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Intercompany and Intracompany in Oracle EBS R12: A Deep Dive The Oracle EBS Patch Wizard Helps Users Determine the Impact of Patches Las Vegas Expands its Oracle Business Intelligence Horizons
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Enterprise resource planning vs. product life Cycle Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Life cycle Management (PLM) systems are both widely used to help companies achieve product profitability. Understand the functional roles of these two systems and how each is best suited for product and process management. – by Herbalife International


intercompany and intracompany in Oracle EBS r12: a deep dive
Oracle created a robust, flexible, rules-based intercompany accounting program. This accounting program, however, is only useful if you understand how it’s used and how it should be configured. – by Thomas J. Simkiss, Jr., JD, CPA, & Lee Briggs



The Oracle EBS patch Wizard helps users determine the impact of patches and prepare Test Scripts
The EBS Patch Wizard is a useful tool that does not require you to be a DBA. Learn how it can help your analysts determine the impact of patches and better prepare test scripts, thus minimizing surprises. – by Kevin Brownlie

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28 las Vegas Expands its Oracle Business intelligence horizons for Better government Transparency
The city of Las Vegas employed a major Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) project that has pushed key data not only to employees but to citizens as well. – by Dr. Patricia Dues

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The Oaug around the World
The OAUG participates with affiliated organizations around the world to bring expertise and best practices to users of Oracle Applications and to communicate concerns and enhancements back to Oracle.

36 38 OAUG Member Snapshot: Sandra Vucinic New and Returning Members


Vendor Corner: archiving to the Cloud
The world is drowning in data. Archiving to the cloud offers an on demand alternative that reduces complexity, costs less, offers higher performance and operates within a security best practice framework. – by John B. Ottman, Jr.

42 Fix It When it Ain’t Broke



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maximize their investment. interRel KAYGEN KBACE Technologies.★★★ THREE-STAR PARTNERS ★★ TWO-STAR ELITE PARTNERS Red River Solutions TWO-STAR PARTNERS AT&T Image Integration Systems InsightSoftware. Inc. and support of Oracle Applications. oaug. Participants in the OAUG Star Partner Program represent some of the most experienced and most successful providers of services and solutions to the Oracle users community. Kewill Leeyo Software Rhapsody Technologies. The OAUG Star Partners RISING-STAR PARTNERS CXO Solutions FulcrumWay oAppsNet Partners. TurnKey Solutions Unitask Vortex Software Consulting Zebra Technologies Corp. 3 . and influence the quality. LLC Softmaster Supply Chain Fusion SPECIAL THANKS Oracle Validated Integration are a vital force in supporting the OAUG’s mission of providing Oracle Applications users the tools required to enhance their productivity.

Atlanta. No part of this publication may be reprinted or reproduced without the prior written consent of OAUG. CAE Chief Operating Officer John Bushell JT&M Bushell Patricia Dues City of Las Vegas Melissa English Alticor. Director. Patricia Dues. Mark C. agents. Suite 300. The information published herein is subject to change without notice. Recruiting in any form during conferences is strictly prohibited. and any other member contact data. nor do they have any responsibility or liability for any losses or damages incurred as a result of reliance on any information provided herein or from the use of any program or program segment discussed herein. Redwood Shores. Clark. This restriction applies to information in the Online Membership Database. employees. Any other trademark cited herein is the property of its owner. or obtain advertising Photographs appearing throughout OAUG Insight courtesy of Meeting Expectations. Copyright © Oracle Applications Users Group 2012. Hughes Executive Director Karl Kirsch. Alyssa Johnson. Andrew Farber Consumer Reports Christine Hipp Los Alamos National Laboratory Joe Imbimbo PPG Industries Kaberi Nayak MITRE Corp. directors. GA 30305 phone: +1 404. The opinions and viewpoints published herein are not necessarily those of OAUG.240. Second row (standing): Steven Hughes. Building Five. Tammy Norton Emerging Solutions 4 4 OAUG lEadErShip oaug. Graphic Design To contribute to OAUG Insight. All rights reserved. parent company of Amway Corp. fax: +1 404. OAUG Secretary ROLTA Robert Tee. 2012 Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) Board of Directors. oaug. Province of Ontario Steven R. Acceptance of advertising is for the benefit and information of the membership but does not constitute official endorsement of the product or service by OAUG. Margaret Wright. contact: Cindy . Karl Kirsch. Calif. Oracle and Oracle Applications are trademarks of Oracle Corporation. its article writers. John Bushell. lists of attendees at OAUG conferences. Director. Executive Director Cindy Force. Christine Hipp. Kaberi Nayak. Mark Clark. First row (seated): Robert Tee. OAUG Insight is designed to provide members of the Oracle Applications Users Group with organizational and other information. Tammy Norton. or completeness of any information herein.0998 email: membership@oaug. GA 30305 cforce@oaug. OAUG President O2Works. Building Five. Atlanta. Marketing Communications O’Neill Communications. make no warranty for the accuracy.oaug board of directors A Publication of the Oracle Applications Users Group 3525 Piedmont Road. Hughes. Andrew Farber. send letters to the editor. OAUG is a registered trademark of the Oracle Applications Users Group. officers. OAUG assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear herein. Melissa English. Joe Imbimbo. OAUG Treasurer Ministry of Government Services.240. Marketing Communications 3525 Piedmont Steven R. and members and Oracle Corp. lists of volunteer coordinators. LLC Margaret Wright. Recruiting Policy: Contact information (on OAUG’s Web site or elsewhere) is provided to OAUG members for the sole and express purpose of enhancing members’ ability to network with other members. Unauthorized copying or redistribution of this information or use of company or contact names for recruiting or direct marketing purposes is strictly prohibited and could result in suspension of OAUG membership. OAUG. OAUG Executive Vice President Southern Company Alyssa Johnson. Suite 300.


online environment. The OAUG Geographic (Geo) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) host meetings and educational sessions that target specific regions or focus on particular industries. student-focused options. 6 OAUG lEadErShip . virtual webinar sessions. functions. They were excited to show some of their more recent offerings enhancing their delivery capability. today’s global. recorded presentations and an archived collection of white papers and slide presentations offer many opportunities for Oracle Applications users to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively perform their job duties. Oracle University reported that more than 25. Face-to-face conferences. to students via an interactive. Early in 2012.president’s perspective a Mark c. the OAUG community of Oracle Applications users highly values the abundant educational programs presented each year by the OAUG. the training arm of Oracle. 24/7 business environment demands more flexible. facilitated in real time by expert instructors.000 students had attended a Live Virtual Class in the past year and that the Live and organizations. Hands-on labs that allow practice in a controlled environment along with interactive communication and collaboration tools promote student engagement. Recently. clark OAUG President mclark@oaug. Classes are scheduled around the clock to accommodate students in many different time l l l Partnerships Enrich OAUG Education l According to our membership surveys. constituencies or Oracle products or product lines. OAUG Star Partners and Associate members provide unique perspectives from their work with Oracle and with Oracle customers. hands-on experiences with Oracle Applications. The contributions of these various groups allow the OAUG to provide a very rich yet diverse educational curriculum to help meet the needs of our members. Contributors share their insights and expertise through a variety of delivery channels: OAUG User members generously share knowledge. exploration and content absorption. during an on-site brainstorming session with leaders at Oracle University. Two approaches that I was previously unaware of were especially impressive: l Live Virtual Classes bring Oracle University training. the demand for this type of training is robust. Attendees have the flexibility to access courses anywhere there is an Internet connection and phone line or Voice Over IP (VOIP). we discussed some opportunities where the OAUG and Oracle University could better work together to meet the training needs of our membership. While the traditional classroom-based training model requiring students to assemble in a physical training center still has its place. best practices and advice on overcoming challenges from their real-world. alwayson. and the results are positive. According to Oracle. The OAUG’s extensive educational content is developed through the contributions of many partnering individuals Oracle employees regularly participate in OAUG events to discuss Oracle’s strategies and product roadmaps as well as tactical approaches for products and projects.

l On Demand courses to meet the increased demand for Oracle Fusion-related training in the near future. The Oracle Applications category includes courses for users of E-Business Suite. hands-on feature that encourages students to put their skills to the test and practice in a controlled environment. The Training On Demand curriculum currently contains more than 100 titles across a variety of 1 7/5/2012 1:30:50 PM Virtual Classes are enjoying approval ratings consistent with those for in-person events. feel free to contact me at 7 . Training On Demand extends the flexibility of Oracle University’s delivery model by providing high-quality. Courses include labs demonstrated by instructors as well as a Siebel. Oracle University has partnered with the OAUG to bring targeted training to OAUG conferences and to the OAUG’s eLearning program. Regards. The Training On Demand subscription model makes it easy and affordable to get training when it’s needed. RightNow and Oracle Transportation Management. PeopleSoft. The folks at Oracle University are preparing to provide Training Mark C. Hyperion. Clark oaug. Fusion Applications. We are proud of this alliance and are pleased to be able to supplement the OAUG’s educational curriculum with high-quality educational programs from Oracle University. In addition to its standard offerings. Stay tuned for more information about developments in this partnership in the months to come. suggestions or feedback about OAUG resources and programs. self-paced video courses that allow students to log in at their convenience and when their schedules permit to take a couple of chapters at a time. If you have questions. CRM On Demand.

org). Hughes attended the firstever Ambassador OAUG Executive Director Informational shughes@oaug. the OAUG’s leadership hoped it would help organizations realize a higher return on their OAUG membership investment. To view the name and contact information for your organization’s Ambassador. Please contact ambassador@oaug. if you have any the OAUG continues to provide Ambassadors VIP access at all OAUG events and highlights on the OAUG website and in publications the work they do on behalf of their organizations. Regards. “The OAUG Ambassador Program has an incredible opportunity to change the way individual organizations see the benefits of an OAUG membership as well as enhance the networking and mind sharing that happens inside a company that has a strong ambassador. that might have been underutilized in the past. In the meantime.oaug viewpoint w 8 OAUG Ambassadors Advocate for ROI When the OAUG Ambassador Program launched on February 1. online education using their member logins. the OAUG was pleasantly surprised that more than 430 individuals had volunteered to act as their organization’s Ambassadors and more than 100 Steven R. Hughes oaug. An ambassador can now play the role of user group champion behind the corporate firewall and bring to light training and education sessions.” said Collison. Another 65 had distributed the quarterly Benefits Reminder Email to their colleagues within days of receiving it to ensure they were familiar with the latest-and-greatest free resources available through their organization’s OAUG membership.240. Jim Collison.0897. The program was developed to ensure that each individual in a member organization is aware of and accessing the free resources available through the OAUG website and the discounted education available at OAUG events. follow the prompts to log in and check the top left of your profile administration for your organization’s designated OAUG Ambassador. Lastly. As a thank you for their participation. Contact me at OAUG lEadErShip . As this issue of OAUG Insight magazine was going to print. Thank you to our current OAUG Ambassadors for volunteering! Questions. OAUG Ambassadors who attended COLLABORATE 12 received an Ambassador flair for their conference badge. log in to “My OAUG Profile” at the top right of any page on the OAUG website (oaug. 2012. Ambassadors ensure that their colleagues know how to access all of the free. We expect the Ambassador Program to further increase ROI for member organizations and result in a more robust and diverse community of Oracle Applications users and solution providers to enhance user-led networking and education. OAUG Ambassadors are helping spread the word that an unlimited number of their organization’s employees have access to OAUG resources once membership is set up. a wristband for specialty “Rumbassador” and “Voluntini” cocktails at the Wednesday Evening Reception and exclusive OAUG Ambassador temporary tattoos to show off their VIP status. extension or +1 404. as well as the value of social media offerings. the OAUG Ambassador for Gallup Meeting and Webinar on April 23 during COLLABORATE 12. concerns and feedback are welcome any time. rather than each individual paying for benefits. Ambassadors also review their list of employees in the OAUG Member Database to ensure everyone has a member login. OAUG Ambassadors who fulfill their obligations throughout the year will also be entered into a drawing to win a full conference pass to the OAUG event of their choice.” Steven R. attended the first-ever OAUG Ambassador Meeting during COLLABORATE 12.

