II live.:ry' person in the U. including the American Cancer Society. . Ijift~ o( Eanh.-n'" . . them. Angel. fotca-..she didn't to the same conclusions that Rene have a canccr cell in her body.~tUIoS. Gary Glum: A personal friend.. heinljs in a natural wqrld.Shc had. and IlIlw you learned about. Glum..It's a for)nula maJc frl)m mula fill"Essiilc (rumher.Canada public ur the prcssor anyhody else. It seems appropriucc that a simple re.her death In 1978. pcstilcncc humai)kiml.. I gOIIhe for. Then ut to - buuk (orm and bring it (0 the world. (or examplc. next to the petrochemical husiness.~Ia:~: "': ...f. Is Ihis he \g \\'.~". cvcnlually given up u~ Incurable 'nnd ER. ERa You're saying that Essiac is in a position similar to. .!on-toxicherbal cure. Mary's mmher and her hus"band werc also patientS.. I h~arncd ub<)Ut Rene Caisse 1111 Ihe ill~ o( fr~)mMary McPhcrson whu was a very close personal (riend o( . I\mdnra is fjivcn a "box" 'ur cuntalner with instrlll:tluns nil( tu 'Ipen it. 4. lIame I have promised not to reveal.> Rene's.MoneyanJ power suppress all treated for cancer and cured by Rene. Rcne Caisse and her wurld. \ Dr..:iin. many lives could be saved.. No cne has eVer ~OUIjIH ru cllre cancer Earth's Ui(u to her - only to control it. loday has been tnucheJ by cancer. .- urc released. hut a hon~yvasc like the C(\r~ucopia fwm which (lowcd all \ife and (feativilY. "'. .she \\'as Ihe only pcrson in possession of GG.blical illg her li(c to Jisseminating {' inl~lrIl\athm about Esslacin rhe ERI Whar is Essiac exactly? 'Unitcd States. Essiac is a non-toxic herhal Ihe miginal herhal (ormula who 'ClIrC for cancer thm's hcen with IU that's" been: . Because we are natural . Wtluld suggest pmmise for us today. (ederal cumplJ~eJo( (our ~ummun h~rbs. When I WildfireVol.M'. They burned all that Information in fifty-five gallun . The RoyalCancer rcmedy devcl'lped hy Rene :.and in a shun tiitie'. so much' " o( Mealth &.Esslac Commission hearings 'had then come .icer s 'S n Dr. the only reaSOn laetril was . whose. Welfare at the time o( ..'- .nlldrelinquishit.' . ~ ety. cun you tell us a little "hOlt! huw you hecame interested in the swry you tcll in Calling of an .bpaCt. . The insurance companies sent Juwn a directive to all allopathic physicians stating that they could not cover them in any malpractice suit in. E. -I.:O dingllosed widl cervicnl cancer In a Detroit hospital wherc she was.irth."'" " . \\'hl1 was living in Detroit. any o( these so-called henefactorS'tO those who have contracted all o( these instilU" this Jisease tions are involved in the money and power around cancer. four vcry commun hcrhs. . GGa Because they dun't want thi1O She convinced her husband to in(ormatlon in the hands o( the make II trip to I1racebridlju. Michigan.)C1O open the IHI. INTERVIEW WITII DR. lactril.me<iy ning in the 193010 she hau in and h~r possession 111\these documents thar haJ to do with Essiac ovcr rhfi 40 years Rene administered it.1r.

The cUlUen(ion is thar if it isn't approved by the Fnod aod l)rqg AJ. The best that ilnYllllc can dn is just try to disseminilte this infnnna[iun [0 [he puhlic and let people make . slw .an \'ml explain \Vh.. ~ ""':""""~I"""":"" :". That was Ime criteria.lllse d\Cy say it is "advcnisinf:' " ER: Advenisinf: what! The video you Jon't sell any Inord GG.~'II"..Ir allY family memher should decide. she wliid nlH charf:c anything for her services.heir own chuices. a ClI~~fllr cancer.What YlJu're dealinf: with is givinf: people a formula that they can make and use in (he privacy . there's no legality in' . Shc awced to all these' crileriil ilnd pfl1ceeded 1<1 trc. Ypu knll\\'. IIsil\l-. That's all YUIICOIl) 'I. When Rene Caisse set up her clinical trials in Canada to test Essiac. you have the rif:ht to makc (his remedy and usc it in the privacy of YUlirOWl)hUlne and without ilnYlHw's approval. in 19)7 Essiac came wilhin duce Vllles uf b~ing legalized as a Ire. this was all tll he cenified hy il pad1l1lof:y repon..hawver reason.lIU!'~Jlib:':n' :.\[ you mean hy (he Pllhlishers' fearing a wronf:fu\ Jeath sllit! GG.4':". If any attorney .. she was given f:llvernmem permission tll tn. No. Arid jllsl say.~'~: ...~. lip for il wnmgful death suit.\( mcnt for cancer. Sewndly. il when YOlI're dealing wilh a " life (hreateninf: disease. if d YULIeel (hat EssicK has'value in f your life and (he lives of your hIved ones.\[ pcople wilhEssiilc' Many she tn:areJ were slill (here 35 years Iilrer hll1ury her wl1l:n slw died OIlage ~o.'~.'" Welfare hec. ER: (.:at terminally ill cancer patients who had heen 'given up fllr h'lpdess hy the medical pmfessilm.IwIIsWlJ sif:nalures 01) a petililu) III allll\\' I~ene III ClIIHinlic III lIS~' Essiac. h~lk.. . People had garnered IlVcr fifty-five . And third. then you arc PUUil1f:yourself.If (heir own IWllIes without' the approva I of (he A ~1A lJr FnA or anyhody ebe. for I. that the reason sumeone expired was from the use of Essiac. Till' IInly ["a"lI) die 1'1I1l' Idl Sllll[\. minislfalion..

