For Quiz Bowl Questions for Family Relations Easy: 1. An irregularity in the formal requisite of marriage shall: a.

Render the marriage void b. Render the marriage voidable c. Not affect the validity of the marriage d. Give rise to its correction 2. Which of the following requisites is not a formal requisite of marriage? a. Legal capacity of the contracting parties b. A valid marriage license c. A marriage ceremony d. Authority of the solemnizing officer 3. Marriage may be solemnized by any of the following solemnizing officers, except by: a. A Provincial Governor, within the province b. Any priest, rabbi, imam, or minister of any church or religious sect c. Any consul or vice-consul in the case provided in Article 10 d. Any incumbent member of the judiciary within the court’s jurisdiction 4. The following circumstances may not constitute fraud for the annulment of marriage, except: a. Non-disclosure of a previous conviction by final judgment of a crime of the other party b. Concealment by the wife of the fact that at the time of the marriage, she was pregnant c. Concealment of sexually transmissible disease existing at the time of the marriage d. Concealment of alcoholism existing at the time of the marriage 5. Dabon, a handsome bachelor, had impregnated Ms. Clavina, the adopted daughter of Commander Plaza – a notorious NPA leader in the town. The NPA group stormed the house of Dabon and threatened him through this warning: “If you will not marry the daughter of Ka-Plaza within 36 hours, we will tear you into pieces!” Because of the threat, Dabon married the daughter of Commander Plaza. Given these facts and granting that all other requisites of marriage are present, the aforesaid marriage is? a. b. c. d. Void Voidable Valid Without basis

Jack Sparow is a pirate. Pepita's sight. who was present at the time. Yes. No. None of the above. Plazo who left his job beleiving that his wife would honor her promises. c. Mr. Yes. Sparow untimely suffered a heart attack. Pepita did not anymore pay Mr. Pepita for life. Plazo and Ms. granted the last wishes of the latter. Before their marriage. while in ordinary contracts the parties define their respective obligations. Plazo his promised allowance. After the parties had exchanged vows. his group seized a passenger ship in the middle of Sulu Sea. d. which they voluntarily entered? a. Sparow expired. Cardenas argued that there is a Marriage License No. because the agreement is contrary to public policy. Few months after the marriage. regardless of its absence since marriage license is just a formal requisite of marriage. The parties in marriage do not have the right to terminate their relationship. breach of obligation in marriage is not actionable. b. Mr. The rights and duties of spouses are specified by law. The representative who appeared in court certified that “they could not find the registry book supposedly containing the relevant information because the person in charge has already retired”. Yes. Should Ms. Martha.Moderate: 1. c. d. Sparow is dying.The local civil registrar was asked to furnish evidence affirming the existence of said license. Sparow then requested the ship captain to solemnize his marriage with his lovely co-pirate. Generally. 2770792. Pepita be ordered to continue paying her husband in view of their written agreement. 2. Yes. while breach of obligation in ordinary contracts gives rise to action for damages. Plazo should find a job and should not depend on Ms. 3. The ship captain. Sevilla asks for a declaration of nullity of his marriage to Cardenas on the ground that the marriage was solemnized without a marriage license.000 every month. b. because certification from the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of the fact that no marriage license could be found in their files or records is enough evidence to prove lack of said marriage license. 4. No. in effect. d. Pepita promised to pay Mr. 2004. While committing robbery aboard the said ship. otherwise it would be very much unfair to Mr. Plazo would resign from his job and be always visible to Ms. c. because Mr. Pepita executed a written agreement whereby Ms. Which of the following is incorrect? a. As a rule. Plazo then sued his wife in court to enforce their agreement. Mr. but in ordinary contracts the same is terminable by agreement of the parties. is the marriage valid? . Marriage is a special contract according to law. b. Mr. Ms. On March 8. sanction abuse of rights. having verified that Mr. Is the marriage valid? a. Plazo Php 10. provided that Mr. because loss of the registry book cannot be taken as proof of the non-issuance of a marriage license. Mr. because the marriage license could not be located and it is the best and only evidence to prove its existence. No. because permitting the wife to discontinue the payment of the promised amount would. No.

