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Published by: Juan A. Faccio on Mar 06, 2013
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The Keepers: Total Recall of His Alien Abductions










Tim Beckley reveals a whole new Peter Gersten

Alien Graffitti all around the world. What does it mean?
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January 2007

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Vol. 22 No. 1


Paralyzed on a bench with a desk-like thing with a screen on it. He would have no further memory of what took place until he was returned via the same route by which he had been taken. After the initial breakthrough event. So that was my first conscious experi54 ence with that and from that point on. “was I was lying in the bed and then I was awakened to a loud.” Sparks said.Jim Sparks By Sean Casteel Understanding A I n 1988 Jim Sparks was in his mid-30s and living a relatively comfortable life as a real estate and land developer when he began to awaken from a recurring dream that someone had been in his house during the night.” he said. whirling. He vividly recalled little creatures escorting him out of his bedroom as he slept. RPM whipping sound. and it was G-forces beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.” Sparks has recently written about his abduction history and what he feels it all ultimately means in a new book called The Keepers (Wild Flower Press. He said he cried out mentally “I don’t want to die” before blacking out completely. I felt this torque or this terrible energy coming from my stomach and working its way up into my torso. the experiences began to happen with increasing frequency and Sparks UFO January 2007 . and he could consciously recall some of the actual events. almost all my experiences were consciously recalled. “I found myself in a room that was aboard some—whatever—starship. “The conscious part. craft. It just kept getting louder and louder until it was screaming in my head. and I felt an acceleration a hundred times faster than a roller coaster.” Along with the disorienting effects of motion. 2006). Sparks also recalled feeling the familiar paralysis experienced by abductees. walking him through an unopened floor-level window and into the woods near his home. “When I came to. I was disoriented. and then another larger screen up against the wall. Then it was almost as if somebody pulled a roller coaster handle. Gradually Sparks began to have more insight into what had caused the recurring dream.

At first. he was told telepathically that he was to apply his new skills to a kind of says he had no understanding of just who these creatures were.” he said. but in my peripheral vision I could see it was something small. Cs convert characters from the English alphabet into their alien equivalent. I didn’t see what was doing this. After he had gained some experience with the alphabet tasking. so it was pretty traumatizing in the first 18 months.” As the typical Grays started to coalesce in his vision. “I didn’t know whether they were aliens or demons. Sparks began to undergo a learning process with an apparent alien alphabet.Alien A. B. “I didn’t understand any of this stuff. His task was to UFO January 2007 55 . He would watch images on the larger screen and then copy them on the smaller screen in front of him. which he feels may have had something to do with an education in telepathic communication.

the sooner I could go home. that drains all the chemicals in your brain down into your body. you’ve got anger. “relative to how fast and efficiently she could. poised and ready to compete. Any kind of experiment. what made me angry all the time. the aliens seemed to take Sparks’ resistance in stride. But I’d always resisted.” After seeing that his anger served little useful purpose. She was way better than I was. They don’t come from a place that is like us and the way we interact.” he said. screaming inside my head at them. “But as time went on. I did everything I could to booby-trap it. So I also learned over time in the abduction experiences that the more I cooperated. anything they ever wanted to do. For instance. with the emphasis on nonhuman. But every word in the book that you can think of would come out of my mouth.” Sparks said. you’ve got all this stuff going through you at the same time. that they radiate energy that paralyzes you. to just make it where it wouldn’t work. in order for us to politically join the galactic neighborhood. So you’ve got fear. or form. They don’t have human social skills. I realized that it’s nonhuman intelligence.“So. but he was not happy about how things were going. “The anger and loathing for the aliens was so strong. It just shocked me that she had so much involvement in this thing and I had had no clue about it.” Meanwhile. she refused to talk about what had happened. but they’re emotions that I don’t understand. She was very efficient at it and not traumatized by it.” he continued. “They do have emotions.” After Sparks and his wife were returned home. we’ve got to clean up our own backyard first. any kind of test. you’ve got adrenalin.” Sparks said. What made it difficult for me. “and I started getting used to these sensations. Then I would keep that inside me like that. You feel isolated and confused. he was shown something UFO competition. shape. Sparks eventually decided not to interfere with her use of denial as a method of coping and quit asking her to discuss her experiences. always fought them in any way. They were pretty tolerant about my anger. “Emotion isn’t the word for these guys. She was natural with the whole thing. Sparks said he began to have a change in attitude and started to actually become fascinated by what he was learning. “I was never asked. is 56 January 2007 . to say the least. He was amazed to see his wife there beside him. They’re straight and to the point and they get the job done. I didn’t want to be any part of this stuff. I was never invited. There were times in the early years—I laugh about it now—when I would scream and cuss at them at the top of my lungs and then they’d paralyze my mouth so I couldn’t yell. “They wanted to see how fast I could do some of the things I’d learned.