md UPI out thcy said it was nOt newsworthy. and all life support organs. He was in II statc uf complctc Jctcrioriuiun. and.fur that ." 001 All her research. This wos the (irst report anywhere in medic. 00. and we finally found a pathologistwho would Joan exhaustive autOpsy. All t~)e . Ihl lalk show programs. We knew that he didn't have leukemia any more. ER: Have you had any persunnl expericnceswith Essiad ' 00: Ycs.I cun cive yuu an ex. That information was mken to AP . which is some. We wanted to find out what was the cause of Jeath. MassachusettS whereupon he delivered to me the unly materiul he had Icft in his files un Essinc. She then borrowed the money for a tlight to Anchorage. was givcn the Essiilcand nil the hemorrha1:ing shipped within 24 hnurs.000."""'" . those sheets and signatures mc all ~. J arrived in A laska later that year and met him. Rene was allowed to continue her practict: blH only within t~e cri\eria I me"tiuned before.fmmJ uut year~ Imer. Ciulse uf demh was damagc hi the myocarJial sac of the heOlrl. Greece where her SI)l)'S white cell CQuntwas 186. She wenl everywhere.'40-yearperiod' 4f:time. Tuby Wmx1 diJ die. Brusch from 1959to 1962. So following the Royal Cuncer Commission hearings. One of those files was his uwn personal (ile when: he had treateJ anJ cured his uwn cancer with Essiac. wa~ thm the Cullelteof Physicians nnd Surgcon~ . He haJ He lymphoblastic. He had no red bldoj cells and no platelets. and delivereJ a bottle of Essiac.files and rccords. . Within three months all his blopdtests were normal. no producers. Hcr . NI) blast cells were found in the Plme. He wus hemorrhaging to death. if yuu I.( eLL. Our information on Essiac has heen sent OjrounJ the worlJ twice through Publisher's Weekly magazine in a hUHe twu-page ad. I have his persunal records. which i~one of ute Ihe most virulent of all Icuken\ias.then we'll mke a sincere luuk and give this woman a fair hearing. As far as I know all that material has been destroyedalsu. which allQwed the Ministry. ample.\ oecn on chcl1\Othempyfur fuur years and radimilm fur three.)rigi. Her last stop was Dr.. They .su I went to Dr. a result of the chemOlherapy. There wcre a few stray cells in the tt:sdcles . We sat down and mlkeJ. inciuJing the oone marrow.." ". Nu blast cells were found in any life support organ. of I-Ienlth & Wtlfare to remict people'sacces~ to Essiac treatments. I knew that Rene had worked with Dr. All the information in my houk is verifh:d hy 1\sheet uf paper with a signatUre nnd 1\ d. met and ~aid to Parliament.1 hiswry of anyunc surviving Iymphohlastic leukemia. of the information 'that Jid nm get burned whcn Rene died... nal~.: was any creJibility here. 'He h\11. ERI'Yuu mentioned that earlier. We received nu responses ilt all from any publishing company worlJwidc. AlvaznJus in Athens. .'1"'" "1 """"11"~m'-"ml~Ii\""UI. Brusch's home in Cambridge. So they transfused Tuby in Greece and put him on a plane to Ala~ka when: he wasgiven less than five days [0 live. By the time she gOt there Tohy was given three days to live. Hc was a twelve-year-uld boy named Tuby WOlld.\on't respund m the pulitical pre~~ureand legalize Es~iac. directOrs.md in the hrain. She tried every alternative treatment.What exactly was oum~d!: . tlis mnther's only hope in lifc was tU finJ a cure fm him. I knuw this because I havc a copy of the hearing transcripts which I gUt frum Mary McPhersun. . testicles. So ' Parliament didn't legalize Essiac.. marrow. I met his mOther's sister in Los Angeles while I wa~ putting the bunk 'together and she a~kd' .ER: What about the records of the' . nlillC BruschClinid It seemsthese would oe convincing evidence. Ilc names. "11her clinical' data that she hnJ collected. .1fe nlit cupies. throughout the Uniled Slates. It touk four months to get the repun back.lte un it. The pathologist auropsied the brain.

