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com/yuenmethodtalkradio Programa De Radio: Traumas De La Niñez, Experiencias De Abuso Y Experiencias Negat ivas Del Pasado. Publicado por Itzel Perez ¿Conoces a alguien que haya sufrido traumas en su niñez? ¿Alguna persona que haya sufrido abusos? ¿Experiencias negativas dolorosas? Este Martes 5 de Marzo del 2013 tratará este tema tan sensible para muchos. Todos los días a las 11h PST (19h de Londres, 20h de España, 13h de México) Puedes ser fortalecido en vivo si llamas al (001) 646-478-3782 (Tlfno. de Califo rnia, E.U.)

Traumas de la niñez, experiencias de abuso y experiencias negativas del pasado. usive-experiences-and-negative-pasts

Itzel P.

Childhood Traumas, Abusive Experiences, and Negative Pasts Dr. Kam Yuen will discuss delicate and sensitive topics about childhood traumas, the past, and negative experiences. Listen in and learn that your past doesn't need to negatively impact your future! Get rid of your pain and stress. With the Yuen Method, you will get results. Get unique insights directly from Dr. Yuen live on the air! Is Yuen Method new to you? Are you curious? Maybe you have just heard about us a nd want to know what we are all about? Are you a student or practitioner? Have you had success with the Yuen Method? We 'd love to hear you call in and share it with us! Dr. Kam Yuen is a 35th generation Shaolin Grandmaster of Kung Fu, a chiropractor , and a former aero space engineer. He is the author of Instant Healing, Instant Rejuvenation,Instant Pain Elimination. He is the top teacher and living legend in Shaolin Kung Fu and "resultant" of any life problems in the world and down th rough human history. He instituted that people need "no help or healing", just d irected to improve, answer and resolve his or her own questions and problems, wh ether it is serious or non-serious. Dr. Yuen is humorous and authentic live. His Tele-Presentations and radio presen tations have become legendary for other experts to imitate and follow. Itzel P.