” he said.rom the beginning of Jim Sparks’ abduction experiences. how are you. “You have to start it from a certain angle.” Sparks compared learning the intermediate alien language with being trained in Morse Code. studying brain waves or how brain waves are naturally transmitted and received.” Sparks hopes that the language and telepathy skills he has developed will receive genuine interest someday from the mainstream scientific community. as a student. it was one in the middle with which to communicate. whatever the agreed on symbol is.” Sparks said. So you just look at something the size of a dime or pea and—boom!—you’ve got all the text and data in your brain just by looking at it. you get the whole hour that you and I just had in conversation.” Sparks said. So if you’re saying ‘Hello. like you’re the transmitter and they’re the receiver. it eventually dawned on him that he was better off to simply comply with what the aliens wanted. Then as time went on. As you mastered the code. Then F C B A someone can receive that thought. you just know what they mean. I started seeing it as something that was a middle-ground form of communication. “It’s not so much that you’re reading my mind or I’m reading your mind in words.” Sparks said.” There is the added requirement of having to view the alien written symbols in three dimensions.” he explained. he was called upon to convert characters from the English alphabet into their alien equivalents. and that can be abbreviated in sort of an alien text shorthand. “like a research team that was studying this. “in the beginning. It wasn’t our alphabet and it wasn’t theirs. that that’s what that was.” The aliens have the apparent ability to compress a great deal of information into very small symbols. “and you have to make the pattern turn and the motion has to be precise and exact. which may take 40 minutes or an hour or however long it takes. they might think ‘This guy’s got something and maybe this would work for us. it would be dots and dashes. And just what did they want? Were they trying to give Sparks a primer in their language? “I can’t say for a fact that that’s their language. how are you. how are you?’ You have to see a symbol for ‘Hello.” he said. as with our printed words. “I thought that at first. everything there. It’s the same thing with telepathic communication. you wouldn’t hear that stuff anymore. in those earlier months and years. according to Sparks. You don’t even hear the dots and dashes. And when you look at that symbol. But they’re receiving that symbol. “which you and I are having here.’ ” UFO UFO January 2007 57 . not two. you develop like an energy signal from the little-bitty symbol in your head. “If you were studying Morse Code. While he at first—angrily—tried to refuse to do the letter exercises. a symbol that’s no bigger than a pea or a dime. Sparks would be rewarded for successfully completing his tasks by pleasing physical and psychological sensations that he felt functioned as the cheese in a mouse’s maze. “If it ever hit the right ears. You’d just hear full sentences and paragraphs. The whole understanding of it.” The alien written language may also help to facilitate telepathic communication. they’re not receiving the ‘Hello. “We could take this interview.’ You see a symbol. He did so by watching a large screen onboard a ship and then tracing the designs with his finger on a smaller screen in front of him. what we talked about. And as you do that.’ They’re seeing the symbol and they have the understanding of it. “You’re taking your brain waves and structuring them in a disciplined pattern.