Call 800-814-7705 or visit us at www. Understand your upgrade requirements with help from CSS and get to the next level. TECHNOLOGY to schedule your free 2-day assessment. . BUSINESS SENSE.Thoughts of an R12 UPGRADE leaving your stomach tied in knots? CSS customers avoided the complexities an R12 upgrade can bring with analysis tools and services from CSS International.cssus.

the most up-todate product data is available at any time and can be shared with the necessary departments to ensure accurate financial planning. an ERP system that integrates with the existing PLM system is 10 helpful. A Historical Perspective One way to think of the roles of ERP and PLM is that PLM determines what the product should be. This article looks at the functional roles of these two systems and how each is best suited for product and process management. manages orders and accounts for the physical delivery of the product. plans inventory.oaug feature By Herbalife International E nterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) systems are both widely used. ERP then helps plan production resources at a high level. To organize and manage product. manufacturing planning and costing. Research shows that 70 percent of product costs are decided during the development phase. among other business activities. ERP and PLM are two systems that can communicate with each other yet play different roles in supporting business needs. and ERP helps manage the business of turning vision into real products. But what remains consistent is that PLM focuses on defining the intent of the product – both technically and commercially. PLM has also evolved to other aspects of the product. OAUG FEaTurE . ERP uses the product data from PLM to help manage production resources and financials. PLM is designed to manage a product from initial phase of documentation as it is revised and released for production. accounts for material usage. leaving transaction-based application ERP with only 30 percent of the total costs. By integrating ERP with PLM. Once the product design has developed to a point where resources need to be managed to produce the design. such as regulatory or customer compliance. quality and safety. the product data should initially be stored in a PLM system.

With automated change processes built in. Oracle’s Agile PLM is the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise PLM solution and a key building block for managing product value chains. It is a system to manage CAD (Product Design Forms) and Bill of Materials (BOM). and a rich enterprise product record. continuously updated and made accessible to all team members in usable formats. managing both data and product information from a variety of sources while making them accessible across the enterprise. Oracle’s Agile PLM helps organizations of all types and sizes: l Accelerate innovation through ideation management and collaboration. vendors realized that the digital product data being captured throughout the design cycle was of great value to upstream processes and to future design work. PLM helps in making changes when products are in a digital state. In addition. manufacturers have access to the single and correct version of their product record at any point in time and can efficiently structure a streamlined change process. bill of materials. a company can manage product data including items. In the process of serving global engineering teams. the most up-todate product data is available at any time and can be shared with the necessary departments to ensure accurate financial planning. PLM helps engineers work and rework products to optimize designs through Internet PLM global collaboration in real time. product portfolio management and analytics. oaug. as well as robust and dynamic enough to support frequent 11 “ B y integrating ERP with PLM. Why Agile PLM? Recently acquired by Oracle to reinforce the PLM offering for the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) ERP. PLM provides a means for better understanding – and better aiding – innovation and collaboration and their related functions. It provides control of the product record across all development stages from concept to design to production. PLM’s strength in collaboration and accelerated innovation is a major cost saver for many manufacturers. synchronize and share increasingly complex. Because of the iterative nature of design and the complexity of products incorporating many mechanical. which results in huge savings when compared to the cost of making changes once the product is released to manufacturing and in production. Vendors want the data processed during product development to be captured. PLM software emerged during the design domain of a product to help define and manage information about product designs. vendors have to accommodate demands for more product configurations and be able to manage the multiple CAD systems used in increasingly complex product structures. It connects market requirements with business needs. organize and track product data in a centralized location that is otherwise dispersed throughout a wide variety of organizational departments. PLM acts both as a platform and an engine throughout the entire product development process. approved manufacturer lists and product files. interdependent CAD files among global teams involving both internal and external members. “ . organizations required software to keep the team collaborating effectively and to serve as a “data repository” for product designs. Conducting engineering change requests and orders through this system helps to consolidate. As manufacturers struggled to manage. as the nature of product development becomes truly global in response to low- cost outsourcing and emerging market opportunities. By capturing product information in this system.oaug insight l fall 2012 Common Attributes of PLM PLM technology is innovation centric. By capturing and synthesizing the complex and diverse volume of data generated throughout the design and engineering process. data consolidation and cleansing. innovating and collaborating around new products. PLM also provides management with visibility into product development processes for better informed decision making. PLM also enables a company to track changes to product information and communicate revisions to the supply chain. PLM can help companies manage key product decisions and changes in real time. PLM has grown into a dynamic and flexible environment. With this system in place. electrical and software components. focused on creating. the product data vaults must be powerful and flexible enough to link multiple layers of data.

This resulted in inefficiencies in business operations due l to the lack of integration. product supply risk analytics. and so logistics of getting a product to market. are primarily to organize finance. organizations could not plan and schedule resources properly. focused on physical sales and manufacturing Figure 1 assets and the flow of departments. organizations deployed a number of software applications that were not integrated. enterprise quality management and analytics. providing companies with an enterprise-wide prototypes. In this scenario. How Did ERP Come into Existence? Produ cti o Design n Tra s 12 OAUG FEaTurE . levels. ERP has execution.and under-inventory of parts and finished products. l In the past. An ERP system only requires information that inventory and procurement modules without the is necessary for production. Rapidly commercialize through integrated portfolio and business planning. ERP system is required ERP solutions. to reduce delays and a company may choose increase efficiency. which depends on a smooth and reliable flow of materials data from one functional area to the next. Manuaccounting software on Projects d facturing engineered products l Bui products. and collates data processed during the manufacturing ERP filled a big hole in the marketplace by stages of a product – redesigns. accounts payable. order fulfillment and distribution problems. a smaller set of track of recurring transactions and are geared ERP tools is required. ERP helps companies track inventory well without further detail. operational functions and manufacturing planning. and spend consolidation. departments. manufacturing scheduling process after the product design stage. the financial. This lack of integration of various software applications led to the Common Attributes of ERP over. ERP collects on throughout the supply chain. accounts receivable. particularly in the area of supply chain management. An ERP system is a tool to manage the business procurement difficulties. managing the issues. etc. delivery lead times and production bottlenecks. This an ERP system to manage its is ERP’s primary source of financials. Design for supply with product cost management. ERP systems provide manufacturers their financial the product is a single part. These attributes make ERP shine and make it Companies can also track orders from receipt through effective at executing and optimizing manufacturing and production and delivery in order. For the ERP solution’s purposes. production runs. and clean product data publishing through a seamless integration with other product value chain management solutions. distribution processes. which might include just toward planning and accounting for production. The ERP solution can status. CRM n manufacturing and Mgmt Based on its supply chain processes manufacturing process. They also enable organizations to plan for orders perform its planning and accounting functions perfectly and profitability. it does not need to know manufacturing resource planning module since resources all the details about the individual components that are typically managed by outsourcing partners. shipping enabled organizations Analysis logistics and sales Supply to integrate their Chain forecasting. A comprehensive value. comprise the product. For a company materials. for companies that which grew out of iti produce complex. ERP solutions are great for keeping HRMS that outsources manufacturing. It also manages financials solution that spanned and linked all the key Financials and reporting activities such as accounting. outsourced manufacturing and product collaboration.

as maintained has a low implementation time Inventory/order lifecycles Product lifecycles as compared to other ERP Rigid data model Flexible data structure solution providers. Linear Iterative The main feature of Oracle’s Structured Flexible ERP solution is its interaction Quality specifications. Maintenance transactions. strategic Structured data Documents. supplier collaboration. etc. metadata operations and financial processes Order/supply/demand focused Design/requirements/configuration/project/program focused Purchasing transactions. manufacturing possess the functionality to 13 The functional roles of ERP and PLM in the areas of manufacturing. enables the ERP to communicate Routing at operation. an integrated reports to manage organization can determine its performance levels and the value of the shareholders and the shareholder’s profitability. direct material sourcing. Account for cost performance/variances. simulation. 3D models. ERP from Oracle enterprise-wide cost analytics enables quick decision making. iterating and revising technology. It allows warehouses across the globe. etc. Controlled. These applications Managing manufacturing operations Optimizing production model. systems view The Oracle EBS has been (mechanical. quality. work instructions with the third-party applications. It offers automation BOM to procured part/assembly level Full product structure to component or raw material level of services like sales. CRM. products and services providing the company with maximum How are PLM and ERP Being Used profits can be identified. simulation serve specific solutions to the Maximize profits Enable design company. animation communication and integration Only one version is true All history (versions matter) between the various applications Restrict information Share information offer easier implementation and Stability is sought Change is normal flexibility. maintenance. Optimize as-designed cost financials. resource Oracle EBS is reliable and agreements. effectively and control financial risk. The dayReleased versions Product iterations. ERP from Oracle assists in resource profitability. Thus. designing. procedures. FMEA. SCM Inventory Information and several other product lines) Execution focused Innovation focused integrated together to form one Production Innovation big application (See Figure 1). supplier selection are combined together in the Oracle ERP software. Oracle Fusion Middleware bill of substance. risk management with legacy systems through Inspection plans Predictive quality easy integration features. revisions and decision history to-day operations. human resources. A company can manage working capital planning for the entire enterprise.oaug insight l fall 2012 ROLES of ERP and PLM Why Oracle ERP? Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a collection of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) applications (ERP. contractual Maintenance plans. marketing. ERP and PLM both drive manufacturing oaug. well-defined business processes Disciplined but flexible design processes financials. materials requirements. structured & unstructured information. ERP from Oracle also assists ERP and PLM play distinct roles in driving product in monitoring the different operation centers and profitability. Simple BOM hierarchy Complex design relationships. Through Oracle ERP. and certain strategies can in the Industry? be formed accordingly. work center level for planning Bill of process. healthcare and Repeated transactions Creating. Central theme of control Central themes of speed and managed creativity supply. costing and compliance: . orders history Direct material sourcing. Clients. The Buy>revise>sell Create>revise>reuse Text based with some static 2D and 3D images Visual. Compliance certification Compliance validation. electrical and software) adopted by many industries in Steady state Manages and promotes change sectors such as manufacturing. quality data Quality plans.

