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Lotus Notes Domino 8 Reviewers Guide

Lotus Notes Domino 8 Reviewers Guide


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To bring an entry to the attention of members in the activity, you can notify members about the
entry. Members whom you notify receive an e-mail message that contains the description of
the entry and a link to the entry.

From the Web browser, any member of an activity can notify other members about any entry
in the activity. When you send a notification, the server creates an e-mail message and
automatically sends it to the members you select. The server can send notifications to current
members of the activity only.

Chapter 2. Changes for the user 77

To send a notification:

1.Open an activity and locate an entry you want to notify someone about.

2.Click Notify below the entry.

3.From the list of names that is displayed, select the names of the people you want to notify
and then click Send.

The people you notify then receive an e-mail containing links to the activity entry, similar to
the example shown in Figure2-80.

Note that sending a notification does not create a new entry in the activity.

Figure 2-80 Activity mail notification

Using a feed reader, you can subscribe to a feed for any page in your activities that interest
you. After you subscribe to a feed, your feed reader monitors it and automatically retrieves
updates for you.

A feed is a way of representing and automatically delivering the latest content of a Web page
directly to your computer. Activities uses a protocol called Atom to publish feeds. Subscribing
to a feed simplifies the task of monitoring an activity, because your feed reader automatically
checks for and retrieves content updates for each feed.

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