1. The meaning of “arboreal” animals. 2. The name of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. 3. The famous television series Glee, asking contestants to identify the actress who plays the role of the reviled cheerleading coach. During the hands-on challenge, the lower secondary students constructed a ramp model in pyramid building while the upper secondary students built a red and green lights signal model. the lower-secondary teams were required to construct a model of an insect trap that would not harm the creatures, the upper-secondary teams were tasked to design a model of an alarm system that would alert the room owner when someone was about to enter their room. “Presenting your models to the judges is like doing a sales pitch. Your team built the model, so you would know its strong and weak points. It is up to you how you present your model, and whether you can sell it to us.” Their ingenious placement of the buzzer in a hollowed out section of the room wall ensured that the buzzer could be heard inside the room and in any part of the house as well. The other teams had placed both the buzzer and bulb inside the bedroom but this winning team had put the bulb in the living room (complete with a plasma tv!) to ensure that even when the teenager was being a “typical couch potato”, he’d be alerted when his “pesky younger sister” entered his room. “Questions related to banking and finance would be incorporated, 4. Which planet has a day longer than its year?

. 4. The planet has a revolution period of 224 days – meaning there are 224 days in a year. 2.1. 3. Animals that stays on trees Mona Lisa Jane Lynch The answer: Venus has a rotational period of 243 days – it takes 243 Earth days to make a day in Venus.

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