She: (h.'rlilinly.I" Ri\'cra."rd\ aCli\'ilil's th.IW I Will\{£II Ihal\k Y"l! fill' rhl' Essiac: and b.:.li".1a)' is I.lj. S.' i\ bryLIII.'". \Vl' sai.l)')lIlIl(/ \\'.rI\Llli"n 1'.1I gil'c il I" ('l'll'r .1 1"'1'.' '.1.111'".iac. tI\l')' ('cl'.hillg.. ')lI! e\'e:n \\'Iwn I'cllpk' were CUI'.1I) \\'as n.Iii allY I'l'sl'ar."d. n. :\11 Ih:ll infllr. n'II'I:.1\\' SYlI\l'iI[hClle .. 13H: Pi.I".rb .11\' 11'111111\1' :\IIIl'II.II\\l'aign g. Ihill inf"rlllali. 'nl' In fa.'sl'~'rin i"I\ (:.1. ER: II's hl'ginning hi Sl'elll ilmming '" IIIl' 111.1.1Sll 111\.d pllblie: :II :III. lie. i'1:lhk-.! .l' I. I "lid.'is \\'hal jl is.\I Ihl'~' SII dl'sl'er. WI' ilskl'" . ' n.1 hc il\\'adcd wilh 61.1..(\1(' ph..I.lrking d. Ik sai. .) :I. I. \\'lIIdd he" [0 \.S" I'cople' arl' k gl'U ing d\\' Il"rllng ingredienrs 1'.II\\1 ill III' glll\'l' \\'ilh III\' (::lII:ldian Minislr)' Ilv:lilh & \V\'I f:ll"" .lislll'd III Ihl'l\\ by Rem' f'H' d\\' I'llrchas~ prkc o"'lInedllllo'lr.. I nilI\' relll'le whl I were rerminally ill and given l'l' ils ' paign ~1.111.lfilre:. gelll'r.rla: gl'I\\'r.lI.I hllll .. TIll' givl'n III b'I.- .'S( \\'as '.1111' (15. I\'eIH .Ie: f"1" ~lll'ep '> Slll'l"\-I.. IIIIIW III' Ih is illl~'1'1 1:1 IIII \\'a~ a\'ailahle' I" Ih~' 1 Ii h. ' A lid ir's ntH jllsl llje mediil.lilkillly p'I\\'l'rflil ::)11 rh.'minall"1.1.lIi.. i .0 :\.ral i.1. had bl'l'lI lll\lb Ih"."--' . j. 111\I)' rl'aSlin r:s~ iac: is 11I.'d\' hils sltrviI'l'd Ihe '\'lInsl'irill'Y III' Sile'I\Cl'" III' '1IIIrt~hl Ik'SI fIICI illil lit' rl'l'lIrds 0111.1.' . Ilc rl'ad dll' "'ulk all.l' )"'\11' l'lu. 1l)7~ \l'hl'n lI\l't~II'I\)lIb \\':ls rl.h II"'S "n Es~ii\l:.1l.'sl' chil.\I she \l'as III k'ad the res.'h..u.IIHl'd 1'1 1'111.. 1I'k. eirhcr.'am- and h"d "h\\Iney cnllligh III gel 'Essial.'ubid. ( :alla. Ylll! kn.h '"I'I'"sl'dly is a_l'rlV:lll' ill~llIlI[i.fl\\' l'..'\1('. .ul . dll'Y 11"'11 h. Ihi~ ."'- .JaIl'l'r fpr I r\nC 11\ NclI' )'.dwr f'lrlllllhs Ihal arl' cirl'lIbli"g which aI'.d in Ihe rl'S('an:h l~r0ll'C( findings. \\'hll \\'I. Ih. I"EsI . Inll hIn was w.'d :11'1 ides. .lIdy ' "'.I\\'.kl'd IIn I~e:ne's .: inlll (he pllblic: sec:rur \\'irhlllll C:IHnrmmising hcr va hies. 111I rll 1I\Cllrilln dw five III' six I ..hllilll~lr. III .. '.mel'alls. By rlwn.' Ihrllllgh a f".I.1.ln'l d'i il.1 Rl'lW Ihl')' had no fllrlhl'r 11:>1' I~'r Iwl'.sia.