BOM. standards-based platform that unites the world’s best enterprise applications through composite business processes. Lifecycle Cost. Lead -Times. ECO Info systems focus on the product record – the BOM. Attributes. uses outside resources like suppliers Supplier or has CAD Tools multiple product lines will benefit from using PLM to manage the product record. BOM. Integration between these two systems will result in efficiency and speed and eliminate quality problems. ECO. Substitute Comp. ECN). Reference Designators Approved Manufacture/ Supplier Parts ECO/MCO/SCO Affected Items. On-Hand Parts Master Inventory APC BOMS AML Change Master SOMs. Integration typically involves transferring items and BOMs to ERP. Revisions. BOM. The Foundation Packs create custom business processes across applications utilizing predefined. inventory management. Compliance Manufacturer PLM ERP and manufacturing departments needs ERP. Attributes. Revisions. shipping. Categories. provide cost and supplier data back to engineering. ERP systems focus on the financials. PLM Item. which is in the ERP system (See Figure 2).Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Planning Team Compliance Team Sourcing Team CAD Tools Item Master. The trend is toward bidirectional integration – PLM to ERP. AML. sales Integrating Agile PLM with Oracle ERP through AIA Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) is an open. Process Integration Packs (PIPs) are pre-built. AML and revision history. it is a hot pluggable. Cost. Lifecycle Parts Master PLM. On-Hand includes BOM management. 14 OAUG FEaTurE . product Mechanical Engineeringmakes it to market Operations Integration: The Technical Perspective Application programming interfaces (APIs) have eased traditional integration challenges. without the risk. companies to manage design and production processes. Supplier Integrating PLM with ERP The primary reason for integrating ERP and PLM is productivity. logistics and customer care. Figure 2 – Flows between PLM and ERP. standards-based platform (See Figure 4). Costing. manufacturing planning. APC SOMs. Eff Dates Change Master Engineering order management and sales forecasting. It is the best-practice processes that optimize business performance leveraging Oracle’s extensive experience. Comp. BOM. Manufacturer Compliance with minimal setbacks. Categories. but also ERP to PLM – as engineering is now much more interested in access to pricing and vendor information. the system ofParts AML Purchasing ECO/MCO/SCO Affected Items. document Reference Designators BOMS BOM management and compliance management. Substitute Comp. integrated Oracle Applications for quick implementation of business processes. Lead -Times. out-of-the-box. manufactures Team in house. Planning Team Compliance Team When Should an Organization Implement a PLM or ERPERP PLM System? Any organization that designs and produces Sourcingcomplex or engineered-to-order products. includes purchasing. Powered by Oracle Fusion Middleware. early. change management (ECR. Eff Dates Implementation Dates BOM Purchasing Engineering Operations Advantages of Using AIA l Figure 3 The advantages of Oracle AIA include: Respond more quickly to business requirements and competitive pressures. support. Knowing which Implementation Dates business system to use for which purpose. The adoption of Web services and service-oriented architectures (SOA) has also made integration easier (See Figure 3). item management. and then expand over time. Approved Manufacture/ Supplier record for your financials. the best way to ensure your place Costing. accounting. Comp. ECO Info Parts. Integration can provide visibility from shop floor to design information and 3D models. Any organization that needs to share information between their finance. Parts. ERP systems take care of business financials and help in sales forecasting. and getting Electrical Engineering your systems inItem Master. Integration between these systems will support release of product to production and engineering change. ERP. Item. These systems are designed to work together. application-independent object and service definitions. AML. the system of record for your Inventory product.

Owned. high-performance platform. Out-of-the-box PIPs for Oracle enterprise applications. profitability.. enhancing speed to market and collaboration.. Dates Oracle EBS Manufacturing Agile PLM Process Integration Pack for Oracle EBS ABM Agile PLM Connector Service Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite EBM Enterprise Business Services ABM Oracle EBS Connector Service EBM Figure 5 oaug.oaug insight l fall 2012 Oracle Application Integration Architecture l l l l l l l l l Focus on strategic process innovation rather than internal plumbing. product innovation and product development. not against each orchestrates enterprise business process flows between Best Practice Processes other. It is not a traditional Order to Cash Procure to Pay Hire to Exit Concept to Cash And more . Agile PLM Product Collaboration Create Part Create Change Update BOM Update Update Costs. Standard canonical objects and 15 . Best Practice Processes Order to Cash Procure to Pay Hire to Exit Concept to Cash And more . service and improveUpdate Trade offerings. reliable. new and legacy applications. Leverages Oracle Fusion Middleware’s SOA Suite. fragile and PLM will proprietary third-party code.. Integrating Agile PLM with Oracle EBS Enterprise current Services They support and maintain theBusiness PLM implementation Oracle EBS EBM EBM Agile PLM Enterprise Integration between Agile PLM and Oracle EBS and take care of new requirementsBusiness in the form of that come Governance SOA Connector Connector leverages PLM to manage and update all engineering Service requests and new project implementation. faster return of investment. AML Codes. Easily modified and extended. Driving Service Services enhancement content and processes and all of a product’s BOM states Industry Leading the PLM implementation process is Tara Nawaz. Sankar Chinnathambi Conclusion heads the Oracle Order Management and Interfaces Team. Prebuilt Process Integration Packs Opportunity to Quote Order to Cash Banking Account Origination Adverse Event Reporting Trade Promotion Mgmt Comms Order to Bill More Planned . processes and a service-oriented architecture (SOA). ABM Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite ABM SOA Programming Model Smitha Rao. whose primary work is on the Agile system. reliable and scalable SOA integration based Banking Adverse product Comms More Opportunity Part AML Order to Codes. Account Change Event CollaborationOrder integration allowsBOMPromotion Manufacturing to Quote to Cash PLM/ERP Origination Reporting the Mgmt organization to Planned . in an effort to accelerate new product development Agile PLM and Oracle ERP. available. Platform for Oracle Fusion Applications. on open standards. product introduction (NPI) processes and design change Foundation Packs SOA Reference Architecture The Herbalife team includes Punith Basavaraju and processes. Foundation Packs SOA Reference Architecture SOA Programming Model Enterprise Business Services SOA Governance Industry Leading ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARE The PLM Process Integration Pack (PIP) is a pre-built enterprise integration solution based on Figure 4 Organizations require people... Prebuilt Process Integration Packs Update Agile PLM digitally map the life cycle used to design. point-to-point integration based on inflexible. The PIP Oracle Application Integration Architecture intellectual capital to work together. Oracle Create Create Update Costs.. This integration solution between ERP and PLM helps in achieving a better. ERP manages orders. developed and maintained by Oracle.. The PIP runs on Oracle’s AIA Dates Bill capture all knowledge and improve the efficiency of the and supports new part request (NPR) processes. The PIP is configurable. ERP and PLM help companies achieve product and Prem Kumar leads the Agile technical team. consultant gathering requirements from the business and testing the solutions during implementation. extensible. AIA has promised to make it easier to leverage multiple systems to provide users with the functionality they need. Scalable. Reuse across the enterprise. the functional ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARE in ERP systems (See Figure 5). PLM manages product knowledge. centralizing control and accounting.. ERP plans and manages business while PLM plays the role in engineering. Product EBS manufacture. new Agile PLM Process Integration Pack for Oracle EBS product from start to finish. while at the same time reducing operational costs.

p. which can be a state or province in the United States and Canada. CPA & Lee Briggs. Intercompany and Intracompany in Oracle EBS R12: A Deep Dive Thomas J. manage revenue and expenses. not a legal entity?” A legal entity must be registered with a jurisdiction. JD. EBS Legal Entities. BizTech In E-Business Suite (EBS) Release 12. Simkiss.oaug feature Legal entities can play an important role in your company management and business systems structure. 2 – 4 When is a legal entity. not a legal entity? 16 OAUG FEaTurE . Legal entities may represent a single component of your company or several components unified via a single business purpose. Oracle completely changed the way in which intercompany transactions can be accounted by creating a robust. Jr. rules-based intercompany accounting program. This accounting program. is only useful if you understand how it’s used and how it should be configured. however. August 2010. record taxes and house human capital for managing other business enterprises. there will be certain statutory requirements within a jurisdiction that should be supported from a business and systems management perspective. This article will give clarity to those configurations. Wherever the legal entity is located. flexible. the purpose they serve and answer the question: “When is a legal entity.. or a country.1 1 Oracle Financials Concepts Guide. They may be used to own and track assets.

pg. Employees and reporting. GRLEs areLegal Entity 1 a Legal Entity 2 Legal Entity 1 Legal Entity 2 if a company plans on using Receivables or Payables. Intercompany In EBS R12. company or other registered legal entity. Using the Legal LegaL entity Balancing 2020 Entity Configurator and Oracle Security Wizard. Therefore. business 17 . BS 2020 intracompany payable BS 2000. in order to allow it to have access to configure bank Intercompany payable to BS 110. Account for a group of legal entities as if they were one. Information about a registered company or some other entity may be stored in the “legal entity. Company responsibility correspond to the “legal entity” or “company” in which Intercompany receivable from BS 105. entities for operating units. 2 l oracle legal entities A company’s HR information and structure is accounting owned by the Government Reporting Legal Entity In EBS R12. The legal entity administers transaction-level rules in Transactions between two or more legal entities. transactions between balancing Figure 1 segments can be defined as either intercompany or intracompany (See Figure 1). Account for a part of a real-world legal entity as if it were completely standalone when appropriate. director or officer names. legal 3520 Segment The legal entity defined in the EBS R12 should entities with Company BS 110. particularly in environments where the authorities allow companies to treat many legal entities as one.” information Transactions between two or more balancing segments Intracompany within a single legal entity. The main purpose of2000 legal 3500 Balancing 105 Balancing 110 employees with the appropriate company or other entity Segment Segment Segment entity in Payables and Receivables is to serve as the Balancing 2015 in the legal world. companies may not need or want to segment data or account separately for each entity that they have incorporated. Intracompany accounts are may include the registered address and defined for each balancing segment value. 2 – 7 oaug.oaug insight l fall 2012 In Oracle EBS 11i. The balancing application programming interface (API) uses the intercompany accounts defined for the relevant effective date range. These journals are balanced for each legal entity by using their intercompany accounts. BS 2015 intracompany receivable BS 2000. which represents the formal employer in the legal entities to allow for transaction entry identification human capital management system (HCM). 3515 Segment custodian of banking relationships. Company BS 105 transactsmust be assigned to a particular2015 transacts with Company 2020. Oracle recognizes that for many groups. Oracle facilitates correlation of subledger activity in reporting legal structures by exploiting related system Accounts are defined at the legal entity level. a new legal entity structure has been introduced to track intercompany transactions at a very detailed level. compliance with national laws. transactions are recorded or required in day-to-day information and associate them with legal entities. Since multiple accounts may be 2 IBID. a particular type of system legal entity and serve to connect Balancing the legal entity is required. The purpose they served within the applications was not always clear. intercompany and intracompany Intercompany system LegaL entity The system legal entity within EBS R12 is the first party on business transactions and is the transaction tax filer and payer. ledgers and company representation in the chart of accounts: l l Account for legal entities separately if needed. While Oracle General Ledger (GL) can must belong to a specific GRLE within the employer’s be configured without using legalIntracompany entities (balancing EBS R12 system. In EBS R12. the system legal entity does not automatically account for itself. legal entities were required as part of the human resources (HR) configuration and were required to be associated with a set of books. balancing segments can be assigned to (GRLE). Intercompany journals involve balancing segment values that map to different legal entities. A GRLE can represent a registered segments do not have to be associated with legal entity).