very interesting about the nature of time as it is manifested in the abduction experience. And that’s when I started learning stuff.I would leave my house and go to another state.” he said. Are these guys not aging when they’re in this other dimension? The time flow was different.” 58 January 2007 UFO . They would find me there. And one ET would be in the left corner of the room and there was another one in the center of the room.” he went on. And I would find myself exactly where I left off. and the laws of physics as we understand them don’t apply to whatever dimension they’re working in. “and we were doing a task. So it was almost as if I might have left for a second or two where they were. it started to fascinate me even more. The same being would be in the same corner of the room and the other one would be in the center of the room and I’d find myself sitting in front of the same puzzle. “Let’s say I was pulled and onboard. And I was working on some kind of puzzle on that screen-table I was telling you about earlier. “So when I started seeing things like that. and then it was done. “When I would get back. The experience lasted for let’s say an hour and a half. even though I was gone for ten days here. “I might be home ten days and then get pulled onboard again.

okay?” Sparks said. using what he called “conventional methods. “I’m still very guarded about it.” In an attempt to free himself from the nightmarish trauma. the horrific intrusion into my life. old-fashioned fear of dying. the overall trauma of the experience must not be underestimated. Nevertheless. and I would be 59 January 2007 .” “This is what I thought would work to get away from these guys. and I don’t absorb it just because they said it.” he explained.The most terrifying aspect of the abduction experience comes down to plain. I would drive hundreds and hundreds of miles. I’m not embracing alien culture here. “In spite of how I’m so evenkeeled with it now and I understand so much more and I can take it as it comes now. I always question and study what they’re saying. and I always have been. They would find me there. the impact that it UFO had on daily human living—I can’t put that aside as being okay. I don’t take anything they say at face value. and they would find me. “I would leave my house and go to another state. I would check into hotels in the middle of major cities. “I can’t put that aside. high-rise hotels. Sparks made more than one attempt to escape. The trauma.

in the middle of it. and no matter how I tried to escape. matter where I went. 60 January 2007 UFO . “What would be scary would be the fact that these things come in the middle of the night and then suddenly your heart rate’s at a thousand miles an hour. you’ve got fear flowing. “Just how gorgeous our planet is. They would pull me. old-fashioned fear of dying. you’ve got adrenalin flowing. thinking that they wouldn’t bother me there. whether I was at home or I was somewhere else geographically.” Like most abductees. In all the different things I’ve seen in the last 18 years out there.” The most terrifying aspect of the abduction experience comes down to plain. you’ve got everything going through your body and you’re just wondering. I think there’s nothing better in the universe than humans because we’re the closest thing to animals that we could possibly be. I hate the negativity. So no “But as time has gone on. And I got pulled there as well. “Of course. When asked what was his most beautiful experience. according to Sparks.” he said. I’ve heard people say that human beings are of interest to a lot of extraterrestrial nonhuman intelligent beings for different reasons. by the same token we’re the closest thing possible to rationality and intelligence. Sparks talked about an incident in his book in which he and some other abductees were shown images of the earth’s natural beauty. We’ve got a combination of things here that are rooted in the basic animal part and the emotional part and the ability to intellectualize. and Sparks compared learning the intermediate alien language to being trained in Morse Code. it didn’t make any difference. so I could be surrounded by all this concrete and everything. there’s nothing that comes close to what we are. Sparks’ experiences run the gamut from beautiful to terrifying. The screens slowly moved on to show how bad things are getting.