\1al\Y inli Inmll illn ilr illi ilhlllll .. \\'hll's' [hc 'C:O>I'e:ulivl' Il'll'S I'ro.lre and Ih~' .I frall. I ~.Inl' nf d".1I1 hilI. l )"e: r. t'> .'d..TIll' I'liblic' had 111>illf'll'lll:ll/l'" ass"fI.. l'.1 " lII<lrrgagc 111\his 11I1I1'cand I\c'~ I.'I'I\IIt!as ilfl' heing .' 1I1l'. Nalillll.\fIllalioll N. Corpor!lIhln I\'as Pl.1 ~in'. Blil R~ne had alread)' done dinkal . ilnd adl\\inisrnHilin an" rhe tvlinisrr)' III' lie:ahh & Wl. jl \.1.1 till' "-_U_'-"'".li.1lall'.ll'l.k whal Ill' wa:>g'lIng h' . (:.k has hccn IIll! ! CG: l'rl'\'/lIII' "' lilY b'\llk.k". SIll' had names an. 'nc lim's w.) .lill' ...'sear. Rl'sl'l'rin riln r.alk-.. I k :>.'"I'fl' ill) fltjllllll'. fill' I11l1srIlI'lhesl' I'l'IIple. line lI\Hn was lisrl'd as d.)sc!y lI'irh rhe glwe:rnmcnr .1 tlwlh'sl'l'l'In Curl'"r.Wc Ilu.jn1.:11I\\enu I\'cre fillsified.I(l'. En: I 1:1.' .Ililll)' in dll' !>'\llk is "l'ri.. Yl'l Ill' \\'as lisl~'d as .\ is dying .klll)ings....! rCl.lnc (ails.hl' Irlllh. .kss had 111g..jllt"'I'IUalil'lI .\ olle .illh & Wdl. ".h 1111 Essial'! (. (.lIlll'r 11'1'1\1>. hcrhal cllmpanics \\. il was 111. ~h. 'q.all .~ why .l\rds. 1. " IlrCmCI\( . ii. disseminalcd.1'II)e !'l'SCnl"dl sin'. .1' n"1 .!eral hurellllcnllk ma=e 111gel dw remedy. I\\'l'\'l'r.1 III I'hill(' ~l'hdlkr.' .s.'.)f 1"lIkcmiil.'11 in TllrlliHII.)' 1\'1'1"<1 III 1IIIIIIIh :11\. lie said.IIIIU\ ." II'" (alkl'. whi.illg pn I\\'rl'. Wl' silid.:h( IIw Rc~perin . Ted "pl'l'd.'... Then she fllllnd IllIr Ihe Cllrp.lIhll1fllg --.111CXI'I'Sl' IlIl' :lnd E:.aI I\I'dll'~.111'1' t:..II'ai!:ihll' Ilf iI fl'\I' Essial" II' till' (:.lIlliI' and ~ajd.II's Ihcl'nlhlcl\\.1rrl.wh)' nol.1jll.ll' III an)'..\1 \\':lS IIdd hI' tI\\' It. Ii indu. dll' II1f"rII\.liI"fl'rl'nl 1'1"'1\\Ihe I'lle I "'Ihl '"11.Ibr illc:r il\\l'ressilln fmm tlw 1 \inislry II" Ile. :\s snlln as rlwy g' \( rhe 1'111'1\\11101. wanls Ihi.1 \\'h\.k it 10 J'Il' I)Pllall\.'ad II'hll iI fl'll' IIIIHulls Iale:r ki\lIc..1! I'lIhlic: a' all. F'lr eXilmple:.11. iI di. I'rlldlll'l'r "fill) :\tilllH('S.la.'!'in.1'ndllcll'd ill Nllrrlwrn Canada and rhe . Tlll'rl' i.000 I'h..II\'r \.111'arc n<l\\' sllhsriluring Ihe clirly .1\ [II :i"Y I\l"~ gl.1. Thl'sl' LaI.'ing parr ot' Ih is e:xpl~rilllenlill I'rllgmm. .1111'\'1' InSlil\ll.". ill!.. n".king ('I\\'ilr~1 rl'" . 11\. "HII. II.11:.rri"ls.1{ rdl'ascd 1\1 Ihc puhlic:.0: Thl'Y'\'l' .'" dl.iac: a~ .III \'1111Ihillk iI I'arl'nt \\'h. I~l'sl'erin Cprl"'nll illn Ih.i' Ih..his r"l\ll.lh"UI I~'1'111111a\\'01' nl'\'l'l" b~' Itl"'I'.'-..-. hlgedwr. I TI\\' kllll\l'l\ . Ilc said hl~C:iI\ISC his I'h. \Vl' rail" .