or many-to-many) with respect to the legal entities. The transacting and trading partner balancing segment values can also be set to “All Other.” For balancing many-to-many journal entries. which is represented by a specific balancing segment value. Cost 4 IBID. as long as you have selected the “Balance Intracompany Journals” option for the ledger. regardless of which specific balancing segment values of those legal entities are used in the journals.3 to manage the back office functions for all the entities. Canada and Mexico. 3 intraCompany baLanCing Intracompany balancing rules are used to create balancing lines on journals between balancing segment values either within the same legal entity or where there is no legal entity context. August 2010. If you use “All Other.defined for the same date range. Modules utilized include General Ledger. Realty Co implemented Oracle EBS Financials Release 12. You can specify different debit and credit accounts for each different intracompany trading partner. R12 uses the intracompany account as a CLEARING account to sweep across legal entities. If you set up a specific debit and credit balancing segment value. You can also determine the level the balancing API should use when selecting either “Summary Net” or “Detail. Payables. The chart of accounts was configured with six segments: Company (Balancing Segment). You cannot post a journal in the general ledger when the debit and credit amounts for each balancing segment value do not net to zero. For intercompany balancing.1. “All Other” is also available as a balancing segment value if you want the balancing segment value to use the same due-to/due-from accounts for every intracompany trading relationship that has not been specifically defined. Intracompany balancing rules are used when more than one balancing segment value exists on a transaction or journal entry. which gives you more control over each balancing relationship. realty co Realty Co manages approximately 1.” and not individually specified for each combination. The default balancing rule should be defined for the journal source “Other” and journal category “Other” for the ledger and legal entity you want to balance. the balancing API picks the accounts flagged with the Use for Balancing indicator. So even if you are not using intracompany accounting. then the assigned debit and credit account combinations are used. and local and regional reporting and analysis. 5 – 2. There are different types of intercompany journals. The offsetting credit goes into the legal entity’s intercompany payables account. You can decide whether to use a clearing balancing segment value or a default rule to handle such transactions. You must define intracompany balancing rules if you want to balance journals automatically. you can define both a debit (due-from) and credit (due-to) balancing segment. Cash Management and E-Business Tax. and it is not possible to determine which balancing segment value is trading with which balancing segment value. The default accounting rule on each balancing rule is defined for the debit balancing segment value “All Other” and credit balancing segment value “All Other. there is no clearing company usage and all legal entities are balanced by summary net with respect to each other. That is. 5 – 5 18 OAUG FEaTurE .4 NOTE: If you use cash management and the automated sweep feature. 3 With intracompany accounting. The balancing API first determines the type of the intercompany journal (one-to-one. Each separate property is a distinct legal entity with its own required reports (both internal and external) tax filing requirements. Receivables.” the appropriate trading partner balancing segment value replaces the balancing segment value of the account combination. pg. Assets. each transacting legal entity may have different intercompany accounts defined for different trading partner legal entities. The offsetting debit to a legal entity goes into its intercompany receivables account. this setup may be required. manyto-one. one-to-many.200 entities in the United States. there are several balancing segment values with net debits and net credits on a transaction.” 3 Oracle Financials Implementation Guide. interCompany aCCounts Intercompany accounts may be defined at the legal entity level. pg.

In addition. both from a go-live build out. As stated previously. There is no possibility of any journal entry between two entities with different clearing companies. more than 1. thus not having to track potentially thousands of intercompany balances and transactions. Reconsidering the definition “transactions are recorded or required in day-to-day business operations. Accounts are defined at the legal entity Intercompany 19 . any entity associated with Bank Account 2 will be associated with Clearing Company B. AP invoices would need to defining 1. Intercompany and two future use segments.200 entities to transact with one another as required.200 legal entities would we would only Transactions between two or more balancing segments 17 intracompany accounts within single Intracompany need toadefine legal entity. Intracompany accounts are have one (and only one) balancing segment value (See Figure 2).200 are recorded or required in day-to-day business Balancing 2000 associated with one 105 (and 3500 Balancing Balancing 110 Segment operations. it would still need to be defined. A legal entity is a discrete legal personality characterized by the legal environment in which it operates. Under this generally accepted definition. in order to meet Realty Co’s intercompany requirements. It is unlikely it would be used.200 intracompany accounts in scenario one. assigned to it. a single intracompany account would need to be defined. the right to trade and the responsibility entities. Company 2015 transacts with Company 2020. each of segment values. however. each associated with a disbursement bank account. each 1. Payables and Receivables invoices can be charged to any single or multiple entities. The main business issue to be addressed was how to account for all of the different intercompany transactions. defined for each balancing segment value. Realty Balancing 2020 operates. balancing multiple Intercompany payable BS 2020 intracompany payable BS 2000. the business requirement For the approximately 1. legal entities have the right 3520 Co could define 17 legal Segment to own property.” Realty Co sought an alternative approach: rather than considering the AP invoice (or AR invoice) as the transaction which is recorded or required in day-to-day business. since there would only be one balancing segment value in each legal entity. BS 2015 intracompany receivable BS 2000. Intercompany receivable from BS 105. Any journal entry between two (or more) entities with the same clearing company must use the clearing company to ensure the journal is balanced. The requirement was to allow each of 1. Intercompany Transactions between two or more legal entities. oaug. Assets can be assigned to any legal entity.200 entities would be defined as a “legal Rather than entity” since. as well as from an ongoing maintenance perspective. Oracle’s EBS R12 documentation defines the legal entity as “legal entity” or “company” in which transactions are recorded or required in day-to-day business operations. In addition. be recorded and each of the 1. for example. Any entity associated with Bank Account 1 will be associated with Clearing Company A. and journal entries can be made between any legal entities. Realty Co has 17 disbursement bank accounts. Each entity is assigned one (and only one) disbursement bank account. to comply with appropriate laws. what if the AP payment (or AR receipt) the soLution Intracompany was the transaction? Oracle’s EBS R12 documentation defines the legal Rather than having Legal Legal Entity 2 Legal Entity 1 Legal Entity 2 entity as “legal entity” or “company” in which transactions Entity 1 legal entities. Natural Account. However. each associated Company BS 105 transacts with Company BS 110. with to BS 110.oaug insight l fall 2012 Center. Using the definitions outlined above. Realty Co has seven clearing companies.200 entities managed by Realty Co. A legal entity is a discrete legal personality Segment only one)Segment balancing Balancing 2015 3515 characterized by the legal environment in which it Segment segment value.4 million intercompany account combinations would need to be defined. Realty Co wanted to use clearing companies as the intermediary channel for running most of the transactions. While technically correct. this approach was deemed unacceptable. In addition. Figure 2 Realty Co’s 1.

created from a source of Payables. and a different account used by journals from Receivables. You can also specify intracompany receivables and payables accounts for all combinations of balancing segment values within the legal entity by using the “All Other” balancing segment values. so if you need one Intracompany account to be used for journals Figure 3 source and category options You also need to specify some options for how the intracompany journal entries should be booked. This legal entity. Realty Co used the same account for all intracompany journals. intracompany accounting gives you that flexibility. Payables invoices charged to any of these balancing segment values will only be paid by this bank account. so was able to use a source and category of “Other.. and these can vary by legal entity.” source and category Balancing details Once you have defined the journal source and category to which this intracompany balancing rule applies. Separate intracompany balancing rules can be configured based on Journal Source and Journal Category. at least one intracompany balancing rule must be defined. You can specify whether intracompany journal entries are generated at a journal line level or whether the intracompany journal entries should be summarized for the entire journal. you have the ability to specify intracompany receivables and payables accounts for each combination of balancing segment values. only two of these legal entities have balancing segments assigned to it. and has multiple balancing segment values assigned to it. “Management LLP” (shown in Figure 3) owns one bank account (not shown). intracompany payables) account. you need to specify the debit and credit accounts (intracompany receivables. Separate intracompany balancing rules can be configured based on Journal Source and Journal Category . (See Figure 4).. You have 20 OAUG FEaTurE . However. Within this form. The legal entity configurations for Realty Co show multiple legal entities defined. at least one intracompany balancing rule must be defined.Once a legal entity has a balancing segment value (or multiple balancing segment values) assigned to it. intracompany Balancing rules legal entity management Once a legal entity has a balancing segment value (or multiple balancing segment values) assigned to it.

the business requirement Mary Road has 16 legal entities throughout the world. and each legal entity has one (and only one) balancing segment value assigned to it. process-driven month-end close and reporting cycle to an integrated.3 to assist them in transitioning from a manual Excelbased. selected Oracle EBS 12. Mary Road needed to be able to transact between any legal entities and even across ledgers. a trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe. for transactions which occurred between legal oaug.1. 21 . Mary Road wanted to define distinct intercompany receivable and payable natural accounts for each legal mary road investments Mary Road. any intracompany journal entry was required to go through a clearing balancing segment.oaug insight l fall 2012 Figure 4 the option to specify whether you should use a clearing company for all journals or just for journals which have “many-to-many” intracompany journal lines. Mary Road required that. In addition. A journal entry or invoice could be made between any combinations of legal entities. To meet Realty Co’s requirements. Rather than use an intercompany segment in the chart of accounts. rapid and agile process.

3 does not generate a reciprocal relationship. the relationship between balancing Lead Financials Architect at BizTech. all other balancing segment values are listed. Healthcare. the answer is when that legal entity is only used to record transactions and hold balances but is not required to maintain or conduct banking related transactions. Membership Organizations. the soLution Mary Road required configuration of Oracle EBS R12. 2000 are 3500 Balancing 105 Balancing 110 Segment Thomas at tsimkiss@biztech. Mary Road has 16 legal entities. BS 2020 intracompany payable and national Oracle User Group conferences. It is important to note that when creating an intercompany relationship. Knowing this distinction and understanding when and how to use EBS Legal Entities can have a dramatic impact on your implementation and ongoing use of EBS. Within the intercompany account definition for legal entity 110.” and the intercompany accounting for each is defined. Contact Lee at account on 1-Jan-2013. together with an “All Other. Government. Oracle did not create the reciprocal relationship in legal entity 105 and 110. These accounts have the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar Association. intercompany receivables BS 2000. conclusion Oracle has developed a robust and flexible solution for handling transactions between legal entities in EBS Release 12. Use of the legal entity configurator along with intercompany and intracompany accounting to automatically balance transactions between multiple legal entities can save time and money by streamlining the close process and simplifying month-end intercompany reconciliations. and a member of Society 5). account for this and Social Services.1. Intracompany accounts are defined for each balancing segment value. This will still need to be defined. Company 2015 using with Company 2020. and each legal entity has one (and only one) balancing segment value assigned to within a single legal entity. BS 2015 intracompany receivable BS 2000.When is a Legal Entity not a legal entity? As it relates to EBS R12 and intercompany and intracompany configuration.1. Segment Segment able to end-date a specific Balancing 2015 3515 Lee Briggs is the Financials Practice Director for Segment intercompany receivables BizTech. entities in Europe or Asia. For example. . Contact Balancing so you effective dates. At the beginning of this article we asked. intercompany invoices to support the transactions had to be generated. He is a member of the New Jersey State combination (See Figure Legal Entity 1 Legal Entity 2 Legal Entity 1 Legal Entity 2 of Certified Public Accountants. Figure 5 Intercompany 22 O A U G F E a T u r Transactions between two or more balancing segments E Intracompany oaug. Knowing this distinction and understanding when and how to use EBS Legal Entities can have a dramatic impact on your implementation and ongoing use of EBS. Chairman of the ADI SIG and presents regularly at local Intercompany receivable from BS 105. Supply Chain and Project Accounting.3 Intercompany Accounting and Intracompany accounting (defined for each legal entity but not documented below as they are similar to what was done for Realty Co).com or follow @LeeBriggs. lbriggs@biztech. Intercompany payable to BS 110. Lee is the 2012 and starttransacts a new Company BS 105 transacts with Company BS 110. including or follow @ThomasSimkiss. While legal entities now play an important role in EBS R12. Lee has worked with Oracle for over 13 years in Balancing 2020 3520 account as of 31-DecSegment Financials. receivables and payables Intracompany Retail. it is important to determine if you require to set all of the legal entities that may exist in your organization up in Oracle. Thomas has 15 years segment values 110 and 105 was selected and used to of Oracle Applications experience both as an end-user and define the intercompany implementer across many industries. the answer is when that legal entity is only used to record transactions and hold balances but is not required to maintain or conduct banking related transactions. when the relationship in legal entity 110 between companies 110 and 105 was created. When is a Legal Entity not a legal entity? As it relates to EBS R12 and intercompany and intracompany configuration. Thomas Simkiss is the Chief Operating Officer and In this example. Oracle EBS R12.

