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Experiment 5 (Binary Counter)

Experiment 5 (Binary Counter)

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Published by Melvin Lumawig
expi kay dlr
expi kay dlr

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Published by: Melvin Lumawig on Mar 06, 2013
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Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta.

Mesa Manila College of Engineering Department of Computer Engineering


Submitted by: Arroyo, Jesus Paterno Geronimo, Jaysen Herrera, Jeremy Paul Lumawig, Melvin Sena, Minelito Jedidiah Ammi I. BSCoE 4-4

Submitted to: Engr. Norman David F. delos Reyes

explore and verify the knowledge learned from parallel port. Experiment circuit set-up . 1. 2. III. · To be able to enhance the particular skills of each group member and to implement collaboration in attaining the desired outcomes and outputs. Theoretical Framework Materials Table 1. 4. Objectives By the end of this experiment. 6. II. Connect the male parallel port the female parallel port Assemble the materials according to the design specified Check if the interface works well. Procedures Study about parallel port and it’s pin configuration Create a program that will execute the desired output.00 IV. 3.I. · To be able to construct a circuit and program using parallel port while promoting organization of work and orderliness in doing the given tasks. V. 5. Troubleshoot if necessary. the students should be able to achieve the following: · To be able to apply. Materials Quantity Amount Connecting wires Total .

(E. we recommend that you should find the PC or laptop with parallel port ahead of time. etc. we encountered major problems like: we cannot find PC or laptop with parallel interface. And lastly. the program that will be using to make the experiment work. we do recommend to study the pin configuration in advance to avoid the delay of work. Bibliography . Also. Because at this time. there were only few PCs and/or laptops that has a parallel port interface. the output of the experiment.) IX. Problems Encountered and solution o While we are trying this experiment.VI. Results and Observation VII.g. Conclusion and Recommendation To the future students that will make this kind of experiment. VIII. plan ahead. what program or language to use to control the output of parallel port.

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