ir devllt\!s . elm (U/nllls IlIft'a). They ull huJ pneum()cy~tl~ earinii ilOd hiswplasmosis.~IInd sa}' "curc" canccr. I've experienceJ almosl perfcct health.m/milium).AfDS'Is UI) the hllrimn iI~'.llIn't have slIlar puwer Is thill nu one's figured uut II way HI sell EXXONthe SUII.. Whm herbals abllut ~Iuant it ies! SlIlIIe IIrc Ulxic. Wh. . Ihese Ihin!!s Jon't hav!: w happen. dfccliveness. Yuu knuw YOll'd have h. IInJ all AIDS patients . GG: It IIlslI cures rhe commllil wid. been identified. rllnlugh' 1111 dink. one wants II cure: fllr cancer IIr " dcceplh~. So. Apparently Essiac regula[cd the pancreas in cases of Jiabe[es mcllitus. Anolher Ihinl: I've founJ with Essiac is Ihal I've experienced almost perfect hcalrh. hceRusc.1 trials Ihal have heen Ihe dllne.: \\'Iluid normali. Essiac elevme~ thc enzyme systl:m IInJ !:Ives 1111 cancer palicnts .. Su rl:ally whm yuu've JlUt mil here is peuple cllntinllally pcrpetrath11t Ihese lies lIualnst lIIankind. Their T -4 cell cmanu "Wen: less than [en. it.Fur . :in Ihc hoJy can cure it:i own discase.. i And Ihat is exactly what Essiac ha:. wantcJ (II work wilh Rene. . She alrereJ 'it with Turkish rhubarb rollt (Rhcum.. thc unly rcaslln We. She said. 1 wuk diem IIff Ihe AZT and Ihe DDI nnd put . up hI six mllKes a Jay. ER: And all 'ul' this 00: Yes. Rumexacct(w:/~. luok.. They lire easy hi obtain. Their wcij. Sincl: "ve laken Essiac.AIDS. have all kindsuf enercy. YIIUcan lake Essia.is what dcslroys [he cancer cells. c\eviltes the Immune liysu:m.ells thc allupathic.100 organio . Rene said it rears ag~l. ' Evenlhe ahemative hea!. That's a high dll~!lgc. - GG.1hlilk i" Ihe differclKc ~ " H Wildfirc VIII. GG: Yuu CliO suh~tlrure urdinmy rhubarbrom. I~cnc illS\) founJ thi\[ Essh1C WIHlldhcal slOmach ulcers within Ihree or four wecks.whkh .u. herc. Shc felt thar Llkers were a precursl)r w cancer.tund (1(\.h care pmfesshlnals'llre lillr Iherc [II c!lntrol.II. Thai's 1\\'11ounccs in the cvening. Prujeel LlIS Anceles rhrollMh their Long Beach anJ San Pedro districts.. Turkish rhubarh milt cerrainly is nllt nallve in this Clllln[ry.he British. Nu " Niltionibide . ul [hese patients.! tWII amund nuontime. ukers - ERI Thill is in're~lihle -' hut what kind uf lives me they leadinlt tIIdayf " . diabeles.000 \'ear histllry. Evcn its worst enemy culiid never lay claim that Essiachad any deleterious side effe'ts whatever. So these people then became insulin-free. cases where a person on imulin disconrinued it with the Essiac. 1\". If il ducsn'l have merit.[he enzymes that have hecn destroyed.1Iwill keep Essiilc known b ils ' Thllse lire the \lnl\' IIncs all"".e a \wl. Rcne alsu fuund thill Esshu. t:. nu ur vinas. anJ no sickness. I .c [he thyruiJ ChIOJ. Essi".'Ihe co-Jjscoverer of insulin.. safely. Sir Fn:Jerick BaOlinl:l. Jr's amadn/:. "I've been mkinu line IIlII"e a day fur sevcl" }'eIlU. Essiilc cleviltes the immulle SY~lelll. YUlI'd have sulnr power.: clevlltcs the cnzYllle system. Rene ulso fuund that Essiilc was' a Slrlllll: preyemive. The ahermuive pCllple IIrc nlsu Inrn it fur the muncy.. Illday.lpk ' dic.OOO iI .Thc . it will kill ilsclf.I'm fUrlY nnw. ' '. mllney and power. a da}'.hclII . . Altemalive meJical practice is just as mc"enllry nriJ . t lerlmb fnllll