33. Presenters share theirs. We make the local and regional connection for OAUG. 10. 5. 19. 3. Project Management software. 6. OAUG’s online training. 29. Associate members with Star Power. 30. HRMS only. 7. 21. www. 9. 27. Inherently found within Oracle Applications. Look here for work. Inc. OAUG’s electronic newsletter. Groups that explore specific Oracle products. 18. Oracle’s BI product.oatcinc. 20. What everyone should do while attending. This advocate group represents members to Oracle. They make it all happen. Users attend COLLABORATE looking for _________. Vendor information guide. Conference attendees make new __________. Answers on page 44. 32. Where Oracle Applications minds Continuous online learning. 28.oaug.OAUG Insight Summer Crossword Puzzle Across 3. 4. 2. 14. 17. OAUG has many opportunities to volunteer for one of these. 13. OAUG’s original focus. OAUG’s quarterly magazine An Oracle Ace is considered one. Written details of presentations. Result of your OAUG membership. 24. 23. 26. 31. 22. 8. The original CRM. 1 Test your knowledge of OAUG and solve our OAUG crossword 33 23 . OAUG’s topic-specific conferences. 16. 2 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 www. 3 4 This puzzle was created by OATC. 8. Conference attendees learn new ___________. The next Oracle Applications generation. Down 1. 11. Oracle products improve ___________. An OAUG representative for your company. Originally. Enterprise ___________. 2012 will be a big year for ___________. 25. 12. Reduced price or services from OAUG membership. 15.

manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic products. Determine the Impact of Patches and Prepare Test Scripts Like many companies running a large footprint of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). a tool included with the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM). Inc. Inc. it is necessary for Hologic to apply patches that fix issues or provide new functionality. enables a better understanding of what has been affected by patches. Click Go.1 – “Required Patches for Patch Wizard. The first time you use Patch Wizard. is a leading developer. By Kevin Brownlie.8 billion in annual revenue and 5. The Oracle EBS Patch Wizard. One advantage of this tool is that you do not need to be a DBA to use it. Drill down to the menu item Patching and Utilities. stronger and healthier lives. Detailed setup instructions can be found in My Oracle Support (MOS) note 1267768.” Once the setup steps in the detailed instructions have been completed. each person running the Patch Wizard must complete the following steps: l l l l Start from any responsibility that has access to Oracle Applications Manager. it appears there are fewer one-off patches and more fixes coming in family packs or other consolidated patch sets. medical imaging systems and surgical products dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women throughout the world. Hologic. Select Patch Wizard from the Select Feature LOV in the upper right area.000 employees worldwide support its mission of helping women everywhere to lead longer. although the initial setup will require some DBA assistance. Click into 24 OAUG FEaTurE . This requires us to do more extensive testing. After upgrading to R12. you must enter your MOS logon (Metalink Credentials).oaug feature The Oracle EBS Patch Wizard Helps Users Hologic. Hologic’s $1. and it presents us with the challenge of determining what is affected by the patches and what should be tested.

The Patch Wizard displays results and recommendations. If you enter more than one patch. You can also monitor from the bottom of the page (click GO under Filter Criteria to refresh the display or enter selection criteria). Enter information in the Recommend/Analyze Patches task screen to analyze a patch. To review progress of the requests. then click on the Metalink Credentials link under the Merge Option Defaults and fill in your MOS logon and password. Click the OK button. When the requests are completed. the Patch Wizard Preferences. To check progress on the requests or to review the results. Figure 2. click Cancel to go back to the Patch Wizard home page.oaug insight l fall 2012 Figure 1. Click the Analyze Specific Patches radio button. click on Details to see the analysis. Click on Impact to see areas and files affected by the patch (See Figure 2). Click into Recommend/Analyze Patches Task. OAUG FEaTurE oaug. Complete the following steps to submit your first patch (See Figure 1): l l l l Navigate to the Patch Wizard home 25 . you can click the Analyze Aggregate Patch Impact checkbox. or click on the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. Enter one or multiple patches. you can click on Recommend/Analyze Patches Job Status on the Patch Wizard home page. Click the Confirm button l l This will kick off numerous concurrent requests that will download patch information from MOS and analyze current patch levels in the instance.

and.1 . You can now see which applications are being affected. Specify which product families to include in a patch filter for your unique system. Further drilling down lists detail. Figure 3. if you drill further down. see MOS Note 976688. For additional training see MOS note 1085668.” 26 OAUG FEaTurE “ For additional troubleshooting.1 – “Patch Wizard Training Videos.Figure 3. – “Patch Wizard FAQ. If one of the files is a form. on the Oracle Support website. you can see which responsibilities and menu items use that form by clicking on Menu Navigation Trees Affected (See Figure 3). Further drilling down lists detail. Figure 4. what specific files are being updated and/or added.

set up patch filters by specifying which product families to include within that filter. For those that have customized Oracle files. MOS Note 411327. the note has multiple links to patching. 14 years at Hologic. Enter a Name and Description. Navigate back to the Patch Wizard home page and click into Recommend/Analyze Patches Task. Also. Identifying which forms are impacted if the file is not a forms file. l l In summary. He is currently Senior Director of Applications 27 . Detailed instructions for this can be found in MOS Note 976188. If you can decipher the file names. It is a good practice to check Analyze Aggregate Patch Impact. the EBS Patch Wizard is a useful tool that does not require you to be a DBA. Choose from the list of product families. and was a member of the original team that implemented Oracle Applications at Hologic 10 years ago. oaug. though the title is a little deceiving. Setup is easy: l l l l l l l l Navigate to the Patch Wizard home page. so I would not consider it an end-user tool. but it is up to you to translate that to the modules that are affected. I suggest checking both Recommended Patches and New Codelevel. Click the Create New button. HOLMT01.1. You do need to have an understanding of Oracle EBS structure. Additionally. If a patch is going to update those files.EBS INFO: E-Business Suite Conference Highlights & Information Center” is a good one-stop shopping note. Review your selections and click the Submit button. it gives you a general idea of what areas to test. It can tell you which schema is being affected.. you will need to download that patch manually from Oracle Support and place it on the middle-tier server. and password-protected “non-ad” patches should be placed into the /<staging directory>/nonad directory.1 – “Patch Wizard Utility”). If you have a patch that required a password in order to download it. it will be identified in the Patch Impact Analysis under Flagged Files Changed. I found that the tool is well documented on MOS with an overview (Note 976188. OCM and diagnostics notes. Overall.1 – “Patch Wizard Training Videos”) and Troubleshooting Guides (976688. training videos (Note 1085668.1 – “411EBS .g. Determining whether files are leveraged by multiple modules and providing a list of all modules affected. Click into Define Patch Filters Task. you can register and flag those files. the EBS Patch Wizard can help your analysts determine the impact of patches and better prepare test scripts. such as: l Providing the ability to review the impact of applied patches. Kevin Brownlie has worked in IS for over 23 years. e. currently users can only review unapplied patches. upgrades.oaug insight l fall 2012 To periodically see what patches Oracle is suggesting for your system. Click the Create Recommendation radio button. and choose either one of the seated filters or a filter you created. (See Figure 4). The usefulness of the Patch Wizard could be improved with some enhancements. Password-protected “ad” product patches should be placed into the /<staging directory>/ad directory. Click the Continue button. it will tell you exactly which files are getting added or updated.1 – “Patch Wizard FAQs and Troubleshooting”). In reality. thus minimizing any surprises when the patches are applied to production.

Another example: A fire dashboard now helps the chiefs monitor battalion and station critical call responses in real time. which directly impacts public safety. that was the very first step in our BI project roadmap. so the purchasing department can make decisions and prepare purchase orders more quickly. We also needed to clarify the value and benefits expected from the project. One example is our various public safety departments. which previously were never able to report data in a consolidated manner. City of Las Vegas T he City of Las Vegas has embarked on a major Oracle business intelligence (BI) project over the last three years. Each entity had different definitions for similar data fields. Develop a Smart BI Strategy A major part of why our BI project succeeded was that we established a strategy ahead of time and adjusted it as needed along the way. various city departments used to have to wait until the end of the quarter to gather purchasingrelated statistics. In fact. Part of our strategy. and also to the public. This provides improved reporting to senior management. These phases were budgeted and implemented over Government transparency is one of the city’s primary strategic goals. They can address changes in response times and quickly make adjustments. But through the Oracle BI project and proper data governance. all data is now displayed 28 a three-year period and are now in place to support our BI strategy. consistently and in real time. for example. OAUG SOluTiON . and the IT department has been able to help by pushing out Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE+) throughout the organization. For example. was establishing a foundation and infrastructure for successive phases. That foundation included acquiring Oracle’s SOA suite. Thanks to our BI project. we can monitor purchasing trends in real time. Some of those benefits included getting data in a more timely manner. a move that has pushed key data not only to employees but to citizens as well. moving to an Oracle RAC Linux environment and focusing on exposing services on the Oracle Service solutions Las Vegas Expands its Oracle Business Intelligence Horizons for Better Government Transparency By Dr. Patricia Dues.

