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16724202 Secrets of the Mind

16724202 Secrets of the Mind

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Published by: manupop on Mar 06, 2013
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It is the nature of men to fight one another. That is not going to change soon.

One way or another, each of us has to compete and fight for survival. Mother

Nature has created this planet and its organization of life and she has made sure

that we were left with plenty of reasons to argue, bicker and fight about. We

compete for space, water, food, love, power… anything that we perceive as

necessary and/or desirable.

Life is challenging us to some kind of extreme. Notwithstanding the environment

you have to live in, your human role is to strive for harmony. When your classes

are over, if you have succeeded in understanding this basic principle and applied

it to the best of your knowledge and abilities, you will have succeeded.

Life is not unlike a boot camp. The supreme authority has willfully created a

school where a human's talents are on trial. During his life, man is submitted

daily to numerous difficulties that he is asked to solve the best he can. Some will

have more on their syllabus. Some will evolve one way while others will progress

in another. Nobody is given the very same task or the same test at the same

time. We live for ourselves alone. In a way, every other human being can only be

seen as an accessory to one's life. Nobody can live my life on my behalf and it is

the same for you. No delegation and no cheating is possible.

Our Master has made sure that nobody escapes the camp. Better abide by the

policy than look for a way around. Playing by the rules is the only way to attract

happiness. The difficulties lie in the fact that these rules are not written in a plain

language. Yet they will be explained when required. Stay alert and keep listening.


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