migrated to the State of Timbukto and cohabited there as husband and wife for more than 3 successive years. They applied for a marriage license which was granted by the local civil registrar of their place. because. (5). Yes. Yes. therefore. b. because of absence of marriage ceremony. in Timbukto they are considered to have been duly married. What is the status of the marriage? a.e. b. 5. Yes. a man and a woman who cohabit with each other for 3 consecutive years is. because all marriages solemnized outside the Philippines. While walking in the park. d. Three (3) years after obtaining the said license. 2. the lovers immediately proceeded to Rev. Under Philippine law. No. b. for all intents and purposes. A divorce decree is at all times not recognized here in the Philippines. are they married to each other? a. Which is false about absolute divorce? a. if either one or both of the contracting parties believe in good faith that Rev. because of lack of formal requisite. and (6). Mark and Lucy. Voidable. . in accordance with the laws in force in the country where they were solemnized. he falsified it to appear that it is a license issued in his name and in his wife-to-be's favor. after having seen the Marriage License shown to him by Mario. (4). because they are both Filipinos and. Maru and Mirna. Void. d. Thus. except those prohibited under Articles 35(1). shall also be valid in the Philippines. 36. Valid. marriage) shall be governed by the laws of the country (in this case. d. although there was a marriage license.. A divorce decree obtained by a Filipino spouse abroad is contrary to public policy. but Mario is civilly. Maru and Mirna married each other before a muslim leader. Father Sevillano has the authority despite the falsified marriage license. c. Thereupon. and administratively liable as he is responsible for the irregularity in the formal requisite. No. Mario found a Marriage License. 3. d. considered married to each other. and 38. Difficult: 1. because all the requisites of a marriage in articulo mortis are present. Philippine laws do not allow its citizens to obtain absolute divorce. c. No. Yes. because Article 17 of the Civil Code provides that the forms and solemnities of contracts (i. the same is falsified. that is. No. because of lack of formal requisite. c. because the law presumes validity of marriage. criminally. And as the love between the two souls are outpouring.a. and valid there as such. wherever they go they are governed by their national law. decided to get married. b. c. both Muslims. Valid. Mario then went to see Rose to propose that they be secretly married. in accordance with the Mohammedan rites. that is. because of absence of marriage license. according to settled jurisprudence. Divorce is constitutionally prohibited in the Philippines. a valid marriage license. Timbukto laws) in which they are executed. solemnized the marriage between the parties. the authority of solemnizing officer. 37. In Republic of Timbukto. Father Sevillano who. both Filipino citizens of marrying age.

What is the status of the marriage. civilly. both single and 25 years of age. the same having expired. 2. went to the city hall where they sought out a fixer to help them obtain a quickie marriage. Valid b. Which of the following is true? a. Gravity c. marriage solemnized by a Judge during Sunday where there is no office is – a. 4. c. 1996. and administratively liable. Void c. He then brought them to a licensed minister in a restaurant behind the city hall. According to jurisprudence. Voidable d. Which of the following grounds may be relied upon by the Local Civil Registrar in refusing to issue a marriage license? a. Valid as the law favors validity of marriage. b. Medical history d. since the judge indeed has authority under Article 7 of the Family Code but such authority is. b. d. Valid. It depends on the knowledge of the parties as to the expiration date of the said license. but the judge is criminally. Void. d. Void. issued by the Civil Registrar of a small remote municipality. and such marriage is still subsisting. that one of the parties to the marriage is below 18 years old. The reappearance of the missing spouse shall automatically dissolve the subsequent marriage of . except when the parties believe in good faith that the judge has authority. Elias and Fely. Breakers: 1. that the applicant is already married to another person.What is the status of the marriage here? a. here. d. except: a. that either or both of the contracting parties are insane. c. Valid even if the marriage license has already expired. Incurability 3. the following are mandatorily the main elements/factors to be considered in dealing with issues regarding psychological incapacity under Article 36 of the Family Code. On Valentine’s Day. the fixer produced an antedated marriage license for them. b. As a rule. because of lack of a valid marriage license. Juridical antecedence b. irregularly exercised. assuming all other requisites are present? a. Unenforceable 5. and the latter solemnized their marriage right there and then. absence of certificate of legal capacity with respect to a foreign applicant. Voidable. but the solemnizing officer is criminally. c. Voidable. For a fee. civilly and administratively liable.

Justice of the CTA (Court of Tax Appeals) d. The missing spouse who reappears and who opted not to execute and record an affidavit of his reappearance in the local civil registrar may validly remarry with another person. Justice of the Sandigan Bayan . Justice of the OSG (Office of the Solicitor General) c. The court c. 1987 c. c. August 30. August 30. who decides as regards family domicile? a. August 3. The wife d. A decree of presumptive death shall become effective only after 6 months after its publication in the newspaper of general circulation. 1987 b. The husband b. 1988 d. except – a. b. Well-founded belief in good faith on the part of the present spouse that the absent spouse is already dead is an indispensable requirement before a decree of presumptive death may be issued.the present spouse with another person under the decree of presumptive death. The Family Code of the Philippines took effect on – a. Primarily. The following may solemnize marriage anywhere in the Philippines. 4. August 3. The spouses 5. 1950 6. Associate Justice of the SC (Supreme Court) b. d.

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