I always got back safe. maybe it’s ten years from now. So I hung onto the thought during those terrifying times that I’ve always made it through this and lived. “and having experiences here that are very. It’s just something that they do. But all indications are that there is a timeline we’re inevitably going to cross one day. But I think we’re running out of options for keeping this a secret anymore. according to Sparks.seancasteel. I’m still not sure yet. and The Excluded Books of the Bible. ’70s and ’80s came along. If you live. “Where it can’t be contained anymore. Prophecy and the End of Time.” he said. For good reason. Right now. But as time went on. all of which are available online at Casteel’s website as well as through Amazon. as well as our biological materials. or a sanctuary in regard to what the rest of the cosmos is about. Now that’s not the bulk of them. “Right now we’re at a preserve. So why should I think it’s going to be anything other than that? I’ve got a long way to go with this. The aliens decided that their campaign of outreach to human leaders had failed. “Where it’s no longer a secret. and I was always okay. and trying to work to correct problems with the environment. Sparks feels there is good reason for hope in spite of the grim foreboding that seems to spring so naturally from the phenomenon. “I understand why. Sparks does report a couple of incidents in his book in which he awakened to find he was in the presence of earthly military personnel who seemed to be working on the same agenda as the aliens. And we’ve still got a ways to go. The idea is to keep the leaders in check by having perhaps millions of humans who all of a sudden can wake up one day and know everything. They say a few things. But the fact that this cross-species cooperation is so tightly covered up acts as a kind of poison. but we’ll get to a certain point in our timeline—as we comprehend time—and once we reach that point.” As for the government and its role in the whole abduction phenomenon. even though it’s extremely frustrating because we want to know everything. Because then it makes you question their truthfulness when it comes to anything or any of their policies. Now probably tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of abductees may have what I know stored inside them in their subconscious. non-caring attitude of some of the aliens. Here’s the really cool stuff: I’ve been having experiences in the last couple of years that have involved plain-jane everyday human beings from the future. but it’s finally going somewhere at least.” Still. I realized that I didn’t die. Then as the ’60s. “I’ve started to understand the business of natural resources and the callous. Now what we may go through between now and then.com UFO January 2007 61 . but apparently the aliens also use those human energies in their own particular kind of commerce. and they began to shift their efforts to making contact with the average person. “They barter these things throughout the cosmos. People who come back here and intermingle with us. I’m seeing something here. in a sense. Visit Sean Casteel’s UFO Journalist website at www. Sparks cautions.” he said. “There are different agendas with different species of ETs who use raw material or raw natural resources for their own benefit. “when the government covers up something that we know to be so and makes us look silly.” The idea of human emotions being farmed and harvested is strange enough. The near future—meaning anywhere from a few hundred years to a couple of thousand years ahead.” UFO Sean Casteel is the author of UFOs. “Do you remember those years when the abductions were happening by the thousands on a weekly basis?” Sparks asked.com and Filament Books. in the earlier years—say the ’40s or ’50s—that they would want to do something like that because we were so far removed from anything high-tech. “There are commercial reasons that are at play here. The expression Live and learn could not apply any more urgently than it does here. so to speak. So. but it’s been going on for thousands of years with human beings. “I’m getting glimpses. and of course we’ve been oblivious to it. whether it’s love or hate. in order for us to politically join the galactic neighborhood. we’ve got to clean up our own backyard first. They view us as simply cows in a pasture.” This will mean open contact.” Sparks said. A lot of average people were being contacted and abducted and were receiving information. that tells me obviously that we’re still going to be around. very promising. We’re almost at the end of the line.” But there was still the problem of human greed and the lust for power to factor in. but they’re tight-lipped about what their time is really about. that kind of thing. you learn. in Sparks’ opinion. those that are in power. These are intelligences that have gone beyond the spiritual debate as to whether this is proper or not. And that’s not a good thing.” But there may be alien agendas that are not necessarily in the best interests of mankind. “We know that it’s a poison. “So if we’ve got people coming back from the next few hundred to a couple of thousand years in the future. I guess. we’re in a state of ignorance-is-bliss.‘Am I going to live?’ “So you’re always wondering if you’re going to make it each time. There are particular beings that seem to need the different types of energy that we emit. And maybe it’s tomorrow. a lot of this is going to break out and things will change. Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming. was a power play.” he said. different alien species were making contact and interacting with various heads of state. “That.

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