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Fairview Park Master Plan 2005 Update

Fairview Park Master Plan 2005 Update

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Fairview Park Master Plan 2005 Update
Fairview Park Master Plan 2005 Update

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Published by: WestLifeNewspaper on Mar 05, 2013
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Good school facilities provide a safe, healthy environment for children that stimulates
creativity and learning. These facilities, constructed of quality materials using techniques that
reduce long-term maintenance costs to the city and its residents, efficiently use material and
financial resources. School buildings can become multi-purpose buildings that serve the
learning and recreational needs of all community residents.

Multiple-use school facilities. Development of public facilities that are multiple-use
can better serve the needs of residents by saving money and land.


Develop new school buildings and reconfigure existing buildings as multi-
purpose community facilities for adult-learning services and community
recreation locations
Work with the Fairview Park School District to facilitate location of a new
recreation facility and new school buildings in close proximity to each other to
maximize the value of both
Identify any changes needed to building codes and zoning for this purpose

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