furl'ign cmmlfies arc fumigilteJ and irradi. Ihis herbal remedy wllrks hi 1'111 Ituinlt IU ill~[ "I'UII~~ Y"". own. My wifc WilSun IWOcrains uf lhyroiJ :Since .k.h rhuba~hl . since no one knew how Essiac would illleract ~ilh Ihe illSulin. Fur IIIOIlI:Y. nllr HI 'life. Renc had the wrrect herhs and she used ilS IiIIIe liS olle oUIll. in \'llIlr IIwn perslllliIl cxpcriencc. Ihcse rhin!!s happcn. Their weiuht Is hack 10 nurmill. These findinus were suhStimdateJ by Dr. It's dult sil.'re flmtinu with Esslac.he hllfIJ\I)ne SYSICIII. GG. Alberi Schall iI[ T ernple Universit}' whll discovered dll: cure for tuberculosis. . nqt even II wid or [he Ou. and 156 of them are 'pure carcinogens.. The IIrher [hree herbs arc billud purifiers. 6 Nil. infllrmiltlon i~ But ~thi:o nUt kin" dissemh'llred eilher. Ihyrllid cunditillns. let me P.h's tfllC. Turkhh rhubarb hils II 5. IWII in rhe lHuming IIn.he sixth I:IraJc. cadnu three 'mcals a diiy. Thcy'ru cXcn:i:iin~three times. After I mCI her. anJ shc haso't IiIken u crain uf lhyroid since. AIDS. dune uvcr Ihis periud. d1i1irman the AIDS prlljeet In III' Lus Anucle~ makes IIVl'r$loq.: that It i:onm Is even allmveJ Intu Ihe menns uf nhernativc heuhh 'arc. ER. It uculillly camc up (film Indm Inw China and Ihell was taken h)' . ER:. Sheep's sllrrel.1\ Essi. If [hey cUllld.. IIlcJ. Well. I also worked with the AIDS '. nllr IIvaiiable here. As yilu gl.IInd. ER. the rellledy woulJ :. $11I~ It 1\ gllnd Idull h~ U~Crhc Turki:. Fur illi intenr~ und purpuses Y"U wlluldn't knuw 111e\' \\'er~ sid il Jay in their livcs.lu was duwn (0 aomlt 100 ' puunds.Thc ulher tWII inwedienu arc burJuck milt (ArcliulII ~ppa) pnd rill: Inner bmk of slippery .ut it out there. Of c~lIIrse she knew full well if people had the currec[ herbs. wC.in sevcn years I haven't 'had iI clIlll. shc slMteJ taking Essiac. The Project Have mt: five Rcally un'c y"1I !hillk' about it. Ihrcc times a day. ' The wlwr I H arc dcnd. u~ulllly. Niltlve hcrbal remedy! J\l:ne did aher YCllr. I sleep like a Imby.of time rlmt wc've been disseminilting the infnrmalion.and inorganic' chemicals have. water 'Cve drink : .'1' the .t uldcr yuu think. if Essiac doesn't hilve any merit. Ahhllugh frum 1\ simple . She ha!-i clioical ' " . Whlll ym. They had sent 179 patients hume (II ' over 2. anllther big l1I!lnermukcl'.

No III "f the ern Universiry. Wlluld y"Ulell pelll'le ' hmv to gct \. Altlwugh the focus'on. k I'uhlishi!. Bul of course thjs infllnmitilll\ is nOt ilvililable tl) IhI. I mean .persons with kidney ailme. figures arc frllm tests CIInductcdby rhe Environmental Proleccilln Agency which have never heen JisrrihiJleJ (0 Ihe public. Jrink over 2. tor example. To heilr ' exp~riences d~scribed by.. '. iI's hccn IIl'ry il\lercslin~ . Of Ihose.Thl: hI~)kis $35.100 \)rHanicand inorganic themicals have h~cn identified.g this interview.on IIn Essiac. You're.on ubtainh'g a Cl~pY . Of c\)ursc. So nmv Ihe story is out Ihere and Inok whill'~ happening - the liver and strengtl1ens the immune system. .)