allowing employees to be part of the process. Through the BI project. oaug. A variety of systems at the facility were tapped into. And for BI. Identifying a focus for the initial use of BI. developing a common language for consistent definitions and working to achieve a balance between the usefulness of performance data and the cost of gathering and maintaining the data. So for business users. but have been able to extract and merge data never before reported on. we have developed dashboards that actually go outside the city network to pull data from county emergency response systems. Up-to-the-minute data is now available A fire dashboard now helps the chiefs monitor battalion and station critical call responses in real time. Refining management process and measures as necessary. l l Develop a data governance infrastructure as well as support and maintenance to reinforce it. for monitoring flow rates and chemical analysis for certification with the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In concert with developing a strategy is creating a BI roadmap. Rolling out dashboards. We also wanted to provide greater self-sufficiency at each level. reports and analytics. and data was merged with various dashboards.oaug insight l spring 2008 oaug insight l fall 2012 Our BI strategy also included managing cross-functional and crossorganizational priorities. With success at the water treatment plant. We were able to save as much as four weeks of manual effort by pulling in data for performance measurement reports. chairs the Global Support Committee for the International Oracle Users Council (IOUC). For the City of Las Vegas. At the city. Implementing additional metrics. Other best practices included getting executive commitment. The project has been successful in that we have not only saved time and resources. Establishing a Business Intelligence Competency Center. and is reprinted with permission. a TechTarget publication. which directly impacts public safety. Dr. it meant identifying electronic sources of data and assisting business users with testing and setup. which has resulted in saving money on chemicals. Patricia Dues is IT manager for the City of Las Vegas. For business analysts and focusing on the most streamlined processes and establishing solid policy management are essential. the focus was on performance management metrics. And the plant no longer tends to over-treat water. Releasing initial metrics. She is a member of the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) board of directors. we were able to roll out BI to other departments within the city. This article was originally published by SearchOracle. and is an Oracle ACE. the success of our BI project was achieved through the completion of a pilot at our Water Pollution Control 29 29 . it meant building metadata layers. which required a pre-determined process for incorporating new data and revising existing data. Make sure that data governance assists with the transition to those new technologies and tools. Other parts of our BI strategy include: l Best Practices and Our Pilot Program Success relies on learning best practices from others who have gone down the road before. The city’s roadmap included: l l l l l l l l l Adopting the enterprise BI strategy. Be ready for changing strategic data needs as well as rapidly evolving BI tools and technology. that meant being able to identify the frequency of data retrieval as well as prioritizing dashboards based on KPIs. Establishing a data governance foundation. training users on dashboard changes and supporting the users through the expanding use of BI. Selecting the right project team. This allowed us to test out something small and then expand to other city departments if all went well. This allows city public safety officials to monitor emergency responses from the initial call through completion of the response. The ability to collect and analyze data in real time has resulted in significant resource savings and improved decision making ability. Completing key performance indicator (KPI) identification and definition.

org. The Sebel Albert Park solutions T Japan OAUG The OAUG Around the World The OAUG participates with affiliated organizations around the world to bring expertise and best practices to users of Oracle Applications and to communicate concerns and enhancements back to Oracle. Oracle Applications users benefit from engaging with peers and with Oracle representatives. The cherry blossom festival was in full swing during Oracle OpenWorld Tokyo 2012 and OAUG Japan Connection Point 2012 in April. Oracle with 20:20 Foresight. Parmelia Hilton Hotel. visited Tokyo for Oracle OpenWorld Tokyo 2012 and the OAUG Japan Connection Point 2012 in April. With its two major conferences each year as well as monthly meetings and regular update webinars. Melbourne. l The OAUG continues to participate and expands its connections with global users groups across Europe. No matter where they are across the globe. 29-30 October 2012. John l Insync12 Conference and Exhibition. Perth. Steven made several presentations to attendees and explored opportunities to present a collaborative event in the region in the coming year. German Oracle Users Group (DOAG) OAUG Executive Director Steven Hughes travelled to Berlin. Perth Conference and Exhibition.ausoug. Attendees focus intently during a presentation at an OAUG Connection Point® — Dubai conference. 21-22 August for more information. Australia. OAUG Connection Point®– Dubai The successful OAUG Connection Point® – Dubai conferences in 2010 and 2011 set the stage for future events to bring unique learning and networking to Oracle Applications users in the region. Stay tuned. Germany. Australia. for DOAG 2012 Applications in May. Events in 2012 ( . 30 GLOBAL SOluTiON oaug. John met with the Japan OAUG board to discuss opportunities for the OAUG to continue working closely with member organizations in Japan. AUSOUG makes the most of its international connections to bring practical implementation and management solutions to its users. Discussions are taking place regarding the development of future OAUG Connection Point® – Dubai events. Updates from Recent Events Attendees mingle during DOAG 2012 Applications. Contact the OAUG at info@oaug. Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) The OAUG enjoys a longstanding relationship with the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG). member of the OAUG Board of Directors.

Efficient and Inexpensive Way to Find the Best Oracle Talent! The OAUG Job Board attracts both OAUG Member and Non-Member job seekers who have the Oracle-based skills you desire.1 With experience dating back to one of Oracle's first releases of the Applications. O2Works has the knowledge and expertise to be your trusted consulting partner. From installs and upgrades. presentations and more.2260 to end-user training on Release 12. conversions and rollouts. Visit jobs. find great talent to fill your Oracle . MPL5.1. From MPL5 to Release 12. Job candidates. Release 10 Release 9 Release 11 Release 11i Release 12 Release www.o2works.1 O2Works Consultants have been there every step of the way.466. MPL5 MPL6 MPL7 Release 8 EMplOyErS. email. Call.ThE Oaug JOB BOard Providing OAUG Members with a Fast. 972. or visit out Knowledge Works center where you can download white papers. our consultants have the technical proficiency and hands-on industry experience needed to make the E-Business Suite work for your business. new jobs are posted every week! log in today to create your candidate profile and upload your resume.

Risk & Compliance SIG (formerly Internal Control and Security SIG) Government Contractor SIG Healthcare Industry User Group Higher Education SIG Hyperion SIG* Incentive Compensation SIG K-12 Education SIG* Logistics SIG Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) SIG Migration and Integration SIG Multi-National/Multi-Org SIG Oracle Agile/Enterprise PLM SIG Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) SIG Oracle Primavera SIG (OPSIG) Oracle Retail User Group (ORUG) Order Management & Advanced Pricing (QP) SIG Oracle Tax Management SIG OTM SIG Outsourcing & Shared Service Centers SIG PeopleSoft AP (PSAP) SIG PeopleSoft Credit & Accounts Receivable Experts (PSCARE) SIG PeopleSoft Financials Modules PeopleSoft Government Contracting SIG* PeopleSoft Technology SIG PeopleSoft Upgrade SIG Process Manufacturing SIG* Procurement SIG* Projects SIG Property Manager SIG* Public Sector SIG* Quality SIG SysAdmin SIG Treasury & Cash Management SIG Tutor SIG Upgrade SIG* Value Chain Planning SIG (formerly Supply Chain Collaboration SIG) Workflow SIG Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are user groups that bring together members that share a common interest with specific Oracle Applications products. website addresses and contact information is available at oaug. such as the public sector or manufacturing. with many hosting meetings at the annual COLLABORATE or Oracle OpenWorld conferences. A complete list of SIGs. SIGs may also bring together members that represent a specific industry. upcoming meetings. * Special Acknowledgement 2012 OAUG Geo/SIG Certificate of Distinction Award recipient 32 OAUG gEOS & SigS . SIGs are open for worldwide membership and operate online under the User Communities tab.oaug sig update Update on Special Interest Groups (SIGs) S What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)? 2012 Special Interest Groups ADI SIG Aerospace & Defense SIG AP SIG AR. Additional SIGs are affiliated in response to the development and expansion of the family of Oracle Applications. Credit & Collections SIG Archive & Purge SIG Assets SIG* BI Publisher SIG (formerly XML Publisher SIG) Change Management SIG Channel Revenue SIG Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) SIG Communications MetaSolv Solution SIG Configurator SIG* Consumer Goods SIG Contracts SIG Cost Management SIG* Customer Data Management SIG Customer Experience Users Group (CXUG) – Siebel SIG – On Demand SIG Customization and Extension SIG Database SIG* Demantra SIG Discrete Manufacturing SIG* E-Business Applications Technology SIG E-Business Suite SIG E-Business Suite User Management SIG EDI (e-Commerce Gateway) SIG Energy & Utilities SIG* Engineering & Construction SIG Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) SIG* Enterprise Visualization SIG Federal SIG Financial Services Industry SIG Fusion Middleware SIG (formerly Service Oriented Architecture SIG) General Ledger (GL) SIG* Governance.

Canada. A complete list of Geo groups. upcoming meetings. utilization and maintenance of Oracle l Knowledge of best practices from colleagues utilizing Oracle l Local meetings and training sessions featuring Oracle experts. Currently. website addresses and contact information is available at oaug. l Direct access to local Oracle management and much more. What is a Geographic User Group (Geo)? Geographic user groups (Geos) are independent OAUG affiliated user groups that bring together a variety of Oracle Applications users within a defined geographic region. These benefits include: l Communication with OAUG members to learn tips and tricks for installation. Applications. Communities tab. Applications. integration. Geos create opportunities for members to discuss a variety of applications and share ideas. Latin America and There are many benefits of membership and participation in a user’s local Geo. the OAUG has Geo affiliates in the continental United States. 33 . AsiaPac.oaug geo update Update on Geographic User Groups (Geos) 2012 Geographic User Groups Atlanta OAUG AUSOUG (Australia) British Columbia OAUG Calgary OAUG Central States OAUG Colorado OAUG DC-OAUG* Eastern States OAUG Florida OAUG* German Oracle Users Group (DOAG) Heartland OUG* India OAUG* Israel Oracle Users Group (ilOUG) Japan-OAUG Kansas City OAUG Latin OAUG* Michigan OAUG* Mid-Atlantic OAUG Middle East OUG Netherlands OAUG Nevada OAUG* New England OAUG* New Jersey OAUG New South Wales OAUG North Central OAUG* Northern California OAUG* Northern Ohio OAUG Northwest OUG NYC Metro OAUG (New York City) Ohio Valley OAUG* Oklahoma OAUG ORAUG-Brazil Pittsburgh OAUG Queensland OAUG San Diego OAUG South Central OAUG South Texas OAUG Southern Australia OAUG Southern Ontario OAUG Southwest Regional OAUG* Twin Cities Financials OAUG* Twin Cities Manufacturing OAUG Victorian OAUG Western Australia OAUG * Special Acknowledgement – 2012 OAUG Geo/SIG Certificate of Distinction Award Recipient G under the User Geos and SIGs serve the grassroots of the Oracle community and offer additional educational opportunities and new product enhancements through their links with Oracle Corporation.

