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The Magic Door

The Magic Door

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Published by Asiff Mohammed

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Published by: Asiff Mohammed on Mar 05, 2013
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Imagine that you have found a magic doorway into another world!

What does you door look like? Where is your door? (In an old house, in a tree trunk that only opens when a magic word is spoken or at the bottom of a garden?) What sort of magic will be on the other side? (Another planet, the past, the future, a magic world of wizards?) How do your characters get back to the real world?

Use the story planner sheet on your table to plan your own ‘Magic Doorway,’ story. Who are the main characters in your story? What is it like on the other side of the doorway? What happens to the characters?
You have 45 minutes to write your story.

How do they get back?

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