~Ri I think wu're Ih~ IInc \~Ihn'~ " j.310-271-9931. N'arinnwide. I did il hecausc I hilve a responsibililY'I\) myself." .v.'" (91k rem~qy for tumors. Thosc ' dun\: that. linn nut nf Washingmn. pi\tients themselves CiUlnothelp but convince observers that dramatic and beneficial changes' " ctdinitely took place in many but not all of those who receivect the remedy. ..'in Ihl! willer we h) speak wilh \'°11. SII Ihey inake th~ lumor lar~er. The article gives tionl ." ER: How JiJ you get the infmmaabout Essia. 7 Alpine Av~. Ihe ' lVI/run/ vf Ht!/'bnlislI/published an article. problem light r\IIWis peuple getting Ihe righl herbs. here's !he formula. J991.. We can only hope Ihey'll read Calling (!{ an Angel.The Sheep's sorrel. Tcmple. herb~. pf insli~lItiuns have tesrcJ Essiac with' 00 00 co \>0 co Ihe riHhl ~Iuff.. 1991 issu~.and Ihey all Came hI - ' Ihe ~ame CIIndllsilins as Rene. nllt Ihe air. the Calladinll . hcre il is.The inrmula is free. .Nmlhwe~f.c. n. openinj( nPanJllra's Box" \'1111 now. either. Pimentel MH. The li)od didn'l have carcinllgens' in it.killed: rhe fund.t. specific information on the in" gredients of Essiac and includes GGI From 11Rulph NaJcr \'Ircanizades<::riptions of. ': The "rtide also warn$ of high oXidic acid'cont~"t in two of Uw. I knuw IbM ('ve done all I ~:lInhI disscminmc. .nts or arthritic' conditions. Caisse. ' In July..' GG: It's bccn a pleasure. "Old Ontario Remedies.ilh:vii\l~d IIIIJsometim~s curect many chronic anct ctegenerative conditions because' GG: I WIHIIJ like 10 say Ihat I . Another prublem b thar very few people read books any' more. $0 whilt's IeI'll' .lIur bllllk ""J IIw Infpnmnilln IIn EIi~iad " . .' ER: nary.lidn't In all thi~ research heciluse I feel I have a responsibility 10 lither pcuplc. 26 are Cllll)orpromoling.' Oll/mUIIII JIIl/fl1II1 HfrIJil/i:. Essiac has been as it cancer treatl1wnt. C. public. n~ronto. for . the . They ~ill\ply all n'1cill c California iH. ( was the firstpersnntn release it cleansesthe blood as well as Ihis informac. ad. how 10 milke iI..eJuly of Harvard. is a media has nllt JisseininalCJ this. and 156 uf thcm arc purc carcinogens.m.. information.00. Tllf{~. Vol XII. if you have a lumor. and Ilei'rhcr did Ihc Wi\[er. ' Sn what have we dune! Wc've killed Ihe air. (II the general puhllc and say. Canada M6f 3R6 for information jl's Helting killeJ Ihmugh a disinfurlllalhm campaign. hils .' herc's Ihe stllry.l. killed Ihe WOller.. Qt1tario.Chicilgo aUrhc~c ".Write: Ontario Herbalists Aslipdation. ' . the herbs. rhis in(mlTImionanJ bring il co tbe people. it .. J.ma~ing the rel11edyunsafe " ~ .1\' "" hetwecn Ihcn and now. But ilil thill infllrmarilln hCl'n huricJ.. M. ER: Anyrhing you'J like III add hdme we dl1sc this intervic'V1 The article concludes: "Essiac is not l' hoax or a fraud.!" " .

\:'~:t.~v'~&'l --:""Fk.Bottle cap~ mu~tb~ wa~hed..'." .' . ~. . .g~I!9npot.. .' .U:~: .: ""'.Q.' .: .H..: "" \.. ":.4~(-r~it-t. V- b .ePSIratloJl. ..P.. "..c." Mix and'9rlnk.44-I'~"'.. pot.o~. withouncem@asurements.:~...'.~::::. Refrigerate..)' $odltjm. boiling.tWfJtlJrn stove .c/9 ~Uent W"..'/'apd dO$8ge fhould be 9lree.. " . '~~1() .4 '/'. Addf tablespoons bottlo flrat).~:~...'! F>-41&: ".to' full heat for 20 minutes. ".. ::.\' Measunng~up "".". Turn oft $toVQ'.' ""'. . . ' I j I Los'Angeles. . " .lean 5~gallpn pot and strainer.". Immediatelyt 'Es~lac p.." ". discarc ' " " '..~ fH.' '>'f. Turn off stove.~ w~ id~. " ".".'(Rum-":.~" I." . ' ' ' .. ~~.-:".