Daniela Rios Period 4 2-21-13 Black History Month Graphic Organizer And Greeting Card

Questions 1.Name and address of the website you found the poem on. 2.What is the name of the poem? 3.Who is the author of the poem? 4.Insert a picture of the author.

Answers The website I found the poem was poetry foundation The name of the poem is “A Black Man Talks of Reaping.” The author is Arna Bontemps.

5.What does the title tell The title tells me that you about the poem? the poem is about a man who talks of reaping. 6.Explain the first thing you notice about the poem? 7.Why did you select this poem? How did it interest or inspire you? The first thing I notice about the poem is that he was a famous poetic. I selected this poem because it interested me. The poem interest me because it was sad.

8.What mood did the When I was done poem create in you after reading it I felt sad reading it? about the poem.

You should celebrate black history month because its cool. I picked this poem because it interested me. We celebrate it because they made positive things. It’s important because many black people have really tough lives and they

I have sown beside all waters in my day. I planted deep, within my heart the fear that wind or fowl would take the grain away. I planted safe against this stark, lean year. I scattered seed enough to plant the land in rows from Canada to Mexico but for my reaping only what the hand can hold at once is all that I can show. Yet what I sowed and what the orchard yields my brother's sons are gathering stalk and root; small wonder then my

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