or under the User Communities tab on oaug. the Discrete Manufacturing SIG is the most active throughout the entire year with monthly calls on different topics related to manufacturing. 34 O A U G ” The Discrete Manufacturing SIG assists with conference paper selection for both the OAUG and Oracle conferences and works closely with Oracle Development and Strategy to attain updated information for relay to its members. and Sandie Foster from ABeam Consulting serves as the SIG coordinator. Senior Manager. the group plans to stay up to date on new developments and applications that enhance or interface with the Oracle Discrete Manufacturing Since its restart in 2002. ABeam Consulting Mission: The Discrete Manufacturing SIG was formed in response to OAUG objectives to promote the formation of special interest groups focused on Oracle Applications for the exchange and dissemination of information. Leviton• Coordinator (elected position): Sandie .oaug. • Roland Shen.” said Brian Gardner. Sometimes they consist of member presentations. go to discretesig. it is a demonstration of functionality from Oracle. If you are interested in joining the Discrete Manufacturing SIG or would like more information. AAR Corp. creating a strong group dynamic. documentation and software that will enhance the overall product and create a better user experience for users of Oracle Manufacturing Applications. Thiru Yatham from Ansell Healthcare serves as the membership Ansell Healthcare • Directors: Craig Wilkerson. displays the SIG’s Certificate of Distinction awards. and in other months. “ Today the group has 225 active members and meets 10 times a year via conference calls and face-to-face at conferences such as COLLABORATE and Oracle OpenWorld. Applications. “The Discrete SIG has been a great source of information for our company. The monthly presentations are an anticipated event. Discrete Manufacturing SIG Officers Membership Chair (elected position. The group is modeled after the Process Manufacturing SIG and is currently affiliated with the OAUG while also having the support of Oracle Development for Discrete Manufacturing. “I have been a member of the Discrete Manufacturing SIG since 2002 and continue to get beneficial information and exposure to new areas of the Oracle system through our monthly conference/web calls. T The Discrete SIG has been a great source of information for our company. M-D Building Materials • Brian Gardner.” said Craig Wilkerson. The group is successful because of excellent member presentations by Thiru Yatham and other board members who also contribute their thoughts as to the ongoing informational needs of the group as a whole. They help us understand what other companies are doing and the future direction of the applications. CIO. They help us understand what other companies are doing and the future direction of the applications. the SIG has received six OAUG Certificate of Distinction Awards. I would recommend anyone who is involved with discrete manufacturing at their company to take a look at the Discrete Manufacturing SIG since it covers a broad spectrum of topics and has good user participation. OAUG Discrete Manufacturing SIG Coordinator Thiru Yatham (Ansell Healthcare). Of all the SIGs that I participate in. gEOS & SigS Web site: discretesig. The monthly presentations are an anticipated event. The SIG was revived in 2002 by the Process Manufacturing SIG Coordinator after she tried to connect with them and discovered that the group was no longer active.oaug sig spotlight The OAUG Discrete Manufacturing SIG by Sandie Foster The OAUG Discrete Manufacturing Special Interest Group (SIG) works to improve processes. M-D Building Materials. users only): Thiru Yatham. AAR Corp. Looking toward the future.oaug.

org. formerly known as the Datalogix User Group. “ ” The group is open to all users of Oracle OPM and does not charge a membership fee. OAUG Process Manufacturing SIG Coordinator (ABeam Consulting). became a part of the OAUG SIG community in 1997 after Oracle acquired Datalogix. Allvac • Sherri Hodges. Wells Blue Bunny. Wells Blue Bunny • Beth McGarry. The OPM SIG is the most engaged user group I have participated in during the 12 years of working with Oracle Applications. I know if I need to get a second opinion or bounce an idea. ABeam Consulting Mission: The Process Manufacturing SIG was formed in response to OAUG Objectives to promote the formation of special interest groups focused on Oracle Applications for the exchange and dissemination of information. I can rely on the members of the OPM SIG. Membership Chair (Schreiber Foods) and Sandie Foster. The OPM SIG is a terrific resource for any company!” said Joy Miller. The user group.oaug. users only): Diane Streubel.   Web site: procsig. Director of Application Solutions.The OAUG Process Manufacturing SIG A by Sandie Foster Diane Streubel.” said Scott Grossenheider. Foster also served as the SIG liaison to the OAUG Board of Directors for two or under the User Communities tab on oaug. Today the Process Manufacturing SIG has 125 active members that meet monthly through 10 conference calls and two face-to-face meetings a year. Through the years. has played a key role in interaction with Oracle Development since its beginning. sometimes known as OPM SIG. • David Lawrence.” said Joe Lenard. quality. Merial. Boarshead • Coordinator (elected position): Sandie Foster. Over the years Oracle Development has valued the SIG’s input and contributions and has made a point to attend every monthly meeting of the SIG. Oracle Development also asks for input from SIG members in early development stages of new applications modules. the Process Manufacturing SIG still remains strong. the group also communicates by using a list server that creates a sense of community through real-time interaction. NCH Corporation. the OPM SIG has opened up company-to-company relationships on manufacturing. manager of cost and systems development at Schreiber Foods. Streubel has served as the membership chair for the last nine years and in 2009 was named the OAUG Volunteer of the Year at the annual COLLABORATE conference. with the Certificate of Distinction for 2011. If you are interested in joining the group or would like more information. After 15 years as an affiliated OAUG Special Interest Group (SIG). go to procsig. holds the other elected position of SIG coordinator. the group has received six OAUG Certificate of Distinction Awards. Inc. serves as the membership chair. and Sandie Foster. Being a part of the Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) community. Senior Manager. Diane Streubel. communications director at ABeam Consulting. The Process Manufacturing SIG. • Joy Miller. NCH 35 . inventory and upgrade issues.oaug. Director of Finance and Cost Accounting. “For NCH Corporation and me. One of the primary reasons the group formed was to provide Oracle Development with valuable feedback. IT Supply oaug. Beckman Coulter. learn about new functionality and provide support to new Oracle users. Schreiber Foods • Directors: Joe Lenard. Charter Steel • Cindy Whaley. Process Manufacturing SIG Officers Membership Chair (elected position. • Scott Grossenheider. “The OPM SIG group has created a professional network of educated Oracle users across a vast spectrum of manufacturing industries. “The OPM SIG is the most engaged user group I have participated in during the 12 years of working with Oracle Applications. Merial Corp. This group has changed the way companies utilize Oracle technology by joining members who interact on a regular basis to brainstorm solutions for system challenges.

it’s the only way to make the organization bigger. you’ll get so much more back in return. better and more successful . said Sandra.” Volunteer within the organization: “It takes a lot of time and volunteers to make the organization better. Sandra’s consulting firm. teach and share. since 2007. and users deal with that challenge constantly. She has also been dubbed a Martha Stewart chef for the exquisite meals she prepares.. I feel like a character in a movie.” said Sandra. VLAD Group Inc. Her dedication and commitment has landed her three awards: OAUG Member of the Year in 2008. she has actively participated in the Geo/SIG Committee. If you give back to the organization. being able to watch the transformation [of myself] from someone simply sitting in the audience at conferences to being able to help and influence others is astounding. which elected her as chair in 2010. in the end. has been a member of the OAUG since 2003 and works with clients to help them implement and upgrade Oracle Applications.” Along with her active involvement within the OAUG Upgrade SIG. Sandra has also served for the past 10 years on the board of directors for the OAUG Database SIG and the OAUG SysAdmin SIG. OAUG leader. in the end. Our goal is to give back to the OAUG by providing information that members MEMBErShip People need to step up and volunteer. She has participated in more than 100 Oracle presentations and has recently been invited to serve on Oracle’s Customer Advisory Board for E-Business Suite Applications Technology. Sandra wears many hats when it comes to running her consulting firm by day and salsa dancing with her husband by night. My career as an implementer of Oracle Applications would not be the same without the OAUG. where you embrace sharing information and expertise to overcome problems and issues.” Perhaps Sandra is the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie character.. it’s the only way to make the organization bigger. you’ll get so much more back in return. Sandra practically danced her way into the spotlight as our member snapshot for this issue of OAUG Insight. the OAUG is a way to connect with other Oracle Applications users. “The reality is we will always have to update applications.” When asked about the value of being a member of the OAUG. In addition. Oracle implementer and mentor. If it wasn’t for people willing to grow.” ” 36 O A U G . A consulting firm chief executive. “Technology moves on. “For me. specifically supporting Oracle E-Business Suite environments.. the Oracle ACE Award in 2008 and the NCOAUG Distinguished Service Award in 2007. but for Sandra Vucinic it is a way of users F OAUG Member Snapshot: Sandra Vucinic can use to make a seemingly impossible task much easier. For her commitment to the OAUG’s Geographic (Geo) and Special Interest Groups (SIG) as well as to the overall betterment of the For some members.” said Sandra. “You can share your experiences and knowledge as well as help peers with similar interests. If you give back to the organization. the organization wouldn’t be what it is today. “ Sandra offers a few recommendations to other OAUG members on the benefits of getting involved: Network with others: “The best thing that happened to me was becoming a member of the OAUG. Sandra replied. “People need to step up and volunteer. Nicknamed the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Oracle upgrades and Oracle database administration. Her true passion lies in serving the OAUG Upgrade SIG. better and more successful. salsa dancer … Sandra Vucinic seems to do it all – and does it well. oaug. which oversees all the Geos and SIGs within the OAUG.

Along with the most up-to-date sales and use tax rates and taxability coverage.CCH is with Best in Process™ Solutions Delivering Faster Answers and Better Results. Seize this opportunity to upgrade your sales tax to learn more about CorpSystem® Sales Tax solutions for Oracle®. our innovative software delivers: n n n n Flexible calculation Detailed address validation for precise county and city determination State-of-the-art geocoding for locating special tax jurisdictions  Access to our expert professional services group for best practices and technical knowledge So reliable the IRS uses it! 2011-0698-4 Scan the QR code or visit us online at CCHGroup. make the smart move to CorpSystem® Sales Tax Office — the most accurate Oracle® R12 validated solution. . Sales and Use Tax Solutions Oracle® R12 Validated Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. As you upgrade to Oracle® R12. Getredid Getronics Glatfelter Insurance Co. MCX Administration Services B. InfoRhen Infotec Nederland B. AAR Corp.V. Centraal Boekhuis B.V. AKZO Diosynth B. Organon National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) National Oilwell Varco NCCW Nederlands Normalisatieinstituut Nederlandse Staatsloterij NetApp NFIB NKI/AvL NorthgateArinso NREL Nuon NV Organon NYC School Construction Authority O’Reilly Media. OAUG Japan Ontraq ICT Solutions B. Johnson County Kansas KB3 KCI Europe Holding B. Green ISP B.V.V. Inc. OraSolutions B.V.S.V. Paramelt B.V. Inc. Hansen Corporation Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates HCA Healthcare Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis Hitachi Data Systems Europe B. Interpharm Groep B. MediaCompetence B.V. Inc.V. Kema Nederland B.V. IDG Publications IFN Finance ilionX ILO Incore Solutions B. Atos Origin Telco Services ATOS TSS AVR AVR Afvalverwerking Rijnmond Axioma Bahwan CyberTek Inc. Akzo Nobel Diosynth Alpha Natural Resources Altasen Alysis Amazon. Financial & Information Services KRAMP Groep B.V.V.P.V. Philips Business Communications Plantronics B. Global Knowledge Graco Inc.I. N.V.V. Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs E-Business Solutions Group Ebscon Eetay Eindhoven University of Technology Elcaro Consultancy Enterprise Business Systems Solutions Corporation Enterprise Products Equens Nederland B.V.V.V. Organization for Security and Co-Operation (OSCE) PA Consulting Services B.V. Capgemini Netherlands Carlson.V.V.V. Inc. Afd. Bestuursdienst Gemeentewerken Rotterdam General Electric (GE) GEOS IT Professionals B.V. KSI International AmeriCredit Corp.V. OPEX Corporation Oracle Netherlands OraOne B. O. ArvinMeritor B. BuZa KPN.V.W.V. Home B. KPMG Meijburg KPMG Netherlands KPN ESN KPN FIS KPN IMS MO OP KPN IT4CM KPN Services FIS. FAIR Information Services B. ArboNed Archer Daniels Midland Co. AMIS Services B.V. Princess Cruises Provincie Drenthe Provincie Gelderland. Business Solutions IAEA ICL ICT-OKE B. City of Lakeland Cochlear Limited Corporate Express Europe Credit Acceptance Corp.V. Inc. Assai Software Services B. DS/IT/AS Returning User Members: @Home A2000 Holding N. Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis OPEN Business Applications B. Fjell International B. Mosaic B.V.V.V.V. DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond Deloitte Consultancy Den Oudsten Bussen B.V. Diebold EMEA Logistics DP Industries Duijvelaar Pompen B.V.C.V. Carnival Corporation & PLC Casema N.V. GEOS.V. Browning Buma Stemra Burlington Coat Factory Canon Europa N.S. ISC Meppel ISIT B.V. Medisch Centrum Haaglanden Mercury Marine Michael Baker Corporation Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken MKS Instruments.V. Gemeente Rotterdam. Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam Ernst & Young EDP Audit Essent Kabelcom B. Aegon Nederland N. Accellent.V.V. Grontmij H-Facto B. Fair Isaac Company Fairbanks Morse Engine Federal Group Fit for Finance B. Life Fitness Shared Services Center B.V.V. N.V. Accenture Netherlands Achmea Active Achmea Arbo Achmea CB ActewAGL Actuant Corp. Transport and Industry B.V.V. Interpay Nederland B.C.V. Catharina Ziekenhuis Celgene Corp.V.V. 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solix technologies. Solix Technologies. the oAUG does not specifically endorse any product or service from any of our vendor members. or. eight times more than the information in all the libraries in the United States. Inc. Jr. inc.. It is estimated that more than 15 petabytes of new information is created every day. Ottman. 40 VENDOR COrNEr .oaug strategies vendor corner special Advertising section Archiving to the Cloud By John B. vendor corner Editor’s NotE: the Vendor Corner section of OAUG Insight provides information on products from oAUG vendor members. is a is a 2012 oAUG star Partner T he world is drowning in data.

