Stephen Spielberg's biographical drama follows the final months of one of America's greatest presidents—Lincoln and his men

work to end the Civil War and abolish slavery once and for all in the United States, despite running into bigotry at every turn. Lincoln's determination and his choices

w will change the fate of future American generations.

Steven Spielberg

1. Who is the actor playing Lincoln in the new film? 2. How long has the film been in the works? 3. What year was Lincoln elected president? 4. When and where was Lincoln born? 5. What historical event is Lincoln most associated with? 6. Who assassinated Lincoln? 7. What are some films and television shows in which popular or mythical portrayals of Lincoln appear? 8. In which war did he serve as a captain?



More research might be needed)

1- Why do you think there is such an ongoing fascination with Abraham Lincoln? 2- Why do you think Stephen Spielberg decided to release this movie now? 3- Why do you think people typically rank Lincoln as one of the best presidents the U.S. ever had?


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