Communications 20 Co-Created Rubric for Collaborative

1 Below Expectations Participation/Contr ibution
Not participating
-no input -not involved -unsure of what others are doing -not collaborating with others

2 Meets Expectations
Sometimes participating

3 Exceeds Expectations
Always participating
-giving input -involved -aware of what group members are doing -collaborating with others


Not organized
-not prepared for class -unsure of tasks -not completed tasks -unorganized material

Sometimes organized

Always organized
-prepared for class -aware of tasks -completed tasks -organized material


No communication
-no eye contact -distracted -not talking -on cell phone -not listening -not interested -not responding

Some communication

Good communication
-eye contact -not distracted -talking with group members -not using cell phone inappropriately -shows interest -responding to others

Being Respectful to Group Members

Not respectful
-cutting people off -putting people down -laughing at others opinions -talking while others are talking -not attending class -not completing assigned tasks

Sometimes respectful

Always respectful
-listening to others -respecting others ideas and opinions -giving others the chance to talk -attending class regularly -completing assigned tasks


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