operational and system security are routinely in place today at leading cloud providers. Archiving to the cloud offers four essential benefits: l spring 2008 How many copies? with demand. you have to maintain patches and pay for licensing. by contrast. This invaluable business asset must be managed throughout its lifecycle.”3 Every server moved to the cloud is one less server to manage.. Performance Cloud archiving provides an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework for small. FOOTNOTES: 1. Archiving to the cloud reduces complexity. Gartner Survey on data growth in enterprise data organizations are forced to spend scarce capital on larger servers and more storage. but security is no longer a viable cloud knock-off. But cheap mass storage also carries a high cost in terms of poor performance and availability. twitter. Less data means higher availability. Mission critical ERP and CRM applications are the heartbeat of every business. Security Best Practice: Any security model is vulnerable.2 Backups. costs less. but at the same time current levels of data growth are not Reduced complexity: Brandon Gage. medium and large enterprises to manage the Hardware complexity and the Capacity risk of storing vital information. the amount of digital information generated is expected to reach 988 Database Size 41 .solix. According to a recent survey by the Gartner Group. http://bit. 47 percent ranked data growth as the leading data center infrastructure challenge. data replication. By aligning consumption with demand. higher performance and lower costs across the entire infrastructure. pay-as-you-go pricing is more efficient. The Gartner Group survey also reported that 62 percent responded they will be investing in database archiving or application retirement to address their data growth challenges. Tech Target Article – File sharing in the Cloud. Ottman. Cloud storage tiers generally feature “tier 1. One recommendation is to compare these providers with internal capabilities. Reduced Cost: Cloud pricing is elastic so cost travels up or down oaug. California-based United Capital Financial Advisors. senior vice president of technology at Newport Beach. ‘Why do we have all this complexity?’ Every server you have. and some services even augment tier 1 storage with flash based solid state disks deployed at tier 0. offers higher performance and operates within a security best practice framework. the equivalent to the amount of information if books were stacked from the Sun to Pluto and back. all the time” performance. On premise models. Faced with no alternatives. Outages caused by data conversion during upgrades are minimized. Jr. batch processes and query performance all execute faster when data sets are reduced. Information must be retained for compliance or business reasons. Good luck improving your ILM results! John B. mission critical application performance is degraded and application availability suffers.2 Business and compliance objectives are requiring access and control over more information. Even outages may result as the time required to convert data during upgrade cycles grows from hours to days. “Googlelike” performance is the result. For these organizations. http://bit. Entire data centers are being stripped of cooling and power capacity. and the data they manage represents the transactional history of the organization.1 Experts agree that as much as 80 percent of production data used in mission critical applications may not be in active use. LLC opined. Best practice security models for physical. “We sat back one day and said.special Advertising section oaug insight This year. is the Executive Chairman of Solix Technologies. www. charge everything upfront. 3. The gaps you find are less likely than ever to be on the cloud vendor side. archiving to the cloud offers an on demand alternative to reduce the cost and improve archiving performance. High Performance: Would Google have achieved such success if it took minutes rather than nanoseconds to return a search result? On premise archiving solutions utilize tier 2 and 3 storage to reduce the cost of storing mass amounts of less frequently accessed information. but this inactive data slows application performance by as much as 50 2. Inc. Enterprise Storage Forum Article titled CIOs Struggling with Data Growth.

the IT organization will continue to serve the business with minimal to no interruption or exposure to continuity risks. to minimize cost outlays and potential business discontinuities. TOTAL BENEFITS Credible benefits analysis starts with relevant strategic imperatives and business objectives. hardware or the overall IT infrastructure. The presumed expectation is that. total costs and flexibility. organizations should adopt a comprehensive approach that determines the value of the upgrade in terms of three factors: total benefits. While “if it ain’t . Madhavan Veeravalli A t several points in their businesses’ lifecycles. executives will face the decision of whether or not to upgrade their technology systems – be it software. Framing it more comprehensively in terms of business value. whatever the decision. can help define the priority of complex upgrade decisions. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes in the upgrade decisionmaking process. By Dr. These serve as anchor and reference points in ensuring that benefits are relevant to the business. don’t fix it” may be a common adage. business and IT should collaborate on upgrade decisions. with joint IT-business ownership. This may have the perverse effect of exposing the business to greater costs and untimely service interruptions. IT managers are only too aware that delaying timely investments can result in technology-capability divergences that can deprive the business of newer functionalities and potentially erode competitive edge. as opposed to that of joint stakeholders in a decision that can define continued business success. It is 42 OAUG CONNECTiViTy oaug. As a directions Fix It When It Ain’t Broke To maximize benefits. IT decision makers often find it easier to postpone or avoid an upgrade decision as long as possible. making it seem like a consideration that lies only within the boundaries of the IT organization. This decision is often cast in a technical context. One of the many limitations of making the decision to upgrade an IT-specific consideration is that it casts the players – IT and business – in a vendor-consumer role.

OAUG Vendor Awareness Sessions If you are an Associate member of the OAUG and would like to host a Vendor Awareness session. visit oaug.Hassle Free Reporting for Oracle Financials “ • • • Simply put. Reserve your session today! “ . Visit and click on the “Partners” tab.insightsoftware. which are held several times each and click on the “Partners” tab for These interactive webcasts provide information about a variety of products and services that complement Oracle Applications. or send an e-mail to keckstein@oaug. or call +1 404. Insight is the best product we have at Burns & McDonnell. Steve Woodward Oracle Financial Business Analyst Burns & McDonnell Gain time: Close the books 50% faster Eliminate ad hoc requests: Help the business be without distracting finance Free up the finance team: Transform finance from "score keepers" to business catalysts A LEARNING OPPORTUNITY OAUG associate members have the opportunity to host educational sessions.

Oracle Applications customers can be confident that a partner’s integration has been tested and validated by Oracle as functionally and technically sound. more complex systems. better performance through the retirement of brittle IT customizations and better business intelligence for improved decision making. please visit http://www. level of integration. Madhavan Veeravalli is vice president of Oracle’s Industry Strategy and Insight team. This prevents cost spikes and business disruptions. FLEXIBILITY Flexibility is the ability for IT solutions to evolve as business needs change. Software and technology upgrades are delivered more frequently and less disruptively as part of the service. and that the integration operates and performs as documented. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and truly treat technology as an enabler. A number of factors need to be considered in determining cost. 44 Be sure to ask your software vendors with integration to Oracle Applications if they have Oracle Validated Integration. organizational costs and cost of skipped upgrades. they can gain a comprehensive view of business . Dr. standards-based way. compared to older. retail.important to collaboratively articulate the benefits a systems upgrade can deliver in light of these guiding business performance targets – including savings from process enhancements. 
 OAUG Insight Summer Crossword
 C O L L A B C O O S T A R P A R T N E R S I M A N E B T E A B A E C P A P E R S T P L S I L A O I D E D I S C O U N T S C O S I A N S W E R S G T S I O B B O A R D N S U P P O R T C O U N C I L E A O O A U G I N S I G H T P G F L E W E B S I T E E N R S E W E B I N A R S O W N F S C O MM I T T E E S T E L S K N O W L E D G E A E E R S R N I N T I N G OAUG Insight Summer Crossword Puzzle Answers W H I T E H B U Y E R S E P S E B S T R K P I I R R O L 1 A N L 2 C S U T P R I M A V E R G C R E X P E R T A S R O D O I E D S F U S I O C T I V O L U I C O N N E C T I O N Y G U E O S J A N N T P O OAUG CONNECTiViTy oaug. As organizations develop a collaborative approach to upgrade decisions involving business and solutions/index.html. internal resource costs. Newer technology options such as software as a service (SaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) have simplified both upgrade costs and processes. management can put their systems on an intelligent upgrade path and further minimize the effort it takes to adopt future releases. improved regulatory compliance. and distribution industries. in effect demystifying upgrade decisions. such as cost of implementation. Technology that nimbly adapts to business changes is more valuable over the long term. focused on the manufacturing. TOTAL COSTS Complexity drives cost considerations. By embracing a flexible IT solution. For the most current list of Oracle Validated Integrations. that the partner solution is integrated with Oracle Applications in a reliable. With Oracle Validated Processes can be enabled more quickly and at lower cost. extent of configurations.

For more information.oaug. locations and Fusion Coexistence San Diego. industry leaders.o au ecti g nn o Please visit connectionpoint. two-day events provide an educational forum for networking with your peers. You will gain the insight and information you need to fully optimize your product 45 .org for dates. contact James Hobbs jhobbs@oaug. rg . FL | November 5-6 The Peabody Orlando OAUG Connection Point® — Oracle E-Business Suite R12. Coming soon in the Connection Point® series: OAUG Connection Point® — Enterprise Performance Management/ Business Intelligence Orlando.o oaug. and Oracle executives. CA | November 15-16 Hilton San Diego Bayfront c onpoint.oaug insight l spring 2008 2012 EVENTS These focused.

make them easier to use.The Experts in Oracle Solutions for Project-Driven Organizations™ Partner with the company that knows your project-driven world We’re the world’s foremost experts in providing Oracle-based systems and solutions for project-driven companies. . and make them smartphone accessible. and minimize risk across all your Oracle Applications.650. • We offer integrated products that extend the functionality of Oracle Applications. reduce costs. We understand Oracle from the code up. We help you simplify operations. • Our expert consultants implement Oracle Applications to best fit your specific business 1. in a way no other company can. Let our experts evaluate how you’re using Oracle Applications today — and make improvements that will be reflected in your operations and your bottom line. • We helped design and deliver Oracle project management software.ProjectP.712. www.6200 All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.