~$hdoublo itrainer . ':"..C }"\'. " : .".f"o4.' T "..:i'::".:"i pr./\.' .' "..'....' ~.'> '" '" .': '." " '.. \ ."'~""~'..'" '---\f'\"'" ~ ~ ..-v~--l~cP ~~O>z-1-.'"'. "'. for 10 minutes. "". ::1-. .j " . . 'I' . . :t'/r " '("':.~". 'I' " .' Stralr) I!qllidInto. . . ' " . Kitchen&cale .. i.' ' Stainlou iteel fine~".' ...to a'roiling boil 'n 5-9allon pot with lid on~ '(Approximately 3C : ".anQ stir mixture tnoroughly. pot.~~ . . i./I. '\.\..'..«. .} . 'f". Bring sodium-free dls'tllled wai~r. '.' (Rh~um Plllm... again~!.11:'" l .. .~'"". .I.'\'l~""Fvf. .. G~U}' L....}. \... d" .".::. "'. :" .'. Stainless steel &pat~ia '" "'" ...I~. .. .. ..'. n--6J.suPVIi.\"'~ih~'P -r<p~'~r'w.:"."'. ang may be clEianed with a 3% solution of N!2! or~de hydroneq p~r9~~~~ vV~....<~ '" '.. ...' "~ ~ cups ~urdo. ..." . Replac£ '"'~. hours.hoop lorrel herb.""" "}. .. /'.)ble'spoon$ (2.p~wdered us .~'.'" " ..~s 3-gallon oeeded 6tainlu$ it8e1 ..... .'>. ~IfecdQQ~fof p.. Then strair .. ::. CAUTION: All bottles and eaps'mu$t be &terllized Ciner u$e'lf you plan to (e-use them for Essiac ... .and rlns'~d thoroughly. Allow' pot to 'r~rn~!nelos'ed' fpJ 12.ontaln. ...- " ---- .".:':):"'. author: ".. . .~ '71~:. . filtered liquid ba'ck i'ntd.J~' ~t .'" .' J ""'.i .ted.' Stir In 1 cup of E~~laqformY. ' 12 or more 16....'I1\"'~V'c.'" ' .. '. Sl...a~~I~~ takingcare to tl9~ten caps: Allowbottle~ to cool. ".~. i:" 'C " 2 gallo~s $OdiU ~~free distilled~ater.'" . '" . .I. " t ' ' 2." ~. .f ' . 5-gallon stainless iteel po~'" \' .C! \oUr~'c.' ' IAf"flumhpp-.."" .'~i 5.. . .. with airtight caps (!l21childproof caps I ." " '.. . :CJ Cj ~ 1.'~~.. .'. .' '".'. ~ ~-':"ct~ ""1J.'.. "~'.'"~. .. " .e~Qai!qn pot."1. Take at bedtime ()n an Qmpty"'stQrr'aChiat least 2 hours after eating. .IW¥lI ii."'.t~r:. " 8.. lid.:. '" li.. .a. . crap*.'~ .'" "" ' " .' .Heat 4 t(. dOvy'n.' .'" ' " ".i...~lde$' S ofP9t with ~piuula\. .' In a st~lnlesssteel A. . ".~ ~ u\. .'" ' " " "." . Use funnel tQ pourQot. :' .Ifmol~ $hould. . ...'. ' :"." ' . .'.I'quidint~ p~nle$tmr. " " . CaUr~mi~' 90009 . then tighten cap.' " ~: " . "I' ~ "" '. . " .~1~~"'~-k~_.".' ". " ....'j. '. .n~d!.. . Replace UcJand continue .' " "'.'" ") ~...tMc:-d.~. <..to the. ':' . 'i" . .:"~~'.lonIl4l1 li"." Stainleu stedt funnel..+-sC ...free dls~Uled water 9f Esslac' (ah~k..'. 4.:" " "" . ...--. . powdered 0'.'" ." ':'.. 44-\/c::--i - . PubUshin~"'" "". ...~..' ci../ .' ' .J" "" .~.\. ~.i ." ""'".: " ..."'/.' .' "..11m fU1v~1 . .o~ " "'". " " . .:'~...':~' .turkov rhubarb root powdered oz! iUpporyelm balk .'" '.ESSIA " "I" C " "". .:'f ~C. ' I - "'.3-. . '" 16 0.: . "" ' '"..' cut ". " '. with lid ' ' ' ::~~..:"i~:}.'.:.." '" "i!'.l~ef:.~. " .. ..'" " ." "" .' : 3. ~I)d c. MixEs~iacformulatboroughly~ "'ii'" minute~ at ~ea lev~'... : .n9 p're~ei'vatlveagQQts.' C.. "'. .".." i:': t." i"\.'. ". "" .~.'Q'V'-." '" i ' . '." . 6'~ ~ 'Sl'~~rJ Q ~l..'~' ::"..' .~~. develop In bottle."~'" --~I\.-.. nox 92856" ~ .. ' .!J1!.0'. ""'.'. ". . ....:1 . . ":". " " '"" ':i:.. ".rl.."i' (.x.: .~'. . Glum..:. Questlo~s regarcJ~ng reclp~... '".c~root .i~ ./. 6.. ~.~.. oz. t . . " 7.. < . " . ' .I!: 5. ' " ' . ~'.oun~e amber glan bottln . '::' .j..." .) '" '.

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