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Computer Design assessment level Inquiry and analysis Level:6 Product Design assessment level Level:6 Describe your strengths Describes your weaknesses


Outlining main features of one existing product


states and prioritizes the main points of research needed to develop a solution to the problem with some guidance

Developing ideas Level:6 Level:6 creates a planning drawing/diagram and lists the main details for the creation of the chosen solution demonstrates competent technical skills when making the solution states a few success criteria for the solution

Creating the solution





lists the steps in a plan, which considers time and resources, resulting in peers being able to follow the plan to create the solution





outlines one way in which the solution could be improved


outlines the impact of the solution on the client/target market, with guidance

IB learner profile ATL skills

No level No level Inquiry and analysis

No level No level Developing ideas

Communicating Social Skills Creating the solution

Knowledgeable Thinking Critically Evaluate

Food design How can I achieve this level?

Target Level: 6 I can achieve this by doing as much research as possible

Target Level: 7 I can do this by developing a dish into my own idea

Target Level:8 I will try my best for each and every cooking assignment

Target Level:6 Talk about what I did wrong and what I could improve.